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Full text of "A dictionary of the Otchipwe language, explained in English [microform] : part I, English-Otchipwe"

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,V MP. 




*" IK IIIII2.2 








-* 6" - 





■<!»* ->' 


W ♦ 







WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

(716) 872-4503 




Collection de 

Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions / Institut Canadian de microreproductions historiques 

Technical and Bibliographic Notes/Notes techniques et bibliographiques 

The Institute has attempted to obtain the best 
original copy available for filming. Features of this 
copy which may be bibliographically unique, 
which may alter any of the images in the 
reproduction, or which may significantly change 
the usual method of filming, are checked below. 

□ Coloured covers/ 
Couverture de couleur 

□ Covers damaged/ 
Couverture endommagde 

□ Covers restored and/or laminated/ 
Couverture restaurde et/ou pelliculde 

□ Cover title missing/ 
Le titre de couverture manque 

□ Coloured maps/ 
Cartes g^ographiques en couleur 

□ Coloured ink (i.e. other than blue or black)/ 
Encre de couleur (i.e. autre que bleue ou noire) 




Coloured plates and/or illustrations/ 
Planches et/ou illustrations en couleur 

Bound with other material/ 
Relid avec d'autres documents 

Tight binding may cause shadows or distortion 
along interior margin/ 

La reliure serr^e peut causer de I'ombre ou de la 
distortion le long de la marge intirieure 

Blank leaves added during restoration may 
appear within the text Whenever possible, these 
have been omitted from filming/ 
II se peut que certaines pages blanches ajouties 
lors d'une restauration apparaissent dans le texte, 
mais, lorsque cela dtait possible, ces pages n'ont 
pas 6t6 fiim^es. 

Additional comments:/ 
Commentaires suppldmentaires; 

L'Institut a microfilm^ le meilleur exemplaire 
qu'il lui a 6t6 possible de se procurer. Les details 
de cet exemplaire qui sont peut-Atre uniques du 
point de vue bibliographique, qui peuvent modifier 
une image reproduite, ou qui peuvent exiger une 
modification dans la methods normale de filmage 
sont indiquds ci-dessous. 

I I Coloured pages/ 


Pages de couleur 

Pages damaged/ 
Pages endommagdes 

Pages restored and/oi 

Pages restaurdes et/ou pelliculdes 

Pages discoloured, stained or foxei 
Pages d6color6es, tachetdes ou piqudes 

Pages detached/ 
Pages dStach^es 


Quality of prir 

Quality indgale de I'impression 

Includes supplementary materii 
Compreno du materiel supplementaire 

I — I Pages damaged/ 

I — I Pages restored and/or laminated/ 

r~3 Pages discoloured, stained or foxed/ 

I I Pages detached/ 

r~7| Showthrough/ 

I I Quality of print varies/ 

I — I Includes supplementary material/ 

Only edition available/ 
Seule Edition disponible 

Pages wholly or partially obscured by errata 
slips, tissues, etc., have been refilmed to 
ensure the best possible image/ 
Les pages totalement ou partiellement 
obscurcies par un feuillet d'errata, une pelure, 
etc., ont 6t6 filmies A nouveau de fa9on d 
obtenir la meilleure image possible. 

This item is filmed at the reduction ratio checked below/ 

Ce document est film^ au taux de reduction indiquA ci-dessous. 

IPX 14X 18X 22X 

I I I I I I I |y| I I I 









The copy filmed here has been reproduced thanks 
to the generosity of: 

Library of the Public 
Archives of Canada 

L'exemplaire film« fut reproduit grfice d la 
gAn6rosit6 de: 

La bibliothdque des Archives 
publiques du Canada 

The images appearing here are the best quality 
possible considering the condition and legibility 
of the original copy and in keeping with the 
filming contract specifications. 

Lea images suivantes ont 6t6 reproduites avec le 
plus grand soin, compte tenu de la condition ei 
de Sa netteti de l'exemplaire film6, et en 
conformity avec les conditions du contrat de 

Original copies in printed paper covers are filmed 
beginning with the front cover and ending on 
the last page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, or the back cover when appropriate. All 
other original copies are filmed beginning on the 
first page with a printed or illustrated impres- 
sion, and ending on the last page with a printed 
or illustrated impression. 

The last recorded frame on each microfiche 
shall contain the symbol -^-(meaning "CON- 
TINUED"), or the symbol y (meaning "END"), 
whichever applies. 

Maps, plates, charts, etc., may be filmed at 
different reduction ratios. Those too large to be 
entirely included in one exposure are filmed 
beginning in the upper left hand corner, left to 
right and top to bottom, as many frames as 
required. The following diagrams illustrate the 

Les exemplaires originaux dont la couverture en 
papier est imprimie sont filmis en commen9ant 
par le premier plat et en terminant soit par la 
dernidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration, soit par le second 
plat, seion le cas. Tous les autres exemplaires 
originaux sont filmis en commen^ant par la 
premidre page qui comporte une empreinte 
d'impression ou d'illustration et en terminant par 
la dernlAre page qui comporte une telle 

Un des symboles suivants apparaftra sur la 
dernidre image de cheque microfiche, selon le 
cas: le symbols — »> signifie "A SUIVRE ", le 
symbols V signifie "FIN ". 

Les cartes, planches, tableaux, etc., peuvent dtm 
film^s A des taux de rMuction diff6rents. 
Lorsque le document est trop grand pour dtre 
reproduit en un seul clich6, il est film6 d partir 
de Tangle sup6rieur gauche, de gauche d droite, 
et de haut en bas, en prenant le nombre 
d'images n^cessaire. Les diagrammes suivants 
illustrent la mithode. 

1 2 3 

























J-etoreign nations of their language boast 

tutT^'f' ^•''^''''j!^"J P'^"' ""^"'^ fat? record ; 
llike the tongue, which speak our men, our coast 
Who cannot dress it well, want wit not word ' 



256 and 258, St. Paul Street. 


55 3 





The reader must not expect to find all the words of the 
Enghsh language in this first Part of the Otchipwc Dictio- 
nary, but, of course, only such as can be given in Otchipwc 
There are thousands of technical expressions and scientific 
words in English (and in every other civilized language) for 
which the uncultivated and unlearned Indian langua-es have 
no terms. ** 

Many English words are abbreviated in the different articles 
m this Part, which, however, will be easily understood by the 
yirsf word of the article. For instance, in the article "Abolish" 
you will find, "I ab. it"; which means, I abolish it.-And so 
on respectively. 

i i h 




1" Wherever tliere is a circumflex accent on (i or any other 
vowel, this letter is pronounced very long and with a certain em- 
phasis ; V. g. osd(/i'i)i, he loves him ; dmo, a hee. When the 
vowels are not accompanied by this sign, they are regarded as 
short ; v. g. sagaUjan, a nail. 

2" The Indian words placed between parenthesis ( ) are the 
Cree words corresponding to the Otchipwe expressions. The Crte 
verbs are always indicated by the 3rd. person singular of tlie 
Indicative mood, while in the Otchipwe they are known by the 
1st. person singular ; v. g , Otch., nind ina, I tell him ; Cree : 
itcio, he tells him. This last idiom does not use the sign of the 
pronoun o, in the 3rd person ; it is included in the verb or 
rather in its termination. 

3" The idea of putting a certain number of Cree words to cor- 
respond with Otchipwe sayings, is 1st. to familiarize the {)eople 
of Manitoba and of the North-West with some expressions which, 
although Cree by themselves, are employed, nevertheless, by 
those talking the Otchipwe in this country ; in the second place, 
to show to philologists some of the comparative differences 
existing between the roots of those two sister languages. 

In fact, there are no Indian dialects which present more simi- 
tude than the Otchipwe or Sauteux and the Cree which are 
spoken by the Indians and the Half-breeds of the Province of 
Manitoba. The Otchipwe language, which is nothing else, (with 




— 2 — 

l»ut lew variationH,) tlian tlic AlffoiKpiin, forms one ot'tho duuglitiT."- 
of the great Algic family, wliose haranguen were heard, in oldeji 
times, on the ItorderH of the St. Lawrence and MinHiHwipi rivers, 
on llie whorcH of hvke Sui>orior, and even as far as the '"..iiense 
phiins of tlie Iteil liiver. Tlie names of rivers, of lakes and ol 
diverse phices in Otchipwe or Cree, are still in use to attest, in 
future times, the existence of these hmguages arxl reclaint their 
rights to first possession. Obliged to disappear before the white 
man, the hatighty savage will com|)el his invader to preserve these 
first denominations, at the risk, however, of seeing them dififigu- 
red. The Dominion of Canada in adjoining to her possessions 
the new territories, is an.xions to give them Indian names, wishing 
iindouhtedly, by this attention, to spare the sensitive feelings of 
hei' brother. 

As regards the relations existing between the Otchipwe and Cree, 
we know beforehand that we shall please indianalogists, by placing 
under their notice, the different resemblances and disparities 
which characterize the two idioms. It is difficult to demonstrate 
the precise time in which one has been derived from the other 
and has had its proper autonomy ; for, all the ancient Missionaries 
and the travellers in the North-West speak, in their writings, of 
the Otchipwe or Sauteux, and of the Crees or Kinistineaux. 

Nkgation. — In Otchipwe, the negation is indicated by kawin, 
before the verb with the ending ss// while in Cree we simply 
place namaioiya or nama, as the negative sign before the verb, 
without changing the latter ; v. g. Otch. tan sdgia, I love him ; 
neg. kawin niti sdgidssi, I don't love him ; Cree : ni sdkihaw, neg. 
nnmawiya ni sdkihaw. For the participle, we say : Otch. wiyd- 
bamdd, neg. wiydbamdssik, he, not seeing him ; Cree, wiydbamdt, 
neg. eka wiydbamdt. 

In these two dialects the roots are almost always the same. 

1" In Otch. : Whenever (with very few exceptions) two conso- 
nants follow each other ; usually, the first is changed into s, for 
the Cree word, and vice versa. 

— :i >- 


I akki 





I •ladder 

tlie urori(^' wav 








tiee, Wanukmr; Offawa, Watawa ^' '" 

:> Na, No, in Otchipwe, is sometimes <.|.a<. ,' i„to ,.. . • 

'n the pronunciation. '"""'' ""^ "^*^ '^""^c consonant mfcioubtediy ex i'is* 



4 — 





? a,;z? acSTT :^ -= 


e3 C bC-:; P 







' C -^ C 

2 'J2 'S 

a^ ce.::: 




C3 = c3 

■ crt: 

&,:::?&« n3 






c3 ^ 

C tJO-3 

.5 .5 .5.S 


= O 

« CO 
CO (1> 

<sS 'OS <ii — - •- '~ 

^ <PH .^ <r> 'C O c3 cC A O 



— 5 


:;: C9-S 

0) s 

I'm * ^^ 



S = 
O 0) 

N ^ 


OS 08 

S.= § 






:^e9 c8 ca ^ a A-S s s. 

9" - 2 

:^.= z, vi <a 


eS ""I 3 
^ <D S 

c s-:: 

a a c 


«3 J2 
S = 

O O 


-2 .5 

o c 

'ce s 2 = -^ 5.^^ = 
5 aS,-5,:5^S'§ is 


C8 C 
' 03 OS 







. 2^ 
"5 "a, 


CS rz' 

O rt 

'5'c'S'c "3 


c c c c 

c c c c ass 



s fl ; 













te- ^ •- <— ^iN C7 C 

0/ .a o OS u .- o 

a)rr o 





o3 oS 

c £ 

a a 

- _c3rtj3o8*rt550Sj308 




A, ail, bejiff. (Peyak). 

Abandon; labanclon, I give up, 
nind anmccndjige, nind aniji- 
tam. I abandon him, (her, it) 
nin nagaua, inn icehina, nind 
iniicea ; nin nai/adan, nin ice- 
hinan, nind iniwean. I ab- 
andon inysolf, nind iniweidis. 
I abandon it, (a liabit,) nin 
boniton. (Ni nakataw). 

Abandoned, (in s. in.) S. Rejected. 

Abase, (in. s. in.) S. Lower. 

Abhor, (hate); I abhor him, (her, 
it),nin gagicdniasagenirna; nin 
gagiodnissaaen dan . 

Abide; I abide in him or with 
liin>. S. Enter into him. 

Ability, wawingesiwin. (Mito- 

Abiect. S. Low, (mean.) 

Abns, (skilful;) I am able, nin 
wawinges. (Ni mi ton in). 

Able; lam able to do it, nin 

Abolish ; I ab. it, nind angofon, 
nind angoshkan. I abolish it 
for him, or a. th. relating to 
him, nind angotamatva. 

Abolished; itisab., angoshka- 
magad, angotchigade. 

Abominable, (in s. in.)S.Eateful. 

Abominable ; I am (it is) abom., 
nin gagwdnissagendagos, nin 
gagwanissagia ; gagwdnissa- 
gendagwad, gagwCinissagad. 


Abort; gih nissi, or, gih nissi- 
shin. (Nipahikoaissew). 

Aborti ve fruit of the womb,mfl.s7i- 

Abound; it abounds (there is 
much of it,i mishinad, batai- 
nad. (Mitchetin). 

About, (almost,) gcga. 

A\)o\(.',pagidji ; ifi/ipimiuf/. 

Abridgment of s. th ., eji-takicag. 

Ab.<«ces9 with matter, inini. I 
have an abscess, nin miniiv. 
Matter or pus is running out 
out of an abscess or ulcer, va- 
niican. My abscess bursts, 
nin pashkiminitthka . 

Abscond; I abscond, nin kaa ; 
nin kakis. 

Absent ; I am (it is) absent so 
long, nind inhid; iuendoma- 
gad. I am absent for so many 
days, nin dassogu'ancnd. I am 
ab., kaipiu nind abisai. I am 
ub. lor a night, nikanend. I 
am ab. two days, three days, 
etc., nin nijogwanend, nin nin- 
sogwanend, etc. lam ab. from 
home, nin ondamishka. I am 
ab. for such a reason, nind 

Absolutely, dpitchi, pdkaich. 

Absolution. S. Blotting out. 

Absolve. S. Blot out. 

Abstain ; I abstain, nin mindji- 
minidis. I abst. from it ; (I 


8 — 



i ■' 

don't cat it, {in., an.) nin gon- 
wdpon; nin gonwCiponan 
Abstemious person, (never 
drinking wine,) menikicessig 
Absterge. S. Wipe. 
Abstinence, f/onwelpoioin. 
Al)surd ; it is ahnunl, (jagibadad. 
A bs u rd i ty , gagibadisiwin . 
Abundance, debisiioin. 
Abuse, bad use, matchi aiowin. 
I make a bad use of it, abuse 
it, (in., mi.) nin matchiaion ; 
nin matrhiawa. 
Abuse, (treat ill ;'i I abuse him, 
(her, it,) nind dbindjia ; nind 
abindjiton. I tkhufie with words, 
nind dbinsonge. I abuse liim 
(lier, it) with words, nind 
abinsoma ; nind dbin.wndan. 
Abuse, abusive words, (in. s. in.) 

S. Insult. 
Abyss, gondakamigis.<ian. There 
is an abyss, gondakamigisse- 
Accept. Accepted. S. Take, (ac- 
cept.) Taken. 
Accident ; frightful accident, 
gagicdnissagakamig ejiwebak. 
Accompany ; I accompany, nin 
widjiiwe. It accompanies, 
widjiiwemagad. I ace. him., 
nin ividjiwa. We ace. each 
other, nin widjindimin. I ace. 
him a little distance through 

r)liteness, nin midjissikawa. 
ace. him goinj' about, nin 
babaividjiwa. We ace. each 
other going about, nin baba- 
Accompaniment, widjiiwewin ; 
widjindiwin ; babawidjindi- 
Accomplish ; I ace, ningijiia.l 
make liim accomplish s. th., 

nin gijitaa. I make myselfacc. 
s. th., nin gijHaidi.s,nin gijitas 
Accroach; I ace, nind adjigioad- 
jige. I ace. him, (her, it,) nind 
adjigioana ; ni7id adjigwadan. 
Accumulate. S. Gather. 
Accusation (causing condemna- 
tion,) batangewia. 
Accuse ; I accuse, nin batanqe; 
nind anaminge. I accuse him, 
(and cause by it his condem- 
nation, or a penalty, etc.) nin 
batania. I am in a habit of 
accusing, nin baianaeshk. 
Accuse ; I ace. him (her, it) in 
thougliU of some fault, nind 
andmenima ; nind andmendan. 
1 ace. him, (her, it) in tcords^ 
of some fault, nind andmima; 
nind andmendan. I ace. him 
falsely, nin binishima, ninmor 
mijima. I ac.;. him (her) of 
an unlawful intercourse with 
a person of the other sex, nind 
agwadamawa ikwewan, (nind 
agicadamawa ininiwan . ) 
Accuse, (impute ;) I ace. him of 
it, (impute it to him,) nind 
Accuser, baiatangcshkid ; baia- 

Accustomed ; I am ace., nin na- 
gadis, nin nogadendam. The 
state or disposition of being 
ace., magadendamoicin. I am 
ace. to hint, (her, it,) ninnaga- 
denima ; nin nagadenddn. I 
feel aec. to s. th , nin naga- 
denindis. I endeavor to get 
ace. to 8. th., nin nagadjiidis. 
I am ace. to do it, to make it, 
7iin nagadjiion. 
Acid. S. Sour. 
Acorn, miiigomin. 


— 9 — 



)f being 
I am 

Acquire, (in s. in.) S, Gain. 
Earn. Procure. 

Acquire for food ; I acq. it for 
food, [an., in.) nin nodjia ; nin 

Acquisition , gashhitchigeivin. 

Across a river, etc., I carry or 
convey him (her, it) across a 
river, etc., nind ajiucaona, 
nind ajaioaa ; nind qjawaodon, 
nind ajaioaan. I am (it is) 
carried or conveyed across, 
nind ajaicaodjigas ; ajatoaod- 

Act ; I act, nind ijitchige, nind 
anoki. J act hy mistake, nin 
wanitchige. I act foolishly, 
nin gagihadjige. I act right, 
exactly, nin nissitddodam. I 
act so..., nind ijitwa, nind 
inanoki. I act strangely, curi- 
ously, nin namanddivitchige. 
I act well , nin minotwa, nin 
minoichige I act wickedly, 
nin matchitwa, nin matchi- 
tchige. I act with patience, nin 
minwadjUo. I act wrongly, 
nin mdnddjitchige, nin man- 
jitchige. We act (or work) to- 
gether, nin mdmawitchigemin. 

Action, acting, dodamoivin, 
yiiehigewin. Strange acting 
or manners, mamanddwitchi- 
qewin, mmnanddwitchigan. 
Impure action, bishigicadoda- 
mowin, bishigwadj-dodamo- 
win. I commit an impure 
action, nin bishigicadodam, 
nin bvihigwadjdodam. 

Active ; I am active, (diligent), 
nin niid-anoki. (Nitta-atus- 

Actually, nongum. 

Add ; I add, I put more, (in. an.) 
natvatvh nioiwa nind aton ; 

nawateh nibiwa nind assa. I 
add to it, nind aniketon, nin 

Added ; there is s. th. added to 
it, aniketchiqade. 

Addition, aniketchigan. There 
is an addition made, aniket- 

Address; I address him, (her, 
it.) nin ganona ; nin gannddn. 

Administration. Administrator. 
S. Stewarship. Steward. 

Admirable; I am (it is) adni., 
nin mamakadendagos ; mama- 

Ad m i rably , mamakddakamig. 

Adm iration , mamakadendamo- 

Admire ; I admire, nin mama- 
kddendam, nin mamakddenim. 
I make him admire, nin ma- 
makddcndamia, nin mamakd- 
denimoa. I admire liim, (her 
it,) nin mamakddenima ; nin 

Admirer, maiamaddendanq. 

Admit ; I admit him, ninil oda- 

Adopt; I ad, him, (her it,) nin 
toangoma; nin wangondan. 

Adopted father, mother, child, 
son, daughter ; the same as, 
god-father, god-mother, god- 
child, god-son, god-daughter ; 
which see respectively. 

Adorn. Adorned, (in s. in.) S. 
Ornament. Ornamented. 

Adorn, (also, paint;) I adorn, 
nin wawejinge. I aidorn him, 
(her, it,) nin wawejia; nin 
wawejiton. I adorn myself for 
him, (her,)»wn wawejinodawa. 

Adorned, (also, painted ;) I am 
(it is) ad., nin waweginigas ; 


— 10 — 


Adore; I ad. him, 7i2H(]{ anamie- 
iawa, nin manadjia, nin ywan- 

Adorer of God, enamietatoad 

Adorer of idols, enainietmcad 

Adult ; I am adult, nin pijig, 
nin nitawig, nin niiawitjngo, 

AduUprcr, biHhiijwadjinini^ ke- 
ichibixii/wadisid inini, keke- 
nimad hekaidsididjin ikioewan. 

Adulteress, bitihhfwadjikwe, ke- 

ic/iibi,shifjiwadi,nd ikwe, keke- 

nimad bckanisinidjin ininrwan. 

Adultery, bishiffwadi.simu, ki- 
tchi bitifiii/wadinwin. 

Advance ; in advance, kija, ni- 

Adversary. S. Enemy. 

Adversity. S. Sutt'eriiig. 

Afar off, tvansa. 

Affection , .sayiiwewvi . 

Affirm ; 1 affirm, e w'nd ikil, (\ 
say yes.) 

Afflict; I afflict him, m/t kash- 
kendamia, nin kotwjia. I af- 
flict him with words, nind 

Afflicted ; I am atl'., nin kash- 
kendani, nin mamidawendam, 
nin gLssadendam. 

Afflicted. Afflicting. Affliction. 
— S. Sad. Sadness. 

Affliction , mamiaawendamowin, 
gibendamowin, gisnadendamo- 
win, katthkendaviowin. 

Affliction ;(in. s. in.)S.Suff'ering' 

Afford ; I can afford it, nin gask- 
kiton ; nin debisse. 

Affront, binsongei{in 

Afraid, (in. s. in.) S. Fear. 

Afraid ; I am afraid, nindagoski. 
I am af. about him, nindagos- 
kana. I anj afraid for myself, 

nind aqonkanidia.l make him 

afraid hy my words, nin goid- 

Ai'iernoou, gi-ishkwa-nawakweg. 
After three days, kiiche awas.s- 

After to-njorrow, mpasHwabang, 

Afterwarlsi, ndgatch, 2*dnima, 

Again, minmoa, andj, minawa 

and} ; biskab ; nassah, neiab. 
Age ; I am of age, or, I am of 

such a,niige,ninda2)itis. I am 

at the age of discretion, nin 

biiii.s kadis. 
Aged, kiivhi ; aged person, ki- 

tchi anishinabe. I am an aged 

person ,nin kitchi anishinabew. 
A^^ent, oginia. — S. Indian agent. 

Mining Agent. 
Agitate ; 1 agitate it, (liquid,) 

nin mamaddgamissidon . 
Agitated ; it is ag. l)y the wind, 

(liquid,) mamaddgamisse. It 

is ag. by the wind, (a reed, 

etc.) mamddassin. 
Aggivss ; I aggress, ninmddjita. 
Aggression , niadjiiawin. 
Aggressor, maiadjiiad. 
Agree ; we agree together, nin 

bejigwendamin, nin minowid- 

jindimin. It agrees together, 

Agreeable, I am (it is) ag., nin 

viinwendagos, nind onijish ; 

minwenduwad, onijishin. 
Agreeableness, mimcendagosi- 

AgreeMy, minivendagwakamig. 
Agriculture, kitigewin. 
Agriculturer, kitigewinini. 
Aground ; I run aground pad- 
dling, nin tchekisse. I run ag. 

sailing, nin tclUkash. 


— 11 — 


Aha! ah! utaid ! liwe.'—Nid! 

ninge ! ningo ! 
Ahead, nigdn. 

Aim, of ail arclicr, himoOUgan. 
Aim, of a gun, Idkinawmjitchi- 

Aim, at, (with a gun, etc.) I 

aim at 8. th., nin jigwnaband- 

jige, nin pashkingwen. I aim 

at liim, (her, it,) nin Jigweia- 

bdma ; nin Jigiceiabanaan. 
Air ; in the air, islipiming ; gi- 

Air-oladder of a fish, opiktcadj, 

(its air-bladder.) 
Alabaster, wdbdssin, (white 

Alarm, ajnauissnwin, goiddji- 

Alarm. S. Intimidate. 
Alarmed ; I am al., jji/t migosh- 

kadjiaia. I am al. by s. th. I 

hear(i,»jwrf amaniss. It alarm.s 

Alder-forest, wadopiki. 
Alder-Point, Nt'dopikan. At, to 

or from Alder-Point, Nedopi- 

Alder-tree, wadop. There are 

alder-trees, %cad6pika. Place 

where there are alder-trees, 

Algonquin Indian, Odishkwa- 

Algonquin squaw, odifshkwagd' 

Alight ; I alight upon him, nin 

bdnindawa. The bird alights, 

boni bines hi. 
Alive, gigibimadis. I am alive, 

Mm bimadis. It is alive, bi- 

madadf bimadisimagad. 
All, kakina, misi, misi gego, kor 

kina gego. All of it, [in., an.) 

endas.ting ; endashid. All of 

us, endasliiiang . 
All, (in compositions,) kabe-. 
Alliance, widokodadiwin. 
Allied. S. Associated. 
All kinds, nnotrh, wiiagi. 
Allow; I allow it to liim, nin 

Allow, (in. s. in.) S. Permit. 
All Saints day, kakina kefc/iitwa- 

tvendagosidjig gijigong ebidjig 

(> giJigadnmiuHi. 
All Souls day, Ichibaigijig. 
All is spent, all spent, (aw., in.) 

tchaginne ; tchagis.seinagad. 
Allure. Allurement. — S. Entice. 

Almighty, mi.ii gego neiaimiod. 
Almost, gega. 
Alms; I give alms, nin jaja^ 

wendjige, keiimagisid n i n 

mina gego. 
Ahnsgiv'uig, Jajawendjigeicin. 
Alone, nijike. I am alone, nin 

nijikenois, nin bejig. I am alone 

in a canoe, nin bejigokam, nin 

nijikedkam. I am alone in a 

house, nin nijiketoab. I am 

alone, I have no more a wife ; 

I have no more a husband, 

nin bishigowi.s. 
Aheady , jaigioa,Jigiva , ajigwa ; 

Also, gaie. 
Altar, anamessike-adopowin, an- 

amessikan . Fagidinige-adopo- 

win , pagidjige-adopowin . — 8 . 

Altar-cloth , anamessike-adopo- 

Alter. S. Change. 
Altercation. S. Quarrel. 
Altered ; I am (it is) alt., nijid 

andjigas, nin andjitchigd.f ; 

andjigade, andjitchigade. 



— 12 — 




Alternately, memeshkioat. 
Althoui;)!, nno, missawa. 
A\\in\, J iwabik, mikxoamiiuj eji- 

nmfwatj mas/ikiki, waiabish- 

kiN ig woff mas hkiki . 
Always, nwjai/, opine, kiujiniy, 

Alwuy.s* the same, mi apine. 
Am ; I am, niiid aw,miid aia. I 

am with lum, nin widjiaiawa. 

1 am in a certain place, nin 

dajike, nin danis. I am bo, 

nind ijiivehis. I use to he so, 

tm'n nita-ijiiocbis, nin loake- 

Amahility. S. Amiahleness. 
Amhition , askwanisiwin. 
Amhitioxis; I am amb., nind 

aftkwanis. ( Akawutamowi n ) . 
Ambush, lying in ambu8h,aA:fln- 

dowin. I lie iji ambush, nind 

akando. I lie in ambush tor 

him, nind akkamawa. (N't as- 

Amen, mi ge-in;/. 
American, Kitrhimokoman,(B\g- 

Kniti' . 
American boy, Kitchimokoma- 

American girl, KUchimokoma- 

American \voman, Kitchimo- 

Amiable ; I am amiable, nin 

minwendagos, nin sagiigos. 
Amiableness, minwendagosiwin, 


Amicable ; I am amicable, nin 

kijadis, nin kijewadin. 
Amidst, among, megwaii. 
Ammunition, (powder and shot,) 

Among, amongst, megwe. I am 

Homowhere amongst others, 
nin dagoaia. It is somewhere 
amongst other thing8,(/a5'oa?a- 
mngad. I am sitting sonie- 
where among others, nin daq- 
wab. I count him (her, it) 
among others, nin dagogima ; 
nin dagogindan. I count my- 
self amongst others, nin dagn- 
gonidis. I die amongst others, 
nin dagone. I name liim (her, 
it) among other words I pro- 
nounce, nin dagowina ; nin 
dagnwindan. I put him (her, 
it I somewhere among other 
objects, nin dagossa ; nin da- 
goion. J stand somewhere 
amongst others, nin dagoga- 
baw. I swallow it amongst 
other objects, {an., in.) nin da- 
gognna ; nin dagogondan. 

Amuse. Amusement, (in. s. in.) 
S. Noisy amusement. 

Ancester, kitisim. 

Anchor, bonakadjinan. I cast 
anchor, nin bonakadjige. I lift 
the anchor, nin ivikicakwaan 

Anchor; I anchor it, (in., an.] 
nin bonakadon ; nin bonakana. 

Ancient, gete. 

And, gaie; achi ; dash. (Minaj. 

Andiron, agwitchikijeigan. 

Anew, minawa, minawa andj, 
neiab. (Kittwam). 

Angel, Anjeni. I am an Angel, 
nind Anjeniw. (Okijiko). 

Angelica-root, wike. 

Anger, (rancour,) nishkendjige- 
loin, hiishkadisiwin, bitchina- 
wesiwin. I keep anger a long 
time, I am rancorous, nin 
nishkeninge, nin nishkendjige. 
I use to keep anger a long time, 
nin nishkendjigeshk. Bad ha- 


— 13 — 


bit ol'keeping anger, uishkend- 
jigeshkiioin. I keep anger or 
rancour towards hini, (her, it,) 
nin niahkcnima ; niii ninhken- 
dan. We keep anger towards 
€acli other, nin nixhkenimU- 
min. Mutual anger or rancour, 
niisfikcnindiwin. Anger in the 
heart, nishkidcewin. J hear 
\\i\\\ with anger, ninnishkadi- 
nitawa. We hear each otlier 
with anger, nin nixhkadisita- 
dimin. 1 provoke him to an- 
ger, nin naniskkadjia. We 
provoke each other to anger, 
nin nanishkadjiidimin. 


be angrv 

0'.> 5 

Angry ; I begin 

ninmadjigidas. lauian., mn 
mshkadiis, iiin bitchinaioetf, 
nindiniweti. I conic here an., 
ninhidjigidas. .1 get an. on 
account of.. , nind ondjigidas. 
I am too an., nind osamigidas. 
I go out an., nin sagidjigidas. 
I use to be an., nin nifthkadi- 
6■w/*^^ I look an., ninnishkad- 
jingioe, nin nishkadjingwesh- 
ka. I am an. being sick, nin 
nishkinc. I make people an., 
nin nishkiiwe. I maKe him 
an., nin nishkia, nin bitch ina- 
wea, iniwesia. I make him 
an. holding him, nin nishki- 
na. I make him an. with 
my words, nin bitchinawema, 
nin nishkima. We make each 
other an. with our words, nin 
nishkindimin. My heart is 
angry, nin nishkidee. 

Animal, awessi. Small animal, 
manitoweish. Wicked danger- 
ous animal, matchi aiadwish. 

Animate ; I animate, nin gagdn- 

songe. I an. hins, nin gagdn- 


Ankle-bone, pikogandn, pik- 


Annov. Annoying. Annt)vance, 
(in.'.^. in.) S. Trouble. ■Trou- 

Annihilate ; I an. it, [nn., in.) 
nind (ipiic/ii hanndjia ; nind 
apitr/ii haiKidJiton. 

Anniversary; I come (it cnmes) 
to the anniversary, nin fihi.s/i- 
ka ; tibi.s/ikamagad. 

Announce; Jan., nin irinda- 
mngt', nin kikcndaniilwr, nin 
kikendamodjiwe. I an. him s. 
th., nin n-indamawa. 1 an. it, 
nin windaniagen. 

Announcing, windamagevin. 

Annunciation of the B. V. 
Mary, Kitckilwa Marie od ana- 

Anodyne drops for tooth-ache, 
wibida-mashkiki . 

Anoint ; J anoint him, (her, it,) 
nin nomina ; nin nominan. 
I anoint his head, (grease it,) 
nin namdkoiia. Grease to 
anoint the \\Qin\,namdkwiwin. 
I anoint (or grease) mv head, 
nin namdkonidis. (^'x tomi- 
naw) . 

Anon, naningotinong, naningo- 

Another ; I am another person, 
nin bakdni.s. Another one, 
bekanttid. It is another thing, 
bckdnad. Another thing, be- 
kanak. lam of another nation, 
nin bakdnwaiagis. It is of an- 
other sort, bakdnwaiagad. I 
take another route, nin bake, 
nin bahhois. (Pitus awiyaki. 
Kwi^w^T ,nakiV('iamowin. I give 
him an answer, nin nakweta- 


r yw- ' ^ ' " ' 


-14 — 




I ' I- 




%cia. I give hod ilisrespectl'ul 
anHwern, nind ojiilewe, nind 
ajidcwidam. I give him bad 
sviiswers, nind ajidema. — (S. 

Answer ; I answer, nin nakwe- 
fage, nin nakwrtam. I answer 
Itini, nin nakwvtaioa. 

Ant, enicfo. 

Anticipation ; by anticipation, 
kija, niijan. 

Antipathy. S. Hatred. 

Anl'.s hill, eniifowiijamiff, (ant's 

Anvil, ashoiataigan. 

AnxiouR ; I am an. about }iim, 
nind agoskann. lam an. about 
myself, nin agoskanidin. 

Apart, opimeaii, maim. 

Ape, nandomakomenhl. 

Ape; I ape liim, imitate him, 
7und ainawa. (N't ayisina- 
waw) . 

Apostate, waichinang od anamie- 

Apostatize ; I ap., nin icehinan, 
nind anamieioin. 

ApoHtie, Jesus o kikinoamaganan. 

Apostume, mini. 

Apothecary, mashkikikcxvinini. 
Female apothecary, mashkiki- 

Apothecary's art or trade, mash- 

Apothecary's laboratory, 

Apothecary's shop, mashkikim- 

Apparition. S. Vision. 

Appear; I appear, nin nCigwi, 
nin nugos. It appears, ndgwad. 
I appear so...., nind ijinagm. I 
malce myself appear, (in a vi- 
sion,) nin nugiviidis. I ap- 
pear (it appears) changed, dif- 

ferent, nind andjinagos ;and- 
Jiiuigicad. (N't ijinakusin). 

Appear, lin. e. in.) S, Visible. 

Appearance, ntigosiwin. I have 
(it has) an astonishing app., 
marvellous app., nin tiiaman- 
ikinnnagos ; mamandawinag- 
wad. 1 have (it has) a beaii- 
tiful app., nin onijishahami- 
nago.-i ; nnijishabaminagwad . 
1 have (it has) a changed app., 
nind audJinagos;andjinagwud . 
I give him (her, it) a changed 
or another app., nind andjina- 
gosia, nind undjinagtoia ; nind 
andjinagwiion. I take another 
app., nind (indjinagici, nind 
andjinagu'iidis. 1 have (it has) 
a clean app., nin bininagos ; 
fnninagwad. I have a curious 
ridiculous app., nin gnshkond- 
gos. I have a fine-looking 
app., nind ojiiawes, nin mika- 
wddis. I have (it has) a fine 
app., nin minwabaminagos ; 
minwabaminagwad. I have (it 
has) a frightful app., nin gag- 
wdnissaginagos, nin gotdsina- 
gos; gagicdnissagimagwad, go- 
idsinagidad. I cause him (her, 
it) to have a frightful app., nin 
gotdsinagwia ; nin gotdsinag- 
witon. I have a roguish app., 
nin mamandessadendagos. I 
have a sickly app., nind dko- 
sinagos. I have (it has) such 
an app., nind ijinagos ; iji- 
nagwad. I give to myself such 
an app., niiid ijinagwiidis. I 
have (it has) an ugly app., nin 
manabaminagos, nin manina- 
gos, nin manjiiawes ; manaba- 
minagioad, maninagtoad.* 

* Note. To form the respftcttve sub- 
stantives correspunding to the verbs of 


— 15 — 


Appease ; I appease, nin gdgi- 
soiujc. I appease liiin, nin 
gaghoma, nm gagUljia, nind 
odjilcliia ; nin wangawima ; 
nin wangaivina. I anp. him 
for Homebody, nin gugisonda- 
mawa. I app. myself, nin gdgi- 

Appeased ; I am app., nindnnis- 
sendam, nin wanaldwcndam. 
The waves are app., anwawci- 

Af)peIlation, ijinikasowin. 

Apple, inishimin. Dry apples, 

Apple-peel, mish imini-okonass. 

Apple-tree, mishiminaiig. 

Appoint ; I appoint him, nind 
onakona. I appoint him to s. 
th., nind inakona. (N't kiski- 

Appointment, o/ta/iom(7fjr?"rt,/Ma. 

Appreciate; I app. liim, (her, 
it,) 7iind apilenima ; nindapi- 
tendan. (N't ispiteyimaw). 

Apprehend ; 1 app. 7iin segcn- 

Apprehend danger. S. Fear. 

Apprehension , segendamowin. 

Apprentice, Idkinoamagan, kiki- 

Approach ; 1 app., ninnasikage. 
I app. him, (her, it,) nin ndsi- 
kawa, nin besliodjia, nin be- 
shosikawa ; nin ndsikan, nin 
beshodjilon, nin besliosikan. 
We app. each other, nin ndsiko- 
dadimin, nin beshosikodadi- 

this article, you have only to annex 
twin to the animate verb, and you have 
the substantive. As , Nin mamanda- 
winagos ; maTnandawinagosiwin, aston- 
ishing appearance. 

Appropriate ; I app. s. th. to me, 
nin dihrndatnonidis. (Ni ti- 
heyittama.suii ) 

Approve ; I app. liim, nin wa- 
winawca. I approve of it, nin 

Approve, (ir> s. in.) S. Permit. 

April, bi'hokwedngiming-gisiss. 

Apron, inapisowin. (Ayekiwi- 

Arciiangel, KUchi Anjcni. 

Archbishoj), Naganisid Kilchi- 

Archer ; I am a good archer, 
nin irau'indki'. I am a poor 
archer, nin inamnndki'. 

Ardent liquor, i.shkolcwabo. 

Ark, Noe d nahikican. 

Ark ot the covenant, Gaiat-ijit- 

Arm, onikaina. The right arm, 
kiU-hinik, okilchinikama. The 
left arm, natndndjinik, ana- 
m'lndjinikama. My, tliy, his 
arm, ninik, kinik, onik. I have 
arms, nind onika. I have a 
dead arm, nin nibowinike. I 
have hairy arms, /t//t misbin- 
ikc, nin nwmishinike. I have 
large arms, nin niani'inginike. 
J have a long arm, nin gino- 
nike ; 1 have long arms, nin 
gagdnonikc. One of my arms 
is longer than the other, nin 
nabanrginonike. I have only 
one arm, nin nabanenike. 1 
have a short arm, nin takon- 
ike ; I have short arms, nin 
talakonike. One of my arms 
is shorter than the other, nin 
nabani'ldkonike. I have a small 
arm, niiid agassinikc ; I have 
small arms, nin babiwinike. ^ 
have a stiff arm, nin tchibala- 
kanike. I have strong arms. 








_ 16-L 


ill! I 

vin riiaslihain'nikc. — I have 
conviilf'ions in my urm, nhi 
Ichilchihinilieshha. I liavc 

Ituin in my t\r\\\, niii <l('it'iin'/,t'. 
l»av<' a Hear (»n my arm, nind 
Oilijisln'ui',1'. I have HpasiiiH or 
craiii|)H in my arm, nimi (ilrhi- 
niln'in'iiin- I have my arm 
fltrotclictl out in a certain man- 
)K'r, tiiiiil ijhdiicn. I strt'tcli 
out my arm, nin Jihiitiln'ii ; 
nin passdiiinilirn. I Htri'tch 
out my arms, ninjiiujiiiikr. I 
Htretcli my arm out towards 
liim, nin Jihinihclaira ; I 
Htrotcli out his arm, nin pns- 
saijinikeua. — I break \\\\ arm, 
nin bohonihrshin. My arm is 
broken, nin hnkonikt'. I dis- 
locate Tuy am), tallinjj;, nin 
koiiijonikt'shin. My arm is 
dislocated, nin kntiffonikrta. I 
dislocate my arm, nin ffidis- 
kakonikcsliin, nin hiniiskonike- 
shin. Mv arm is dislocated, 
nin gi(iiskakonike(a,nin bimis- 
koniliCla.l draw back my arm, 
nind odjiniken. I feel his arm, 
nin ffodjinikcna. I hold or 
carry uncler my arm s. th., 
nin sinsiningivandjige. I hold 
or carry him (her, it) under 
my arm, nin sinsiningivdma ; 
nin sinsinincfwandan. I lift 
up my arm, nind ombiniken. 
I make him move his arm, 
nin nanginikeshkawa. I put 
my whole arm in, nin niki- 
nisse. I rub his arm with 
medicine, nin sinigonikebina. 
I show forth my arm, nin 
saginiken. I stretch out my 
arm, nin dajdniken. I have 
my arm stretclied out, nin da- 
jdnikesliin. I sit with down- 

han;?infj arms, nin jinginikeh 
\ walk with d o w n - li a n ^^ 
in;i arms, nin Jinginike- 
ossr. My arm is stretched and 
han<,'in;: down, ninjibinikvgnd- 
Jin. My arms urc stretched 
and lian^irigdown,/////,////7/n/- 
kegndjiii. I take him by the 
aru), nin snginiki'nd. \ tire 
his arm, nind aii'kitnikiii'ina, 
nind ishkinikfwina. It tires 
Mjy arm, nind aii'konikni'ini- 
gon, nind ishkinikrwinigon. — 
My arms iirc cold, nin htkiniki'. 
My arm is cut otl', nin kish- 
kinil.r. I cut otlhis arms, nin 
kishkinikt'Jwd. Mv arm is 
pierced, ninjibanihvjigds. My 
arm shakes, nin nininginikc. 
My arm is swollen, nin bdgi- 
nikc. My arm is much tired, 
nind apilc/iinikcb. Mv arms 
are warm, nin kijnnikr. My 
arm is wounded, nin nuViinike. 
— The other arm, nnbanmik, 
dgawinik. (Nabatenisk). 

Armed ; lam armed, nind. dsh- 
wi. I am well armed and 
dangerous, nind (dioleiragis. 

Armpit; my, thy, liis armpit, 
niningwi, kiningwi, oningivi. 

Arms of a warrior, armor, asli- 
U'iwin. (Nimaskwewin). 

Around, giwilaii. 

Arrange ; I arrange, nind ina- 
konige, nin dibowe. I arr. it 
in a certain manner, nindina- 
konan. I arr. him, (her, it,) 
nin dibnwana; nin dibowadan. 
I arr. it right, nin gwaiakolon. 
I arr. it well, put it up well, 
{an., in.) nin naakona ; nin 
naakonan, nin naakossidon. 
(Ni nahastasnn). 

in f 

I ' 






Arruiijio, (iiK'nil;! I urr. it \iiii., 
in.) liiii iiaiitiiiKi ; niii iitindi- 
lini. (Ni miliimiw). 
Arrmijj;i'(| ; it in urr., intihiiiiii<i(lr, 

ArrcHt. Arrcstcil, liii s. iii.i S. 
Seize. Seizcil. (Ni tul<ii.<iiiiii). 
Arrive; I arrive, niiid (idishiH'r, 
nind (i(lihiinri\ I nrr. I>\' liiiid, 
nin diujwishiii. I urr. I»y wa- 
ter, nin miJiKjn, nin niijaiin- 
nirkil'tijiirr, nind itdilaaiir. It 
urrive.-i, dininishinoniin/inl. I 
urr. in tlie iii<,'lit. 1>\- liind. nin 
nilifidilihioirr, nin hi-nilnnnn. 
I urr. in tlic ni^lit, liv water, 
nin nihdniijinia. J urr. ut hult- 
wuVj nind ( Iturrives 
ut luill'wuy, (ihilossi'tnaiiad. I 
urr. to the shore, waikinjx on 
the [ee, i.nd tiiin'<ii(nl(t;i(d,\ 
nin n\ija>iil\. I arr. ut the 
Hunitnit ut' a mountain, nin 
jm(j(int(iin(nljiu'i', nin iiij<ini<nl- 
jiu'i'. J urr. suilini^, nin }nn/(i- 
inash. Ft urrive.-< hy the wirul, 
paf/aniassin. I urr. ninninj:, 
nin i)(t{f<i}nih(d(>. I urr. liere 
in pu8HinL5 hy, nin hiniiddf/wi- 
sliin. I urr. in due time, ///// 
ghsikaf/e. I urr. to him iher, 
it) in due time,/t/» (/i'ssi/,(ni'n ; 
nin (i<''ssifidn. I urr. to him in 
good time, nin qessikona. I 
arr. too lute, nin nii''dassilia(/i'. 
I arr. too lute to him, (her. it) 
nin nmlassifiawa ; fiin nmlas- 
sikan. 1 urr. to him (her, it) 
in the night, nin nihdodilaira : 
nin nibdodilan. I arr. to the 
moment of seeing him, (her, 
it,) nind odissabama : nind 
odissahandan. I arr. at home, 
ninpagamadis. 1 make liim 
arr. somewhere, nin dagwi- 

shiina. I arr. .'^iMnewhere, 
nin iKii/anti.s/ikd. nin I'tnid- 
niiss)\ It arrives. (lia|i|>»'nH,, 
liininnii- fiidimignd, inii/innish- 
knni Ill/ad. jKitidinissi nuitfnd. 
The time arrives, kdhisstnui- 
gnd. If arrives, jK-ertuiii timet 
odjUchissc. It urrivcH again, 
Arrogunt ; J am urr., nin ijoiit- 

Arrogunt. Arroirunee. S. I'roud 

Arrow, nu'ligiriinwi. (.\tusi. 
Arrow-liead, arrow-j)oiiit, n<d>(>- 

Arrow made of wood, pikirak 

Arrow witii an iron head or 
|Mjint. assdit'iin. Long urrow, 
Arse, (huttoeks.) iniskii'ttssah. 
Arterr. kilcliini iskirridh. 
Artlnl ; I um urtt'ul, eunning, 

nin i/rn/'} inn's. 
Artt'ulne.sH, gnudinii.siii'in. 
A.'fcend ; I ascend u niountuin 
or hill in u eertuin wuy, nind 
inaniddjiu'i'. I us<!end u moun- 
tain, nind dnitnljiici', nind 
ojidddjiu'c, nind ojiddkiwe. 1 
u.scend a mountain or liill 
running, nind dntddjiirrlmlo. 
I ascend a mountain currying 
s. th. on my shoulder, nind 
Ascension-duy, (tpi Jr.sus gijiy- 

and ijad. 
As lur a», hinish. 
Ashumed ; 1 am asli., rtind 
agdlrli, nin tnniissvntlam. I 
am ash. helbre him, nin aqal- 
r/iilawa. 1 am ash. ot him 
(in thouglits,) nind agalenima, 
nin menissenima. I am ash. 


tS :, 'I 




I'l .1 




— 18 — 


of myself, or before myself, 
nin agalenindis, nin menissen- 
indis. I am ash. of it, nind 
agalchilan, nin mcnissenddn. 
lam ash. of it (in thoughts,) 
nind agatcndan, nin mcnissen- 
ddn. I make him ash., nind 
agatchia, nin mcnishca. I 
make him ash. with my words, 
nind agdsoma, ninmenishima. 
It makes mc ashamed, nind 
agatcMigon, nind agasomigon, 
ninmenisliimigon. (Ni nepe- 

Ash-colored ; it is ash-colored, 
(stuff", in., an.) jipingwegad ; It is awh-col., 
(in., an.) Jipingwandc, Jijying- 
waiUle ; jipingicadisso, Jiping- 
wasso. I dye ash-colored, nin 
jipingwasige. I dye it ash- 
col., [in., <in.] ninjipingwudis- 
san, 7nn jipingwunsan ; nin 
jipingwadisswa, nin jiping- 

Ashes, pingwi ; pangwi. On 
ashes, milchipingwi. The up- 
per white part oiashes, ///;?/'«- 
pingwane. Ashes are put on 
me, nin pingwiwinigo. I put 
ashes upon him, nin pingwi- 
wina. I throw ashes on me, 
nin pingivaodis. I throw 
ashes upon him, nin pingwa- 
wa. I have ashes on my 
face, ninjipinqwingwc. I slide 
and fall in aslies, nind odad- (Pihkko). 

Ash-tree, agimak. Another kind 
of ash-tree, gawdkoniij. Ano- 
ther kind, papagimak. Ano- 
ther kind again, ivissagnk. 

ABh-WedneBiiiiy, pi ngwi-gijigad. 

Aside, opimeaii, atchileliaii, ba- 
keaii, maien. I step aside, nin 

hakegabaw. I step aside for 
him, (I go out of his way,) nia 
As it were, nindigo. 
Ask ; I ask, nin nandolamage, 
nin nandolam. I ask him for 
s. th., nin nandoiamawa. 
Ask ; I ask a question or ques- 
tions, nin gagwedwc. I ask 
him a question, 7iin gagwedji- 
ma. We ask each other ques- 
tions, nin gagurdjindimin. 
Ask alms. S. Beg. 
Ask for s. th. to eat. I ask for 
8. th. to eat, nin pagwishiiwe. 
I ask him (her, it) for s. th. to 
eat, 7a"H pagirishia ; nin pa- 
gwi.shilon. 1 am in a habit 
of asking to eat, pagwishii- 
Asking, nandnlamowin, ,nandn- 
lamagcwin. Asking for s. th. 
to eat, iiagirisliiiu'cirin. Habit 
of asking for s. th. to eat, pa- 
Ask with hope ; I ask with 
hope, nin. pagn.sscndam, nin 
pagnsscnini. nin pagossendjigc. 
I ask him, nin pagusscninia. 
I ask for it, nin pagos.'icndan. 
Asking with hope, pagossmda- 
mowin. I am (it is) worth 
asking, nin pagossendagos ; 
Asleep, pawengwai. I fall as- 
leep, nin bi.shkongivash. I am 
asleep, nin niba. 
As much, as many, tibishko 

minik. (Tatto). 
Aspen-tree, asddi. Another kind 

of aspen-tree, manasddi. 
Asperse. Aspersion. — S. Sprin- 
kle. Sprinkling. 
A.-3, mcmangishc ; mengishka- 


— 19 — 


Assemble. Assembly. — S. Meet 

together. Meeting. 
Assiduous working, nila-anoki- 

win. (Nitta-atuskevv). 
Assist ; I assist him, niti 'wido- 

kawa, nin ividjiwa, m'n nijo- 

kawa, nin nijokamawa. Wo 

assist each other, nin widoko- 

dadimin, nin ividjindimin. 
Assist, (in. s. in.) S. Help. 
Assistant, ivadokasod. 
Associate, widjiwayan. 
Associate. S. Company. 
Associated ; we are associated, 

nin widokodadimin. 
Association, widokodadiwin. — S. 

Assumption of the B. V. Mary, 

api kilchilwa Marie (jijiyony 

Asterisk, anangons. 
Astonish ; I ast. him, nin md- 

Astonished ; I am ast., nin via- 

Astonishing, mamakadakamig. 

It is ast., mauiak'.idnulngwad. 

I do astonishing things, nin 

mdmandadodam. Astonishing 

doing, maniandadodamowin. 
Astonishment, mamakadenda- 

Astray. S. Go astray. 
Astronvmer, anangon kekcnimad . 
At, tchig', ivhignii. 
At all events, at any rate, polch. 

(Eyiwek . Missaw'atch). 
At lirst, vrjvshkal. 
At last, a. length, yvgapi, isli- 

At once, sesika, gesika. 
Attached ; I am attached to 

him, (her, it,) niii sagia, nin 

maminawenima ; nin sayiton, 

nin maminawendan. 

Attack, (in s. in.) S. Insult. 

Attack. Attacker. — S. Aggress. 
Aggression. Aggressor. 

Attendant, oshkahewiss. 

Attention, hahaniendanrowin, 
aiangwdmendamowin, anywa- 
mendamowin. I pay attention, 
nind aiangicanwndam, nind 
angwaniendan, nin habame.n- 
dam,nin bnbmnindam. I pay 
attention lo him, (her, it,) 
nind ainngwamenima, nind 
nngirmnenitna, nin babntneni- 
ma, nin babamima ; nind aiaiir 
gwamendan, nind augxcamenr 
dan, nin babamendan, nin 
habamindan. W e t i; r n 
our attention to one ano- 
ther, nin 
babaniendamddimin. 1 turn 
my attention to myself, nind 
aiangwamenindis, nin baba- 
menindis. I pay att. to s. th. 
relating to him, nin babamen- 
damawa. Attention is paid 
tome, nin babatnendagns. Att. 
is paid to it, babamendaywad. 

At that time, iirapi. (Ekii.«pi). 

At the top, isbpiming. 

Attract ; I attract iiiin. nin wi- 
kobina. It attracts me, nin 
u'ikobinignn, nin uikoshka, 
nin wikonawis. 

Attract, (in. s. in.) S. Tempt. 

Auction, bibdyalandiain. I sell 
at auction, nin bibdgnlawe. 

Audacious ; I am audacious, 
7iin snngidec. Audacious per- 
son, sirangiderd. 

Audacity, songideewin. 

Auger, biminigan, kilchi bimi- 

Augment. S. Increase. 

A ugur, on tea tchigewinini. 

Augur; I augur, nind onwat- 







chi<jc. I augux- ol" him, nind 

Auguration, onivalchiyeiviu. 
August, min (fisis.s. 
Aunt, (father'H sinter) my, tliy, 

liis aunt, ninsujoss, kisu/oss, 

Aunt, (mother's sister,) my, tliy, 

his aunt, ninoslie, kinoslie, 

Authority, (power,) gashkieivi- 

siwin. I have authority, uin 

gashkiewis. — S . Power. 
Avarice, sasdqisiwin. 
Avaricious ; \ am av., nin sam- 

ifis. Avaricious person, scsa- 

Avenge ; I avenge a bad doing 
on him, (I render him evil for 
evil,) nind ajedibaamawa. I 
avenge it, nind ajedibaau. 

Avidity. S. Coveteousness. 

Avoid, (in. s. in.) S. BMy. 

Avowal, sincere avowal, <puaiak 
dihadjimon^in, gwaiakwadji- 
mnivin. — I make a sincere 
avowal, nin ()iraiakivadjim. 

Await; I await him, (her, it,) 
nin bia ; nin bilon. 

Awake ; I awake, nin goshkos, 
nind aniddjisse, nin dmdsika. 
1 awake starting up, nin gosh- 
kongwnsh. I awake perfectly, 
nind abisingwash. — I awake 
him, nind amddjia, nind amd- 
dina, nind goshkosia. I awake 
him hy i)ulling or pushing, nin 
(iniddjiicebina. I awake him 
by making noise, nind amad- 

Aware; I am aware of it, nin 

Away, akiiik'haii ; aivdss. 

Awful ; it is awful, golami- 

Awkward. Awkwardness. — S. 
Stupid. Stupidity. 

Awkward situation, sanagisi- 
win. I am in an awkward 
difficult situation, nin sanagis. 
1 put him in an awkward si- 
tuation, I cause him trouble, 
ni Sana gi si a. (Ayimisi'v). 

Awl, migoss. (Oskatjik). 

Axe, wagdkwad. Small axe, 
wagdkwadons. Old bad axe, 
wagdkwadosh . [ Teh ikah igan ) . 

Ay, ay 1 o ! 

r I 



Babe, liaby, oshki-ahinodji. 

Bachelor, wadujessUi inini. 

Back, opikicandma, pikwan. 
My, thy, his back, nin pik- 
ivan, ki pikwan, o pikwan. I 
fall on my back, nind djixfid- 
jisse. I have [)ain in the back, 
ni dewipikwan. My back is 
cold, nin lakipikwan. I have a 
sharp back, nind oshaiawi- 
gan. (Otak). 

Back again, neiab. I come back 
again, nin bi-qiwe, or, )ieial) 
nin. biija. 

Back and forward, ajaok. (Kek- 

Backbasket, or anything to car- 
ry s. th. in it, awadjiwanagan. 

Backbite; I backbite, nin pay- 
wanonge, nin dajinge. I back- 
bite him, (her, it,) nia pagwar 
noma, nin dnjima ; nin 
pagwanondan, nin dajindan. 
We backbite one another, nin 
pagwanondimin, nin dajindi- 

Backbiting, paywanondiwin, da- 

Backbone, talagdgwan, nawd- 

Back of the hand, pikivane- 
nindj. I strike him with the 
back of my hand, nin pikwa- 


Backslider, cj<''ssed. T slide back , 
wind ajesse. 

Backsl id i ng, ajessewin. 

Backwards ; I draw (move] back 
wartls, nind ajiUa. I fall back- 
wards, (on my back,) nind 
djigidjisse. It fialls backwards, 
djigidjis.snnagad. I am dri- 
ven backwards by the wind, 
nind ajeiash. It is driven b. 
by the wind, qjeiassin. I 
inove him (her, it) backwards, 
nind ajebina ; nind ajcbinan, 
wind ajcbidon. 1 move back- 
wards, sitting, nind aj(''b. 1 
run backwards, wind aji'balo. 
I walk backwards, wind ajc- 

Bad, malchi. It is bad, mana- 
dad. I am (it is) bad or dis- 
agreeable, (considered such,) 
nin mdnnidagos ; mdnendag- 
irad. I think he (she, it) is 
bad, nin mdnddewima ; nin 

Bad being, matclii aiaaivish. 

Badger, missakakwidjish. 

Bad language, offensive words ; 
I use bad language in a cer- 
tain manner, iiind indpinewi- 
dawi. I use bad 1. towards 
him, (her, it,) nind indpine- 
ma ; nind indpinendan. 

Bad language, wicked speaking, 
malchigijwewin, mdnddwe- 




— 22^ 


i I I 

win, mdndgidonowin, mdnd- 
sitagosiwin. I use bad wicked 
1., nin mdnddive, nin mdnd- 
gidon, nin mdndsilagos. 

Bad life, malchi bimadisiwin. I 
live a bad life, nin malchi bi- 

Bad luck, massagwadisiivin. I 
cause him bad luck, nin mas- 

Badly, mdmanj, iebinak. 

Bad-mouth, malchi odon. 

Badness, malchi ijiwebisiwin. 

Bad River, Mashki-sibi. 

Bag, mashkimod, piiiddgan. 
Bad old bag, mashkimodash. 
Small bag, mashkimodens. 
So many bags full, dassushkin. 
One bag lull, ningoloshkin. 
Two bags full, etc., nijoshkin, 
etc. I put in a bag, ninpinda- 
ganiwe. I put in a bag, (in., 
an.) nin pindaganiwen ; nin 
pindaganiwenan. I make a bag 
or bags, nin mashkimodakc. 
It is sewed up in the shape of a 
bag, mashkimodcQwade. Stuff" 
for bags, mashkimodewegin. 

Bait (in a trap), midjimikandji- 

Bait ; I bait a trap, nin midji- 
mikanddn dassonagan. 

Bake. S. Cook. 

Bake, (in. s. in.) S. Stew. 

Bake bread ; I bake bread, nin 

Bake in hot ashes ; I bake in h. 
a., nin ningwaabwe. I bake 
it in h. a., [in., an.) nin nin- 
gwaabiven ,\nin ningwaabwe- 

Bake-house, bakery, pakwejiga- 

Baker, pakivejiganikewinini, 

Baking, bread-baking, pakweji- 

Baking-oven, pakwejiganikan. 
Balance. S. Scale. 
Bald ; I am bald, nin papash- 

kwdkondibe. Bald person, ^e- 

pashkwdkondibed. I am half 

uald, nin jishigaanikwe, nin 

Baldness, papashkwdkondibewin 
Ball, nimiidiwin. I give a ball, 

nin nimiiwe. 
Ball. S. Musket-ball. Playing- 

Bal last, .sidogan'iihkodjigan . 
Ballast ; I ballast it, nin siduga- 

Ballasted ; it is ball., sidoga- 

Ball of threjid, )yikodjan. I wind 

it up on a ball, nin pikodjan- 

oadon . 
B a 1 1- p 1 a y , pagaadowewin, 

— S. Crosier. 
B a 1 1-r o o m, nimiidiwigamig,. 

Balsam, papashkigiw ; nomini- 

Bandage of a wound, siusolmo- 

Bank, (sand-bank.) S. Shoals, 
Banner, kikinaivadjion, kiMna- 

wadjiwin, kikiweon. 
Bans of marriage ; I publish his 

bans, nin bibagima anamiewi- 

gamigong. I publish bans of 

marriage, niti bibagimag iva- 

widigendidjig. Publication of 

bans, bibagiwin. 
Baptism, sigaandadiu'in . — S . 

Private baptism. 
Baptism given, .sigaandageivin. 
Baptism received, sigaandago- 

win, sigaandasowin. 
Baptize; I baptize, nin sigaan- 

I !1 


23 — 


dage. I bap. him, nin siga- 

Baptized ; I am bap., nin sigor 

andas, nin sigaandjigas . 
Bar, S. Shut up. 
Barber, gashkibasowinini. 
Barber-snop, gashkibasowigor 






1., nin 


Barber's trade or 

Bare-armed ; I am 

Barefoot; I am b., nin jds/tdgi 

Bare hands ; I have b. h.. 

Bare-headed ; I am b. h., 

Bare-legged ; I am b 

Barge, miligo-kldman, nabagit- 
c hi man. 

Bark ; the dog barks, migi 
animosh. The dog barks at 
him, (her, it,) animosh o mi- 
ginan ; 6 migidan. (Miki^i- 

Bark, icigwass ; nnagek. I take 
otF the bark from trees, nin 
bahagwaajigive. I take it oft, 
(bark, in., an.) nin tchigana- 
gekwaan ; nin Ichiganagek- 
wawa. Tlie bark cannot* be 
taken off", pakwani milig. I eat 
the interior bark, 7iin nosk- 
was. (Wayakesk-waskway). 

Bark-canoe, wigwass-lchiman. 

Bark for smoking, apdkosigan. 
I mix my tobacco with bark, 
nind apdkosige. (Aspaskusa- 
wew) . 

Barking, migiwin. (Mikisimo- 

Bark-shelter, agivanapakwaso- 

win. I put myself under a« 
bark-shelter, nind agwana- 

Barley, manomin wesoivawang. 

Barn, (thrashing-floor,) apagan- 

Bar of a canoe, bimidassa, pin-' 

Barrel, mdkak, makdkossag ; 
ivawiiendagan. Under a bar-- 
rel, anamimakak. So many 
barrels full, dassossag. One 
barrel full, ningototisag. .Two 
barrels full, etc., nijn.s.sag, etc. 
I make a barrel or barrels, 
nin makakoke. 

Barrel-bottom, barrel-head,</a5/i- 
ki.ssagaigan. I put the bottom 
or the head to a barrel, or box, 
nin gashkissagaan niakak. 

Barrel-staff, niakakos.sagivalif/. 

Barrow carried on the shoulder, 

Base. S.'Bad. 

Base-viol, kilcfii-najabiigan , ki- 

Bashful ; I am bashful, nitid 
agatchishk, nind agalchiwa- 
dis, nind agalchiwis. I am 
bashful in speaking, nindaga- 
som, nind agalchim, nind 
agatchilagos. (Nepewisiw). 

Bashful ness, agatchishkiwin. 

Basin of water, waidnag. There 
is a basin of water, ndnama- 
gad, iranashkobiamagad. 

Basis, asholfhissilchigan. 

Basket, agnkobinagan, walabi- 
makak. I make baskets, nind' 
akokobinaganike, nin w dabi- 

Bassfish, ashigan ; manashigan.. 

Basswood, wigob, wigobimij^ 
Bark of basswood, wigob. 





i[ ! , , II 

BaMavd, ghnimdja(fan. T give 
birth to a bastara, niit yimin- 
Bastard-loon, aslmnang. 

Bat, papahu'dimdji. 

Batli, bathing-houae, paf/isoiri- 

Bathe ; I bathe, nin pngis. (Pa- 

Bath ing, puf/isoiHu. 

Bathing-tub, paguowimakak. 

Battle. S. Fight. 

Bay, uikired. In a bay, froni 
ov to a bay, wikwedong. There 
is a bay, wikweia. I walk 
around a bay, nin giwilaiaja- 
l/atiw. I go in a canoe around 
a hay ,niu (jiwilnam. (Wasaw). 

Bayonet, nahadjashkaigan, ni- 

Be ; I am, nind aia. I am so..., 
nindyiwi'his. It is, «//•«». It 
i8 tio...,iJiircl)ad. It was, ihan. 
I am (it is) thought to be in 
such a place, ////* danoulagos ; 
danandagwad. There is, dago, 
dagnmagad, aiamagad, ale, 

Beacli ; on the beach, agaming. 
Along the beach, jijodcw ; 
tilibew. I walk on the beach, 
ninjijodewe ; niti HUbewe. I 
coast, (near the beach or 
shore,) nin jijodewaam ; nin 
lilibewaani. There is a fine 
even beach, nnalanianga. 

Beadle, genawendang ishkivan- 
dem ananmwi<iamignng . 

Beads, (rosary,) anamieniinag. 

Beak ; its beak, (ofa bird,) okoj. 
It has a long beak, ginikoje. 
It has a short beak, lakokoje. 

Beam, agwawanak ; bimidaa- 

Bean, miskodissimin. 

Bear, makwd. Young bear, ma- 
kons. Male bear, nabek. Skin 
of a male bear, nabekwaian. 
Female bear, nnjck. Skin of a 
female bear, nqjekwaian. I 
hunt bears, nin nandawdkwe. 

Beard, mishidnnatjan. I have 
a beard around the mouth, 
nin mishidnn. I have a b. 
around the ciiin, nin mishida- 
mikan. T have a b. on the 
cheeks, (whiskers,) nin niam- 
islianowe. I have a b. on the 
throat, nin mishigondagan. — 
I have no beard, nin pashko- 
don. I pull my beard out, 
nin pashkodonebinidis. I pull 
his b. out,nin jiashkodonebina. 

Bear-meat, mok6irii<(ss. 

Bear's bone, niakngan. 

Bear's claw, makngunj. 

Bear's croup, niakoj'igan. 

Bear's den or hole, niakwdj. 

Bear's l»ead, niakoshligwan. 

Bear-skin, makowaian, mak- 
waian. A small bear-skin, 

Bear-snowshoe, makwassagim. 

Bear's potato, maknpin. 

Bear's tree, niakwalig. 

Beast, awessi. 

Beat, (in s. in.) S. Surpass. 

Beat ; the sea beats against s. 
th., (the waves beat,) apagad- 
ashka. The waves beat against 
my canoe, nind apagadjiwe- 
baog. It is beating against s. 
th., apagadjissemagad. The 
waves are beating against s. 
th., apa^adashkawag ligowag. 

Beaten ; 1 am (it is) beaten, nin 
pakileigas ; pakiteigade. 

Beautiful, qwandtch. I am (it is) 
beautiful, nin givandtchiw, 
nind onijish, nin bishigenda- 



-26 — 



jns ; gu'onalrliiirau, nin'Jts/iiti, 

Beauty', fpiunidlrhiwin, nnijishi- 
ivin, bishi(ffti(lffi)osiu'in. 

Beaver, aniih-. Young l»eaver, 
amiknns. Young heaver un- 
der two years, a w v ii i s h e. 
Young heaver hetween two 
uiul three years, ahohtwr. 
Young heaver of tliree years, 
bakemik, pnUnnik. Male hea- 
ver, nabntuk. Female l»eaver, 
nojnnik. Female heaver hear- 
ing young ones, niHfJhnik. I 
hunt heavers, iiiii nidxloDii- 
kwe, nin uodaiiiikur. \ live 
like a heaver, nind aniikwa- 

Beaver-iluck, amikashd). 

Beaver-fur, mniknbiwdi. 

Beaver Island, in Lake Michi- 
gan, Amikogenda. 

Beaver's hone, (mrikogan. 

Beaver's (lam, nkwanim. 

Beaver's hole, (not lodge,) a?H//i- 

Beaver's kidney, wijitia. 

Beaver-skin , ahhnimkwai. 

Beaver's lodge, amikiHsh. 

Beaver's tail, (nnikosow, amik- 

Becaiise, nndji, irendji-, sa. 

Beckon; I heckon, nind aini- 
nige. I heckon liim, wind ai- 

Beckon, (in. s. in.) S. Nod. 

Bed, nihagan. Under the bed, 
andmihagan. I go to hed, nin 
gaxinshim. Any thing used as 
a hed to lie upon, apinkimon. 

Bed-bug, mindgndjissi, ogmvessi, 
maiajimagosid manitons, (the 
stinking insect.) 

Bed-fellow, wihemagan. 

Bedeheet, nibdganigin. 

Bedstead, nihdganntig, nibdga- 

Bee, (into. 

Beech-nut, ajairnmn. 
Beech-tree, njdirntiij. 
Had', ]) 
liver, Jiiit/t)b(d)o, kifr/ii jingoba- 

h(t. Beer made of Jir-hranches, 

Beet, hwiroot,, niis- 

ko fcfi isfi, ( /// i.skii'd trh iss . ) 
Before, noml ; hira, (c/ii bwa, 

biro nias/ii. (Mayowes). 
Before, beforehand, kijii ; naidg; 

III gun. 
Before all, nnkairr. 
Hetijre, formerly,) t/aiaf. 
j Before me, cnaaxainiian ; ena-f- 
j Kdmabiidn ; ennxsamigabnwii- 
: an : tnfts.sfuni.s/iiinhi. 
1 Before my eves, in my tace, 
I enustiinnis h ki nj i gireitl n. 
Before something, endssaminia- 

gak ; tnatisann'ssing. 

I beg tor ,s. th. to eat, 

weeping, ninmoknnan. 1 beg 

liim for s. th. to eat, weeping, 

n in mokoncmofmra. 
Beg, (mendieate ;) I beg, nin 

nnndohimnge. I am in a bad 

habit of begging, nin nandn- 

tnnuKjrshk. \ beg him lor s, 

th., nin nondofamnira. I beg 

him for help, nin nnnandoma. 

I l)eg tor it, [in., an.) nin nan- 

doian, nin nandoiamagen ; 

nin nandoiaviagrnan. 
Beg, (in. s. in.) S. Ask with 

Beggar, nendntaniaged, behdnan- 

Beggary, begging, nandotama- 

gewin ; nandotaviageshkiwin. 
Beg for 8. th., (in. s. in.) S. Ask 

for s. th. to eat. 




— 2G — 


Begging for s. th. — S. Asking 
for H. th. to cat. 

Begin ; I begin, nin madjita. I 
begin some work, nin madji- 
kan. It begins, madjissema[/ad, 
madjissin ; madjikamit/ad. 

Beginning, madjiiaunn ; madji- 
kamotcin. In the beginning, 
madjitawj ; waieshkat. 

Behave ; I behave, nind ijiwe- 
bis, nin himadis, nind inadis. 
I behave so.... nind ijiwebis. I 
behave otlierwise, niiid and. 
jijiicebis, nind andji-himadis. 
I beh. decently, chastely, nin 
binadis. I beh. impurely, nin 
winadis, nin bishiyioadj-ijiwe- 
bis, nin yagibadis. I beh. 
badly, nin matchi ijiwebis. I 
beh. well, nin mino ijiwebis. 
I beh. too badly, nind osami- 
tchige. I make him beh. so, 
or be so, nind ijiiccbisia. 

Behavior, ijiwebisiwin bimadisi- 
win, inadissiivin. Good beh., 
mino ijiwebisiwin. Bad beha- 
vior, matchi ij i w ebisiw i n. 
Changed beh., andji-bimadisi- 
win, a n dj iJ i lo ebisi to i n. 
I change my beii., nind and- 
jirbimadis, nind andjijiwebis. 
Decent chaste beh., binadisi- 
win. Impure beh., bishig- 
w adjijiwebisiivin , loinadisi- 
win, gagibadisiioin. 

Behind, ajaicaii, agawaii. Be- 
hind the lodge or house, 
awdssigamig,agaioigamig. Be- 
hind the island, agawiminiss. 
Behind the others, ishkwei- 
ang, ishweaii. 

Behold I bina ! nashke .' 

Being, aiaa. Young being, 
aiaans. Great being, kitchi 

aiaa. Wicked being, aiaawish, 
nwtchi aiaawish. 

Be it HO, mi ge-ing ; apeingi. 

Belch; I belch, nin megandji ; 
nin babisibi. 

Belfrey, kitotagan agodeg. 

Belie ; I belie him, nin giwanir 

Bel ief, debweiendamoin'n . 

Believe; I bel., nin debwetam, 
nin debweiendam. I believe 
in him, 7iin debweicnima. I 
bel. him, nin debwetawa. I 
bel. it, nin debivetan. 

Believer, daiebwetang, gagikwe- 
win daiebioetang. 

Bell, kitotagan ; tewessekaigan. 
Small globular hQ\\,jinawaod- 

Bellow ; the ox or cow bellows, 
masitago.n pijiki. 

Bellows, bodadjishkotawan. 

Belly, omis,Hadama, missad. My, 
thy, hi.s belly, nimissad, ki- 
missad, omissad. I have pain 
in the bellv, nind akoshkade. 
I have a big fat belly, nin pi- 
kodji, nin pikonagiji. I have 
a large belly, nin mangimis- 
sade, nin manginagiji, nin 
mangidji. I have a red bellv, 
nin miskioashkade. My belly 
is swollen up, nin bodadjish- 
ka. I put it in my belly, or I 
have it in my belly, (m., an.) 
nin wadendan ; nin tcadeni- 

Belly of an animal, modji. 

Below, tabashish, nissaii, nissd- 
ki, nissddjiwan. 

Belt, (girdle,) kitchipisowin. 
Woolen belt, miskogad. Wool 


— 27 — 


for belts, mishkogadeiah. I 
make a belt, nin miskoyadike. 

Bemoan. S. Weep over.... Weep- 
ing over... 

Bench, apahimn, tessahiwin. 

Bend, (bow;) I bend, nin tmgi- 
nige. I bend it, [in., an.) nin 
whginan, nin jawdginan, nin 
saweshkan ; nin wdifina, nin 
jawdgina, nin smci'n)ikawa. I 
bend' it towiird.s ino, nin bida- 
ginan. It bonds, J as hawabis-- 

Bend, (Void) ; I bend it, {in., an.) 
nin bi.skinan.; nin hiskina. I 
bend my arm, nin bi.skiniken. 

Bend ; I iV-nd or incline my.sell", 
7iin naweta. 

Beneath, (under,) an am a i i, 

Beneficence, Jawnidjigewin, Ja- 
Jawrndjigeioin , nitd-jawendji- 

Benedcent ; 1 am ben., ninjaja- 
ictndjige, nin niid-jawendjigc. 

Benelicial. S. Useful." 

Benefit, mino dodamowin, ja- 
tiH'ndJigewin. I bestow a be- 
nefit, nin jawendjige. I bes- 
tow benefits, nin jajawendjige. 

Benefit ; 1 benefit him, nin ja- 
wenima, nin mino dodaiva. J 
benefit myself, ninjaicenindis, 
nin mino dodas. The act of 
hewQfiiWngyjawendjigeioin , jar 

Benevolence, kijadisitcin, kije- 

Benevolent; lam ben., nin ki- 
jadis, nin kijewadis. 

Benighted ; I am ben., nin non- 

Benighted, (ignorant ;) I am 
ben., nin iibi kadis. 

Benignity. S. Benevolence. 

Bent, (bowed ;) I am (it is) bent, 
nin wagishka; wagishkama- 

Bent, (folded;) it is bent, biska- 
magad, biskigishka, biskini- 

Bent backward.-^ ; I am beiit b. 
nin jashagita. 

Bent forwards ; I am bent f., 
nin loagenis. I am l>ent by old 
age, nin wagigika. (Wukisiw 

Beiiuml»ed ; lam ben., nin gi- 
kinianis. My arm is ben., nin 
gikinianinike. My foot is ben., 
my feet are ben., nin gikima- 
niside, nin babisigisidewadj. 
My hand is ben., my lianas 
are ben., nin gikinianinindji, 
nin babi.sigimindjiic((dj. My 
leg is Ik'm., /(//( gikiniani- 

Berry; a kind of red berry, wi- 

Bet, afddiivin. (Attatuwin). 

Bet ; I bet, nind afdgc. I bet it. 
{in., an.) nind dtagen, nind 
alon ; nind atagenan, nind 
afaird. (Atamew). 

Bote-grise Bay. Pagidaweiein. 
At, to or from Betegrise Bay, 

Betray ; I bet. him, nin pagi- 
dina. (Misimew). 

Better ; a little better, bab^nag. 

Between, nawaii, nassaivaii. 

Bewail ; I hew. him, (her, it,) 
7iin mamma, nind ondad^mo- 
nan ; nin mawindan, nindon- 
da demon. 

Bewail, liewailing. — S. Wee]) 
over. . .Weeping over... 

Bewilder; I bew. him, nin qi- 
ivashkweiendamia. I am be- 



— 28 — 





wilderc'il, iiin (/iwashkweien- 1 

Beyoixl, ( wetli. 

Bilde, KiJH-Manito o masirutii/ttn. 
1 Hwoar oil llie Bible. Kijc- 
MaiiUo (> mn,siii<ii;/an niiut oil- 

BkI ;I 1)1(1 liiin ;j;o Ijoinc, or back, 
nin (fiuu'iKiju 1(^(1. 

Bier, ir/iihai-()iti(/((U(iiii/. 

Big, Icitc/ii. i am lji<r, iihi min- 
difl. It JH big, mifrh(ii/ti((/(«l. 

Bi<5ainist, niijokweuvd. 1 am a 
oigainiHt, nin nijokirew. 

Bilberry. S. Whortleberry. 

Bile, o.sfiwuhan. 

BiliouH; 1 am bilious, nind osd- 

Bill, tnasinai(jann. 

Bill, (beak ;) its l)ill, (ol'a bird,) 

Bill of divorce, wehin'Kliwi-ma- 

Billow, (wave,) tigow. 

Bind; I bind, nin sagibidjige, 
nin mindjimapidjige. I bind 
him, (her, it,) nin sagihina, 
nin miiidjimapina ; nin sagi- 
bidon, nin miadjimapidou. 1 
bind him, fetter him, nin mn- 
mandjigwapina. I bind him, 
(her, it) well, nind aindapina, 
nin wawenapina ; nin ainda- 
pidon, nin wawenapidon. I 
bind or tie well liirf pack, nin 
wawenapidamawa toiivaj. I 
bind it in the middle, (in., an.) 
nind abitotchipidon ; n i n d 
abitotchipina. I bind it again 
or otherwise, [in., an.) nind 
andapidon ; nind andapina. I 
bind them together, {in., an.) 
nind ansapinadonan ; nind an- 
sapinag. (Takkopitew). 

Bind, (in. s. in.) S. Tie. 

Bind ; I bind or fetter hi.s hands, 
his (i'et. S. Hand. Foot. 

Birch-bark, wign'a.s.i. Birch-bark 
for a lodge, v'iguuis.sapdkwci. 
I look tor birch-barK, nin 
nfiiidokiiuim. I am taking oil" 
birch-bark, nin wigioaanikc. 

Birch-I»ark \>i>x,ii' 

Birch-bark cuiioc, ii'igir(i.s,i-tchi- 
indn ( Wask wiiy-osi ) . 

Birch-bark, wigicas.s-ond- 

Birch-lnvrk lodge, wigwansiwi- 

Birch-tree, n'igira.s.s. There are 
birch-trees, irigica.s.sika. In a 
place where there are l>irch- 
trees, iri<nra.s.sikang. Tlie 
birch-trees are white, wa.s.fa- 
kodeu-an uu^/ (Wayak- 

Bird; a .s'mall biril, bin^xhi ; a 
large bird, bin^.s,n. Yoimg 
1 i tt 1 e bi rd , panadjd . A kind 
of bird, pashkandamo. The 
bird flies quick , bineshi. 
The bird flies low, tubas-.sisse 
bineshi. The bird has his 
wings closed, nabwangenhka 
bineshi. The bird is naked, 
has no feathers, pashkosi, pa- 
paahkosi bineshi. The bird 
carries s. th. in his beak, ni- 
maige bineshi. The bird starts, 
pasigwao bineshi. (Piyesis). 

Bird ; a kind of black bird, se- 
qibanwanishi. A kind of blue 
\>ird, ojawane. A kind of gray 
bird, okanisse. A kind of white 
bird, odamaweshi. 

Birth, ondadisiwin, nigiwin. I 
give birth, nind ondadisike, 
nin nigiaioass. I give him 
(her, it) birth, nind ondadisia. 


— '29 — 


■re are 

. Ill a 





nin nigia ; nin<l onilm/inidni, 
vin nifjitnn. I >Xivv birth to ii 
child for liiin or to liiiii, niii 
nijfittnra. Prciimtnro ultortivc 
birth, nix/iiin'H. 'Nittawikiw). 

Birth ; I ^ive birth, (in. h. in.) ^ 

Birtlulay, niffhn'iii-(/iJi;fa(l, on- 

Birth-giviiif^, ui(/itin'a>i,sowhi, ou- 

Biscuit, (.«t'a- bread,) nitakona. 

Biscuit, (Hinall eake,) pakw^Ji- 

Bi.shoj), Kifr/ii-nnkateuukiranaic 

Bitcli, noJt'xsii)i, (jixhkinln^, ani- 
mosh. The bitch xx to Inive 
young one.s, niKlJin.sinio ani- 
moith. (Kiskanak kiskisis). 

Bite; I bite, uin takivaiu/e. I 
anj in a habit of biting, nin 
iakwatu/e.shk. — I b i t e li i ni, 
(her, it,) nin takwayna ; nin 
takwandan. 1 bite him mucli, 
cruelly, ?iind ahiadama. (Tak- 

Bite off'; 1 bite oft', nin pak- 
wmdjige. I bite otf a piece of 
it, (an., in.) nin pakwema ; 
nin pakwcnddn. 

Bitter ; it is bitter, (in., an.,] 
wissagan, wiissaga ; wissagisi. 
It is oitter, (liquid,) wis.<iagd- 
gami. It is bitter, (leaf,) wis- 

Bittern, (bird,) tnoshkaossi, ga- 

B i ttern ess, wissagisiwin . 

Black, makate-. . .( Kaskitevvaw) . 
I am black, 7iin makat6wis, 
nin makatiioiwe. It is black, 
(in., an.) makaUwa; maka- 
Uwisi. It 18 black: Metal, 
[in., an.) makai^wabikad ; 

makaft' Thread, (in.. 
(in..) ni<ikiik'trfd)igrtd ; ma- 
kttti'U' Li(|uid, niaka- 

Black ; I dye black, ///// inakii- 
fi'Ui(uli.ssigv, nil! iiiakd/rivan- 
sige. I dye it black, (///., an.,) 
nil! niak(ift'H'ttili.'<sihi, nin ma- 
knfcirnn.sihi ; nin niakntfira- 
di.s.'iwa, nin nitiknlin''n. 

Bhu^k ; J paint it black, i//r, 
ini.,\ nin inaknli'koilnn : nin 
niakiifckoHfi. — It i^ puinted 
black : Metal, (/"»., an.,} ina- 
katiwahikinigadc ; niakateiva- Wood, (in., an-,) 
nidkdhiraknnigddi', ni a k a t e- 
wi.s.siiginigadc ; niakaii'irako- 
n igd.'<n , makafeiri.t.sai/in igdso. 

Blackbird, a kind of idackldrd, 

Black cloth, nxikatewegin. (Kas- 

Black dog, viakaiewaxaini. (Kais- 

Black duck, makateshih. (Kas- 

Blacken ; I blacken, nin maka- 
ttwitchige. V blacken him, 
(her, it,) nin uiakaMwi shkawa, 
nin niakatewishima ; nin ma- 
kafeicinhkdn, nin niakaUUin.H- 
siion, nin makatewitun. (Kas- 

Blacken, (in. h. in.) S. 1 paint it 

Blackfbot Indian, Ai/dtckinini. 

Black-foot woman, Aydtckini- 

Blacking, (enpecially for boots or 
.slioe."*,) makatewilrhigan, miti- 

Black-lead for poli.shing stoves 
with, apissabik, wassikwadew- 
aigan, wassikwahikaigan. 




J. :i 


1 1 



: J 

1 , 

I ', 


— 30 — 


!!• i 

Black River, Makntewagami , 

Black serpent, makate(iinehig. 

BlackHinith, atvishtoia. I am a 
blacksmith, nind awixhtoiaw. 

BlacKsmith'H sliop, awhhtoia- 
wiaaniitf. (OyahiHUwikamik). 

Blacksmith's trade, awishtoia- 

Bladder, S. Urine-bladder. 

Blame; I blame him, (her, it,) 
nind nnwcnima ; nind onwcn- 

Blanket, imhoiun. My, thy, his 
blanket ; nikonasn, A'/Av*/<r/s.*f, 
okondftn. 1 tie nj) hifih tuy 
blanket, nin fakuuind>i.s. I tie 
my blanket under my chin, 
nin siiifanikdmanibis. (Wabo- 
wevan akknp). 

Blanket nioccawin, wahoiakisin. 
I wear blanket-moccasins, nin 

Blaspheme; I bias., nin hala- 
ffijnie, nin matc/tii/i/we, nind 
indpineicinani. I Idas, him, 
(her, it,) nind indpinetna ; nin 
indpinenddn. (Wiyakimow). 

Blaspheming, hata-g i j w ew i n, 
indpideivin. (Wiyakimowin). 

Blaze ; I make the lire blaze, 
nin bixkakonendjige, nin bis- 
kakoneion or nin biskakonean 
ishkote. The tire blazes, mish- 
wakone, biskakone or biskane 
ishkote. The tire blazes up 
high, namatdkone iahkoic. 
The tire blazes up by the wind, i 
biskaneiassin ishkote. (Wasa;?- ; 

Blaze on a tree, wassdkwaigan, 
wawabijagakwaigan, kikina- 

Blaze trees ; I blaze trees, nin 

viassnkwaige\ nin kikinawa- 
dakwaiqe. The trees are blaz- 
ed , kikinnwadakwaiqade. 

Bleach ; I bleach it, mn wdlrish- 
kigiton . ( W a pa sam ) . 

Blearedness, ichissigawisibing- 

Blear-eyed; Iambl.,n//t trhis- 
sigawi.sibingwe. (PasakAbiw). 

Bleed ; 1 bleed, (let bluod,) nin 
bdskikioci(fc. I bleed him, nin 
bds/ikikwnpii — JJleeding, the 
act of bleeding somebody, bn.'<- 

Bleed ; I l»leed, (shed blood,) nin 
miskwiw. I make him bleed, 
nin mi-skwiwiu. — I bleed at 
the, nin gibifdn. I bleed 
at the nose by a tall, nin gibi- 
tunCfhin. I make him bleed 
at the nose by a blow, nin 
gibitanegnndina. (Mikkowiw). 

Bless ; I bless bin), (her, it,i 
nind anantietaiva ; nind ana- 
mietan. I bless it, (in,, an.) 
nin xignandnn ; nin sigaan- 
daioa . (Sawe y i mew) . 

Blessed ; it is lilessed, (in., an.) 
siganndjigdde ; sigaandjigdso. 

Blessed water, ananiiewdho. 

Blind ; 1 am blind, nin gagi- 
bingwe. Imakeliim blind, I 
blind him, nin gagibingwea. 
(Nama wabiw). 

Blindtbld; I bl. him, nind ag- 
wingioebina, nin gagibingwe- 

Blindfolded ; I am bl., nind ag- 
wingwebis, nin gagihingwebis. 

Pi indness, gagibingwewin. 

Blind person, gegibingwed. 

Blink ; I blink with the eyes, 
nin papdssangwab, nin pas- 
sangaanah, nin papdssangaa- 



— 31 — 


Blister. S. Visicatorv. 

Blinter; I liavf ii hfister ; niiyl 
abuhkwebiffis. I Imve n Mis- 
ter on inv linml, nind ahinh- 
kwehUpnhuljhhin. I Imve a 
blister on niv loot, niiuh'tnuh- 
kwebif/isidexh in . 

Block, kntmciin. 

Block ; in ft Mock, mdmawi 
(Mikko ni niik). 

Blood, miskwi. C o a g u 1 ft t e d 
blood, wado. (Let blood. S. 
Bleed.) My blood is coining 
out, nin sdifinkwaqiH. I stain 
him, (her, it) witli blood, nin 
minkwiwia ; nin minkwiwiton. 

Bloody, (stained with blood ;) I 
am, (it is) Idoody, nin mink- 
wiw : miskwiumn. I strike 
liini bloody, nin miskwiwaf/a- 

Bloody tliix, miskwahiicin. I 
liftve the bloody flux, nin 
miskwabi. (S. Dysentery. — S. 
Issue of blood.) 

Bloom, blossom, wdbigon. 

Blot out ; I blot out, nin f/assia- 
macie. I blot it out, nin f/ax- 
sian. I blot it out to him, 
(forgive him,) nin gcmsiama- 
tea. We blot out to each other, 
(pardon each other,) nin gas- 
siamadimin. — I blot out a 
writing, nin qassibian. I blot 
him out, strike out his name, 
nin gassibiwa. 

Blotted out ; it is blotted out, 
gassiigade. It becomes blotted 
out, gassiikamagad. 

Blotting out, gassiamagewin, 
gassiamadiwin . 

Blow ; I blow, nin bodddjige. I 
blow him, (her, it,) nin bodd- 
nd, nin hodddan. I blow a 
«ick person, nin babwedana, 

(nin bnbodiinn.) I blow the 
tire with bo II owe, nin boddd- 
jinhkntairc. — It bl')WM, (it is 
windv,) nodin ; animad. 

Blue. S. Sky-blue. 

Blunder. S.'Mi.-tftke. 

Blunt; it is blunt, ajiwa, dji- 
wanitin , ojiinh ikinsin . 

Bluntinh ; it i.s h\.,j)angi ajiia- 



lilush : I blush, nin miskwi 



Board ; T go on board, nin boit. 



put him, (her, iti im iioani, 
nin bosia; nin boniton. It is 
on board, (in., (in.) bo.sifrhi- 
gdde ; bo.iitrhigdno. 

Board (plank ,) n a b a g i ft s a g. 
Small board, nabugis.sagons. 
I make it of l»oard.>^, nabagin- 
sagokadan. It is made of 
boards, nnbagi.sHogokade. Hut 
or hou.><e made of boards only, 
nabagixsagowigamig. — T h e 
board is narrow, agnssadesi 
nabagi.ssag. The board is 
wide, mangadesi nabagissaq. 
Under a board, tintlmis.'iag in 
the middle of a board, ndicLs- 

Boarding, ashangewin, ashandi- 
win ; wissiniwin. 

Boarding-house, ashangewiga- 

Board i n g-master , ash angewini- 

Boarding-mistress, ashangekwe. 

Board-road. S. Plank-road. 

Boast ; I boast of..., nin mamik- 
was, nin nawijim. (MainiyfU 

Boaster, S. Braggart. 

Boasting, mamikwasowin. 

Boat, mHigo-lchimdn. (Mistik'o- 




\ p 

'J ■ I 


; \ 


— 32 — 


Boat-builder, boat-maker, tcha- 
mdniked, tchimdnikeivinini. 

Bodkin, migoss. 

Body, w'iawima. My, thy, his 
body, niiawy kiiaw, wiiaw. I 
have a body, niml owiiaw. I 
have it in my body, (in me,) 
nind owiiawinodan.— In the 
side of the body, opimena. I 
make him lie on his side, 
nind opimeshima. I have con- 
vulsions in my body, nin Ichi- 

Body ; in a body, mdmawi. 

Bog, ivdbashkiki. 

Bofl ; I boil s. th., nind onsekwe. 
I boil it, {in., an.) nind onsdn; 
nind onswa. It boils, ondema- 
gad. The kettle boils, onso 

Boiling water, wendeg-nibi. 

Bois-blanc Island, Wigobiminiss. 

Bomb, bimoshkodawdn. 

Bom basin, gaskigin. 

Bond, lakobinigoivin. 

Bone, okanima. My, thy, his 
bone, nikdn, kikdn, okdn. (Os- 
kan). A bone comes out of 
my body, nin sagiganeshin. 
A certain bone in the leg, 
nilchishibodagan. I have pain 
in the bones, nin dewigan. — 
I have large bones, nin ma- 
mangigan. I have small bones, 
nin biwigan, or, nin babiwi- 
gane. I have strong bones, 
nin mashkawigane, nin songi- 

Bonnet, wiwakwdn. (Astotin). 

Book, masinaigan. A small 
hooV , masinaigans. I open a 
book, (or letter,) nin pakigi- 
nan masinaigan. I clo. e a 
book slightly, nin palabinan 
masinaigan. I close it briskly, 

nin palabiwebinan, or, nin pa- 

Boot, miiigwakisin. 

Bore ; I bore him, (her, it) 
through, ninjabopagwamwa ; 
nin jabopagwanedn. (Paku- 

Bore, (in. s. in.) S. Pierce. 

Born ; 1 am, (it is) born,mnmg', 
nind ondadis ; nigimagdd, on- 

Born again. S. Reborn. 

Born Avith ; I am born with it, 
nin giginig. (Kikinittawikiw). 

Borrow; I borrow, nind ata- 
wange. I borrow of him, nind 
atatvama. I borrow it, (in., 
an) nind aiawangen ; nind 
aiawangenan. I am in a ha- 
bit of l)orrowing,nmrf dlawan- 
geshk. Bad habit of borrow- 
ing, alawangeahkiwin. (Nan- 

Borrowed ; any thing borrowed, 

Borrowing ; anything borrowed, 

Borrowing, atawangeivin. (Awi- 

Bosom, pindomoivin. I put it in 
my bosom, (in., an.) ninpino- 
mon ; nin pinomonan. (Pimo- 

Boss, ndganisid, ogima. 

Boss in a copper-mine, miskwa- 

Both, (in compositions,) elawa.,, 

Both, naienj, neienj, wy. On 
both s\de8, elawaii. Both sides 
of the body, etawina. 

Bother ; I bother him, nin mi- 
goshkadjia. It bothers me, nin 
migoshkadjiigon . 

»"?vn ►^^ 


— 33 — 


Bottle, omodai. Little bottle or 
vial, omodens. (Moteyabisk). 

Bottom ; I bottom a barrel, Jiin 
gibidiean makak. 

Bought; I am, (it is) bought, 
nin gislipinadjigas ; gislipinad- 
jigade. A bought object, gis/i- 
pinaddgan. It is a bought ob- 
ject, giskpinadaganiwan. 

Bound ; lam bound, or fettered, 
ninmamandjigivapis, nin ma- 
mandjigwapi((j igas , nin rnind- 
jimapis, nin mindjimapikaigas, 
nin mituljimapidjigas. It is 
bound, mindjimapide, mind- 
jimapidjigade. (Takkupisuw). 

Bounty. S. Benevolence. 

BoW;; niiligivab Bow over the 
Indian cradle, agwingweon. 

Bow, Bowed, (in. s. in.) S. Bend. 

Bow down 5 I bow down, nin 
jagaslikila. I bow down be- 
fore him, (her, it,) ninjagash- 
kilawa; nin jagas/ikilan. (WA- 

Bowels, onagij. I exonerate the 
bowels, nin misi. I exonerate 
the bowels in my bed, nin mi- 
ling.vam. I have pains in the 
bowels, nind akomkade. Pain 
in the bowel.", akoshkadewin. 

Bowl, omgans. 

Bowman. S. Archer. 

Bowsprit, nigandkwaigan. 

Bow-string, alchdb 

Box, makak. Small box maka- 
kons. Wobden box, m'jkakos- 


I am a \)ny,nin 

Boy, kiviivisens 
kwiwisensiw. The (i st-born 
boy of a family, madj kiwiss. 
I am the firet-Sorn be v of the 


family, nin 

Bracelet or ring around the 
wrist, andn ; around the arm, 
kilchixvebison. ( Atchan) . 

Brag ; I brag of myself, nin ma- 
mikivas.—S. Praise, (flatter.) 

Braggart, bragger, mamaddgo- 
tvininiy memikmasod. I am a 
braggart, 7iin mnmikwaa. 

Bragging, mamikwasowin. 

Bram ; mv, thy, his brain, ni- 
nindib, kinindib,winindib. IWi- 

Brainpan. S. Skull. 

Branch, wddikivan, odikwan. 
There are branches, bigwsbi- 
magad. The tree has branches, 
bigtvebimagisi milig. I cut off 
branches, nm majidikwanaige, 
nin tcliigandaiveige. I cut of*' 
the branches of a tree, nin 
majidikivanewa milig, nin tchi- 
gandawewa milig. The tree 
has large branches, maman- 
gidikwanagisi milig. (Musa- 

Brand, keshkakideg. 

Brandy, ishkolewdbo, meshkawa- 
gamig ishkolewdbo, (strong 
tire- water.) 

Brass, osawdbik. 

Brass-wire, osawdbikons. 

Braf,.-i-wire collar, osaivdbiko- 

Brave ; I am brave, nin songi- 
dee. Brave courageous per- 
swangideed. (Nabekka- 


Bravery. — V- Courage- 
Brave. Brave warrior.- S. Hero. 
Bravery, songideewin. 
Brawl. Brawling. — 8. Quarrel* 


E I' 


1 4 


,>■ >' 



ji- 4 




(^ :- 




:'' !i: 


— 34 — 


Brazenfaced. S. Shameless per- 

Brazier, akikokcwinini. 

Brazier'8 trade, work, business, 

Breac}! ; there are breaches, 

Bread, pakwdjigan. Unleavened 
bread, wemblssilchigda oss icj 
pakwejigan. Leavened bread, 
wembiss itch iqctsod pakwejigan. 
(S. Leavened). 

Breadth; one breadth, (of stuff 
or cloth ,) bej igoslik. Two 
breadths, etc., nijoshk, etc. 
So many breadths, dassoshk. 

Break ; I break it, (in. an.) 
nin bigoshkdn, nin bigwa- 
an ; nin bigoshkawa, nin big- 
wawa. (Pikunew pikupitew). I 
break it to pieces, {in., an.) 
nin bigondn ; nin bigona. I 
break it by letting it fall down, 
(in., an.) nin bigwissidon ; nin 
bigwishiina. It breaks falling 
down, [in., an.) bigwissin, (bi- 
gossin;) bigirisliin, (bigoshin,) 
bigwenisliin. I break it in two, 
(in., an) nin boknbidnn ; nin 
bokobina. I break it to small 
pieces, [in., an.) nin bis.saan ; 
nin bissawa. I break it to 
small pieces in my hand, [in., 
an.,) ninbissihidon ; nin bissi- 
bina. I break it, (a dish, in.; 
a watch, an.\ nin ndssaan ; nin 
passawa. I brealc it to pieces 
Dy striking, (in , an.) nin bis- 
sagananddn ; nin bissagandma. 
I break sojne long object, (in., 
an.) nin bnkossidon, nin bo- 
koshkan ; nin bokoshima, nin 
bokoshkawa. It breaks, bokot- 
chislika, bokwasika. — I break 

' a bono, nin bokwaigane. 1 

break branches on the road, 
nin bdkonige. I l)reak my ca- 
noe, 7iin bigoneshin, nin bokt 
shin ?iin tchimdn. I break a 
commandment, nin bigobiion 
ganasongcwin. I break a field, 
nin bignrakamigaan kiligjn. I 
break my nose falling', nin 
bissagiiljaneshin. I break the 
point of K. th., nin boknkojmdn. 
The tree breaks, biskibagishka 
milig. Sticks break under tlie 
feet, bokwemagad. 

Break (in s. in.) S. Tear. 

Breakdown; I break down, (I 
am ruined,) nind angoshla, 
ninbigoshka. It breaks down, 
(it is ruined,) angoshkamagad 
angomagad, bigoshkamagad. 1 
break it down, nin bigobidoi, 
nin nissakobidon. I break it 
down by striking, [in., an.] 
nin higogananddn ; nin bigo- 

Breakfast, kigijeb-wissiniivin. I 
take my breakfast, nin kigijeb- 
ivi.ssin. (Kikijebamitjisuwin). 

Break off; I break it off, [in., an.) 
nin bokoshkobindn, nin bnk- 
wanivissidon ; nin bokoshko- 
bina, nin bokwanwishima. I 
break off a piece, [in., an.) nin 
pa.ktrebidon ; nin pakwebina. I 
oreak off a piece of wood, (in., 
an.) nin pakwegaan ; nin pak- 
wegawa. I break it off by 
small pieces, [in., an.) nin pi- 
gishkibidon ; nin pigishkibina. 
It breaks off, (falls off,) pak- 
weshkamagad. (Pakkwepi- 

Break open ; I break it open, 
7iin nassidiean. It breaks open, 
nas s idiess in , nas.s idieshka. 

Break, (split ;) 1 break it, nin 



— 35 — 




passikan, nin pass i ton. 
breakp, passikamagad. 

Break through ; I break througli 
R. th. with my foot, ninbokisse. 
I break through the ground, 
nin bokakamirjisse- 

Break to pieces ; I break it \.o 
pieces, [in , an.) nin passibi- 
don; nin pass ibina. It breakis 
to pieces falling from a height, 
(in., an.) pigishkissin ; pigisfi- 

Breakers. S. Shoals. 

Breast, okakiganama, kakigan. 
My, thy, his breast, nin kaki- 
oan,ki kakigan ,o kakigan. { Wae- 
kigan). I have pain in my 
breast, nin dcwakigan. I have 
hair on the breast, nin mishaki- 
gan. I warm my breast, nin ki- 
jakigdnes. I cover n»y breast, 
nin kashkakiganeodis. I un- 
cover my breast, nin mi- 
jishakiganebinidis, nin miji- 
shakiganenidis. My breast is 
uncoNered, nin mijishakigane- 
shin, nin milakigancshiti. My 
breast is uncovered indecent- 
ly, nin nibaddkigan. I unco- 
ver his, (her) breast, ninmiji- 
shakiganebina, tiin mijis/taki- 

Breast, woman's breast, tolosh. 

T>'- st'pin, kashkakiganeon. 

i*'' '.ti .>late, essimig. Breast- 
pia :' of Btlver, joniiawessimig. 
iJreafit-plati' of porcelain, mi- 

B\<: vh, nesseivin, pagidandmo- 
nv«. iviy breath is short, nin 
iakwanam. My breath smells 
bad, nin manjiwagwanam. 

Breathe ; I breathe, nin nesse, 
nin pagidanam. 1 breathe 

fort}., ninnassanam. I breathe 
into him, tiin nessenodawa. I 
breathe other\vi.>;e, nind anda- 
nam. I breathe deeply, nin 
joganam. I breathe interrupt- 
edly, nin kis/ikanain. I br. oy 
long intervals, nin jajibanam. 
I br. with difficulty, nind ak- 
wanam, nind ishkanam, nind 
aiekwanain. I can be long 
without breathing, nin jiba- 
nam. I br. my last, niml ish- 
kwanam. (Yeyew yey ekamow), 

Breechclotl), ansiun. 

Breecliei?, gibodeicgwasson. 

Brick, miskwdbiganowassin. 

Bride, wa-widiged ikwe. 

Bridegroom, wa-widiyed inini. 

Bridge, ajogan. There is a 
bridge made, ajoganikade. I 
make a bridge, nind ajnganike. 
I walk over a bridge, nind 

Bridle, sagidonebidjigan. Tlie 
liorse has a bridle on, sagido- 
nebidji<jaso behejif/oganji. (Ta- 

Brigand, makandiiewinini. 

Briglit; I make it bright, nin 

Bright, (in. s. in.) S. Shine. 

Brightness, uasseidsiwin. 

Brim ; I brim it, (in., an.) nin 
nassabaslikinadun ; nin nassa- 

Brimstone, osdwi-tnakale. 

Brine, jiwilaganabo. 

Bring ; I bring, nin bidass. I 
bring him, (lier, it,) nin bina, 
nin bidoma ; nin bidon, nin 
bidondan. I bring him s. th.., 
nin bidaiva, nin bidamawu. I 
bring him, (her, it) to som^ 
place, nin dagwishima ; nin 

' i! 







— 36 — 



i r 


dagwissiton. I bring him,(her, 
it) ashore on my back, from 
a canoe or boat, nincl af/wao- 
ma ; nind agwaundan. (Pesi- 
wew petaw). 

Brinfj back ; I bring him (her, 
it)l)ack again, nin bi-giweivi- 
na, neiab nin hina ; nin bi-ge- 
wiwidon, nciab nin bidon. (Ki- 

Bring down ; I bring him (her, 
it) down, nin bi-nissiivina ; 
nin bi-nissitvidon. 

Bring forth, (in. s. in.) S. Birth. 
—S. Yield fruit. 

Bring in ; I bi % him (her, it) 
in, ninpindi no ■ \'i.'k nindi- 
gadon. I br. . 'jou, nin 

j)indigenisse. (I >>, ew). 

Bring to light ; I bring nim (her, 
it) to liglit, nin mokawa, nin 
mohina ; nin mohaan, nin nw- 

Bring up; I bring him (her, it) 
up, nind ikwegia, nin nilawe- 
gia ', nind ikwegilon, nin nita- 

Bring with ; I bring with me, 
ni?i bUjigis. I bring him (her, 
it) with me, nin bi-gigisinan ; 
nin bi-gigisin. I cause him to 
bring along with him s. th , 
nin bi-gigisia. It brings along 
with it, bi-gigisimagad. (Ki- 

Brittle ; it is brittle, {in., an.) 
kdpan, kapadad ; kapisi, kapa- 
disi. (Kaspisiw). 

Broad, (in. s. in.) S. Wide. 

Broad axe, ichiqigaigan. 

Broil; I broil it, [in., an.) nin 

banmn ; nin banswa.[PkswQyv) . 

Broken ; it is broken, bigoshka, 

makishka, bigobidjigade. It is 

broken to pieces, [in., an.) bis- 

saigade ; bissaigasn. It is brok- 
en to pieces by s. th that fell 
on it, [in., an) bissikode ; bis- 
.nkoso. The ground or soil is 
broken up, bigwakamigaigade. 
Something is broken in my 
body, nin bokodjishka. (Piku- 

Broken. S. Infirm. 

Broken branch on the road, bo- 

Brook, sibiivishe. 

Broom, ichigalaigan, Ichishalai- 
gan. (VVebahigan). 

Broomstick , Icli igalaiganak, 

Broth, nabob, wiidssabo. (Mitji- 

Brother, my, thy, her brother, 
nin awema, kid awema, oil 
aweman. My, thy, his older 
brother, nissaie, kissaie, o.v- 
.saieian My, thy, his i/ounger 
brother, ni.s/iinie, ki shime, 
oshimeian. We arc brothers, 
nind oshinieindimin. (N'istes 

Brothci*-in-law ; my, thy, his 
brother-in-law, 7iila, kila, wi- 
tan. My, Jiy, her brother-in- 
law, ninim, kinim, ivinimon. 

Brother or friend ; my, thy, his 
l)rother, (friend,) nidjikiwe, 
kidjikiive, widjikiweian ; or, 
nikdniss, kikani-ss, wikafiissan. 
He is my brother, (friend,) 
nind oiviifjikiwcima, nind owi- 
kanissima. We are brothers, 
(friends,) nind owidjikiweindi- 
min, nind owikanissindimin. 
(N'itjiwa otjiwama). 

Broth-pot witli legs, okddakik. 

Brought; it is brought here, 
[in., an.) bidjigdde; bidjigdso. 



— 37 — 


It is l)rought somewhere, Hh., 

an.) dagwissiichigdde ; dag- 

Brought in ; I am brought in, 

nin pindiganigo. He (she, it) 

is brought in, 'pindigana,pin- 

digade, pindigadjigade. 
Brought up ; I am brought up, 

ninnitawigiigo, nin nitawig. 
Brow. S. Forehead. 
Brown ; I am brown, nin 'sig- 

Browse, kibins onimik. 
Browse; it browses, (a beast,) 

onimikoke, gishkdhvandjige. 

Bruise, jashagoshkosowin, das- 

Bruise; I l)ruise him, Cher, it,) 

nin banasikawa ;nin banasikan. 
Bruised ; I am bruised by s. th. 

that fell upon me, nin jas/ia- 

Brush, clothes-brush, binaivei- 

Brush ; I brush clothes, niii 

Brus)i, painting-brush, bijijo- 

Bucket, for fetching water, na- 

dobdn, nimihagan. 
Buck le , adabikissidjigan. 
Buckler, pakdkivaan. 
Bud, onimik, w a n imik. — S. 

Buffalo, mashkod^-pijiki. (Mas- 

Buffalo-robe, pijikiwegin. (Mus- 

Buffet; 1 buffet him, nin passa- 

now6wa, nin nabagaskinindji- 

Buffoon, loembdjisid. I play the 

buffoon, nindombdjis, nin ba- 


Buffoonery, ombajisiwin, baba- 

Bugbear, gagatoetadjitchigan. 

Bugle, bodddjigan. 

Build, I build a lodge, nind 
ojige. I build a house, nin 

Builder, ojigewinini, wdkaige- 

Building, ojigewin, wdkaigewin. 

Bulky ; I am, (it is) bulky, nin 
mindid; mitchd. (Misikitiw). 

Bull, nab^-pijiki. 

Bullet, anioi. (MousassinVy). 

Bullet-mould, anwikadjigan. 

Bundle, of iiay or some other in. 
obj. ^ iakobideg. 

Bundle, of shingles or some 
other an. obj., takobisotoag. 

Bundle or packet of fur, mikin- 

Buoy to a net, okandigan. An- 
other kind of buoy, okandikan 
bikodjiknsod. ( Ayapattik ) . 

Buov. S. Sea-ntark. 

Burfcot, aiods.n, av}ds.n.s,n. 

Bnrial, pagigendamowi 71. 

Burn, tchagisoicin. (Kisisowin). 

Burn ; I burn, nin ichdgi.t. I 
burn and weep, ni .Hcuseumkis. 
It burns, tchdgide. I burn s. 
th.. Ilia h'hdgi.nge. I burn 
him, (her, \i),nin tchagiawa ; 
nin tchagisau. I burn myself, 
nin agwdbikis. (Kisisow). I 
burn him, nind agwdbikinoa. 
I burn (it burns) in a certain 
place, nin danakif, danakide. 
(Pasitew), I burn entirely, 
to coal, nind akakanakis. 
It burns to coal, akakana- 
kidc, akakanakate. I burn 
him, (her, it) to coal, nind 
akakanakisioa, nind akaka- 
nakisan. I burn (or make) 






— 38 


I i 


y l\ 

coal, nind akakajeke. — I burn 
(it burns) all up, nin kashka- 
kis, nin tchdyakis, kashka- 
kide, tchdgakiae. I cease (it 
ceases) burning, nind ish- 
kwaiakis, ishkwaiakide. It 
burns through, kishkakide, 
bigode. I burn it through, 
{in., an.) nikishkakisan, kish- 
kakiswa. — I burn it for fuel, 
(in., an.) nin hodawen, nin 
hodawenan. — I burn s. th. to 
make a good odor, nin mino- 
magwekisige. I burn s. th. on 
metal (in., an.) to make a 

food odor, nin minomagwabi. 
isan, nin minomagwabikis- 
wa. (Kisiswew). 

Burn up ; I burn (it burns) up 
entirely, nin ithdgakis, ichd- 
gakide, I ourn him, (her, it) 
up entirely, nin tchagakiswa, 
nin ichagnk. an. T burn up 
all my fuel, h,.n tckagakisama. 

Burnt; it is burnt in a certain 
manner, inidemagad. It is too 

Burnt forest, wissakode. There 
is a burnt forest, wissakode- 
wan. (Wipuskaw). 

Burnt-sacrifice, tchdgisige-pagi- 

Burst ; I burst it, nin tdtoshkan. 
It bursts, pdshkikamagad. It 
bursts by freezing, pashkak- 
wadin, passadin. It bursts by 
heat, pdshkide. I make burst 
(berries,) ninpashkiminassige. 
I make them burst, (berries, 
in., an,) pashkiminassanan ; 
nin pashkiminasswag. 

Burst asunder; I burst (it bursts) 
asunder, nin nanawisse ; nor- 
nawissemagad. (Paekitew). 

Bury ; I bury him, nin pagide- 

nima. I bury him (her, it) 
under s. th., nin ningwawa, 
nin ningwaakana ; nin ning- 
waan,ninningwaakadan. (Na- 

Bury ing-place, ningwaak an, 
tchib^gamig. (Kikwahaskaw). 

Bush, kibinsan. In the bushes, 
anibishikang. (Nipisikubak). 

Bushel, dibaigan, dibaiminan. 

Business ; anokiwin, inanoki- 
win. Troublesome difficult 
business, animakamigisiwin. I 
have a difficult business, nind 
animakamigis. (Atuskewin). 

Bustle ; I bustle about, nin ba- 

Bui?y ; I am busy, nind onda- 
mita, nind ondamis, nind on- 
damakamigis, nind akamigis. 
I am busy at s. th., nind on- 
damiichige. I am busy at my 
child, (cliildren,) nind onda- 
monje. I am no more busy, 
nind ishkicakamigis. (Otami- 

But, dash, (after the word), anis- 
hadash. (Maka). 

Butcher, nitagewinini. (Nipahi- 

Butcher. S. Kill animals. 

Butchering, nitagewin. 

Butter, iotoshdbo-bimide, osdwa- 
bimide. I butter bread, nin 
jijowa pakwejigan. The bread 
is huitered, jijoigaso pakweji- 

Butterfly, memengwa. (Kama- 

Buttocks, miskwassab. I have 
large buttocks, nin pikwakos- 
sagidiie. (Oppwam). 

Button, boio. I button myself 
up, nin gibwandjakwaodia. 


— 39 — 


Buy ; I buy, niii gishpinage, nin 
gishpinadjige. I buy h i m, 
(her, it,) nin gishpinana ; nin 
gwhpmadon. I Duy for my- 
self, nin gishpinamadis. I buy 
him (her, it) for myself, nin 
gishpinamadisonan ; nin gish- 
pinamadison. I buy it f o r 
nim, 7iin gishpinadawa, nin 
gishpinadamawa. (Otawew). 

Buzz ; it buzzes, gaskwemagad. 

Buzzing fly, kitchi dmo. 
By-and-by, ndgatch, pitchinaff, 

gomdpi , pain a, panim a. 

By heart, pagwana. 
By little and little, pepangi ; 

gegapi. (AyjiDisis). 
By meat, apdnajigan. 
By no means, kawin bdpish, ka^ 

wessa. (Namawatch), 
By the side of..., opimdaii. 



' >* 




i'' ( 



i I 


I ■! 

11 '^M' 


Oabbage, kitclii anihish. (Otehe- 

■Cable, kiichi himinakwdn. 

Cake, pakweji(fans. 

Calash, titiljiciabdn, hahamibai- 

Calendar, gijiqado-masinaigan. 
( Akinokkwekiiikasinahigan ) . 

Calf, pijikins. (Mustusus) . 

Calf of the leg ; the calf of my, 
thy, his leg ; nindn, kindn, 
ondnan. (Otasiskitan). 

Calico, kitagigin. Calico for 
curtains, iigobidjiganigin. 

Call, nandomigosiwin . 

Call ; I call, iiin naiidweivem. I 
call for him, (her, it,) tiin nand- 
wewema ; nin nandweioendan. 

Call loud ; I call loud, nin bi- 
bag. I call him (her, it) loud, 
nin bibagima ; nin btbagin- 
dan. It calls me, nin bibagi- 
migon. (TepwAtew). 

Call, (name ;) I call him, (her, 
it,) nind ijinika^:a, nind ina, 
nin wina ; nmd ijinikaddn, 
nind iddn; nin loindan. I call 
my eel f 80. ... , nind ijinikanidis, 
nin icinidis. 

Call, (summon, invite ;) I call, 
nin nandonge, nin nandond- 
jige. I call him, nin nando- 
ma. I call them together, ni7i 
mawandonandomag. I call by 
firing guns, nin nandwdwesige. 

Call upon ; I call upon his name, 
nin wawina. 

Called ; I am called in a certain 
manner, nind ijinikanigos. I 
am (it is) called so...., nind 
ijinikas, nin wins, nind iji- 
loins ; ijinikade, ijiwinde 

Called, (summoned, invited;) I 
am called, ninnandomigo, nin 

Calling, bibagiwin. 

Calm ; I calm myself, nind 

Calm ; it is calm, anwdtin ; do- 
gissin. The water is calm like 
a mirror, todssikogajninsin. It 
is calm after a heavy sea, ish- 
kwaiaganiisse. ( Ayowastin). 

Calumet of red stone, miskwas- 

Calumniate ; I ca,\.,nindajinge. 
I calumniate him, (her,it,) nin 
dajima, nin mndjimotawa ; 
nin tajindan. We cal. each 
other, nin dajindimin. (Ayi- 

Calumniation, calumny, dajin- 

Calumniator, dejingeshkid. lam 
a calumniator, nin dajingeshk. 

Calumnious ; I am cal., 7iin da- 
jingeshk. (Matchi-ayimwew). 

Calvary, wijiganikan. 

Camel, pekwawigang, megwawi- 
gang atoessi. 

Camp, gabeshiwin, nibewin. 

Camp ; I camp, nin gabesh. I 
camp from distance to dis- 
tance, nin bimodegos. 



— 41 — 


Camphor, gwedasseg. 
Campin;^, gab^shiwin. Camping 

from distance to distance, bi- 

Can; I can, nin ganhkiton. I 

can do nothing with him, (her, 

it,) vin bwanawia; nin bwa- 

Canada, Monia. In, from or to 

Canada, Moniang. 
Canadian, monidwinini, wemiti- 

Canadian woman, wt o n i a k %o e, 

Canal, nibikadjigan. I dig or 

make a canal, nhi sibikadjige. 

There is a canal made, sibi- 

kdde . 
Cancer, manadapineirhi emoive- 

magak. I have a cancer, nind 

Cancerous ; I am can., nind 

Candle, icassakicanendjigan. 
Candlestick of meial, icassakica- 

Candlestick of wood, xcassakwa- 

Cane, (walking stick,) sakaon. I 

use it as u cane, nin sakaon . 
Cane-sugar, sibioagani-sisibdk- 

Cannibal, eater of human flesh, 

windigo ; windigokwe. 
Cannot ; I cannot, 7iiti bwand- 

wi, kawin nin gashkitossin. I 

cannot make it, or get it, ni/i 

Canon , kitchi-pdshkisiga n . 
Canon-ball, %itchi-i)ashkisigan 

Canoe, ichimdn. (Osi). A 

small canoe, tchimanens. A 

bad old canoe, ichimdnish. 

So many canoes, dassonag. 

Two canoes, three canoes, 
etc., nijonag, nissonag, etc. 
1 Imve a large canoe, nin 
viangon. 1 have a small canoe, 
nind agasson. — The canoe is 
high, inhpnnagad tchimdn ; 
it IS low, iabansunagad. The 
canoe is large, vuingonagad 
tchiman ; it is small, agasso- 
nagad. The canoe is long, 
ginonagad tchiman; it is short, 
takonagad. The canoe is sure, 
(not dangerous,) kitagwinde 
irhiman ; it is not sure, (it is 
rolling,) gokokwamagad. — In 
the canoe, pindonag. I am 
alone in a canoe, M/'/t bejigokanif 
nin nijikeokam. We are two, 
three, etc., in a canoe, nin ni- 
jokamin, nin nissokamin, etc. 
We are so many in a canoe, 
dasmkamin. — In the foremost 
part of a canoe, tvanakodjao- 
nag, nitamonagong ; in the 
stern, odakaning. — Under tlie 
canoe, andmonag. On this 
side of the canoe, nndassdnag; 
on the other side, awassonag. 
— I carry a canoe to the wa- 
ter, nin madddon tchimdn, or, 
nin maddssidon. I push niy 
canoe from the shore, nin 
niminaweshka. The canoe 
goes out into the lake, nimi- 
naioeshkamagad tchiman. I 
have nothing in my canoe, nin 
pljiiihigonagaam. My canoe 
oreaks, kishkissin nin tchi- 
mdn. I mend my canoe, nin 
wawejaaton nin tchimdn. 

Canoe-bark, tchimanijig. (Was- 

Canoe-maker, tchamaniked, tchi- 
manikewinini. I make a canoe, 
nin tchimanike. (Astoyuw). 



; ill 


I: ' 



— 42 — 


I, ! ;il.!r 

Canop-making, tchimanikexcin. 

CaHoe-nieasurc, dibaonon. 

Canoe-inodel, wanades h k o dj i- 

Canvass, (sail-cloth,) ningaasi- 

Cap, wiwakwdn, ncbdgatj wiwak- 
wdn. Cap made of cloth, ma- 
nitoweqinoioiwakwdn. ( Asto- 

Capable. S. Able. 

Cape. S. Point ot'land. 

Capricious; lam cap., nin ha- 

Captive, awokdn. I am a cap- 
tive, (in Indian captivity,) 
nind awokdnitv. 

Capsize ; I cap,, (in a canoe, 
boat, etc.), nin yonahishka. I 
cap. in a rapid, ninyonahabog. 
I capsize (upset) him, (her, it,) 
nin gaunna ; nin gawinan. — 
S. Overthrow. 

Capuchin, wiwakwdn. 

Carabine, bemidekadeg pdshki- 

Carbonized ; it is car., akaka- 
nakide, akakanate. I am car., 
nind akakanadis. 

Carcass, Jigoshigan . 

Card-playing, atddiioin, atagc- 

Card. S. Playing-card. 

Care ; I care, nin babamendam. 
I care for him, (her, it,) nin 
babamenima, nin sabenima ; 
nin babamendan, nin saben- 
dan. I don't care lor him, 
nind ajidema. I care for my- 
self, nin babamenindis. — I 
take care of somebody, nin 
bamiiwe. I take care of him, 
(her, it,) niti bamia ; nin ba- 
miton. I take care of myself, 
nin bamiidis, nin bamikoda- 

di.f. J iiMi taken care of, nin 
babmiH'ndjiffas. It is taken 
care of, h n b a m endjigade. 
— I take well care, nind ang- 
wdmi.H, nind aiangtcdmis. I 
take well care of it, nind 
aiangwdmendan, nind aiang- 
icaminan, nind angtcamendauy 
nind anywnminan. — I take 
care of it, {in., an.) in order to 
conserve it long, 7iin manad- 
jiton ; nin manddjia. — I have 
too much care, nind osamen' 
dam. Too much care, osa- 
mendamowin. I take care of 
sick persons, nin yatiniwe. I 
take care of him in hin, sick- 
ness, nin gatina. (Pisiskeyi- 

Care, (in. s. in.) S. Take care. 

Careful, (orderly ;) I am careful, 
nin in.fagdkamis. (Pisiskeyit- 

Carefulness, (good order,) sagd- 

Careless ; I am careless, kawin 
nin sagdkamivs.Hi. 

Carelessly, mamanj. 

Carnage, nissidiwin. (Metchihi- 

Carp, (Hsh,) namebin. Large 
carp, papagessi. 

Carp-bone, namebinigan. 

Carpet for a floor, apishimoni- 
gin. (Anaskewin). 

Carp-River, Namebini-sibi. 

Carpenter, wakaigewinini, ojige- 

Carpenter, (in. s. in.) 8. Joiner. 

Carpentrv, wakaigewin, ojige- 
win. 1 work carpentry, (build 
houses,) nin wakaige. 

Carriage. S. Cart. 

Carried away ; I am, (it is) car- 
ried away, nin madjidjigas, 


— 43 — 


nin madjiwidjhasi ; inadjidji- 
gade, madjiwidjiaade. 

Carrot, osawdkaaakons. 

Carry ; I carry (or ounvov) him, 
■her, it,) nind ijiwina ; nind 
ijiwidnn. I carry it to him, 
nind ijiwidawa, nind ijiwida- 
viawa. I carry h. tli. in a ban- 
ket, nind awadjiwane. I carry 
it fur him, nind mcadjiwana- 
wa, nin bimiwidnwa, nin ha- 
bimiwidawa. We carry it fur 
each other, 7u'?t habimiwidadi- 
min. I carry it elsewhere, 
(in., an.) nin bake wldon; nin 
bakewina. f carry it to him, 
nin madjidaiva, nin madjiwi- 
dawa, nin madjiwidamawa. I 
carry it on h. tli. (in., an.), 
nin niinaan ; nin nimaa. I 
carry (ur cunvev) liim, (her, 
it) further than J ought, nind 
ansicewina; nind anawewidon. 
I carry in a canoe, nind liwa- 

Carry away ; I carry liim (her, 
it) away, nin madjina, nin 
viadjiwina, nin b i m i w i n a ; 
nin madJidon,nin madjiioidon, 
nin bimiwidon. iSipvvettahew). 
I carry mypehaway, nin mad- 
jiwinidis. I carry him (her, it) 
awav in a canoe or boat, nin 
madjidna ; nin madjiodon. I 
carrv him (her, it) away on 
my back, nin madjioma, nin 
madoma ; nin madjiondan, 
nin madondan. I cannot 
carry him (her, it) away, nin 
bwawina ; nin bwawidon. 

Carry back again ; I carry 
(lead or convey) him, (her, it) 
back again, nin giwewina; 
nin giwewidon. 

Carry down ; I carry him (her, 

it) down, nin ni-ssandawaa ; 

nin ni.isandaica to n . 
Curry in; I carry liim (her, it) 

in, nin pindiyanu ; nin pin- 

Curry in or on a carriage or sled 

ur wleigh ; I carry in u carriage, 

nind dwadanH, nind dwadjiaa- 

bi. lOtabew). I j^arry it in or 

on a curriage, et< 

[in., an. 

nind uwadon ; nind dwana. I 
carry Htonen, nind dwadassini. 
I carry wood, /</«(/ tlwadaninxc. 
I carry tor in\i^ii\f, nind dwad- 
Jiwanaditi. 1 carry for Home- 
body, nin ciwadjiwanage. I 
carry fur him, nind divadjiwa- 
natca. — Carrying in or on a 
carriage, etc., aicadjidubiwin, 
odabiwin . ( O ta bate w ) . 

Carry in ur on one'H self; T 
carry in or on me, nin (jigish- 
kage. I carry liim (her, it) in 
me or on uw,nin gigi.shkawa ; 
nin gigishkan. (Pimoyuw ki- 

Carry in the mouth ; I carry in 
my mouth, nin nimandjige. I 
curry him (her, it) jn my 
mouth, ?im nimama ; nin ni- 
mandan. \Takkwumew). 

Carry on the back ; I carry a 

{)ack or loud on my back, nin 
nmixcane, nin bimondan. (Na- 
yatchikew). 1 make him carry 
a load on his back, nin bimi- 
wanea, nin bimondaa. I carry 
somebody on my back, (a 
child,) nin bimomdica.'is. (Na- 
yew nayawasuw). I carry him 
(her, it) on n)y back,7r'n himo- 
ma ; nin bimondan.' tarry 
a heavy pack, nin kosigowdne. 
I can hardly carry my load, 
nin bwawane. I can hardly 

; % 


'-■ "**] 


— U 


V ! 


carry him, (lier, it,) nia hira- 
fima ; nia bwaCnulan. (Kawis- 
koHow). I carry to<» lit'uvy a 
load oil my back, nind osami' 
wan. I carry it all at once, nin 
defriwane. I can carry the 
whole of it, nin gctakkiwane. 
I can carry him (her, it) on 
my back, nin </ashL'uina ; nin 
(Hiakkonddn. 1 carry a load in 
advance, nin hidjitanH. 

Carry on the nhoulder ; I carry 
on my f^UouMt'r, nin himinir/e. 
I carry him (her, it) on my 
s li o II 1 d e r, nin himinufctna, 
nin oniyana ; nin bimini(/a- 
dan, nind oniyadan. I jnako 
him carry h. th. on his shoul- 
der, nin himiniijadamoa, nind 

Carry out ; I carry liim (her, it) 
out of doors, nin mm in ia, nin 
aagidina, nin sayidjlwina ; 
nin sayintnn, nin sat/idinan, 
nin sayidjiwidon. (\Vaya\vit- 

Cart, odabun, titihisse-oddbdn, 
titibidahan. I make carts, 1 
am a cartwriglit ; nind oda- 
banike, nin titibidabanike. 

Cartilage, kakdwandjigan. 

Cartman, wedabidd bebejigogan- 

Cartwright, titibidabanikewini- 
ni, odabanikewinini, wedaba- 

Cartwright's business or trade, 
odabanikewin, tttibidabanike- 

Carve ; I carve, ni?i masinikod- 
jige. I carve it, (in., an.) nin 
masinikoddn; nin masinikona. 

Carved ; it is carved [in., an.), 
masinikode, masinitchiqade ; 
masinikoso, masiniichigaso. 

Carved imai^e, (statue,) ma.rini- 

Carver, nm.'^inikodjigttrinini. 
Carver's chisel, mu.iinikodjigan. 
Carvin;.', ma.sinikodjigftrin. 
Cascade, cataract; there is a 

cascade, a cataract, kakdbika, 

kakdbikatcan. In a plac 

where there is a cataract, f 

or from such a place, kakdbi- 

kan<f, kdkabikmrang. (Pawis- 

Case, p'lndanonikadjigan. I put 

it in a case or cover, (in., an.) 

ninpindaodon ; ninpindaona. 

It is in a case, [in., an.) pin- 

daodc ; pindao.w. 
Case for arrows, j^t/tfianw/i/i. 

Casern , jimagani.thi-wakaigan. 
Cash , gwniak joniia. 
Cask , makako.Hnag. 
Cassock, mekateicikicanale ba- 

Cast ; I cast, nind apagijiwe. 

cast him (her, it) somewhe) 

nind apagina ; nind aj)ayi, 

ion, nindapagitan. — S. Throw 
Cast, (in. s. in.) S. Mould. 

Casting-house, ningikosigewigor 

Cast iron, sagaigadeg bixcdbik. 
Castor-oil, bimide-jabosigan. | 
Cast oft". S. Throw awav. 
Castrate ; I castrate him, nin 
pakwejwa, nin kishkijwa. (Ma- 

Castrated ; I am cast., nin kish- 

C&Htra.t\on, pakwejodiwin, kish' 

Cat, gajagens, minons. Male 

cat, nabe-gajagens. Female 

cat, ikwe-gajagens. 



— 45 — 


Catamenia. S. Monthly flowingn. | 

Cataract. S. Cawcade. 

Catarrh, tujUj, ayigokauun. 

Catch ; I catch him (her, it) 
with my hand, niti dcbibind ; 
nin debibinan. I catch him 
(her, it) with my haud hastilv, 
niti natoddina ; nin nawdai- 
nan. F catch it for him, nin 

Catch, (crush ;) I catch hin liand 
(or finger) helween the door, 
nin tiKjwakonindjiwa. M y 
liand or finger is catched, nin 

Catch fish ; I catch so many 
fishes in my net, nin dasso- 

Catch in a net ; I catch in a net, 
(or nets,) nin pindaan. I cutcli 
liim (her, it) in a net, nin pin- 
daan a; nin pindaadon. I 
catch myself (or I am caught) 
in a net, nin pindaas. (Nak- 

Catch in the air ; I catch it, [in., 
an.), naktoebidon ; nin nakwt- 

Catch with a hook ; I catch 
with a hook, nind adjigwad- 
ji^e. I catch him (her, it) 
with a hook, nind adjigioana ; 
niiul adjigwadan. It catches, 

Catechumen , wa-sigaandosod. 

Catechism, Kaieshim. 

Catholic, katolik. 

Catholic Christian, katolik ena- 

Catholic religion, katolik ena- 

Cause ; I cause it to him, (her, 
it,) nin dodawa, nind inikawa, 
nin mina ; nin dodan, nind 
inikan. I cause it to myself, 

nin dodax, nin minidi.t. It 
oausoH me «. th., nind inika- 

CauHc of anger or condemnation, 

Cause to one's self. S. TVsorve. 

Cave. S. Cavern. 

Cavern ; there is a cavern in a 
rock, wimbabiknmagad. There 
is a cavern in a niountain, 

Cea.Mc ; I cea.Ho, nind anwattty 
nin binanab. 1 cease working, 
nin bonita. I cease speaking, 
nin bonweiviiknn. It ceasesy 

Cease, boni-, (in compoHtion8.> 
I cease to he thir.><ty, nin boni- 
nibfigwe, etc. 

Cedar. S. Cedar-tree. 

Cedar-bag, cedar-sack, gijikash- 

Cedar-barl\ , wanagek, onagek. I 
take oft' cedar-bark , nin gash- 
kaanagekwe. The cedar-bark 
can be taken off, pakweshka 
wanagek. (Pakkwaniw), 

Cedar-branch, gijikdndag. I 
break and gather cedar-bran- 
ches, nin mandjide. 

Cedar-forest, cedar-swamp, giji- 

Cedar-tree, gijik. Young small 
cedar, gijikens. (Mansikiska). 

Cedar- wood, gijik. 

Cede, \deliver) ; I cede him, (her, 
it,) nin pagidenima ; nin pa- 
gidendan. I cede it to him, 
nin pagidinamdwa. 

Celebrated. Celebrity. — S. Re- 
nown. Renowned. 

Cellar, (under the floor of a 
house,) anamissag-wdnikdn. 

Cemetery, ichibegamig. 

Cense. S. Incense. 

t :! 


' .f:i 





— 46 


'! ; 

N ! 


denser, pak oenessatchigan, mi- 

Censure; I censure him, nin 
dajima. We censure one ano- 
ther, nin dajindimin. (Ata- 
weyittaTnawew) . 

Census, agindjigadewin. (Aki- 

Cent, copper-cent, J omdnik e, 
miskwiwikons, osdwCibikons. 

Centre; in the centre, nawaii. 
It is the centre, nawaUwaa, 
nassaivaiiwan , nissaioaiiwan . 

Certain, gwaiak. A certain, he- 
jig. (Peyak). 

Certainly, abidekatnig, ge get, 
angwamass, gwaiak. Yes, 
certainly, e nange ka, aning- 
wana. (Tapwe-ketchina). 

Certiflcate, debwewini-masinai- 

Cerumen. S. Ear-wax. 

-Chagrin. S. Sadness. 

'Chair, apdbiwin. 1 take chair, 
nin namadab. 

C h a 1 i c C; anamie-miidkwdtchi- 

'Ohalk, wdbishkibejlbiigan, wd- 

Chambermaid, anokitdgekwe, 

Chance, jdwenddgosiwin, min- 
wdbamewisiimn. I have a 
good chance, ninjawendagos, 
nin mimoahamewii; . (Papewe- 

Chandler, wa.<tsdkwanendjigani - 
kcwinini. I am a chandler, 
(1 make candles,) nin wassak- 

Change ; I change it, {in., an.) 
nind andjiion ; nind andjia. 
1 change {or alter) s. th. for 
him, nind andjitawa, nind 
Andjitamawa. — I change my 

clothes, nind andjikwanaie. 
I change mv life, my conduct, 
nind andji-bimddis, nind and- 
Jijiwebis. I change my lodge, 
7iind andjtge. I change my 
mind often, 7iind aiaj aw en- 
dam, nin bindiendam, nin hi- 
nasssaivagendam. I change 
my name, nind andjinikani- 
dis. I change his (her, its) 
name, nind andjinikana ; nind 
andjinikadan. I change my 
slices, nind andakinne. 1 
change a writing, nind atidji- 
hian. (Meskutchi-pimatisiw 
meskutaskislnew, etc.). 

Change, exchange ; I change it, 
(for some other object, in., 
an.) nin meshkwalonan ; nin 
meshkwatona. I change it to 
him, nin meshkwatonamawa. 

Changed ; I am (it is) changed, 
nin andjiaia , andjigade, and- 
Jitchigade. Changed life or 
conduct, andji'himadisiwin. 
Changed name, andjinikaso- 
win, andjiwinsowin. I have 
(it ha.^i) a changed name, nind 
andjinikas ; a n dj i nikade. 
Changed writing, andjibiigan. 

Change, exchanged ; it is chan- 
ged into..., meshwatosse. 

Changed, strange ; I am (it is) 
changed, strange, nin maia- 
gendagos ; maiagendagwad. 
I find him (her, it) changed, 
nin maiagenima ; nin maia- 
genddn. I find myself changed, 
nin maiagenindis. I look (it 
looks) changed, strange, nin 
maiaginagos ; maiaginagwad. 
I see him (her, it) changed, 
nin malaginawa, nin maia- 
ginan. (Mamaskatjinakuaiw). 




Changing ; it i." changing fur, 
(an annnal,) andawe. (Pina- 

Changi ng-hout^e, change-houHO, 

Changing ofniind, inconstancy, 
aiajawemlfim o iviii. 

Channel, inOonan. Channel be- 
tween islands, .//ia^/c/. 

Chap, oshkinawe. 

Chapel, anamiewigamig, ana- 

Chapped. S. Cracked. 

Charcoal, akakavje. I burn (or 
make) charcoal, niiid akalcan- 
jek. Place where tluy burn 
charcoal, akakanjekdn. 

Charcoal-man, akakanjekewini- 

Charcoal-man's business or 
trade, nkakanjekeiinn. 

Charitable; I am ch., niii kijd- 
dijf, nin kijewddis, nin nita- 
jawendjuje. I am ch. to liini, 
nin kijewddi.sitawa. We are 
cli. to each other, nin kijewa- 

Charitable heart, jawendami- 
deewin. I have a ch. heart, 
ni n J a wen damidee. 

Charitable person, kejeivddinid, 

Charity, kijewddinioin, kijddi- 
siwm, jawendjigewin, jaja- 
wendjigewin, jawenindiwin, 
Jajau'enindiwin. I practise 
charity, nin jajawendjigc, nin 
jajaweninge, Jcetitndgisid nin 
jawcnima. We do charity to 
each other, nin jawcnindimin, 
ninjajawenindimin. I ask him 
charity, nin kitimdgimofaum. 

Charity of heart, lieartfelt tha- 
''ity , jawendamideetoin . 

Chaste ; I am chaste, nin binis, 

71 in hinidee, nin nibimka. (Ka- 

Chastely ; I behave ch., nin bi- 

nddis. (Kanatji-pinuitisiwi . 
Chastise ; 1, nin ba- 

shanjeige. 1 ch. him, nin ba- 

shnnjara. \ Pasasteh wew i . 
Chasti.<ied ; I am ch., nin ba- 

Chastisement, bashanjeigeicin ; 

Chastity, binddisiirin, bi nisi win. 

Chasuble, anamessike-agwimn. 
Chatter ; I chatter, I speak too 

much, nind o.samidon. 
Chatter ; I chatter w i t h the 

teetii, nin madiveinbideshin, 

nin madweiabideshimon, nin 

'heaj) ; I am (it is) ch( 

Cheaj) ; l am (it is) cheap, nin 
ivendis,nin ioenijiani.s,ipendad, 
wenipnnad. 1 thin k it is cheap, 
[an., in.) nin wenipancnima ; 
nin loenipanendan .1 \A\ cheaj), 
nin wendire, nin wendi.s. Wet- 
takisuw, wettakimewi. 

Cheat; T cheat, nin xrniejingc. I 
use to cheat, nin waiejingeshk. 
I cheat him, (her, it,: nin 
waiejima : nin wairjindan. — 
S. Deceive. 

Cheated ; I am ch., Mm nanbd- 

Cheated, 'in. s. in.i S. Deceived. 

Cheater, irelejinged, weiejingesh- 

Cheating, wnirjingewin, waie- 

cheek, f)»owv?/«'/. I Manawity n'a- 
iiA wiiy , wana waya i . My, thy, 
his cheek, nhioir, khiotr, onn- 
ican. The right cheek, o/lv7fA/- 
noicatna, kitr/iinnir. The left 
cheek, onamandjinoivama, na' 


• si 



— 48 — 


'' I 

i 1:1 1 ■ 

mandjinow. My cheeks are 
red, nin mishwanowe. I paint 
my cheeks red, nind osdnama- 
ni. My ch. are swollen, win 
baganowe. I have dirty ch.. 
nin iciiayhshkanoice. I have 
lioUow ch., nin (jwaioahanowe. 
I have large ch., nin mamdn- 
giganowe. The other cheek, 

Cherry, okicemin. (Takkwahe- 

Cherry-tree, okwemij. (Takkwa- 

Chest, makak. (Maekigan). 

C hesn ut , kitchi Jawemin. 

Chew ; 1 ch^w, nin j as hagwand- 
Jige. (Maniakwatchiken). I 
cliew it, (in., an.) nin jashag- 
wandan ; nin jashagtvama. I 
chew pitch, nin jashagwavii- 
giwe. (Mi.siiniskiwew). 

Chewed object, {in. & an.) ja- 

Chicken, panadjd pakaakicens. 

Chief, ogima. Second c h i e f, 
anikeogima. I am a chief, 
nind ogimaic, nind ogimaka- 
niw, nind ogimakandage, nind 
ogimdkandaice, nind ogimn- 
kandamage. I r.mke him •i 
chief, nind ogimawia. (Oki- 
makkatew). I am chief over 
him, (her, it,) nind ogimakan- 
daica, nind ogimakandan. I 
live or act like a chief, nind 

Chief, (in. 8. in.) S. Superior. 

Chief's hat^ (crown,) ogimd- 
iciwakwdn . (Okimawa>:totin) . 

Chief's lodge or house, (palace,) 

Cluef's wife, ogimdkwe. I am 
the chief's wife, or a female 
chief; nind ogimdkwew. I 

make her a female chief, nind, 
Chieftain. S. Chief. 
Chieftainship, ogimdwiioin, ni- 

Child, abinodji, onidjdnissima. 
(Awasis). My, thy, his child, 
ninidjdnias, kinidjdni.s'.'}, onid- 
jdnis.'ion. Adopted child, nid- 
jdnis.sikaivin. Like a child, 
abinodjiing , I am a child , nind 
abinodjiiw. I play the child, 
nind abinodjiikas. I am with 
child, ^:,id adjik, nind aiawa 
abinodji, nin gigif^l-a^oi abi- 
nodji. I have a .d from..., 
nind ondonje. I hi. ve only one 
child, nin bejigonje. I have 
many children, niji bissagonje, 
nin ninkonje. I have a child 
(or children), nind onidjdniss. 
I have no children (or a few 
children), nin maneovje. I 
have two children, three chil- 
dren, etc., nin nijonje, nin 
nissonje, etc. All the children 
of a family, ningotonjan. I 
am child to somebody, nind 
onidjdnis.nmigo. I am his 
(her) child, nind onidjdnissi- 
mig. I liave him, (her, it) for 
a child, nin onidjdnissinan ; 
n ind n idjd nissindan . 

Child ; like one's own child, 

Childliood, abinodjiiwin. 

Childish ; I am ch., abinodjiing 
nind ijiwebis. 

C h i Id i e h n ess , abinodji-ijiwebisi' 

Chimney, boddicdn. I make a 
chimney, nin bodawdnike. 

Chi mney-sweeper, petcinddged, 
pawindeigeicinini. I am a 


— 49- 


chimney-sweeper, I sweep 
chimneys, ninpawiiuleir/e. 

Chin ; my, thy, his chin, niinla- 
mika n , kit hi m ika n , oda mika a . 

Chinaware. S. Porcelain. 

Cliine. S. Backhone. 

Chip, lnwigai</an. I make chips, 
nin bhoiyaii/e. 

Chippewa Indian, Otrhipice. I 
am a Chippewa Indian, nind 

Cliippewa language, ofchiptpe- 
mowin. I speak the Chippe- 
wa language, nindotchipwem. 
I translate it in the Ch. lan- 

fuage, nind oichipioewinsiton. 
t is translated in the Ch. lan- 
guage, otrhipweiciasitchit/ade. 
It is in Chippewa, ofc/iipicc- 

Chippewa .'*quaw, ntchiptwekwe. 

Chippewa writing, otehipicewi- 
biiyan. I write in Chippewa, 
nind fdcMpwewihiige. 

Chisel, pagtrane(/ai(/an, panihi- 
gavjan. Hollow chisel, ichi- 
gannikwan. Hollow chisel to 
make incisions in maple-trees, 

Chocolate, miskimbo. I make 
(or cook) chocolate, nin misk- 

Choice, nndbandomonun, waire- 
nubandamoioin. i Nawasowa- 

Choke, leating or drinking ;) 
I choke liim, (her, it,) nin 
pnkweniahkona ; nin pakioc- 
nishkodoa. I choke myself, 
nin pakwenishkonidis. It 
cliokes me ; nin pakwenish- 
kagon. (Atoiiuw-atohuhew). 

Choke, (sutl'ocate ;) I choke him 
witii a rope, nin kufthka- 

biginamaira. I choke myself 
with a rope, nin kaahkabigi- 
namas. ( K i ppwa ta mow ) . 

Choke, lin. s. in) S. Hang. 

Choked, (eating or drinkijig;) I 
am ch., nin pakicenishkagf 

Choleric. S Passionate. 

Choose ; I choose, n i n d o n d- 
bandjige, nin watcendbandjige. 
I choose him, (her, it,) nind 
ondbama, nin icaicendbama ; 
nind onabandan, nin irmcena- 
bandnn. (Nawasowahamow). 

Chop ; I chop wood, nin manisse, 
ninkinhkigaige. (Nikuttew). I 
chop green wood , nindashkati- 
goke I chop dry wood, nin mi- 
shiu-dtigoke I chop into small 
sticks, nin bifssigaige, nin bi- 
wigaifise. I ciiop into chips, 
nin biwigaisse. I chop it into 
chips, nin biwigaan. — I chop 
for people, nin manismge. 1 
cliop for him, nin manissatca. 
I chop for myself, 7iin manis- 

Chopper, menisaed. Somebody's 
chopper, manimignn. 

Clioppi ng, manisaewin. 

Chosen ; I am (it is) chosen, 
nind onabandjigas, nin wawe- 
nabandjigas ; onabandjigadcy 

Chosen object, ondbafidgigan, 

Church , anamiewi garni g. 

Church-banner, anamie-kikina- 

Church-organ, kUchi-pijyigwan, 

Church-steeple, kitotdgan ago- 

Church-tithes. S. Tithes. 













!i I 

] 1 


ChriHten S. Baptize. 

C li r i s t i a n, eiiamiad. I am a 
Christian, nind anamia. I 
am no Ch., kawiii nind ana- 
miassi. I become a Ch., nind 
odapinati anamiewin. I am a 
good strong Ch , 7iin songana- 
mia. A good strong Ch., swan- 

Christianity, Chri.stian religion, 

Christmas, Niba-anamiegijigad 

Cigar, tetihibaginigasod assema. 

Cinnamon, miskwanagek, mesk- 
wanagekottid icanagek. 

Cipher, agindassowin, agindas- 
sobiigan. (Akittasuwin). 

Ciplier ; I ciplier, nind agin- 
dass, nind agindassobiige, 
agindassowinan nind ojibiia- 

Ciphering, agindassobiigewin. 

Circumc ise;! cir. him, nin 

Circumcised ; I am cir., nin 
pakwejog, nin kikinawddji, 
nin kikinawddenddgos. 

Circumcision , pakwejodiivin; ki- 
kinawddjion , kikinawddendd- 

Cite. S. Call, 

City, odena, kitchi odena. There 
is a city, odendwan. 

Clandestinely. S. Secretly. 

Clap ; I clap my hands toj»e- 
ther, nin pdpassinindjiodis. 
( Papaditchitchehamaw). 

Claw ; its claw, oshkanjin. Claw 
of a cow or ox, pijikiwiganj- 
S. Hoof. (Pijiskiwaskasiy). 

Clay, ivdbigan. White clay, wd- 
babigan. Red clay, meinwdbi- 
gan, osaman. I put clay on, 
1 plaster with clay, nin wdbi- 
gaige. (Wabatonisk). 

Clay-bank ; there isa clay-bank, 
kishkabdno nikaga. 

Clay-plastering, todbigaigewin. 

Clean; I am (it is) c\ca.n,ninbinis, 
binad. (Kaiiatisiw). It is clean : 
aboard, binissagin ; a floor, 
biiiissdga ; a house or room, 
binate ; a liquid, binagami ; 
stutt', in., biniqad ; stutl", an., 
hinigisi — I clean him, (her, 
it,) nin binia ; nin biaiton I 
clean it, \a board,) nin binis- 
sagia I clean it, (a floor,) 
nin binissagiton. I clean s. 
th. for him, nin binitawa, nin 
binitamawa. ( Kanatjihew) . 

Clean or dress fish ; I clean fish, 
nin pakajawe. I clean a fish, 
nin pakajwa gigo. 

Clean, (in. s. in.) S. Wipe. 

Cleanness, cleanliness, binisi- 
win. (Kanatisiwin). 

Cleanness of heart, binideewin. 
I have a clean heart, nm bini- 
dee. (Kansitjitehewin). 

Cleanse ; I cleanse him, (her, 
it,) nin binia ; nin biaiton. 

Cleanse, (in. s. in.) S. Wash 

Cleansed ; I am (it is) cleansed, 
nin biniigos ; biniigdde. 

Cleansed by fire ; I am (it is) cl. 
by fire, nin gassiiakis ; gassii- 

Clear ; it is clear, (in the woods,) 
jibeidmagad, Jishigadkwai- 
gade.l clear \a,nd, nin majiige, 
nin mqjiiakonige. The act of 
clearing land, niajiigewin, 
majiiakonigewin . ( M usawata- 
hikewin. Tawakahikewin). 

Clearing, majiigan, majiiakoni- 
gan. There is a clearing, jja- 
pashkwamagad, papashkioa- 
kamiga. Tnere is a clearing 



— 61 — 




(jCide, I make a clearing, nin 

majiige, nin papas hkof/aige. 

A clearing is seen through 

the woods, bahaumsse, jajiba- 

wassakuieia. (Sipeyaw). 
Cleaver, paasij/aigan. 
C lea ve, (split ;) I cleave, nin 

passiyaiye. — S, Split. 
Cleave, (stick ;) I cleave to s. 

th., nind ayoke. It cleaves to, ayoyin, agnkemagad. 
Clemency , mimoadendaviowin, 

kijewndisiwin , kijadisiwin. 

Clement; 1 am el., nin kijewu- 

dis, nin kijddis, nin mimca- 

dendam. (Yospisiw). 
Clerk, ojihiigewinini, wejibiiged. 
Clerk's office, ojibiigewigamig. 
Cliff, clift, ajibik. There is a 

cliff", ajibikoka, kishkabika. 
Climb up ; I climb up on a tree, 

etc., nind akioandawe. (Ket- 

Cloak, kitchi babisikawuqan. 
Clock, dibaigisisswun. 1 make 

clocks, nin dibaigisisswdnike. 

Clock-manufactory, dibaigisis- 

Clock - manufacturer, dibaigi- 

Clog, mitigo-makisin. (Mistikos- 

Close by, ichig', tchigaii. — S. 

Closet ; there is a closet made, 

pikissanagokdde. In the clo- 
set, pikissanagong . 
Cloth, manitowegin. Black 

cloth, bosmakatewegin. (Kas- 

kitewegin). Red cloth, msA:we- 

Clothe; I clothe him, (her, it,) 

nin biaikana, nind agwia; 
nin hisikonan, nind agimion. 
I clothe niyself /m/f7 agiciidis. 
We clothe one another, nind 
agtoiidimin. (Akwanahwew). 

Clothe, (in. a. in.) S. Dress. 

Clothes, agviwin, madindagan. 
I put my clothes on, nin bisik- 
wanaie, nin wawepis. (Pusta- 
yonissew). I put hini hi.«clotheH 
on , nin bisikona, nin wawepina . 
I change clothes, nind andjik- 
wanaie. I have doiible clothes 
on, nin bitokwanaie. I have 
many clothes, nin madindass. 
I give him clothes, nind ag- 
wia, nin madindamawa , nin 

Clothing, madindaaan, bisika- 
gan, agwiicin. 1 he giving or 
receiving of clothing, agwii- 
diwin. 1 give him clothing, 
nin agwia. 

Clothing-store, madindaga n i- 

Cloud, anaktcad. (Waskow). 
Black cloud, (mourning 
cloud,) niidganakwad. Dark 
cloud,or, there is a dark cloud, 
pashagishkanakwad. There 
are small curled clouds, gii- 
chiganakwad. The clouds are 
red, miskwdnakwad. (Clouds 
from the north, west, etc. S. 
North. West, etc.) 

Cloudy ; it is cloudy, anakwad, 
ningwakicad. i ly ek wask wan ) 

Clove, sagdigans menomagwak. 

Clover, nessobagak. 

Clyster. S. Injection. 

Clyster-pipe, pindabawddjigan, 

Coach. S. Cart. 

Coachman. S. Cartman. 

Coal, akakanje. (Kaskaskaeew). 







■ . i'" 


— 52 — 


1 i! 

I burn (or iiiakei coal, nind 
akakanjeke. Place where coal 
is burnt, akakanjekdn. I burn 
him (her, it) to coal, nind 
akakanakiswa ; nind akaka- 
nakisan. I am (it is) burnt 
to coal, or, I burnt (it burns) 
to coal, nind akakanakis ; 
akakanakide, akakanate. — 
Tliere are coals, akakanjeka, 
akakanjewaa. I gather burn- 
ing coals together, ninmawan- 

Coal-house, akakanjeici(/amif/. 

Coal, red-hot coals, miskokinje. 

Coal. S. Pit-coal. 

Coarse ; it is coarse, thin, light, 
(stuff,) {in., an.) babigwetagad; 

Coast ; I coast, nin bimfyaam, 
nin jijodewaam, nin ichige- 
waam. (Sisoneskam). 

Coat, babisikawdgan, bisikawd- 
gan. (Miskutakiiy). 

Coat of cloth, manitowegino-ba- 

Cobweb, a.ssabikeshiivassab. 

Cock, pakaakwe, nabe-pakaak- 
we. — Cock's crest, pakaakwe 

Cock of a gun, obiodmens. 
Cock ; I cock a gun, ymid ojig'i- 

dabikinan pdshki.Higan. 
Coffee, makaie-rtiashkikiwdbo . I 

make coffee, n i n ma kate- 

Coffee-house, makate-mashkiki- 

wdbokewigamig . 
Coffee-mill , bissibodjigans. 
Coffer, makak. 
Coffin, tchibai-makak. 
Cohabit ; I cohabit, nin toidige. 

1 cohabit with her, (him,) nin 
widigema. We cohabit, nin 
wedigendimin. (Wikittuvvok). 

Cohabitant, toidigemdgan. (Wi- 

Cohabitation, widigendiwin, wi- 

Colander, jdbwajigaicitchigan. 

Cold, bad cold, agig, agigoka- 
win. I have a bad cold, nind 

Cold, gikddjiwin. 

Cold ; it is cold, kisnina. It is 
cold by the wind, takdssin. 
It is cold (i n a building), 
takate. It is a cold night, 
kissiniibikad. — lam cold, I 
feel cold, nin gikadj, nin bin- 
gedj, nin takcnis. (Kawat- 
chiw). I am very cold, 
nin niningadj. I am cold, 
my body is cold, nin ta- 
kis. I soon feel cold, nin 
nitd-gikadj, nin ivakewadj. I 
can endure much cold, nin 
jibadj. — I catch cold, I be- 
come cold, nin takanh. I make 
him catch cold, nin takashi- 
ma. My hands are cold, nin 
gikadjinindjiwadj . My feet 
are cold, nin gikadjisidewadj . 
My ears are cold, nin gikadji- 
tatvageicadj . I weep from 
cold, nin mokaivadj. — It is 
cold, (liquid,) takdgami. It is 
cold, (metal, in., an.) takdbi- 
bikad ; takdbikisi. 

Colic, akoshkddewin. I have 
colics, nind akoshkdde. (Ki- 

Collar, nabikatcdgan, nabikd- 

Collar-bone, clavicule, bimida- 

Collar of a coat, etc., apikweia- 

Collect. Collected.— S. Gather. 



53 — 


It is 


Collectively, mdmawi. 
Colored ; I am colored, a color- 
ed person, nia makatewis,nm 
Colored person, mekatewisid, 
mekatewiiced, makatewiiass. 
Color of ripeness ; it has the co- 
lor of r., {ill., an.} gijande; 
Colt, behejiqnifnnj'uis ; many ins. 

Coinl), hindkioan. Large dre's- 
ing conilt, pashkdbide-btndk- 
toan, nannaigan. — Comb for 
liorses, nanlkweigan . 
Comh; I comb myself, nin nar 
sikwe. I comb liim, Jiin na- 
Combat. S. Fight. 
Come down ; I come down, nin 
bini.s'.sandawe. I come down 
on a rope, nin nissabigita. I 
come down flying, niu bi-nan- 
jisse. (Nittakusiw). 
Conte forth ; I come forth, nin 
moki, )iin mokas. It comes 
forth, mokissemagad, mokiah- 
kamagad. I come fortli by the 
current of a river, nin moka- 
bog. (M a h a b o y u w). I 
come forth, (out of the 
water,) nin mokibi, nin mosh- 
kam. I come (it comes) forth 
to the surface of the water, 
nin mekigisse ; mokigissema- 
gad. I come (it comes) forth 
to the surface of the water, 
and float, {floats,) nin moshka- 
agwindjin ; moshkaagwinde. 
— The water comes forth, mo- 
kidjiwan nibi. It comes forth, 
Come from; I come from..., 
nind ondji, nind ondjiba, nind 

ondadis. It conies from..., 
ondjiinaf/ad, ondjibamagad, 
ondadad, ondjissin, onsikama- 
Come here ; come here, onddss, 
onddshdn. (Astami. I come 
here, nin bi-ija ; nin bidjija. I 
come here tor some reason, »m 
bi-inika, nin bi-onsika. I come 
here weeping, crying, nin bi- 
dadem. Icome here speakiiig, 
talking, nin bidwewidam. I 
come to tell s. th., nin biddd- 
Jim, nin bidddjimntage. I come 
to tell it, nin bidddjimotan. I 
come to tell liim, nin bidddji- 
motawa. I comeliere to trou- 
ble him, nin bi-m'igoshkdsika- 
ica. — I come witli snow-sjioes, 
or on snow-shoes, nin bidagi- 
mosse. Icome here running, 
nin bidjibato. I come here 
dragging s. th., nin bidjiddbi. 
It comes sliding, bidjibide. 

Come in ; I eon\e\u, nin pindige. 
It comes in, pindigeniagad. I 
come in to him, nin pindiga- 
wa. I come (or go) into him, 
(her, it,) nin pindigeshkawa ; 
nin pindigeshkan. It comes 
in me, nin pindigeshkdgon . I 
come in (or go in) in a canoe 
or boat, nin pindjidawaam. 

Come out ; I come out, nin bi- 
sagaam. It come.s out, bi-sa- 
gad. I come out of the wa- 
ter, nind agicata, nind agwa- 

Come to..., I come to him, (her, 
it,) nin bi-nasikawa, nin bi- 
odissa; nin bi-nasikan, nin 
bi-oditan. I don't come to 
him, (her, it,) nin nondeshka- 
wa; nin nondcshkan. It comes 

'i i^ 

* '*'! 


» ! 

I ' 

M !; 

M I'i'' 




— 54 — 


to me, uind odissu/on, nind 
odissikayon, nind odjissika- 
yon. It does not come to me, 
nin nondeshkayon. — I come to 
the t<hore, nindaywaam. (Ka- 
paw). I come to tne shore out 
of the water, nind aywaiada- 
yas. It comes to the sliore \>y 
the wind, aywaidssin. — I let it 
come to him from hand to 
hand, nind anikenamdwa. 

Come upon ; I come upon liim, 
nin payidjinotawa, nin paya- 
mishkawa. It comen upon me, 
■nin pay amis hkay on. It comen 
to pasf, payamuhkamayad. — 
I come upon him and make 
him tall, nind ajjayasikawa. 
It comes upon me and makes 
me fall, nind apayasikayon. 

Come with. S. Bring with. 

Co\nev, hiwide. (Okiyutew). 

Comfort ; I comfort, nin senyi- 
deeshkaye, nin sonyideesh- 
kawe. I comfort him, nin 
so nyidees hkawa . 

Comfortp.ble life, mino aidwin. 

Comforter, swanyideeshkawed. 

Coming; I am coming here, 7tm 
bidassamocse. I am (it is) 
coming on, nind apisika; api- 
sikamayad. I am coming on 
the ice, nin hidadayak. I am 
coming '.lereinacanoeor boat, 
nin bidassamishka. I am (it 
is) coming with the wind, nin 
bidash; biddssin. The wind 
is coming, bidanimad. 

Command ; I command him s. 
th. urgently, nin pdpijima. I 
com. it urgently, nin pdpijin- 
dan. (Sikkimevv). 

Command, (in. s. in.) S. Reign. 

Commander, niydnossewinini. 

Commandment, yandsonyewin. 

I make commandments, nin 
yandsonye. (Itasowew). 

Commencement. — 
atandiwin, atdwe- 

S. Begin. 


Commission, Iword sent,) mit- 
chiUreicin. I give or send a 
commission, nin mitchitwe. I 
give or send him a commis- 
sion, /«'/t mitchitrhima. I give 
or send a com. for it, (m., an.) 
nin viitchitwen ; nin mitchit- 
wenan. (Itwehiwewin). 

Commit ; I commit, nin dodam. 
I make him commit some ac- 
tion, nin dodamoa. 

Commit ; I commit or intrust 
8. th. to his care, nin yana- 
tcendaa, nin yanawendamona. 

Common ; in common, mdniawi. 




Communicant, wedapinany jd- 
wenddyosiwin . ( Ey am iheaas- 

Communicate; I com. it, nin 
windamdyen. I com. it to him, 
nin windamdwa. 

Communication, im'/idfama^rewin. 

Communion, Jdwenddyosivnn. 
I take communion, ninjdwen- 
dayos, nind odapinan Jdwen- 
ddyosiwin. (Ayamihe-saska- 

Communion of Saints, ketchit- 
wdwenddyosidjiy a widokoda- 
wmiwa, anamie-widokodddi- 
win. We are in the Commu- 
nion of Saints, nind anamie- 
widokodddimin. (Ayamihes- 
tamakewok o kanatatchakwe- 

Companion, widjiwayan, wid- 

I I 





— 55 — 



Company, anikominodewiicin , 
(Witjettiuvin). There is a com- 
pany, anikominodemagad. We 
form a company, nind aniko- 
minodeioimni. — I keep compa- 
ny with him, nin ivufjiwa, nin 
loidokawa. — I keep c o m p. 
with liini in religiouH respect, 
nind anamie-widokawa. 

Company, (in. s. in.) S. Keep 
company. — S. Help. 

Compared to... S. Esteemed 

Comparinon, aici'tchigan . I 
make a coniparison, nind 

Conjpass, tor, iiebiigan. 

Compass ; it compasses me, nin 

Compassed, S. Enclosed. 

Com pass ion , kitimdgeningewin , 
kitim (Igendjigetcin , kitimdger 
nindiwin, jdwendjigeunn, kije- 
wddisiwin. I have comp. on 
him, (her, it,) 7iin kiiimdge- 
nima, nin jdwenima ; nin kiti- 
mdgendan, nin jdwendan. — I 
excite comp. with my words, 
nind inigatagos, nin kitimdgi- 

Compassionate ; I am comp., 
nin kitimdgendjige, nin j'd- 
wendjige, nin kijewddis. 

Complaint, gagimidonowin. 

Complaisant ; I am comp., nin 

Compliments, anamikdgewin ; 
anamikdgowin. I give him my 
comp., nind anamikawa. We 
give or send comp. to each 
other, nind anamikodddimin. 

Compliments, (in. s. in.) S. Nod 
with the head. 

Comport ; I comport myself in a 
certain manner, nind ijiwebis. 

Comportment, ijiwehiHiwin . 

Compotation , widjibindiwin. — 
S. Drink together. 

Compotator, widjibimngan . 

Comprehend ; I comp. it, nin 

Comprehend, (in. s. in.) S. Un- 

Comprehensilile; it is comp.^ 

Compress. S. Press together. 

Comrade, icidjiwdgan. 

Comrade; my comrade, nidji ; 
n idjikiioc, nidjikiwesi . 

Conceal. S. Hide. 

Conceive ; I conceive it, nin nis- 

Conceive, (in. s. in.) S. Under- 

Conclnde. S. Consolidate. 

Cone ord , bejigwendavioxc'i n . 

Concord, (in. s. in.) S. Peace. 

Concubinage, amaha widigendi- 
win, matchi widigendiwin. 
(P 1 8 i k w a t c h i-witittuwin) . 
We live together in concubin- 
age, aniahanin widigendimin. 

Concubine; lam &con., anisha 
nin widigema inini. I keep a 
con., anisha nin widigema 

Concupiscence, missavjenimo- 
win. I look at her (him) with 
cone, nin missawiffanmcdba- 
ma. (Piaikwatchi-mustawi- 
nawew) . 

Condemn ; I condemn him, nin 
banddjia, nin bandsoma, nin 
mamrjima. I condemn my- 
self, nin banddjiidis. I con- 
demn him to death, nin nibo- 
ma, nin naniboma. (Oyasu- 

Conduct, ijiicebisiwin, bimddi- 
siicin. Decent chaste conduct^ 



' ' ■ i 

' ■■-». 

■'". ■■;■■ 



31 •■ 












' . ' ! 








i.iv r: 



— 50 — 


hinddimoin. (I t A t i h i w in). 
Cliangcd conmict, andjiwebi- 
niwin, a n dj i him a d i n i w i n . 
WJHe prudent conduct, 
nibwaka - ijiwebidwiu . Inde- 
cent unchaHte conduct, <jaffh 
hndimcin. My cond. is shame- 
ful, ia considered slmnieful, 
nind af/atendaqos. 

Conduct", (in. s. in.) S. Behave. 

Conduct; I conduct liim, nin 

Conduct away. S. Lead away. 

Conduct in ; I cond. him in, 

Conduct out; I cond. him out, 
nin ftagidjiwina. 

Conduct. Conductor. — S. Guide. 

Conduct. S. Oversee. 


Confect ; I confect, nin pashki- 
minassiye. I confect them, 
(berries, iVi., a«.) nin pnshki- 
minasnanan ; nin pashkimi- 

Confectionery articles, sisibdk- 

Confess, declare ; I confess sin- 
cerely, nin gwaiakwddjim. 
(Kwayaskat jimow) . 

Confess sins; 1 confess my sins, 
nin webinige. (Ayamiliewat- 

Confession , loebinigewin. 

Confidence. S. Trust. 

Confidence, (in. s. in.) S. Ask 
with hope. 

Confirm. S. Consolidate. 

Confirm ; I confirm, nin migi- 
wen Songideeshkdgewin. I 
confirm him, nin mina Songi- 

Confirmation, Songideeshkdge- 
win. I give Conf , nin migi- 

wen Songideeshkdgewin. I re- 
ceive Conf, nin minigo Son- 
gidecshkdgewin . 

Confirmed ; I am conf., nin gi- 
ininign Songideesh kdgewin . 

Confirmed, ratified; it is conf, 

Cenfronted; we are conf toge- 
ther, nin assamnbandimin. 

Conscience ; I have hitter re- 
morses of conscience, nind 
inigd wagenda m . 

Coniieut,minwendamowin. (Nas- 

Consent ; I consent, I am wil- 
ling, nin minwendam. (Nas- 

Consent to do. S. Promise. 

Conserv fit'ion,gandioendamowin. 

Conserve ; I conserve him, (her, 
it,) nin gandwenimct ; nin ga- 
ndwendan. I conserve to me, 
nin gandwendamas. I con- 
serve it to me, [in., an.) nin 
gandwendamason ; nin gand- 
loendamasonan. — I conserve 
or put up provisions, nind 
afwab. (Astvvaw). 

Conserve, (in. s. in.) S. Live, I 
make live. 

Consider. Consideration. — S. 
Reflect. Reflection. 

Consider. Considered. — liemark. 
In regard to the expressions : 
I am considered to ue so and 
so, or to be this or that, we 
remark here that these ex- 
pressions are to be found un- 
der their respective substan- 
tives, verbs or adjectives. — For 
instance, I am considered su- 
perior, or to be a superior, 
nin nigdnendagos. You will 
find it under '* Superior." — It 
is considered shameful, aga- 

ill '■!;: 





tenilagwaiL You will find this 

undiT "Slmnu'tul."— Etc. 
CuriHolutJr, aiiihisiwiii;fi<l. 
Consolation, nhisiiutiiriii. 
CoiiHolc; I I'onHolo, iiiinl nhisi- 

wiiij/e, nin i/fii/ixoni/c, )iiii son- 

<lhleexlika(j(!, nin .sunijidee.i/i- 

kawe. rc<»*isolo liini, nimJ 

ahixiwima, nin .sonifidtrfthka- 

ipa, nin (jCujisoma, nin nnni>- 

(ieea, nin <f(i(/anonia. (Kakit- 

jihew). I console niyself, nin 

Consoler, mranffidees/ikawed , 

(jaimjisoniied, aidbiHiwinijed. 
Consolidate; I cons, it, nin snn- 

f/iton, nind aindji.s.siton. 
Consoling, consolation, abiain- 

Constable, takoniivewinini, teko- 

Constancy, sonfjendamniHn, he- 

jiifwendamowin. iSokkatisi- 

Constant; I am constant, nin 

songendam, nin bejiijirendam. 
Constant at work ; 1 am con., 

nin minwcwis. (Sokkeyimow). 
Constantly, mnjag, apine, bejig- 

ivanong. (Sakamo). 
Constipated ; I am con., nin ma- 

midawitch i. — S . Costive . 
Constipation. S. Costiveness. 
Constitution, inakonigewin. 
Construct, (in. s. in.) S. Make. 

Constructed ; it is con. (in., an.) 

ijitchigdde, gijifchigdde ; iji- 

tchigaso, gijitchigaso. 
Consume, (in. s. in.) S. Eat up. 
Consume. S. Spend all. 
Consumption, rniniwajnneicin. I 

have the consumption, nin 

Contain, (hold ;) it contains, 

drbtishkini', dihibi. It does not 
contain niucli. i/«. ,//».) nniro- 
dub; it(urinli!<i. It cannot 
contain all, noniixhkincmagad, 
nojib(tdJigenuit/(id. I cannot 
make it cojitain all, il cannot 
put all in,! nin ni>jib(tdjige. 

Contemn. S. Despise. 

Contemplate. ( ontemplation, 
(in. s. in.) — S. Reflect. Ketlec- 

Content, winwonilnmowin. iMi- 

Content; I content him, nin dc- 
bia ; nin minicendamia. 

Contented; I am con., nin niin- 
xre.ndani, nin luinawas, nin 
drbagcnini, nin delnnini, nin 
drbenddtn, nin di'bi.s, nin 
nanidani. I make him con- 
tended, nin niinwendatnio, nin 
maminwendamia, nin niintren- 
daa, nin minonauuit, nin mi- 
ncuratiia, nin nnnidamia. I 
make it contented, nin niin- 
Ui nd(imiton,nin nifnidaniifon. 
AVe make each other content- 
ed, n?"/< ni (un in wendamiidimin, 
etc. (Miweyittam). 

Contentednes.-i, drbininiowin, 

Contention. S. Disjiute. 

Continent; it is the continent, 
kitakamiga. On the conti- 
nent, kitakamignng. 

Continually, kaginig, apine, be- 
jigiranont/, niojag. 

Continue; 1 continue long, nin 

Contract ; I contract it, nin sin- 

Contradict ; I contradict, nind 
a J i d e w e, nind ajidewidam, 
nind agonwetain, nind agon- 
icetage. I contradict in 

* ■tt:ti| 




— 58 — 


(i}fonwnen(lam. I contradict 
Jinn, uind anonwetiiwa, niiiil 
(uidetna. I contnulict him in 
thoughtH, nind ajidenima. 1 
cont. it, nind aifonireti'ni. We 
cont. eacli otlicr, nind ayon- 
wetfidimin, nind ajidendimin. 
1 cont. myself, nind of/onwe- 
tadis. I am in the Iiabit of 
contradicting, nind (i;/(>nweta- 
ifeidik. Bad hahit of contra- 
dicting, aijonxoekujvshkiuHn. 

Contradicter, neia-ajjonweian)/. 

Contradiction, iKjoniceiamowin, 
ajidewidamowin, aqonweia- 
ditvin. Cont. in tlioughtu, 
a(jonwHendainov)in, ajidien- 

Contribute. Contribution. — S. 
Give. Gift. 

Contrite ; I am contrite, nind 
anwenindis. (Kesinatevinii- 


Contrition , anwenindisoicm. 

Converpation, (/anonidiivin, ga- 

Converse; Iconv., «m gdgigit. 
I con. with him, nin gagano- 
na, nin widjidonama. We 
con. together, nin gagdnoni- 

Conversion, anwenindisowin, 
andjibimddisiwin, andjijiwe- 

Convert, wedapinang ananiie- 

Convert ; I convert myself, nind 
anwenindis, nind andjiion, 
nind ijiwehisiwin ;'nina odd- 
pinan anamiewin. I convert 
nim, nin gashkia tchi andji- 
Jitvebisid; nin gashkia tchi 

Converted ; I am con., nind and- 
Jibimndin, nind undjijiwebis; 
nind ananiia. 

Convey; I convey him (her, it) 
on or in a carriage, nind odd- 
buna ; nind oddbadan. I con- 
vey him (her, it) iti a canoe or 
Itoat froiu the lake to the 
HJiore, nind uywaona; nind 
agwdodon. I convey him (her, 
it| in a canoe or boat over a 
river or bay, nind ajawaa, 
nind ajawaona; nind ajawa- 
an, nind ajawaodon. 

Convey back; I convey him 
(her, it) back, nind ajewina ; 
nind aji'widoit, I convey him 
(her, it) back again in a canoe 
or boat, nin giweona; nind 

Convey in ; I convey liim (her, 
it) in, nin jnndigana ; ninpin- 

Convey, (in. s. in.) S. Carry. 
Carry away. Conduct. 

Conveyance jn a carriage, awad- 

Conviction, abeidiwin. I give 
testimony to conviction, nin 
baiange. Testimony to con- 
V iction , batangeiviv . 

Convince ; I convince \\\\u,nind 
abea. (Tapwemew). 

Convoke ;I conv., nin nandonge. 
I con. them, ninnandomag. 

Convulsion, tchitchibishkawin. 
— S. Spasms. 

Cook, tcnibdkweivinini ; tchibd- 
kweikwe; tchabakwed. (Opi- 

Cook ; I cook, nin i'Mh >:iv€, 
nin gisisekwe. ^ " ► for 
him, nin tchib< i, nin 

gisisama, nin (j tbona. I 
cook Jbr mvself, /... ichil M- 



— 59 — 


iras. I cook it, (/«.,«/».) lu'n 
ghixnn ; iiin f;i>iifnra. I cook 
It tender, {in., an.) nin nnki- 
san ; nin nnkiswd. (I'imimi- 

Cooked; it !« cooked, (in., an.) 
tjijide ; ffisiito. It is cooked 
in »i certain n)anner, inidcma- 
(/ad. It is well cooked, well 
done, {in., an.) minoilemaf/aif; 
minosn. It is cooked tender, 
{in., an.) nofcitfe ; 

Cookery, cook in;;, trhih/lkwe- 
win, gi.fisekireit'in . 

Cook-house, kitchen, trhihitk- 
wewiqamiij. (Piininawasiuvi- 

Cook-niaid*, Irhihnkweikwc. 

Cook-Htok'e, cooking-stove, tchi- 

Cool ; it is cool or cold, tnkis.tin. 
It is cool, takaiamaijad. It is 
cool, (licuid,) takai/ami. 

Cool ; I cool, nin takinHidjimi. 
I cool him, (her, it), nin taki- 
■thirna ; nin faki.s.sithin. 

Cool, (by wetting;) I cool hin), 
(her. It,) nin iaknbnuuxna; nin 
takdhnwadan. I cool it, pour- 
ing cold water in, nin hikdi/a- 
mishhndon, lakibddon. 

Cool, (in. s. in.) S. Cold. 

Cooper, mnkuknkewinim. I am 
a cooper, (I make barrels,) 
nin makakoke. 

Cooper's business, trade, work, 


Copper, miskwdhik, o.sdwdbik. 

Copper-mine, minkwdbikokdn, 
biwdhikokdn. I work in a 
copper-mine, nin mi.s'kirdbi- 
kokc, nin biwdbikoke. Miner 
in a copper-mine, miskwdbi- 

Copper-mining biiHiness,' 

Copper-f'iining Agent or Su|)er- 
i n tenden t , niisku'dbiknktt-niii" 
Copper-cen t , Jnnidn ikf, mi.ikwd- 

bihin,^, (miwdbikiins. 
Copy, nti.s.idbiiijan, nabibiii/an, 

Copy,' (in. *H. in,) S. Writing. 
Copy, (transcribe ;) I copy, nin 
nasHdbiitie, nin n a b i b / / (/ e, 
nind andjibiii/e. I copy it,'/<//j 
na.^.-tdbian, nin nabibian, nind 
Copy, (imitate ;) I copy it, nin 
kikinou'dbandan, naxsdb nind 
Copying, na.tmbiiiiewin, nabi- 

biii/ewin, aniljibiiiffwin . 
Cord ofwood, aiawi.s.'ian. lAsas- 

Cord. S. Rope. 
Core of a corn-ear, okandk. 
Cork, tcaja.shkwedo, kitchi tea- 

Cork-screw, (jiiaiijan. 
Cork-st(jpper, imjashkwcdo- gi- 

Cormorant, kdgdgi.shib, (raven- 
Corn. S. Indian corn. 
Corn-ear, lot'Indian corn,) ni.m- 
kotii. The corn-ear bursts at 
the lire, pd.shkinr/ ni.m- 
Cornel-tree, munan. 
Corner; there i.s a corner, ird- 
wikweia. In a corner of the 
room, irikire.s.sni/ai/. In a cor- 
ner of the earth, wikirekami' 
f/ag aki. 
Corner-stone, waiekiraidbiki-as- 
.sin, IV i k 11' eiabiki.s.sitchigan, 
maiaicaiekwaiabikissi as a in, 






' m 


— GO — 


' • i? 

H :" 

1 i^ 

netamabikisJi in;; as-^in . Chief 
corner-stone, nigdniicihivcia- 

Corn-nietvl, bi.ssiLo(IJi(/(ui . 

Corn-soup, corn-inasli. — S. In- 
dian corn-soup. 

Corn-stalk, .sibwdi/an. Sprout of 
the corn-sialk, sibicdijans. 

Costive ; I am co.-itive, nin (ji- 

Cofitiveiiess, ylbifimyajewin. 

Costly. S. High. 

Corpse, frhibai. 

Corpus Christi day, icdbiyoni- 

Correct, (jrvaiah. 

Correct ; I correct it, nin mcai- 
akoton, nin nanaiton. I cor- 
rect a writing, niti nandibiiyc; 
I correct it, mn nandibian. 

Corrected writing, nandibiigan. 

Correct. Correcting, (in. s. in.) 
S. Repair. Uepairing. 

Corrupt; I corrupt hint, nhi 
matchi ijiwebim'a, nin bandd- 
jia, nin (jcKjibdsoma. (Misiwa- 

Corrupted; it is corrupted, (li- 
quid,) ajafjamiHtiin. Itiscorr., 
[in.,an.)pi(fishkanad ; piijish- 
knnani. (Pikiskatin). 

Cotton, papa(/iic(tidn, papagi- 

Cotton bag, made of cotton, pta- 
pagiwaid iie.s/t kiiuod. 

Cough, osso.ssclamoirin. (0.«- 

Cough ; I cough, nind ossosso- 

Council, gigiiowin. (Mawatjihi- 

Council-house, gii/itnwigainig. 

Counsel ; I counsel him, nin ga- 
gansoina. (Kakeskimew). 

Count ; I count, nind agindasn. 

I mistake in counting, nin 
ivanagindass. I mistaKC in 
counting it, [in., an.) nin wa- 
nagindan ; nin wanagima. I 
count him, (her, it,) nind agi- 
ma ; nind agindan. 

Counted ; I am (it is) counted, 
nind agindJigciH; agindji- 

Countenance; I liave a smiling 
countenance, nin babapingice. 

Con n ti n g, agindjigddewin . 

Country, aki. 

Countryman, icid jidakiivema- 

Couple; so many couple, dass- 

Couple. S. Pair. • 

Courage, songideewin, ?nango- 
ta.s.siivin, mungideewin. 

Courageous ; 1 am cour., nin 
aongidec, nin mnngotasti, nin 
mangidee. I make him cour., 
nin songideea, nin mangideea. 

Courageous man, rnangotaasi- 
wininif sicangideed inini. (Na- 

Courageous person, sicangideed, 

Cou rt, dibaknnidiicin. 

Cousin, (he-cousin ;) my, thy, 
his cousin, ninimoshe, kini- 
mo.s/ie, irininiosheian ; or, ni-, kitawinn, witawinsan . 

Cousin, (she-cousin ;) my, thy, 
her cousin, nindangnshe, ki- 
da ngi>s/i e, oda ngnsli da n . 

Cover ; cover of a kettle, etc., 
dibabouriaan , padagwaboei- 
gan, gibabikaigan, (fibakwai- 
gan, gibabo^igan. Clover of a 
powder-pan , agicanakukwei- 

Cover; I cover liim iher, it) 
witli s. th., nin padagwana- 


Ill ; or, nt- 


— 61 

wa; ninpadmjwanaan. I co- 
ver him (her, it) with my 
body, nin padiujwamtihkaiva ; 
nin padoiiwanwhkan. It co- 
vers me, nin pada(/w cuds hka- 
gon. I cover him, (her, it,/ 
witli some aiticleH of clothing, 
Tiind (tffwaji'wa, nind agica- 
lunra ] nind agwanaan. — I 
cover my.selt', nin naagwaji, 
nindayuaje. I cover my head, 
nind mjwanikwmdis. I cover 
my breast, nind agwaiakiga- 

Cover, (roof;) T cover, nind apa- 
kodjige. I cover it, (a lodge 
or house,) nind apakodon. 

Cover with bark ; I cover, nin 
ningipanapakwe. I cover it, 
nin ningwanapakwadan . 

Covered; I am (it is) covered 
witli s. til., nin padagioanai- 
gas ; padagwanaigdde. I am 
(it is) covered, nind aijwanai- 
gas; agwanaigdde. — All is cov- 
ered with it, misiweshkamd- 

Covered, (roofed ;) it is covered, 
apakode, apakodjigdde. 

Covet ; T covet, nin missawen- 
dam, nin missaicendjige, nin 
mifisairinage. I covethim,(her, 
it,) nin tiii.ssawenima, nin mis- 
saivinawa ; nin mis.sawi'ndan, 
nin missawinan. I covet s. 
th. belonging to him. (in., an.) 
nin missawendamau'u ; nin 
minsuicinunuucii. (Mustawi- 

Covetous; I am covetous. S. 

Covetous de.-jire, miasiwcndamo- 
win. 1 look at him (her, it) 
with a covetous desire, nin 


mismwiganawdbama ; n i n 

Covetousness, missairendjige- 
u'in, ini.ssatrenindiu'in, niissa- 

Cow, pi Jiki. ikwe-pijiki. (Onit- 
jAniw). Tlu'cowisto have a 
calf, and Jisit jiijiki. The 
cow hasa calf untimely, abor- 
tively, nis/ii pijiki. I'he cow 
has a calf, onidjdni.ssi pijiki. 

Coward, Jaidgodeed. I am a 
coward , nin Jdgodee. 

Cowardice, jdgnaeewin . 

Cow-h 'n\c,pijikigewin . 

Cow-pox, mamakisiwin . I ino- 
culate with the cow-pox, nin 
mamakisiiwe. I inoculate him 
with the cow-pox, nin mama- 
ki.sia. I am iMOculatetl with 
the cow-pox, ninmamaki.mgo. 
— Inoculating, inoculation, 

Cow-j)ox inuculator, memakiasii- 
wed, nianiaki.siiwcwinini. 

Crab. S. Craw-rtsh. 

Crack ; I crack or craunch, nin 
viadicendjige. I crack or 
craunch it, [in., an.) nin mad- 
tcendun ; nin ni a d iv e n; a. I 
make crack my fingers, nin 
viadivrganeniiKlJihinidin. The 
joints of my linjbs crack, nin 
madwcganeshka. It cracks, 
niadwe-shka, mamadire.shka. 
The ice cracks, tnadici'kwa- 
din . 

Crack, (split ;) gipi.siioin, gdgi- 
}H.'<iu'in. There is a (Tack or 
split in a piece of wood, fawin- 

Cracked ; my feet, my hand, 
my legs, etc., are cracked. — 
S. Foot. Hand. Leg, etc. 
Cracked through ; it is cr. thr., 




■ i 


»• ; 






I !. 


— 62 — 



(metal,) tawdhikad. It is cr. 
th., (rock,) tawdbikamagad. 

Cracker, andkonans ^>aA:?i'eJi- 

Crackle; the fire crackles, ^;a- 
kine or papa kine ishkote. 

Cradle, tehitchibakonagan. In- 
dian cradle, tikindgan. (\Vc- 

Crafty. S. Artful. 

Cramps. S. Spasms. 

Cranberry, manhkigimin. There 
are c r a n ., mashkigiminika. 
Place where there are cran., 
mashkigiminikan. I gather 
cran., nin mashkigiminike. 

Cran berry-River, mashkigimini- 

Crane, adjidjdd. (Otchitchuk). 

Crane-potato, adjidjaknpin. 

Crank, kijibawebinigan. I turn 
a crank, nin kijibawcbinige. 

Crank, (in. s. in.) S. Handle. 

Crape, nitaqcwaidn. 

Craunch. f4. Crack. 

Craw-fish, ajageshi. 

Crawl. S. Creep. 

Crazy, I am crazy, nind agawa- 
dis, nin giwdnadis. (I^ama- 
wiya wayeskaniisiw). 

Creanj ; I take ort' the cream, 
nin himaan. 

Creator, misi gego (ja-gijitod. 

Credit ; T give crctlit to i)eople, 
nin masinanidgos. I take on 
credit, nin masinaige. I col- 
lect my credits, (my active 
debts,) nin nandoshkainage. I 
ask him (o pay his credit, (his 
debt.) nin nandonhkamdira. I 
try to get my credits paid, nin 

Creditor, mexinaamagosid, mesi- 

Credulous superstitious person, 

anntch gego daiebwetang. 
Cree Indian, Kinishtino. (Nehi- 

Creek, aibi. 
Creep ; I creep, nin bimode, nin 

bahdinode. I creep about, nin 

bnbdmnde. I creep out, nin 

Cree squaw, kinishtinokwe. (Ne- 

Crepusculous; it is crep., tebi- 

Crevice ; there is a crevice in 

the ice, id dikikwad, patssik- 

Cribble. S. Sieve. 
Cricket, papdkine. 
Crime, batadowin, batdjitwa- 

win, mate hi dodamnwin. I 

commit a crime, nin bald- 

dndam, nin matchi dodam. 

Cripple ; I am a cripple, nin 

mdkis. I make him a cripple 

by striking him, nin mdkina- 

Cripple, (unable to walk,) be- 

mosse.ssng, memdndjigosid. 
Crooked knife, wdgikomdn, ja- 

Crooked root, wagitckibik. 
Crop. S. Harvest. 
Cro ) or craw of a bird, omodai. 

T lis bird has a large crop, 

niangomodaie aw bineshi. 
Crosier, (Bishop's staff,) Kitchi- 

mekateu'ikwanaie o sakaon. 
Crosier, (Indian crosier,) pagaa- 

doivdn, pagaadowanak. I 

play with crosier and ball, nin 

pagaadoue. The play itself, 

Cross, khibaidtig, ajideidtig; 





— 63 — 


anamiewdtig. I make the sign 
of the cross upon myself, (I 
bless myself,) nin tchihaiati- 
gonige. I make the sign of the 
cross upon him or oyer him, 
nin ichihaiatigonamdwa. (A- 

Cross-bill, cross-beak, (bird,) 

Cross, (peevish) ; I am cross, 
wicked, ninmishidee, (I have 
a hairy heart.) 

Cross-saw S. Log-saw. 

Cross-stick in the snow-shoe, 

Cross, (traverse;) IcrosH a river, 
in a canoe or boat, nind dja- 
wa, nind djawaam, niminam. 
I cross him (convey him) over 
a river, etc., nind ajawaa. I 
cross it, (a river, etc.) nind 
djawaan. I cross a river 
swimming, nind djawadaga. 
I cross it walking on the ice, 
nind ajawadagak, nind aja- 
wagak. I cross it walking over 
a bridge, nind ajoge. I cross 
it walking over a tree or log, 
nind ajawandawe, nind ajo- 
geiandawe. — I cross or con- 
vey people over a river in a 
canoe or boat, nind qjawaod- 
jige. I get myself crossed over 
a river, nind qjawaonigos. I 
crosB over saihng, nind aja- 
tvanh. — It crosses, ajidesse. 

Croup ; my, thy, his croup, m- 
jigan, kijigan, ojigan. 

Croup-bone ; my, thy, his croup- 
bone, nijiganigan, kijigani- 
gan, ojiganigan. 

Crow, anaek. Young crow, an- 
dekons. (Ahasiw). 

Crow ; the cock crows, masita- 
gosi pakaakwe. 

Crowd ; we crowd too much, nin 
nonishkodadimin . 

Crowded ; we are crowded, nin 

Crown, ogimdwiwakwdn, kitchi- 
ogima wiwdkwdn. 

Crown ; I crown him, (her,) 
nind ogimdivia ; nind ogimd' 

Crown of the head, nawisigok- 
wdndib, maianshtigwdn. 

Crucible. S. Melting-pot. 

Cruel. Cruelty. S. Wicked- 
ness of heart'. 

Crumb, hitvandjigan. 

Crumb ; I crumb it, {in., an.,) 
nin gapinan ; nin qapina. 

Crumble ; I crumble it, [in.,an.) 
nin hiwidnn, nin hi.tsibidon ; 
nin bitcina, ninbis.nbina. The 
bread crumbles, biiv ishka 
pakivejigan. The bread crum- 
bles into small pieces, biwisse 

Crush ; I crush (or bruise) him, 
(her, it,) niji banasikawa ; 
nin bancsikan. I crush him, 
putting myself upon liim, nin 
oadagoshkawa. I crush it, 
nin badagoshkan. I crush it 
to small pieces, to powder, 
{in., an.) nin bissaan; ninbis- 
sdwa. I crush his liead, nin 
jigoshtigwaneshka. I crush it 
with my hand, {in., an.) nin 
jishigonindjandan ; ninjishi- 
gonindjima. I crush it with 
my foot, {in., an.) nin jishigo- 
sidandan ; nin jiahigosidama. 
I crush it with my foot or 
body, {in., an.,\ ninjajagosh- 
knn ; nin jaiagoahkawa. 

Crutch, gwashkwandaon. 

Cry ; I cry, nin masitdgo.f. I 
cry loud, nind aidjikwe. I cry 






t t 

h I 




— 64 — 


out, nin bibag. I ciy selling, 
(at an auction,) nin bibdya- 
tawe. (Tepwew). 

Cry, (in. s. in.) S. Weep. 

Crying sale, (auction,) bibCiga- 

Cubit, biminik, biskinikenowin, 
ekodonkwanhig. One cubit, 
niiiyobiminik. Two, three cu- 
bits, etc., lujobiminik, nisso- 
biminik, etc. 

Cucumber, eshkandaming. 

Cudgel, piujamdgan. 

Cudgel, (round stick, not split,) 

Cue, (tuitof liair,) segibanwdn. 
I wear a cue, nin segibanwa. 

Cuft'; Icuft'hini, nin pikivako- 

Cumin, niemwe. 

Cunning. S. Artful. Artfulness. 

Cup, ondgans, anibishdbo-o nd- 

Cupboard, t^smbdn. I put it in 
a cupboaril, [in., an.) nin tcH- 
sdbddan ; nin 'esadbana. 

Cup-shot; I am cup-shot, nin 

Cure; I cure, nin wkljimoiwc. 
It cures, nodjimoiwemayad, I 
cure him, nin nodiimoa. I 
cure for him or to him, nin 
wkijimo iaica . I ly i n i k kah e w ) . 

Cured ; I am cured, nin nodjim, 
nin nandndawi.s. (lyiniwiw). 

Curing, nodjimoiwewin. 

Curiosity, (inquisitiveness ;) bad 
curiosity, mamakasabangesh- 
kiwin, mamakasinamowin. I 
use to look on with too much 
curiosity, nin mamakasaban- 

Curious ! ashinangicana ! (Ma- 
mask a tch) ! 

Curious, matnakadakamig, ma- 

makadjaii.l am (it is) curious, 
(astonishing,) nin mamakd- 
denddgo.s, niii mamakddix, 
mamakadendagwad, mamakd- 
dad. I find him (her, it) curi- 
ous, (astonishing,) nin mama- 
kadenima ; nin mamakaden- 
ddn. (Anakatchay)- 

Curious, (in. s. in.) S. Droll. 

Curiously, waiciiaj. 

Curl. Curl ed, (in. s. in.) S. 
Twist. Twisted. 

Curled hair ; T haveoirled hair, 
nin bahi.sigindibe. (Titipiwe- 

Curlew, patashkanje. 

C u r ra n t-ber ry , m is h idjim in. 

Currant-shrub, miahidjiminaga- 

Current ; the current ©f a river 
is heard, madwi'djiwan. There 
is a strong foaming current, 
wdssidjiwan. The current 
carries me Evay, nin icebubog. 
The current u.' a river comes 
out of the woods and falls in 
the lake, mgidawidjiwan. 

CurrycomI), na.sikwt'igan, bebe- 

Curse ;3il curse, nin matchi-ina- 
pinendjige. I curse him, (her, 
it,) nin matrhi-inapinema ; nin 

Curtain, agnbidjigan. Calico for 
c urtains, agobidjiganigin . 

Curtain, as a i»artition,(y*7>a</ot?- 
jignn. I liang up a partition- 
curtain, nin gibagodjige. 

Cushion, apikwefskimon. 

Custom, nagadisiwin. — S. Ac- 

Cut ; I cut him, (her, it,) nin 
kishkijwa, nin biwikona, nin 
kishkdwa; nin kishkijan, nin 
biwikodan, nin kisnkaan, 1 


— Go — 



ijan, bebe- 

hini, iher, 

Ctilico for 

, (jibagod- 



H.— S. Ac- 

out myself, nin kijaodls, nin 
ki.sfikljodi.i. 1 cut it with a 
kiuto.'u//t kidikikodaii. I cut 
it '.vith tiie teeth, ninkfshkan- 
dan. I cut it with a scythe, 
ni n kishkashkijan. I cut grass, 
Ilia ki-f/ikashkosshve. I cut his 
skin, uin kixhkdji^vui. It cuts, 
(/inashkad. — I cut it to make 
It smaller, (2»., «H.) ninda(/a.s- 
.sikodan ; nind aga:mkona. I 
cut it witluiitticulty, nin gash- 
kaan. — 1 atn (it is) cut, nin 
kishkijujaa ; kis/ikijigdde. T 
am lit is) cut Ity acciuent, nin 
kijaigaft ; kijaigCidt. I am cut 
to the bone, nin mitchigane. 
.shin It is cut, (metal,) kish- 

Cut, la coat, etc.) I cut, nitid 
onijige. I cut it, nindonijan. 

Cut accidentally ; T cut him, 
(her, it, 1 ninpifijum ; nin pi- 
tijan. I cut myself, nin piti- 

Cut down ; I cut down a tree, 
nin gaiiunva rnitig, nin 
kigawa mitig. I cut down 
trees, nin gawah'se, nin ga- 
nuikwaige, nin gawaakxvand- 
jige. 1 cut down a birch-tree 
to get the bark, nin qauHiijig- 
irc. The tree is cut down, gu- 
vHiigdm mitig. Many trees 
ctit down, gawaakwandjigan. 
Many trees are cut down, ga- 

Cut long; 1 cut it long, {in., an.) 
ninginwakwaan ; nin ginwak- 

Cut oft"; I cut off what is spoil- 
ed, (in., an.) nin gagigikoaan ; 
nin gagigiknna,nin gagigijwa 
1 out off a piece or pieces, nia 
pakwijige. I cut off a piece 

from it, {in., an.) nin pakwe- 
jan; nin paku'ejwa.'<^l cut it 
off' with an axe, {in., an.) nin 
wehigaan ; nin uebigawa. I 
cut it off with a knife, [in., 
an.) nin wehijan, nin webiko- 
nnn, nin tcfiignpidan ; nin 
uiebiju'd, nin wel>ikuna, nin 
ichigapijwa. ' I cut it off, iin., 
an.) nin kishkigaitn, nin 
kigadan ; uin kinhkigana. — I 
cut his tongue otf, nin ki.shki- 
denaniwejwa. My tongue is 
cut off", nin ki.shkidenaniwe. 
I cut his nose off, nin kish- 
kidjanejwa. My nose is cut 
off, nin kishkidjane. I cut 
my nails off, nin ki.shkiganji- 

Cut off hand, foot, leg. S. Hand. 
Foot. Leg. 

Cut pointed ; I cut it pointed, 
{in., an.) nin patchiskkijan, 
nin patrhi.shkibodon ; nin pat- 
rhishkijwa, nin patchixhkibo- 
na. I cut it {Mjinted with an 
<(xe, {in., an.) nin patchi.shki- 
gaan ; ninpatcJdshkigawa. I 
cut it pointed with a knife, 
{in., an.) ninpaic.lmhkikndan; 
nin patcfmhkikona. It is cut 
pointed, (stuff", in., an.) pat- 
rhi.shkigad ; patchishkigisi. 
It is cut pointed, (wood, in., 
an.) patchishkigad patchish- 

Cutler, mokomdnikewinini. I 
am a cutler, (1 make knives,) 
nin mokomanike. 

Cutler's shop, mokomdnikeiciga- 

Cutlery, cutler's work or trade, 
mokomd nikewin . 

Cypress-tree, okikandag. (Sitta). 


1 t' 



^1 ; 


; I 


Dagger, ajaweshkson. (Takka- 

Daily, every day, endasso-giji- 

Dainty ; T am fond of dainties, 
nin mfiminddjih. Fondness of 
dainMes, maminddjihowin. I 
feed loyself daintily, nin ma- 

Dairy, intoshdhowigamig . 

Dam, okwanim, gibagaicaigan. 
I make a dam, niiid okwani- 
mike, nin gihagawaige. There 
is a dam made, okwanimikdde, 
gihagawaigdde. (Oskutim). 

Damage, banddjitdssowin, ba- 
nddjitchigewin. I suffer dam- 
age, nin banddjitass. I make 
damage, nin banddjitchige. I 
make damage to people, nin 
banddjitage. I make or cause 
him damage, nin banadjita- 
wa, nind agawadjia. I cause 
damage to myself, nin bandd- 
jitas, nind agawadjiidis. (Mi- 

Damage ; I damage it, (in., an.) 
nin mijiton, nind enapinadon ; 
nin mijia, nind enapinana. 

Damage, (in. s. in.) S. Injure. 

Damaged ; it is dam., {in., an.) 
banddjitchigdde ; banddjitchi- 

Damaging, banddjitchigewin. 

Damnation, banddjiiwewin, ba- 

nddisiwin. I cause his dam- 
nation, nin banddjia. I cause 
my own damnation, nin ba- 
nadjiidis. It causes damna- 
tion, banddjiiivemagad. 

Damp ; it is damp, nissabawe- 
magad. It is much damp, 
nibiwan, tipamagad. It is a 
little damp, awissamagad. — 
S. Moistened. (Miyimawaw). 

Dance, nimiwin, nimiidiwin. 
Dance with a scalp, gamddji- 
win. (Nimihituwin). 

Dance ; I dance, nin nim. I 
make him dance, nin nimia. 
I dance with her, (him,) nin 
widjishimotawa. We dance 
together, nin nimiidimin. I 
make people dance, (I give a 
ball,) nin nimiiwe. I dance 
for him, wm nimitaw a. I 
dance with a scalp in my 
\\VkXidi,ningamddj. I come to 
him dancing with a scalp ,nin 
gamddjinotawa. I dance 
around s. th., nin giwitashim. 
I dance like a lame person, 
nin tatchigashim. 

Dancer, ndmid, netd-nimid, nd- 

Dancing, (ball,) nimiidiwin, ni- 
miiding. I am too much in a 
habit of dancing, nin nimishk. 
Habit of dancing, nimishkiwin . 

D&ncing-houfie, nimiidiwiaamig. 

Dandruft-comb, sagwaoide-bi- 
ndkwan, binaidikomdn. 



— 67 — 


Danger, nanis/inisiwin. Emi- 
nent danger, dangerous thing, 
bdinimiwagan. I am in dan- 
ger, nin nanisdnis. 1 put him 
(her, it) in danger, nin nani- 
sdnia ; nin nanisdniton. I put 
myself in danger, nin namsd- 
niitli.s. I am in danger of per- 
ishing, nin bajine, nin baba- 
nndis. I put him in danger 
of perishing, nin bajinana. 

Dangerous; it is dangerous, {in., 
an.) nani.tanad ; nanisanisi. 
I am (it is) considered dang., 
nin nanisanenddgon, nin ni- 
saienddyos ; nanisanenddg- 
irad, nisaienddgwad. I con- 
sider him (her, it) dang., nin 
nani.saneninia ; nin nanisd- 
nendan. I am dang, by my 
speaking, nin nani.sanitago.'i. 
I think there is s. th. danger- 
ous, niti nanisdnendam. I 
look (it looks) dang.,ni» nani- 
sdnindgos ; nanimningdwad. 

Dangerously, babanadj. 

Dare ; I dare not, nin jdgwenim. 
(Nania sakwevimow). 

Daring ; I am daring, nin son- 

Dark ; it is dark, pashagishka, 

Dark-bhie ; it is dark-blue or 
livid, dpi.sisin, dmssamagad. I 
have a dark-blue eve, nind 
dpinsah. I have a Jark-bhie 
spot,?i?n^ dpissnhawe. My skin 
is dark-blue, nind apissage.I 
have a dark-blue face, nind 
apissinawe. I am of a dark- 
blue color, nind *7jpm/.s. It is 
dark-blue, (metal,) djnsmbi- 

Dark-colored, makale-... 

Darkness ; there is darkness. 

pashagishkibikad, kashkitibi- 
kad, panhaqiithkinamowin. I 
am in darkness, nin pasha- 
gishkinam. (WanitibikKisiw). 

Dash, (ill. 8. in.) S. Knock. 

Daughter, oddniH.nma. My, thy, 
his daughter, ninddniss, kidd- 
niss, oddnisaan. His adult 
daughter, oddnan. I have a 
daughter, nind oddniss. I 
have her for a daughter, nind 
oddnissinan, nind oddnissima. 
1 am a daughter, nindoddnis- 
simigo. I am his daughter, 
nind oddnissimiy . 

Daughter-in-law ; my, thy, his 
daughter-in-law, nissim, kis- 
sim, ossimin. The daughter- 
in-law in a iAm'i\y,nadnaanik- 
tce. I am daughter-in-Taw in 
a family, /mtua^u^awaft, nind 
ojinindam. (Witimwa) . 

Dawn ; it begins to dawn, bidd- 

Day, gijia, gijigad. So many 
days, dassogican. Two days, 
f^ijf^OijiO) nijogwan, etc. It is 
80 many days, dassogwana- 
gad. It is two days, nijogiji- 
gad, nijogwanaaad, etc. I am 
so many davs old, 7iin daanog- 
toanagi.'i. i am two days old, 
7iin nijogwanagis, etc. I am 
two days absent, nin nijogwa- 
wanenil, etc. — Good day ! bojo! 
I bid him good day, nin boioa. 

Dav'light ; it is daylight, wdban. 
Before daylight, dm bwa loa- 
bang. It is broad daylight, 

Day of judgment, dibakonige- 

Day of resurrection, dhitchiba- 
winigijigad. (Apisisinokiji- 



■ \ 


— 68 — 


Dazzled ; I am daz., nin jiwas, 
nin pashnmshkinam. I am 
daz. Iby it, I cannot look at it, 
nin fiassahif}. 

Dead ; ho is dead, nilxf, gi-niho. 

Dead person, icliibai, nchoil, ga- 

Dead person's bone, tchibai- 

Dead smell ; nihasnmagosiwin. T 
smell like a dead person, nin 

Deaf; 1 am deaf, nin gagihishe. 
I feign to he deaf, ningagi- 
bishetcas. (Kakepittew; . 

Deafness, gagibishewin. 

Deaf person, gegihished. 

Deal ; I deal, nind atdwe. 

Dealer, atdwewinini. 

Dealt with ; I am not easy to 
be dealt witli, nin sanagis. 
(Ayimisiw). I think he is not 
easy to be dealt with, nin sa- 
nagenima. (Ayimeyimew). 

Dear, (of a liigh price ;) it is 
dear, (in., an.) sanagad, sana- 
gaginde, mamissaginde ; sa- 
nagisi, sanagaginso, mamissa- 
ginso. (Sokkakittew). 

Death, nibowin. Sudden death, 
sesika-nibowin, kakaminewin, 
kaiakamisiwin . 

Death from hunger, gawanan- 
damowin. (Kawakkatosowin) . 

Death-whoop, bibdgotamowin. I 
raise the death-whoop, nin 
bibagotam. {K&maiichiwaham) . 

Debate ; we debate with each 
other, nin aiaiindendimin. 

Debauch ; I deoauch him, nin 
gagibasoma. (Match i-sikki- 

Debt, masinaigan, masinaige- 
win. I make debts, nin ma- 

sinaige. Making debts, masi- 

Debtor, mesinaiged. 

Decamp ; I decamp, nin gos. 
(Pitch iw). 

Decamping, decampment, gosi- 
win. (Pitcliiwin). 

Decant; I decant it, «m sikobi- 

Decay ; it decays, anawissema- 
gad, angomagad. It decays, 
(clothing,) gawanwl. It decays, 
(flower, herb,) nibicashkissin. 

Decease, nibowin. 

Deceased. S. Dead person. 

Deceit, waiejingemn. 

Deceive; I deceive, nin icaie- 
jinge. 1 deceive him, (her, it,) 
nin waiejima ; nin waiejindan. 
I deceive with my speaking, 
nin waiejitdgos. 1 use to de- 
ceive, nin nitd-waiejinge, nin 
waiejingeshk. I deceive ray- 
self, nin waiejindis. (Wayesi- 

Deceiver, weirjinged, weiejin- 

Deceiving, waicjingewin. Habit 
of deceiving, waiejingeshki- 

Dtfctiving; I am dec, I look 
better than I am, nind agawi- 
nagos. It is dec, agawinag- 

December, manitogisissons. 

Decent behavior, binddisiwin. I 
behave decently, nin binddis. 

Decent narration, binddjimowin. 
I tell decently, nin binddjim. 

Decide. S. Resolve. 

Declare. S. Explain. 

Decline ; the sun is on his de- 
cline, giwciassam gisiss. (Ota- 
kwiisan). The winter is on 




— 69 — 




its decline, (jim'hihon. The 

Huinmer is on its decline, (ji- 

urnihin . 
Decoration. S. Ornament. 
Decorticate ; I dec. cedar-trees, 

nin gashkaanat/ehce. 
Decrepit; Tanitlec, nin kitchi 

(fika . I K a w i k i k k u w ) . 
Decry. Decried. — S. Defame. 

Deed, (action,) dodamowin. 
Deed, (writing, docnmenty) 

Deep; I deep him (her, it) a 

in water, nin fan(/ai/winiljiinn ; 

nin tamiayxcindjUon. 
Deep ; it is ileep, (water,) dimi, 

dimitiyweia, yinwindima, tak- 

windima. — It is deep, bosika. 

I ntake it deep, nin hosikiton. 

It is made deep, bosikitchiycide. 

So deep in the ground, epita- 

Deep, (hollow ;) it is deep, wd- 

Deer, wdwashkeshi. Young 

spotted deer, kitaydkons. 
Deer-meet, waioashkeshiwiwii- 

Deer-bone, wdwashkeshiwigan. 
Deer-skin , wdwashkeshiweyin. 
Deer's tail, wdwashkeshiw'ano. 
Deer-trail, omonsom. 
Defamation , matchi-wawindji- 

Defame ; I defame him, (her, it,) 

nin mdtchi-wina, nin matchi- 

toawina; nin matchi-windan, 

niti matchi-wawindan. (Mat- 

Defame, (in. 8. in.) S. Tell bad 

Defamed ; I am (it is) defamed, 

nin matchi-wawindjigas ; mat- 


Defend ; I defend him, nin nd- 

Defend, (resist ;) I tief. myself, 
nin nandkwi. I def. myself 
against him, (her, it.i nin na- 
ndkona ; nin n a n d k o n a n. 
S e 1 f-d ef e nee, nandkwi win . 

Deficient ; I am def.,/j//t nondes, 

Deficient, (in. 8. in.) S. Unpro- 

Deficiently, nonddsa. 

Defile ; I defile him, (her, it,) 
nin xoinia, nin iciiayiu, nin 
winayishkaiva ; nin winitnn, 
nin wiiuyiton, nin wiiayish- 
kan. It defiles me, nin winii- 
yon, nin wiiayiiyon, nin wii- 
ayvihkakon. I defile myself, 
nin wiiayiidis. 

Defraud. Defrauder. — S. De- 
ceive. Deceiver. 

Defunct. S. Dead. Dead person. 

Deiected. S. Sad. 

Delay ; I delay, (in words,) pd- 
nima, nind ikit mojny. I de- 
lay, (in thoughts,) p dnim a 
nind inendam inojay. (Tches- 
kwa itwew). 

Deliberate. Deliberation . — S. 
Reflect. Reflection. 

Delicacy, (weakness of constitu- 
tion,) ydyidisiwin. 

Delicate, (weak of constitution ;) 
I am del., nin ydyidis, nin 
neshanyadis, nin nokis. — I am 
del. in my eating, nin nokiwe. 

Delicate. Delicious. — S. Taste, 
good taste. 

Delight. S. Joy. Joyful. 

Delightful ; it is del., modjiyen- 
daywad, niinioendaywaa. — S. 

Deliver, (give ;) I deliver, nin 









|,: I 

i I}" 


-70 — 


j)agidinaniage. I deliver him, 
(her, it,) nin pagidina ; nin 
pagidinan. I deliver it to him, 
nin pagidinamawa. 

Deliver, (untie, save, etc.) I de- 
liver him, nind dbiskona. 
(Al)ikkuiiew). I deliver him 
from 8. ih., nind ikonawa, 
nind ikonamdwa, nin midag- 

Delivered, (of a child ;) I am 

I M 

de\.,nin nigiaicaffx, nind on- 
dadinike. 1 am del. of a hoy, 
nin kwiwisennike, nind inini- 
onje. I am del. of a girl, nind 
ikwesensike, nind ikwronje. I 
am del. of twins, nm nijodeike. 
I am often del., nin niidonjc. 
I am del. hefore my time, nin 
non de-nigiawass . ( N i tta w i k i- 

Delivery. S. Birth. 

Deluge, aki gi-moshkaang. (Ka 

Delve, wdniktin. (Watikkan). 

Delve ; I delve, nin wdnikc. 

Delver, waianiked. 

Den, wo/. (Wati;. 

Depart ; I dep. from liim, nin 
bakrwina. I dep. from it, »i/t 
hakihvinan, (Paskewiyew). 

Deplore. Deploration.— S. Weep 
over... Weeping over... 

Depth ; in the depth, (in deep 
water,) midjinain, andinin- 

Deride ; 1 deride him, (her, it,) 
nin hdpia, nin hdpinodawa ; 
nin bapiion, ninbapinoddn. 

Derision, bapinodayewin, bapi- 

Derision. S. Sing mocking. 

Descend ; I desc. a hill or moun- 
tain, nin nissdkiwe, nin nis- 

sadjiwe. At the foot of a hill 
or mountain, nirndki. 

De.-^eend ; 1 de.-'cend upon him, 
nin bonindaioa. 

De.-'cend, (go down ;) I desc, nin 
ninnandaire. I descend a step, 
nin nissdtakoki. 

Descent ; there is a steep des- 
cent of a mountain, anib^dinn. 

Describe ; I describe him, (her, 
it, I nind ojibiwa ; nindojibian. 

Described ; I am (it is) desc, 
nind ojibiigan, ojibiigdde. 

Desert; in the de^ieriypagwdda- 
kaicig, pagwddj, megw^ka- 
mig. There is a desert, pag- 

Desert ; I desert, nin gimi, 1 
make him de.sert, nin gimia. 

Deserter, gdniid ga-gimid. 

Deserted ; it is deserted, niia- 

Desertion, gimiwin. 

Deserve ; I des., nin wikwat- 
chads, nin wikicatchitamas. 1 
des. it, nin loikicatchitavidsoii. 

Deserving, desert, unkwatchitu- 

Desirable; I am (it is) des., nin 
nandaiPtnddgos, nin pagan- 
senddgos ; nandawendagicad, 

Desire, nandaioendamowin, nan- 

Desire ; 1 desire, nin nandu- 
wendani, nin nandawendjigc. 
nin nandawendass. I desiri' 
him, (her, it,) nin nandawt- 
nima; nin nandawendan. — It 
desires, nandawendamomagud 
— I desire strongly, nin kiji- 
gendam. I des. nim (her, iti 
strongly, nin kyigenima ; nin 

Desired ; I am (it is) des., nin 



! I 


I '" 


— TI- 


mowin, nan- 

naiidmcendjigas, nin nonrla- 
wcndmjoH ; nandniceudji(f/lde, 

Do8if«t ; I desist from hitn, (her, 
it,) tiin notjeninut, nin patjedi- 
na ; nin noffendan, nin pagi- 
dinan. (Poiiiiiiew). 

Desist. S. Let alone. 

Desolate ; it becomes desolate, 

Desolate, (lonesome;) it is des., 

Desolation , banndjitckigewin . 

Despair, anawendjigewin. (Iji- 

Despair; I despair, nin banfi- 
dendam, (iyimow), uind ana- 
wendam, nindanwendam, nind 
annwendjige, nind anditaban- 
djige. 1 tlespair of him, (her, 
it,) niii banCidenima ; nin bn- 
nad^ndcin. I desp. of myself, 
nin banfidenindin. — I desp. of 
him liy his apitearance, nind 
andwnbama. 1 de.<p. of it hy 
its app , 7iind aikftwdbandan . 
I am (it is) despaired of by 
the app.,?j?«rf andtcdbamina- 
ffon ; anawdbaminagtcad. — I 
desp. of him hy his voice, nin 
babanaaitmra. I am desp. of 
hy my voice, nin babanasitu- 

Despatch, (send ;) I despatch 
hun, nind ininojdwa. 

Despicable, despisable ; T am 
(it is) desp., nind agatenddgos, 
nin tabassendagos ; agiiten- 
dagwady tabassendagicad. 

Despise ; I despise, nin kopdd- 
jiiwe, nind aoinsonge, nin ko- 

fdsonge, nin nishiicanasonge. 
dee. him (her, it) in thoughts, 
nin tabassenima; nin tabas- 

nenddn. I despise myself, nin 
taba.s.senindia, nin tabaxfienim. 
— I despise him (her, it) with 
words, nin kopdnovia, nind 
abinsoma ,nin nishiwonasinua; 
nin kiqtdxnndan, nind abin- 
.stnidan, nin nixfiiwanasondan. 
I despise myself, ninkojHmm- 
dis, nind auinxondis, nin ni- 

Destine ; I destine him (her, it) 
to 8. th., nindineninia ; nind 
inendan. 1 dest. myself, w/nf7 
inenindis. (ItaUimew). 

Destined; I am (it is) destined, 
nind incnddgus ; inenddg- 

Destroy ; I destroy, nin bandd- 
Jiitre,nin k(ipd()jiiwe, nin ba- 
nddjiichige' 1 destroy him, 
(her, it) nind angoa, nind an- 
go.s/ikmca, nin kopddjia, nin 
apilchi banddjia ; nind an- 
goan, nind angoshkan, nin 
kopddjiton, nind apiirhi ba- 
nfidjiton. — I destroy the dam 
of a beaver, nin banaige. (Met- 

Destroy, (in. s. in.) S. Kill. 

Destroy e(l ; I am (it is) des., nin 
banddJUc/iigu.s ; banddjitrhi- 

Destruction, banddjHiceicin, ba- 

Destruction, (death.) (Metchi- 
newin). I wish his (her, its) 
destruction,?///* nibnma; nin 
nibondan. We wish each 
other's dest., nin nibondimin. 

Detect. Detected. — S. Find. 

Determine; I dot. it, nin umw^' 
nadan. (Kiseyittam). 

Determine. Determination. — S. 
Resolve. Resolutiou. 

'> H 

I ^ i 






■ Vi 



p I 


1 ■ 

■,;; '■'■!' j 

i !i 


— 72 — 


Di'torniincd ; it is <let., iiutirc- 
nmlJi<i<i<U' , 

DotcHt ; I (lofci-t liiin, (her, it,) 
niu iiiii/ein'ina ; niitjiiij/euildn. 

Detour, yiweiteonan. tWAwiniat- 

Detruction, ihijimliwiti, niatr/ii 
ihtjiudiuun , litijiiiifc.s/ikiiciii . 

Detractor, (IvfiiKjeshkid. 

Detroit, Wauuiaian. At, from 
or to Detroit, Wtiinuttanony. 

Devastation , banddJitchiifevDin. 

Devil, matchl iiiaiiit<», manishri- 
nixsi, maichi niaawixh, wani- 
■ fiiil mam'to. 

Devoted ; I niu dev. to him, (her, 
it,) ni'ud atujwamikawa ; nind 

D c v o t i o II, soiu/anamiawin. 

Devour; I devour him, )l»ite 
him uuich,) nind ablndama. 

Devout. S. Religious. 

Dew ; there is dew on the ground, 
mindokad. (Akosipeyaw). 

D i a r r h CB a, jabokaiinsiwin. I 
have tliediar.jWm Jahokawis. 

Dictionary, ikkitowini masinai- 

Die; I die, nin nib. It dies, 
(perislies,) nibomagad. It dies 
from Iteat, [in., an.) nibode ; 
nibode.w. I die suddenly, nin 
kakamine, nin kaiakamis. I 
die in a certain place, nin da- 
pine. I make liim die in a 
certain place, nin dapinea. I 
die on account of:..., nind 
ondjine. I die for somebody, 
nin nibotage. I die for him, 
nin nibotawa. I die of hungry, 
nin gawandndam. We die all 
away, nin ichaginemin. I re- 

main while the others A'\v,nind 
i.shkonr. — I winh he would die, 
II ill iiihiinia, Ilia nuniboina. I 
wish he would die, (in 
th(»ughtH, nin niboirenima. 

Die with.... ; I die with...., nin 
gigini', nin ifiginib. I die with 
him, iiin indjiuihonia, iiiiigi- 
ginrnaii. I die with it, iiiii 

Diileri'iitly, in a different man- 
ner, bchikinong, bakdn. In 
different directions, in dift". 
places, bepakdn. (Pitu."). 

Ditlicult ; I am lit isi difl., nin 
.snii(tgi.t ; sanagad. (Ayimi- 

DifHculty ; I have difficulties, 
nin nanagis. I cause him diff'., 
nin nanagi-sia. (Ayimihew). 

Difficulty in thoughts, sanagen- 
damowin. I have thoughts of 
diff'., I am troubled, nin nana- 
gendam. (Ayimeyittainowin). 

Difficulty of temperament, sana- 
gi,nwin. I am of a difficult 
temperament, nin san agis. 

Diftbrmed ; I am (it is) difform- 
ed, nin manddis ; manddad. 

Diflbrmed ; (in. s. in.) S. Ugly. 

DifFormity, manddisiwin. 

I dig, win wdnike. I dig 
a deep hole in the ground, nin 
dimiianike,nin ginwanike, nin 
ishpdnike. It is dug deep, di- 
miianikade, ginwanikade, ish- 
pdnikdde. (Watikkew). 

Dig out ; I dig out potatoes, 7iw 
mondapini. I dig out uiedical 
roots, nin mondashkikiwe. 

Di^ up, (in. 8. in.) S. Bring to 

Digest ; I digest it well, nin mi- 



DiK —Tu- 


iiofidifoii. I c-niitiot (ligcHt it, 
uin indnikotfoii, 

Dili^rcnt ; I um ilil. at work, niii 
nHdaitnki, nin pajiijiradis. 
(KiikTix avvisiw). 

Diliiii'; ) dilute it (///., an.), /</// 
tiiiit/ahairailnii ; nin iiinijahn- 

Dim ; I Imve ilitii vyvi*. viti hi- 
(jisdwuh, nil! hi(fi.s(iiriiiom. 

Diiniiiish ; f *liiiiiiiiisl> it, uin 

Dinner, nairdkwe-ii'i.ssiniicin. I 
take my dinner, nin nawakwe- 

Dinnrder ; it is it» disorder, />/- 
wi.ssin. I j)nt it in dis., uin 

Dip in ; I dip liiin (Iier, it) in 
water, nin yntjina, uin tcheka- 
(/aniina, nin fcfiekat/irindjima; 
nin i/oj/inau, nin tr/tckatfumi- 
nan, nin tchekaywindjiton. I 
dip him (lier, it) in s. th., nin 
(jinddbiiiina ; nin <iindubi<ji' 
nun. — I dip my hand in the 
same vessel with him, nin 

Dipped; it is dipped in s. th., 
(//«., an.) ginaabiginiydde ; 

Dirt, fl/is/}A/ (mud); wanak. I 
am in dirt, I live in dirt, nin 
winab. Dirt, (excrement,) mo. 

Dirtiness, winisiwin. 

Dirty ; I am dirty, nin winis ; 
nin mowidjiw, ninmoicidjiwis. 
It is dirty, winad. I think lie 
(she, it) 18 dirty, impure, nin 
winenivia; ninwinendan. It 
is dirtv, (liquid,) windgami. 
It is dfrty, (wool,) [in., an.) 
winissaga ; winissagisi. — I 
make dirty somebody, nin 
winishkdge, nin winiiwe. ;I 



make him (her, it) dirty, nin 
iriniii, nin irini.s/ikatrn ; uin 
u'inilon, uin ii'ini.sfikan. I 
make mysell" dirty, uin U'in'ii- 
diK. It inakj's me dirty, nin 
n'iniigiiu, nin wini.shkagou, I 
am lit is) madi' df.ty, nin wi- 
nUchigas : iriniir/iif/ddf. — I 
thinjrs dirty, nin irinit- 
It makes dirty, irmj'/o- 
niagad. (Wiyipisiw wiyipaw). 

Dirty, unuddy ;i itisdirty, ajish- 

Dirty house or lodge, momiga- 

Dirtv story, icinddjiniouin. I 
tell a dirtv storv, nin windd- 

Disagreealile ; I an> lit is) dis., 
nin xanagix ; .sanat/ad. I am 
(it isj considered disagreeaMe, 
nin iingendd<fn.<i, uin niauen- 
dagos, nin sa.iagendugon ; Jin- 
nagendagwad. — My speak ing 
is dis., uin Jiugitagos. Its 
sound is dis., jingiiagtead. 

Disappear ; I di.s., uind angioa- 
nagos, nin boninagos. uin nor 
winagos. I dis. tmder the wa- 
ter, nin nikibishin, nin nikag- 
windjin. He (she, it) disap- 
pears to me, nind augwdbama; 
nind angwdbaudan. (Wana- 
bamew). It dis., angwanag- 
wad, boninagwad. 

Disappeared ! gone I weniban. 
(Aweniban, aspin). 

Discern ; I discern, nin mami- 
noicdb, ninuis.niawdb. I di.s- 
cern him, (her, it,) nin mami- 
, nondbama, nin uitisitawdba- 
ma ; nin maminowdbandan, 
nin nissitawdbandan. 





r 1 

1 , 



1 ',' 




' t 





M ' i 

Disciple, kikinoamagan. 
Discontented ; I am dis., kawin 

nin minwendansi. I am dis. 

in my mind, nin mdnendam. 

1 have discontented thoughts 

towards him, (her, it,) nin 

mdnenima ; nin indncnddn. 
Discontinuance, anijitavvnvin, 

anawendjigetvin. ( Pomewi n ) . 
Discontinue; I dis., nind aniji- 

tani. ^Ponittaw). 
Discourage ; I disc, him, nind 

aniahima, nin jdgwenimoa. 

Discouraged ; T am disc, nin 

Jdgwenim. (lyimow). 
Discourse, gigiiowin. Prtident 

wise discourse, nibwdkatogo- 

siwin. Foolish imprudent dfis- 

course, gagibasitdgosiwin. 

Discover ; I begin to discover 

(to discern) a certain point of 

land, nin sdgewessidon. 
Discover. Discovered, liii. s. in.i 

S. Find. Found. Invent. In- 
Di.«coverer, (inventor,) viekaiva- 

Discredit. S. Defame. 
Discreet; I am discreet, «/h nib- 

wdka. (lyinisiw). 
Disease, akosiwin .• inapineicin. 
Disembarras."^ ; I dis. him from 

s. th., nin vtiddgwenamawa. 
Disentangle. S. Lnravel. 
Disguise; I dis. myself, nin 

wani (Wavesihuw). 
Disgust, jigadendamoicin . 
Disgusteci ; I am dis., nia jiga- 

dendam. — S. Tired of... 
Dish, ond'/an. A little dish, o»a- 

gans. Earthen dish, wtibigan 

ondgan. I make dishes, nind 

ondganike. The 

making of 

dishes, ondganikewin. I wasli 
or rinse dishes, nin kisibigi- 
ndgane. I wipe dishes, nin 
kisiindga le. 

isiinaganan, gas- 

Dish-clout, ' 

Dishful ; a dishful, ningoiond- 

Dish-game, pag^ssewin. I play 
the disli-game, nin pog^fiae. 

Dish-maker, ondganikewinini, 
toendganiked. 1 am a dish- 
maker, nind ondganike. 

Dislionor ; I dishonor him, (her, 
it,) nind agatchia, nind aga- 
noma ; nind agatchiton, nind 
(!(/asondan. (Nepewihcw). 

Dishonorable ; my conduct is 
dis., 7iind agalendagos. It is 
die., agatendagwad . 

Dish-water, kisibigindgandbo. 

Dislocate. Dislocated. — I dislo- 
cate my arm, leg, etc. My 
arm, leg, etc. is dislocated. S. 
Arm. Leg, etc. 

Dislooated ; I have some limb 
dislocated, nin kotigota, nin 

Dislocation (of limbs in the 
Itotly.) koiigoshkdu'in. 

Disobedience, agonic etamounn. 

Disobedient ; I am dis., nin agon- 
irefain, nin nita-agonwi'tavi. 
Disobedient person, aiagon- 
weiang, neta-agonwetang. 

Disobey ; I disobey, nind agon- 
wetani, nin gagansitani, nin 
ajidenge. I use to disobey, 
nin nita-agonwHam, nin aji- 
dengeshk. I disobey \\\m,nind 
anon ivetawa, nin gagantiiiaiua. 

Disi)erse ; I disperse, biiciwebi- 
nige. I dis. it, (//t., an.) nin 
biwiicebinan, nin bewissidon ; 


— 75 — 


nin biwiwebina, nin biwishi- 

ma. (Sawetisaliwew). 
Disperse. Dispersed, (in. s. in.) 

S. Scatter about. Scattered 

Dispersed; it is dis., {in., an.) 

hiicis.sin, hiiciwebinigdde ; bi- 

wishima, bimwebinujasn. 
Dispersed ly, ichilchatchiban. 
Displeasure. S. Discouteni. 
Dispose; 1 dispose of him, 'uor, 

it,) nind atdwennn, nin migi- 

wenan ; nind atdiven, nin mi- 

Disposed ; I am well disp., nin 

minoijiwebi.i. I am evil disp., 

nin matchi ijiwebis. 
Disposition of mind, ijiwebisi- 

iviu. Good disp mi no ijiwe- 

bi.siwin. Bad disp. matchi iji- 

Dispute, ayonwetddiwin, aiagin- 

dendiwin. (Kikikittowini. 
Dispute ; I dispute, nin gikdioi- 

dani ; nind njidewidam, tiind 

ajidewe. (Kikkawitam). 
Dispute ; we dispute with one 

another, nind aaonwefddimin, 

n ind aiajindenaimin. 
Di«pute, (in. s. in.) S. Quarrel. 
Dis<iuiet ; I am disquiet, nin 

Disquietness, wa>M.s7t^icmjciH. 
Disrespectful answer, ajidewida- 

mowin. I giro hii • disrespect- 
ful, ni>id ajidema. 
Dissatisfied ; i ara diss., katcin 

nin minwt.iudnn, nin minda- 

we. I look diss., nin minda- 

weunndgo.f. (Mittavvew). 
Dissemble ; I dissemble sickness, 

nind dkosikas. 
Dissention, (confusion ;) there 

is diss., nvihiwanadakamig. 


Dissipate, I dissipate, nin bo- 
nddjitchige.. I diss, it, (in., 
an.) nin banddjiton, nin nishi- 
wanddjitnn, nin banadjia nin 

Dissuade ; 1 diss, him from s. 
th. , nind anijitamoa. (Pome- 

Di.-*suade, ('n. s. in.) S. Discotir- 


Distance ; from dist. to dist., 
aiapi. It is of such a distance, 
apitchdmagad. The distance 
of <it place, epitehdg. 

DiiUun'., t'tiv,wd.isa. h is distant, 
t'la.t.satvdd, apUeha, pitc/ia. 

I)if>ti! ; I distil, (I make ardent 
liquor,) nind iahhdewdboke. 

Distiller, hihkntewdbokeicinini. 

Disiillery, ishkoteicdbokewiga- 

Distort S. Dislocate. 

Distracted ; I am dist. in my 
thoughts, 7iind ondumendatn. 
I am dist. in listening, nin be- 
bishkwendam. I am dist. in 
listening to him, nin babish- 
kotawa. I am dist. in listen- 
ing to a sermon, nin babish- 
kotan gagikwewin. (Wanwe- 

Distrain, etc. — S. Seize, etc. 

Distress, animinwin. — S. Suffer- 
ing. (Wawaneyittamowin) . 

Distribute, nin mddaoki. I dist. 
ii, (in., a)i.) nin niddaoken ; 
nin viddankenan. I dist. it 
among them, nin niddaonor 
mawag. We dist. it amongst 
us, nin madaonidimin. (Ma- 

Distribute, (i'l. 8. in.) S. Divide. 

Distribution, inddaokiic i, md- 
daonidiwin, nenawitagewin. 










■ ' ■ 





Disturb; I disturl) liiin in his 
8peukin;.r; nin UHinisltkwea. I 
tlii^turl) liiin in liis sleep, niii 
niskiisntna. i (list, it, nhi wa- 

.Disturbance, (in. s. in.i S. Riot. 

Diteli , jxissanikan , pusmniknl- 
(jan. 1 di^ u (litcli, uin juis- 
m/iike, II in pasxduikaiift. I 
mako a ditch thnmgh it, nin 
paaadnikadan. T here is a 
ditch made, jfas.sainkmh^jKi.s- 
s/tiiikdii/dde. — 1 dijj; a ditch 
around him, (her, it,) nin ;/i- 
irifaianiknita , nin (jiicitaia- 

Dive ; ] dive, nin (joqi. 

Diver, (fOjfinyinini. \ am a good 
diver, inn jihiinahdwc. 

Divers, andir/i. iXanantoki. 

Diviile ; 1 divide amonirst peo- 
ple, nin nenawitfii/c. I divide 
It, (in., an.], nin nvnmrinnn . 
nin nenaicina. I divide it to 
l»im, nin nenuwiiuiinawd, nin 
ncnawitami. I divide it to 
tlieni or them, uin 
nenaicHaway. We di\iile it 
amongst tjs, nin ncnawinaina- 
diwin. — I divide myself, nin, 
nenau'iidi,s, nin nenaii'inidi.s. 
h divides itselt\ nenaiiiidi/io- 
wagad, nenawimdis(nni;;/ad. 

Divide, (in. s. in.) S. Distribute. 
S. Oijen. 

Divided ; 1 am (it is) divided, 
nin nenamniyds ; neadicini- 
gdde. — I a nt d i v. i n \\\ y 
thoughts, nin baknnenim. I am 
div. against myself, nin hakd- 
nenindis. It is div. against 
itself, hakdnenindisomagad. 

Divinity, divine nature, Kije- 

Y(5 _ DOC 

Division, (in. S. Distribu- 

Divorce, fnikeshkodddiwin, we- 
hinidiwin. We make a di- 
vorce, nin hdkeshkodddimin, 
nin irihinidiiniii . 

Dizzy. Dizziness. — S. Gid(iy. 

Do ; I do, nin dodam, nind ijif- 
r/u'i/c, nin duddge. It does, 
doda(/ein<igad, ijUvkiijcmagad. 
T maKe him do s. th., nin do- 
dainon. I do him s. th., nin 
dodiiini. It does me s. th., nin 
dtiddgnii. We do s. th. to one 
another, nin dodddiinin. — I 
do s. th. by mistake, nin wa- 
nidddain, nin }>itchi-d(nhtm. 1 
don't dare <lo it, nin nianddo- 
ddin. I do s. th. in sueh a 
l)luc'', nin d(in((kaini(fi.s. I do 
s. th. often, nin wcikModain, 
nin nifd-dndain. 1 do it in- 
stead of him, nin nahi.s/ikn- 
inava. 1 do lor sayi what is 
not my l)usine.-s, jiin waiciiu- 
<//,v. ( Wa \v iyat isi \v i . 

Doctor, via.shkikiu'inini, uanan- 
dtuciiwewinini, ncnandawii- 

Doctor ; I doctor, (I give medi- 
cines,! /(/// nanandnmiwe. I 
(hjctor him, »/« nandndawia, 
nin nanandawitira. 

Doctored ; I am doc, nin na- 
ndndaiciigos. Doctored per- 
son, nandndawitchigan. 

Doctoring, a doctor's art, science, 
busin('st<, nandndawiiivewin, 
nandndawitwdtcin . 

Document, (deed,) dehioewini- 
7na>iinaigan. Any writing, oji- 

Do evil ; I do evil, nin matchi 
dodam, nin matchitwa. I do 


— 77 


him evil, nin maichi dndawa. 
We do evil to each other, nin 

' mate hi dodudiniin. M u t u a 1 
evil iloiti;;, matchi dodddiwin. 

Dog, animosh, onim, nniinokad- 
ji. I am a doj^, nind animo- 
shiw. My, thy, his (lo<r, nin- 
dai, kidai, odainn. French 
(lojr, JonJ", Jonjoirns.sim. Male 
do^, ndlx's.sini. Female dog, 
(hitch,) nojt'ssint. Young dog, 
oshkdssitn. This d<.»gis a good 
lM»inter, a good spotting dog, air (iiiintoN/i. J call 
a dog whistling, ///// wikwlk- 
iras.sinncc. Tlie d(tg wags his 
tail, Huu't'houotreni (iniinosli. 
(Atiiii, n'teiii, otema wewebil- 

Dog-train, dog-sled, nubfn/add- 

Doing, dodaniowin, ijitchi(/ewin. 
Doing I»y mistake, icdnidoda- 
iiiiiwin, piichi-dodaniDwin. 

I )om i nation , dihtiidjit/ewiti. 

Done ! (ipine ! ( As)>ini. 

J)one; it is do;;* or i)laced, ///- 
jHfliiijdde. /ijiki(/dde, (jiji.ssit- 

Done. S. Cooked. 

Don't, A'7/o. (Kkawiya). 

Door, i^-hkirandent. I make a 
door or door.s, nind i.shkwan- 
dnnikf. There is a door, ish- 
kinindcmiwan. There is a 
large door, nianaishkirandeia. 
Tliere is a sniall door, aijas- 
si.shktrandcin. I fix the door, 
nin nai.shkuHindenan. Near 
the door, tc/ii<fis/dwand. 

Dorm i tor V, nibble in. 

Dotted. S. Spottei. 

Douhle-barreled gun, najo.shkak 
pdshkimjan. It i.s a double- 
barreled gun, nijoshkadpdish- 



Don 1 tt , cfiwndenkamntnn. 

Doubt; I (I ubt, nin. ;/iwoden- 

datn. I doultt whether I am 

able to do it or not, nind anu- 

irenim. ( WawAiifyittam i . 
Doubtful ; it is doubtful, ip'u'a- 

Doubtless, (/iididk, (ji'ijei, e 

nanij^ kii. iMiyi'uiuiwi. 
Dough ; I make up llour into 

dougli, /(/// niisiu'ftcliishkin'ii- 

l/iii(i i>(ikii'tjitjtin, nil! ini.siwt- 

din<i jxikir jii/nn. 
Dove, (domestic pigeon,) wdhit- 

Down, (soft, umlerfeather,) mia- 

Down , ni.ssdii, mitrhuii. — Down , 

ire.s[)ecting rivers,) nisHadji- 

Down-hanging ; I have down- 

liaiiging lips, nin alnnljidi>n. 
Down the stream ; I go tlowii 

the stream in a canoe or boat, 

nin nismlinn, nin Ijiindlnm. I 

go <lown over Ji rapid, nin ni- 

s/iihon. 1 take lum down the 

stream in a caiioe or boat, 

;//// ni.iliilmnn. iMamik-ma- 

Doze; I doze, nind asinj/wam. 
Dozen, niidd.ssiri as/ii nij. (Mi- 

tatat nijosabi. 
Drag ; I drag myself about, jiin 

hdhdiniiilc, nin hahniandx'. 1 

(irag s. th. with great ditiicul- 

ty, nin auiniiddhi. 
Drag, (in. h. in ) S. Draw. 
D r a g - n e t, iKjicabindijan. S. 

Dragon-tly, obodan hkwaninhi . 
Drag out ; 1 drag him ( her, it,) 




'J. n: 



I all. 

VI i 




■ i' ■; 

' ' 1 ' 

! '^'^ ■ 



— 78 — 



out, nin sagisiddbdna ; 

Dram-sliop, minikwiwigamig, 

Dram-shop keeper, sigmigiwi- 

Draught-board, gdndin i g an, 
joithkonigan. I draw on a 
draught-Doard, nin gandinige, 

Draught of air ; there is a dr. of 
air, jdhodMassin. 

Drauglit-ox, oddbi-pljiki. 

Draw ; 1 draw, nind odabi. I 
make him draw, nind oddbia. 
I draw him, (her, it,) nind 
oddbdna ; nind oddbddan. I 
draw a load, nind awadjiddbi. 
I make him drp ,, a load, nind 
awadjiddbia. I cannot draw 
him, (her, it,) nin bwawihina; 
nin bwdwibidon I have drawn 
all of it, (in., an.) nin tchagi- 
ddbddan ; nin tchagiddbana. 
— I draw back or aside, sit- 
ting, nindikwdb. (Otabew). 

Draw. Drawing. — S. Paint. 

Draw along ; I draw or drag 
him, (her, it) along, nin bimi- 
ddbdna ; nin bimiddbddan. 

Draw away ; I draw or drag 
away, nin mddjiddbi. I draw 
or drag him (her, it) away, 
nin mddjiddbdna ; nin mdd- 
jiddbddan. (Sipwetabatew). 

Drawers, bitawigiboddegwds- 

Drawing, oddbiwin. (Otabewin). 

Drawing-knife, mokodjigan, kit- 

Draw in the mouth. S. Suck. 

Draw liquid ; I draw, nin gwd- 
baarn. I draw it, (liquid,) 
ningwdbaan, nin gwdbandan. 

I draw water, nin gwdbaige. I 
draw water out of a fountain, 
nin gwdbaibi. I draw broth, 
etc., nin gwdbaabowe. I draw 
a fish out of the water, nin 
gwdbdwa gigo. (Akwanew). 
Draw-net, large draw-net, tchi- 
madgan. I am fishing with a 
draw-net, nin tchimaa. 

Draw out ; 1 draw it out, [in., 
an.) nin giiaan, nin gitinan, 
nin gitchigobidon, nin gissigo- 
bidon, nin gitchigtodkonan, 
nin gis.sigimkonan, nin nani- 
kibidon ; nin gitawa, nin gi- 
tina, nin gitchigobina, nin 
gi.isigobina, nin gitchigumko- 
na, nin gissigwakona, nin na- 
nikibina. I draw it out for 
him, nin gitchibHawa, nin git- 
rhigobidamaiva. (Piklikohew, 
wilckwatinam). I draw it out 
with the teeth, nin wikwan- 
dan. I try to draw him out 
8. th. with the teeth, nin 
wikwaichiwikwandamawa. — I 
draw it out of a vessel, (//*., 
an.) nind agwdbian, nind ag- 
wdbixna. I draw him (her, ii) 
out of a kettle, etc., nind ag- 
wdxca ; nind agwaan. — I draw 
oni the threads of it, nind 

Draw over ; I draw s. th. over a 
string, ni7i ndjabiige. I draw 
it over a string or cord, nin 
ndjabian. (I play on the vio- 
lin, nin ndjabiige. — S, Violin, 

Draw to... ; I draw to me, nin 
wikobidjige. I draw him (her, 
it) to me, nin wikobina; nin 
wikobidon. I am (it is) drawn 
to..., nin ivikobidjigas ; wiko- 



— 79 


Draw up ; I draw him (her, it) 
up on a Tope,nind ikicdhiffina, 
nin wikwahigina, nin wikwd- 
biyibina ; nind ikwdbiginnu, 
nin wikwabiginan, nin wik- 

Dread ;' I dread hi in, (respect 
him,) nin qoshima. I dread 
it, (respect it,) Jiin (fossifan. I 
dread him (her, it) in thoujjhts, 
nin goto nenimn ; ningofanen- 
ddn. (Kustonamew). 

Dread. Dreaded, (in. s. in.) S. 
Fear. Feared . 

Dreaded: I am (it is) dreaded, 
considered dreadful, ningotd- 
nendagoH ; gotanendagwad. 

Dreadful. S. Frightful. 

Dreani, innhaudamowin,indhnn- 
Jigan, bdwddjignn. — Bad 
dream, mnndsabandamnwin. 
I have a had dream, nin md- 
ndsdh(tn<lam.Bea.\iii\\i\ dream, 
u'ejihabondjigan, wejibab^in- 
damou'in. J have a beautiful 
dr., niu trejibahandjige, uin 
wejilidhandam. — Gowl dream, 
minwabandamoicin. I liavea 
good dream, nin minwabdiijige 
iiiu minwahandam. — Impure 
dream , hinhigiraanhandamo- 
irin. 1 have an impure dream, 
via binkigwanabnndam . Omi- 
nous unhioky dream, dpawe- 
win. I have an ominou.^' un- 
lucky dream, nind dpaire. — 
Painful dream, kotagdbandn- 
viouin. \ have a paint'ul 
dream, nin kotngdbandam. 
• Pawatamowin, pawagan) 

Dream ; I ilream, nind indban- 
dam, nind indbandjige, nin 
bawadjige. I dream often, nin 
nitd-iadbandam, nin niid-ba- 

wddjige. (Pawatam, itabat- 
tam). I dream of him, (her, 
it,) nind indbamit, nin bawd' 
n« ; nind inabandan, nin ba- 

Drean)er, endbandnng, bewddji- 
ged. (jrreat dreamer, netd- 
indbandang, netd-bawddjiged. 

Dreaming S. Dream. 

Dregs ; there are dregs, jigosse- 

Drenched ; I am dr. witii rain, 
ninbnsdbawe. I ani (it is) dr. 
through, nin Jubwdbawe ; 

Dress, agwiwin. I luvve a new 
dress on, nind oshkikwnnai*', 
nind oshkigwaje. ,(MiskutA- 
kii y I . 

Drt'SH ; I dress my.-ielf, nin bi- 
.sikwanaie, nin bixikonidin, 
nind agwiidis. I dress him 
(her, it) nin binikona, nind 
agivin ; nin bi.iikonan, nin 
agwiion. (Pustayonisew). I 
dress myself in a certain man- 
iH'r, nind ijikuuinaie. I dress 
it torclotheit) in acertain man- 
ner, nind iJikwaiKticton. I 
dress like.. , nind iji, nind 
ijikwannie. It dresses (is 
d r e s s e d I like., iiinmagdd, 
ijikiPdnaienutgnd. — I d r c .i s 
«'legantly, nin u'dii'eji, nin 
iiihi'rjikirdnnie (Wawesiw). 
I dress him elfguntly, «/« Mv/- 
wejia. I dress gloriously, nin 
bishigenddg}ri. I dress in 
Mack, niu niiikdft'u'ikwdnd'if. 
I dress in green, nind ojdwunh- 
kirandie. I dre.-*s in red, nin 
miskwakwandie. I dress in 
white, nin wdbikwanaie, nin 
wdbishkikwanaie. I dreas 
vainly, splendidly, nin aas6- 



i I 







'i;' : 


It ■ 

'! r- 



— 80 — 


(jakwanaie. I dress warmly, 
ninkijopis. (Kisoeuw). 

Dress a wound ; I dress liis 
wound, tie it up, niii ninnobi- 
na. My wound is dressed, 
nin .siH.wbis. Tlie dressing oi' 
a wound, sinsobuoivin. (Ak- 

Dress. S. Tan. 

Dressed; I am dressed. S. I 


Dressed. S, 

poorly dressed. S. 


Dried iiHh,bdh'f/iyd, nam6teg. 

Dried meat, bdtvwiiass. (KAkke- 

Drink, minikwewin. It is drinkj 
minikw eiviniwan . 

Drink ; I drink, nin minikwe, 
nin minikwddjige. I drink in 
sucli a place, nin dajibi. I 
drink in ditt". places, nin babd- 
ijibi. I drink it, nin minik- 
iven. I drink it, (spend it for 
drinking,) [in., an.) nin minik- 
wadan ; nin minikwdna. 

Drink, S. Give to drink. 

Drink all ; 1 drink it all up,nind 
iskandan, nindiskapidan, nin 
sikapidan. (Kitaw). 

Drink-house, drinking-house, 
minikwewigamiij, siginigewi- 

Drinking, minikweivin. Bad 
habit of drinking, habitual 
drinking, minikw eshkiwin. I 
am in a bad habit of drinking, 
nin ininikweshk. 


Drink together ; I drink toge- 
ther with him, nin widjimi- 
nikwema, nin widjibima. We 
drink together, nin ividjibin- 

Driven by the waves ; I am lie 
is) driven by the waves, nin 
babamiivebaog ; babamiweba- 
an. I am (it is) driven away 
by the waves, nin bimiivebaog; 
biniiwebaan . ( Webapokow) . 

Driven by the wind; lam (it is) 
dr. about by the w., nin ba^ 
bamdsh ; babamdssin. I am 
(it is) dr. aside by the w., nin 
bimidash ; bimiddssin. I am 
(it iff) dr. backwards Ity tlie 
w., nind ajeiafih ; aj^idssin. 1 
am (it is) dr. by the w. to the 
sliore, nind agivaiash ; ag- 
waldssin. (Webassini. 

Drive off; I drive him oft', 
(away,) nind ikonaidwa, nin 

Driver. S. Cartman. 

Droll ; I droll, nin babdpinis. 

Droll, (curious, comical ;) I am 
(it is) droll, considered droll, 
nin ivawiiadenddgos ; ivawiia- 
denddawad. I find him (her, 
it) droll, niji wawiiadenima , 
nin wawiiadendan. 1 find or 
think myself droll, niM wawii- 

Droll. Drollery, (in. 8. in.) S. 

Drollery, babapinwewin, iva- 
wiiaJUdgosiwin. 1 am telling 
drolleries, nin babapinwe, nin 

Drop, panyiyag. (Pakkikawi- 

Drop; '\i diVOi^B, pangiga. (Pak- 

Drop, (lei fall;) I drop it, (//*.. 
an.) ninbdninan; ninbdnina. 
— S. Fall, let fall down. 

Dropsy, missidjiwin. I have 


— 81 — 


tlie dropsy, vin viissvlji. (Mis- 

Drought ; where is a dr., bibinc- 

Drown ; I drown liiin, inn t/ibirn- 
ndbawitiKi. (NistabAwayew). 

Drowned ; I iini dr., uin ijibwn- 
ndmabawe, nin nismbaice. 

Drowsy. Drowsiness. — S. 
Sleepy. Sleepiness. 

Drum, l4'Wei<ian, miii<iU'nkik. 

Drum; I drum, nin ieweige. 
t Pakahamaw). 

Drummer, tai^wh'f/ed, iew^ige- 

l)r\un-8i\ck, pnffaakohvdn. 

Drunk ; I am drunk, 7irn gi- 
waxhkivehi. (Kii.«^kwe^)ew). 

Drunkard, menikweshkid. Con- 
firmed habit lal drunkard, 
(/awa.shkwebLshkid, ne.fd-iji- 
wmhkwehid. I am a habitual 
drunkard, nin nita-<iiwash- 
kwehi, nin (liwashkwehinhk. I 
make him aperfectdrunkard, 
nin ffiu'ashkwebixhkia. 

Drunken itersou, (/awashkivebid. 

Drunkenness, niinikweshkiuin, 
yiwas/ikwehiwin. Habitual 
d r u n k e n n e 8 s, giwashkwe- 
biahkiwin. (Kiiskwebewin). 

Dry ; I drv myself, I become 
(\Ty,ninhdiiH. I dry it, (///., 
an.) ninbaasan; nin bdsuwa. 
I drv meat, etc., nin bdssama. 

Dry ; I am (it is) dry, nin btenjofi, 
nin bans ; ' ngivan, bdtie. The 
ground i i-y , bengwdkamiga, 
bibingkamute. It is dry, (the 
water dried up,) iskdieinagad, 
iskabimagad. It dries and dies, 
nibohate. (Dry-meat, kakki- 

Dry. S. Thirsty. 

Drying, bussttnuiiriti. 

Dry in smoke; I dry h. th. in 
smoke, ////* nwwakadoxnma, 
nin gaskisige. I dry it in 
smoke, (in., an.)nin g<i.^kisnn; 
nin gaskixwa. ( Kaskji baswew). 

\)\\ck,jixhib. A largc> kind of 
duck, ininifikib. A n o t h e r 
kind of wild duck, annig. An- 
other kind, Jingibi.'<.<<. ' Duck 
with n long "leck, ginogweia- 
weshib. Another kindofduck, 
kiniHhiinoktveithib. Another 
kind, niamo. Another kind 
again, wahHowishib. A kind 
of autumn i\\\ck, pikwakoshib. 
A very fa,t duck, pnkoJiHhib, 
— I hunt ducks, nin nando^ 
shibe, nin nndjixkibe. 

Dug; it is dug deep, ginwani- 
kdde, dimiianikdae, ishpani- 

Dug. S. Woman's breast. 

Dull ; it is dull, blunt, ajdssin, 
ajiwas.mi, ajiiabikin.sin. I am 
dull at work, nin bubegikdditi, 
nin babddjijimvin. 

Dull (in. s. in.) S. Stupid. 

Dullness at work, baft^gikadini- 
win, bab^djinau'imrin . 

Dung, pigikiwimo. (Mustuso- 

Duplicate, anbjibiigan. — S. 

Durable ; I ani dur,, of a strong 
constitution, ninjibinawis. It 
is durable, it/t. an.\ mngan ; 
Hongisi. It i dur., (wood,) 
jibigissin. It is dur., metal,) 
Jibabik'iHsin. iSiltan, sibinew). 

During, megwa, apitr/i. 

Dusky ; I am dusky, nin maka- 

Dust, wiiagassiidn. The white 


■ : I 








\ i 

' . V, 

':■ \\'' 



— 82 — 


dust on the liead of a person, 
akinikwan. (Pikkowakkaw). 
The dust is rained by the 
wind, pingweombassin. The 
dust falls on 8. th., hinakami- 
yishka. I wipe the dust off, 
nin binawian. I shake the 
dust off from it, [in. an.) nin 
baweginan ; nin bawegina. 

Dustv ; I umk'e it dusty, nin bi- 

Dwell ; I dwell, nin da,nind ab 
I dwell in him, (her, it,) nind 
abitawa; nind abitan. 

Dwelling. S. Habitation. 

Dye, (color,) onansigan, adissi- 

Dye, (color;) I dye, nin onan- 

sige, nind adissige. 



ash-colored, black, etc 
Ash-colored, Black, etc. 
Dyed ; it is dyed, (in.,an.) aditte; 

adisso. It is dyed so..., {in., 

an.,) inande ; inanso. It is 

dyed green, red, etc. S.Green. 

lied, etc. 
Dying ; I am <iying, nin giwine, 

nin nib, nin bdbanadis. (Ati- 

Dyeing, (coloring,! adissigewin, 

Dyer, edissiged, adissigewinini, 

Dyer's business or trade, adissi- 
gewin, onansigewin. 
Dyer's shop, dye-house, adissi- 

gewigamig, onansigewigamig. 
Dye-stuft", adi.Hsigan, onansigan. 
Dysentery, jdbondeshkawin. 1 

I have the dys., nin jdbon- 

deshka. (Sabosow.) 
Dysury, gibijigiwineshkawin. I 

have the dysury, nin gibijigi- 




Eagle, miffhii. Younj* eatjle, mi- 
yisins. Another kind of eagle, 
wabijaktce. Black eagle, mis- 
aaim. (Kiyiw). 

Kagle's claw, mi^isiwiganj. 

Kagle-tighter, ninjisananisxi, pi- 

Eagfe-Harbor, Miyisiiciwikiced. 
At Eagle-Harbor, from or to 
Eagle-Harbor, M</i««r«ic/Ajre- 

Eagle-Kiver, Migisiwisibi. At, 
from or to Eagle-Uiver, Migi- 

Ear, otamujdma. My, thy, his 
ear, nUawag, kitawau, otn- 
wag. (N'ittawokiiy, k ittawo- 
kiiy, ottawokny). I have ear**. 
nind otaicdga. I liave large 
ear?, 7iin mamaugitatcage. I 
have a long ear, niiiginota- 
wage , I have long earH,/<m ga- 
ijanoiaivage.l have a email ear, 
nin agdssitaivage; I have small 
earf , )nn babhvitaicage. I have 
ugly ears.Hiu mdmanjitawage. 
My ear is cold, (my ears are 
cold,] nin iakitawage, nin ta- 
takitawaae. My ear is cut ott", 
nin kisfikitawage. I cut ott 
his ear, nin kishkitawagejicn. 
I strike ott his ear, nin kish- 
kitawageganama. My ear is 
frozen, (my ears are frozen,) 
nin mashkaioadj iiaicagewadj . 
My ear is stopped, nin gibita- 
wage ; niy ears are stopped, 

(I nm deaf,) nin gagibifawage, 
(Kipittew). I .-tup my ear, 
7<m gibitmcageodix , I stop 
my ears, nin gagibiimcageo- 
din, nin gagibishebinidis. I 
stop his ear, nin gibitnwagr- 
wa ; I stop his ears, nin gaai- 
bitairaa^wa, nin gagibishem- 
nu. My ear is swollen, nin 
bagitawage.-^l have only one 
ear, nin nabanitawage. The 
other ear, or only one ear, na- 
banHauag. I pull his ear, /»m 
wiko la wagebin a , » in jibita wa- 
gebina. (Tewittawokew). 

Ear-hanging. S. Ear-ring. 

Earn; learn, nindaxhkitthige, 
1 earn to niy.^elf, or for myself, 
nin ganhkilas, nin gashklta- 
vids, nin gaa/tkitamddi.'i, nin 
wihratchitaii, nin wikwat' 
chitamddiH. — I earn it, {in.y 
an.) nin gashkitrkiqen, nin 
ganhkiton ; nin gashkitchige- 
nan, nin gashkia. I earn it to 
myi-elf, iin.,an.) nin ga.shkita- 
mdson ; nin v-ikiratrfyifamd- 
snn ; nin ga.f/tkifatnusonaH, 
nin wihcatrhitatnd.sonan. I 
earn it tor hitn, nin gashkita- 
«'</, nin ga.shkilaitidu'a. (Ki.s- 

Earn, (in. s. in.) S. (lain. Pro- 

Earned; it is earned, (in. an.) 
gashkitchigdde ; ga.shkia. 

Earning, ganhkitc/rigewin, wik- 




■ I « 

I ill 


-84 — 


wnh'hitaindnowiv . 

Earnin>rH» j/ashkHrfnt/an. 

Ear of iMi, otctvffipan. 

Ear of Indian corn, nindknsi. 

Ear-rin>:, nuhixhebixon. (Tablt- 

Earth, ukkiA)\\ (mihU, ahking, 
otfidakamitf. (Ankiyi- Under 
tiieeartli, lAtuina8kan)ik).TIic 
opposito side of the earth, 
ajauuikainijf. I am earth, 
ninil (ikkiir. It is eartli, or 
there is earth, ukkiwan. Tlie 
earth (piakes, or nhakes, /*/- 
nimjikamiijin/ika akki ; mointj- 
wan, ichintjwan, tchiiujwaka- 
mi (/a. 

Earthen dif^li or phite, wdhitfan- 
niifijfaa. lAJiskiwoyAfian). I 
make earthen ditches a n d 
p 1 a t e H, niu wdhitjau-oiKK/a- 
nike. A man that ntakes 
earthen dishes and plates, a 
potter, irdhiijan-oiHKjanikeicl- 

Earth-liouse, (under ground,) 

Eartliqiuvke ; there is an oarth- 
i\ u a k e, iiinin(fakami;/is/ika 
<iki\ niniit(fis/ikamo(fa<l akki. 

Ear-wax , moiridjitmcdijnn. 

Easily, wenipaj, wenipanaj . 

East, ifdhatt, locndjimokaaiuj. 
In the east, froni or to the 
east, U'dhanoujf. 

East-cloud, wdhanakicad. 

E a s t e r. Pak. Easter-Sunday, 
Pakijijiyad or Apitchipdin- 

East-rain, wabanibisca. 

East-star, (morning-star,) ivdba- 

East-wind, todbaninodin . 

Easy ; it is easy, weuipauad. I 
tliink s. th. is easy, nin wini- 

panendnm. I think it is easy, 
nin wenipanendan, 

Eat ; I eat, nin trixnin. (Mitji- 
suwi.Ieat it, (in ,an.) nin mid- 
Jin ; nind amira. iMo^'cv,). I 
eat with him, ninwiddpama. I 
cat (or farei so..., nind inand- 
Jif/e, nind indanandjitfe. I eai 
good things, nind minwand- 
Ji(/e. 1 i)egin to eat, nin ma- 
dandjif/e. I eat before I start , 
nin nawadji. I eat as long 
as..., ninil apHandJiife. I eat 
it raw, {in., an.) nind ashkan- 
daa ; nind axhkama. I eat 
secretly, (in a stealthy num- 
ner,) nin ifimodandjiye. (Ki- 
mipuw). I ♦•at slowly, nin bn- 
b^jikadandjiife, nin bedjissin. 
I eat fast and much, nin if d- 
jaife. I eat s. th. with some 
other thing, nind ajfdndjiije, 
nin ddj/wandjif/e. 1 eat it 
(in., an.) with some otherthing 
as a by-meat, nind apdndji- 
(fen, nin daffuiandjij/en, nin 
dajfwanddn ; nind apdndJii/<- 
nan, nin datpvandjijfenan, nin 
daffwama. I look tors. th. td 
eat, nin nandawissin. I g<» 
somewhere to get s. eat. 
lor to drink,) nin nadaboice. 1 
eat sufficiently, nin debisnin. 
I make him eat sufficiently, 
nindebiiiitinia. — f give to cat. 
nind ashanye. I give him (her. 
it) to eat, nind ashama ; nind 

Eat up, (consume ;) I eat up. 
ninijidawe. 1 eat it all up, 
[in., an.) nin gidan; nin <p'- 
damwa. I eat all up, s. th. 
belonging to him, nin tjida- 
mdtca. It eats me up, nin yi- 


— 85 — 


I, nin (jii- 

Eatable root ; a Hinall catahle 

root, mitapin. 
Kiitalik'M, (provisionH,) tniiljiiu. 
Kutiii>;, irinniniwin (MitjiHUwiiii. 
KiktinjI-liousf, wissinitpitfamijf, 

VMu t'liliin^'" title ; it in the eb- 

liinj: tide, oilnskima>f(t<I nihi. 
Kclio, S. Rt'soiiml. 
ICcliltsed ; the .sun 'or iiiooin is 

eclipsed, there is an eidipsc, 

i/isis's nihn. i WaiiitibiMkipa- 

viw pirtim ) 
Kiliticatinii. mint) kikinownhd- 

Edify; I edity, iiiii minn kiki-\ 
noH'iVuinibiiwc. I edify him, | 
ikin niiiKt kikinotrdltnitn'tf He | 
edities me, nin mtiio kihiiio- 

Kd^'e of a tf)ol, t/iinaif, i/annmn- 
f/(ik. It has Hueh an edjre, (or 
sucii tt'c'th,) iiiaht>l<?i(tni<ii/>itl. 

Kel, himisi 

Etface. Ertuce.1. S. Hiut out. 
Hh>tted out. 

Ert'ect ; it makes a j^ood etleet, 
(medic me, etc.) ininoKhkaifc- 
VKiijiul. It makes a j:o<nl ett'ect 
in me, uin uiinakfiifon ; it 
makes a bail ertect, nin ntani- 

Etfeet ; I etl'ect it, nin (fnshki- 
ton. I eaniiot ettect it, nin 
hininaicifftn. I etK. little, »/»'/ 
///Mv/.v. It etl. little, intcnxo- 
inaijiid. I etf. nothinj:; (witli 
my working,) nind (imtmnris, 
ninil anhkonnwis. It t-tlects 
nothinjr, nnairewininKhfad 

Ettort ; I inake ettbrts, nin mash- 

kaifia, nin ivikiPatcftHo. iKut- 


Egg, wdnnn. Small egg, waira- 

nons. Bad spoiled egg, wana- 

notth Hen's egg, pnkaakwa- 
wnnnn. (VVawi). 
Eight, nixhwdsHkri. Wo are 
eight of us, nin nishir/itrhiniin. 
There are eight in. obj., nisfi- 
irittrhinfin. ( Ayenanew) . 
Eight, nisfniu'isstt .., in eomnosi- 
tioiis; which see in the First 
Eight every time, eight each or 

to each, nenishird,snwi. 
Eiglith, ekt>-nin/iirnfrhin(f. The 

eighth time, nisfiirufr/iinij. 
Eighthly, ( kn-nis/nn/VrhiiKf. 
Ei";ht Inindred every time, eight 
Itundred each or to eacli, ne- 
Eight thousand, nishw/itchinif 

Eight times, nis/nintchin;/. 
Eight times every time, eight 
tinu'S ea(!h or to each, nemish- 
Eighty, ni.s/ni'f'issiniiildna. We 
are eighty, nin nis/iirfissimidd- 
ndwi'min. There are eighty 
in. obj , ni.shwdssimitlanaive- 
Eighty every time, eighty each 
or to eaidi , ncn isfiirdssimiddnn. 
Eighty h\in Ired, ni.'i/iicd.'i.'iiini- 
ddndk. We are eighty hun- 
dred of us, nin ni.sfiird.H.vini- 
ddndkosimin. T here a r e 
eighty hundred in.o\)]., niah- 
Eking piece, d )t i k e tr h if/ d n. 
There is an eking piece, nui- 
Elapsed". S. Passed, (Past.) 
Elbow, himinik, hi.skinikenoir>in, 
o.skiron. 1 lean on my elbows, 
nind odo.skwdni.s/nn. I strike 
him with the elbow, nind 


: 'M 

■ r-' 






JO 3 








1.4 III 1.6 

4 6" 






C^. 0%.. 





■m <>' 








WEBSTER, N.y. 14580 

(716) 873-4503 




:(,ii , A ■ 


86 — 


> iv ''' 


n : 

, i'X 

Elder-tree, elder-shrub, papash- 
Hsiganak, pipigwewanashk, 

Election. S. Choice. 

Elephant, ketchi awessi. 

Elevated ; I am elevated, nin 

Eleven, middsswi ashi bejig. 
(Mitatat peyak osdb.) 

Elk. S. Moose. 

Elm or elm-tree, anib. Another 
kind of elm-tree, ojdshigob. 

Elm-bark, anibiwanagek. Sack 
of elm-bark, wanimod. 

Elm-forest, elm-grove, anibiki. 

Elm-River, Anibinsiwi-sibi. 

Eloquent; I am el., nin nitdwe. 

Elsewhere, ningotchi, bakdn. 

Emaciated ; I am em., nin jd- 

Emancipate ; I em. him, nin 
pagidma ichi dibenindisod. 

Embark ; I embark, nin bos. I 
emb. with somebody, nind 
adawdawi. I emb. him, (her, 
it,) nin bosia ; wn bositon. I 
em. with him, nin adawaama. 
(Tchimew). I bid him em- 
bark, nin bosinajdwa. I em. 
him by force, nin boswebina. 
I am embarked by force, nin 

Embarkation, bosiwin. 

Embarrass; I emb. him with 
my words, nin wdwdnima. I 
emb. him by my requests, nin 

Embarrassed ; I am emb. in my 
thoughts, nin ivdwdnendam. 
I cause him to be emb. in his 
thoughts, nin wdwdnendamia. 

Embellish ; I em. him, (her, it,) 

nind onijishia, nin sasegaa ; 

nind onijiahitoii, nin sasegaton. 

Embellishment. S. Ornament- 
Embezzle. Embezzlement. 
Embezzler. — S. Cheat. Cheat- 
ing. Cheater. 

Embrace. S. Hug. 

Embroider ; I embroider or or- 
nament, nin niskagwaige. I 
embroider, making flowers, 
etc., nin masinigwadam. I 
embroider it, [in , an.) nin 
masinigwdddn ; nin inasinig- 
wana. I emb. with porcupine- 
quills, nin bimig, nind ond- 
gaskwawaie. I emb. w i t li 
small glass-beads, nin masi- 
niminensike, nin niskimine- 
sike. I embr. or ornament it 
with small glass-beads, (m., 
an.) nin niskiminensikddan ; 
nin niskiminensikdna. 

Embroidered ; it is embr. or or- 
namented, niskagtcaigdde, 
niskamagad. It is emb. with 
flowers, etc., [in., an.) masi- 
nigwdde; ma^iniawdso. It is 
embr. with small glass-beads,. 
(in., an.) masinimincnsigdde, 
niskiminensikdde ; masinimi- 
nensikana, niskiminensikana . 

Embroidery ; fine emb. with por- 
cupine-quills, onagaskwawai. 

Emerge ; 1 emerge, nin moshka- 
agwindjisse. It emerges, 

Emetic, jashigagowesigan . (Pa- 

Eminently, dpitchi. (Naspitch). 

Emmet, eni^o. (Eyik). 

Emperor, kitchi-ogima. 

Empire, ogimdwiwin. 

Employ ; I emploif^ him, nin 
anona. I empt. him (her, it) 
in a certain manner, nind 
inaw^mikana ; nind inaw4mi- 
kadan. (Atotew). 


^87 — 


Employed ; employed person, 
anondgan, anonamt enonind, 
onotdgan. Employed (used) 
thing, aiowin anokasowin. I 
am employed, nind anonigo. 
I am empl. in a certain man- 
ner, nind inaw^mikas. 

Employer, enokid. 

Enjplo yment, anonigosiwin, 

Empress, kitchi ogimdkwe. 

Empty, (without a load, jJt/wAigr. 

Enable; I enable him, nindine- 

Encamp. Encampment. S- 

Encampment, nibewin. (Kapesi- 

Enclose. S. Fence in. 

Enclosure, atchikinigan, giwi- 
takinigan. — S. Fence. (Was- 

Encourage ; I enc, nin gagan- 
songe. 1 enc. him, nin gagan- 
soma. (Akamimew). 

Encourage, (console ;) I enc, 
nind aoisiwinge. I enc. him, 
nind abisiwima, nin gagdno- 
ma. (Kakitjimew). 

Encourage to do evil ; I enc. 
him to do evil, nind ashia, 
nind ashiwima. (Matchi-sik- 

Elncouraging, gagdnsondiwin, 
gagansongewin, abisiwinge- 
win ; ashiidiwin . 

Encumber; I enc, nin niski- 
kage. I encumber him, (her, 
it,) nin niskia, nin niskikawa; 
nin aiskikan. It enc. me, nin 

Encumber, (in. a. in.) S. Ob- 

End, waiekwa. — (Wanaskutch). 
(In compositions.) There is 

an end, waiekwaiamagad. At 
the end, waiektoaiati. It is 
considered the end of it, wai- 
ekwaiendagwad. I think it is 
the end of it, nin waiekwaien- 
dan. I go to the end of it, nin 
kabeshkan. I arrive at the 
end, nin waiekwashkan. I 
bring it to an end, nin waiek- 
wassiton, nin waiekwaton. It 
comes to an end, waiekwasse- 
magad. — It is the end of the 
world, tvaiekwaakkiwan, ish- 
kwa-akkiwan , boni-akkiwan — 
(Kisipaskamik). The end of 
an action or work, ishkwaka- 
migisiwin, ishkwatdwin ; an- 

Endeavor ; I endeavor, nin wik- 
watchi, nin icikwatchito, nin 
wikwatchiton, nind aiangwa- 
mendam, nind aiangwamis. I 
end. in vain to have it, nind 
agawadan. I end. (or work) in 
vain, nind dnawewis. I end. 
without much effect, nind in- 
was. — I end. to get, (in 
thoughts,) nin wikwatendam. 
I end. to get him, (her, it,) nin 
wikwatenima; nin wikwaten- 
dan. (Kutchi, v. g. kutchi- 
nakamuw ; he endeavors to- 
sing; akawittam.) 

Endeavor, (in. s. in.) S. Try. 

Endless, iveiekivaiassinog . 

Endure ; I can endure much 
cold, nin jibadj. I can end. 
much hunger, nm jibananda- 
mi. I can end. much smoke, 
nin jibanamoss . (Si bey i ttam ) . 

Enemy, jangendjiged. I am 
enemy, nin jingendjige. (Pak- 

Engage ; I engage in a service^ 
nind anonigos. 


i' ■M'q 

M I'M 





— 88 


ii £■:, 

• (Ml 

i:! li 


M ^ 



fi iiiii 

Engagement, anonigosiwin. 
England, Great Britain and Ire- 
land, Jdganashiwakki.In,froin 
or to England, Jdganashiwak- 
English ; it is English, (Aka- 
yassiinowin), (written or print- 
ed in English,) jdganasniwis- 
sin, jdganishimomagad. I 
translate it in ^ng.,ninjagana- 
shiwissiton. It is translated 
ill Eng., jdganashiwissitchi- 

English boy, or a little English- 
man, Jd^fanasAm*. 

English girl, jdganashikwens. 

English language, jdganashimo- 

win. I speak English, nin 

jaganaihim. It speaks Engl., 

(it is in Eng.,) jaganashimo- 


Englishman, Jdganash. (Aka- 

English minister, Jdganashi- 

English religion, (Church of 
England,) JdganasM-anamie- 
tcin. 1 profess the Eng. reli- 
gion, nin jdganashi-anamia. 

Englishwoman, Jd^auasArAwe. 

English writing, ;jdganashiwi- 
biigan. I write in Eng., nin 

Engrave ; I engrave, nin masi- 

Engraved ; I am (it is) engr., 
nin masinds, nin masinibii- 
gds ; masindde, masinibiigdde. 

Engraving, masinihiigewin ; 
masinibiigan, masinitchigan. 

Enkindle; I enk. it, nin hiska- 

Enlargen. S. Widen. 

Enlighten ; I enl. him, nin wds- 
s^iabia, nin wdssenamawa. I 

enl. his mind, nin wdsseien- 
damia, nin wdssakwanenda- 

Enmitjr. S. Hatred. 

Enormity. S. Horror. 

Enormous. S. Frightful. 

Enough, wi minik, miiw. (Ekii- 
vigok). There is enough ot 
it, (tn., an.) dibissimagad . 
debisse. (Tepipayiw). Ihavf 
enough, ninwbis. I think I 
have enough, or, I think it is 
enough, nin d^bcnim, nin da- 
bendam, nin debagenim. I 
talk enough, nin debdnagidou. 
I drank enough, nin debiln . 
I ate enough, nin debissin.— 
We are just enough, nin mi- 
nodashimin. There is j us i 
enough of it, minodassin. 

Enraged person, very angrv, 
ketchi nishkddisid. I am en- 
raged, very angry, nin kiichi 
nishkddis. ( sam iy awesi vv ) . 

Enslave; I ens. him, nind awn- 
kdna. It enslaves me, niii'l 
awakanigon. T ens. myself, 
nind awakanidis. 

Entangled ; I am ent. in a conl, 
nin bisicabigiskin. 

Enter, (go in ;) I enter some- 
where, ni)i pindige. (Pittu- 
kew). It enters, pindigemu- 
gad. I enter into him, nin 
pindigaxoa, nin pindigesMo- 
wa, nin pindiinaweahkauiu 
nin pindjineshkawa. It enters 
into me, 7iin pindigeshkdgon, 
nin pindjinaiceshkdgon, nin 

Enter, (take in or bring in ;i 1 
enter him, (her, it,) nin pin- 
digana; nin pindigadon. 

Entice ; I entice, nin wikvn- j 
songe. I ent. him ; nin leik- 

'''i' i: .ill ■ " ir 

■ ■':!' '! ; ■ ..; 'i' 

■'i ..■■' ,'■' ■ I 

I '■'!.:' '« 


— 89 — 


jgu, mn mi- 

wasoma. We ent. each other, 
nin wikwasondimin. ( Ayakuk- 

Enticing, wikwasongewin, wik- 

Entire. S. Whole. 

Entirely, kakina ivdwinge, apit- 
chi. (Misiwe). 

Entreat. Entreaty. — S. Entice. 
Enticing. — S. J^equest. 

Envelop. S. Wrap up. 

E n V y, kijdwenindiwin, kijd- 
wendjiyewin gagawen indiwin, 
gagawendjigcwin. (Isawana- 

Envy ; I envy, I am envious, 
nin qagawendjige, nin kijCi- 
wendjige. I envy him, (her, 
\t,) nin kijdwenima, ningaga- 
luenima ; nin kimwendan, nin 
gagmcendan. (Otteyittam) . 

Epaulet, niskitenimanganedji- 

Epideniy, mejikdgemagak ina- 

Epiphanv, Ogimd-gijigad. 

Equal ; 1 equal him, nin tihish- 
kokaioa, nind adima. 

Equally, tibishko ietihishko, 
idhishkotch, nassab. 

Equivalent, tibishko. It is eq. 
{in., an.], tibishko apitendag- 
wad ; tibishko apitendagosi. 

Erect; I erect him, (her, it,) 
nin maiawakona, nin maiawi- 
shivia, nin maiawina; nin 
niaiawakonan, nin maiawissi- 
ton, nin maiaicinan. I erect 
myself, nin inaimcita, nin 
maiawishka, nin maimcishin, 
nin pa.<isagita. He erects 
himself, namatchigabawi, (a 
beast.) It erect.s itself, maia- 
wishkamagad. — I erect it, {in., 

an.) nin patakidon ; ninpata- 
kina. (Tchimayew). 

Erected ; I am (it is) erected by 
the wind, nin m aid to as h ; 
maiawassin. It is erected, 
(in., an.) maiawissin, maiawis- 

Erected, (in. s. in.) S. Stand up. 

Errand, ininajaogowin. (Itisa- 

Erysipelas. S. Herpes. 

Escape, ojimotcin. (Paspiwin), 

Escape ; I escape, nina ojim, 
nin giiwe, nin gidiskiiwe, nin 
Jabtci, nin jabwiiwe, nin gidi.s- 
kiidis. I escape out of his 
1 lands, nin gia, nin gidiskia. 
I make him escape, nind oji- 
moa, ninjabwia. (Paspiw, ta- 

Escaped ; a person esc. from a 
massacre, ishkwatdgan, ish- 

Especially, memindage, mem- 
dag e, wdwij. 

Esquimau Indian, Eshkibod, 

Essay. S. Try. Endeavor. 

p^hsential. S. Foremost. 

Establish ; I est. it, nind ojissi- 
ton, nind aindjissiton. 

Establishec" ; it is est., aindjis- 

Esteem ; I esteem, nind apiten- 
dam. I esteem or respect him, 
(her, it,) tiind apitenima, nin 
gokioadenima ; nind apit e n- 
dan, nin gokwadendan. I es- 
teem myself, nind apitenim, 
nind apitenindis, nin gokwa- 
denim, nin gokwadenindis. I 
esteem myself as high as him, 
tiind apitenimonan. — I est. 
him (her, it) in a certain man- 
ner, nind inassagadenima ; 





— 90 — 


t $ 

.; |^ ll 

t: 1 

' i ' 

nind incissagadSnddn. I est. 
him (her, it) Httle, nin bewe- 
nima ; nin beivendan. (Ispiio- 
yimew, kisteyimew). 

Esteem, (in e. in.) S. Respect. 
High esteem. 

Esteem little. Esteemed little, 
(in.s. in.) S. Insignificant. 

Esteemed ; I am (it is) esteemed 
in a certain manner, nind inas- 
sagadenddqos ; inassagaden- 
dagwad. (Kiskeyittakusiw). 

Esteemed, (in. s. in.) S. Res- 
pectable. Highly esteemed. 

Esteemed equal ; I am (it is) est. 
equal to..., nin tibishkowendd- 
gos ; tibishkowendagwad. 

Estimate. S. Value. 

Eternal , Kaiagige-bimddisid. 

Eternal, toeiekwaiassinog, kd- 
gige, kdgini. Life eternal, 
kagige bimddisiwin. Eternal 
welfare, eternal salvation, kd- 
gi^e jawendagosiwin, kagige 
mtnoaidwin. Eternal misery, 
eternal damnation, kagige ko- 
tagiiowin, kagige banddjiidi- 

Eternally, kdjigekamig,kdginig, 

Eternity, kdgige bimddisiwin. 

Eucharist ; ihe holy Eucharist, 
kitchitwa Eukaristiwin. 1 re- 
ceive the holy Eucharist, nind 
odapinan kitchitwa Eukaris- 

Eunuch. S. Castrated. 

Europe, Kitchi agdming, Agd- 
ming kiichigami. 

Evangely. S. Gospel. 

Evaporate ; it evap., anississin, 
anissassin. (Mestabaltew). 

Even ; it is even, (bark, etc.) 
onashkweiamagad. It is even, 
(wood, in., an.)ojissaga; ojis- 

.tagisi. It is even, flat, (metal, 
in., an.) onabikamagad, ona- 
bikad ; onabikisi. 

Even if..., missawa ; missaica 
gaie. (Appo). 

Evening, onagosh, ondgwish. It 
is evening, ondgoshi, ondgxci- 
shi. Evening is approaching, 
towards evening, ani-ondgo' 
shi, eni-cndgoshig. (Otdkwa- 

Evening meal, ondgoshi-wissini- 
win. (Otakusiwimitjisuwiii). 

Evening-prayer, ondgoshi-anu- 
miang, ondgoshi-anamiewin. 

Event ; good event, 7nino inaka- 
migad. Sad event, matc/ii 
inakamigad. (Ikkin). 

Ever; ever since, apine. For 
ever, apine, kaginig. (Aspin). 

Everlasting, kdgige. 

Every day, endasso-gijigak. 

Every night, endasso-tibikak. 

Every second day, nenassawi- 
gijig, nenijogijig, nenijogwan. 

Every time, dassing. (Tattwaw). 

Everywhere, misi misiwe. There 
is of it everywhere, misiwesh- 
kamagad. Everywhere on 
earth, misi enigokwag akik, 

^\\\,maianadak,matchi aiiwish. 
My evil (in sickness) increases 
when I speak, ningidjim, niti 

Evil, matchi. It is evil ; mana- 
dad, matchi ijiwebad. 

Evil spirit, matchi manito, mat- 
chi aiaawish. 

Eviscerate. S. Gut. 

Exact, exactly, gwaidk, nissitCt, 
wdwinge. 1 arrange it exactly, 
nin wdwingeton. 

i!i!)jik '•'■■' 



-91 — 


I ; missawa 

Exact ; I am exact, nin wdwin- 

Exact, (in. s. in.) 8. Severe. 

Exactness, wdwingesiwin, I act 
with exactness, «m todivinges, 
nin wdwingetchige. 

Exaggerate ; I ex., osdm nibiwa 
nind ani-ikkit, osdm nibiwa 
nin dibddjim. 

Exalt ; I exalt him, nind ishpe- 
nima, nind ishvia, nin kit- 
chitwawia, nin fcitchitwawen- 
dagosia. I exalt it, nind ish- 
pendan, nin kitchiiwawendan, 
nin kitchitwawiton. I exalt 
myself, nindishpenindis, nind 
ishpenim, nin kitchitwawenin- 
dis, nin hitchitwawenim. (Ma- 

Examen of conscience, nanaga- 
tawenindisotcin. I examine 
my cons., nin nanagatawenin- 
dis. (Mamitoneyinusuwin). 

E.xamine ; I examine him, (her, 
it,) nin godji-kikenima ; nin 
qodji-kikendan . (Nanagatawa- 

Examine, (in. s. in.) S. Try. 

Example, kikinowdbamignwin, 
kikinoicdbandaiwewin, kiki- 
nowdbandjiaan. — Good exam- 
ple, mino kikinowdbamigoivin. 
mino kikinowdbandaiioewin. I 

five a good ex., 7iin mino ki- 
inowdbandaiwe. I give him 
a good ex., nin mino kikino- 
wdbamig. He gives me a good 
ex., nin mino kikinowdbama. 
— Bad example, matchi kiki- 
nowdbarnigowin, matchi kiki- 
nowdbandaiwewin. I give a 
bad ex., nin matchi kikinowd- 
bandaiive. I give him a bad 


ex., nin matchi kikinowdba 

mig. He gives me a bad ex., 
nin matchi kikinowdbama. 

Example, imitate example ; I 
imitate his ex., nin kikinowd- 
bama. He imitates my ex., 
nin kikinowdbamig . I give an 
example, nin kikinowdban- 
daiwe. I regulate my nnnd 
after his ex., nin kikinaice- 

Exceedingly, excei^sively, dpit- 
chi. (Naspitchi). 

Excel. S. Surpass. 

E.xcellent, kitchi onijishin. 

Exchange S. Change. 

Excite ; I excite or push him to 
s. th., nitid ashia, nind ina- 
shia. (Sikkinjew). 

E.xcite, (in. s. in.) S. Provoke to 

Excitement. S. Trouble, (noise.) 
S. Stir up. 

Excrement, mo. (Omey). 

Excuse ; I ask excuse for not 
being able to do s. th., nin 
jagwenimotagos. (Kakitokka- 


Execution, (hanging,) agojitve- 
tcin, agonidiivin. (Akosiwe- 

Executioner, (hangman,) agoji- 
xcewinini, agonidiwinini. 

Exhale, it exhales, anississin, 

Exhausted ; I am ex., nind 
dpitchi aiekos, nind akwiwi. 

Exhort ; I exhort, nind aiang- 
wamige, nind angw ami ge, 
nind aiangwamitagos, nind 
angwamitagos, nin gagan- 
songe, nin g agikwe, nin 
ganojiwe. I exhort him, nin 
gagikima. J exh. him to do 
8. th., nin gagdnsoma. Wg 







'I :,;H! 



1 r:,!u|ll,:«liJ 


— 92- 


exh. each other, nin aagikin- 
dimin, nin yagansonaimin. I 
exiiort myself, nin gayikindis 

E X hor tation , aiangwamitagosi- 
win, gagansongewin, gagikin- 
diwin, gagikwewin. 

Exist ; 1 exist, nind aid. (It- 

Existence, aidwin. (Ittuwin). 

Exonerate ; I exonerate the bo- 
wels, nin misi. 

Exorbitant. S. Extravaga: . 

Expand. S. Extend. 

Expect ; I expect, nind akawab. 
1 exp. him, (her, it,) nind aka- 
wdbama ; nind akawdbandan. 

Expedition, (haste,) daddtabi- 

Expeditious ; I am ex., nin da- 
ddtabi, nin gwashkwes. — S. 

Expeditious working, gwash- 
kwesiwin, daddtabiwin. 

Experience ; I know it by exp., 
(I tried it,) nin gotamandan, 
nin gotamandjiton. I expe- 
rienced it, nin kikendan, (Na- 

Experiment. S. Trial. 

Expire ; I expire, nin nib, nind 
ishkwa bimddis. — S. Finish. 
(IskwatAmow) . 

Explain ; I explain it to him, 
weweni nin windamawa. (Gwa- 

Expose ; I expose myself, nind 
iniweidis. (lyiwehuw). 

Expose to the sight of people. — 
S. Lay open. 

Expressly, mijisha, pdkatch. 

Extend ; 1 extend it, (in., an.) 
nin jibadaan, nin jibadawa. I 
ext. it by pulling, [in., an.) 
nin Jibabigioidon ; nin jibabi- 

jibina. It extends, jibabish- 

Lxtensive, kitchi. It is exten- 
sive, mitchdmagad. 

Extent ; its extent, ekwag. 

Exterminate. S. Spend all. 

Externally, on the outside, ag- 
watchaii. (Wayawitimjlyik). 

Extinguish ; 1 extinguish, nind 
ateige. I ex. it, nitid dtean. 

Extinguisher, aUigan. 

Extravagancy, osdminiwin. 

Extravagant ; I am ext., nitid 
osdmis. (Kiiskwew.) Extra- 
vagant spending, ichagini- 

Extremely, dpitchi. 

Extremity, (end, summit,) wd- 

Extreme-Ur.ction, Anamie-no- 

Eye, oshkinjigoma. (M'iskijik). 
The right eye, kitchishkinjig^ 
okitchishkinjigoma. The lett 
eye, namaudjishkinjig, ona- 
mandjishkinjiqoma. My, thy, 
his eye, nishkinjig, kishkin- 
jig, oshkiniig. — ^1 have eyes,, 
nind oshkinjig. I have dim 
eyes, nin tibikinam. I have 

good eyes, nin nadb. I have 
ollow eyes, nin wawinikah, 
I have large eyes, nin maman- 

finhkinjigwe. (Mamakkabiw). 
have only one eye, nin na- 
baneshkinjigwe. "Tho other 
eye, or one eye only, naba- 
neshkinjig. I have small eyes, 
nind agassishkinjigwe, nind 
babiwishkinjigwe. I have 
sore eyes, nind oshkinjigones, 
nin sassakingwe, nind ash- 
kashkanagingwe. I have weak 
eyes, nin biswab, nin bigisa- 


— 93 — 


wab, nin biaisawinam. — My 
eyes are filled with tears, niti 
moshkini'sibingwe. My eyes 
are open, nin pCikakab. 1 open 
HIV eve.-, nin pakat aw ab. 
(lokkabiw). 1 open his eyes, 
nin tcCibia. My eyes are spoil- 
ed by smoke, nin pashkabin. 
My eve is swollen, nin bdgi- 
(foshfcinjigwe. My eyes are 
tired, nind ishkatawab, nin 
pagissab. — I burst one of my 
eyes, nin pdshkdbidjin. (Pas- 
kabiw). I cover his eyes with 
s. th., nin titibinmvebina. I 
cover my eyes witn s. th., nin 
iitibingwebis. I feel a burn- 
ing pain in my eyes, nin sas- 
sahab. 1 feel a Durning pain 
in my eyes from smoke, nin 
sassakisibingweidbas. I hurt 
my eye falhng, nin gidjdbi- 
shin. I keep my eyes shut, 
nin passangwab . ( Passak wa- 
biw.) I look with one eye 
only, nin paskkingwen. I look 

with almost closed eyes, nin 
toskab, nin toskdbandjige. I 
look with almost closed eyes 
at him. (her, it,) nin toakaba- 
ma ; nin tonkdbandan. I have 
a mote in my eye, ?iin binsin. 
(Pisinin). I pluck my eye out, 
ningidjdbaodis. I pluck his 
eye out, nin gidjdbawa. I 
rub his eyes witli some medi- 
cine, nin sinigoshkinjigwena. 
My eyes shut against my will, 
nin passangivabishka. — It is 
made like an eye, oshkinjigo- 

Eye-apple, apple of the eye, ma- 

Eyebrow, mama. My, thy, his 
eyebrow, nimdma, kimdma, 
omdman. My eyebrows are 
bristled up, nin niskimdmawe. 

Eyelid ; the under part of the 
eyelid, sibingwai. The hair 
of the eyelid, mishdbiiuindn^ 


Fable, adisokan. (Atayokkan). 
I tell a fable or fables, nind 

Fabulous giant, icindigo. 

Fabulous giantess, windigohve. 

Face ; my, thv, his face, nish- 
kinjia, kishkinjig, oshkinjig ; 
(MikkwAgan, n'ikkwAgan, 
oskwdgan) or, nindengwai, 
kidengwai, odengwai. — I have 
an angry face, nin nishkdd- 
j i ng we, n i n nishkddjin- 
gweshka. I have a black 
face, nin makatewingwe. I 
have a clean face, nin bining- 
we. I have a dark-blue face, 
nind apissingwe. I have a 
dirty face, nin winingwe, nin 
mowingwe, nin mowidjiiving- 
ive. I have a fat full face, nin 
' wininwingive. I have a greas- 
ed face, nin notningwe. I 
grease his face, nin nomingwe- 
na. I grease my face, nin no- 
mingwenindis. Greasing the 
face, or grease for the face, 
nomingweunn. I have a large 
fa3e, nin mangadangive. I 
have a lean iace, nin paka- 
kadwengwe. 1 have a face 
like..., tiindinadengwe. I have 
& long face, nin ginwingwe. I 
have pimples or pustules on 
!jny face, nin mossewingwe, 
nin babigwingwe. I have a 
.•scar in my face, nin odji- 
jshingwt. I have a small face, 

nind agassadengwe. (Timik- 
kwew). Uiave a strange or 
changed face, nin miagish- 
kinjigwe. I have a wrinkled 
face, nind osigingwe. — My face 
is cracked, nen gijingwe. Mv 
face is frozen, 7«n mashkawa<\- 
jingweu'adj. My face is mark- 
ed with sadnesH, nin nanina- 
iringwe. I mark my face with 
sadness, nin naninawinguuH- 
dis. My face is marked with 
the small Pox, nin mamakin- 
gwe. My face is pale, nin wa- 
bishkingwe, nin wdbideivad- 
engwe. (Wtlbinewisiw). My 
face is red, 7iin miskwingwe: 
My face is shining, radiant, 
nin ivasseingive, nin wassing- 
wes My face is swollen, ni'/t 
bagingive. My face is uncov- 
ered, nin pakingwe. I unco- 
ver my face, nin pakingweni- 
dis. I bruise my face, nin ja- 
shingwingivewa. I disfigure 
my face, nin manadjingwei- 
dis. I disfigure his face, nin 
manadjingwewa. I paint my 
face, nin waiveji. I paint my 
face black, nin makateke ; nin 
makatekonidis. I rub his face 
with medicine, etc., mn sinig- 
wingwebina. I rub my face, 
nin sinigwingwebinidis. I 
wash my face, nin kisibiging- 
we. (Kdssikkwew). I wipe my 
face, nin kisingwe. I wrap up 




— 95 — 


my Ihft' in h. th., tiiit litihinif- 
■webis. 1 wrup up his face, nni 

Failo; it t'luloM ; aiioshka. It 
t'mles ill washinj^, Icfshlhuive. 
— S. Whitish. 

Fail ; it fails, it gives no prutit, 

Faint ; I luint, iiiii iraiiiinikati', 
iiin iraiifitdanKf. I faint and 
havea vision, »/« itiknhaudam. 

Fai n t ing, wan iin ikiiiriirln . 

Va\r,tjw(indfrh. I am fair, nin 
ijwainUcfiiw, tiind onijis/i, itin 
'iin'kiiwadis. It is fair, (jwandt- 
rhiwan, oiiijishhi, mKegama- 
ijad. I am (it is) cunsideretl 
fair, nin bis/u'i/endaf/o.s ; hi- 
.shiyendayivdd. I think it is 
fair, (///., r<^<.) nin .saner/awen- 
dun ; nin msef/aweniniu. 

Fairness, </waiidtchiu'int oniji- 
.sliiwiu, bishii/endajfosiivin . 

Faith, dcbweieiidamotvin. I have 
faith, uindebtoeiendam. (Aya- 

Fall, ia;/ic(lai. In fall, tayiciiqig. 
— Last fall, tagiodijong. Tlie 
fall before last, mcdas-taywd- 
gouy. I spend the fall in sucli 
a place, nin iagwdgish. I 
spend the fall with hnn, nin 
widjitagwdgishima . 

Fall; 1 ia\],ninpangishin. (Pa- 
kissin). It falls, ^au(/imn. I 
iall, nin gawisse, nin weba- 
godjin. It falls, gawanad, qa- 
tcissemagad. I i'all (it falls) 
somewhere, nind apangishin ; 
apangissin. I fall (it falls) in 
a certain manner, nind ijisse, 
(Ispayiw), iiissemagad. I fall 
bemg drunk, nin gdwihi. I 
fall hard, nin pakiteshin, nin 

wiasaginhin, nin irhigwnka 
miifishin, nind apifrhinhin. It 
falls hard, trhii/waknmiginin. 
I nuike him fall, nin pakiti'- 
nkiinti. I make it fall, nin pan- 
ginsHnn. I make him (her, it) 
fall, nin gdwishkawu ; nin ga- 
vus/ikan, nin gdirifnn. I make 
it fall to the ground, (///., an.) 
nin irebisttifon ; nin webinhi- 
lun. I make it fall from its 
place, {in., an) nin binishkan ; 
nin binishkawa. I fall often, 
nin nifd-pangi.'i/iin, nin wnkr- 
pangi.shin. I fall on Www, nind 
a.i/Kisikaira. I falU>n mv liaitk, 
nind atnwa.'i.s*'. I fall on my 
face, nin fr/iingidji.s-.'ic, nind 
atc/, nind ttninii- 
ko.ise. I fall on my feet, nin 
nibairaki.sse. I fall (it falls) by 
the wind, nin t/aivds/i ; gawds- 
sin. It will fall, gawishkama- 

Fall, let fall; I let him (her, it) 
fall, nind apitc/iishima, nin 
banina, nin pangis/iima ; nin 
baninan, nin pangis.siton. I 
let tire fall, nin binanjenan 
iakkote, nin gwa-f/ikicanjenan 

Fall down ; I fall (it falls) down, 
nin nisakoshka ; ni.'isakosh- 
kamagad. I let him (her, it) 
fall down, 7iin nissakoshkawa; 
nin nissakoshkan. I fall down 
headlong, nind atchitakisse. I 
fall down before him, nin ga- 
witawa, nin gawitamawa. 

Fall in ; I fall in, niti pindiisse, 
nin gindjidasse. It falls in, 
pindjissemapad. I fall (it falls) 
m a hole, mn hodakwesse ; bo- 
dakwesseemagad. I let it fall 
in, (in., an.) nin boddkwen; 



3' s 



. h ■ 




,1 i'.i 

i ,1 -I 




ninhoddkwp.nan. TliiU (it fall.") 
in the wuter, nin, 
nin ffoifi.tse ; bahohisscuifujail, 
i/'enKii/<t(l. ( I'likuHtivwc- 
payiw). I 'full (it tiills) in tlu' 
water ont of a ciinui' or l»oat, 
7iin {/iiloinijfissc ; f/i<l6ii(U/'- 
miujad. — I lull and hurt niy- 
seli", nin Ixiireiiishin. I tall 
Htnniblinjj;, nin hisoucshhi. I 
fall thruuj;h, iiiit Jahonst', nin 
jabwi, nin jahwiiwe. Jt falls 
tlu'Ough, Jdhofifieinaf/iid. (In 
tlie tire, Matehnstepayiw). 

Fallacious ; I an» fall (I look het- 
terthan I am,) uindiif/wdnHiKi- 
gos. It is full., af/wairinai/wad. 

Falsehood. S. Lie. 

False projihet, (jeiiiaawiithkid 

Fanie. Faniou.s. — S. Renown 

Family, inodcwisiivin. (Kisto- 
tew). One family, ningotode. 
(Peyakoskan). Two, three 
families, etc., nijudc, nif<sudc, 
etc. We are two, three, tour 
families, etc., nin nijodcwisi- 
min, nin nisHodtwisimin, nin 
niodewisimiu, etc. — My wliole 
family, enddfthiidn, enigoko- 
dewifdidn, enigokiuiniidn, eno- 
dewisiidn. My family is so 
large..., nind inigokodeivis, 
nind inigokwinf nind inode- 
wift. I move witli my whole 
family, nin kigodewishka. I 
come with my whole family , 
nin dassoka, nin bi-dassoka. 

Family-mark, odem. I have him 
(her, it) for my family mark, 
nind ododeminan. (N.B. o«Je?», 
or, otem means onlv his pa- 
rents, relations. In Cree otote- 
ma, his relation.) 

— y<J — FA8 

Family way ; I am in a f. w.. 
nin<l didWd dlfinndji, nin ///- 
gis/tkdii'd dhinndji. (AyAwcw 

Famine, hdk"d^win. There is u 
famine m a emintry or place, 
bdkdd?.wind;/(dl, bdkddvkdmi- 
gdd, hdkailcu'iniivdn. (Notti- 

Fan, wcAiu'Hxngan ,wcwP..'<ti<'n\rl II . 

Fan ; I fan, nin weil'esm'ige. I 
fan him, nin wewesxeiva. I 
lim myself, nin wewesxSidin. 

F a r, ivdssd, irdssdwekdiniii. 
(WAyo). It is far, irdx.sdindl, 
irdssff, piiclid. It is consider- 
ed or thoujiht far, wdaadWeii- 
iUigWdd. J think it is far, I 
tind it far, nin wdssdwenddn. 
T tind distances far, nin ivds- 

Far from each other, wdwdssa. 

Far yet, but not very far, nagi- 
uulsud. It is far, hut not very 
far, ndgC'WdsudWdd. 

Fare ; I tiire (or eat) so, nind 
indndjigc. I fare well, nin 

Farewell-visit, dndinikdgewin. I 
make my farewell-visit, nin 
bianamikagc nakdwe. 

Farm, dki. 

Farm ; I farm, nin kitige. (Nit- 

Farmer, kitigewinini. 

Farming, kitiqewin. 

Fart, farting, bogidiwin. (Pwc- 

Fart ; I fart, nin bogid, nin nes- 

Fast, giigwishimowin. (lyewa- 

Fast; I fast, nin giigwishiin, 
nin pagidandjige, nin bakadc, 


-97 — 


niu hnkitih'iilix. \ lUst one ilay, 
///// tniKjoloiinuine. I lust two. 
fhrcc, rtuir <liiys, I'tc, iiiii iii- 
joi/traiif, nil! iiL^'isixjii'diic, iiiii 
iiioijiraif, etc.; I iiiakf liiiii 
fast, iiin (/iiiju'i's/iiiinid, iiiii 

FuHt, tiist-iliiv, i/rii/it'is/iiiiK> ii'i 
i/iii(/(i)l. (Iyc'\v;uii."<iliisu\vilciji- 

KtistoM ; I t'u.sti'ii it to thcciiil ul" 
s. til. (ill., (III.) nil) iifUxifiii : 
in'ii iHilxiii'ti. I fasti'ii it to the 
cud of ii stick, (///., (///.) iiiii 
iialxdarudu ; nin mthaku'du'ii. 
T I'astcii it to the end of s. tli. 
so us to Iti' alili' tn take it oil' 
ii;:aiii, nin iKiltdifJns/ik-adii. 

Fasten with a hook ; I fasten it 
liookiii;; it, niiiildddbikaaii- 1 
fasten with a small hook, itiiul 
((<liil)i<!Jil/c. I fasten it, niiu 
a tli >'"''■' I. 

Fasti njr, [liiipci^^Jnmowiii, })(t<ji- 

I'at, iriiiiit, Itiiiiiile. 

Fat ; I am fat, nin winin. (\Vi- 

Father, oossiina, treonsimind. 
(Weyottihvimit). I am father, 
nind odasiiniyo. My, thy, his 
father, nous, kosn, ossun. 
(N'ottaw'iy, k'ottuw'iy, otta- 
wiya). I have a father, nind 
o6ss\ He is my latlier, nind 
oOssima, nind oOs.sinan. — I 
have the same father with 
him, hilt widjodanema. We 
have all the same father, 
nin widjoosscndimin. Like; 
one's own father, wcusnin- 
(fin . 

Father, papa, nosse, bdba, dSde. 

Father-in-law; my, thy, his 

fathor-in-law, ninsini'nn, kitii- 
niss, dsinissdii. 
Father or mother of my son-in- 
law or (laiiL'hter-in-law, nin- 


I'^athom; one tathom, niniftdo. 
ni/i. — Two, tiiree fatliomsjote., 
// //' n II i k, nis.sinii/i\ vtc. S(» 
many fathoms, ddsstdiik. — I 
measnre l»v the Ititliom, nin 
dihiiiilKdiidjii/c. I nuiisure it 
liy the f., iin , an.) nin dihi- 
nihitnddn; nin dihinikdnid. 

Fati^rne. S. Tiredness. Tire. 

Fati;j;ned. S. Tired. 

Fatten ; I liitten him, nin ivini- 

Fattened ; I nm ■ . nin uu'ninnd- 

Fault, mdtrli! ddddmowin, /tnfn- 
ditirin, / ' )itHn. I con luit a 
fault, nin niatchi d- :,ani, niii 
/nifd-'lnildin. I (iiul tiiultwith 
him, (lier, it , v 'ail dawcnimd; 
nind dnn\nddti.] lay the fault 
of it upon him, .' 'n liinuuidaa. 

Fawn, yet dotted, kifd(jdkonft. 

Fear, tteffifiiwin, f/ot'1djiirid, //o.s- 
sidiu'in, .V eij c n d d in o w i n , 
(josHitawcndamiiicin, nshwa- 
manhmwin. I treiuhje with 
fear, nin niinnf/i'<e(/i.'(. I am 
in fear of the enemv, nind 
ashwdmaniss. (Asta.siw). 

Fear ; I fear, nin sStjix, nin <jo- 
tddj, nind ayoski, nind atcdii- 
nin, nin goftkiive, nin segen- 
dam. I fear him (her, it,) nin, 
j/ossa ; niiii/ofan. ItfearHine, 
nin (/oHsigon. I fear him (her, 
it) in thoughts, nin gosftitawc 
nima ; nin gosnitawendan. We 
fear one another, nin gossidi- 
min, I fear for liini, or in re- 



■••■ • 'SI 

i- :-iM 





— 98 — 





gard to hitn, nin gossiiawa, 
nin gossituinawa, nin gotama- 
wa. — I fear death, nin mane- 

Fear ; I fear, I dare not, nin 
jdgwenim. I make liiin fear, 
nin jdgwcnimoa. T fear my- 
self, nin Jdgioenindis. 

Fear, (mistrust,) nisaiendamo- 

Fear ; 1 fear, I mistrust, nin ni- 
saiendam. I fear him, (her, 
it,) nin nisaienima ; nin ni- 
saicnddn. (Moycyittam.) 

Feared ; I am feared, nin gossi- 
tdganes, nin gotddjiqanes. I 
am (it is) to be feared, nin go- 
taniigweuddgos ; goiamigwen- 

Feared ; I am (it is) feared, mis- 
trusted, nin nisaienddgos ; ni- 

Fearful, (dreadful :) I am (it is) 
fearful, nin scgenddgoa ; segen- 
ddgicad. (Kakwayakeyitta- 

Fearful. S. Timid. Timorous. 

Fearless ; I am f., nin songi- 

Fearlessness, songideewin . 

Feast, wikongewin, icikovdiwin. 
I make a feast, or invite to a 
feast, nin wikonge. I invite 
him, nin wikomo,. We make 
a feast or feasts, nin wikondi- 
min. — Indian religious feast, 
magoshewin. 1 make an Ind. 
rel. feast, nin magoshe. 

Feast ; we feast together, nin 
wikondimin. 1 feast with him, 
nin widjiwikongema. 

Feast-coat, feast-garment, wikon- 
diwini-bdbisikwdgan, wikon- 

Feast of the dead, tchibekanake- 

win. I make a feast of the 
dead, nin tchibekanake. 

Feather, m<7M?an. Feather of a 
small bird, bineshiwigwan. 
—Large feather, kitchigwd- 
nan ; small soft feather, 
(down,) missegwandn. (Mes- 

Feather-bed, migicani-nibdgan, 

Featlier-cushion , migwan-ajnk- 

Februarv, namebini-gisiss. (Mi- 

Feel)le ; I am feeble, nin bwdna- 
wito. S. Weak. (Niydmisiw.i 

Feed, (give to eat ;) I feed, nind 
ashange. I feed him, (her, it,) 
nind ashama ; nindashanddn. 
I feed mvself, nind ashandin. 

Feel ; I feel, nin gagioedinige. I 
feel him, (her, it,) nin gagxoc- 
dina; nin gagwedinan. I feel 
him, (her, it,) on me, about 
me, in me, nin mojia ; nin 

Feelings; I hurt his feelings, 
nin kashkendamia. He hurts 
my f , nin kashkendamiig . — I 
liave bad feelings (anger) 
against him for such a reason, 
nind ondenima. We have bad 
f. towards one another for a 
certain reason, nind ondenin- 
dimin. (Nayettawihew.) 

Feign ; I feign to be a child, nind 
abinodjiikas. I f. to be sick, 
nind dkosikas. 

Fellow-citizen , widjidakiwemd- 
gan, iciskdanakiwemdgan. 


Fellow-liver, (neighbor ;) my, 
thy, his fellow-liver, nidji- 
bimddisi, kidji-bimddisi, wid- 


— 99 — 


Fellow-man ; my, lliy, his fellow- 
man, nidfanishindbe, kidfan- 
ishinabe, iCHlfanishindben. 

Fellow-sur.imerer, icidjinibisfii- 

Fellow-winterer, widjibibonishi- 

Fell trees. S. Cut down trees. 

Female, ( woman,) ilair (pro- 
nounce as if there were two k), 
ahor. (Iskwew.) 

Female bear. Female beaver, 
&c. — S. Bear, Beaver, &c. 

Female being, ikwd-aian. 

Female of animals, quadrupeds, 
nojr, noJL'-aiaa, ikioe-aiaa, 

Female of birds, nojvftsc. 

Female of deer, of the deer-kind, 

Female offish, najnue;/. 

Female's skin, nojhoaidn, onid- 

Female's skin of the largest qua- 
drupeds, nojeweijiii. 'M i s i- 

Fence, mitchikan, mitcMkana- 
kobidjigan. 1 make a fence, 
niti mitchikanakobidjige. 

Fence ; I fence it all round, nin 
ghcita-^mitchikanakobidon. I 
fence in, nin wakaiakossit- 
chige. I fence him, (her, it,) 
in, nin mitchikanakobina, nin 
wdkdkina, nind atchikina; nin 
mUchikanakobidon, nin wdka- 
kinan, nind atchikinan. 

Fenced in ; it is fenced in, wd- 
kaiakossiich igdde. 

Fence-rail, niiichikandtig, mit- 
chikanakobidjigandtig. (Me- 

Fern, andganashk. 

Ferret, seniba kepagigisid. 

Ferry-boat, ojawaodjigan, aja- 

Ferryman , ajawaodjigewinini. 

Fertile the 'field is fertile, nitd- 
ivigin kifigan. 

Festival, kite kitwdgiji gad. 

Fetch ; I fetch him, iher, it,) nin 
ndna ; nin nddin. T come to 
fetch him, (her, it,) nin bi- 
ndna ; ninbi-nddin. (Natew.) 
I fetch, carrying on my back, 
nin nddjiwane, nin nddondam. 
I fetch him, (her, it,) on my 
back,?J?Ji nddoma ; nin nddon- 
dan. I fetch s. th. in a canoe 
or boat, nin nddaodass. T fetch 
him, (her, it,) in a canoe or 
boat, nin nddawa ; nin nd- 
daan. I fetch a canoe, nin 
nddon ; I fetcli, dragging, nin 
nddjiddbi. I fetch him, (her, 
it,) dragging or drawing, nin 
nddjidabana ; nin nadjidaba- 
dan. I fetch fire, nin nddish- 
kotawe. I fetch hay, or reed 
for mats, nin nadaslikossiwe. 
I fetch liquor, (in a canoe or 
boat,) nin nddjibiain. I fetch 
liquor, (walking,) nin nddibi- 
shkam. I fetch (or collect) the 
maple-sap, nin nddjibi, nind 
dwasibi. f fetch a net or nets, 
nin nddassabi. (Natayapew.) 
I fetch what is owed me, nin 
nddasinaigane. I fetch what 
he owes me, nin nadasinaiga- 
nawa. T fetch water, nin nd- 
dobi. I fetcli wood, nin nddi- 
nisse. I fetch wood in a canoe 
or boat, nin nddaisse. I fetch 
wood in a canoe or boat, sail- 
ing, nin nddaisHeiash. I fetch 
a trap or traps, (or I go to visit 
mv traps,) nin nddassondgane. 


i e'. 


»« , 


— 100 — 


!■ ii.^;' ■'*'" 'ii'i ''•ill 

IP'S. ■!!-,: m 



iK ■ j'j ' ■ i;'«' 

Fetter. Fettered— S. Bind. 

Fetters, inamandjifiwajikljigan. 

Fever, hjisowin. 1 have tlie 
fever, nin kiji.s. 

Fever with lieat, liijhoivaplne- 
win. I have the fever witli 
great heat, nhi hijimwnpiiie. 

Few, a few, iK-hcjitj, paiKji. (Api- 
nis tcl) We are a few 
of us, ninpaiii/iwapisimin, uin 
panr/iicLsshniii , nind ayassin- 
omiii or nind agassimmin,nin 
manaiiomiii or nin manrini- 
miii. There are a few. in. obj., 

Fickle-niinded ; 1 am f., nin no- 

Field, kiti<jan. New field, onh- 
Icdkaan. I n)ake a new field, 
nind os/iJiukani(jai(je- Tliere 
is a new field made, oshkakn- 
ni(/aiyude., kitiganiwigamiy. 

Field-mouse, ncnapatckinikoisi. 

F\eiv\, JangendJ if/ed. 

Fife, pipigioan. 


Fifth ; tlie fifth, eko-ndndning. 
The fifth time, ndning. (Ni- 

Fifthly, eko-ndndnin(i . 

Fifty, ndnimidnna. We are fifty 
of u.s, nin ndnimidanaiocmin. 
There are fifty in. obj., ndni- 

Fifty every time, fifty each or to 
each , ncnanimidana. 

Fifty hundred, or five thousand, 
ndnimidandk. We are five 
thousand in number, nin nani- 
midanakosimin. There are 
five thousand in. obj., nani 
Fig, kitchi-jomin. 

Fi^ht, viigudiwin ; migasowin. 

Fight; I 

figiit, nin mi gas. It 
migadimagad. (Noti- 
Wc flglit together, 
nin migadimin. I fight him, 
(her, it,) nin migana; nin 
migadan. I fight (or beat) 
my wife, nin migakikwcive. I 
fight myself, nin miganidis. I 
am in a bad habit of fighting, 
nin niigasoshk. Bad habit of 
fighting, migasoshkiicin. (No- 

Plight, (for joke,) mamigaaotoin. 

Fight, (for joke ;) 1 fight or 
wrestle, n?u nunniga.s. I fight 
him, for play, nin niami(/ana. 
I am too niucli in a haLit of 
fighting, for play, nin mami- 

Figh ter, migaso loin ini . 

Fighting-ship, (war-vessel,) mi- 

Fighting-time, (time of war,) mi- 

Fig-tree, kitchijomindtig, kitchi- 
Jomindga wanj. 

Figure, aginda.s.'ioicin, agindas- 
isohiigan. (Akittasowin.) 

Figure. S. Form. 

File, aissihodjigan, hiwdbiku-sia- 
.sibodjigan. (Kiskiman.) 

File ; I file, nin sissibodjige. I 
file it, (in., an.) nin si.ssibo- 
don ; nin .sissibona. (Kini- 

Filedust, filings, biwdbiko-hiwi- 

Fill; I fill it, [in., an.) with dry 
things, nin moshkinadbn ; nin 
moshkinaa. (Sakaskinattaw.) 
I fill it for him, nin moshkina- 
dawa, nin moslikinadamdwa. 
I fill it (in., an.) with some 


101 — 


ui mavii- 

liquid, nin moshkinvbadon ; 
ntn moshkinebana. I fill up 
vessels, nin mofthkdbowe. I 
fill it up with another ves.«el, 
{in.yan.} ninmoshkdbowadan ; 
nin moaftkdboipana — I fill it 
witli a heap, not overfiowing, 
(//*., an.) nin ijwatiJikiva.shki- 
nadon; nin fjfcaxhkicashkinaa. 

I fill it to overfiow, {in., an.) 

II in hajidebadon ; nin bOjide- 
bana. I fill him with .s. th., 
nin mo.shkinc.s/tkaica . It fills 
me, n i n ino.s/ikinciiikdijon. 
(Sakaskineskti kuw . ) 

Filled; I am filled with s. th., 
nin mos/ikine. It is filled, 
■moxiikine, vio.s/ikinebi. (S;ik- 
askinew.) It is filled with 
smoke, mo.shkinedbatc. I am 
filled with it, (penetrated,) nin 
bosakayon. I am filled with 
liquor, nin dchibi. It is filled 
up with a heap, (jwushkica- 

F\\\iY>, 2) a.ssakonandjigan. 

Fillip ; 1 fillip, nin 2Ktfit>'akonand' 
Ji</e. I fillip him, nin j}as.'ia- 
konandawa. (Mikkamew.) 

Filly, bebejiyoganjins, ikwr-bebe- 
Jiyoyanjins. (Piponaskus.) 

Filtering-vessel, Jabicdjiyawii- 

Filth. Filthy.-S. Dirt. Dirty. 

Filth ol" the liead, winashdyan- 

Fin of a fish ; its fin, onindjiyan. 

Finally, y (' y a]) i, islikwdicli. 
(Piyis, or iskweyatch) 

Find ; I find, nin viikdye. I find 
him, (her, it,) nin mikawa ; 
nin mikan. I find s. th., for 
him, nin mikamawa. I find to 
myself, nin mikamas, nin 
mikamadis. I find him, (her, 

it,) to myself or for myself, nin 
mikamn.sonan, nin mikama- 
dii-onan ; nin mikanuUon, nin 
mikantddison. I find him, 
(her, it,) by feeling or groping, 
nin mikodjina ; nin mikodji- 
nan. 1 find him, (her, it,) 
among other ohjects, nin mik- 
ona; nin mikonan. 

Findling, mikdyan. I am a find- 
ling, ni)i mikayaniw. 

Fine, ywandich. 1 am (it is) 
fine, niud oniji.sli, nin ywandt- 
cliiw ; oniji.shin, ywandtchi- 
wan. I )nake him, (her, it,) 
tine, nind oniji.s/iia ; nind, oni- 
Ji.s/iHon. I have (it has) a fine 
appearance, nind onijishaba- 
in i n a y o .s ; oniji.shabaminay- 
tvad. (Miyosiw-niiywasin.) 

Fine ; it is fine, (thread, iti., an.) 
ayd.s.sabiyad ; ayd-'fttabiyini. It 
is fine, (stuff", in., an.) bi.'itsdta- 
yad ; (Pipakasin.) 

Fine looking child, mikaivadj- 

Fine looking man, mikawadji- 
nini, saseya-inini. 

Fine looking "woman, mikawad- 
jikwe, .'iuseya-ikive. 

Finger, onindjima, nibinakica' 
ninindj. My, thy, his finger, 
nininili, kinindj, onindj. The 
small finger, i.skwniindj. i 
stretch out my fingers, nin 
naniitkakonindjin. — I have 
long lingers, nin yayanonindji; 
fig. I am a tiiief. I have 
crooked fingers, nin wdyinind- 
ji ; fig. I am a thief. 

Finger-nail. S. Nail. 

Finger-ring, titibinindjipison. 

Finish ; I finish, nind ishkwdia, 
nind anwata. It finishes, ishk- 
icassin, anwaiamayad. I finish 




— 102 


it, (an., in.) nin de-gijia ; nin 
d^-gijiton ; nin waiekwassiion, 
nin waiekwaton. — It finishes, 
angomagad, angoshkamagad. 

Finish, (doing or placing s. th.) 
I finish, nin gijissHchige, nin 
gijiion, nin gijita. I make 
\\\n\ finish, nin gijitaa. I make 
myself finish, nin gijitaidis, 
nin gijiias. (Poyiiw.) 

Finished ; it is f., gijissitchigdde, 

Finishing, ishkwatdwin, amca- 

Fire, ishkoie, ashkote. I make 
fire, nind ishkoteke, nin boda- 
ice. (Kutawew.) I have no 
fire, nind anissab. The fire 
goes out, dfemagad ishkote, 
niwanje ishkote. My fire goes 
out, or is gone, nind dtaive. 
(Astawew.) I make a large 
fire, 7iin kijikinjaioe. The fire 
blazes up, biskakone, ishkote, 
namatdkone. I catch (it 
catches) fire, nin nawadis, nin 
sakis ; nawadide, sakide. In 
the midstof afire,7taioisM'o<e. 
The fire crackles, papakine- 
inagad ishkote. The fire makes 
noise, bidikwakonc ishkote. — 
I set fire, nin sakaige, nin 
sakaowe. I set fire to him, 
(her, it,) nin sakawa; nin 
sakaan. Fire is set to it, sak- 
aigade. The act of setting 
fire, sakaigewin. Fire in the 
prairie, pasitew. 

Fire ; I fire a gun , ninpdshkisige, 
nin madwesige. I fire guns, 
nin papdshkisige. 

Firebrand, keshkakideg. 

Firebrand for pitching a canoe, 

Fire-place, bodatvdn. (Kutawdn.) 

Fire-poker, naikinjeigan, nana- 
ikinjeigan, nanaikinjeiganak , 
tchitchikinjeigan. t stir or 
repair the fire with a poker, 
nin naikinjeige, nin nanaikin- 
jeige, nin tchitchikinjeige ; nin 
naikinjean, or nin nanaikin- 
jean ishkote, nin tchitchikin- 
Jean ishkote. 

Fire-steel, ishkotekdn. (Piwa- 
bisk-appit, or Sikattagan.) 

Fire-steel River, Nibegomowini- 

Fire-vessel, (steamboat,) ishkote- 

Firing-day, (the fourth of July,) 
niadwesige-gijigad, papdshki- 

Firing guns, madwesigewin. 

Firm, (strong ;) it is firm, iin., 
an.) songan; songisi. (Sok- 
kan, kisivv.) 

Firmament, gijig. 

Firmly, songan. (Sokki.) 

First, nakawe, niiam. (Nikan.) 
The first, niiam, netamissing. 
It is the first, nitamissin. I 
consider him, (her, it,) the 
first, nin nitamenima ; nin 
nitamendan. I am (it is) con- 
sidered the first, nin nitamen- 
ddgos ; nitamenddgwad. I am 
the first after him, nind aka- 

First, (new,) oshki. 

First-birth , sa.nkisiivin. 

First-born ; the first-born, neta- 
minigid, sesikisid. I am the 
first-oorn, nin nitaminig, nin 
.sasikis. The first-born child, 
nitamonjdn. — First-born boy. 
First-born girl. — S. Boy. Girl. 

Fir-tree, ininandag. Any kind 
of fir-tree, jingob. A branch 


— 103 — 


of B, ^r-tTee,jingohakon. Little 
fir-branch, or cedar-branch, 
jingobins. — Shelter or hut 
made of fir-branches, J//t/;o6i- 
gan. I made a shelter of fir- 
Dranches, or I am under such 
a shelter, ninjingohige. (Na- 

Firy ; it is firy, iahkotewad. 

Fish, gigo. (Kinosew.) A kind 
of small fish, nigidii. Dried 
fish, nameteg. (Namestak.) 
Dried smoked fish, gaskidv- 
gigo. I dry and smoke fish, 
niu gaskide-gigoike. There is 
plenty of fish, gigoika. The 
fish leaps up, gogaam-gigo. 
— The fish is soft, jigosi gigo. 
The fish looks whitish, ivtiba- 
tncgoshin gigd. The fish has 
m any bones, sagiganagisi 
gigd. I catch a very large 
fish, nin kagabadjibina. I 
caught so many fislies. When 
the fish spawns, (Amiw.) 

Fish-bladder, pikwadj. 

Fish-bone, gigowigan. 

Fisher, (animal,) otchig ; akdk- 

Fisher, (bird,) oki.<ihkimanisse. 

Fisher-line with many hooks, 

5}agiddbdn. I set a line with 
looks, nin pagiddbi. I haul 

out a fisher-line, nin nddaabi. 
Fisherman, gagoiked, gigoike- 

icinini, penidmcad, pagidatce- 

winini. (Notjikinusewew.) 
Fisher's buoy. S. Buoy. 
Fishery, fishing, gigoikihcin. 

(Notjikinu.sewewin .) 
Fish-hawk , mitchigigwane. 
Fish-hook, migiskan. 
Fish-hook line, migiskaneidb. 
Fishing ; I am fishing, nin gigo- 

ike. (Notjikinusewew.) 1 am 

fi. with a drag-net or draw-nety 
gigoiag nind agwabinag. I 
am fishing with a hook, nin 
wewebandbi. (KwAskwepit- 
chikew.) I am fi. with a hook 
in the night, nin nibinveweba- 
nubi. I am fi. with a hook in 
a canoe or boat, nind agomo- 
wewebandbi. Fishing in ihe 
night with a light, (Waswaw.) 

Fishing-ground, pagiddwewin. 

Fishing-implement, weweband- 

Fisliing-line with a hook, odad- 
jigokan. I am fishinj; with a 
hook, nind odadjigoke ; nin 

Fishing-rod or stick, weweband- 

Fishnet, assdb. A small net, 
assdbins. An old useless net, 
assdbish. (Ayapiy.) 

Fish-oil, gigo-bimide. (Kinuse- 

Fish-scale, wanagaai. 

Fish-store, gigowigamig. 

Fissure ; there is a fissure in a 
rock, tdshkabikishka , passd- 

Fist, pikwakonindj . I strike 
him with the hatfUinjnkwa- 

Fit ; it fits well, minokamagad. 
It fits me well, nin minokdgon, 
nin debishkan. It fits well in, 
mino.'ihkine. (Miyopayiw.) 

Fitchat, fitchew, jikdg. 

Five, nana..., in compositions; 
which see in the Second Part, 

Five, ndnan. We are five, nin 
ndnanimin. There are five 
in. obj., ndnaninon. (Niyd- 

Five every time, five each or to- 
each, nenanan. 

sliiF :'l 


— 104 — 



Five liniidretl, ndnicdlc. 
nan wail) ittUatoniittino, 

Five hundred every time, five 
luindrcd each or to each, nen- 

Five thousand, nuniiKj viidusa- 
wak, nanwiidanak. We are 
five tlionsand in iminljer, /<m 
nanimvlanakoiiimin . T li e r e 
are five th. in. ol)j., nanimid- 
anakwadun . (Niyunanvvakit- 

Five times, uaniinj. (Xiyanan- 

Five times every time, five times 
eacli or to eacli, nendiiiiuj. 

V\x ; I fix it right, nin (/waiako- 
toii. I lix it in a certain man- 
ner, idnd ijissiton. 

Fix, (in s. in.) S. Repair. 

Flabby ; I am llal)by, nin jcujon. 

Flag. S. Banner. 

Flageolet, pipiyicnu. 

Flag-.'^tafl', kikiweondtif/. 

Flail, (q>a(/undai(/an, apcujan- 
daiganak, (jitchiminaiijan. 

Flail or stick, to knock out wild 
rice, baic(ii;/an, haivnujanak. 

Flambeau. S. Torch. 

Flame, the flame is ascending 
high, sasdgakioane. There is 
a blue flame, njnwanashkwa- 
kone. (Kwakkutew.) 

Flame. S. Blaze. 

Flank, (side of the body ;) my, 
thy, his flank, ninhimchigwa- 
dai, kibimi'bigwadai, obimf- 
bigwadaian . ( Nabatey aw . ) 

Flannel, wdbigin. Yellow flan- 
nel, osdwdbigin. Red flannel, 

Flask, flagon, omodai. 

Flat ; it is flat, {in., an.) nabaga; 
nahagisi. It is flat, (metal, 
in., an.) nabagdbikad, tessd- 

bikad ; nabagdbikisi, tessubi- 

Flat grass or lierb, nabagashk. 

Flat liand, nabagnskiniudj , te.s- 
aiuindj, nagukinindjdn. I 
strike him with the flat hand, 
nin nabdgu.skinindjiiawa. 

Flat hat or cap, t'\i!iiivakiodn. 

Flat-head Indian, Nebugindibe. 

Flat-iron , joshkwdigaigan. 

Flat pipe-stem, nabagakokidj. 

Flat Ketone, teb.sdbik, nabaga- 

Flatten ; I flatten i(, {in., an.) 
nin te.s.sHon, nin nabagadaau ; 
nin ie.snia, nin nabagaddwa. 

Flatten with an iron ; I flatten, 
nin joshkwaigaige. I flatten 
it, {in., an.) ninjoshkwaigaan ; 
nin jvshkicaigdivn. 

Flatter. Flattery, (in s. in.) S. 

Flattery, wawijlndiicia. (Ayak- 

Flat tobacco, nebagibagisid aa- 

Flavor. S. Ta.ste, good taste. 

Flay ; I flay, nin pakonige. I 
flay him, nin pakona, nin 
bishagibina, nin bishagigijioa. 

Flea, ])abig. I have fleas, nin 
pabigo.'i. (Pipikus.) 

Flea-herb, animikibag- 

Flee ; I flee, nind ojim. (Taba- 
siw.) I make him flee, or T 
save him by flight, nind oji- 
moa. (Ni tabasihaw.) 

Flesh, wiid.'iH, wiidssima. My, 
thy, his flesh, niiass, kiiass, 
iciiass. I have flesh, nind 
owiiass. I am tiesh, ninwii- 
assiw. As one is flesh, ejiwii- 
assing. I make myself flesh, 
nin wiiassiwiidis. — I take the 
flesh off, nin gitchiganejdn 


105 — 


ioiiass. I take off his flofjli, 
7iin gitchiganejwa. 

Fleshy part of the \l%, of my, 
thy, his le<j^, mndniil, kiiiami, 

Flexihh", I hccotne i\. again, lu'ii 
Jejaici.shka. My le<r hocomo 
H. again, )u'n Jcjrncv/aihishk-a. 
— It is flexiljk', tfibiskaijad. 

Fliglit, ojiwou'iii. (Tabasiwin.) 

Fliglit, (of birds,) In'mifi.seivin. 

Flint, hiwuaag. (Tchakisalii- 

¥\\iicY-[\\o\\fi{i, papalcwavadji . 

Float ; T float, I am on the sur- 
face of the water, nind at/oiu. 
I float, being partly in the 
water, nind (uiwindjin. It 
floats, being partly in the 
water, <i<jicinde. I float (it 
floats) down with the current, 
ninhimCdnxj ; hundtan. (Pima- 

Float about; I float (it floats) 
about, nin ietehaarjwindjin ; 

Float, for a net, aywindjonaijan. 

Flood, liikihiunn, moshknanri . 
There is a flood, moshhaan, 
nikihimaqad. (Iskipewin.) 
i'lood, flowing tide ; it is the fl. 

tide, moshkdgami nihi. 
Floodvvood, amjiLHisHaij. There 
is flood wood, anfjirdssagoka. 
In a place where there is much 
flood wood , a ngwdsfiagokaru/ . 
Floor ; there is a floor, apishi- 
monikdde. (Anaskanittak.) 
I make a floor, nind apishi- 
monike. I make a floor in it, 
the floor, andmissag. On the 
floor, mitchissag. In the mid- 

dle of the fl., ndwismg. The 
fl. is dirty, winitifiaga. I wash 
the fl., nin kifii/Agiasaginige. 
The fl. is wet, nihiinssaga. 
The fl. is clean, hini^mga. 

Floor-board in a house, iipishi- 
montik, apishimnn . 

Floor-branch in a lodge, (-//(/.y/t/- 
nion. (AnAskewin.) 

Floor-carpet, apisfdmonigin. 

Floor-mat, tnxikan. 


Vlowv-hnii, jyakirrjigfoiiiidj . 

Flour-mill, bissibodjigan. (Pini- 
^ putjigan.) 

l^'lour-pap, pi(ku'ejig(mdbn. 

Flower, wdbigon. A kind of 
yellow flower, okitcbageioas- 
Ndkiranc. Another kind, mo- 
nmnngwabigon. The fruit of 
it, man awing. -I make flowers, 
nin icdbigonike. Woman that 
makes fl , imbigonikewikwe. 

Flowings ; I am in n)y monthly 
flowings, agwaiclnng nind aia, 
agwafching nin bodawe. (Isk- 

Flute, j^ipiiiwan. I play on the 
flute, nin pipigwe. 

Flute - player, pipigichvinini, 

Fl u te-play in g , pipimceicin . 

Flute-reed, elder-shrub, j)ipig- 

Fly, odji. Small fly, ojins (Otjew.) 

Fly ; I fly, nin biviisse. It flies 
about, (a bird,) babdmisse. 
(Papumiyaw.) It flies around, 
s. til., giwitasse. It fl. from..., 
ondjisse. It flies hither, hid- 
Jisse. It flies round, bijibasse. 
— It flies off; (something,) mdd- 
jibide. It fl. from..., ondjibide. 
It flies hither, bidjibide. 


— 106 


Fly down, (in s. in ) S. Slide 

Fly in ; it flies in, (abird,) Ht«(?/- 
gesse. It llies in, (.soinetliing,) 

Flying, himissewin. 

Flying squirrel, ,/av«.«/(/i;««(?ajoe. 

Fly lor safety ; I fly, nind ojim. 
(Tabasiw.f I fly iVom him, 
(her, it.) nind ojima, nind oji- 
inotawa ; nind ojindan, nind 
ojimoian. I make him fly, 
nind ojimoa. I fly to him, 
(her, it,) nin nddjinijiwa ; nin 
ntidjinijindan. I fly to some 
place, nind ininijim. 

Fly out; it flies out, (a bird,) 
najidjisse. It flies out, (some- 
thing,) sagidjihide. 

Fly up ; I fly up in the air, nind 
ombisse. It tiies up, ombibide. 

Foam, bite. Mv mouth is full 
of foam, nin biUwidon, (Pis- 
tewatamow.) My mouth is 
full of foam from anger, nin 

Foam ; I foam at my mouth in 
running, nin biteivanam. (Pis- 

Fog, awdn. (Kaskawan.) The 
fog is falling, binawdn. The 
fog disappears, pdkawdn. 

Foggy ; it IS foggy, aicdn. (Kas- 

Fold ; I fold, nin biskitenige. I 
fold it, nin biskitenan. I fold 
it, (8tufl:'i?i., an.) nin nabicegi- 
nan ; nin nabwcaina. 

Folded ; it is folded, biskinigdde, 

Folks, bemddisidjig. 

Follow ; I follow, nin nSpinaki. 
I follow him, (her, it,) nin nd- 
pinana, nind ishkwekawa ; nin 

ndpinadan, nind ishkicckan. I 
follow it, [in., an.) nin nagai- 
waodon ; nin nagaiwdtoa. I 
follow his track, «m bimaana, 
nin mddaana, nin nosswaana. 
I follow a road or trail, nin bi- 
maadon mikana, nin mddaa- 
don mikana, nin no.s.<iicaado?i 
mikana. I follow a certain 
trail, nind inamodjige. (MAta- 
hew, mittimew.) 

Follow in succession ; I follow 
in sue, nind anikeshkdge. I 
follow \\\\x\,nindanikes1ikatoa. 
It follows, anikensin. 

Fond ; I am fond of it, nin nitd- 

Fond of..., (in s. in.) S. Attached 

Fond du Lac, WaiekiodkitcM- 

Fond du Lac, Naaddjitcan. At, 
to or from Fond du Lac, JVa- 

Food, midjim. It is food, mid- 
jimiioan. I gather or collect 
food, (provisions,) nin naenim. 
I collect it for food, (in., an.) 
nin naenimon ; nin naenimo- 

Fool, gawanadisid, gegibddisid. 
I am a fool, nin giwanadis, 
nin aagibddis. 

Foolish ; I am foolish, nin gagi- 
bddis, nin bisinddis, nindaga- 
icadis. It is foolish, gagibd- 
dad. I make him foolish, nin 
gagibddisia, nin gagibdso- 

Foolishly ; I act or behave fool- 
ishly, nin gagibddjige. 

Foolishness, gagibddisiwin, aga- 
wadisiwin, gagibddjigewin, 

Foolish noise, kiwanisiwin. I 


— 107 



make noise foolishly, niii ki- 
Foolish person, genibddisid. 
Foot, osidama. My, thy, hin 
foot, nisid, kisid, osid. The 
right foot, kitvhuidy okitchi- 
sidama. The left foot, na- 
Viandjisid, onamandjisidama. 
I — I have feet, uind osid. I 
have clean feet, nin bimside. 
I have convulsions in my foot 
or feet, nin tchitchibisideshka. 
I have cramps in my foot or 
feet, nind otchisidepiiii;/. I 
have a dead foot, nm niboici- 
side. I have dirty feet, nin 
winiside. I have hairy feet, 
nin miahiside, ninmemishiside. 
1 have lar^e feet, nin marudn- 
giside. I liave a long foot, nin 
ginoside. I have long feet, 
nin gagdnoside. One of my 
feet is longer than the other, 
nin nabanrginoside. I have 
only one foot, nin nabanhide. 
I have pain in my foot, nin 
deioiside. I have a scar on my 
foot, nind odjishisidc. I have 
a short foot, nin takoside. 1 
have short feet, nin iatakoside. 
One of my feet is shorter than 
the other, nin nabanHakoside. 
I have a small foot, nind agas- 
siside. I have small feet, nin 
babiwiside. — My foot is bloody, 
nin miskwiwiside. My feet 
are bound, nin mamdndjigosi- 
debis. I bind or fetter his 
feet, nin mamandjigosidebina, 
nin mamdndjigwapisidebina. 
My foot is bruised, nin jashd- 
gosideshkos. I bruise niy foot, 
nin tatagosideodis. My feet 
are cold, nin takiside, nin iata- 
Mside. My feet are cold being 

wet, nin takwakisideidbdwe. 
My feet are benumbed with 
cold, nin takwakisidewadj. My 
feet are cracked, niti gipiside, 
nin gagipinide. My foot is cut 
oft", nin kishlciside. I cut oft' 
my foot, nin kis/iki.ndeodi.s. 1 
cut off his foot, nin kishkisi- 
dejiea. My foot is dislocated, 
nin koiigosiketn. I dislocate 
m}' foot, nin kntigonidefthin, 
nin gidiakakosideslnn, nin bi- 
miskosideshin. My f o o t is 
frozen, nin manhkawndjisidc- 
wadj. My foot is pierced, ««« 
jibanimlejigas. My foot is 
swollen, ?tm bdgimie. My foot 
is stiff', nin trhibatakoside. My 
foot is tender, or my feet are 
tender, nin nukisidc. My feet 
are warm, nin kijoside. My 
feet are wet, nin nibiwiside. 
Mv foot is wounded, nin md- 
kiside. — At my feet, ejiside- 
biinn. I burn my foot, nin 
badagosides. I hurt my foot, 
nin nangi sides hin. 1 hurt my 
foot walking, nin bitdkosi- 
deshin, nin pakwcsideshin. I 
lift up my toot, nind ombisiden. 
The other foot, ajaioisid, na- 
baio'lsid. I press his foot, nin 
maqosidena. I put my foot on 
s. til. sitting, nind agicitchisi- 
deshimon. In put my foot 
in..., nin pindjisideshin. I 
elide or fall in with one foot, 
nin pindjisidcsse. T rub liis 
foot or feet with some medi- 
cine, nin siniqosidcbina. I 
sprain his foot \)y pulling, nin 
j)dkisidebina. I have it stick- 
mg in my foot, it sticks in my 
foot, nin patakisidedjin. I 
thrust it in my foot, nin pata- 


— 108 


kinideotlis. I tliriist it In his 
foot, uiu patakixiilcwa. 1 
wash my feet, nin Idxilngiside. 
I wash his feet, nin kisibiyitii- 
dena. I wipe my feet, nia 
kinrndc. 1 wipe liis feet, nin 
kisisidewa. — 'llie extremity of 
the foot, tvniidkosid. — At the 
foot of a hill or momitain, /*/.s-- 
sdki. (Nittuimitiii.) 
' Foot, (12 inches,) one foot, niiif/- 
otosid. Two, three, four lect, 
etc., nijosid, nis.sosid, niom'd, 
etc. So luiiny feet, dufiffo- 

Foot-bath ; I take a warm i'ooi- 
hiilh,uindahakamass. 1 give 
him a warm f., niud abaka- 

Footboard of the Indian cradle, 

Footing ; J have a good footing, 
nin minokami. J have a bad 
footing, nin mdnihiuti. 

Footman, barnildijxn, baniitagc- 

Foot-rag, ajiyan. 

f^ootsteps ; I mak<' .small foot- 
steps, n,ind ajjn.snikam, nin 
habiwishkam. — S. Ti a<;k . 

Footstool, agwitcliisideshimono- 
iciii, apisidebiwin. 

For, (because,) fi<i. (Tchikema.) 

Forbear ; I forbear with him, 
nin yanabiiawa, nin babimi- 
widawn. — We forbear with one 
another, nin ganabiiadiniin, 
nin babimiwidadimin. 

Forbear, Forbearance, (in s. in) 
S. Patient. Patience. 

Forbid ; I forbid, nin ginaamdge. 
I forbid him, (her, it,) nin gi- 
naamaioa; nin ginaamadan, 
nin ginaamawadan. I forbid 
it to myself, nin ginaamadis. 

— It I'orh'uln, ginncnnageniagad. 

Forbiddanco, ginuamagcwin, gi- 

Forbidilen ; any tiling forbidden, 
ginaamagowiu. 1 am forbid- 
den, nin ginainnago. It in for- 
bidden, giniKinidgeniagad. 

Forbidder, geudmnagcd. 

Force. S. Power. 

Ford; I lord a river, n/M iaka- 
maddsi. (Mustutakaw.) 

Foreboding. S. Augur. Augura- 

F o r e li n g e r, (rshowing-tinger,) 
inninindj. ( Itwahikewitchit- 

Forehead, kidii/wun. (Miskat- 

Foreigner, stranger, maidginini. 

— Foreign woman, maiugikive. 

I am a foreigner, (man or 

•woman,) nin maidgifi, nin 

mui/ddwis. ( Pitusif<ivv.) 

Foreman , nagdnii<id. 

Foremost, nigd ncnugwakamig . 
I am foremost, nin nigdnin. 1 
am (it is) foremost, considei'ed 
foremost, nia mgCinendagos, 
nin nitamendagos, nin maia- 
wendagos ; nigdnendagwad, 
nitamendagwad, maiawendag- 
ivad. I consider him, (her, it,) 
foremost, ju/t nigdnenima; nin 
niganendan. — I am foremost 
(traveling by water,) nin nigd- 
nd. — The foremost in. object, 

Forerunner, naganishkad. 

Forepart ; in the forepart, nigdn. 

Forenoon ; a forenoon, or half a 
day, ningo-nawakwe. In the 
forenoon, tchi bwa nawakweg. 

Forest, niitigwaki. (Sakaw.) 
There is a forest, bimdkwa. In 


— 109 — 


the middle of a forest, nawak- 
ica. 1 walk on tlio lH)rder of 
a forest, win Jijodukwanm — 
Near the forest, (r/iii/dhwd. 
The forest is i'(ir,way,ia(ikwalc- 
ira. The forest hm a white 
a npeara nee, W(i balcw a m (t(/o < I . 
The forest is low, tabmrnkwa. 
Tlie forest is i\\\ck, <iibdkwa, 
HUijwandiKja. Indian from tlie 
thick forests, S(U/U'anda(/aitn- 
nini. TJurnt forest. S. liurnt. 

Foretell ; I foretell, nt« «?V/<«jf«^if- 

Foretell. Foreteller. Foretellinj,', 
(in. Augur. Auguration. 

Foreteller, iihfaiidtfjunounnini. 

Foret el 1 i 11 <5, ntjjn uudjimo w in. 

Foretelling woman, niijunddji- 

Forget ; 1 forget, uinwannidam, 
nin boncndain. I forget him, 
(her, it,) nin w(uicninia,.nin 
boncnima ; ninivancnddn, nin 
boaenddn. 1 forget myself, 
nin waennindia, nin bonenin- 
dis. I forget s. th. relating to 
him, nin waneiidnmawa, nin 
bonendaviauHi. We forget our 
mutual oti'ences, nin bonenin- 
dimin. (Wani-kiskisiw.) 

Forgetful ; I am forgetful, nin 

Forgetful ness, mnnhidamotoin, 
nitd-wanendamowin . 

Forgetting, loanvndamoicin, bu- 

Forget to take ; 1 forget to take, 
nin wanike. I forget to take 
him, (her, it,) ninicanikenan ; 
nin waniken. 

Forgive ; I forgive, ninbonigi- 
detdge, nin honendam. I for- 
give it, nin bonenddn, nin icc- 

binun. I forgive him, nin 
bunifjidctawd, nin tcrbinama- 
wu, nin waniUidamawa, nin 
bonandanuura, nind odjimeni- 
mn. VVe for. each other, nin 
bonijidetadimin, nin webi'nd- 
madimin, nin Itoncnindimin. 

Forgiven ; I am tiir., nin Itonigi- 
detagoity nin giusxiamdgo. It 
is for., bonoidjigade, vcbini- 
gdde, gdx.siigddc. 

Forgiven, (in.'s. in.) S. Rejected. 
Tiirown away. 

Forgiveness, bonendammrin, bo- 
nigidefagt'H'in , ijunigidcfago- 
v'in, gntixidnidgvioin, gan.sia- 
wag<}ivin. ^Mutual forgiveness, 
boncnindiicin, bonigidctadi- 
win , w<'bin(inu(diwin ' 

Forgotten ; lam (it is) forgotten, 
as well as forg., nin iranenda- 
goa ; loant'udagwdd. 1 am 
lit is) (juite forgotten, nin 
tPdnendJiga.s ; ivdnendjigddc. 

Fork, ndasdwdbidvigdn, patdk- 
as/ikaigan, hay-fork. ( Tchis- 

Fork, table-fork, ^Jrt/(/Avt/(7a«. 1 

iiick up with a fork,?riu pata- 
coige. I pick it up, (in., an.) 

nin imtakadn ; nin 2>atakdtcd, 
Form, ijindgnsiwin. 
Form ; I form it, {in., an.) nin 

ma.ndinan ; nin maaidinn. I 

form it for \\'m\,ninmasidina- 

Formed ; I am (it is) formed, 

nind ojig ; ojigin. 
Former, geh' — . 
Formerly, gaidi, mrwija. (Os- 

katch — kayiis.) 
Formidable. S. Feared. 
F'ornication, bishigwddisiwin, 




— 110 — 


Fornicator, hishigwCidjiniai^ ifa- 

Fern icatrcHH, Mahiyivddjikwe, 

Forsake ; J forHake him, (her, it) 

nin nayana ; nin nagadan, 
Forflako. Forsaken, (in. h. in.) 

S. Throw away. Thrown 

Fort, fortress, wakaigan, ako- 

bimwdn. In the fort, pindj- 

icdkaigan. Out of the fort, 

agwatchiwakaigan. (A s w u- 

For the sake of..., ondji. 
Forthwith, wewib, pabige, keji- 

din, (Seniak.) 
Fortify ; I fortify him, (her, it,) 

nin Hungisia, nin mas/tkawLsia; 

nin songiton,nin maahkawiton. 
Fortify the lieartor mind ; 1 for., 

nin songideetihknge. I fortify 

him, nin songideeshkawa, nin 

Fortitude of tlie lieart, songidee- 

win. I give him fortitude, 

nin songideeshkawa. Giving 

fortitude of tlie Jieart, songi- 

Fortnight, nijo-anamiegijigad. 
Fortunate ; I am (or., ninjawen- 

dagos. (Papewew.) 
Fortune. S. niches. 
Fort William, Gamaneiigweiag, 

or Kamanetigweiag. 
Forty, nimidana. We are forty, 

nin nimidanawemin. There 

are forty in. objects, nimidana- 

wewan. There are forty pairs, 

Forty every time, forty each or 

to each, nenimidana. 
Forty hundred, or four thousand, 

nimidanak. We are four 

thousand of us, nin nimidana- 

kosimin. There are 4000 in. 

objects, nimidanakwadon. 
Found ; I am (it is) found, nin 

mikas, nin mikadjigas ; mik- 

dde, inikadjigCide. F o u n d 

thing, mikCigan. It iw a found 

i\\\\\)l, piikCiganiuHin. 
Foundation , ashotchisaiichigan . 
Foundation of a liouse, ondka- 

migissitckigan . 
Foundation-stone, ashoichissit- 

chiganubik, ushdabikissitchi- 
^ gan. 
Founded ; it is well founded, 

Founder. Foundry. — S. Smelter. 

Fountain. S. Spring. 
Four, nio..., in compositions; 

which see in the Second Part. 
Four, niwin. We are four, nin 

niwimin. There are four in, 

objects, niwinon. (Newo.) 
Four every time, four each or to 

each, neniwin. 
Four hundred, niwak. We are 

four hundred in number, nin 

niwakosimin. There are 400 

in. objects, niwakwadon. Four 

hundred pairs, niwakwewdn. 
Four hundred every time, 400 

each or to each, neniwak. 
Fourth ; the fourth, eko-niwing. 

The fourth time, or four times, 

Fourthly, eko-niwing. 
Fourth of Julv, pdshkisige-g\ji- 

gad, papdsnkisige-g ij ig ad, 

Four times, niwing. (Newaw.) 
Four times every time, four 

times each or to each, neni- 

Fox, wdgosh. (Makkesis.) 

Young fox, wdgoshens. 


-r-lll — 


Fragment, hokwaii. 

Franie-houKC, wdkaigan, mi(if/o- 

Fran c e, Wemiliijojiwaki. In 
France, to or from France, 
Wemiii<jojiicakin(f . 

Frank incenHo, minom/ltjwakifti- 
aan. I burn frankinceuHe, 1 
incense, nin minonuiywakinige. 
— 8. Perfume. 

Fraud. S. Cheat. Cheating. 

Free ; I am free, nin dibmindis. 

Freedom, dibenindisowin. 

Freeze ; I freeze to death, nin 
g aw d dj, nin mashkawddj . 
(NipAhatchiw.) I begin to feel 
that a part of my body is 
freezing, n >■ mikawadj.— It 
freezes over, jashkadin, giba- 

Freezing, mashkawadjiwin, ga- 

Freezmg-moon, (November,) 

French ; I speak French, nin 

French book or letter, wemitigo- 

French boy, (r a little French- 
man, TVemitigojins. 

French church, wemitigoji-ana- 

French girl, wemiiigojikwens. 

French language, wemiiigoji- 

Frenchman, Wemitigqji. 

French priest, (Catholic priest,) 
wemihgo^i- mekaiemkivanaie. 

French rehgion, (Catholic reli- 
gion,) wemitigoji-anamieunn. 

Frenchwoman, wemitigojikwe. 

French writing, wemitigojiwi- 
biigan. I write in French, 
nin toemitigojiwibiige. It is 

written (or printed) in P'rencli, 
wemitigoliwiHHin. I translate 
it into trench, /tm wemitigo- 
jiwinHiton. ft \h tran.MJntcd in 
French, wemitigojiwissitrhi- 

Fre<|uent ; I fro*!. 
nin nodikwewe, 
we we. 

bad women, 
nin nodjik' 

Frequent. S. Keep comjMiny. 

Vrei\uently , nanimfim,/n'ningim, 
mmgivana. (Kldkiyipa.) 

Fresh, oshki-. 

Fret ; I fret him, nin ninhkia. It 
frets me, nin nvthki'gon. — S. 

Friend ; my friend, (or brother) 
nikdniss, n i dj i k i w r. T h y 
friend, kikdniss, kidjikiw^. 
His friend, wikanissan^ wid- 
Jikiweian. I am his friend, (or 
he is my friend,) nin mino- 
inaioema. I am its friend, nin 
mino-inawendan. (Otjiwdma, 
or, Witchdsa). 

Friendship, inawendiwin, mino- 
inawenaiwin, sdgiidiwi n. 

Fright, amdnissowin, gotddji- 
win, kitchi segisitpln. 

Frighten; Ifr. him, nin sdgia, 
nin segima, nind dmawa. 

Frighten, (startle ;) I frighten it, 
(an animal,) nind oshawut 
nind oshakawa, nin nana- 

Frightened ; I am fr., nin segetf 
dam, nin migoshkadji-aia. I 
am fr. by s. th. I heard, nin 
amaniss. I look frightened, 
nin seginagos. ( Araatisuw). 

Frightened animal, nanamdc^i- 

Frightful ; I am (it is) frightful, 
nin gotdmigos ; goidmigwad. 


>.,.!,, |,., 

til :;.: 






I! I 



l-i i- 





— 112 — 


— S. Horrible. (Kakwdyake- 
Frightful or enormous number 
or quantity. (Anakatchtiy). 
There is a fr. number of us, 
nin gagwdnissaginomm, or, 
nin gagivdnissaginimiii.Therc 
is a fr. quantity of il, gagwd- 
Frivolous ; I am fr., nin bisina- 
dis, nin gagihddis. I make 
hiin friv., nin bisinddjia. — S. 
Frivolousness, bisinddisiwin, 

Frock for men, babisikawdgan. 
Frock for women , godass. I wear 

a long f rock, ni7i a inwambis. 
¥rog, omakaki. A Kind of green 
iTOg,jashaaawashkogissi. An- 
other kina of frog, passeka- 
nak. A small kind of frog, pi- 
konekwe. (Ayekis). 
Frost ; there is glazed frost (or 
rime) on the ground, gaskwe- 
Frower, tdshkigaigan. 
Frozen ; I am frozen, nin mash- 
kawadj. It is frozen hard, 
mashkawadin. It is frozen 
over, gashkadin, gibadin. It 
is frozen thick, kipagadin. 
Frugal ; I am frugal, pepangi 

nin wissin. 
Fruit; different kinds of fruit, 

Fruit of the tree, maniwdng mi- 
Fruit-tree, maniwid mitia. 
Fry ; I fry, nin sdssakoktoe. I 
fry it, (in., an.) nin sdsnakok- 
■ wadan ; nin sdssakoktoana. 
Frying-pan , sdssakokwddjigan, 
abwewin. Frying-pan with a 
short handle, abwewinens. 

Fuel, wood, mman. (Mitta). I 
have no fuel, nind dtawe. ( As- 

Full ; it is full in a certain man- 
ner, inashkine. (Sakaskinew). 

Full. S. Filled. 

Fulfil ; I fulfil it, nin tibishkos- 
siton. I fulfil a promise, nin 
tibissaton, nin tioissiton. 

Fulfilled ; it is fulfilled, tibish- 

Fully, wdioinqe, dpitchi. 

Funeral. S. iJurial. 

Funnel, pinsibddjigan. I am 
pouring through a funnel, 
nin pinsibddjige. I pour it 
through a funnel, nin pinsi- 

Fur, (hair of animals,) biwai. 
Its fur, obiwai. (Attiiy). It 
has no fur or hair, pash 
kwddikwebiqisi. This animal 
has a black fur, bosmakdte- 
ivaxoe aw awessi. It has a fine 
fur, bissibiwaie. It has a 
good fur, mimoawe. It has a 
long fur, gagdnobiwaie, ish- 
pawe. It has a short fur, 
titinsawe. It has a thick and 
profitable fur, bissagwawe. 

Fur, given as payment to a fur- 
trader, atawdgan. (AttJiy ; two, 
— nijwattiiy).' 

Furnish, I furnish to people, 
nind ondinamdge. I fur. it to 
him, nind ondinamdwa. I fur. 
to myself, nind ondinamddis, 
nind minidis, I furnish it to 
myself, (in., an.) nind ondina- 
madison, nin minidison ; nind 
ondinamadisonan, nin minidi- 
Further, or farther, awdss. 
Further there, awdss wedi. 


Gaiety. S. Gayness. 

Gain ; I gain it, (in. an.,] nin 
gashkiton ; nin gashkia. I 
gain nothing, nind agav)i.<i, 
nind agmvishka, nind ago- 
wita, nind anawewis. I gain, 
(in a play,) nin pakinage, nin 
mijagado. (Paslciyakevv). 

Gain ;lgain, (endeavoring,) nin 
luikioatclii. I gain it, {in., an.) 
nin tcikwatchiion ; nin tcik- 
watchia. I gain to myself, nin 
wikwatchitas, nin wikwatcJd- 
tamas. 1 gain it to myself, 
(in., an.) nin wikicatchitason, 
nin wikioatchiiamason : nin 
wikwatchitas6nan, nin wik- 

Gain, (in. s. in.) S. Earn. 

Gained; it is gained, (m., an.) 
gashkitchigdde : gashkitchi- 
gdso. Gained object, gashki- 

Gaining, gashkiicJi igewin. 

Gain over. S. Prevail. 

Gainsay ; I gainsay, nind ajide- 
mdam, rind ajidewe, nind 
ajidenge, nin gaydn.ntam,^in 
nakwetage, nin nakwetan. I 
use to gainsay, nind ajideti- 
geshk, nin nakwetanqeshk, 
nind agonwetangeshk. — t gain- 
say him, nind ajidema, nin 
gagansitawa, nin nakwetaioa, 
nind agonweiawa. I gainsay 
in thoughts, nind ajid6ien- 
dam, nind agonweiendam. 1 1 

gainsay against it, nin gaqan- 
sitdn. (Anwettam, or) Nas- 

Gainsayer, aiagonweiang. 

Ga i n say i n g , ago nw etamomn . 

Gait, walking, himossewin. 

Galilean ; GaliUwinini. 

Gall, toinsop. 

Gal Ion , minikioddjigan . 

Gallows, aqonidiioi-miiig . 

Gamble ; t gamble, nin atdge, 
nin nitd atage, nin matchir 
aiage. ( Pakessew) . 

Gambler, netd-ataged, etagesh- 

Gambling, atddiwin. atagesh- 
kiwin, matchi-atddiwin. 

Gambling-house, atddiwigamig. 

Game, (interested game,) atddi- 
win. (Pakessewin.) 

Game ; I game, nind atdge. 

Garden, kitigan, kitiganens. 

Garden-house, kitiganiic igamig. 

Garden-River, Kitiaanisibi. 

Gard-house, akanaoicigamig. 

Garlic, jinagawanj. 

Garment, agwiwin. 

Garter, kashkibidassebison. 

Gather ; I gather together, nin 
mawandinige, nin mawando- 
nige, nin mawandjiichige. I 
gather it together, [in., an.) 
nin mawandjiton, nin mawan- 
dinan, nin mawandonan,, nin 
mawandjissiton ; nin ma- 



114 — 





wandjia, nin matoandina, nin 
mawandona. I gather people 
together, nin mawansomag. — 
I gather for somebody, nin 
mawandjitamage. I gather it 
for hira, nin mawandjitama- 
wa. I gather for myself, nin 
mawandjitamas, nin mawand- 
jitamadis, nin mawandjitass. 
I gather together sewing, nin 
mawandogwass. I gather 
them together sewing, nin 
mawandogwadan, nin niawau' 
dogwadanan. — I gather burn- 
ing coals together, nin ma- 
wandokige. — I gather hay, nin 
mawandoshkan. — It gathers 
together, mawandossemagad. 

Gather berries ; I gather berries, 
nin mawins. I gather berries 
and eat them, nin gdpon. (Mo- 
minew). I gather them, [in., 
an.) nin gdponan ; nin gdpo- 

Gathered ; we are gath. together 
in a great number, nin mdmd- 
vyinimin, nin mdmdwinomin. 

Gathered object, mawandjigan. 

G a t h e r er, mawandjitchigewi- 

Gauze, jihawassHgin. 

Gay ; I am gay, nin bdpinenim, 
ninjomitvaais. I make him 
gay, nin bdpinenimoa, ninjo- 
miwadisia. I am gay, in li- 
quor, nin minobi, nin jdwen- 

Gay, (in. s. in.) S. Joyful. 

Gayness, gayety, bapinenimo- 
toin. Gayety m half drunken- 
ness, jowenaamowin. 

Gaze ; I gaze at s. th. with sur- 
prise, nin mamakdsabange. I 
gaze at him (her, it) with as- 
tonishment, nin mamakasd- 

bama, nin mamakdsinawa ; 
nin mamakasdbandan, nin 

Gazed ; any object gazed at, 

Geld. S. Castrate. 

General, kitchi jimdganishi- 

Generally, mdmawi. (Mdna). 

Gentile. S. Pagan. 

Gentle ; it is gentle, (a horse, 
etc.) wdngawisi,waiuangawisi. 

Gentle, (in. s. in.) S. Mild. 

Gentleness, bekddisiwin, mino- 
deewin. (Peyattikowisiwin) 

Gently, bika. (Peyattik). 

Genuflection, otchitchingivani- 

Geometer, dibaakiwinini. 

Geometry, dibaakimn. 

Germ, (bud,) saganwi. 

German, animd. I speak Ger- 
man, nind animdm' 

German language, animamowin. 

German woman, animdkwe. 

Germinate; it germinates, (m., 
an.) saganivimagad ; saganwi. 
I make it germ., (in., an.) nin 
saganwissiton ; nin saganvna. 

Get ; I am getting worse, (in my 
sickness,) nind abindis, nind 

Get from.... ; I get s. th. from. ., 
nind ondinigey nind ondis. I 
get him (her, it) from..., nind 
ondina ; nind ondinan. 

Get lost. S. Go astray. 

Get ready. S. Prepare. 

Ghost, manito ; icnibai. 

Giant, missdbe, kitchi inini. Fab- 
ulous giant, windigo. 

Giantess, kitchi ikwe. Fabulous 
giantess, windigokwe. 

Giant's bird, winaigobineahi. 


— 115 — 


Giant's " tripes de roche," win- 

Giddiness, giwashkwewin. 

Giddy ; 1 am giddy ^ ningiwash- 
kwe ; I am giddy from drink- 
ing, nin giwashkwebi. I am g. 
from heat, nin giwashkwes. I 
am g. by smelling, win giioash- 
kwenos. I am g. by falling, 
nin aiwashkweshin. I am made 
giddfy by s. th. falling upon 
me, nin giwashkioekos. (Kiis- 

G i f t, minigowin, minigosiwin, 
migiwewin, minidiioin, pagi- 

Gild ; I gild it, (in., an.) nind 
osdwa-joniiakadan ; nind osd- 

Gilt ; it is gilt, (in., an.) osdwa- 
Joniiakdde ; osdwa-joniiakdso. 

Gimblet, biminigans. 

Ginger-bread, washkobitchtgd- 
sod pakwejigan . 

Gird ; I gira myself, nin kiichi- 
pis. I gird myself strongly, 
nin sindapis. (Pakwattehuw). 
I gird up high my blanket, 
nin takwambis, nind ishpan- 
takicebis. I gird him, (her, it,) 
nind aiassicapina ; nind aiass- 
wapidon. — S. Girdle. 

G i rd le, kitchipison. — S. Belt. 

Girdle ; I girdle myself other- 
wise, or with another belt, 
nind andapis. 

Girl ; little girl, ikwesens. I am 
a little girl, nind ikwesensiw. 
Grown up girl, oshkinigikwe, 
gyikwe. I am a grown up 
girl, adult, nind oshkinigik- 
wew,nin gijikwew . — The first- 
born girl of a family, madiiki- 
kwetoiss. I am the first-born 

girl of the family, nin madji- 

Girt; I am not well girt, nin 

Girth, assotchibidjigan. 

Give ; I give, nin migiwe. (Me- 
kiw). I give him, nin mina. 
(Miyew). I give to myself, nin 
minidis. We give to each 
other, nin minidimin. I give 
him, (her, it,) nin bidina; nin 
hidinan. I give him (her, it) 
to him, nin bidinamawa. — I 
give to all, nin dibaoki. I give 
also to him, nin debaona I 
have not enough to give to all, 
nin nondeoki. I have not 
enough to give to him, nin 
nondeona. — 1 don't like to give 
soon, nin nomagewis. 

Give, (in. s. in.) S. Present. — S. 

Give away. I give away, nin 
migiwe. I give him (her, it) 
away, nin migiwenan, ninpa- 
gidina, nin pagidemma ; nin 
migiwen, mn pagitinan, nin 
pagidendan. 1 give it to him, 
nin pagidendamawa, nin pa- 
gidinamawa. I give it away 
for him, nin migiwetawa, nin 
migiwetamawa. — I am too 
much in a habit of giving 
away, nin migiweshk. Habit 
of giving away, migiweshki- 

Give back; I give back, nSidb 
nin migiwe. I give him (her, 
it) back again, niidb ninmigi- 
toenail, nind ajena ; nHdb nin 
migiwen, nind ajenan. I give 
him back again s. th., neidb 
nin mina, nind ajenamawa. 

Given ; I am given s. th., nin 
minigos. I am given s. th. by 





— 116 — 


II !| 

li' ^'. 


divine goodness, nin minigo- 
wis. It is given away, (m., 
an.) pagidinigdde ; pagidini- 

Give to drink ; I give to drink, 
nin minaiwe. I am in a liad ha- 
bit of giving to drink, nin 
minaiweshk, I give him to 
drink, nin minaa. I give (or 
procure) to drink to myself, 
nin minaidis. We give each 
other to drink, nin minaidi- 
min. The act of giving to 
drink to each other, or to sev- 
eral, minaidiwin. The bad 
habit of giving, to drink, mi- 

Give up j I give up, nind ani- 
jitati} nind anatoendjige, nind 
anwendam. I give him up, 
nindinawea, nin bonia. I give 
it up, niji honiton. — I give 
myself up to somebody, nin 

Given up ; it is given up, boni- 
tchigdde, tvebinigdde. 

Giving, migiwewin, pagidenda- 

Giving up, anijitamowin, ana- 
wendjigewin, anwendamowin. 

Glad ; I am glad, nin minwen- 
dam, nin bdpinenim, nin nden- 
dam, nind onanigioendam, nin 
modjigendam. (Ataminaw). I 
am very glad, nind o,sdmeniin. 
I am glad to have escaped 
the danger of perishing, nin 
b(^inewagendam. I make 
him glacf, nin minwendamia, 
nin naindamia, nin bdpineni- 

Glad and thankful ; I am glad 
and th., nin mikonatveiendam. 
I make him glad, (by some 
good service,) nin mikonawea. 

I am gl. and th. he has it, nin 
mikonaweienima. (Nandsku* 

Gland ; my, thv, his gland, ni- 
nishk, kinishk, onishkwan. 

Glanders ; the horse has glan- 
ders, agigoka bebejigoganji. 

Glass ; drinking-glass, minik- 
wddjigan ; w i n d o w-g lass, 
wdssetchiganubik . 

Glass-bead, manitominens. 

Glide ; I glide in the water, nin 
b akobisse, nin gogisse. It 
glides away, madjibide. (Sos- 

Globe, aki, or, akki. (Askiy). 

Globulous or globular ; it is glo- 
bulous, {in., an.) bikomina- 
gad, babikominagnd ; bikomi- 
nagisi, babikominagisi. (W4- 
wiyeyaw). Two, three, four, 
etc., globular objects, nijomi- 
nag,'nisiminag, niominag, etc. 
So many globular objects, 

Glorification, kitchitiodwendd- 
gosiwin, bishigendagosiwin . 

Glorify ; I glorify him, (her, it,) 
nin kitchitwdwina, nin mino- 
ivawina, nin bishigendagwia, 
nin kiichitwawenima, nin 
bishigenima; nin kitchitwa- 
windan, ninmino-windan, nin 
bishigendagwiton, nin kitchit- 
wawendan, nin bishigendan. 
I glorify myself, nin kitchitwa- 
wiidis, nin kiichitivawenindis. 

Glorify, (in. s. in.) S. Exalt. 

Glorious ; I am (it is) glorious, 
nin kitchitwdivenddgos, nin 
bishigenddgos ; kitchitwawen- 
dagwad, bishigendagwad. I 
make him glor., nin kitchit- 
tcaioia, nin kitchiiwawmdago- 



— 117 — . 



sia, nin bishigendagwia. (MA- 

Glory, kitchitwdwin, hitchitwd- 
wisiwin, kitchitwawendagosi- 
win, bishigendagosiwin, ish- 

Glove, mindjikawan. (Yiyikan- 

Gow-worm, wawatessi. 

Glue, namekwan. I make glue, 
nin namt'kwanike. (Pasakwa- 

Glue-boiler, namekwanikeweni- 

Glutton, nebddisid. I am a glut- 
ton, nin nibddls. 

Gluttonous ; I am gl., nin ni- 
bddis. (Kajakevv). 

Gluttony, nibddisiwin. 

Gnash; I gnash, nin kakit- 
chishkabiden. I gnash and 
show the teeth, ninniiabiden. 
I gnash with anger, nin nis- 
kabiden. I gnash at him, nin 
niskdbidetawa. (Kakitchika- 
pitew) . 

Gnaw ; I gnaw, nin jishigwand- 
jige. I gnaw it; (in., an.) nin 
jishigwandan ; nin jishigtoa- 

Go ; I go, nind ijd. (Ituttew). It 
goes, ijdmagad. I go some- 
where by land, nin bimosse; 
by water, nin bimishka ; sail- 
ing, nin bimdsh. I go further 
and further, nin miwi. — It 

goes so , ijissin. It goes in 

a certain direction, inikama- 
gad. (Ispayiw). 
Go about ; I go about, nin baba- 
ija, nin baba-inika. I go about 
in a canoe or boat, nin baba- 
mishka; near the shore, nin 
babamajaam ; sailing, nin ba- 
bamdsh. I am going about, 

roving, nin binds, nin bindia- 
dis, nin binashka. (Papa-itut- 

Go along ; I go along, nind ani- 
bimosse. I go along in a canoe, 
nind ani-bimishka or, nind 
animishka. I go along on the 
ice, nind aniinddagak. And 
80 forth, prefixing ani- to 
the verbs. (Atimuttew). 

Go astray ; I go (it goes) astray, 
nin icanishin ; icanissin. I 
cause him to go astray, nin 
loanishima. I cause myself to 
go astray, nin icanishindis. 
(lyekattew) . 

Go asunder. S. Open. 

Go away ; I go (it goes) away, 
71 in mdaja ; mddjamagad. 
(Sipwettew). I go away in a 
canoe or boat, nin mddji. I 
go away (out of the way,) nind 
ikoga. (Opime-ituttew). I go 
away, talking, nind animive- 
widam, nind animweweto. 

Go from ; I go from one person 
to another, nin nibiteahkawag, 
or, nin bimi-nibiteshkawag. I 
go from one house to another, 
nin nibiteshkanan, or, nin bi- 
mi-nibiteshkanan wdkaiga- 
nan. (Ottuttew). 

Go in ; I go (it goes) \v\, nin pin- 
dig e; pindigemagad. I go in 
freq^uently, nin pdpindige. I 
go m to him, or in him, nin 
pindigawa ; I go frequently 
m to nim, or in him, nin pa- 
pindigawa. I go in him, (her, 
it,) nin pindigeahkawa, nin 
pindjinaweshkawa ; nin pin- 
digeshkan, nin pindjinawesh- 
kan. — I go in the woods, nin 
jekakwaam. I go in the water, 
nin bakobi. I make him go in 




— 118 — 



the water, nin bakohinincyd- 
wa. (Pakkubew). 

Goon; I go (it goes) on, nind 
animddja, nin mddjishka ; 
ani mddjamaaad, mddjishka- 
magad. I matce it go on, (in., 
an.) nin mddjishkan ; nin 
madjishkawa. I go straight 
upon him, (her, it,) nin maia- 
wishkawa; nin maiawishkan. 
— I go (it goes) on straight, 
right, nin gwaiakosse, nin 
gwaiako'shka ; gwaiakossema- 
gad, gwaia kos hkamagad, 
gwaiakossin. — I go (it goes) on 
slowly, nin hesika ; besikama- 

Go out ; I go ( it goes) out, nin 
sagaam ; sdgaamomagad. (Wa- 
yawiw). I go out of him, (her, 
it,) nin sdgisinotawa, sdgidji- 
noiawa, sdgidjinaweshkawa ; 
nin sdgisinotan, sdgidjinotan, 
sdgidjinaweshkan. It goes out 
of me, nin sdgisinotagon, nin 
sdgidjinotagon, nin sdgidjina- 
weshkagon. — I go out of his 
hear^, nin sdgidjideeshkawa. 
It goes out of my heart, nin 

Go round ; I go round, nin wa- 
ninishka, nin giwitashka. I 
go round him', (her, it,) nin 
giwitashkawa, nin giwitash- 
kan. (Waskattew). 

Go to; I go to him, (her, it) 
nind nasikawa, nind ijanan ; 
nin nasikan, nind ijan. I go 
to the end of it, nin kabesh- 
kan. (Natew) . 

Go with... ; I go with somebody, 
nin widjiiwe. I go with him, 
(or he goes with me,) nin wid- 
jiwa. I go with him some- 
where in a canoe or boat, nind 

adawaama. I make him go 
with somebody, nin widjin- 
daa. I make it go (or come) 
with me, nin widjinddn. It 
goes with.... widjindimagad. 
We go with one another, nin 
ividjindimin. I persuade him 
to ^o with me, nin wijdma. I 
go in with him, nin widjipin- 

Goblet, minikwddjigan. 

GOD, Kije-Manito. I am God, 
Nin Kije-Manitotc God is One 
in Three, Nisso-bejigo Kije- 

Godchild; my, thy, his god- 
chil, ninidjdnissikdwin, kinid- 
jdnissikdwin, onidjdnissikd- 
winan. He (she) is my god- 
child, nind onidjdnissikdnan. 

Goddaughter ; my, thy, his god- 
daughter, ninddnissikdwin, 
kiddnissikdwin, oddnissikd- 
winan. She is my goddaugh- 
ter, nind oddnissikanan. 

Godfather, babdikawin ; ossikd- 
win. COttawikkuwina). He is 
my godfather, (or adopted fa- 
ther,) nind odssikanan. 

Godhead, Kije-Manitowiicin. 

Godmother, mamdikdwin, ogi- 
kdwi n. (Okkawikkawina) . 
She is my godmother, (or 
adopted mother,) nind ogikd- 

Godson ; my, thy, his godson, 
ningwissikdwin, kigwi.ssikd- 
win,, ogwissikdwinan. He is 
my godson, nind ogwissikd- 
nan. (Nikosisikkawin). 

Gold, asdwa^'oniia. 

Gone ! apine ! weniban ! (As- 
pin !) 

Good, mind, gwandtch. I am 



— 119 


(it is) good, nin mino ijiwebis, 
nin qwandtchiw, nind onijish, 
nin kijewddis ; mino imcehad, 
gwandichiwan, onijishin, kije- 
wddad. I make him good, nin 
mino ijiwebisia, nin Icijewddi- 
sia. I make it good, nind oni- 

Good-for-nothing fellow, ningot 
endbadisissig, pagandjinini. I 
am good for nothing, I can 
make nothing, no work, Jca- 
win ningot nind indbadisissi, 

Good-hearted; I am g. h., nin 
minodee. (Miyetehew) 

Good luck ; jdwenddjosiicin. I 
have good luck ; nin jdtoen- 
dagos. (Papewew). 

Good-nature, miuodeewin, mino 
ijiwebisiivin, minoininiwdgi- 

Good-natured ; I am g. n., iiin 
mino bimddis, nin mino ijitoe- 
bis, nin minodee, nin mind- 
ininiwdgis. (Miyowdtisiw). 

Good-natured person, menodeed, 

Goodness of heart, minodeewin. 

Good order; I put it in good 
order, {in., an.) ninnandinan ; 
nin nandina. 

Good person, meno-ijiwebisid, 
meno-bimddisid. I am good, 
kind, nin mino ijiwebis, nin 
mine bimddis. 

Goods, (merchandise,) anokdd- 
jigan. (Ayowinisa). 

Good sense, nibwdkdwin. (lyi- 

Good temper, mino bimddisiioin, 
minoininiwdgisiwin. I have a 
good temper or temperament, 
nin mino bimddis, nin mino- 
ininiwdgis . 

Good terms, inawendiwin, mino 
inawendiioin. I am on good 
terms with him, nin mino-ina- 
wema. We are on g. t. with 
each other, nin mino-inawen- 

Goose, wiwe.-S. wild goose. 

Gooseberry, jdbomin. 

Gooseberry-bush , jdbominaga- 

Gospel, (Evangely,) minwddji- 

Got from ; it is got from., {in., 
an.) ondinigdde ; ondinigdso. 

Gourd-bottle, (for Indian cere- 
ironies,) jishigwan, ogwissi- 


Gr&ce, jdicenajigewin . (Manito- 

Grain ; it is a large grain, man- 
giminagad. It is a small grain, 

Grand, kitchi. 

Grandchild ; my, thy, his grand- 
child, nojishe, kojishi, ojishei- 
an. (N'osissim, osissima). He 
is my grandchild, nind ooji- 

Grandfather; my, thy, his 
grandfather, nimishomiss, ki- 
mishomiss, omishomissan. He 
is my grandfather, nind omi- 
shomissima. (Ni musom, omu- 

Grand Island, Kiichi-miniss. At, 
to or from Grand Island, A7- 

Grand Medicine, midewiwin. 

Grand Medicine Indian, mid4. I 
am an Indian of the G. M., 
nin midew. I make him a 
member of the G. M., nin mi- 

Grand Medicine lodge, midetoi- 

! ! • 






— 120 — 


Grand Medicine squaw, midik- 

Grandmother, my, t li y, his 
grandmother, nokomiss, koko- 
miss, okomissan. My grand- 
mother ! noko ! She is my 
grandmother, nind dokomissi- 
nan, nind dokomissima. 

Grand-Portage, Kitchi-onigam. 
(Kitchi-onikap). At, to or 
from Grand-Portage, Kiichi- 

Grand River, Washtanong. 

Grant ; I grant his petition, nin 
babamitawa. I grant it to him, 
nin mina, nin pagidinamawa. 

Grape, jonwn. 

Grapple, patakiskicaigan. — S. 
Harpoon. ^Hook. 

Gr&iD^mg-hook, adjigwadjigan, 

Grass, mashkossiw. There is 
grass, mashkossiioika. On the 

. grass, mitashkossitc. — The 

frass begins to grow, sdgoLsh' 
amagaa. The grass is wet, 

tipO'Shkamagad, nibishkoba. 
Grass-hopper, papakine, mina- 

bawidjissi, aaissawaieshi. 
Grass-seed , mashkossiwi-mini' 

Grate, to dry venison, etc., ab- 

Grate, (iu.s. in.) S. Scrape. 
Grave, tchibegamig. 
Grave, (in. s. in. S. Hole ia the 

Grave, I am grave, (considered 

grave,) nin ichitanendagos. — 

8. Serious. 
Grayer, or any thing to mark 

with, beshijaigan. 
Graverod River, Passabikorsibi. 
Graveyard, tchibigamig. 
Gray ; it is gray, (stuff", in., an.) 

nigigwdia^ad ; nigigwHagin. 

(Sipikkusiw). ^ 

Gray age, wdbikwewin. 
Gray-headed ; I am g. h., nin 

wdbikwe. (WAbistikwanew). 
Gray-horse, neaigwetagawed be- 

bejigogatiji. This horse is gray, 

nigigwetagawe aw bebejigo- 

Grease, bimidS. (Pimiy). 
Grease ; I grease, nin bimidi- 

icinige, nin nominige. (Tomi- 

nam). I grease him, (her, it,) 

nin bimidSwina, nin nomina ; 

nin bimidewinan, nin nominan 

I grease it, (wood, in., an.) nin 

nomakonan ; nin nomakona. 

I grease it, (metal, in., an.) 

nomdbikonan ; nin norndbiko- 

Greasy ; I am (it is) greasy, nin 

bimidewis ; bimidSwan. jPi' 

miwiw, tomaw). 
Great, kitchi. 
Great bear, (constellation,) oichi- 

ganang. (Otchekatak). 
Great grandchild, anikobidji- 

Great grandfather ; my, thy,hia 

fr., nind anike-nimishomiss, 
id anikekimishomiss, od 

Great grandmother ; my, thy, 
his gr., nind anike-nokomiss, 
kid anike-kokomiss, od anike- 

Great water, (great lake,) ki- 

Green ; it is green, {in., an.) 
ojdwashkwa ; ojdwashk osi. 
(Askittakwaw). It is green, 
(ice,) ojdwashktoasigwa. It is 
green, (leaf,) ojdwaihkwabaga. 
It is green, (stuff, in., an.) ojd- 
wasTiKwawegad ; ojawushkwor 


— 121 — 


wegisi. — I dye green, nindojd- 
washkwadissige, nind ojd- 
washkwansige. I dye it green, 
(in., an.) nind ojawashkwadis- 
( san, nind ojdwanhkvoansan ; 
nind ojdwashkwadinswa, nind 
ojawashkwanswa. It is dyed 

§reen, {in., an.) ojawashktvor 
ite, ojawashkwande ; oja- 
washkwadisso, ojawashkwan- 
so, — The grass begins to green 

Green, (painted green ;) it is 
painted green, (m., an.) oja- 
wcuihkonigdde ; ojawashkoni- 
gaso. It is painted green, 
(wood; in., an.) ojaivashkossor 
ginigdde ; ojaxcashkossagini- 

Greenbay, Bodjwikwed. 

Green serpent, ojdwashkwd-gi- 

Greet. S. Salute. 

Greeting. S. Salutation. 

Gridiron, abwdichigandhik. (Ab- 

Grief, naninaicendamowin. 

Grief, (in. s. in.) S. Sadness. 

Grieve ; I grieve, nin nanina- 
wendam. I grieve him, (with 
words,) nin naninamma, nind 

Grieved; I am grieved, ninna- 

Grieved. Grievous, (in. s. in.) S. 

Grill ; I gril! it, (in., an.) nin 
hansdn; nin hanswa. (Pat- 

Grimaces ; I make grimaces or 
faces, nin niskingwen. (May ik- 

Grind ; I ^rind, nin bissibod- 
jige. (Piniputchikew). I grind 
it, [in., an.) nin bissibodon; 

nin bissibona. I wear it out by 
grinding, {in., an.) nin met' 
chibodon ; nin metchibona. It 
is worn out by grinding, (in., 
an.) metchibode; metchiboso^ 

Grinder, (large tooth,) gitabid. 
My, thy, his grinder, ninda- 
mikanabid, kidamikanabidy 

Grindmill, bissibodjigan. (Pini- 

Grindstone, jigwandbik. 

Gristle, kakawendjigan. 

Groan ; I groan, nin masitagos, 
nin tchigine, nin mamddwS. I 
groan sleeping, nin mdmad- 

Groaning, mamadtvewin, masi- 

Grope; I grope, nind odjinige,. 
mn nandoajinige. I grope 
him, (her, it,) nind odJina,nin 
nandodiina; nin odjinan, nin 

Grotto. S. Cavern. 

Ground ; it is ground, (in., an ) 
bis a a, bissibode, bissibodji- 

fdde ; bissisi, bissiboso, bis.n- 
Ground, (soil ,) aki, akki. 
(Askiy, ajiskiy). Under 
ground, andmaking, andka- 
mig. (A t A m a s k a m i k). 
On the ground, (bare ground,) 
mitdkamig, mitashkakamig, 
mitchikang. — The ground is 
such...., inakamigamagad. 
The ground appears, (is bare,) 
mUdkamiga. The gr. is bad, 
mdndkamiga. The gr. cracks, 
or is cracked, from cold, pa- 
passdkamigadin. The ground 
cracks, or is cracked, from 
heat, papassdbiganate. The 
gr.isdry, bengwdkamiga, bi" 


— 122 — 


binekamate. The er. is good, 
minokamiga. (Miyokkami- 
kaw). The gr. is hilly, rough, 
piwdkamiga, papikwdkamiga. 
There is a hollow in the gr., 
wimhakamiga. There is a hol- 
low made in the ground, wim- 
bakamigAde. The gr. is level, 
ondkamiga, jingakami- 
aa, tatagwa. I make the gr. 
level, nind onakamigaan. It 
is made level, onakamigdi- 
gade. There is a low 
ground, iabassakamiga, tabas- 
sadina, wanakamiga. The gr. 
is made low or lowered, iabas- 
sakamigaigdde. There is a ris- 
ing gr., anibekamiga. The gr. 
shakes, from some cause 
above ground, thunder, etc., 
tchingwamagad aki, tching- 
wdkamiga. The gr. is very 
steep, kishkakamiga. The gr. 
thaws, ningakamate, ninga- 
kamigishkamagad. T h e g r. 
is thick, kipagakamigamagad. 
There is a trembling gr., toto- 
ganowan. Trembling ground, 
iotogan. The gr. is wet, nibi- 
iodkamiga. — I stick it in the 
ground, nin potakakamigissi- 
aon. It is the end of the gr., 
waiekwdkamiga. (Kisipaska- 
Grow; I grow (it grows) slowly, 
nin beajig; bcdjigin. (Saki- 
kiw, kiyipikiw). I grow (it 
grows) fast, nin ginibig ; gi- 
nibimagad, ginibigin. I grow 
(it grows) taller, higher, nin 
vnddjig ; mddjigin. Igrow (it 
grows) stronger, songigi ; son- 
gigin. — ^It grows out of the 
earth, sdgakimagad. It grows 
together, mamawigimagad. 

Grumble, (like a dog ;) I grum- 
ble, nin nikim. I grumble at 
him, nin nikimotawa. (Ne- 

Guard; I guard him, (her, it,) 
nin hijdna; nin k^ddan. I 
guard a child, nin kyddawass. 
1 guard a lodge, nin kijddige. 
I guard myself, nind ashwi. I 
guard myself against him, 
(her, it,) nind ashwikawa; 
nind ashwikandan. (Kan&we- 

Guardian, kyddigewinini. 

Guardian Angel ; my, thv, hiw 
Guardian Angel, Anjejii gena- 
wenimidy Anjeni genawenimik, 
A njen iuan genawenimigodjin . 

Guess ; I, pagwana nind 
ikkit,pagwana nind yiwindan. 
I guess m thoughts, pagwana 
nind inendam. 

Guessing, in aguessing manner, 

Guest, lodkomind. 

Guide, kikinowijiwed, kikinowi- 
jiwewinini. (Okiskinottahi- 

Guide ; I guide, nin kikinowi- 
jiwe. I guide him, nin kikino- 

Guilt, indowin. 

Guitar, madwiwetchigan. 

Gulf. S. Abyss. 

Gull, gaiashk. (Kiyask). Young 
gull, gaiashkons. Gull's egg, 

Gum, oshkaniganima. My, thy, 
his gum, mshkanigan, kish- 
kanigan, oshkanigan. 

Gun, pdshkisigan. The stock of 
a gun , pdshkisigandtig. I load 
a gun, nind onasMeinadon 
pdshkisigan. The gun is load- 
ed, onashkindde pdshkisigan. 


— 123 — 


I cock a gun, nind aiigidabi- 
kindnpdshkisi^an.Thegun is 
cocked, ajmidahikinigdde 
pdshicisigan. The gun misses 
tire,antoabiki8sin phshkisigan. 

Gun-cap, oiwissidjigan. I put a 
cap to a gun, 7iin biwissidon 

Gun-smith, pdshkisiganikewi- 

nini. I am a gun-smith, nin 

Gun-8mith^8 trade or business, 

Gun- worm, gitaigan. 
Gut, opikwad. 
Gut; I gut him, tiin kUchhia- 

gijina . ( Tatotay eswew ) . 
Gut of the moose, ashkakwa- 



I i;. 



111- ■ 

Ha I iaia ! ataid ! tdwa ! time ! 
—Nid ! 

Habit, ijiioehuiwin, nagadisi- 
win. Good liabit, wimo ijiwe- 
hisiwin. Bad Iiabit, matchi 
ijiwehisiwin. — S. Accustomed . 

Habitation, abiwin. My, thy, 
his habitation, endaidn, en- 
dad. (Ni'ki, wiki). 

Haft. S. Handle. 

Hail, sessegan. 

Hail ; it hails, aessegan, mikwa- 

Hair, ivinisissima. (Mistaktiy). 
My, thy, his hair, ninisiss, 
kinisiss, winisiss; plural, 7ii- 
nisissan, winisissan. — I have 
black hair, or my hair (head) 
is black, nin viakatewindibe. 
I have curled hair, nin babi- 
sigindibe. My hair is in dis- 
order, bristled up, nin niskin- 
dibe. My hair is long, nin 
ginwdnikwe, nin gagdnwanik- 
we. I have red hair, (a red 
head,) nin miskwanikwe, nin 
miskwandibe, (miskondibe.) 
I have short hair, nin takwd- 
ntkwe. My hair is white, nin 
wdbikwe, nin wdbishkindibc. 
My hair is yellow, flaxen, 
nind osdwinaibe. — I lose my 
hair, nin bindnikwe. I cut his 
hair, nin mdjwa. I take him 
by the hair, nin sagdnikwena. 

Hair of animals. S. Fur. 

Hair-powder. S. Powder. 

Hairy ; itis hairy, coarse, (start", 
in,, an.) mi.<thaweigad ; misha- 
weigin, mixhawesi. (Wetisiw). 

Half, dbita. Half each, aidbita. 
Half a barrel, abitawissag ; 
half a bottle, dbita-om&dai . 
Halfway across a river or 
lake, dbitawagdm. Halfway 
going up on a mountain or 
hill, dbitawamadjiw . Halfway 
from one place to another, 

Haifa dav, ninao-nawakwe. 

Halfbreedf, aiabitdwisid. I am 
a halfbreed, 7iind abitdwis. 
Halfbreed man, wissdkodewi- 
nini. Halfbreed woman, wis- 
sdkoddwikwe. (Abittawoko- 

Half-cloth, nebanStagak. (S. Na- 

Half drunk ; I am h.d., nin j6- 
wibi. 1 am joyful being h. d., 

Half drunkenness, jowibiwin. 
Gaiety or joy fulness in half 
drunkenness, jowendamowin. 

H- If full ; it is half full, (a bag,) 

lialibut, (fish) mandmeg. 

Halloo! haw ! taga ! hoi ! 
(Matte !) 

Ham, kokoshiwibwdm. Smoked 
ham, kokoshiwibwdm gakana- 

Hamlet, odinawena. 


— 125 — 




irse, (stuft", 

id ; mishor 

h, aidhita. 
itawiamg ; 
ta-omodai . 

a river or 


^untain or 

0. Hallway 

) another, 


isid. I am 

man, wis- 

fak. (S. Na- 

d., nin jo- 
leing h. d., 

JS8 in half 
Ill, (a bag,) 


! hoi ! 

bi gakanor 

Hammer, pakWigan. 

Hammer; I hamntcr iron 
nind onadaan biwdbik. 

Hammered ; the iron is ham- 
mered, onadaigdde, biwdbik. 

Hand, onindjtnia. (Mitrhitji, 
otchitji). The whole hund, 
vnsiw('nindjdn. The right 
hand, kitchinindj, okitrliinind- 
jima. The left hand, namand- 
Jinindj, onamandjinindjima. 
Tlie other hand, nabancnindj , 
ojawinindj. My, thy, his hand, 
ninindj, kinindj, onindi. — I 
have hands, nind oninajl. I 
have abominable haiidn, nin 
gagwdnisaayinindji. I have 
clean hands, nin bininindji. I 
have convulsions in my hand 
or hands, nin ivhitchibinind- 
jishka. I have a dead hand, 
nifi nibowinindji. I have dirty 
hands, nin wininindji. (Wiyi- 

{)itchitchew). I have hairy 
lands, nin nmhinindji. I 
have large hands, (or fingers,) 
nin mamanginindji, I have a 
long hand, nin ginonindji. I 
liave long hands, nin gagano- 
nindji. I have only one iiand, 
nin naban^nindji. I have pain 
in my hand or hands, nin de- 
winindji. I have a scar on my 
hand, nind odjishinindji. I 
have a shorthand, nin tako- 
nindji. I have a small hand, 
nina agassinindji. fl have 
small hands, nin babiwinind- 
ji. I have spasms or cramps 
in my hand, nind oichinind- 
jipinig. I have strong hands, 
mn mashkawinindji. — M v 
hands are benumbed with 
cold, Inin tahwakinindjmadj . 
My hands are bloody, nin 

minkwiKinincdi, My hands are 
bound, nin mamandjigonindii- 
bis, I bind or fetter his hanas, 
nin mamandiigwapinindjiba- 
na. My hands are cold, nin 
takinindji. My )i a n d s aro 
cracked, nin giuinindji, nin 
gagipinindji. My hand (or 
linger,) is cut oft", nf» kishki- 
nindji. I cut otl'lns liand, (or 
linger,) nin kinhkinindjiodiif. 
My hand (or finger) is dislo- 
cated, nin (^idiskaknnindji- 
shin, nin bimiskonindjixhin. 1 
dislocate my hand by falling, 
nin kotigonindjishin. My liand 
is dislocated by falling, nin 
kotigonindjita. 1 dislocate or 
8{)rain Iiis hand by pulling, 
nin pakibinindjibina. M y 
hand is frozen, nin mashka- 
loadjinindjiwad^j. My hand is 

Sierced, nin jibanindjijigas. 
[y hand shakes, nin niningi- 
nindji. My hand is stitt, nin 
tchibatakonindji. My hand is 
swollen, nin baginindji. My 
liands are tender, nin noki- 
nindji. My hands are warm, 
nin kijonindji. My hand is 
wounded, nin mdkinindji. — I 
bruise mv hand, nia tatago- 
nindjiodis. I bruise my hand 
hj striking, nin jashagonind- 
jiaanandis. My hand is bruis- 
ea by s. th. that lell on it, nin 
jashagonindjishko.s. I close 
my hand, ninpatagwakonind- 
jin. I hurt my hand (or finger,) 
nin kishkinindjishin. I join 
both hands together, nin ni- 
jonindjin. I keep my hands 
under the arms, nin kashkaod- 
jinikeb. 1 lay my hand or 
hands on him, nind ijinind- 



— 126 — 





jitawa. I open my hand, nin 
passaginindjin. I open his 
liand, nin passaglninajina. I 
open my hand fiat, nin tcssi- 
nindjin. I press his hand, nin 
magonindjina. I put my hand 
(or finder) in, ninpindjinind- 
jissin.i reach my hand out 
towards him, (I shake hands 
with him,) nin saginindjina. 
I rub his hand with medicine, 
nin sinigonindjibina. I stretch 
out my hand, (or finger,) nin 
jibinindjin. I stretch my hand 
flat towards him or over him, 
nin tessinindjitawa. I tlirust 
s. th. in my hand, ninpataki- 
nindjiodis. I thrust s. tli. in 
his hand, nin patakinindjiwa. 
It sticks (it is thrust) in my 
hand, nin patakinindjishin. 
1 \f ash my hands, nin kisibi- 
ginindji. 1 wipe my hands, ij,in 

Hand-barrow, oniganuiig, tessa- 
konigan, nimdkonigan. I carry 
on a hand-barrow, (or pole,) 
nin nimdkonige. I carry him 
(her, it) on a hand-barrow, nin 
nimckona • nin nimdkonan. 

Handful ; a handful, ningotoba- 
nSnindj. Twice, three times, 
four times, a handful, nijoba- 
ninindj, nissobanenindji, nio- 
banenindj. So many times a 
h a n d f u 1, dassobanenindj . — 
Both hands full, ningotobeni- 
kan. Twice, three times, both 
hands full, nijobJnikan, nisso- 
bonikan. So many times both 
hands full, dassobonikan. 

Handkerchief, moshwe. (Tabis- 

Handle, haft, nabdkossidjigan. 
I put a handle, haft or crank 

to it, nin nabdkossidon, nin 

Handle to an axe or hoe, osida- 
kwdiig, nabdkossidjigan. (Mit- 
jiminigan, or, fittik at the 
end of the word : v. g. tchika- 
higandttik, handle to an axe). 

Handle to a kettle, pot, etc., sa- 

Handle to a spear, uniiiiak, ani- 

Hand-saw, kishkibodjigan, tdsh- 

Handsome, gwandlch. I am (it 
is) handsome,nm gwandichiiv, 
nind onijish; givandichiwan, 

Hang ; I hang, orl am up some- 
where, nindagodjin. It hangs 
or it is up somewhere, agode. 
It does not hang well, wewe- 
bdgode. I hang nim (her, it) 
up, or put him (her, it) up 
somewhere, nijid agona ; nind 
agodon. I hang it or put it up 
for him, nind agonamawa. I 
hang him s. th. around the 
neck, nin ndbikona. I hang s. 
th. on my neck belonging to 
him, nin ndbikamawa. — I 
hang up a net, nind agonas- 
sab. — I hang spread out, gi- 
bagode. It hangs so..., inagoae. 

Hang, (execute ;) I hang persons, 
nind agdjiwe, nin gibinewebi- 
jiwe. I hang him, nind agdna, 
nin gibinewebina. I hang my- 
self, nind agonidis, nin gibi- 
ndwebinidis . ( ppapekipi te w . ) 

Hanging up bersons, agojiwe- 
win, agoniaiwinf gibinewebi- 

Hangman, agojiwewinini, ago- 
niaiwinini, gibinewebyiwewi- 
nini, gebitiewebijiwed. 


— 127 — 


don, nin 

e, osida- 
gan. (Mitr 
c at the 
y. tchika- 
3 an axe). 
, etc., sa- 

lilak, ani- 

gan, tdsh- 

I am (it 

fi up some- 
,. It hangs 
re, agode. 
ell, wewer 
a (her, it) 
ler, it) up 
lona ; nind 
r put it up 
imaiva. I 
round the 
I hang 8, 
onging to 
mawa. — I 
id agonas- 
d out, gi- 
ig persons, 
nd agdnuy 
hang my- 
nin gihi- 

[nini, ago- 


Hang up; I hang s. th. up to 
let the water drop out, {in., an.) 
nin sikobiginan ; nin sikobi- 

Hank. S. Skein. 

Happen ; it happens, pagami- 
aiamagad. It happens to nie, 
nin pagmnishkagon. (Ikkin). 

Happiness, jdwendagosiwin, de- 
bisiwin) minicendamoicin. 

Happy, ningotawassidag . 

Happy ; I am happy, ninjdwen- 
dagos, nin dvbia, nin mimcen- 
dam. I make him happy, nin 
jriwendaaosia, nin debia. I 
make it nappy, nin debiton. 

Happv, 'in. s. in.) S. Joyful. 

Harangue, animitugosiioin. I 
make a harangue, nind ani- 
mitdgos. — S. Speech. 

Haranguer, neta-gigitod, neta- 

Harangue to obtain charity, ki- 
timdganimitdgnsiwin. I make 
n harangue in order to obtain 
charity, nin kitimdganimitd- 

Harbor, dgomowin. I am in a 
liarhor, nind agom. We are in 
a harbor with a vessel, nind 
agomomin. (Kapawin). 

Hard, it is hard, mashkaicissin. 
It is hard and dry from heat, 
mashkawdkadode. It i;. ha^ : 
or strong, (wood,) 7nai Vtcai. a 

Hard, (in. s. in) S. S: rou,?. 

Hard, painful ; it is han*, kotd- 
genddgwad. — S. D i t i \> u 1 1. 
(Avimey ittak wan) . 

Harden ; I harden or tsripcr it, 

nin mashkaicdbikisaiu 
Hardened sinner, aiaritoenindi- 

Hardly, agdwa. 

Hardy ; I am hardy, ninjibina- 

Hare, missdbos. (Mistabus). 
Harlot, imgdudjikwe, gagibdd- 

Harmony. S. Peace. 
Harness, onapisoioin. (Otdbdne- 

Harness ; I harness him, nind 

Harnessed ; I am harnessed, 

nind ondpis. 
Harp, maaxoewctchignn. 
Harpoon, j)aiakibidjigan. 
Harpoon; I harpoon, ninpata- 

kibidjige. I harpoon him, (her, 

it,) nin patakibina ; ninjJatd' 

Harrow, bissakamigibndjigan, 

biiuikivan, kitchi bindwan, 

binakwaigan, bigobidjigan. 

Harrow ; I harrow, nin bissaka- 

miuibndjige, nin bindkwaige. 
Harofship, kotdgitotoin, koidgi- 

loin. I endure hardship, nin 

koidgitn, nin kotdgiw. 
Hart's horn, omnshkoHiceslikan. 
Harvest, harvesting, niamdwin, 


k',^ Igewin. (Mawutchitchike- 

Harvest ; I harvest, nin mama, 

nin kishkdnhkijige, nin pash- 

Har ves ter, kish kasJi kijigetnin i- 

ni, pdslikdshkijigi "iuini. 
Harvesting womaii, ^^ .likdnhki- 

jigeioikwe, paa/i/:, Jtkijigc- 

wikwe. ' 
Haste, wewibisiwin, tosicibiid- 

toin, wewibendamowin, dadd. 

tabiicin. (Kiyipiwin). I mak^ 

haste, nin tcrti^^'biff. I niake ]i. 










— 12» — 


working, nin loewehita. (Pa- 
pAsihew). I make h. to re- 
turn home, nin wewibendam. 
I make haste, (in working, 
eating, speaking, etc.) nin da- 
ddtabi, nia ^tajiijioadiit. I in- 
tend to make haste, nin pajit/- 
wadendaiu. — I make liaste m 
carrying s. th., nin wewibi- 
nige. I make haste going some- 
where, nin icewibishka. — It 
makes haste, daddtahimagad. 

Hasten. S. I make Iiaste. 

llatfUHwakwCtn. (Astotin). I put 
my hat on, nin bidjiivakioane 
I take oft' my hat, nin gitchi- 

Hatch ; she liatches, (hen, hird,) 
padagwd icagishkam . ( Asti ne- 

Hatched ; the young chicken 
or bird is hatched out, pasJi- 
haweo panadjd. 

Hatchet, wagdhvadons. (Tchi- 

Hate ; I hate, nin jingendjige. 
I hate habitually, ninjingend- 
jigeshk. I hate him, (her, it,) 
nin jingenima ; nin Jingen- 
ddn. (Pakwatew). I hate some 
object relating to him, (an.,m.) 
nin jingvnamima ; nin jing£n- 
damdioa. I liate myself, ntn 
jingenindis. We hate each 
otller, nin jinqenindimin. — I 
hate to hear liim, (her, it,) 
ninjingifawa, nin mdniiawa ; 
nin jingitan, nin mdnifan. 

Hate, (in. s. in.) S. Abhor. 

Hated ; it is hated, {in., an.) 
jingendjigdde ; jingendjigdso. 
My speaking is hated, ninjin- 
gttagos. Its sound is hated, 

Hateful; I am (it i.s) hatefu\ 
considered hateful, nin lin- 
genddgos ; jingendagwnd fChi" 
state of being hateful, hviXa- 
f\i]ne(is, jingenddgosiwin. (Pa- 

Hateful, (in. s. in.) S. Horrible. 

Hatred, jingendamowin, Jin'- 
gendjigewin. Habitual hatred, 
jingendjigeshkiwin . Mutual 
hatred, jingenindiirin. (P.i- 

Haughtiness. H a u g h t y .- -S. 
Pride. Proud. 

Haul ; I haul on the beach a 
canoe or boo^, nind agicasci- 
don tchimdn. 

Haul, (in. s. in.) S. Draw. 

Havannah sugar, sibwdgani- 

Have ; I have him, (her, it,) 
nind aidwa ; nind aidn. I 
have him with me, nin wid- 

Havven. S. Harbor. 

Hawk, gibwdnasi. (Kekkek). 

Hay, moshkossiwan, mijashkon. 
(Maskusiy). I make hay, nin 
masftkosaike, nin manashkos- 

Hai'-f oi'k, patakashkaigaa. 

Hay-loft, hay-shed, mashkossi- 

Hay-makmg, rnashkossikewin. 

Hazelnut, pagdn, pagdnens. 
The hazelnut begins to ripen, 
2)agdnens loiniwi. 

Hazelnut-shrub or hazel, pa- 
gdnimij, oqebwamij. 

He, win. (\^iya). He-, in he- 
bear, he-cat, etc. S. Male 

Head, oshtigwdnima. My, thy, 
his head, nishti/Swdn, kishtig- 
wdn, oihtigw&n. I have such 
a head, nind indihe. I liave a 


— 129 


flat head, niii nahagindihe. I 
liave a large head, nia man- 
(/ishtigtodne, nia mangindihe. 
I have a scar on my head, 
nind adjislirndibe. I liave a 
small head, nind agassindihe. 
My head only is out of 8. th., 
nin sagikweti. My head is out 
of the water, nin nagilcwegom. 
My head is swollen, nin bd- 
giwdibe. My liead is wrapped 
up in 8. th., or, I wvap my 
head up in s. th., or cover it, 
nin wiwakwcnindibis, nin we- 
windibebis. I wrap up his 
head, or cover it with s. th., 
nin wiwakwewa. I crush his 
head, nin jashagondibeica. I 
hold up straight my hcad,}im 
ffaiakoktcen. I incline my 
liead backwards, nind ojagi- 
dikwen. I incline n>y head 
forwards, nin nawagikicen. I 
incline my head on one side, 
nind anibi'kwen . I keep my 
head stiff", nin mas/ikaicikicen. 
I make a certain motion with 
my head, nind imikwen. I 
make my J\ead perspire, nin 
sassdbikue. I make his head 
jDcrspire, nin sassdbikona. I 

V "»ve :iiy •i'^ad, nin mamddik- 

V '>. I stretch m y head 
Uir' agh a window to s^e s. 
til., nii„ iapikicen. I tear his 
' f «i' off', nin kishkigicebina. 
\ '0 up my head, nin sinsok- 
htius^ I tie up his head, ////( 
shisokwebina. I tie s. th. 
around niy head, nin bassik- 
webis. I tie or put a. th. 
around liis head, nin battftik- 
icebina. Any thing tied 
around the head, bansikwebi- 
son. I turn my head round. 

nin gu'chikwen. I wag my 
head to signifv, no! nin iveifv- 



1 wag mv head to 

him, nin loeicdbikvetaua. J 
wash my head, nin kinibigin- 
dibe. I wash his head, nin 
kisib igin diben a . 

Head-ache, dcwikweidn. I have 
head-ache, nin deirikwe, nind 
«A.Y).s'/,i, ninhiigimn. (Tchisti- 
kwAnew). I have head-ache 
from too much heut, nin de- 

• inkireiass. 

Head.^trono; ; I am h , nin manh- 

Head- wind ; there is head-wind, 
contrary wind, ondjis/tkamia- 
nigwad. I have liead-wiml, 
nind ondjishkawuani. (Xahi- 

Heal ; n»y wound heals, nin 
gige. I heal his wound or 
wounds, nin gt'gea. 

Heal. Healing, (in. s. in.) S. 
Cure. Curing 

Health, ganandawisiirin, niino 
aiuwin, mino bimadiaiwin. I 
am in gootl health, ningandn- 
d<nci!<, nin niino aiu, nin mino 
bimddis. Poor health, niid- 
akntsiu'in. I have a poor 
health, nin nitd ako.s. 

Heap, (pile;) the whole heap, 
enigokwiKsing. I put them in 
a heap, {in., an.) nin okwissi- 
1 o n a n ; nind oktcin/iiinag. 
They are together in a heap, 
(in., an] nkwiftsinnn ; oku'i- 
aliinog. There is a high heap, 
[in., an.)ishpis!<in ; ishpiskiti. 
There are heaps of <Iriven 
."now, ishpadjibiican. (Pape-:- 

Hear; I don't like to hear. S. 
I hate to hear. 



— 130 — 









'ore, mil 
nn. I go 

;' '8 
am in 





Hear ; I hear, nin nondam, nin 
n and age, nin nondamass. 
(Pettawew). I hear him, (her, 
it), nin nondawa ; nin nondCin. 
I hear myself, nin nondas, 
nin nondadis. I hear for my- 
self, nin nondamas. — I hear 
him with anger, nin nishka- 
kadisitawa. We hear each 
other with anger, nin nishka- 
diMtadimin. I hear him speak 
angry, nin nishkdsitaiva. I 
cannot hear him, nin naioitOr 
wa. I hear him coming hither 
speaking, w. bidweweimoa. 
I hear hmi (1\> 
dc'hitawa ; nin • 
round to hear w,. 
nin nandndoshkite, 
nanfmdoshkite. I 
bad habit of going 
hear what is said, nin nandn- 
doshkiteshk. I endeavor to 
liear what is said, nin nando- 
tage. 1 endeavor to hear what 
he says, nin nandotawa. I 
stand still in different places 
to hear what they say, nin 
nanflndoshkitegabaw. I let 
liim hear or make him hear, 
nin nondamona. I hear him 
with the impression that he is 
telling a lie or lies, nin gina- 
wishkitawa. I hear it with 
the impression that it is a lie, 
niu ginawishkHan. I h i a r 
him, (her, it) outof some place, 
nind onsitawa ; nind onsitcm. 
I hear him with pitv, nin ki- 
iimdgitawa. I hear him plain- 
ly, nin pagakitawa. I hear 
him, (her, it) right or correct- 
ly, nin gwaiakotawa ; nin 
gwaiakotan. I hear what is 
said, nind initam. I hear peo- 

ple say so..., nind initage. I 
near him say so..., nind inita- 
wa. I hear him in a stealthy 
manner, nin gimitawa ; nin 
gimosiiawa. I hear him speak 
stupidly, nin kopasiiatva. I 
hear him tell wonderful 
things, I hear him with as- 
tonishment, nin mamak^si- 

Hoar, (in. s. in.) S. Listen to.... 

Heard ; 1 am (it is) heard, nin 
nondcigos, nin nondjdjiga.t, 
nin nondjigas ; nonddgwad, 
ncndadjigme, nondjigdae. It 
is heard, it is reported, non- 
dagwaniwan. Any thing 
heard, nondamowin. — I can 
(it can) be heard, nin debit n- 
gos ; dcbitagivad. Its sound 
IS heard at such a place, drb- 
ueicessin. I make m y s e 1 f 
heard from a certain distance, 
nin di'bwewidam. I am heard 
coming on, nin bidweweshin. 
I am heard coming hither 
nmning, nin bidwhoebato. I 
am heard coming hither 
speaking, nin bidtoeipetdgos. I 
am heard passing by, nin 
bimwetceshin. I am heard 
njaking noise in passing; by, 
nin bimweice. I am heard 
talking in passing by, niu 
bimweiuedam. I am (it is) 
heard from some place, nin 
madwhveshin ; madioncessin. 
I am heard making noise in 
some place, nin madin'fa. I 
am heai'd in a certain place, 
nin donwvwe. I am (it is) 
heard out of a certain place, 
nind onsit/igos ; onsitdgicnd. 
I am (it is) heard falling, m'n 
madweshin ; mcuhoessin. I am 



- 131 - 


(it ie) heard falling to the 
madwvkamvjissin. I am (it is) 
heard falling on the floor, nin 
madwrssagishin ; madwt'ssa- 
(fiHHin. I am heard witli pity, 
with compassion, nin kitimd- 
(jitdyoH. lam heard with plea- 
sure, nin minotdaos. I am 
lieard with displersure, nin 
jiiif/ifdf/os. I am heard right 
or correctly, nin gicaiakotd- 
f/os. I am heard so... nindini- 
tagoH. I am heard telling 
wonderful things, nin mama- 
kasitagos. The rapids of a ri- 
ver are heard, gidwewedji- 

Hearing, nondamoxcin. Any 
thing I hear, nin nondamo- 
win. ' My hearings, nin non- 
damoioinan. ( Pettamowi n ) . 

Hearken ; I hearken, nin nan- 
dotage, ninpisindam, nin pi- 
sindage, nin nandamasitam. 
I hearken in order to hear 
what he shall say, nin nan- 
dotawa, nin nandamasiiawa. 

Heart, odeima. (Miteh).My, thv, 
his heart, ninde, kidi', odii. 
In the heart, andmide. I have 
a lieart, nind odr. (N'otehin). 
I have such a heart, or, my 
heart is so..., nind dee, or, 
nin iji dSe. I have a clean 
heart, nin hinidii. (Kanatji- 
tehew). I have an unclean 
heart, nin winidd€. I liave a 
large heart, nin mangidie. I 
have a small heart, mndagas- 
sid^^. I make his heart so..., 
nin diia, or, nind iji dee a. I 
make his heart large, nin 
mangidida. I make his heart 
strong, nin songid66shkdge, 

nin nonkiddeshkawa. I make 
his heart strong, nin Bongi- 
(h'ea ; nin snn(jid.eishkawa> I 
make h i s h e a r t hard, or 
strong, nin mashkatoideda, 
nin manhkatviddenhkaiva. I 
have a .strong heart, nin son- 
gidcr. I have a strong heart, 
or, I have a hard and stuhhorn 
heart, n i n mashkaividS^. 
Strength or fortitude of lieart, 
annqideewin. Giving strength 
of lieart, •mngidcexhkdgewin. 
I have ti.e same heart with, nin ividjideema. I have 
spasms or cramps at the heart, 
nind otchideepinig . I feel 

Fain in myhQuri, nin dewidee. 
have a good heart, nin mi- 
nodee. J liave a wicked heart, 
nin matchidde. — My heart is 
affected in a certain manner, 
nin deeshka. My heart is 
artiicted, is sorrowful, nin 
tcassitawidee. Affliction of 
heart, wassitawidmi'in. My 
heart is angry, nin nishkidee. 
Anger in the heart, nishki- 
deewin. My heart beats much, 
nin icikmngodee. My heart 
heats violently, nin sessegi- 
dee. Violent heatin"; of tne 
heart, sessegidehoin. Aly heart 
is cool, nin iakidee. I cool 
my heart, nin takideeiahawa- 
nidis. I cool his heart, nin 
takideeiahaioana. My heart 
is in peace, nin wanakiwidee. 
Peace of heart, wanakiwided' 
tcin. My heart is so large..., 
nind inigokodee. From all my 
heart, enigokodkddn. My 
heart is tired of sorrow and 
grief, nind ishkidce. My heart 
is troubled, alarmed, nin mi' 

I 1 k%W' i 

^ ' 








iiiM ii 











— 1:{2 — 


ffoshkddjider. Trouble of 
iieart, migoshlcruljuh'vwin. My 
heart is weak, fickle, nin no- 
kidee. Fickleness of miiul, 
nokidecwin. — I conie in hin 
lieart, nin jnndJidehJtkaica. 
It conies in my lieart, nin 
(jindjidi'cshkdgon . 

Heat ; there is heat, kijute, ki- 
jide. The heat comes \n,pia- 

Heathen, enamiassi<j. 

Heaven, yijig, wakwi. In hea- 
ven, from or to heaven, <////- 
gong ; wakwing 

Heavy, (difficult ;) it is heavy to 
jne, it comes heavy upon me, 
nind ukoshkagnn. (Ayimeyit- 

Heavy, ponderous ; I am (it is) 
heavy, nii' ^'osicwan; kosig- 
wan. I m.i'^e huii, (her, it) 
heavy, nin kosigwaniu ; nin 
kosigwaniion. I find him (her, 
it) heavy, nin kosigicanenima ; 
nin kosigwanendan. 

Heavy object ; to keep s. th. 
down, mindjimishkodjigan. I 
put a heavy object on s. th. 
to keep it down, nin minji- 
mishkodjige. I put a lieavy 
object on him, (her, it,) nin 
mindjimishkona ; nin mindji- 

Hectic ; I am hectic, nin jigwa- 
kudos, nin miniwapinc, nin 

Hedge, mitcldkan. 

Heel, odondanama. My, thy, 
his heel, nindondan, kidon- 
dan, odandan. I sit on my 
heels, nin pitigwesmb. (N'ak- 
kwan, wakkwan). 

Heifer, gihanfikosh. 

Height; it is of a certain hight, 

apitamogad. The higlit of s. 
th., or as it is high, eshpCig, 

Heighten S. High. 

Helas ! tiwc ! aiaid. — Nid ! (ee ! 
hey ! maneka !) 

Hell) andmakamig. (K i t c h i- 

Helm, oddkan. 

Helmet, agutthiigwanson. 

Help, widokdgetcin. Mutual 
help, widokodadiin'n. (Otchik- 

Help ; I help, nin widokage, nin 
widokas. I help him, nin wi- 
dokaita, widoicamawa. We 
help each other, nin widoko- 
daaimin, nin leidokamadimin. 
I help or assist his mind, (his 
thoughts,) nin widoka\cenima. 

Helper, wddokaged, wddokasod. 

Hem ; I hem, nin titibigwatts. I 
hem it, (in., an.) nin titibig- 
wadan ; nin tUibigwana . 

Hemlock, kagagiwanj. (Waba- 

Hemlock-forest, kagag iwanjtki. 

Hemlock-tea, kagagiwanjiicdbo. 

Hemmed ; it is hemmed, (in., 
an.) titibigwdde ; titibigicdso. 

Hen, wflAraa Aire, ikwe-pakaakwe. 

Hen-house, hen roost, pakaak- 
wi' in garni g. 

Hen's egg, pakaakicewawan, 

Hermit, nejikc-bimddisid pag- 

Herb, ma^'inko.ssiip. Amonals 
herbs, niegwe.Hhko.ssiw. Tlie 
herb is bent, beaten or trod- 
den down, sawe.shkissinmash- 
bos.v'w. The herb is wet, nibi- 
tcashka. The herb is whitish, 
tcahashkad m a s h k o s s i it. — 


— 133 — 


t c lii- 

Aromatic herb, idngashk. 
Herljon the bottom of rivers, 

Herb, (ill k. in.) S. Grass. 

Herb of Venus, agoshkowewmhk 

Herdsman , gendwenimad ]>ijiki- 

Here, omd, mangiji ajonda- 

Herel here it is, oic ! 

Hero, niinissino, mitmsinomai- 
ni, offitchida. I am a hero, 
nin inmissinowedu, nin minis- 
fiinow, nin minissinoicimniic, 
nind of/itchidmc. 

Kerpef*,onamdnineifiwui. I have 
the lierpes, nind onamaninea. 

Herring, okewins. 

Herring-net, okewissah. 

Hey! hear! ish! is lit ! Jiishi! 

Hiccough or Iiickup, onicnwe- 
win. t have the hiccough, I 
hiccough, nind onwaice. 

Hide, awrsmoainn. 

Hide ; I hide liim, (her, it,) nin 
k(7na ; nin kndon. I liide to 
him s. th., nin kddawa. I hide 
myself, nin kakis, nin kaxoi- 
dia. I liide ntyself, nin kas, 
nin kakiii,nin kasoidin. I hide 
myself before him, nin kaso- 
iawa. ' 

Hidden ; I am hidden, nin kas. 
It is hidden, kddjigdde, gimrt- 
dad. It is hidden to me, nin 

Hidden thing, mystery, kaiadji- 
gadeg, gimodiaiwin. It is a 
mystery, kddjigdde. — In a li id- 
den or stealthy manner, gi- 

High,* (dear, costly ;) it is high, 
{in., an.) sanagad, sanaga- 
ginde ; sanagisi, .sanagaginno. 
(Sokkakisow ttew). 

High, on high, ishpiming. It Ih 
high, in/ipamagad. It is high : 
A lKX)k, ishpan.sika ; a canoe, 
ishponagaa ; a forest, ishpak- 
wnamagad; a hill or moun- 
tain, ishpadina; a mat, ish- 
paahkad; metal, in., ishpd- 
oika; metal, an.,ishpdbikisi; 
a rock, islwdbika. 
Higher than large ; it is higher 

than large, namadamagaa. 
High esteem, tshpendagasiwin. 
Highly esteemed ; I aui highly 
esteemed, nind ishpenddgos. 
I cause him to be highly est., 
nind i.fhpenddgo,sia. 
Hill ; there is a very steep hill, 
kinhkadina. On a hill, or on 
the hill, ogiddki. 1 ascend a 
hill, nind ngiddkiwe. I run up 
on a hiW.nindogiddkiwehato. I 
descep 1 a hill, nin nitisdkiipe. 
I descend a hill running, nin 
Hill; I hill. S. Hoe. 
Hilly ; it is hilly, pikwadina, 
Hincf, noje.<!. (Wanaskesiw). 
Hinder ; I hinder him. nin na- 
gaa, nin nagdna. 1 hinder 
myself, nin nagaidis, nin nu- 
gdnidis. I hinder or stop 
lighters, nandginitce. I hinder 
him, nin nandgina. I hinder 
him to do s. th ., or to go some- 
where, nind ondjia. 1 hinder 
somebody, nind ondjiiice- 
Hinder, (in. s. in.) S. Forbid. 
Hindered; I aui hindered by 
rain, nin gindboire. I am h. 
by the wind to sail, nin nagdi- 
ash. I am h. by a river in my 
voyage, nind adagamagin/iin 
sibi, — The water is hindered, 



134 — 


Pi! ;i 



1 I 

Si >\f 

Hinder to sleep ; 1 hinder peo- 

£le to sleep, nind opdwe. I h. 
im to sleep, nind opdma. — 

Hip, onoganama. My, thy, hif? 
nip, ninogan, kinogan, ono- 
gan. (Otogan). The bone of 
my, thy, his hip, nintchish- 
ihodagan, kitchishibodagan , 
otchishihodagan. My hip is 
dislocated, nin gidiskakono- 

Hire ; I hire people, nind ano- 
nige. I hire liim, nind anona. 
(Atotew, mapinahikehew) . 

Hired ; I am liired, nind ano- 

Hired person, hireling, anona- 
gan, anotugan, anonam, ano- 
kitdgan, hamitdgan. 

Hisser, (a kind of serpent,) neice. 

Hit; I hit him (her, it) throw- 
ing, nin mikiodwa ; nin mik- 

Hit accidentally ; I hit him (her, 
it) accidentally, ninpisikawa ; 
nin pisikan. 

Hither, omd, omd nakakeia. 

Hoarfrost ; there is hoarfrost: 
On the grass, nigigwashkadin; 
on the ground, nigigwakami- 
gadin, wdbikadin, wdbikami- 
dadin ; on the ice, migwanan- 
gewadin ; on the trees, nigig- 
toanakad, nigigwanakadin. 

Hoarse ; I am hoarse, 7iin gi- 
biskwe. (Paskikuttaganew). 

Hoarseness, gibiskicewin- 

Hoe, bimidjiwagdkwad, pigong- 
weigan. — S. Plough. 

Hoe ; I hoe or liilT, nin niiig- 
watchaige. I hill it, (in., an.) 
nin ningwatchaan ; nin ning- 

Hog, kokosh. 

Hogslard, kokoahi-bimidc, nen- 
gag bimide. 

Hogsmeat, kokoahiwi-wiidss. 

Hog's snout, kokoa kiwis hkinj ■ 

Hoist the sail ; I hoist the sail, 
nind ombdkobidjige. 

Hoist up. S. Lift up. 

Hold ; in the hold of the vessel, 
pindonag ndbikwaning. 

Hold ; I hold him, (her, it,) nin 
mindjimina, nin iakona ; nin 
mindjiminan, nin iakonan. I 
hold myself, (refrain,) nin 
mindjiminidis I hold him 
(her, it) well, 7iind aindina; 
nind aindinan. I hold him 
(her, it) strongly, nin mashka- 
icimindjimina ; nin mashka- 
loimindjiminan. I take hold 
of him, (her, it,) nin mashka- 
toina ; nin mashkawinan. I 
hold a child, nin takondwass. 
— I hold him (her, it) up, nind 
ashidakioawa ; ning ashida- 
kwaan. I hold him under me, 
nin mindjimishkawa. It holds 
me under, nin mindjimishkd- 
gon. It holds, mindjimissin, 
minjimossin. — I hold the rud- 
der, I steer, nind adikweani. 

Hold, (in. s. in.) S. Seize. 

Hold, (contain ;) it holds, de- 
bashkine ; debibi. I cannot 
hold all, ishkwashkineniagad ; 

Hold on ! beka ! (Peyattik). 

Hole ; there is a hole, pagwa- 
ndamagad, jibaniagad. Tliere 
is a hole in a vock,pagwanei- 
abika. I make a hole or holes, 
nin pagtoandge, nin ^agwa- 
negaige, nin panibigaige,nin 
pagwanebiichige, mn twaige. 


— 136 — 


I make a hole in it or tlirough 
it, (in., an.) nin pagwanian, 
nin panibigaan, nin twcian ; 
nin pagioancwa, nin panibi- 
bigdioa, nin twdwa. I ourn a 
liole in It, (in., an.) nin pag- 
icanHakinan ; nin pagwaneia- 
kiswa. There is a hole burnt 
in it, (in., an.) pagwannahide', 
pagwan6iakiso. I wear a hole 
in it, [in., an.) nin pagwanen- 
sidon, nin pamcancshkan ; 
nin pagwaneshkaica. There 
i8 a hole worn in it, it han a 
hole, pagwanessin, pagica- 

Hole in the ground, tvdnikan. I 
dig a hole, nin wCinike- There 
is a hole dug in the ground, 
wdnikdde. (WutikjUew). 

Hole of a beaver, amikwaj. 

Hole of any aninml, (its abode 
or den,) tcaj. (Wati). 

Hole of a serpent, ginibigwaJ. 

Holocaust, ichugifiige-pagidini- 

Holj', kitchiwa. I am (it is) holy, 
uin kitchitivdicendagos, kit- 
chiiwdwendagwad. I m a k e 
him, (her, it) holy, ninkitchit- 
wdwia ; nin kitchitwdwiton. 

Holyday, kitchitwdgijigad. 

Holy Ghost, Wenijisnid-Maniio. 

Holy water, ananiiewdbo. 

Home ; I am at home, nind ab. 
I go home, nin giwe. My, thy, 
his home, endaidn, enddian, 
endad. (Niki, wiki). 

Homesick; I am h., nin kash- 

Homesickness, kafhkendamo- 

Hone, jigwandbik. 

Honesty, honest life, gwaiako- 
bimddisiwin. I lead an honest 

and just life, nin ^waiako- 
bimddififjaiaw nin himddiis. 

Honey, amo-sisibdkwat. 

Honey-bird, nonokasse. 

Honor, kitchiiwdwisiwin, ki- 
ichittcdiccndagosiwin, mina- 

Honor ; I honor, nin mindden- 
dam, etc. (Ki8teyimew). I 
honor him, (her, it,) nin ma- 
nddenima. nin kitchitwdweni- 
ma, nin manddjienima, nin 
gtcanwadjia ; nin mindden- 
ddn, nin kHchiticdicendan,nin 
bishigendan, nin manddjitun, 
ninmanddjiendan, nin gwan- 
wadjiton. I honor myself, nin 
kitchitwdwenindiH, nin mind- 
denim. We honor each other, 
nin minddenindimin, nin ki- 
tcfnticdwGnindimin, nin ma- 

Honor. Honored, (in. s. in.) S. 
High esteem. Highly esteemed. 

Honorable, kitchiiwa. I am (it 
is) honorable, nin kitchiiwd- 
wenddqoa. ; kUchiiwdiccndag- 
toad, i cause him to be honor- 
ed, nin kitchitwdicisia, nin 
kitchitwawendagoHia . 

Hood, wiwdkican. (Astotin). 

Hoodman's blind, gagibingwe- 
bisowin, nandodjiindiwin. We 
play hoodman's blind, muoa- 
gibingwebisomin, nin nandod- 

Hoof ; its ho(5f, oshkanjin. — 
Dcbeiigoganji, horse, that is, 
one-hooled animal.— S. Claw. 

Hook; a small hook, adjibidji- 
gan. Iron hook for catching 
sturgeon, adjigwddjigan, ad- 
jigwddjiganabik, patakibidji- 


— 13G — 



Hook ; T hook up, nind mljin- 
wMjiaCy nin jmtakihuljifie. I 
lioolc him, (luT, it,) nind ad- 
jif/wdna, nin pat a k i h i n a ; 
nind adjigwadan, nin pataki- 
hidon. I hook it, nind add- 
hikaan, nind addhikisHidon. 
It hooks, it catcheH, addbi- 

Hoop, barrel-hoop, etc., fako- 
bid I if/an , m a kit kossag- /a ko- 

Hooping-cough, kitchi ossosso- 

Hope; I hope in him, nin pa- 
gnssenima, nind aj)enimonan. 
S. Ask with liope. 

Horizontally ; I put it horizon- 
tally, nin qicaiakoHsidon. 

Horn, eshmny Sukanigan. It 
has horn, odes/ikani. It has 
only one horn, ningoteshkani. 
It ha.s two horns, nijodahka- 
ni. It has crooked horns, 

Horn, bodddjigan, madiccicct- 

Horned owl, tcetcendjigano. 

Horrible; I am (it is) horrible, 
nin gagtcdnittsagift, nin gag- 
wdnissagenddgon, nin gotavii- 
gos, nin gotamigweuddgos, 
gagtednisttagdd, gagwdnissa- 
gendagtcad, gotdmigwad, go- 
tdmigwendagicad. — It is hor- 
rible, (painful;) animad. 

Horri bly , gagicdnissdgakamig, 

Horror, kitchi segisiicin, gag- 

Horse, hebejigoganji. (Mista- 

Horseback ; I am on horseback, 
nin tSusabj bebejigoganji nin 

Horse-comb, curry-comb, bchc- 
jigoganji-bindkipan, bebejigo- 
gaiiji-hindku'eigan , bebejigo- 
ga iij i-n asikw eiga n . 

Horse- dung, bebejigoganjiwimo. 

Horse-fly, viisisd/c. 

H o r s e-h a i r, (the mane of a 
horse,) bebfjigoganji-winisiii- 

Horse-harness, bebejigoganji- 

Horseman, bebamomigod bcbe- 

Horse-shoe, oshkanjikddjigan . 

Horse-stable, bebejigoganjiwigu- 

Horse-tail, bebejigoganjiottow, 
bebejigoganjiwano. ( Osijy ) . 

Horsetail, (plant,) kidbanashk. 

Hospitable; I am hosp., um ki- 
jewddis, nin mino dodawag 

Hospital, akosiicigamig. 

Hospital ity, kijeicddisiwin ,mino 
dodawind bebamddinid. 

Host, Ostiwin, kitiltHwa Osii- 

Host, (landlord,) ax/iangewinini. 

Hostess, ashangekwe. 

Hotel , anhangewigainig. 

Hotel-keeper ; ushangtwinini. 

Hot weather, very hot weather, 
wiasagdtewin. It is very hot, 
wismgdte. It is liot, warm, 

House, tcdkaigan, wigiwdm. In 
the house, pindigamig. One 
house, ningotogamig. Two, 
three, four houses, etc., nijo- 
gamig, nissogamig, niogamig, 
etc. On the top of the house, 
ogidi garni g. 

Household, (family,) inodeiciai- 
xcin. I have such a house- 
hold, nind inodettis. One 


— 137 


3inl>, behc- 
[, bcbejiu»- 
, bebejhjo- 


nmno of u 


migod bcbc- 




losp., '"" ^''' 
no dodmcay 


ichihca Osii- 




Ihot weather, 

It is very hot, 

liot, warm, 

nyiwdni- In 
\gamiy. 0"^' 

imif/. Two, 
la, etc., nijo- 

i'h nioftawiy, 

)fthe iioui^e, 

,) inodewm- 
Ich a houpe- 
ilewis. O n e 

household, ninyotdde. T wo, 

three households, etc., nijodcy 

ninsode, etc. 
House of coniinerce or trade, 

trading-house, aidwhriyamiy. 
How ? awm ? wet/nnen 1 1am ? 

laniah ? (Kekway ? tJlneki ?) 
Howl ; I howl, nin tcon, nin wu- 

Howling, wonmnn, icdironowin. 
How much ? how inanv ? anin 

minik? (TAndatto). 
H o w o ft en? anin dassiny ? 

Hug ; I lnig him, embrace him, 

nin kis/ikiaicena. 
Hull ; I hull corn, nin yifrhi- 

kwanaieniye nin t/itc/iikwa- 

naiesway manddminay. 
Hulled corn, yitchikwanaiesi- 

Humane ; I am humane, nin 

kijeicddis, nin mino bimddix. 
Humanity, human nature, ani- 

xhindbewiicin . ( Ay isiy i n i wi- 

Humble; I am humble, I have 

humble thoughts of mvself, 

nin iabaaseni/n, hiin iahasxe- 

nindis, nind ayassenim. (Pi- 

Humble-bee, ano^ kitchi amo. 
Humble submission, iabassipa- 

yidenindisowin . ( P i wey i m i s u- 

Humbly ; I humbly submit ujy- 

self, nin tabassipaaidenindin. 

I humbly submit him, (her, 

it,) nin iahassipayidina, nin 

labasnipayidemma ; nin ia- 

bansipayidinan, nin tabassi- 

Hnniiliation. S. Humility. 
H u m i 1 i t y, fabams ninilinoicin , 


tabasscnimoicin , ayasaenimo- 

Humor. S. Teniper. Temi)era- 

Humpback, maywawiyan, 
kiruttiyan, bokwawiyan . 

Hum]>hack(.><l or hunchbacked ; 
lam h., ninmayirairiyan,nin 
pikwairigan, nin bokwawiyan, 
nin bokwawiynes/ika. 

Hundred, nin<fotwdk. (Mitatat- 
tomitano). \Ve are a hundriHl 
of us, nin ninyotwakns'niin. 
There are a hundre<l in. ob- 
je<! ts , n inyoiit akwadon. 

We are so many hundred of us, 
nin danswakosiniin. T h e r e 
are so many hundred in. ob- 
jects, d a s .V w a k w a d o n . So 
JH a n y h u n d re d, daMswnk. 
(Tattwaw mitatatto mitano). 

Hundre<i each or toeach, we«?;j- 

Hundred times, ninyoUcdk das- 

Hunger, bakadvwin. ^Notteka- 
tewin). There is hunger, a 
famine, bakadhciniwan, ba- 
I die of hunger, nin yawandn- 
dam. Death from hunger, yu- 
wandndamowin. I can endure 
much hunger, nin jibandn- 

Hunger ; 1 hunger, nin bakade. 
I hunger after it, nin bakadc- 

Hungry", lamijungry, nin 
kade. I make him 
nin bakadi'a. I nuike n)yfelf 
hungry, nin bakadHdis. 

Hungup; it is hung u|), (/«., 
an.) ayodcmayud ; ayodjin. It 


' If ' 

■ -^' i 


lb' { 

t}„]5 {I 



ISv; ' 


ill If! 


— 138 — 


' hung up, to let the water 
drop out of it, (jjj., an.) xiko- 
biyayode ; nikobiyayodjin. 

Hunt;' I hunt, I am liuntiiif?, 
nin j/ioHne, nin nandawendjitje. 
I limit with a Ijowand arrows, 
nin nandohimwa. (MAtjitota- 
wow, injitjiw). 

II u n te r, liuiitsiiian, gaossed, 
nendawendjh/ed. Good hunter, 
nitaycwinim, (0 n'taniina- 

Hunting, yiosttcwin, nandawen- 
dji<icwin . ( M a t j i w i n ) . 

Hunting district, yioHaewia. 

Hurrah I haw ! 

Hurry, weioibUmin. — S. Haste. 

Hurry ; I hurry him, nin icewe- 
bia. (Nanikkimew). I hurry 
in y 8 e I f, win wewebiidiH. I 
hurry him away, nin viadji- 
najikatca. — I am in a luirrv, 
nin ndyawayendam. (Nanik- 

Hurt ; I hurt, nind akwenda- 
moiive. I hurl him, nind ak- 
wendamia. I hurt him by 
striking, nind akivendamaya- 
n/ima. 1 hurt him, falling 
upon him, nin yijikawa, nin 
nisdkoshkawa. t hurt him 
touching his wound, nin yid- 
jibina. — I hurt myself, nin 

batas, nin bafaidis. I hurt 
myself hy carrying, nin yiji- 
kox. I hurt myself tailing, nin. 
payumakonne. J hurt myself 
liy lifting uj> s. Ih., nin tr/ia- 
kitvi, nin kitrhakim. I hurt 
or strike myself frightfu 
nin yayiiiflninfiakitthkonidi 
I hurt my eye. S. Eye. 

Hurt, (in. s. in.) S. Bruise. In- 

H usl tand man , kitiyewin ini. 

H ushand ry , kiiiyawin. 

Husk , Jiytts/tddujiyan. 

Hymn, nayamon, anamie-naya- 

Hymn-book, nayamu-masinai- 

Hypocrisy, anamiek/tsowin. 

Hypocrite, cnainirkdnod. I am 
a hypocrite, nin anamivkas. 

Hurtful"; any hu^'tful bad thin' 
(in., an.) maichi-aiiwisli ; / 

Hurting of one's self, baiasiwin. 

Husband, onobemima, wddiyed 
ininif indiyeniayan, wigivm- 
yan, widjiicdyan. My, thy, 
her Jiusband, (>mjx)litely,) 
nin ndbem,, ki nCdfcm, o nCibe- 
man ; (jxjlitcly) nin widiyc- 
may an, etc. 


T, niii, nhuL (Ni, N', Niya.) 

Ice, mihinnn, IMuto is ict', mik- 
wamiku. (MiHWuiniyi. J mn 
coiiiiiij: (Ml tlic ici', niii bida- 
ddijak. (PimirtkiitU'w.) 1 make 
n liok' ill llie let', nin iw/iiae, 
niii Iwtiwa mikwam. I maJct' 
a hole in tlio ice to have water, 
nin tiva/iihi. Hok» in the ice 
for water, Ucniban. I break 
thron;;h the ice, walking on it, 
niu iwCiahin. I walk on the 
ice, nia biiniidut/ak. 1 walk 
on the ice in water, nin 
fipatminkobiffinam. The ice 
hreaku olF, (the water appears 
!v<i;ain,) jfif/ii/amiirun. '\ he ice 
of a river goes olf, biiniwcbid- 
jiipan sibi. (Matchistan.) The 
ice isfloatinjfdown the stream, 
mikwam bimilboijo. There are 
holes in the icv, j)(ij/icant''-iac/i- 
(jamiioaa. Tlie ice is hollow, 
wimb(u/(fdjin mikiiHiin. The ice 
splits or opens, tan/ikikwadin. 

Ice-bank, i/at/rnif/tcuan. There 
are icebanks, yiujniigwaana- 

Ice-cutter, vshkan. (Enskagan.) 
I make a hole with an ice-cut- 
ter, nin twtlUje. 

Ice-house, ice-pit, mikicamiwi- 

Icicle, mikwam, mikwamins. 

Idol, masinini. I adore or wor- 
ship idols, nin manitoke. I 
adoiC liim, (her, it, an idol,) 

nin maniinkenan; nin mnni- 

Idolator, idolatress, mnnininin 
menHoked. . 

Idolatrv, nianitokewin, nuitchi- 
vmnitokewin. I practise uV^ 
hxtry, nin manitoke. 

1 don t know, (in s. in.) is ex- 
pressed bv (jwinawi-; and so- 
metimes hy endoyicen. (Wis- 

If, kishpin. 

Ignorance, i/a/ibddisiii'in, paij- 

Ignorant; I a,\\\'\g.,nin (jaijiba- 
din, nin paywanawis, nin pan- 
wanawadix, kawin (jeijo nin 
kikcii(laiif<in. I am ignorant, 
(itenighted,) nin iibikddis. 

Ignorant person, pe</uuinawisid, 
f/e(/o kcicendanniif, tebikadixid . 

Ill, matcfii. It is ill, evil, niann- 
dad, matchi ijiwebad. 

111. Illness, (in s. in.) S. Sick. 

Illegitiniave child. S. Bastanl. 

Ill humor, ill temper, (difficult 
temperament,) sanayisiwin, 
inanjininiwayisiwin , ma icM 
biniddisiwin, viaU'hi ijiwcbini- 
win. (Nayettuwisi win ) 

111 tempered ; I am ill-tempered, 
nin nanayiif, nin nianjininiwa- 
(/is, nin matchi bimddis. 

II 1 usion , waivjindimwin. 

Image, maHinitchiyan. (Naspa- 
sinahigan). I make images. 


— 140 


nin masinilehit/amJie. Maker 
of iinajjef, masinitehiifanilce- 
winini. The inukin*^ of images, 
Iinairinatioii, aninha incndamo- 

Tiuagine ; I imagiiiCj anisha nind 

Imbecile, I an> iiii., niti ijatjiba- 
dis, nind koptidis. 

Imbecility, (jiujibadiHimn. kopa- 

Imitate; I im., nin kikinowuhan- 
f/e. I imitate him, nin kikino- 
wabama. I im. it, (copy it,) 
nin kikinotcnbandan. (Ayisi- 

Immediately, pdbige. (Semak.) 
S. Quickly. 

Immolate. Immolation. — S. Sa- 

Impatience, biichindwemcin, 

Impatient ; I am im., nin bitchi- 
n/iwes, nind iniicea, nin mami- 
dawendam. (Kisiweyittam ) 

Impenitent; I am ini., kawin 
nind amcenindisossi. 

Impenitent heart; :3ny, thy, hip* 
impenitent heart, ninde kidc, 
ode aianwenindisoniaf/aJisinfni. 

Impenitent person, aiamcenin, 

Imperfect, (bad ;) I am (it in) 
imperfect, nin toaiawanenda- 
gos, kawin gwniak nind ijiwe- 
bitisfti ; waiawon endagwad, 
kawin gwaiak ijiwehassinon. 
Importune; I in»p. him, nin mi- 
goithkadjia. I importune him 
with my \yords, nm migonhkil- 
soma. — S. Troublesome. 
Importunity. S. Troublesome- 

I impose; I impose upon him, 
nin mina. I impose upon my- 
self, nin minidis. 

Impose, (deceive ;) I impose upon 
him, nin wairjima, nin giuvi- 
nima, nin gaginawishkima. 

Impostor. Imposture.— S. (Hiea- 
ter. Cheat. 

Impotent ; I am imp., nin nanO- 
pogis. — S Weak. (Pwutawi- 

Imprint; I imprint it with firo, 
nin masinakisan. 

Imprinted ; I am (it is) imp. on 
s. th., nin masinibiigas ; mix- 

Imprison ; I imprison him, nin 

Imprisoned ; I am imp., nin gi- 
bakwaigas. (Kippahikasuw.) 

Improve. Improvement. — S. Re- 
pair. Repairing. 

Imprudent ; I am (it is) impru- 
dent, nin bisin/idiit, nin qagi- 
bndis ; bisinadad, gagibttdad. 

Impudency, gagibddisiicin, a- 

Impudent ; I am impudent, nin 
gagibiidin, kawin nind agaich 

Impudent, impmlent person, 
egaichissig. — S. Shamele.e.s 

Impure; I am (it is) impure, ?j?« 
winia, nin mn/idin,mn bishig- 
wddis, nin gagibCidis, winad, 
winadad, bififngwddady gagi- 
bddad. — Ithinlc he, (she, it) is 
impure, nin winenima; nin 

Impure fire, winvtcishkoie. There 
is an impure fire, winewish- 

Impurity, bisJiigwddisiipin, bi- 
shigwadj-ijiwebisiwin, gagiba- 


HI — 


dm win, vin/idisiwhi, iHiii- 
Hiwiu. — I commit impurity. 
S. I am impure. — I inaKC him 
(lier) commit imp., nin hishiy- 
wddjia, nin f/atjihadisia. 

Impurity of licart, winidevwin. 
I liave an impure lieart, nin 

Impute ; I impiite to him, nind 
(ip(iffadJinnU(iira, nind apa<i(id- 
jiftsitamuwa, nin himondaa. 

]n,pindig,pindi\.. I am in, nind 
(W,])indi<f, nind aia. I am (it 
\n) in H. th., nin jtins; pinde. 

Incapable ; I am incapahle, nin 
hicanCiwito, kawin nin yashki- 
lossin. (PwatiUvittaw.) 

Incapacity, hicaniiicitoioin. 

Incarnate ; I inc. mynelf, nin 
ipiiasftiwiidiit, nind anishind- 
bewiidis. ( O w iy a w i h i .s u \v .) 

Incarnation , wiiaxsiwiidisotcin , 

In case..., kinhpin. 

Iiicendiarv, sekaniced, stekaiyed, 
sakaiyvwinini. I am an in- 
cendiary, nin Kakanwe, nin 

Incendiary's woi'k, snkaiyewin 

Incense, niinoniaytrakisiyan. I 
hurn incense, nin minomay- 

Incense ; I incense, nin mino- 
maywabikifnye, nin pakicenes- 
salchiye. I him, (her, 
it,) nin paktvenensatawu ; nin 

I n censory , minomaywabikisiya n , 
jmkxcenessaich iyan. 

Incessantly. S. Always. 

Inch ; one inch, ninyolonindj. 
Two, three inches, etc., nijo- 
nindj, nisnonindj, etc. So 

many inches, dnasonindj. (Pe- 

Incision, in a maple-tree, ojiyai- 
yan. A fresli incision, osliki- 
yaiyan. I make incisions in 
maple-trees, nind ojiyaiye. I 
make large incisions, nin man- 
yiyaiye. There is a large 
incision, manyiyaiyCide. I 
make small incisions, nin ba- 
biiciyaiyc. There are small 
incisions, babiwiyaiydde. The 
incision is whitish, tctibiyad 

Incite; t incite, nin yayansonye. 
(Opp'.vemew). I incite hiin, 
nin aaydnsoma, nin ydndjiay 
nind ombiay nind ovddma, 
nind ashia, nind aslmcina. 

Inciting, yayansondiwin. (Sik- 

Incline ; I incli. e my head on 
one side, nind anibekwen. — 

Incline, (in s. in.) S. Bow down. 

Inclined ; it is inclineil in such 
a manner, inaqode. (Skiw, 
V. g. — to drink, minikkwe- 

Inclined, (in s in) S. Bent for- 

Inconstancy, aiajmcendawowin. 

Inconstant ; I am inc , nind 
aidjuwendam. ( Mameskute- 

Inconvenient; it is inc., nanayud. 

Incorporated ; it is incorp. to 
me, nind oiriidirinodaH. 

Incorruptible, ncta-piyishkanns- 

Increase ; I increase it, nin nii- 
shinaton, nin mishinofon. I 
increase it to him, nin minhi- 
notamawa. We increase in 


1^* ■ 

^ K.-. 


t2 — 


population, nin niidtoigimin, 
nin nit a wiyiidimia . 

JnGreAxxWiy, afiomcehndamoioin, 
ar/onwetaihoipin. (Aiiweltamo- 

lucrediilouH ; I am inc., nind 
/igomoeiendam, nind dgomoe- 
tarn, nind agomoetuge, nin 

Incredulous pcrnon^ aingonwe- 
iendany , netd-agomcetang , 

Incur ; I incur it, nind ondifa- 
mddison, nin wikioaiehitamd- 

Indecent. S. Impure. Dirty. 

Indeed, in truth, geget. (Tapwe). 

Indent ; I indent \t,(in.,an.) nin 
kiichigijan ; nin kitchigijwa. 

Indented ; it in ind., {in., an) 
kitchigijigdde ; kitchigijigdso. 

Independence, dibenindisowin. 

Independent; I am independent, 
nin dibenindis. 

Indian, a?t/i7«««6e.'(Ayifiyini\v). 
Bad Indian, anishindbewish. 
I am an Indian, nind anishi- 
ndbew. I play the Indian, wmrf 
anishindbekas. I live like an 
Indian, nind anishindbe-bi- 
mddis, anishindbeng nind [iji- 
biniddis. A strange Indian, 
maidganishi- ndbe, maiatdwa- 
nishindbe. A kind of .'^trange 
Indian, miahi nimakinago. , 

Indian Agent, anishindbe-nqima. 

Indian character, anishindhewd- 
disiwin I have the Indian 
character, nind anishindbe- 

Indian corn, manddmin,mandd- 
minag. I produce Indian corn, 
nin manddminike. I stamp 
Indian corn, nin tagiomoag 
manddminag. Indian corn- 

soup or corn-mash, manddmi- 
ndbo, tagwaandbo. I make 
corn-soup, nin manddmind- 
boke, nin tagivaandboke. 

Indian corn field, manddmini- 

Indian corn bag, manddmini- 

Indian corn store-house, tnandd- 
mini un garni g. 

Indian '^ ti'.ntry, aninhindbewaki. 
I live in the Indian country, 
7iind anishindbf (Iviniwas- 

Indian cradle, tikinagau. I make 
a cradle, nin tikinaganike. 

Indian dancing, anishindbeioish- 
imnwin. I dance after the 
Indian fashion, wiufZ anisMnd- 

Indian fashion, Indian mode of 
living, anishindbacidjiqewiu. 
I live or act after the Indian 
fashion, nind anisJnndbewid- 
jiqe. (ly i n i wi ttwdvvi n ) . 

Indian from the back woods, 
sagicdndagaicinini. (Sakaw i- 

Indian language, anishindhemo- 
win. I speak the Indian lan- 
guage, nind anishindbem. It 
speaks Indian, (it is written 
in the Ind. lan^.,) anishindbe- 
momagad. It is Indian, (it is 
written in the Ind. lang.,) 
anishindbewissin. I translate 
it in the Ind. lang., nind ani- 

Indian life, anishindbe-bimddi- 

Indian name, anishindbewinikd- 
souin. I have (it has) an 
Indian name, nind anishind- 
betoinikas ; anishindbewini- 


— 143 — 


'. make 


, mandu- 


i. I make 

ilter the 

mode of 
je Indian 
k woO<iP, 


idian lan- 
\idbem. It 
H written 

ian, (it is 

\nind ani- 


has) an 

kdde. I give him, (her, it) an 
Indian name, nind anishind- 
bewinikana ; nind anishind- 

Indian not belonging to the 
Grand Medicine, saginia, so- 
gimawinini. I don^ belong 
to the Gr. M., nin sagimaw. 

Indian of the Grand Medicine, 
midi. I am an Indian of the 
Gr. M., nin middw. 

Indian ornament ; a kind of 
Ind. or. , magisi. 

Indian religion, anishindbe4jit- 

Indian song, anishindbe-naga- 
mon. I smg an Indian song, 
nind aniahindbe-nagam. 

Indian tea ; a kind of tea, 
winissibag. Another kind, 
winisikensibag. (Maskekowi- 

Indian to whom a woman is 
given to marry her, (nolenSy 
volens,) tffawikamnd. 

Indian woman, anishindbekwe. 
I am an Indian woman, nind 

Indian writer, a man that writes 
in Indian, anishindbeuribiige- 

Indian writing, anishindbeivi- 
biigan. I write in Indian, 
nind anishindbewibiiae. The 
act of writing in Indian, ani- 
shindbew ibiigewin . 

India rubber, gdssibiigan. 

Indicate ; I indicate, nin winda- 
mage, nin kikinoamage. I 
ind. him s. th., nin windama- 
wa wewenii nin kikinoamatoa. 

Indigence, kitimdgisiivin. 

Indigent. S. Poor. 

Indisposed, (a little sick ;) 1 am 
indjsposed, 2>an<;t nind dkos. 

nin mdnamandji, nin sibiskd- 

Indisposition, mdnamundjiowiny 

Indolent, Indolence. — S. Lazy. 

Indulgence , webindmagowini - 
J dwenddgosiwin . 

Industrious ; I ant ind., nin 
nitd-anoki , nin minwanoki , 
nin kijijawis, nin minwiwiSy 
nin mikoSy nin gashkiichige. 

Industrious man, gaining or 
earning much by his labor, 

Industrious person, netd-anokid, 
kijijawisia. (Mamiyow). 

Industry, nita-anohiwin, kijija- 
wisitein, minwcwisiwin. 

Infancy, abinod^iiwin. 

Infant, oshki-abinodjiy tekobisod 

Infect ; I infect a place with 
sickness, dkosiwin nin bidon, 
dkoHwin nin bi-migiwen. 

Infidel, enamidssigy daiebioeian- 
sig anamieivin. 

Infirm, (sick, weak ;) I am in- 
firm, nind dkoSynin nita-dkoSy 
nin nanipinis. (Nanekkatisiw .) 

Infirmary, dkosiwigamig. 

Infirmity, dkosiwin, nita-dkosi- 
win, nanipinisiminy inapine- 
win ; batasiwin. 

Indamc ; I infiamc it, (kindle it,) 
nin biskanendan. (Saskisam). 

Inflexible. S. Brittle. 

Inform ; I inform, nin winda- 
mage, nin kikioamage. I in- 
form him, nin mndamaway 
nin kikinaamawa. 

Inform. Information. — S. Inqui- 
re. Inquiry. 

Information , windamdgewin , 








— 144 — 



Informed ; I am inf., nin winda- 
mdgo, nin windamaioewis. 

Inhabit ; I inhabit it, dwell in 
it, nind ahitdn. 

Inhabitant, ebiiang, hemiged. 

Injection, (clyster,) 'pindabawd- 
djigan, siginamadtwin. I re- 
ceive an injection, ninpinda- 
hawdnigo, nin siginamago. I 
give an inj., nin pindahawa- 
djige, nin siginamage. I give 
him an \ni.,ninpinaabawana, 
nin siginamawa. 

Injure ; I injure, nin mijiiwe I 
mjure him, (her, it,) ninmijia, 
nindini^aa, nind enapinana; 
nin mijiton, nind inigaion, 
nind enapinadon. I injure 
myself, nind inigaSf nind 
inigaidis. It injures me, nind 
inigaigon. (Koppdtjimew). 

Injure, (in s. in.) 8. Defile. 

Iniury. 8. Insult. 

Ink, ojibiigandbo. (Masinahiga- 

Inland, (in the woods,) nopi- 
ming, miawekamig. I go in 
the inland, (in the woods, in 
the interior,) nin gopi. I go 
in the inland, on a river in a 
canoe, mro ^opaam. The road 
or trail leads in the woods, 
aopamo mikana. (Notjimik). 

Inland, (in. s. in.) S.Woods. 

Inland lake, sdgaigan. The in- 
land lake is large, mangigama 

Inn. Inn-keeper. — S. Hotel. 

Innocence, oenisitoin. 

Innocent; I am innocent, nin 

Inoculate ; I in. with the cow- 
pox, nind atagen mamdkisi- 
win, nin mamakisiiwe. I in. 

him with the cow-pox, nind 
atawa marndkisiwiny nin ma- 
mdkisia. — S. Cow-pox. 

Inoculator, etagedmamdkisiwin. 
— S. Cow-pox inoculator. 

In order to..., tchi, ichi wi-. 

Inquire ; I inquire, nin gagwed- 

Inquiry, gagwedwevnn. 

In regard to..., ondji. 

Insane ; I am ins., nin giwand- 
dis. I am ins. by intervals, 
nin giwanddapine. (Kiiskwap- 

Insaneness, giwanddisiwin. In- 
saneness by intervals, giioada- 

Insect, manitons. A kind of 
poisonous insect, omiskossi. 

Inside, pindig, pindjii, pindj'. . ., 
pincbina. Towards the inside, 
pindig inakakeia. (Pitchtl^^ik). 

Insignincant ; I am (it is) insi- 
gnificant, considered ins., 
nin nagikawenddgoSf nind 
agassenadgos ; nagikawendag- 
wad. I think he, (she, it) is in- 
significant,mn nagikawenima, 
nind agassenima ; nin nagi- 
kawenaanj nin agassindam. I 
think myself ins., nin nagi- 
kawenindis, nind agassenin- 
dis. — I make him ins., nin 
nagikawendagositty nind agas- 

Insipid ; it is insipid, [in., an.) 
binissipogwad ; binissigogosi. 
(Naraa nissitospokwan). 

Insipidity, insipianess, binissi- 

Instantly, sesika. (Semak). 

Instead of..., meshkwai. (Mes- 
kutch, kekutch). 

Instigate; I instigate, nin gagdn- 
songe. — 8. Incite. (Sikkimew). 


— 145 — 


!c, nind 
\iin nior 



win. In- 
I, giwada- 

kind of 
he inskle, 
t is) insi- 
ed ins . , 

, it) is in- 
nin nagi- 

indam. I 
nin nagi- 

lins., nin 

ind agas- 

\iin.i an.) 


it. (Mes- 

[in gagdn- 

Instigation, gagansondiwin. 
Instinct, awesai-ainendamowin. 
Instruct ; I instruct, nin kikin- 

oamdge. I inst. him, nin ki- 

Instruction. S. Teaching. 
Instruction, religious inst., go- 

gikwewin, anamie-gagikwe- 

win. (Ayaniihe-kakesKwewin). 
Instrument, (tool,) anokasowin. 

Insult, bissongewin, matcineige- 

Insult; I insult, ninmawiniige, 

nin bissonge, nin bissitdgos. I 

insult him, (h^^** i^>) ^^^^* ^^ 
wineiPttf nin mawineshkawa, 
nin bissoma; nin mawinean, 
nin mawineshkan, nin bisson- 
dan. I insult him and make 
liim weep, nin sessessima. It 
insults me, nin mawineshka- 
gon. — S. Insulting language. 

Insult, (in. s. in.) S. Mock. 

Insult by signs with the hand, 
nimiskangemny nimiskandji- 
gewin, nimiskandiwin. 

Insult; I insult by signs with 
the hand, nin nimiskange,nin 
nimiskandjige. I insult him, 
(her, it) by signs, nin nimia- 
kama; nin nimiskandan. We 
insult each other, nin nimis- 
kandimin. (Niinikkamew.) 

Insulted ; I am ins., nin mawi- 
neogOf nin bissawigoy nin bis- 

Insulter, neta-bissonged, neta- 

Insulting. S. Insult. 

Insulting language, bissitdgoai- 
win, biaaongewin. I use in- 
sulting language, nin biaai- 
iam. i hear liim using insult- 
ing language, nin biaaiiawa. 

Insupportable; I am ins., nin 

Intellect, intelligence, nibxcdkd' 

Intelligent ; lam intelligent, imt 
nibwdka. I make him int., 
nin nibwdkaa. 

Intelligent man, nibwdkawinini. . 

Intelligible ; it is uit., niaaito- 

Intemperance in eating, nibddi- 
aiwin ; in drinking, minik- 
weahkiwiny giwdakwebiahki- 
win. (Kasakewin, kiiskwebe- 

Intemperate ; I am in. in eating, 
nin nibddia. I am intemperate 
in drinking , nin minik- 
weahk, nin giwaahkwebiahk. 

Intencl ; I intend, nin inendam. 
I intend to do s. th., I am pre- 
paring, ftin^ apiichi. (Ispisiw). 

Intention, inenaamowin. 

Intercetle ; I intercede for some- 
body, nin gaganodamage, I 
int. for him, nin gaganoda- 
maica. (Pikiskwestamawew). 

Intercession , gaganodamdgewin . 

Intercessor, geganodamdgad. 

Interior. S. Inmnd. 

Interiorly, pindjina, pindjaii. 

Interpret ; I interpret, nind dni- 
kanotage. I interpret hini, 
(her, it,) nind dnikanoiawa ; 
nind dnikanotan. (Itwestama. 

Interpretation, dnikanotagewin. 

Interpreted ; I am (it is) inter- 
preted, nind dnikanotago ; ani- 

In t e rpr e t e r, aianikanotdged, 
dnikanotagemnini. Female 
interpreter, dnikanotagekwe. 


— 146 — 



Intersect ; it intersects, ajidesae. 

Interval ; the interval between 
two lodges or houses, ajam' 
gamigt nissawigamig. 

Intice ; I intice, nin aagwedibe- 
ningef nin gagwedioenc^ige.^ 
S. Tempt. 

Inticer. S. Tempter. 

Intimidate; lint., nin se^iiwe. 
I int. him, nin segia, nin se- 
gima. I try to intimidate, nin 
gagwdsegiiwe. I try to int. him, 
nin gagwesegitty nin gagwese- 

Intoxicate ; I int. myself, I got 
drunk, nin giwashkweM. I 
int. him, I make him drunk, 
nin giwashkwebia.— It intoxi* 
cates, (it is intoxicating,) gi- 
washkioebimagad, ^washkwe- 
Mshkagemagad. It intoxicates 
me, nin aiwashkwekishkdgon. 

Intoxicatea ; I am int., nin gi- 
washkwebi. (Kawibew). 

Intoxication, aiwaskkwebitoin. 

Intractable ; I am int., nin so- 
nagis. I find him intr., nin 

Intractableness, sonagisewtn. 

Intrepid. Intrepidity .—S. Coura- 
geous. Courage. 

Intrust. S. Commit. 

Inundation. 8. Flood. 

Inured. S. Accustomed. 

Inurement^ nagadisitoin, 

Invent; I invent it, or discover 
it, nin mikawashiton. (Mis- 

Invented ; it is invented, mika- 

Invention, mikawashitovrin. 

Inventor, mekawashitod, ga- 

Invisible ; I am (it is) invisible, 

kawin nin wdbaminugoaissi, 
katoin wSibaminagwasainon. 
Invisible an. being, waiamami- 
nagasissig. Invisible in. ob- 
ject, waiabaminagtoaasinoa. 

Invitation, wiffongewin, wikon' 
diwin. (Wis&mew). 

Invite ; I invite to a meal, nin 
toikonge. I invite him, nin wi- 

Invite, (in. s. in.) S. Call. 

Inwardly. S. Inside. 

Inwardl)^, in the body, andmina. 

Ire. S. Anger. 

Ireland, Jagandahiwaki. (Eng- 

Irish boy, jdgandahins, (Eng- 
lish boy.) 

Irish girl, jdgandshikwmsy 
(English girl.) 

Irishman, jdgandahy (English- 

Irishwoman, jdgandshikwet 

Iron, biwdbik. A piece or frag- 
ment of iron, bokwdbik. I 
work or produce iron, nin 
biwdbikohe. Place where they 
produce iron fpiwdbikokan. — 
8. Cast iron. Wrought iron. 

Iron ; I iron, nin joshkwaigaige. 
I iron it, (in., an.) nin josh- 
kwegaan ; nin joshkwegdwa. 

Iron boat, biwdbiko-tchimdn. 

Iron chain, or iron fetters, bi- 
wdbiko-sagabiginigan, bitod- 
biko'saaibidjigan, biwdbiko- 

Ironed ; it is ironed, (in., an.) 
joshkwaigaigdde ; joshkwai- 

Iron-mine, biwdbikokdn, (pro- 
perly,) I work in a iron-mine, 
nin (nwabikoke, (properly.) 





in. ob- 

eal, nin 
, nin wi- 


i. (Eng- 

w, (Eng- 




or frag- 
odbik. I 
ron, nin 
lere they 
ikokan. — 
it iron. 
nin josJir 
jtters, bi- 


{in.^ an.) 

2n, (pro- 


Iron*Mountain, Biwdbiko^ad- 

Iron pot, biwdbikwdkik. 
Iron-kiver, Biwdbiko-sibi. 
Iron-road, (rail road,) biwdbiko- 

Iron vessel, biwdbiko • ndbik- 

Iroquoi Indian, Nddowi. 
Iroquoi Ianguage,nS(2oio^motrin. 

I speak tlie Iroquoi language, 

nin nddowem. 
Iroquoi squaw, nddow6kwe. 
Irrational ; I am irr., nin gagi- 

bddia. It is irr., gagibdwad. 
Irritate ; I irritate him, nin 

nishkia. (Kisiwahew). 8. An- 
gry. Provoke to anger. 
Ismnd, isle, minisa* The end of 

the island , waiekwaminiss. 

Islander, minissing endanakid, 

minissing endcfji-bimddiaid. 

Island in a current, minitigod- 
iitoan, meminitigodjiwang. 

Island in a river, minitig. 

Isle Koyal, l^inOng. 

Issue of blcad, miskwiwapine- 
win. I have an issue of 
blood, miskwiwapine. 

Itch, itching, gywisiwin, giji- 
bojevnn. I feel itchings, nin 
gyibia. (Kiyakisiwin). I feel 
itchings : On my arm, nin gi- 
jibinike ; in my ears, nin gi- 
jibitawage, nin ginagiiawape ; 
on my foot or feet, nin gyibi- 
side ; on my hand, nin giji- 
binind^i ; on my head, nin gir 
jibindibe, nin ^ibiahiigwdnc, 
nin ginagishhgwane ; on my 
le^, nin gyibigdde; on my 
skm, nin gpib€0e. 

Itclu' ; I am itchy, nin gijibc^e. 

Ivy, wdbijiahiwatchdb. 

1:1. - 

Jacket, b&bisikaw&gan. 

Jack-knife, biskalnkikomdn. I 
shut a jack-knife, nin hiskd- 
bikinan mokomdn. (Pikikku- 

Jai^g. Jagged. — S. Indent. In- 

Jail, gibakwaodiwiaamig. (Kip- 

Jailer, genawenimad gebakwai- 

January, manitogisis. (Kisdpi- 

Jar. S. Jug. 

Jaundice, osdwinesiwin. I have 
the jaundice, nind osdwines. 

Ja»Vj odamikanama. My, thy, 
his jaw, nindamikdn, kidamir 
kdUf odamikdn. My jaw is 
swollen, nin hdgftshkamige. 

Jawbone, oddmikiganima. Mv, 
thy, his jawbone, nindamiici- 
gan, kidatnikit/anf odamiki- 
gan. I have bare jawbones, 
nin mitaskkanige. 

Jay, pikwakokweweshi. 

Jealous ; I am jealous, nin gdive, 
nin gagawend^iige, nin bimi- 
massige. I am jea. in thoughts, 
nin gawendam. I am jealous 
in thoughts towards her, 
(him,) nin gdwenima, nin ga- 
gdwenima. I am too jealous, 
or in a habit of being jealous, 
nin gdwesk, nin gagawendji- 
geshie. I am jealous for him, 
nin adwetawOf nin gawetama- 

wa. We are jealous towards 

one another, nin gdwindiminf 

nin gagdwenindimin. 
Jealousy, gdwewiny gagdwend- 

jigewin, gdwindiwin, gagdwe- 

nindiwin. Habitual jealousy, 

adweshkiwiny gagdwendjigesh- 

Jeopardy, nanisdnisiwin. •— S. 

Jest. S. Buffoon. Buffoonery. 
Jester, bebdpinisid, bebdvinwed. 

Great jester, netd-babdpinisid. 

— 8. Buffoon. (WawiyaMvefl- 

Jew, Jtidawinini. 
Jewess, Judawikwe. 
Jingle ; it jingles, madtceidbi' 

Join ; I join it together, nin md- 

mdwiion. It joins together, 

Joiner, (carpenter,) mokoddsso- 

Joiner's shop, mokoddssowiga- 

Joiner's trade or work, moko' 

Joke ; I am telling jokes, I joke^ 

nin babdpinwBi nin babdpinisf 

nin maiessandwas, nin lodwii- 

Joker. S. Jester. 
Joker^, babdpinwetcin, babapi- 

nestmny wawiiajiidgosiwin. 
Joy, joyful ness, minawdnigosu 

wvii minatoanigiqendamowin, 


— 140- JUS 

minawasivniif onamgoaitotn, 
onanigwendamowin, bapineni- 
mowin, bapinendamounn, ja- 
miwadisitcm, modjiaisiwin, 
modjigendamomn. Tliere is 
joy, minawanigwad. Joy ful- 
ness in half drunkenness, jo- 
wendamowin. Joyfulness in 
drunkenness, minawanigobi- 
toin, modjigibiwin. (Miyawtt- 

Joyful ; I am joyful, nin mina- 
wanigos, nin minawanigwen- 
dam, nin minawas, nind ona- 
nigos, nind onanigwendam, 
nin bapinenim, nin bapinen- 
danii ninjomiwddis, nin mod- 
jigis, nin modjigendam. I am 
joyful being half drunk, nin 
jowSndam. I am jojjrful in 
drunkenness, nin mmawani- 
gobi, ninmodjiqibi. I am joyful 
m my heart, nin modjigiaee. 


Judge, dibakonigewinini, diba- 
koniwetcinini, debakoniged. 

Judge ; I judge, nin dibakonige, 
nin dibakoniwe. I judge him, 
nin dibiikona, nin dipdgima, 
nind onagima. I judge him 
in thoughts, nind onenima. 
It judge it in thoughts, nind 
onenddn. (Wiyasuwatew). 

Judged ; I am (it is) judged, 
nin dibdkonigds ; dibakoni- 

Judgment, dibabonigewin, diba- 
konignwin, dibakoniwewin, di- 

Judgment-day, (day of divine 

judgment,) dibakonige-giji- 

Judgment-house, dibakoniaewi- 

gamig, dibakonidiwigamig. 
Judgment-seat, dibakoniwewini- 

Jug, omodai, wdbif/an'omodai. 
Juggler, tchessakid, tchissaki- 

Juggler's lodge, ichissakan. 
Jugglery, tchissakiwin. 1 prac- 
tice jugglery, nin tchissaki. 
Jugglery in regard tp sickness, 

kosdbandamowin. I practice 

jugglery for a sick person, nin 

kosdbandam. I practice jug. 

on him or for him, nin kosa- 

July, miskwimini-gisiss, madwe- 

sigegisiss, pajtdshkisige-gisiss 

Jump. S. Leap. 
June, odeimini-gisiss. (OpaskfU 

Juniper-berry, okdwanjimin. 
Juniper-tush, okdwanj. 
Jury, dibowewin. I serve on a 

jury, nin dibowe. 
Juryman, dihowewinini. 
Just, memwetch, ndita. (Mwet- 

Just ; I am just, nin gwaiako- 

bimddis, gwaiak ninaijiwebis. 
Just, justly, gwaiak ; jaiaw. 
Justice, (virtue,) gwaiako-bimdr 

disitoin, gwaiak ijiwebisiwin ; 

Justice, (law,) dibakonigewin. 
Justice of the peace. 8. Judge. 
Just, so, tibishko. (Mwetchi 



|v. '^' 

Kalendar. S. Calender. 

Keg, makagons, makakossagons. 

Keep ; I keep him, (her^ it,) 
mnd minc^iminaf nin mmdji- 
mishkawa; nin mindjiminan. 
I keep him, (her, it) slightly, 
nin sagina ; nin mainan. It 
keeps me, nin mindjimishka- 
gon. I keep myself back, nin 
mindjiminidis. I keep myself 
from him, nin midagweiawa. 

Keep, (in. s. in.) S. Conserve. 

Keep company ; I keep com., 
mn wissoke. I keep company 
with him, (her, it,) nin wisso- 
kawa; nin wissokan. 

Keep, (contain ; it keeps much, 
(in.y an.) hissdgwan; bissd- 

Keep in memory ; I keep in m., 
ntn mindjimcndam. I keep 
him, (her, it) in memory, nin 
mincUimenima ; nin mindji- 
menadn. I keep myself in m., 
( I think on myselt,) nin mind- 
jimenindis. (Mittimeyittam). 

Kept, (in. s. in.) S. Conserved. 

Kernel, (stone,) opikomindn. 

Kettle, akik. I make kettles, 
nind akikoke. The kettle is 
too small, naawadisi akik. 

Kettle-hook, or kettle-hanger, 

Kettle-maker, kettle-manufac- 
turer, akikokewinini. 

Kettle - manufactory, akikoke- 

Key J abdbikaigan. I make keys, 
nind abdbikaiganike. (Abik- 

Kick ; I kick, nin idngishkige, 
nin tdngishkage. I kick him, 
(her, it,) nin tdngishkawa, nin 
tatdngishkawa ; nin idngish- 
kan, nin taidngishkan. 

Kicked ; I am (it is) kicked, nin 
tangishkiga^ : tdngishkigdde, 

Kidnev ; my, thy, his kidney, 
nin^odikossiw, kidodikossiw, 
ododikossiwan. (Otittikusiw). 

Kill ; I kill, nin nishiwe, nin 
nitage. I use to kill, nin nishi- 
weshk. (Nipattakew) . It kills, 
nishiwemagad. I kill him, 
(her, it) nin nissd, nin niwa- 
nawa; nin niton. I seek an 
opportunity to kill him, nin 
mnddnissa. I kill him in a 
certain manner, nind indpi- 
nana. I kill him for such a 
reason, or on account of...., 
nind ondjinana. (Nipahew). 

Kill animals ; I kill for people, 
nin nitamdae. (Nipattama- 
wew). I kill it for him, nin 
niiamawa. I kill for myself, 
nin nitamaSf nin nitamaais. 

Killed person, nitdgan. 

Killer of animals, nitagiwinini. 

Killer of persons, muroerer, ne- 
shiwed, neshiweshkid. (Oni- 


— 151 — 


Killing, nishiwewin, nisaidiwin; 

Kind ; only objects of one and 
the same kind are lying there, 
(in., an.) mojagisainon ; moja- 
aishinog. We are of so many 
kinds, nin daaswaiagisimin. 
It is of so many kinds, dasa- 
waiagad. We are (it is) of two, 
three kinds, etc., nin nywaia- 
giaimin, nin niaawaiagiaimin ; 
nijwaiagad, niaawaiagad, etc. 

Kind ; I am kind, nin kij&dia, 
nin k\jewddia, nin mino bimd- 

Kindle ; I kindle it, nin aakaan. 
— S. Blaze. 

Kindle-wood, miahiwdiig, biakor 

Kindness, ki^ddiaiwin, kyewd- 
diaiwin, mmo himddiaiwin. 

Kindred, inawendiwin. 

King, oaima, kiichi-o^ima. I 
am a Icing, nind o^imaw. I 
make him a king,mn(2 ogimd- 
wia. I live or act like a 
king, nind ogimdwddia. 

Kingdom, ogimdwiwin. 

Kingfisher, (bird,) ogiahkima- 

Kinsman, kinswoman, znatcem^- 
ffan, inawenda^an. 

Kiss, kissing, odjindiwin. 

Kiss ; I kiss, nitid odjindam. I 
kiss him, (her, it,) nind odji- 
ma ; nind odjinddn. I kiss 
s. th., relating to him, nind 
odiindamdwa. We kiss each 
other, nind odjindimin. Kiss- 
ing each other, odjindiwin. — 

Kissing-day, odjinaiwini - qiji- 
gad. (New-year's day,(0t8het- 

Kitchen, tchibdkwewipamig. — 

K'\ie, gibtodnaai : miahikekek. 

Kite, made of paper, babamaa- 

Knead ; I knead, nin onadini^e. 
1 knead it, (in., an.,) mnd 
ojitchiahkiwaginan ; nind ojit- 
chiahkiwagina. I knead bread, 
nind onaaina pakwmgan. 

Knee, ogidigwama. My, thy, 
his knee, ningidig, kigidig, 

Kneel ; I kneel, I am kneeling, 
nind otchitchingwanab, nind 
otckitchingwanigabaiv.l kneel 
before him, (her, it,) nind 
otchitchingwanigabawitawa ; 
nind otchitchingwanigabawi- 

Kneel down ; I kneel down, m'H(2 
otchitchingwanita. I kneel 
down before him, (her, it,) 
nin otchiichingwanitawa ; 
nind otchitchingwanitam. I 
fall down on my knees, nind 

Knife, mdkomdn. Small knife, 
( penknife^ ) mokomdnena. I 
make knives, nin mokomd- 
nike. — S. Cutler. 

Knife-sheath, pindikomdn. 

Knife with two edges, etawiko- 

Knit ; I knit socks or stockings, 
nind ajiganike. I knit stock- 
ings, nind akdkomiddaaike, 
nin miaatigomidassike. 

Knitting, akokomiddssikeioin . 

Knob on a iYGii,vikwakwad. 

Knock ; I knock, nin pakitdge. 
I knock with s. th., nin ^o- 
gakivaige. I knock him with 
my shoulders, nin pakiteah- 
kaioa. I knock him, (her, it) 
{[o\sr\, nin pakiteoahima ; nin 






-162 — 


Knock againnt ; I knock against 
Iiini, nin hitdkoahkawa. I 
knock against li^ninbitdkosh- 
kan. It knocks against nie, 
nin bitdkoshkagon. — I knock 
my foot against s. i\\.,nin hitd- 
kosideshin ; niy foreliead, 
nin bitdkokwaiigweshin ; my 
hand, nin bif4tcnnrndjinhin ; 
my head, nin bitdknndibeshin ; 
my knee, nin hitdkogidiywer 

Knock at a door ; I knock, nin 
pdpagakioaiae. I knock at a 
door, nin papagakwaan inhk- 
wandem, nin pdpagaan inhk- 

Knocked out ; the head and the 
bottom of a barrel are knocked 
out, jdbondeia makakossaa. — 
I knock the head and the hot- 
tom of a barrel out, mn^'rf6oH- 
dean makakossag. 

Knocking, pakiieigeioin, pagak- 

Know ; I know, nin kikendjige, 
nind indmandjige. I know 
him,'(her, it,) nin kikenima, 
nind indmama, nin nissitawi- 
nawa ; nin kikenddiiy nind 
inamandan, nin nissitawinan. 
I know myself, nin kikenen- 
dis. — T try to know him, (her, 
it,) nin nandakikenima ; nin \ 
nandakikenddn. ^ want to 

know him, (her, it,) nin wi- 
kikenima ; nin wi-kikenddn.- 
I make him know, nin kiken- 
damna, nin kikendamona. — 
I know plainly, surely, nin 
pakakcnaam, riin bisiskend^i- 
gc. I know him, (her, it,) 

glainly, nin pakakenima, nin 
isiskenima ; ninpakakendan, 
nin bisiskendan. — I know, (I 
am learned,) nin kikendaas. — 
I don't know, endogwen. I 
don't know \\\\tki,toegotogvDen. 
I don't know who, aieegwen. 
I don't know why ,w€gotogwen 

Knowledge, (science,) kikmdds- 
aowin. I possess kn., nin 

Knowledge of s. th., kikendamo- 
win. Perfect kn., bisiskenda- 
moxcin, bisiskendjiaeivin. 

Known ; I am (it is) known, nin 
kikenddgos', nin kikendjigan ; 
kikendagivad, kikendjigdae. — 
I make known, nin kikenda- 
miiwe, nin kikendamodjiwe. I 
make it known, {in., an.,) nin 
kikendamiitoen, nin kikenda- 
modjitoen ; nin kikendami- 
itcenan, nin kikendamodji- 
wenan. — 1 look, (it looks, 
known, nin nissitawindgos ; 


Labor, anokiwin, kitchi annki- 
wiih kntagiwin. — Labor of a 
woman in giving birtli to a 
child, nufimcassowin. (Atiin- 
kcwin, nitttlwikihawaHOw). 

Labor ; I labor, toil, nind anoki, 
nin kifchi anoki, nin kotagiw. 

liabor, (in s. in.) S. Serve. 

Laborer, anokitvhiini, enokid, 

Labrador, mashkigobag. 

Lace, niskitchigan, wioidekndji- 
gan. 1 ornament with lace, 
nin niskitchige, nin wihidekad- 
jige. — I lace or fill snowshoes, 
nind aahkime. Lacing snow- 
shoes, askkimewin. 

Laced ; it is laced, ornamented 
with lace, niskitchtgcide, icibi- 

Lad, nshkinawe, weshkinigid. 

Ladder, akwdndawCigan. I ascend 
a ladder, nind akwanddwe. I 
ascend a ladder running, nind 
nkicandawebato. I descend a 
ladder, nin nissanddwe. (Ket- 

Laid ; two are laid together, 
(an. in.,) nijossiirhiknaowag ; 
nijosaitcMgadeu 'an . 

Lake ; larM lake, kiichigami. 
Small laKe, inland-lake, sd- 
gaigan. The lake looks dark, 
(by the wind,) makatewigami. 
In the middle of a lake, (or 
other ater), ndwag&m. (TA- 

wAkAm.) Along the great lake, 
trhigikitchigami. — I come to 
the lake from the woods, nin 
maddbi. (Matawisiw). It comes 
to the lake, maddbimagad. I 
come to the lake from camp 
to camp, nin maddbigos. I go 
down to the lake by water, 
nin maddbnn. — I carry or con- 
vey him, (her, it) to the lake, 
nin maddbina; nin maddbi- 
don. 1 slide (it slides) down to 
the lake, nin maddbisse; nia- 
ddbissemagad. At the end of 
a lake, waidkwagdm. 

Lake Superior, Oichimee-kitchi 
garni, (the sea of the Chippe- 

Lamb, manishianishens. 

Lame ; I am lame, nin mamdnd- 
jtgos, nind adjdosse. I am 
lame in one leg, nin tatchi' 
gdde. I am lame in the back, 
nin bnkwatciganeta. I lame 
myself, nin batas. (Watchis- 

Lame, (in. s. in.) S. Cripple. 

Lame person, unable to walk, 
bemossesHig , meinandjigosid. 

Lament ; I lament, nin gagido- 
we, nin naninawitdgos. (Ma- 

Lament. Lamentation. — S. 
Weep over... Weeping over.... 

Lamp, wasaakwanendjigan. 

Lamp-oil, wassakwanendjigan* 


— 154 — 





Lance, jm%an. 

Lancer, (soldier,) jimdqanlsh. 

Lancet for bleeding, haskikwd- 

Land, aki. — S. Ground, (soil.) — 

Land ; i land, nin gabd, I land 
it, (in., an.) nind agwassiton ; 
nind agwashima. It is landed, 
put ashore ; (in., an.) agwas- 
siichigdde ; agwa^sitchtgdno. 

Lauding, landing-place, gabi- 

Landlady, ashangeJcwe. 

Landlora, ashangewmini. 

Language, inwcioin. (Itowewin). 
Foreign language, maiagwe- 
loin, pakdn imoemn. I speak 
a foreign language, nin mai- 
agwe, nin maiaaitdgos, pakdn 
nin inwe. I malce him speak a 
foreign language, nin maiag- 
wea. Difficult language, sa- 
nagwcwin. I speak a different 
language, nin sanagioe. — I try 
to speak the language of the 
people with whom I live, nin 

Language. S. Bad language. 

L'Anse, Wikwed. At L'Anse, to 
or from L'Anse, Wikwedong. 

;jantern> wdssakwanendjigan. 

Lapointe, Moningwanekan. At 
Lapointe, to or from Lapointe, 

Lapwing, (bird,) moningwane. 

L'Arbre-croche, Wdganakisi, 

Lard. S. Hogslard. 

Larder, atdssowin. 

Large, kitchi. 

Large ; I am (it is) large, bi^, 
mn mindid; mitcha. (Mishi- 
kitiw,mi8awj. I am very large, 
nin kagabadis, nin mamaao- 
kis. I am a large big person, 

nin mangiiawes. — It is large, 
manaishkamagad. It is large : 
Clotuing material, manaasi- 
ka; metal, i«j., miichdhikad ; 
metal, an., mitchdbikisi; 
stuff', in.,mitchigad; stuff", an. 
mitchigisi ; wood, in., mii- 
chdkwad ; wood, an., mitchd- 
kosi. — I am so large, nind 
inigin. It is so large, inigok- 
wisshiy inigokwamagad. |It so 
large : Metal, in., inigokwd- 
hikad; metal, an., inigckwd- 
bikisi; Btnff, in., inigokwdbi- 
gad; stuff", an., inigokwdbi- 
gin. I appear (\^ appears) so 
large, nind inigokwabamind- 

fos; inigoktoabamindgwad.— 
catch a very large fish, nin 
kagabadjibina. — I make it 
large, nin miichdton. Large 
lake, kiichigami. At the end 
of a large lake, waiekwakiichi- 

Lark, kikibikomeshi. 

Lascivious. 8. Libertine. 

Lasciviousnsss. S. Licentious- 

Lash, bashanjeigan. (Pasaste- 

Lashing, ba^haiyeigewin. 

Last ; I am the last, nind ish' 
kwaiadjiic. I am (it is) con- 
sidered the last, nind i.thkteev 
ddgos ; ishkwdenddgwadi I 
live in the last lodge or house, 
nind ishkwege. The last 
lodge or house, ishkwegamig. 
It comes to me in the last 
place, (I receive it in the last,) 
nind ishwekdgon. The last or 
youngest child in a family, 
ishkweichdaan. It is the last 
object, iahicwessin. The last 
object, eshkwessing. The last 


155 — 


is large, 
is large : 
kdhimd ; 
hi kisi; 
stuff, an. 
in. 3 init- 
, mitchCi- 
^e, nind 
!, inigok- 
^ad. |It so 
pettfs) 80 
fish, niii 
make it 
n. Large 
it the end 




lind ish" 
t is) cou- 

dgwad^ I 
or house, 
he last 

the last 

the last,) 

he last or 

a family, 

8 the last 

The last 

The last 

time, iskkwdtch. For the last 
time, gandpine. At last, gega- 
pi, iskkwdtch. (IskweyAtcn). 

Latch of a door, pakakonigan. 

Late, the late. 8. Deceased. 

LAte,mka. I come late, wika 
nin dog'oishin. (Nama mayo). 

Late ; it is late, (in the forenoon,) 
ishpi-gijigad. It is not late, 
(in the afternoon,) iahpi-giji- 
gad. It is late in the night, 
ishpi-tibikad. (Akwa-kijikaw, 

Late, (in the beginning of the 
evening,) dpitchi ondgoshig. 

Lately, nomaia, anomaia. (Ano- 

Later, by-and-by ponima, nd- 
gaich, panima ndgatch, — 

Lath, gijikens. 

Lath ; I lath, gijikensag nind 

Laudanum, opium, nibewdbo. 

Laugh; I laugh, m'n bdp. I 
laugh with him, nin bdodpi- 
jima. I nin in a habit of 
laughing, or I laugh too much, 
nin bdpishk. I laugh with 
tears in my eyes, nin gigisi- 

Laugh at ; 1 laugh at him ma- 
lignantly, nin gandj-bapia. I 
laugh at him, (her, it,) mock- 
ingly, nin bapinodaiva, nin 
bapinodan. 1 laugh at him, 
I her, it) friendly, nin bdpia ; 
nin bdpiton. 

Laughter, bdpiwin. I burst into 
limghter, nin pashkap, nin 
nanissap. I expose it to laugh- 
ter, (in., an.)ninbapitamoipi- 
niken ; nin bapitmnowinike- 

Launch ; I launch him, (her, it) 

in the water, nin bakobina ; 
nin bakobinan. I launch a 
vessel, nin maddssidon ndbik- 
wdn, nin niminawenan. (Pa- 

Launderer. Laundress. Laun- 
dry. — 8. Washer. Washer- 
woman, Wash-house. 

Law, dibakonigewin, inakonige- 
win, onakonigewin. (Wiya- 
suwewin). t make laws, 
nind onakonige. I make a law 
for him, nina onakonamawa. 
I try to make good laws, nin 

Lawgiver, onakonigeioinini, 

Lawgiving, onakokigemn, ina- 

Lay ; I lay or put two objects 
together, (an., in.) nin nijo- 
shimag ; nin nyossitonan. I 
lay 8. th. on him to c&Tvy, nin 
bimondaa, nind nmbondaa. I 
lay it badly, nin manjissiton, 
mn mdnossiton. I lay him 
down, (especially to sleep,) 
nin jingishima, nin gawishi- 
ma. I lay him down on some 
hard object, ninmitdkoshima. 
I lay him, (her, it) down other- 
wise or somewhere else, nind 
andjishima ; nind andjissiton . 
I lay him, (her, it) tfown on 
the side, opimeahima ; nind 
opinicssidon. — I lay my liead 
on 8. th. lying down, nind 
apikweshin. I lay my head on 
it, (in., an.) nind apikiPe.<i/ii- 
mon ; nind apikweshimonan. 

Lay-baptism , kikiweidbdwadji- 
getcin. I receive lay-baptism, 
nin kikiweidbdwas.'l give lay- 
baptism, nin kikitoddbdwad- 
jige, nin kikindwadabawadr 



— 166 — 


jige. I give him lay-baptism, 
mil kikiweidbdioanai nin kiki- 
nawadabawana. (Kiskinowa- 

Lay eggs; she lays eggs, bdnam. 

Lay on ; I lay it on thick, (in., 
an.) nin kipagissiton ; nin ki- 

Lay open ; I lay it open, (in,, 
an.) nin myishaiony nin miji- 
shawissiion ; nin mijisha^sa, 
nin itiijishawishima. I lay it 
open before him, nin mijishor 
wissitamawa. It lays open, 
or it is laid open, mijiskawi^- 
sin, myisfiawissitchigdde. 

Laziness, kitimiwiny kitimiah- 
kiwin, tdiagddisivrin, tatagad- 

Lazy ; I am lazy, nin kiiim, nin 
kitimishky nin tdtagddis. I 
look lazy, nin kitimindgos. 

Lazy person, ketimishkidf taia- 
taaadisid, enokissig. 

Leacf, ashkikomdn. I work or 
produce lead, nind aahkiko- 

Lead-mine, ashkikomdnikan. I 
work in a lead-mine, nind 

Lead, (plumb ;) I lead or plumb 
a pipe, nin sigdwa opwdgan. 
I lead, I ornament with lead, 
nin inasincyigatoiichigey nin 
masinikwassige. — I lead it, 
(itiyun.) nin masinajigawiton ; 
ni n masinajigawia. — 1 1 i s 
leaded, (moulded,) [in., an.) 
masin(0igawitchigdde ; masi- 
najigawitchigdso . 

Lead ; I take the lead, nin 
nigdniy nin nigdnosse. A man 
that takes the lead, nigdnos- 

sewinini. A woman thai takes 
the lead, nigdnossekwe. 

Lead, (in s. in.) S. Guide. 

Lead astray ; I lead him astray, 
nin waniahima. 

Lead away ; I lead him away, 
nin madjiwina. I endeavor 
to lead him away, nin wiktcat- 
chiwina. I lead him away 
on a cord, nin adgabigina. 

Lead back ; 1 lead him, (her, it,) 
back, nind ajewinuy nin giwe- 
wina ; nina ajSwindny nin 

Lead in ; I lead him in, ninpin- 
digana. (Pittukabew.) 

Lead out ; I lead him out, nin 
adgiaia, nin sugidjiwina. 

Leaf, anibiah. (Nipiy). There 
are leaves, (in a bush or 
ahriih,)anibishikang, megwi- 
baa. — The leaves are budding, 
a^hHbagad. The leaves are 
coming forth, adgibaga. The 
leaves are falling' off, bindkwi. 
The dry leaves make noise, 
ga^kibaga. The wind moves 
the leaves, gaakibaga^ain , 

foahkobagasain. Red leaf, mis- 
obag. There are red leaves, 
or the leaves are redymiakoba- 
ga. The tree has red leaves, 
miakobagiai mitig. The leaves 
are wet, tipabaga. The leaves 
become yellow, waUbaga. 

Leaf for tea or medicine, wini- 

Leak ; it leaks, ondjika. (Otchi- 

Lean ; I lean with my head on 
8. th., nind aaaokweahin. I 
lean on s. th., nind aaawaahin, 
nind aaatvadjiahimon. ( Asosi- 




cine, wmi- 

Lean, (poor ;) I am lean, nin 
paJcaKados, nind oskanis, nind 
oskanabeivis. I am extremely 
lean, nin gawdkadosy nin kaah- 
kdkadoSf nin pakakadwahe- 
wis. (Sikkatchiw). 

hea.nneaH,pakdkadosotpiny kush- 

Leap ; I leap or jump, nin gwu- 
stikwdn. I leap down, nin 
nissigwashkwdn . 

Learn ; I learn it, (I want to 
know it,) nin wi-kikendan. I 
endeavor to learn, nin nanda- 

Leather, pashkwegin. 

he&ther-hoitle, pas hkwegin-omo- 


Leather-leggi ng, pashhvegino- 

Leather-manufactory , asseketoi- 

Leath er-manu fac tu rer , assekc- 

Leather-string for snowshoes, 
ashkimaneidb. Narrow lea- 
ther-stiing, bishdgandb.. 

Leave ; I leave him, (her, it,) 
nin nagana, nin pakewina ; 
nin nagadan, nin pakewidon. 
I leave him, (her, it,) flying 
away for safety, nin nagadji- 
nijima, nin nagajinijima ; nin 
nagadjinmndan, nin nagajini- 
jindan, I leave him in a 
stealthy manner, nin gimod- 
jikana. I leave him weeping, 
nin mokawiodjima. 

Leaven , ombissitchigan,jiwissit' 

Leavened ; the bread is lea v., 
ombi&sitchigdso pakwejigan. 
The bread rises up, (there is 

leaven in,) ombishin pakweji- 

Leech, sagaskwddjime. There 
are leeches, sagaahcddjimeka, 



I am left-h 

1., mn 

Leg, okddima. My, thy, his leg, 
nikddy kikdd^ okdd. The l)one 
of my, thy, his leg, nikddigan, 
kikddiaan , okadigan. The 
right Teg, kUchigdd, okitchi' 
gadima. I have large legs, 
nin vianangigdde. I have a 
long leg, nin ginoadde. 

Legging, middss. My, thy, his 
legging, niddss, kiddss, oddss. 
I have torn leggings, 7im bign- 
dasse. I have only one legg- 
ing on, nin nabanedasse. 

Leggmg-string , sagassanojebi- 

Leg of a c\\r\r, ^&c.,okdd€tchigan. 
It has legs, okddetrhigdde. 

Lend ; I lend, nind awiiwe. I 
lend it to him, nind awid. I 
lend it, (in. an.) nind awiiwen ; 
nind awiiwenan. 

Lending, awiiwewin. (Awiha- 

Length ; my, thy, his length, 
ek6.nidn, ekosiian, ekosid. Its 
length, ekosing. I am (it is) 
of such a length, nind ak6s ; 
akossin, akica. 

Lengthen ; I lengthen it, make 
it long, nin ginwdion. I length- 
en it out, nind aniketon. It is 
lengthened out, anikeichigdde. 
Lengthening string, anikObid- 

Lent, kitchi giigwiahimowin. 


— ISS- 



Leper, wemigid, ketchi-omigid. I 
am a leper, nin kitchi omigi. 

Leprosy, omigiwin, kitchi-omi- 

LesB, nawatch pangl, nonddss. 

Lessen ; I'lessen it, nin pangi- 

Let alone; I let him, (her, it) 
alone, nin bonima, nin bonia ; 
nin boniton. It is let alone, 
(m., an.y) bonitchigdde ; bonit- 

Let (town ; I let him, (her, it) 
down on a rope, nin nissibigi- 
na, nin bondoigina ; nin nis- 
sdbiginant nin bonabiginan. 
I am (it is) let down, nin nis- 
sdbiginigas, nin bondbigini- 
gas ; ritssabiginigdde, bond- 

Let go ; I let him, (her, it) go, 
nin pagidina, nin pagisika- 
wa ; nin pagidii^an, nin pagi- 
sikan. I let him, 'her, it) go 
suddenly, nin pagidjiwebina ; 
nin pagidjwebinan. 

Let me see ! taga ! taga ! 
(Matte !) 

Letter, masinaigan, nindaiwe- 
masinaigan. Letter sent, mdd- 
jibiigan. Letter received, bid- 

Level ; I put level, nind aind- 
jissiton, — The country is level, 
jingakamiga, tatagwamagad. 

Lever, ombmwdigan, agwakid- 
aigan, agmdaigan. 

Lewd ; I am lewd, nin gagibd- 
disy nin bishigwddis. 

Lewdness, gagibddisiwin, bish- 

Liar, geginawishkid. I am a 
liar, nin ginawhishk, nin 
gaginawhisnk. (Okiydskiw). 

Libertine, pagdndjinini, nwad- 
ikwewed, nwdajiikwewed. I 
am a libertine, nin nodikwewe, 
nin nMjiikwewe, nin bishig- 

Liberty, dibenindisowin . I give 
him liberty, ninpagidina tchi 

Lick ; I lick, nin noskwddjige, 
nin noskwddam. I lick him, 
(her, it,) nin noskwdna ; nin 
noskwddan. I lick s. tli. 
belonging to him, nin noskwd- 
damawa. I lick and suck it, 
(in.y an.) nin sdbandan ; nin 

Lie, pinwdbo. 

Lie, giwanimomn, ginawishk- 
twin.. I give him the lie, 
nind dbea. 

Lie, tell lies ; I lie, nin giwanim, 
anisha nind ikkit. I tell him a 
lie, nin giwanimc. I tell him 
lies, nin gaginatu. hkima. I 
am in a habit of telHng lies, 
nin ginawishk, nin gagina- 
wishJc. I make him tell a lie, 
nin ginawishkia, nin giwani- 
moa. (Kiyaskiwin). 

Lie ; I lie, (I am lying,) ninjin- 
gishin. I lie down, nin ga- 
wishim. ( Pimisin . ) I lie 
down further there, nind ik- 
wishin. I lie down otherwise 
or somewhere else, nind and- 
jishin. I lie (it lies) well, nin 
minoshin ; minossin. I lie 
wrapped up, nin wiweginishin. 
(We fie two, three, four, etc. 
tOjgether, nin nr/oshimin, nin 
oiissoshimin, nin nioshimin, 
&c. A piece of wood lies on 
high, bimakwamo mitig. It 
lies there, (in., an.) bimak- 
mssin ; bimahoishin. 


— 159 — 


ved. I 


I give 
ina tchi 

ck him, 
no ; nin 
8. th. 
suck it, 
an; nin 

the lie, 

ell him a 
tell him 
kkima. I 
ling lies, 

tell a lie, 


nin ga- 
I lie 
nind ik- 
lind and- 
well, nin 
I lie 
iginishiv . 
our, etc. 
imin, nin 
A lieB oil 
nitig. It 

Life, bimddisiwin. Anotlier life, 
(in the next world,) ajida 
bimddisiwin. (Kutak pimA- 
tisiwin). Indian life , ani- 
shindbe-bimddisiwin , anishi- 
ndbewidjigewin. — Life ever- 
lasting, kagige bimddisiwin. 
Pure life, binddisiwin. Im- 
pure life, winddisiwin. 

Lift ; I am lifting with a lever, 
nind agwakidaige, nind agwi- 
daiae. I lift him (her, it) 
with a lever, nind agwakid- 
dwa, nind agwiddwa ; nind 
agwakidaan, nind agwidaan. 

Lift up ; I lift up, nina ombako- 
nige, ombabiginige, nind om- 
bdkobidjige, nind ombakwaige, 
nind ombinige. I lift hin) up, 
7iin pasigwindina. 

Light, wdsseidsiwin, wdssena- 
mowin, wdsseia. I am in the 
light, wdsseianing nind aia, 
nin wdsseiadis. 

Light, (moon-shine,) it is light, 
gijigdte. (Kijikdstew). 

Light ; it is light, wasseiamagad, 
wdsseiemagad. I make it 
light, nin wdssakwanean. I 
make it light for him, nin 
wdssakwaneamawa. I make 
light a place by burning s. th., 
nm wassakwanendjige.l ' arn 
it for a light, nin wdssakwa- 
nendjiaen. I make him (her, 
it) light, nin wdsseshkawa ; 
nin wdsseshkan.^1 light, (set 
on fire,) nin sakaan. I light 
a pipe, ninsakaipwdgane, nin 

Light, (not heavy ;) I am (it is) 
nght, nin ndngis ; ndngan. I 
find him (her, it) light, nin 
nangenima ; nin nanaendan. 
I make it light, I lighten it, 

{in., an.) nin ndngilon ; nin 
ndngia. I have a Tight pack, 
nin ndngiwane. (Yakkasin). 

Light-footed ; I am 1., nin ndn- 
giside. Light-footed Indian, 
naidngisided anishindbe. 

Lighthonse, wdssakicanendjigan. 

Lightning, wdssamowin, wdssak- 
tcaam. There are lightnings, 
it lightens, wdssamowag (wd- 
icdssamotvag'' animikig, was- 
sakwaamog {animikig.) Un- 
interrupted lightnings, giji-, 
gassigewag [animikig). (Wa- 

Light-timbered ; it is light- 
timbered, jigaakwa, jigaak- 
iceia, (Sibeydgkweyaw). 

Like..., like as..., tanassag,Ubi- 
shko, nindigo. 

Like, dowa, dowan ; dino, dino- 
ica. (Tabiskotch). 

Like ; I like him, (her, it), nin 
minwenima, nin sdgia ; nin 
minwenddn ; nin sdgiton. 

Liken ; I liken him to some- 
body, nind awea. I liken it to 
something, nin aweton. 

Likewise, nassab, iibishko, id. 
bishkotch ; mipi dash, mipi 
dash aaie. 

Lily, nabagashk, mashkodepinig. 

Limb, pakesiwin. I have small 
limbs, nin babiwig. I have 
large big limbs, nin mamdr.- 
gig. I nave a hole (wound) 
in some limb, ninpagwanes. 

Lime, wdbdbigan. 1 burn lime, 
nin wdbdbiganike. 

Lime-burner , wdbdbiganikewi' 

Limekiln, wdbdbiganikdn. 

Linden-bark, wipob. 

Linden-tree, wigob, wigohimij, 



— 160 


Line, InminakwAn, biminakwd- 
nms. Line on tlie upjier and 
under border of a tisi) net, 

Line ; I line, nin bUogwadjige. 
I line it {in., an.), ninbiiogwa- 
dan; nin bitogwana. 

Linen ; assabdbiicegin. 

Lining, biiogwadjigan , bitog- 

Lion, miahibiji. 

Lip ; njy, thy, his lips, nindon, 

. kidon, odon. — My lips are 
cracked, sore, nin gipidon, 
nin gagipidon — On the lips 
only, ogidjidon. 

Liquid ; it has the appearance 
of such a liquid, indgami. It 
is a bad liauid, miindgami. I 
find this liquid has a bad 
taste, nin mdndgamipidan. It 
is a good liqui«l, minwdgami. 
I find this liquid has a good 
taste, nin mimodgamipidan. 
It is a clean liquid, bindgami. 
It is a dirty 1., windgami. It 
is an excellent liquid, wingd- 
gami. It is a thin liquid, 
jiyaagami. I make it thin, 
ntnjigadgamiton. - Something 
is in a liquid si&ie,jogamam- 
agad. It is brought to a liquid 
Btate , jogamamagad. It is 
brought to a liquid state , 
jogamitchigdde. I make it 
liquid, (in., an.) nin jogami- 
ton ; nin Jogamia. I make 
pitch liquid, nin jogamia 
pigiw. The pitch is in a liquid 
BtHie, jogamiaipigiw. 
Liquor, ardent liquor, iahkoter 
wdbo. I like liquor, nin win- 

• Liquor-house, minikwdwigamig, 

Liquor-selling, aiginigettnn. 
Liquor-selling license, siginige- 

Listen ; I listen, nin piaindam. 
I listen with pleasure, nin 
minotam. It listens with plea- 
sure, minotamomagad. I listen 
to him, (her, it,) nin piainda- 
\ca ; nin piainddn.—-l listen 
to hini (her, it) : With appre- 
hension or danger, nin naniaa- 
nitawa ; nin naniaaniian. 
With astonishment, nin mama- 
kasitawa ; nin mamakaaitan. 
With attention, nin ndgaaota- 
wa ; nin ndgaaotan. With 
displeasure, nin jingitawa, nin 
migoahkasitawa ; nin jingitan , 
win migoshkaaitan. With fear, 
nin segitawa ; nin aegitdn. 
With pleasure, nin minotawa ; 
nin minotdn. With sorrow, 
nin waaaiidwitawa ; nin waa- 
aifawitdn. With trouble of 
mind, nin waniahkwetawa ; 
nin wanishkwetdn. — I listen 
to him with the impression 
that he is telling or recom- 
mending difficult things, nin 
aanagitawa. I listen to him 
with the impression that he 
talks foolishly, absurdly, nin 
gagibdaitatca. (Nandottawew). 
Listen, (obey ;) I listen, nin 
babdmitam. I listen to him, 
nin babdmitawa. I listen to 
myself, nin babamitas. (Nana- 
Little, a little, j?an^i, na^gddam. 
— (Apisis). Very little, pan- 
giaM, agdwa. I am of a tittle 
number, nin naiitawia. There 
is little of it, naiitcmad , 
maniinad, dgasainad, pangi- 
toagad. There is little of it, 


— :6i — 




, nin 

V plea- 








wa, nin 


ith fear, 


mta/woL ; 

lin was- 

•uble of 

vetawa ; 
I listen 

ings, m»i 
to him 
that he 
irdly, nin 
iten, nhi 
to him, 
listen to 
IS. (Nana- 

ttle, pan- 

of a little 
nis. There 
ii6t€M)ad , 
id, pangi- 

ttle of it, 

{an. obj,,) pangiwisi, pangi- 
toagisi, naietawisi. We are 
in a little number, ninpangi- 
wagisimin. — There is very 
little of it, (in., an.) pan^i- 
shewagad ; pangishewagisi. 
We are very little of us, nin 
pangisheivagisimin. — I reduce 
it to little, nin pangiwagiion. 
Little girl's Point, Gaangwdssa- 

Live ; I live, nin bimddis. It 
lives, bimddisimagad, himd- 
dad. I live of new, nind 
ajita-bimddis. I live in a cer- 
tain place, Jiin danaki. I live 
in peace in a certain place, 
nin wanaki. I live in din'erent 
places, nin haha-ainda, nin 
oabamddis. I live with him 
in the same place or country, 
nin ipi.'ihkanakiwerna, nin wid- 
jidakiwema, nin wishdanaki- 
ma. — I live like a beaver, nind 
amikwddis. I live like an 
Indian, nind anishindbebimd- 
dis. I live in the Indian 
country, nind anishindbeki. I 
live in a village with others, 
nin bimige. We live together 
in a village, nin bimigeidimin. 
We live or dwell together, win 
mamawigemin, nin widigendi- 
Live, make live ; I make live, 
nin bimddiiiwe. I make hiai 
(her, it) live, nin biinddjia ; 
nin bimddjiton. I make myself 
live, nin bimddjiidis. I make 
live to me s. th., nin biinddji- 
tamas, nin bimddjitamodis. 
Liver, bemddisid. My fellow- 
liver, nidji-bimddisi. 
Liver, okonima. My, thy, his 
liver, nikdn, kikdn, okon. I 

have a large liver, nin mdngi- 
kone. I have a small liver, 
nind agdsaikone. 
Lizard , ogikaddnangwc. Red 
lizard , kwiicisens. Another 
kind of lizard, otawagameg. 
Lo ! na ! bina ! gowengiith ! 
nashke ! ndginin ! wcgwdgi ! 
Loach, (lisl),) misiii. 
Load, carried on the back, himi- 

Load ; I load a gun, nind onash- 
kinadon pdahkisigan. The gun 
is loaded, onashkindde pdsnki- 
Lock, abdbikaigan, or rather, 
kaahkdbikaigan.I make locks', 
nin kaahkdbikaiganike. 
Lock ; I lock it, nin kashkdbi- 

Locked ; it is locked, kashkdbi- 

Locust, adissaicaieahi. (Papak- 

Lodge, wigiwdm. ( Apakkwasuni . 
Lodge of cedar-bark, loanage- 
kogamig. Lodge of birch- 
bark, tcf^u'a.w?"M'»«/amifir.Round 
lodge, wdginogan. I live in a 
round louge, nin wdginoge. 
Pointed \odge,naaaawaogan.l 
live or dwell in a pointed 
lodge, nin naaaawaoge. In the 
lodge, pindigamig. In the 
bacK part of the lodge, aiaka- 
bag. On the top of tlie lodge, 
ogidigamig. Between two lod- 
ges, nassaioigamig. — I make 
or build a lodge, nind ojige. I 
make another lodge, ninddnd- 
jige. I lodge or live in the 
lodge, nin da. I live in the 
first lodge, nin nitamige. I 
live in the last lodge, nind 
iahkwige. We live ia two, 


— 162 — 





three, four Icxlgen, etc., nin 
iiijoijamiyisimin, nin nissoga- 
migisimin , nin niogamigisi- 
min, etc. Two, three lo({gef, 
etc., nijogamig, nissogamig, 
etc. So many lodges, dasso- 
Lodge-mat, apdkicd. (Anaska- 

Lodge-pole, abdj. (Anasiiy) 
Log, mitig. The end of a log, 

Log-canoe, mttigo-ichimdn. 
Log-house, wdkaiqan, mitigo- 
todkaigan. I build a log-house, 
or live in a log-house, nin 
Log for a house, vcdkaigandtig, 

Log for a sawmill, mitig kash- 
Tcihosod, mitig ge-tdshkibosod. 
Log-saw, cross-saw, kitchi kish- 

Lonesome ; I feel lonesonie, nin 
kashkendam, nin mamidawen- 
dam. It is 1., kashkenddgwad. 
Long ; I am long, (tall,) nin 
ginos. I have a long (slender) 
body, nin ginwdbigtiawe. It is 
^ong, ginwdmagaa, ginonde, 
mnwaiakossin. It is long : 
Metal, in.,ginwdbikad; metal, 
an.f gintodbikisi ; string, in., 
ginwdbigad; string or thread, 
an.y ginwdbigisi ; stuflF, in., 
ginwSgad ; stuff*, an , ginwe- 
gisi ; wood, in., ginwdtcKad ; 
wood, an., ginwdkosi. 
fjong, a long time, ginwenj, 
kabiaii, naidnj. Long every 
time, gagdnwenj. It is long, 
it lasts long, pitchd. — Long 
ago, nUurUa. As long as..., 
apitch. (Kay&s). 
Long, (wish ;) I long after him. 

nin wikodenima. I long after 
8. th., nin mamidawendam. 
Long-suffering , bekadenddgosi- 

win . 
Long-suffering ; I am 1., nin be- 

Look, indbiwin. (Itdbiwin). 
Look ; I look (it looks) some- 
where, nind indb ; indbima- 
gad. I look at him, (her, it,) 
nin ganawdbama ; nin gana- 
wdbandan. I look at myself, 
nin ganawdbandis. 
Look for ; I look for, (especially 
in hunting or fishing,) nin 
nandawendjige. Looking for, 
Look like...; I look (it looks) 
Vike. .,7iindijindgos;ijindgwad. 
Look on ; I look on, nin wd- 

Look out ; I look out, nind aka- 
wdb. I look out for him, (her, 
it,) nind akawdbama ; nind 
Look upwards ; I look upwards, 

nin ddtagab, nin ddtaganab. 
Look with hope ; I look on with 
hope, nin pagossdbange. I 
looK at him with hope, nin 
Looking-glass, todbmotchichdg- 

wan. (Wdbamun). 
Loon, mang. Young loon, m^n- 
gons. Loon's foot, mangosid. 
Loon's louse, mangodikom. 
Loose ; I am loose, ninpagidji- 
aia. I get loose, nind abi^kota. 
It gets loose, abiskokamaaad, 
abiskosse. It is loose, gesha- 
wishka, neshangissemagad. 
Loosen ; I loosen him, (her, it,) 
nind dbqwa, nind dbiskona ; 
nind dbiakobidon. 


- 163 — 


Loosened ; it is loosened, {ibis- 
kohide, uhukohidjigdde. 

Loq u ac i ty , oHtim idono u • in . 

Lord, (God,) Uehcndjiyed. Our 
Lord , Debeniminang. 

Lord, (nmster), debiiidjif/ed. I lun 
lord or nuister, niii dibcndjitje. 

Lose ; I lose, nin wnnitaas, nin 
wanitage. I him, (her, 
it,) nin wania ; nin ivaniton. 
I lose myself, nin waniidis. 1 
lose 8. th., helonghing to him, 
?t/n wanitawn, nin wanitama- 
wa. 1 lose all, in gaming, 
nin tcMgindgo. 

Lose, (drop, let fall ;) I lose it, 
{in., an.) nin pangissiton ; nin 

Lose, (ruin ;) I lose property, 
nin banddjiiass. I lose him, 
(her, it,) nin banddjia ; nin 

Lose sight ; I lose siglit, nind 
angwdbandjige, bandbandji- 
0e. I lose sight of him, (her, 
it,) nind angwdbama, nin bend- 
bama ; nind angwabandan, nin 
bandbandan. (Wanabamew). 

Lose time ; I lose my time by 
drinking liquor, nind onda- 
mibi. X niake people lose 
their lime, nind ondamiiwe. I 
make iiim lose his time by 
talking to liim, nind onda- 
mima. (Otamimew). 

Losing ; I am losing mvself, or 
losing property, nin handdis, 
nin babanadis. 

Loss, losing, banddisiwin, ba- 

Loss, at a loss, I am at loss 
for..., nin wawanis. I am at 
a loss to do s. th., nin wawani- 

Lost ; it is lost, (in., an.) band- 
dad, banddjUchigdde ; band- 
di.ii, banddjitcfiigdito. I am 
(it is) considered lost, nin 
banddenddgos ; banddendd- 
iftvad. I consider him (her, 
it) lust, nin banddtnima ; nin 
bunddendan. I consider my- 
self lost, nin banddeuindis. 

Lot ; we cast k»ts, nind atddi- 
niin. I cast lots for it, (m.», 
an.) nind atandikandan ; nind 

Loud, enigok ; epitowenif. I 
speak loud, nin kijiwe. 1 call 
loud, nin bibdg. 

Louse, ikwa. I have lice, nind 
(K/j7i-0M.(0tikkumiw.) I search 
lice, nin nandomakome, nin 
nodjidikome. 1 searce lice on 
his head, nind nandonassa. 1 
crack lice, nin pdshkidjikome. 

Love, sdgiiweicin, sdgiidiwin. 

Love ; I love, nin sdqiiwe. I 
love him, (her, it,) mn sdgia; 
nin .mgiton. I love him in 
thoughts, nin sdtfienima. I 
love myself, nin saj/iidi.^i. We 
love one another, nin ndgiidi- 
min. — I am loved, nin sdgii- 

Love-letter, sdgiiwe-masinaiaan . 

sdgiiwe mushkiki, gegibddak 

Lover, saidgiiwed. 

Low ; it is low, iabassamagad . 
It is low, (thin,) tabassannka. 

Low, (below,) tabashish. 

Low, (in 8. in.) S. Cheap. 

Low, (mean ;) I am* low , nin 
iabassadis. I esteem him (her, 
it) low, nin tabassenima ; nin 
tabassenddn. I esteem myself 
low, nin tabass^nim, nin ta- 


— 164 — 


homtfnindis. I am (it is ) 
esteemed low, considered low, 
nin tabassenddifos ; tabassen- 

Lower ; 1 lower it, put it lower, 
[in., an.) nin iabassaton, or 
nin tab/isnton,nin tabdssinan ; 
nin iabdssia, nin tabditsina, I 
lower myself, nin iabds. — It 
lowers, newishkamayad. 

Luck ; good \\\cV., jawenddgosi- 
win, minwahamewisiicin, (na- 

f>ewewiii,) onwdsiwin. liad 
uck, massaywddisiwin. (Ma- 

Lucky ; I am lucky, ninjawen- 

dagos , nin viinwabamewis, 

nind onwas. (Papewew). (I am 

unlucky, nin massaywddis.) 

Lull; I lull him tosleep,7»?7»i?'&fa. 
Lunatic, gawdnadapined . I am 

a lunatic, nin giwanddapine. 
Lungs ; my, tfiy, his lunge, 

nipan, kipan, opan. 

Lurk ; I lurk, nind akando. I 
lurk for somebody, ni /id aka- 
mawe. I hirk for liim, nind 

Lurking, akamawewin. 

Lust. S. Concupiscence. 

Lustre ; it has a lustre, (stuff, 
in., an.) wdsniktceifad ; wd»- 
»ikweyisi. 1 give it a lustre, 
(in, an.) nin wdssikwe^ton , 
nin wdssikwegaan ; nin wd»- 
sikiceyia, nin wassikwegd- 

Lying down ; I am lying, nin 

jinyixhin. It is lying there, 

jinyinhinomagad. I am lying 

in a fatiguing way or manner, 

nind ishkdkosliin. — S. Lie. 

Lying, (telling lies,) giwanwi, 
lie, ginawishkiwin. Lying 
habit, gayinawishkiwin, (Ki- 

Lynx, bisiiv. 

Lynx-skin, bishcaidn. 

V. ' 




Mackinaw or Mackinac, Maki- 

nantj, Mi»hiniinakinn»<i . 
Mackinaw-boat, vnhaqiickimdn, 

kitchi mitigntchiman . 
Mad ; I am nmd, nin tjiwanddis. 

Made ; it is made, (/«., an.) ojii- 

chiaCuh, gijitrhu/<ide, ijitchi- 

gdde, gijiklkMe ; ojiichigdso, 

(fijitchiyuHOy ijitchi'jdso, gijik- 

Madness, giwan/tdisiwin. 
Magic, mavKtndjilrhigeirin, ma- 

mandjinowin, scussagodisiwiii . 

I pratice magic, nin mamand- 
Jitchige, nin marnandjin, nin 


mama n djinoiv in ini, sassagodi- 

Magistrate , dihakonigeivinini. 

Magnificent ; it is mag., kitchi 

onijishin , hishigen dagwad. 
Magpie, apishgdgagi. A kind 

of small magpie, gwinawishi. 
Maid, oshkinigikwe, wesnkinigid 

ikwe. I am a maid, nind 

oshkinigikwew. S. Virgin. 
Maid, anokitdgekwe, hamitdgek- 

we, banikice. 
Majesty, kitchitwdwisiwin. 
Make ; I make it, (in., an.) nind 

ojiton, nin gyiton, nin gyikdn ; 

nind ojia, nin gijia, nin giji- 

kawa. I can make it, I use 

to make it, {in., an.) nin nitd- 
witnn ; nin nitdwia. I don't 
know itow to make it, I make 
it at random, {in., an) nin 
pagxranaiciion ; nin pagwanon 
wia. I inake s. tn. badly, 
negligently, nin mamdjimdd)i. 
I make s. tli. for somebody, 
nind ojiidge, nin gijiidge. I 
make it for hint or to him, 
nind ojissitamdica, nind ojita- 
tea, nind ojitamdwa, nin gyi- 
fnwa, nin gijUamdwa. 

Make be ; I make him (her, it) 
be this or that, nind dwia, 
nind awekana ; nind dwiiony 
nind awekadan. I make my- 
pelf be this or that, nind 

Male, man,//H';i/, anini. ilyinlw, 

Male bear, male beaver, etc. S. 
Bear, Beaver, etc. 

Male being, nnbe-aiaa. 

Male of animals, aiabe, ndbi, (in 

Male of birds, ndhesse. 

Male of fish, ndb^meg. 

Male's skin, aidb6waidn, ndbS- 

Malice, malignitv, matchi ijiwe- 
bisiwin, matchi bimddisiwinf 

Malicious, nmlign, maLgnant, 
matchi. I am ma,\., nin matchi 
ijitcebis, nin mamjininiwagis. 

I <'' tl 

I I I 


— 16«5 — 



It is mal., mnnnihhd, wntrhi 
ijiwebad. I iiiiiko liiiii iiinl., 
iiin mnU'ki ijiinehinia. 

llalitiouH joy, j/nf/nutteniinowiii. 
I have a inalicioiiH joy over 
Jiifi griof, ('t(;., nin tjatjunileni- 
ma. I expri'HH in words a 
mal. joy over hin frrief, etc., 
nin ijagandjididvmn. I exprewM 
a mal. joy over people's grief, 
etc., nin ffagandjiffitaife. 

Mallet, mitiyo-pakiiHyan, fay- 

Man, (human Iteinflf,) anitihindhe. 
I make myself man, nind 

Man, male, inini, anini- I am a 
man, nind ininiw. I make 
myself man, nind ininiwiidis. 
— a\g stout man, miss/ibe. I 
have a stout big body, I am a 
big man, nin mitchdbewis. 

Man that has no more a wife, 
pyigivabe. 1 am a man who 
lias no more a wife, nin pijig- 
wahew. (MoaAbew). 

Manchester, mashawesid senibd- 

Manaate, gan&sonqewin. 

Manifest ; I man. it to him, nin 

Manger, wissiniwdgan, pijikiwi- 
wissiniwdgan. < Maskusiwa- 

Mangy, wemigid. I am mangy, 
nind omiqi. 

Manners, ijiwebisiwin. 

Manominee Indian, Manomini. 

Manominee squaw, mandminik- 

Mansion, abiwin. 

Many, nibiwa, nibina. (Mitchet.) 
We are many, nin nibiwagi- 
simin, nin batainiminy nin 
mishinimm, nin mishinomin. 

We are many together, nitul 
okicinomin, nind okwinimin, 
nin bimiokwinomin. We are 
very many, nind ondminimin, 
nind otidminomin. We are so 
many, nind {jinitnin, nind iji- 
nomin, nind inigokwinimin, 
nind inigokwinnmin. — There 
are maiiv in. objects, nibiwa- 
gadon, hatainadon, minhina- 
don. There are very many, 
oadminadon. There are so 
many in. objects, mi endas- 

Maple. S. Maple-tree. 

Maple-forest, mdnakiki. 

Maple-Point, Nemdnakiki. 

Maple-sap ; the maple-sap runs 
quick, kijiga, or kijiaawan 
ininuiigon. The maple - sap 
runs no more, ishkwaga. The 
sugar tastes the spoiled, 
maple-sap , ishkwagapogwad 
sisibdkwai. Last sugar made 
of the spoiled maple-eap, wAA;- 


Maple-sugar, sisibdkwai, nessci- 
igan. (Sisibaskwat). 

Maple-sugar reseujbling pitch, 

Maple-tree, inindiig, assandmij. 

Maple-wood, inindtigossag. 

March, ondbani-gisiss. (Niski- 

March ; I march, nin bimosse. 
I march foremost, nin nigd- 
noase, nin maidosse. A man 
that ntarches foremost, nigd- 
nossewinini, naiaossewinim . 

Mare, ikw^-bebejigoganji . (Kig- 

Mariner, ndbikwdninini. 

Mark, kikinawddjiichigan, kiki' 

" I il ! i I 


— 167 — 


nawAdjinn , kikmawiyijiowin , 
beshibiiiftm , masinihiiifan . 
Any thing to nmke iiiarku 
U|»oii, mdniiiiiii/dH. 
Mark, (make nturkn ;i 1 murk, 
)iin kik'indiontljitcfiiife, tn'n 
kikinaw/idjiiwe^n in hesh ihii(/e, 
nin vKisiuaif/e, nin musiui- 
biif/e, nind ojihiiije. 1 mark 
liim, (her, it,) nin kikinawdd- 
jia, nin hetifn'hia, nin mtifiiui- 
bia, nind ajibiwa ; nin kikina- 
w/idjiton, nin beshibian, nin 
viasinibian, nind ojibian. — 
Making marks, maninaiyewin, 

Mark (for travelers), kikdiyan. 
I make marks on tlie road, 
nin kikaiye. I make marks 
for him on a road or trail, nin 
kikitawa, nin (jikaamuwa. I 
tell liim a mark, nin kikina- 

Marked ; I am (it is) marked, 
nin kikinawadji, nin kikina- 
wddjitchigas, nin kikinawdd- 
endagos , nin masinaiyas ; 
kikinmvadjitchiydde^, kikina- 
wadenddywad, masinaiydde. 

Market, atdwewin. 

Marksman, ya-yodaakwed, gwe- 

Marriage, widiyewin, tcidiyen- 
diwin. (Ayamihewikittuwin). 
Christian marriage. Sacram- 
ent of Matrimony, anamie- 
widiyenditvin, anamiemibdwi- 
win. Lawful marriage for 
1 i feWme,dpitchi- widiyendiwin . 
I give in marriage, nin witoi- 
kage. I join him (her) in 
marriage , nin widiyendaa , 
nind dpHchi-widiyenaaa. 

Married ; I am married, nin 
widige. I am married to lier, 

(him,) nin widiyema. We are 
m. to>:etht'r, nin tcidiyendi- 
niin. I am m. according to 
the rites of the church, nind 
(inamie-widiye. I am m. law- 
fully, for lifetime, nind dpit- 
r/ii-U'idiye. I urn m. to ner 
(him) (or lifetime, nind dpit- 
r/ti-widif/enui. We are m. to- 
f^ether for lifetime, /<//«/ ^/pt »- 

Married state , wiiliyendiwin. 
iSingle state, ns/ikiniifiivin.) 

Marrow, win. Murrow-\>one, wi- 
niyan. (Winii. 

Marry ; I marry, nin wiwikoJd- 
di.s. I marry her, nin wiwi- 
ma, nin wiwiman. We marry, 
nin iviwikodadiimin. 

Marry, (join parties in marria- 
ge.) i marry him, (her,) nin 

Marsh, mashkiy, wdbashkiki. 

Marsh-partridge, mashkodisse. 

Marten, wdbijeshi. (Wahiatan). 

Marten-skin , wdbij^shiwaidn. 

Martyr, unamiewin xvendjind- 

Mask, banishkwaiayan. 

Mask ; I ntask, nin banishkwa- 

Mason , wdkaiyewinini, aasini- 

Masonry, wdkaiyewin, asainik- 

Mass, anamessikewin. I say 
mass, nind anamessike. I say 
m. for somebody, nind ana- 
messikaye. I say m. for him, 
nind anamessikawa. I say m, 
for me, tiind anamessikaa. Tlie 
time of mass, anameaaikewi- 
nagad. (Kitchitwa-pakitin^su- 

1 1 


— 168 


liassacre, nissidimin. (Nipalii- 

Ma8H-book, anamessike-7na»inai- 

Massive, massy ; it is massive, 

Mass-prayer, anamessike - ana- 

Mass-vestment, anamessike-ay- 

whoin . 
Mast, ningansimonondiig, nin- 

Master, debendang, debendjiged, 

debeninged, nagdniaid ; I am 

master, nin dibendjige, nin di- 

beninge, nin nigdnis ; nin ki- 

kinoamdge. I am my own 

master, nin dibenindis ; nin 

kikinoamas, nin kikinoama- 

Mastery, dibeningncin, dibend- 

jigeicin , nigti ni^^iwin . 
Mat, floor-mat, andkan. (Lodge- 
mat, apakwei.) 1 make a mat, 
. nind andkanike. 'J'he making 

of mats, andkanikewin. 
Match, is/ikotens, Uittle fire.) 

Match ; I match it, (in., an.) 

nin bassikodan ; nin bassikona. 
Match i n g-plane, Inm.'iikndiigan . 
May, tcdbignni-gisiss. (Opiiiiya- 

Me, nin, nind. (Niya). 
Meadow, mashkossikan, manash- 

kossiwan , inashkode. — S. 

Mean, inatchi. It is mean, nni- 

nadad, tabasnenddgioad. 
Measles, miskwajewin. T have 

the measles, nin miakwaje. 
Measure, dibaigan. 
Measure ; I measure, nin dibai- 

ge. I m. it, (in., an.) nin diba- 

igen ; nin dibaigenan. 

Measurement ; nieasuring, di- 

Measurer, debaiged, dibaigewi- 

Meat, wUdss. I make meat, 
(procure meat,) nin wiids»>kr 
A piece of meat, misid. I cul 
meat into pieces, nin misidkf 
Dried smoKed meat, gaskidt' 
wiidss, gaskiiviidss, gaskiwag. 
(Kakkiwok.) I dry and snioko 
meat, nin gaskide-wiidssikc, 
nin gaskinssige. 

Medical-root f'jr head-ache, sas- 

Medicine, mas/ikiki, nandndo- 
wiowin. I make or prei)are 
medicine , nin mashkikike. 
Liqtiid medicine, mashkikitvd- 
bo. I prepare liquid medicine, 
nin mashkikiwdboke I give 
medicine, mn nandndawiiivf. 
I give him m., nin nandnda- 
tpia I prepare m. for him to 
drink, nin mashkikiwdboka- 

M ed i c i n e-bag ,pin dji gossan . 

Meditate. S. Reflect. 

Meditation , nanagafawendamn- 
win. Religious meditation , 
ana m ienanaga ta w i nda mowin . 

Meek ; 1 an* meek, nin bekddii<, 
nin kijewddis. I am meek, 
(kind, patient,) towards him, 
nin nokddisitawa, nin bekd- 
disitawa. (Yospisiw). 

Meekness, bekddisiwin, nokddi- 
siwin. I treat him w'ith meek- 
ness, nin nokadisitawa, nin 

Meet ; I meet, nin nagishkdgf, 
nin nakweshkdge. I meet him, 
(her, it,) nin nagishkawa, nin 
nakweshkawa ; nin nagishkan, 
nin naktveshkan. I meet him 





169 — 


{her, it] in a canoe, nin naga- 
11' a ; nin naga an. I go to 
meet lum, nind atsikawa. We 
meet each otlier, nin naqishko- 
dndimin, nin nakweahkodddi- 
min. I try to meet, nin nan- 
danaaishkdye, nin nandanak- 
veshkage. i try to meot liiin, 
nin nandanagishkfiwa, nin 
nandanahiccshkaira . 
Meetinj', ion the roail,) nagish- 
Meet, (assemlde ;) we meet, nin 
mnmairiidimin, nin mawandi- 
Meeting, 'assembling,) miiwand- 

Meeting-lioMse , ma,candiiHga- 
mig. Relijrioti.a mcetin^j-house, 
gagiku'cicigamig , anainiowiga- 
Melancholic ; I am mel., nin 
goshkicairddis, nin goshkwa- 
wddendam . 
Melody, inwnrin. I give a cer- 
tain melody or tune to a hymn, 
nind inireton. 
Melon, eshkwaiidaming. 
Melt ; I melt it, (in., an.) nin 
ningikosan ; nin ningikomui. 
It melts, [in , an.) ningiknde. 
ningide ; ningikosn, 
I melt it, (metal, in., an ) nin 
ningabikiswa. Ft melts, (metal, 
in., an.) nim/abikide ;< »"'?;/«- 
biki.<io. I melt snow, 7mi nin- 

fashknbissige . 'i'ikkip<>s\ve\v) 
'he snow melts, ?i, <///.t& gon. 
Melt, let melt ; I let it melt in 
my mouth, [in., an.) nin nin- 
ganendan ; nin ninganema. 
Memory, mikwendamnvin,, mtk- 
mindjimendamomn. ( Kiski- 

piwin.) I keep in meinorj, 
nin mindjimendam, nin tak- 
wetidam. I keep him (her, it) 
in mem., nin inendjimenima, 
nin iakwenima ; nin mindji- 
vienddn, nin iakwenddn. (Kis- 
kisototawew.) 1 recall s. t. to 
liis mem., nin irikawdma, nin 
mikwdndaniaWi , nin mikicen- 
dawia. I reca I s. th. often 
to his meiu.,ninmaniikawama, 
nin mamiktphidamawn , nin 
winh'ikivendamia. { Miskawd- 

Mendicai t., ;>ndf damaged, beba- 

Mendicit} , nandtdaniagewin , 

Merchandise, anokadjigan;giift- 
pinadagan. ( Ayowi n is) . 

Merchant, atawewinini. 

Tslercy , Jawendjigein n , Jawenin- 
gewin,Jawcnindiu-in. (Kijewn- 
tisiwin.) 1 have mercy, nin 
jawendjige, nin jaweninge. I 
have m. on him., (her, it,) nin 
jawenima ; nin Jairenddn. 
(Kitimakeyimew.) I iiave n\. 
on u\yHe\{,ninjairenindin. Vic 
have m. on one another, nin 
jawenindimin. I look upon 
him with mercy, nii> Jawenda- 
miganawdbama. T hear hin> 
or listen to him with m., nin 
jawmdamitaioa. I speak to 
excite mercy on me, nin ja- 

Merriment, bapinenimowin, jo- 

Message, iuinajanguwin. (Itisa- 

Messenger, ininajawdgan, ijina- 
Jawdgan, eninaja-md. 

Metal, biwdbik. On metal, r '- 
tdbik. In the niidst of metal. 

, t. 




ill ' 




— 179-- 


unwnbik. One oljiect of iMCi- 
al, bejlgwabik. Two, three 
oltjectH of iiieial, nijwubik, 
ni&swCbik. So many oltjects 
of metal, dasswCdnk. 

Meteor, ti'hiiu/audi. 

Middle ; in the miildle, in tlie 
midst, ixissaicdiif iiissawaii, 
Hawaii. It is the middle, (lie 
centr(-, naivaiitcan, uatisawai- 
iivan. iTfiWiiyik). 

Middle-liMf'er, iiawinindj. {Tn- 

Middle part ofa mocassii;, orna- 
mennnl,apin(fW&i(/an . ( A sesi n . ) 

Middlini;, eniwek, yonid miuik. 

Midnigiit, abitdtibikad. 

Midwile, ;/atiniicektve. A good 
practical mid\^ ife, neta-yatini- 
wed. A man (physician) prac- 
tising midwifery, yatiniwewi- 

Midwifery, yaliniwemn. 

Milch-cow, mninind pijiki. I 
mUk a cow, nia sinina pijiki, 
(Yikincw onitjiiniwa). 

Mild weather ; it i-s mild, dba- 
wo, dbaicamayad. 

Military Fort , jimdganis/ii- 

MiJitary man, soldier, jimdya- 

Military Oflicer, jimdyanishi- 
oaima, miiiis.sino-oyimn. 

MilK, toloshdbo. I milk a cow, 
nin sinina pijiki. I milk a 
cow tiiourougly, nin winyesi- 
nina pijiki. 

Milk-house, tutoahdbowigamig . 

Milky Way, tchibekana. 

Mill. S. Grindmill. Sawmill. 

Miller, bissibodjiyewinini. 

Million, middsswdk dassing mi- 

Milliped, baiatinogdded, tceimh- 

Mill-atone, bissibodjigandbik . 

Milt, H'/.v.v. 

Miiwaukie, * Min^way. 

Mind ; I make up my mind, 
niiid yijendam, nin gijenindis. 
I put it in his nund, nin mind- 
j'iiiii.snitaiva, nin mindjimissi- 
lamaira. (.Mitjimeyimew). 

Mind ; 1 mind him, (her, it,) 
nin babatncnima ; nin baba- 
mendaa. (Pisi.skevimew). 

Minded ; I am (it is) minded, 
taken care of, nin babamend- 
jigas ; babamendjiydde. 

Mine, nin. (Niya). 

Mine, biicdbikokdn, (in general.) 
I work in a mine, nin biicdbi- 

Miner , Itiicdbikohrwinini, (in 

Miner in a copper-mine, misk- 
u'dbikokewinini, (properly.) 

Miner in an iron mine, biwdbi- 
kokcmnini, (properly.) 

Miner in a lead-mine, ashkiko- 
nHniikewinini, (properly.) 

Minin^' ; I am mining, (in gen- 
eral,) nin biwdbikoke. I am 
mining in a copper-mine, h^ad- 
mine, etc. S. Copper-mine, 
Lead-mine, etc. 

Mining Agent, biivdbikoke-ogi- 

Mining business, biwdbikokiwin. 

Minister, ga'^ikicewinini, (prea- 

W\x\k, jangwrshe. Young mink, 
janqweshens. (Sakwesiw, or, 

M i racle, mamandddodamowin, 
kikinawddjitchigan, rnaman- 

* It IB for : Minnoaki, good land. 


171 — 


ddwanokiwin , mamakniljU- 
chigan. T do wonderful things, 
I do miracles, nin mamandd- 
dodam, nin kikintncndjiichige, 
viamanddwanoki, nin mamak- 
ddftchine. Doing iniraclef!, 
mamanaawanokiwin , mama- 
kddjitchigewin . 

Miraculous, wondrous, maniak- 

Mirage, ombanifewin. There are 
mirages, nmbaniiemagad. 

Mire, ajinhki. There is mire, 
ajishkika, winidjishkiwaga , 
nivanagodjishkiwaga. ( Pasa- 

Mirror , wdbmotchitchagwan. 

Miry , ii is miry at the bottom, 
(a liver,) ajishkiwamika. 

Miscarry ; I miscarry, (a woman 
speaking,) nin nondebinike. 

Misconduct, anotch ijiwebisiwin, 
it: 'ftchi ijiwebisiwin. 

Mis'ieed, bataJituHitvin. I commit 
a misdeed, nm batajiwa. S. 

Misdemeanor. S. Misconduct. 

Miser, sesdgisid. 

Miserable ; I am mis., niji kiti- 
mdgi^, nin kotdgis, nin kotd- 
git'o. S. Poor. 

Misery, kitimdgisiwin, animisi- 
win, koiagisixoin, koiagitoicin. 

Mie^ry-River, Kiichisdgi. 

Miss, (to notice absence ;) I miss 
him, (her, it,) nin wania ; nin 
waniton. (Patahwew). 

Miss ; I miss, (I don't hit,) nin 
banaige. I miss him, (her, it,) 
nin bdjia, nin banawa ; nin 
bdjiton, nin banaan. I miss 
him (her, it) shooting, nin 
bishkonawa, nin medassina- 

va ; nin bishkonan, nin medax- 
sinau. I miss him in my 
snare, ;?//t bmmgwdna. I mis.i 
hin\ (her, iO striking, nin 
nii'dnssagnnftma ; nin niedos- 
saganandnn. I miss liim in 
my traj), nin banikona. I niiss 
him in the road, (Asiskawow,) 
nind njideknwa, niid ojideiu, 
nind finsirckitica. I mi,<s him, 
traveling by w iter, nind aji- 
dcwa. (Mwesiskawewi. 

Missal, an am cssike-nias in a igan . 

M issionar^' , mckathvikwanaie. 

Missive. S. Letter .sc;j/. 

Mist, awdn. (Kaskawokkamik.) 

Mistake , pUchi-dodamoxcin. I 
say s. th. by mistake, nit pi t- 
chi-ikkit, nin pitrhidon.Wif^ta- 
ke in counting, ipanagindas- 
ftowiii ; in doing or acting, 
wanidodamoioin , wanitchige- 
tcin ; in »\\\g\i\g, wanaviowin ; 
in sp?aking, tvanigijwewin, 
wanowewin; in writing, wa- 
nibiigewin, wanibilgan. 

Mistake ; I mistake, nin wanis- 
se, nin pifehi-dodam. [Piichi-, 
always alludes to mistake or 

Mistake ; I mistake in my cal- 
culations or thoughts, nin 

Mistress, debendjiped, debend- 
ang (ikwe). (OKimaskwew). 

Mistrust ; I mis. him, nind ash- 
owina. I mis. his speaking, 
nin bewitawa. I hear a speak- 
ing with mistrust, mn bewitan. 
I am heard with mist, nin 
bewitagos. (Moyeyimewl. 

Misty ; it is misty, awdnibitsa. 

Misunderstand ; I mis., nin 

5" i 


^ -mi 



-1:! " 



— 172 — 


toanitam, nin wanitage. I mis. 
him, (her, it,) nin wcinitawa; 
nin wanitdn. 

Misunderstood ; I am mis., nin 

Mitre, Kiichi-mekaiewikwanaie o 

Mitten, mindjikawmi. (Antie). 

Mix ; I mi*, nin kiniyiniye. I 
mix it, (in., an.) nin kLiigi- 
nan, nin kiniyina. (Pimik- 

Mix, (put in ;) I mix it with 8. 
til., [in., nn.) nin dayonan ; 
nin dayona. 

Mixed ; we are together mixed 
or mixtly, nin kiniyawdbimin. 
We stand together mixed, nin 
kiniynwiyabawimin. vVe live 
together mixed, nin kiniyn- 
wiyeidimin. The ducks nwim 
mixed, jishibay kiniyawayo- 
mowny. It is mixed, kiniya- 
wissin, kiniyissin. 

Mixed, (put ini)h is mixed with 
e. th., dayoniqdde. 

Moccasin, * (Indian shoe,) wiaA'?- 
sin. I make moccasins, nin 
makisinike. The upper part 
of a moccasin, aywiyayan, 
apiynneywassnn. I have only 
moccasins (or shoes) on, nin 
mamiyoshkam. I put a moc- 
casin (or shoe) on, without 
anything in, nin viamiyosh- 
kan niakisin. 
Moccasin-string, makisineidb. 
Mock ; I mock, nin bapinodaye, 
nin nishibapinodaye, nin net- 
ndpayansonge. I speak in a 
mocking manner, mn nand- 
piyigwe, nin nandpiaansita- 
yos. I mock him, (ner, it,) 

* That word comas &rom the India* 
word : makitin. 

nin bapidonawa, nin nishiba- 
pinodawa, nin nmidvaganao- 
ma, nin nandpaydnaiid ; nin 
bapinodan, nin nishibayino- 
dan, nin nandpayasondan, nin 
nandpayandjiton. I mock , 
repeating words, nin nandpi- 
dotani. I mock him, repeat- 
ing his words, nin nandpido- 
Mocker, neshibapinodany, nena- 

piifijwed, nenapidoiany. 
Mockerv, mocking language, 
nishihapinodayeioin, nandpi- 
yifwewin, nandpidotamowin. 
Model for imitation, kikinoica- 

Moderate ; I mod. myself, nin 
dibamenim, nin mindjiminidis. 
Moderation , dibamenimowin , 

Moisten ; I moisten it. (in., an.) 
nin tipawadon, nin niasaba- 
wadon ; nin tipawana, nin 
Moistened ; it is moistened; [in., 

an.) tipaviagad ; tipisi. 
Molasses of cane-sugar, sibwdga- 

ndbo, kitc/ii jiwdyamisiyan. 
Molasses of maple-sugar, jiwd- 
Mole, yayibingwtkwe, kitchi-ga- 

yayibinywekwe, memokiivido . 
Mole-hill, memokiicidowiyamiy. 
Molest ; I mol. or fatigue him, 
nind aickwia, nind ai^kosia, 
nind akoshkawa, nin miyoah- 
kadjia. It molests me, nind 
akoshkdyon, nin miydahkdd- 
Molest, (in s. in.) S. Trouble. 
Moment ; one momejnt, ningO- 
pasaangwdbiwin , ningo-pa^- 
sangadndbiwin. In a moment, 
suddenly, aeaika. A. moment, 


— 173 — 


a short time, akhina, winibik. 

Monday, yi-ishkwa-anamiegiji- 

Money, joniia. Money-box, jioui- 
io-maAraA-. Money-purse Jo/ma- 

Mon key, nandomakomesh i. 

Month, yisiss. (Pisini. ) One 
month, niiujn yinh:s. I am 
one month old, nin ningoyi- 
sisswayis. I am two, three 
months old, niii nijoyisisswa- 

fis, nin nissoyisisswayis, etc. 
am so many months old, niii 
dassoyisisswBgia. It is a month 
since, ninyoyisisswayad. It is 
two, three months since, nijo- 
Mon th I y , m eninyoymss, 
Monthly tlowings, winewisimn. 
I am in my monthly fl., nin 
ivineivis, nin iiidbanduma, ay- 
watching nind aia, uywatchiny 
nin bodawt. I am in m. tl. for 
the tirst time, nindoshkisayis. 
Montreal, Moniany.* 
Montreal - River , Oawassidji - 

Moon, aisisSf tibiyisiss, tibikiyi- 
sits. The moon is in her Hrst 
or last quarter, (//«?j* dbitdwisi. 
The m. is growing, yisiss ani- 
mitchdbikisi. The m. is on her 
decline, yisiss ant, bakwesi. 
The moon shines no more, 
gisiss ishkwaiassiye. It it full 
moon, yisiss wdwiiesi. The 
moon has pointed \\ovn», yisiss 
pate his hkkiipine. The m. has 
a circle, gisiss xoinibassige. 
Moor-berry, moss-berry. S. Cran- 





* The Indian form 
Freucb word. 

Is (iven to the 

Moose, mons. 

Moose-bone, monsnyan. 
Moose-horn , mons6shkan . 
Moose-meat, monswiids. 
Moose-skin , monsweyin. 
Morass, wdbashkiki. 
More, nawatch, nibiwa. 

More, minawa. 
}<lore and more, eshkam. 


Morning ; it is morning, kiyije- 
lidwayad. In the m., kiyijeb. 
Thi>^ mor., Jeba. Good n»orn- 
ing ! Bo Jo! from the French 
word : bonjour. 
Morning-star, wdbanany. 
Morrow ; to-morrow, tmbany. 
The day after to-morrow, 
Mortar. S. Stamper. 
Mortify ; I mortify, nin piyish- 

Mortise ; I make a mortise, nin 
wimbiyaige, nin pagwaneiycy 
nin paywani'yaiye. I make a 
mortise in a piece of wou(l,/8i/t 
wimbiyaan mitig. I put it in 
a mort., u;j., an.) nin pindw 
kossiton ; nin pindakoshima. 
It is in a mor., (/n. , an.) pin- 
dakoHse ; pindakoshin. 
Mt»sfl-l)orry. 8. Cranberry. 
Moss hanging from trees, missd' 

Moss in swamps, iissdikamiy, 

Moss on stones in the water, 

Moss on trees, (eatable,) wdkon. 
Most, mdmawi, dpitchi. 
Mote, any little thing that fall* 
in the eye, bensiniwin. 1 have 

■»■ ■ >l 


— 174 — 


in iny eye, 
my eye, iiin 






ft mote 
fell in 

Moth, iotoioesi, kokowesi. 

Mother, we<jimind. My, thy, lii« 
mother, nin(f(i, kitjd, ogin. (Ot. 
I have a mother, nind ogi. \ 
have lier for a mother, nind 
oginan, nind ogima. I an> a 
mother, nind ogimigo. Like 
•one's own mother, wegingin. I 
Imve llie same mother as lie, 
we have hoth the same mother, 
nin widjogima. We have all 
of us the same mother, nin 
widjogindiniin. I am like a 
mother to my younger broth- 
ers and sisters, nind madjiki- 
kwewissikandage I am like 
a mother to him or lier, (my 
brother or sister,} nin madji- 

Mother ! ninge ! (Nega). 

Motherhood ; my , thy , her 
motherhood, ningiwin, kigi- 
win, ngiwin. 

Mother-in-law ; my, thy, hie 
mother -in -law, ninsigosiss, 
kisigosiss, osigosissan. 

Motion ; I am (it is) in motion, 
nin mddjishka ; mddjishkor 
magad. I put it in motion, 
{in., an.) nin mddjiskan ; nin 
mddjishkawa. (Waskawiw). 

Mould, sigaigandtig . 

Mould ; 1 mould, nin sigaige, 
nin sigadbowe. I mould it, 
nin sigadn. — I mould balls, 
nil d anwike. 

Moulded ; it is m., {in., an.) 
sigaigdde ; sigaigdso. Any 
moulded object, sigaigan. 

Moulded sugar-cake, sigaigan, 

Mouldy ; it is ajouldy, {in., an.) 
agwagwissin ; agwagwishi. It 
tastes mouldy, {in., an.) agwa- 
gopogwad ; agwagopogosi. — 
The floor is mouldy, agwag- 
wissa(ja. It iflmoulay,(a leaf, 
or s. th. in leaves,) dgwagoba- 
ga. This tobacco is inouldv, 
agvagnbagisi aw assema. ( Ak- 

Moulting ; the bird is moulting, 
pinigwane biue.'ihi. The animal 
IS moulting, shedding its fur, 
pinetce awen-si, ot pinaweshka. 

Mountain, loadjiw. There is a 
mountain, tcadjiwan. Near a 
niountain, tchigwadjiw. There 
is a group of mountains, sag- 
adina. On a mountain, on 
the top of a m., ogidadjitc, 
ogigaki. I go up on a mount- 
ain, nind ogidadjiwe. I run 
up on a m., nind ogidadjiwe- 
bato. At the f(wt of a m., 
nissdki. On the other side of 
am., awdssadjiw, awassdki. I 
pass a m., I am on the other 
side of the m., nin pakidadji- 
we. A mountain, or a spot on a 
m., from where a place is seen, 
sagadinang. I arrive to such 
a spot, nin sagadjiwe. 

Mountainous ; it is moun., pa- 

Mount Olivet, Bimidewadjiw. 

Mourn ; I mourn, nin gagidowe. 
I mourn, I am in mourning, 
ninniiage. (Sikawihuw). 

Mourner, netaged. 

Mourner's crape, nitagewaidn. 

Mourner's dress, nitageowin. 

Mournful, (lonesome) ; it ia m., 

Mourning, nitagewin. 

!»., an.) 
dshi. It 
) agwa- 
igosi. — 
(a leaf, 
la. (Ak- 


( animal 

its fur, 


ere is a 
Near a 
c. There 
ins, sag- 
tain, on 
I mount- 
I run 
if a m., 
r Hide of 
ssdki. I 
e other 
ipol on a 
is seen, 
to such 

lun., pa- 





it is m.) 


-175 — 


Mouse, waicahigonodji. (Apuku- 

Mouse-trap, wawahigonodji-das- 

Mouth, odonima. My, thv, his 
mouth, nindoit, kidon, oaon. — 
I have a large mouth, nin 
mangidon, nin mangiinagidon. 
It has a large mouth, mangi- 
donea. I have a small m., 
nind agdmtidon. It has a 
small m., ngassido^'ca. I have 
an unclean m., nin winidon. 
I haveaclean u\., ninbinidon. 
My mouth is stopped , nin 
kas h ka m nkodo n es h kn. M v m . 
is swollen, ninhngidon. f put 
my tinger in his m., ninpin- 
danona, nin pindanobina, nin 
pindjidnnebina. I open my 
mouth, nin idivan, niu paki- 
donen. I open my m. to him, 
nin pakidonetawa. I open his 
m., nin tdumnona, nin pakido- 
nena. Inside the iuoutn,pind- 
Mouthful ; one mouthful, nin- 
goiodon, ningotonendjigan . — 
Mouth of a river, sdgi. At the 
mouth, from or to the mouth, 
sdgina. The place in the lake 
round the mouth, sdgida. 
Here is the mouth of the river, 
oma sdgidjidjiwan -nbi, or, 
sdgiwan sihi. (Sakittawaw). 
Move ; I move or stir, nin ma- 
mddji, nin mam^ 'iisse, nin 
mdmdsika. I r ,e, sitting, 
nin mamddab. I move in sucn 
a direction, sitting, nind ijigi- 
kab. It moves, stirs, matnad- 
jimagad , mamddjissemaaad , 
mamasikamagad. I move nim, 
(her, it,) nin mamddina, nin 

mamadjibina, nin mamasika- 
wn ; nin mamadinan, rdn ma- 
mddjibinan, nin mamasikan. 
I move backwards, standing, 
nind ajrta. (Asettew). I move 
backwards, sitting, nindajeb. 
I move (or walk) slowly, nin 
brnikd. It moves (or goes on) 
slowly, besikamagad. 

Move, change places ; I move, 
nin go.s. (Pitchiw). I make 
move, nin gottia. I move out 
of one house into another, nin 
sdgidode. I move away alto- 
gether, nin mddjidode. I move 
with my whole fanuly, nin 
kigodewishka. I move about, 
nin babadanis. I move about 
on earth, nin babishngi. I 
move about with him, nin 
babiahaginhkawa. I move to 
another place or country, 
nind dndanaki. 

Mow ; I mow, nin kishkashkiji- 
ge, nin paskkwaahkijige. I 
mow it, nin kishkashkijan,nin 
paahkwaithkijan. I mow grass, 
nin kishkashkossiwe. 

Mower, keshkashkossiwed, kish- 
kashkossiwewinini. — S. Harv- 

Mowing, kixhkashkossiweicin. — 
S. Harvesting. 

Much, nibitca, nibina, dpitchi, 
enigok, gagabddj, kitchi, ond- 
jita, gwdshkawad, wanina, 
onina. — As much as.., minik.., 
dpitch. As much as I can, 
epitchiidn. There is so much 
of it, ijinad. There is much ot 
it, (in., an.) batinad, batainad, 
nibiwagad, mishinad ; batiniy 
bataim, nibiwagisi. There is 
very much of, or too much, 
osatoinad. (Mistahi, am). 







r ■; 





; 11 




■ '':J 







f ' 43 

i V i '■ 




1 ' 



■/ i 

si i 






p: i\ 


— 176 — 


Much every time, nenibiwa. 
Much to each nenibiwa. 
Mud, ajishki. 
-Muddy ; it is muddy, njishkiwi- 

ka , nibinhkitcJiisngitcaga , 

gwanagadjishkiwaga. It is 

muddy at the huttom, (a river,) 

ajishtciwamika . 
Mtuatto, makatewiifisft. 
Mulatto - woman, makathoiinn- 

Mulberry, odatagdgomin . 
Mulberry-shrub , odaiagagomi- 

Mtile, memnngishe, kifchi me- 

mangis'fie. ' Sosowati m ) . 
Murder, niahiwemn, nishiwesh- 

kiwin. (NipattAkewin). 
Murder ; I murder, commit 

murder, iiinnix/iiu'e, nin niski- 

wes/ik. I murder him, nin 

nissa. (Nipahew). 
Murderer, neshiiced, 

kid. I am a murderer, nin 

ninhiwe, nin nishiweshk. (Oni- 

Murnuir, nenmoadjimnwin, gi- 

m id 6m o w in , gagim id 6 noirin. 
Munnur ; I murmur, nin gimi- 

don, nin gagimidon. I mur. 

against him, nin mindawa, 

nin mindamawa. 
Mushroom, pikivadjish, wajash- 

Music, madwewetchigexcin, (pro- 

ducing sounds.) I make music, 
(produce sounds,) nin madice- 

Musician , madwetpetchiqewinini , 
medweieetchiged, pipigweicini- 
ni, pepigwed. 

Musket, pUs/ikisigan, jimdgan i- 

^^usketeer, jimdganisTi . 

Musket-ball, anwi. I am making 
or uioulding or casting mus- 
ket-balls, nind aninke. 

Muskrat, or muskcat, wajashk. 
The fur of a musk , wajashk- 
obiwai. The skin of a m., 
wajashkwaidn. The hole of 
a m., iPaja.sJikuHtJ. T hunt 
muskrats, nin nodajasfiktce, 
nin nodjajanhkwe. 

Musketo, mgimd. There are 
musketoes, nagimcka. 

Musketo-bar , musketo-gauze , 

Mustard, iccs>i((wag, degwanda- 

Mustarrf-plant, osdwanashk. 

Mustard - seed , osdioanashko- 

Mute-person , neta-gigitossig. 

Mutton, m.nnishtanitihiwiioiiass. 

Muzzle, I muzzle him, nin 

My, nin, nind. (Niya). 

Myself, nin, nin igo, niiaw. 

' music, 







)f a m., 
hole of 
T luint 


icre are 

o-gauze , 



lim, nin 


Na^, hebejiffoganji, bebpjigngnn- 

Nail, saguigan. Small nail, 
(shingle-nail, \iick}, sagthgans. 
Large nail, (spike,) kitchi sa- 

Nail ; I nail, nin sassagdkwaitic. 
I nail him (her, it) to s, th., 
nin sa/t.sagdkwf'iica, nin hada- 
kakwaira ; nin xassag^ikwaan, 
nin badakakwaan. 

Nail, (on a tinger or toe,) o.s7/- 
kaniima. My, thy, his imil, 
nishkdnj, kin/ikdnj, otihkanjin. 
I have long nails, nin gagd- 
noganji. 1 bruise mv nail, 
nin tatagoganjindin. J lose a 
nail , nin banaganjiahka. 
White spot on a nail, minda- 
weganjan. I have white spots 
on my nails, nin mindawe- 
ganji. (M'iskasiy). 

Nailed ; I am (it is) nailed, nin 
sassagdkicaigas ; sassagdk- 

Nail-maker nail-manufacturer, 

Nail-making, nail-manufactory, 
sagaiganikewin . 

Naked ; 1 ann naked, nin ping- 
washdgid. I lie n., ninping- 
wa^hagidoshin. I sit n., nin 
pingwashagidab. I walk n., 
nin pingicashagiddosse. I put 
him naked, nin pingwashagi- 
dobina. (Moseskatew). 

Nakerlness. pingwashdgidiwin. 

Name, ijinikd-towin, annxowin. 
iWinsowin, wiyowin). I have 
the same name as he, nin wid- 
fijinikdsoma. I have a name, 
nind iiinikas. \ have several 
i.iime>, nin liafainonika.s, nin 
minhinonikas. (rlorious or holy 
name, kitr/iifwawinikdnowin. 
1 have (it has) a glor. holy 
name, nin kifchitirowinikas, 
kiU'hitnmwinikddc Ugly na- 
me, niinijinikdsou'in. 7 have 
(it has) an ugly name, nin 
manjinikds ; majinikdde. iBad 
name. S. Defame, i>etamation. 
— (Mia iging names. S. Change. 

Name ; I name him (her, iti so.. 
nind ijinikana ; nind ijinika- 
dan. 1 name or mention him, 
(her, it,) nin wina ; nin icin- 
dan. 1 name him (her, it) 
frequently, nin wdwina ; nin 
tfdwindan. I name myself, 
nin winidis. I can name him, 
(her, it.) nin gashkiwina ; 
nin gasfikiwindan. (Wiyisuw). 

Named ; I am (it is) named .so.., 
nind ijinikas ; ijinikdde. 1 
am (it is) named often,' nin 
wdwindjigas ; wdwindjigddef 
toinidimagad. ' 

Name, Named, (ins. in.) S. Call, 

Namesake ; my, thy, his name- 



— 17H — 



sake, niiniree, k'naicee, iviia- 
weeian. Ho in my iiaiiieHiikt', 
or, I uin his iiainewuke, /*//* 
witlfijinikfhoma. (Okwiuieii- 

Nainc! well ; I name him (her, it) 
well, prai.xiii<5, niu mino-wdwi- 
na ; tiin miun-wnwindan. 

Narration , dilnnl}hn(niun. De- 
cent narration or Mtorv, hinad- 
jitHDwin. Indecent narration 
or Hlory, winndjimouun. (At- 

Narrow ; it is narrow, (small, i 
ayaitxa, ayntonuha. It is nar- 
row : cotton, linen, (suka- 
waw), (t!f(ti<si(jad, tahanhkad; 
metal, stone, in., a</a.snad^i(i- 
bikad ; nietal , stone, an., 
ayaxinuh'iabikisi ; ri hbon , si I k , 
wiaifsddexi ; a road, ai/ansa- 
(iemo mikanu. — I make it 
narnnv or narrower, (in., an.) 
nind (lyasnadeton ; nind aijax- 

Naatv ; I am nasty, nin winis. 

Native ; I am a native of a cer- 
tain place or country, nin da- 
naki. I am a n. of the same 
country as he, nin widjidaki- 

Natural ; it is natural to me, 
nind owiiawinodan. 

Nausea. S. Squeamishness. 

Navel, odissima. My, thy, his 
navel, nindiss, kidiss, odis. 

Navigable ; it is navigable, (& 
river,) minobiiamagad, himisli- 

Navigation, sailing, bimdshiwin, 
babamdshivDin ; not sailing, 
bimishkdtoin, babamishkdwin. 

Navigator, sailor , ndhikwdni- 

Nazarine, Naznn'winini, Naznrc- 
ihiny daji inini. 

Near, henho. It is near, bexho- 
Willi. (KisiwAk). It is consi- 
dered near, benhnwendaijwnil . 
\ lind it near, nin be.thowendiiit. 
I come near him, (her, it,) iiia 
ln'-shnxikawa, nin be.shitdjin ,• 
nin he.sho.sikan, nin he.shodji- 
fun. It comes near me, nin, 

Near by, tchiif, frhii/dii. 

Nearly, !/n/n. (KekVitclT). 

Near together, bebcslio. 

Neat. S. clean. 

Neck, okw^yannma. ( M'ikwc- 
yaw). My, thy, his neck, 
I have a long neck,»t/H ginuif 
weidwe. I have a short neck', 
nin takojfweidwe. I have a 
small neck, nind (i{/d.s,ti(/weid- 
we. I have a bi^ neck, niii 
mant/igweiawe. I Itave a stiif 
neck, nin tchihatakogioeinice. 

Neck-handkerchief, mon/iwe, nn- 
bikagan, ndbikawdgan. ^Til- 

Neck-lace, ndbikawdgan. 

Need. S. Want. 

Needle, jdbonigan. I make 
n eed 1 es , nin jd boniganike . 

Need ler, jdboniganikewinini. 

Neglect; I neglect him, (her, it,) 
kawin nin babamenimassi ; 
kawin nin babawendansin. 

Neglected ; I am (it is) negl., 
kawin nin babamcndjigasossi ; 
kawin babamendjigadessinon. 

Negligent, neglectful ; I am 
negl., kawin nin sagakami- 
.nssi. (Nama pisiskegittam). 

Negligently, mdmanj, tebindk, 
kawin, wewini. 

Negro, makatewiidsSi (black- 


— '10 — 


Ncfjro woniHii, inahitein'iYttisik' 

Nei^liltor, fcl low-man ; inv, thy, 
hiH iit'ijililtor, nulfatiiKhindbf, 
khljUinishinuhe , nudfanialii- 
n/loeii ; or , niifji-himddisi, 
kidji-hhii ndixi, widji-himndi- 
siit. (N'itj'uviwiyiiiiw) 

Noiirhltors iti a villa};t' or town, 
heini'i<'ididji<i. We arc neijrh- 
bors, itin himii/vidiiuiii. 

Neigliltorliood, (next lioine or 
Kx-lgt,! k-otaifiiijf. 

Neither of thcni, hawin nwiia 
nijiwnd, or, hauu'ii ttwiia eii- 

N eoi >1 ly te , wenh ki-u n ti ni i<id. 

Nephew ; my, tliy,'hi8 nejdiew, 
nindoJiini.s, kidojimifis, adoji- 
witisan ; or, nindojini, kido- 
jiin, odujiman. 

Nerve, (or Kiiiew ;! atis,s, afisxl- 
«'(///, (Klati.s.siwoifoiiKi. My, thy, 
liis nerve, niiul (ifis.siint(j, kid 
atifiifiW(i(/, <id((h'ssiK-(i(/(ni ; or, 
nindjitad , kidjitad , odji- 

Nest, wa.s'mjrrtH. The hird huilils 
its nest, wasisswanike hiuen/ii. 

Net, aasdb. Small net, assdbins. 
(Ayapiv). Old had net, assd- 
hiith. I make a net, nind ansd- 
hike. I am getting a net ready 
for setting, nind onina.sndbi. 
I fix or prepare a net to set it, 

• tyin,^ stones to it, nin s«.sa.v«a- 
yihina assdb. I set a net or 
nets, nin pagidawa. I go to 
my nets, or fetch my net or 
nets, nin nddassabi I visit 
my net, nin ninikinassdbi. I 
take a net out of the water, 
nin maminassdbi. The net 
hreaks , bokotchishka assdb. 

I mend a net,/i//« mijtida.'^.sdbi, 
nin htnjirau.snobijnin Ixh/irdwa 
(i.sxdb. iMiHayapt'W), 1 he net 
luiM large me.ihes, puxlikisi 
<is.sdh. The net has small 
meshes, ttai/o.ti (i,s,sub. iNatu- 

Net-stone, }nisti.<<sin. 

Netting, a.s.sdliikcwin. 'Ayapik- 

Netting-needle, ndbh/mi(i</(in. 

Nettle, niasdii. 

Xettle-stalU. masdmixhk. 

Never, ka irikd, kdiviii ii'ika. 
(Nania wikkatehi. 

Nevertheless, mimdcli. (Ata- 

New, iisltki. It is new, \in.,an.) 
oshki-dii or otdiki-niiuuin ; 
o.shki-(ii(i<i. It seems new, it 
looks new, or like new, [in., 
an.\ nsfihiimt/irad ; os/tkina- 
lf(i,si. — Ul'new, <{}ida. iKiiwi). 

New ohjeet, {in., an.i o.s/iki-aii ; 
osltki-aiaa, (young heiugi. 

News, bdbantddjiniou'in. News 
brought to some place, biddd' 
JinKurin. I send news, nin 
niddjiiadjimoitc'e. I hring 
news, nin bidddjiin. — Tiiere 
are news, innkamiyad. There 
are frightful news, (jmjwdnis- 
sui/akamiifad, or, gaqwdnissa- 
f/akami(/ ejiwebak. There are 
good news, mino inakmnitjad. 
Good news, good tidings, niin- 
wddjimowin. I bring good 
news, nin bi-minwddjim. I 
tell good news, nin niinwdd- 
jim. There are great news, 
kitch i in akamiyad 

News-paper, babamddjimo~mas\- 

New 'Testan»ent, OsJik-i-iJitwd- 



r <. j 





4 i ^ ■ * 

f:, ■;■ 




,<" WJ'.. 



y ^ .f tp «, 








.^ llllitt 

'" |40 








6" — 






WEBSTER, N.Y. 14580 

( M6) 872-4503 



^J- ■' 


180 — 


New-y car's day, anamikodading , 
odjindiwini-gijiyad. (Otjettu- 
Niajjara FallH, Waidnag kaka- 

Niece, my, thy, hia niece, nishi- 
miss, kitihimisn, oshindssan. 
My, thy, lier niece, nindoji- 
miss, kidojimiss, odojimissan. 
Nigh, trhig', tchigaii. 
Nigh. S. Near. 

Night, tibik, tibikad. Towards 
night, ani-tihikad, eni-tibikak. 
It IS n\^{, tibikad. Last night, 
tibikong. At night or bv night, 
tibikak, tebikdkin. tlvery 
niglit, dassing tebikdkin, en- 
dasso-tibik, endasso-tibikak. 
All night, kabetibik. — It is the 
beginning of the night, oshki- 
iibikad. It is late in the night, 
ishpitibikad. It is mid-night, 
abita-tibikad. — I am absent 
for a night, nin nikanead. I 
remain over night, nin nika- 
nab. I spend the night in...., 
nin kabetibikwe. I spent tlie 
whole night indecently, nin 
wdbanimassige. I survive the 
night, nin wdbans,nin kabeii- 
biJcanam. — It is a bright night, 
mijakioanitibikad. It is a cold 
night, kissintibikad. It is a 
dark night, pashagishkibikad, 

Nightingale, gaskaskanedji. An- 
other kind, tidsina. 

Nightly, every night, endasso- 
tibiJc, endasso-tibikak. 

Nightly, in the night or at night, 
tibikak, tebikdkin 

Night-meal, nihdwissiniwin. I 
take a night-meal, nin nibd- 

Nightmare ; I am oppressed by 

the nightmare, nin badagonig. 

^ightpot, Jigiwindgan. 

Night-rover, uebdshkad. 1 am 
night-rover, nin nibdshka. 

Night-roving, nibdshkuwin. 

Night-time, nibdiibik, (at night.) 

Nimble; 1 am ninible, nin wad- 
Jrpi, nin wadjepadis. 

Nine, Ja7ig, jangasswi. (Keka- 
mitatat). We are nine of us, 
ninjdngatchimin. There are 
nine in. objects, J angatchinon. 

Nine, jdngasso.. , in composi- 
tions, which see in the Second 

Ninefold, jangatching. (Keka- 

Nine hnndrcd, J dyigassivdk. We 
are nine hundred in number, 
nin jdngasswdkosimin. There 
are nine hundred in. objects, 
jdngassiodkwadon. (Kekami- 

Nineteen, middsswi ashi jdn- 

Nineteenth, middtching ashi 

Nuie thousand, jangatching mi- 
ddsswak, jangassimidanak. 
We are 9000 in number, nin 
jangassimidanakosimin.The re 
are 9000 in. objects, jdngassi- 

Nine times, jdngdtching. 

Nine times each or to each, je, 

Ninety, jangassimidana. We are 
ninety of us, nin jangassimi- 
danawendn. There are ninety 
in. objects, Jangassimidanawe- 
Ninth ; the ninth, eko-jangat- 
ching. The ninth time, jan- 
Ninthly, eko-jangatching. 


— 181 — 



t night.) 


Nippe, ajigan. 

Nippers, tokwdndjigans. 

Nit, iskindk. I have nits, nitid 

No, not, ka, kawin. (Nama, na- 
mawiya). Not at all, kawin 
bdpish, kawessa. (Nama \va- 
watch). No, that won't do, 
kawessa mika. 

Noble ; I am noble, nin kitvhti- 

Nobody, ka awiia, kawin awiia. 
(Nama awiyak). 

Nod ; I nod, nin loaiikwaige. I 
nod him, or towards liim, nin 

Nod with the head ; I nod, nin 
nomikwen. I nod towards him 
(her, it,) saluting, ni7i nomik- 
wetawa; nin nomikwetan. 

Noise, ombigisiwin, kiwanisi- 
win. (Kiyakittawin). I make 
noise, nind ombigis. I make 
a foolish noise, nin kiwanis. I 
cause him to make noise, nind 
ombigia. It makes noise, otn- 
bigwemagad. It makes a 
dreadful noise, gotamigwewe- 
magad. A noise comes from 
..., ohdwewetnagad. — A par- 
tridge makes noise with his 
wings, mddweweo bine. 

Noised ; it is noised ro\ind,pass- 

Noised, rumored ; it is noised 
out, wawindjigdde, baba-ma- 
dodjigdde. (Matwe-itwaniw). 

Noisy amusement or play? om- 
bdkamigisiwin. I l)egin to 
make noise, niti mddakamigis. 
I amuse myself in a noisy 
manner, nind ombakamigis. 
I like too much noisy amuse- 
ments, nind ombakamigisishk. 
Habit of indulging iu noisy 

am., onrbakawigisishkiwin. I 
amuse myself together with 
him, nin widakamigis'ima. 

Noisy. S. Troublesome. 

No more, katoin keidbi. (Nama 
kittwam). There is no more 
of it, (in., an.) kawin gego, mi 
kakina, mi endas.ring ; kawin 
awiia, mi kakina, mi endor 
shid, mi endashiwad. 

Noon, ndwakwe. At noon, nd- 
wakweg. Always at noon, nat- 
awakwegin. Every noon, das- 
sing naidtoakwegin. It is noon 
passed, kabikonawakwe. 

North, giwedin. At, from or to 
the north, kiwedinang. The 
clouds come from the north, 
kiwedinakwad. The rain 
conies from the north, kiwedi- 
nobissa. It thunders in the 
north, kiwedinakwaamog {ani- 

Northwind, kiw6din. 

Nose, odjdngima. My, thy, his 
nose, nindjanj, kidjanj, od- 
janj. (Oskiwan). Tne side of 
my, thy, his iiOfie,ninde7iigom, 
kidenigom, odenigdman. — I 
have a crooked nose, nin wa- 
aidjane, nin tcashkidjane. I 
nave a fetid nose, nin mini- 
widjane. I have a flat nose, 
nin nabagidjane, nin kishkid- 
jane. I have a knob on my 
nose, nin pikodjane. 

Nose-ri ng, nabidenigomibison. 

Nostril, pindjidjanj. I have 
large nostrils, nin mangideni- 

Not any, {an., in.] ka awiia, 
kawin awiia ; ka gego, kawin 
gego, kawin ningot. (Nama 

Not before now, pitchinag. 



— 182 — 



Notch. S. Incision. 

Notch ; I notcli it, [in., an.) nin 
pagtoanoshkan ; nin pagica- 
noshkawa. — S. Incision. 

Notched ; it i.s notched, pagwa- 

Note,(Hniall letter,) masinaujans. 

Not even, kawinganage. (Nama 

Notljing, I am (it is) nothing, 
worth nothing, nin nagikmcis; 
nagikatoad. Or, nin nagika- 
tcendagos ; nagikawendagwad. 

Nothing, for nothing, amsha; 
anisk, wenipaj, wenipanaj, 
pinhhi. (Konata ) 

Nothing, .to nothing ; I bring 
hint (her, it) to nothing, iiin 
a n g o a, nind angoshkmoa ; 
nind angoan, nind angoton, 
nind angotihkan. I am (it is) 
brought to nothing, nind an- 
goshka, nind dngotehigas ; an- 
qosh kamaga d, ango tchigdde. 
1 bring it to nothing for him, 
nind angotamaioa. It comes 
to nothing, angomagad. 

Notice ; I take noHce of him, 
(her, it,) nin baoawenima ; nin 
babamendan. — I take notice 
of him (her, it) in going by, 
nin babijdgenima ; nin babi- 

Not in the least, kawin bdpish, 

kaivin ganage. 
Not now, niddji, mddjikamig. 


patch, missawa. 
Not yet, ka mashi, kawin mashi. 
Now, or now-a-days, nongom. 

Now and then, naningotinong, 

na nin got in on gin. 
Nowhere, kawin ningotchi. (Na- 
ma nando). 
Now only, pitchinag. (Tches- 

Number ; we are few in number^ 

we are many... S. Few. Many. 
Number; I nnnxhev , nind agin- 

dass, nind aginda.s.sobiige. 
Numbering, agindassowin, agin- 

Numb. S. Benumbed. 
N um bn, gikimanisiwin . 
Numerous. S. Many. 
Nun, mekatewikwanaieckwe. 

Nuptial. Nuptials. — S. Wedding. 
Nurse, (woman taking care ot 

sick persons,) gatiniwekwe, 

genaicenimad aiakosinidjin, 

Nut, ^aMn, pakdnak, pakdna- 

Nutmeg, kitcJii gawissakang. 
Nut-tree, pakdnakomij . 

! as an interjection of wishing 
or exclamation, o .' 

Oak, mitigomij. White oak, mi- 
shimij. (Maskawattik). 

Oar, ajeboian, aj eb oiana k. 

Oar-strap, ajeboianeiah. 

Oats, bebejigoganji manomin. 

Obedience, babamitdgewin, ba- 
bamitdmowiii, nailamoicin. 

Obedient ; I am ob., iiin baha- 
mitam, nin babamitCige, nin 

Obedient person, nefd-babami- 

Obey. S. Obedient. 

Obey ; I obey him, nin babami- 
taiva, nin naitmca. I obey 
myself, I listen to njyself, nin 
babamitas. I will not obey or 
1 i ste n , nin jagibitam . 

Object, animate object, aiaa ; 
inanimate object, aii. 

Object; I object, kawin nin 
minioendans-i, nind anaioen- 
dam. I object against hini, 
(her, it,) kawin nin mimceni- 
massi, nind anawenima ; ka- 
win nin minwendansin, nind 

Obliqueh', opimeaii. I look 
obhauely, nin bimadaioab. I 
siii oh\.,ninbimidab. I hold 
him (her, it) obi., nin bimddi- 
na ; nin bimidinan. I lay or 
put him (her, it) obi., nin bi- 
midjishima ; nin bimidjissi- 

don. I lie (it lies) obi., nin: 
bimidjishin ; bimidjinsin. 

Obliterated. S. Forgotten. 

Oblong; it is oblong, jagatoa- 
magad. It is oblong : Metalj 
in.jjagawabikad; nietal, an., 
jagawabikisi ; stuff, iu.,jaga- 
mabigad, jagaioegad, naviat- 
chigad ; stuti", an., or board, 
jaganmhigisi, jagawegiai, na- 
matchigisi ; wood, in., jaga- 
iviqad : wood, an.,jagawigisi. 
— 1 make it oblong, ninjaga- 
wafon, nin jagawisaiton. I 
cut it obi., (m., an.) nin jaga- 
wikodan ; nin jaganikodawa. 

Oblong island, jaiagawagwin- 
deg mini.s.s\ 

Observatory, anangog endaji- 

Observe; I observe or watch him, 
(her, it,) nin nagatawdbama^ 
nin nanagataiodbama, nin ga- 
iiat'enima, nin dadibabama, 
nind ashowina, {ashtciwina;) 
nin nagatawdbandan, nin na- 
nagatawdbandan, nin gana- 
dendan, nin dadibabandan, 

Observe, keep ; I observe it, (a 
commandment, etc.), nin ga- 

Obstinacy, loashkatoideewin,. 

Obstinate ; I am oba., nin 
mashkawidee, nin mashkaxoin- 


— 184 — 


Obstruct ; I obstruct a passage, 
nm gibishkdge. I obs.his pas- 
sage or way, nin gibishkawa. 
I obstruct it, nin gibuhk'in. 

■Obstruct, (in. s, in.) S. Shut up. 

'Obtain, I obtain liini, (her, it,) 
nin gashkia, nin gashkiton. 

-Occasionally, naningotinong, 
naningotinongin. (Mi^kavvi .) 

Occident, cpangiti/nmog, ningd- 
bian. (Pakisiniotaki. In, to 
or from the Occident or weft, 

Occupation, ondamitdwin, on- 
damisiivin. (Otamiyuwin). 

"Occupied, busy ; I am occ, 
nhid ondamita, nind ondamis. 
(Otamiyuw) I am occupied 
about him, (her, it,) nin aaji- 
kawa ; nm dajikan. We are 
occ. at each other somewhere, 
nin dajikodddimin. I am occ. 
at 8. th. in a certain place, 
nin dajita. I am occupied in 
doing 8. th., nin apitchita. I 
am occ. elsewhere, nind onda- 
mishka. I am occ. in writing, 
nind ondamibiige. I feign to 
be occ. or busy, nind ondami- 

Occupy ; I occupy him, make 
him busy, nind ondamia, nind 
ondamisia. I occupy people, 
nind ondamikce. (Otamihew). 

Occupy thej mind ; he, (she, it) 
occupies my mind, my 
thoughts, nind ondamenima ; 
nind ondamenddn. My mind 
is occupied by s. th., nind on- 
dammaam. (O tam ey i ttam ) . 

Ocean, jiwitdgani-kitc higami. 

October, bindkwi-gisiss. (Kas- 

Odious. S. Hateful. 

Odor. S. Smell. 

Offend ; I offend him, nin nish- 
kia, nin bitchinawea, nind 
iniwesia. I offend him with 
my words, nin nishkima, nin 
bitchinawema. (Kisiwahew). 

Offended ; I am off"., nin nish- 
kiigo, nind iniwes. 

Offer. Offering, (in. s. in.) S. 

fie r i 11 g, (vow,) dibandowin. 
Religious offering, anamie- 
pagidinigewin, anamie-pagi- 
dinigan. 1 perform a reli- 
gious off., nin anamie-pagidi- 
nige. (Asotamowin). 

flice, ojibiigeicigamig. 

Officer; civil officer, ojibiiqewi- 
nini; takoniweicinini. Mili- 
tary officer,//ma^anwA?-ogrma 

Oft, often, oftentimes, naningim, 
niningim, awdkam, sasagwa- 
na. (Kakiyipa). 

Oh I io I 

Oil, bimide. Sweet oil, mitigo- 
bimide. Holy oil or blessed 
oil, ketchiiwawenddgwak bi- 

Oint. S. Grease. 

Ointment, nominigan. (Tomini- 

Ointment ibr the face, noming- 

Ointment for the head, namdk- 

Old ; I am old, nin kitchi ani- 
shindbew, nin kitis. (Kiseyi- 
niwiw). I am very old, nin 
gikd. I am getting old fast, 
nin ginibininike. — It is old, 
(an., in ) kiichi-aiaa ; gete-aii. 

Old, (ancient,) gete-. 

Old age, kitchi-anishindbemiwin, 
kitisiwin. Very old age, gikd- 


— 185 — 


na, mn 

Olden times; in olden times, 

gaiat, waUnhkat. (Kaydsi. 
Older, or the oldest; I am older, 

or the oldest, nin sasikin. 
Oldest ; the oldest or iirst-horn, 

Old Field, )Indian village,) Ge(r- 

kitigan. Indian of Old Field, 

Old man, akhcesi. I am an old 

man, nind akiwesiiw. (Kise- 

Old "" " 

Id Nick, (devil,) matchi mani- 

to, matchi aiaawish, manissi- 

Old person, kitchi amnhindbe, 

gekad. Old people, gekddjig. 
Old Testament, Gaidt-ijitwdwin, 

Old woman, mindimoU. I am 

an old womnn, nin mindimiic- 

iw. (Notukew). 
Olive-oil, mitigo-bimide. 
Omit ; I omit it, nind answekan. 
Omit. Omitted, (in. s. in.) S. 

Forget. Forgotten. 
Omnipresent, misiive eiad. 
Omniscient, misi gego keken- 

On, ogidf, ogidjdii. (Takkut- 

On account of..., ondji. 
Once, dbiding, ningoting. Once 

more. (Peyakwaw), midj, mi- 

nawa andj, minawa dbiding. 
Once, (absolutely,) pdkatch. 
One, bejig. I am one, nin bejig. 

It is one, bejigwan. One by 

cue, bebejig. — One object... 

See under the respective sub- 
stantives. (Peyak). 
One, ningo or ningoto. 
One-eyecf, ninpdshkdb. I make 

him one-eyed, nin pdshkdba- 


One of the two, bejig nijawad. 
One of th« three, of the four, 
etc., bejig nissiwad, niwiwad, 

Onion, kiichi jigdgamanj . (Wit- 

Only, eta, mi eta. An oiily 
child, bejigonjdn. (Piko). 

Only now, nanabem. (Anotch 

Ontonagan, Nindonagan. At, 
from or to Ontonagan-River, 

Ontonagan-River, Nindonagdni- 

Open ; I open it, nin pdkako- 
nan, nin pdkis.nton, nin pd- 
kakofihkan, nin nassdkonan, 
nin nissakonan. I open it to 
him, nin pdkakonamawa, nin 
pdkissitamawa, nin nassdko- 
namawa, nin ni.isakonamdica. 
It opens, pdkako.ssin, 
kashka, paknkoshka, nassd- 
It is open, pdkakonigdde, pd- 
kisnin. — I open a barrel, niti 
pdkisagaau makak. (Yotte- 

Open, (lift up ;) I open it, jiin 
pdkinan. I open it to \\\xn,nin 
pdkinamaiva. It opens, or it 
IS open, pdkissin. 

Open, (split,) the earth opens, 
igadekamigishka. The water 
opens, igadeiagamishka. 

Open, (witn a kev ;) I open it, 
(in., an.) nind dbabikaan ; 
nind ababikawa. I open it to 
him, nind dbabikamawa. 

Opening; there is an opening, 
jeiako.Hsin. I make an open- 
ing, ninjeiakossiton. I make 
an op. to him, 7iin jeiakona- 
mawa. I put my foot in an 

' < 3 

8 ^k^i 

5 v 




— 186 — 


op., nin jegwakosidesse. 

Openly, mijisha. (Mowis). 

Operate ; it operates well, (p 
medicine,) minoshkademai/ad. 
It op. well in me, nin minosh- 

0\nu\ou, inemlaicouun. ft is my 
opinion, niud inendam. 

Opium, nibew(d)(t. 

0})po.^e ; 1 oppose it, nin mujCi- 

Opposite, (vis-ii-vis,) // s//A-o. I 
arrive opposite to it, nin ii- 

Oppress ; I oppress him, (her, 
it) witli my nody, nin hada- 
goshkawa ; nin hadiwoshkan. 

Orator, nata-gigiiod. I am an 
orator, nin nita-gigH. (Netta- 

Or, kema, kema gaie. (Aj)po). 

Order, inakonig^win. 

Order, (gooil order, carefulness,) 
sagdkamisiwin . I put in order, 
nin sagdkinige. 1 put it in or- 
der, nin saydkinan, nin sagd- 
kissidon. It is put in order, 
sagdkissin. (Nahastasuw) . 

Order, (Sacrament,) MekaUioik- 
loanaieiciwin. (Ayamihewiyi- 

Order ; I order some work to he 
done, wind anoki. I order it to 
be made, [in., an.) nind ano- 
kin ; nind anokenan. (Atus- 

Order, (arrange, command ;) I 
order, issue an order, ni7id 
indkonige. (Wiyasuwew). 

Orderly, in good order, saga- 

Orderly ; I am orderly, I live 
orderly, nin nibiodka, gwaiak 
nind iji himddis, gwaiak nind 
ijiwebis. — lam orderly, care- 

ful, I keep tilings in good or- 
der, nin .sagakamis. 

Orient, wdban wendji-mokaang. 
Jn, from or to the orient, wd- 
banong. (Sukastenak). 

Ornament, .sasegatchigan. I am 
dressed with many ornauients, 
nin .sa.segakivanaie. 

Ornament ; 1 orn., nin sasegat- 
chige. 1 orn. him, (her, it,) 
nin .sanegana ; nin sasegaton. 

Ornament, (in. s. in.) S. Embroi- 

Ornamented, (fair ;) I am (it is) 
ornamented, nin .sa.sega ; sa- 

Orplian, giicdah-abinodji. I am 
an orplian, ningiicis, nin gi- 
uiashis, nin giwashito, nin no- 

Other; the other, bejig,nabanc. 
—The other foot. The other 
liand., etc. S.Foot. Hand, etc. 

Otherwise, bakdn, andj. (Pitus). 

Otter, nigig. nikig. Young otter, 
nigigon.s. Female otter, nojei- 

Otter-skin, nigigwaidn. 

Ottawa Indian, Otdwa. 

Ottawa language, otawamoicin. 
I speak the Ott lang., nind 
otawam. It i.s written in the 
Ott. lang., oiawawissin, ota- 
wamomagad. I translate it in 
the Ott. lang., nind otawawis- 

Ottawa squaw, otawakwe. 

Our, ki, kid, nin, nind. (Ki, 
kit, ni, n't.) 

Ours, kinatoind, ninawind. (Ki- 
yanow, niyandn). 

Out, outside, out of doors, ag- 
watching, agwatchaii. (Waya- 



— 187 — 


Outgo ; I outgo, outwalk or out- 
run him, nind enlnmhkawn. 

Outlive ; 1 outlive yet this day, 
nin kahegijhjnmim. I outlive 
yet thin night, kabctibikanam, 
nin wdban.s. 

Outwardly, iujwCdchan, ogklji- 
na, ojfidjaii. 

Over, pddjuiji. 

Over, all is over, ishkwakami- 
gad. (Ekusi kakiyaw). 

Over-coat, over-all/ S. Over- 

Overcome ; I overcome, nin jd- 
godjiiwe, nin tnamdnjitwa. It 
overcomeis , Jdgodjiiwemagad. 
I overcome him, (her, it,) nin 
jdgodjia, nin gashkia, nin 
magivia, nin mamdnjia, nind 
aniwia, nind animshkawa ; 
ninjdgodjiton, nin gashkiton, 
nin magwiton, nin niamdnji- 
ton, nind aniwiton, nind ani- 
wishkan. I overcome in speak- 
ing, nin jdgosonge. I over- 
come him in speaking, nin 
jdgosoma.—l overcome ntyself, 
ninjagodjiidis, nin gashkiidin. 
It over(;ome8 me, nin maicii- 
gon,nin jdgodjiigon, nin ma- 
mdnjiigon. — It is overcome, 
gashkitchigdde, jdgodjigdde. 

Overflow; it overflows, siij/isse- 
magad. It overflows boiling, 
amidegamide, sigigdmide. The 
kettle overflows, amidegamiso 
akik. The river overflows, 6a- 
jidedjiwan sihi. (Piiaitjipew). 
Overflowed ; it isov., moshkaan, 
bajidebi I am (it is) overfl., 
nin nikibi ; nikibimagad. 

Overgrow ; I overgrow him, 
(her, it,) nind a n i to ig i m a ; 
7iind (inimgindan. 
Overhear ; lovorhear, nin pag- 
wanoinm, nin giinositnm. I 
ov. liim, nin gimitawa, nin 
Oversee ; I oversee liiiu, nin di- 

Overseer, naganisid. 
Overshadow ; I overshadow, 
nind agawdieshkam. I ov. 
him, (her, it,) nind agawdtcsh- 
kawa ; nind ataicdtenhkan. 
Overstrain ; I overstrain my- 
self, nind sindii. I ov. him, 
nind sindjia. (Misamiw). 
Overtake; I ov. him, (her, it,) 

nind adima ; nind adindan. 
Overthrow: I overthrow, nind 
ombwcwebinige, nind animi- 
Over-vestment, piidwajan, pitd- 
icigwiwin, taskkanashkidie- 
Owe ; I owe, nin masinaige. I 

owe him, nin masinaamawa. 
Owl, kokoko. A kind of small 
owl, gwengowia. Another 
kind, peshkwe. Great horned 
owl, wewendjigano. (Hohuw). 
Own ; I own it, (in., an.) nin di- 
bSnddn ; nin dibenima. (Ota- 
Owner, debendang. (Wetayanit). 
Ox, pyiki. 
Oxen-driver, wedabiad p ij i k i- 

Ox-fly, misisdk. 
Ox-hide, pijikiwegin. 
Oyster, ess, ens. Red oyster, 


Pace, lahikiwin. (Takuskewiii). 

Pacific' ; I am pacific, niti bekd- 
<U.s, nhi biHuniti. 

Pacifier, bcsaniiwed. 

Pacify ; I pacify, nin bisdniiwe. 
— S. Appeas^e. 

Pack, carried on the hack, biini- 

wattan, wiwdjima. (Nayatchi- 

gaii). My, tiiy, liiw pack, ni- 

waJ, kiwaj, wiivaj. My pack 

is heavy, or, I carry a heavy 

jack, nin koitiyowane. My 

jack is li<rht, or, I carry a 

igiit pack, nin ndrnjiwane I 

enciiinljer him with a heavy 

{tack, nin niskia. It encum- 
»ers me, carrying, nin niskii- 

(jon. (S. Carry on the back.) 
Pack ; I pack, I carry a pack 

on my back, nin bimiwane. — 

S. Carry on the back. 
Packing, bimiwanewin. 
Packing-strap, apikan. (This is 

also the name of a certain 

Pack-thread or string, takobid- 

Paddle, abwi. 
Paddle; I paddle, nin tchime. I 

paddle in the foremost part of 

the canoe, uin nimitamaam. 

It paddles, tchim^mayad. (Pi- 

Paddler, ichamed. A good pad- 

dler, netd-ichimed. 
Padlock, hekominagak kashkd- 


Pagan, enamidxsig. Pagan In- 
dian, enamidssig anishindbe, 
mtdOganishindbe. (Kka eya- 

Pagan sacrifice, .sugiwitchif/an. 
naxngiwUckigan. I make a 
pagan sac, or, I give s. th. for 
a sacrifice, nin na.sdgiwitchige. 
1 give it to him as a sacrifice, 
nin aasdgiioina. The gift re- 
ceived as a sacrifice, samgiwi- 
niyowin. (Webinasuwin).' 

Pagan sacrificer, Indian sacrifi- 
cer , aaxdgiwiich igewinini. 

Pagan sacrificing, sasdgitcitchi- 
(/ewin. I sacrifice some ob- 
ject, [in., an.) according to pa- 
gan rites, nin mgiioiton ; nin 
sdgiwia. I sacrifice s. th. to 
him, nin sdgiwitawa, nin sd- 

Paid ; I am paid, nin dibaamd- 
gos, nin dibaamdgo. It is paid, 
dibaamagemagad . 

Pain, kotagiioioin, kotagenda- 
mowin, dkosiwin. Much pain, 

fibendamowin. I am in pain, 
have pain, nin kotagito, nin 
kotagendam, nin wissagendam. 
I have much pain, nin giben- 
dam.-l cause or give pain, nin 
kotagiiwe. It causes pain, ko- 
iagiiwemagad. I give him 
pain, make him suffer, nin ko- 
iagia. — I have pain in such a 
part of my body, (in,, an.} 
nind dkosin ; nind dkosinan. 


— ISO — 


— liittlo pain of a child, hohn. 

Pain in the head, in the ler/, etc, 
S. Head. Leg, etc. 

Painful ; it it* painful, satia(/<t<l, 
dnimnd. It is painful, cun.ii- 
dered \Mi\uU\\,1\<ttam'ndfi<jw(ul, 
winna!/endfi(fwad. I (•( insider it 
p., nin koiaijcndan, niii irf.sna- 
aenddn. It is a painful event, 

Paint, {co\orii,) jijobiiyan, weji- 

i'aint ; I paint, niii JiJohii(/c,nin 
jijini(/e. I paint it, {in , an.) 
ninjijnhiun, nin wt'Jinan ; nin 
jojokian, nin w^Jinu. 

Paint, (draw ;) I paint, nin ina- 
sinibiiqe, nin maxinitvhige, 
mafiinitt/dn nind ojibiwa. I 
paint hini, (her, it,| nin ivcm- 
nilniva ; nin nuisinihian. 

Painted ; it is painted, (in., 
an.) jijobigdde, wejiniydde; 

Painter, jijobiii/ewinini, ivejini- 

Painting, (drawing, picture, 
image,) ma.sini<jiigan,masinit- 
chigan. The art or act of 
painting, masinibiigeicin, ma- 

Pair; one pair, ningotwewdn, 
ningotwewanagisiwin. We are 
a pair, nin mngotwewagisi- 
min. Two, three pair, jiywe- 
wdn, nissweivdn, etc. So many 
pair, dassweivdn. 

Palace, ogimdioigamig. 

Palate, my, thy, his palate, ni- 
nagask, kinagask, onagaskon. 

Pale ; I am pale, nin xodbinewis, 
nin wdbinewadengwe, nin wd- 
bishkingwe. I look pale, nin 

Paleness of the face, wdbinhi- 
win, iiuVti.'ifikingirefrin. 

Palm of the hand, noboganki' 

Pal Ill-Sunday , Jingnbi-gijigad. 

Palpitate ; I palpitate, nin ma- 

Palsy, uibntrdpineirin. I have 
the palsy, nin nilxnr, nin ni- 
boicapine. I have the j)al.><y on 
one side, nin naban^nibnm. 

Pan, abirrwin, .tasnifkidxn'adji- 
gon. A panful, ningot-abwe- 

Pan-cake, givekis'.'indjir/an. 1 ani 
frying pan-cakes, ni}i giceh'n- 

Pane, waK.tcfrhigandbik. 

Pant ry , a td.'i.sowin . 

Pants, pantaloons, gibodiegiod- 

Paper, masinaigan. Clean pa- 
per, (unwritten,) banigak via- 
.sinaigan. White i)aper, (un- 
written,) waidbiahkag masi- 
uaigan. Unwritten paper, 
icejibiigadessinog ma.n naigan. 

Parable, aicetchigan, agntagosi- 
tcin, gimodoweicin. I speak 
or use a parable, 7iind awet- 
chige, nind agoiagns, nin gi- 
modowe. (Akwanokijwewin). 

Paradise, wakwi, gijig. In para- 
dise, (in heaven,) gijiffong, 
wakwing. Terrestrial paradise, 

Parasite, pagwishiiweshkid. I 
am a parasite, nin pagxoishii' 

Parasitic habit, pagwishiiwesh- 

Parasol, (or umbrella,) agawd- 

Parch, (burn a little,) I parch, 
nin gdpisige. I parch it, (in.. 


nni (/ftpi.san 

— 190 — 



mil iffipi.i- 
. Foi';;;iv{'- 


Pardon. S. 
jH'H.s. Hlot out. 

Parent, kitixi, oiiitjii(joiii(t. My, 
tliy, liJH parent, (tiitlicr or 
mother,) tiiii Kilisiiu, ki kith 
sini, o kitixhtian. Mv, thy, hin 
j)areiitH, (father and mot her, i 
nini:/ii<jotj, kiiiii/iiffnt/, onif/ii- 
f/on ; or, ni II kiliniiiia;/, ki ki- 
tisimat/, o kiti.siinan. 

Paring:, okonass. 

Park, (eneh)Hiire,) alrhikiiiiijaii. 

Part; there is part or hall' of .m. 
th., tijiaanr. Part or lialf of.. , 
aji<j((H(',aii. Part or half of the 
earth, njiyanckamitf aki. 

Particular, (dittienlt;) lam par- 
ticular, niii saiint/is. 

Partition, <jibikinii/aii, pikissa- 
nd(/okan , r^ I c h i k i n i <j an. I 
make a partition in it, (in a 
house, etc.) nin gi bikini yadan, 
nin pikixstanuijokadan, nind 

Partridge, bini}. Young par., 
binens. I liunt part., nin 
nandabincwe. The partridge 
sliake.s his wings, gwigwing- 
wao bine. The tree on which 
he shakes liis wings, gwig- 
wingwaowdiig. ( P i hy ew ) . 

Partridge-berry, binemin. 

Partridge-leaf, bin€bag. 

Pass ; I pass him, (her, it,) nin 
kdbikawa; nin kdbikan. It 
passes me, nin kdbikagon. It 
passes, kdbikosse. 

Pass away ; it passes away, an- 
gomagad, angoshkamagad. 

Pass by ; I pass by, nin bimi- 
ija, nin bimosse. I pass by in 
a caaoe or boat, nin bimdk- 

wajiii'f. I pass hy in a canoe 
or lutat, Hinging, nin biman- 
mas. I pass hv, carrying him 
(her, it) in a .Mlvigh, nin binii- 
ddbaiKi ; ^in himidaliadan. I 
nas.M hy, riding, nin biinibnign. 
I |)a.M.s Ity. running, nin biini- 
bato. I \niH» hy, walking with 
snowshoes, nin biindgimoHXf. 
— The road passes hy, biinn- 
ino inikana. — I am heard |>ass- 
ing hy, nil! bimwniu-sliin. I 
am heard making noise in 
passing by, nin biinwnoe. 1 
um heard talking in passing 
hy, nin biinwihciihun. 

Passenger, traveler, bebamddi- 

Passionate, (easily moved to an- 
ger.) I am passionate, scsihi 
nin ni.shkddi.'i, umiba ninnish- 
kddi.s, nin inishidee, nin babi- 
godee, nin biicliinawcn, nin 
ninhkadisishk. (Wokkewisiw). 

Passionate person, nenhkddi- 
s i .V h k I d, netd-nishkddisid. 

Passionate temper or tempera- 
ment, bad passion, bitcnina- 
wesiwin, babigodetwin, nish- 
kddisishkiwin, matchi bimd- 
disiwin. I have a passionate 
temperament, nin nishkddis- 
ishk, nin matchi bimddis. 

Passover, pak-wissiniwin. 

Pass over, (or miss ;) I pass over 
him, (her, it,) nind anstoeka- 
wa; nind answekan. (Miyas- 

Pass through ; I pass (it passes) 
through, ninjabode; jdhode- 
magad. The water passes 
through, »"56o6i. I succeed in 
passing through or over s. th., 
nin gashJciot 


191 — 


niH's, nm 

Paste ; I paste, nind agokiwast- 
siti'hige. I paste it, [in., an.) 
nind ayokiwassan ; nind ago- 
kiwasawa. (The same as seal- 

Patcli, (niece,) hagwaigan. 

P.'itch; I patch, nin uagvo&ige. 
I patch it, (m., an.) nin hag- 
waan ; nin bagw/iwa. — I patch 
a canoe, nin baywaon. I patch 
leggings, nin bagwaidasse. I 
patch shoes, nin bac/waass. 

Patching, bdgwaigewin. 

Path, mikan, mikana. — S.Road. 

Patience, minwadendamowin, 
j/ljibendawowin, bekddisiwin, 
bekfidendaijosiwin. — I have 
patience with hint, nin babi- 
miwidawa. We have patience 
with each other, nin babimi- 
widadimin. (Sibeyittaniowin, 

Paiient ; I am patient, .»:!n min- 
n> .,dis, nin minwadendam, nin 
]aiibendain, nin bekddu;, nin 
oefcadendagosybeka nin kotaoLty 
beka nin kotagendam. I nnd 
him patient, nin minwadeni- 
ma, nin jmibenima. 

Patient, (sick person,) aidkosid. 

Patron-Saint; he is my Patron- 
Saint, nin widfijinikasoma 
aw ketchitwdwendagosid. 

Pattern for net-meshes, bimida- 
konigan, bimidakonagan. 

Pattern for vestments, tibijigan. 

Paunch, missdd, winassag. 

Paw, wanasid. 

Pay ; I pay, nin dibaamage. I 
pay him, nin dibaamawa, nin 
napanona. I pay for it, (in., 
an.) nin dibaan ; nin dibawa. 
I pay 80 much for it, {in., an.) 
mna ipinean ; nind ipiniwa. 

Pay debts ; I pay my debts, nin 
dibaan nin masinaigan, nin 
kyikan nin masinaigan. I 

ray him in full, nin kjjikawa. 
pay all I owe, nin kijikas. 

Payer, debaamdgcd. 

Payment, dibadmdifewin, dibad' 
gowin, dibaamddiwin. 

Peace, bisdniiwewin, inawendX- 
win, mino inawendiwin, mino 
w'ldjindiwin, wanakiwin. (We- 
taskiwin). We live in peace' 
and harmony together, nin 
mino inawendimin, nin mino 
widjindimin. — I live some- 
where in peace, nin wanakl. 
I make him live in peace, nin 

Peace o^ 'i ^art, bisdnideewin,wa- 
nakiwli'irioln. (Kiydmitehew- 
in.) I enj jy peace of heart, nin 
bisanidee, nin wanakiwidee. 

Pea- < jk, su^ega-pj.'iiisse. 

Peaceable; I am p.,ninbisdnis, 
nin bek'ldh. 

Pear, ofjir/ikomin. 

Pearl, an<iui(^i, bikomigens, hor 
bikomiger-. — I have a pearl 
in my eye, ninjiwdh. 

Pear- tree, o.ngwdkominagawaiij. 

Pebble, assin. 

Peddle ; I peddle, nin babama- 

Peddler, babamafdwewinini. 

Peddlery or peddling, babama- 

Peel, okonass. — S. Shell. 

Peep ; I peep in, nin tapdh, nin 
tapikweshtn. — I peep out from 
under s. th., nin pinsdb. 

Peevish ; I am peevish , nin ba- 
bigodte, nin mishidee, nin 
maichi bimddis. 

Peevishness, mishideewin, babi- 





-192 — 


Peg, sagdkwaigan, sassagdk- 

Peg ; I pegs nin sagdkioaige, 

nin sassagdkwaige. 
Pen, migwan. 
Penance, kotagiidisowin. 
Pencil, ojibiigandtig. 
Penetrate ; it penetrates into s. 

th., bosasse. It penetrates in 

the flesh, gondasse. 
Peninsula; there is a peninsula, 

Penitent, aianwenindisod. 
People, bemddisidjig. 
Pepper, gawissagang, Upweban. 
Peppermint, tekassing. 
Perdition, banddisiwm ; bandd- 

Peregrination, babdmddisimn. 
Perfect, perfectly, gwaidk, we- 

winiy wdwinge, dpitchi. 
Perfection, wdwingesiwin. I do 

or say s. th, to perfection, nin 

Performance ; religious perf., 

manitokdsowin. I do some 

rel. perf., nin manitokas. 
Perfume, minomdgodjiaan, (mi- 

nomdgwadjigan,) nokwesigan. 
Perfume ; I perfume, nin mina- 

magoc^ige, nin nokwesige. 
Perhaps, gonima, gonigi, g6- 

ma, lc4ma, ganabdtch, mdkija. 

Peril, bapinisiwdgan. 
Perish ; I perish, nin nib, nin 

nishiwanadis. It perishes, ni- 

bomagad, nishiwanadad. 
Permit; I permit, (allow,) nin 

ganabenc^ige, nin pagidinige, 

nin naindam. I permit him 

to do s. th., ninpaaidina, nin 
pagic^ia, nin ganminima, nin 

mina. 1 permit it, nin gana- 

h^dn, nin naenddn. 

Perpetual, kdaige. 
Perpetually, fcagigikamig, kd- 

gtnig, mc^ag, apine. 
Perseverance, jibendamowinr 

jc^ibendawovnny pajigwadisi- 

Persevere'; I persevere, (at work, 

etc.; nin jibendam, nin Jajt- 

Persist ; I persist, nin pcyig- 

wendaw, nin pajigwddis. I 

persist upon what I say, nin 

wi^debwe. (Atji piko wi-ta- 

Perspiration, abwSsowin. 
Perspire; lpeTBpiTe,nindabwes. 
Persuade; I persuade, nin ga- 

gdnsonge. I persuade him, nin 

gagdnsoma; I persuade him 

to go with me, nin wydma. 

(Kaskimew, sakotchimew). 
Persue; Ipersuehim, nin nos- 

Perversity, matchi yiwSbisiwin, 

matchi aiadwishitoin. 
Pervert; I pervert him, nin 

matchi-ijiwebisia, nin wani- 

shima, nin banodjia. (Misiwa- 

Pest, pestilence, jinddgan, ki- 

jindagan mdnddaptnewin. 

There is pestilence, mdnddor 

Pestle, botdganak, botashkwor 

Petition, nandndamomn, nando- 

Petrified ; I am (it is) petrified, 

nind assXnixD ; assiniwan. 
Petticoat, godass, matshigode. I 

wear a short petticoat, nin 

Pew, apdbiwin. 
Pewter, vodbashkikomdn. 
Phantom, tchibai. 


193 — 


Phannacy, maahkikikewin. 

PheDomeuon ; it is a phen., ma- 

Phlegm, (igigt sibiskanamowin. 

Physician, mashkikiwinini, na- 
ndndatoiiwiwinini, nendnda- 

Pick J I pick a bird, nin posh- 
kobina bin^shi. 

Pickerel, (fish,) ogd. Young 
pickerel, ogdns. 

Pick out ; I pick them out, (in., 
aru) nin gagiginanan, nin ma- 
miginanan ; nin gagiginag, 
nin mamiginag. 

Pick up ; I i)ick up, nin pata- 
kaige. I pick it up with s. th. 
pointed, [in., an.) nin pata- 
kaan; ninpatdkawa. — I pick 
it up and eat it, (in., an.,) nin 
mamajagandan ; nin mamoja- 

Picture, masinibiigan, masinit- 

Piece, bokwail A piece of any 
clothing material, bokweg. A 
piece of meat, fish, etc., nin- 
gotonijigan. Two, three 
pieces, nijonijigan, nissoniji- 
gan, etc. So many pieces, 
aassonijif/an. — I make it all 
of one piece, nin misiweton. 
It is made all of one piece, 

Pierce, (bore ;) I pierce, nin 
pagwaniige, nin pagwanSbid- 
jige. I pierce it, (in., an.) nin 
pagwan^an; nin pagwan^wa. 
I pierce it with my finder, (in., 
an.) nin pagwan^biaon ; nin 
pagwanSbina. — I pierce it with 
dimculty, nin gashkaan. — I 
pierce nim, nin jabwenawa, 
nind inishkatoa. It pierces me, 
nin jabtoenaogon, nind inish- 

kagon. — I am pierced, nin ji- 

Piety, songanamiamn. (Ayami- 

Pig, kokosh. Youngpig, koko- 

Pigeon ; wild pigeons, omimi. 
Young wild pigeon, omimins. 
Domestic pigeon, dove, wdb- 
mimi, wdbomimi. Young dom. 
pigeon, wdbmimins. — I hunt 
pigeons, nin ndnddomirni, nin 

Pigeon-tail, aaw^. 

Pike, (fish,) kinoje. Another 
kind, mdshkinoje. 

Pile ; I put it on the top of a 
pile, [in., an.)nindagwiiawis- 
sidon; nind agmtawishima. 

Pill, pills, mashkiki bebikomi- 

Pillage, makandwewin. 

Pillage ; I pillage, ninmakandwe. 

Pillager, makandw6mnini. 

Pilot, wedaked, oddk^inini. 

Pimple, minins. I have a pim- 
ple on my lip, nin mininsim- 
don. My face is full of small 
pimples, nin moss€wingwe, nin 

Pin, oshtiawdn-jdbonigan, nes- 
segwabideon, sagdkwaon, sa- 

Pin ; I pin it, (in., an.) nin sas- 
sagdkwaodon ; nin sassdgd- 

Pincers, takwdndjigans. 

Pinch ; I pinch him, nin tchis- 
sibina, nin wiskibina. 

Pinery, jin^wakoki. 

Pine-tree, ^m^cwafc. Young pine- 
tree, jingwakens. Dry pine- 
tree, mdnissag. Red pine, pa- 
ktoanagdmak. White pine, 
amikwandag, kawdndag. 




— 194 — 


Pinnacle, wanakowin. 

Pint, abitd-omddai ; kishJdtchiag 

Pipe, opw&gan. Stone-pipe, as- 
siniopwdgan. Wooden-pipe, 
mitigopwdgan. A pipe full, 
ningotdpwdaan. I fill my pipe, 
nina ondshkinaa nind opwd- 
gan. I light my pipe, nin 

Pipe-stem, okidj, odamaganak, 
odagamandtig. Flat broad 
pipe-stem, nabagakokidj. (Os- 

Pipe-stone, opwdgan-assin. 

VisB, jigiwindbo. 

Piss, I piss^ ninjishig. I piss in 
the bed, nin jigingwdm. (Si- 
kiw, sikikwamiw). The dog 
pisses, agwinoie animosh. 

Piss-pot, jigiwindgan. 

Pistol, pdshkisigans . 

Viich, pigiw, pagin. I make 
(gather) pitch, nin pigike. — 

Pitch of the fir-tree, (balsam,) 

Pitch ; I pitch, nin pikike. I 
pitch it, (in., an.) mn pigika- 
dan ; nin pigikana. — I pitch 
over, (a canoe or ho&i,) nin jijo- 
kiwiige. I pitch over my canoe, 
nin jijokiwian nin tchimdn. 

Pitch-brush, jijokiweigan. 

Pitcher, minikwddjigan 
Earthen 'pitcher, wdbigan- 
minikwddhgan . 

Pit-coal, akakanj6wassinf aka- 
kanjewaki. There is pit-coal, 

Pit-coal mine, akakanj^wassini- 

Pit-coal miner, akakanjewassi- 

Pit-coal miner's work or busi- 
ness, akakanj^wa^ainikiwin. 

Pith, win. (Wiyin). 

Pity, Htirndgeningewin, kitimd- 
genc^igewm, kitimdgenindi- 
wm.— It is a pity, wiiagad. 

Pity ; I pity, nin kiiimdgen- 
dam, mn 'kiiimdgeninge, nin 
kiiimdffendjige. I pity him, 
(her, it,) nin kitimagenima ; 
nin kitimagendan. I pity 
myself, nin kitimagenim, nin 
kiiimagenindis. We pity each 
other, nin kitimagenindimin. 

Place in a lodge or liouse allot- 
ted to a familv, abinaas. 

Place of crossmg, nlminagan. 

Place where a wild animal in 
the woods uses to eat, indaji- 

Place where s. th. is conserved 
or hidden, a^adndjigon. (As- 

Place ; I place it, (in., an.,) 
nind atdn ; nind assd. I place 
it well, {in , an.) nin mindaai- 
tdn; nin mindahima. 

Placed ; it is placed, (in., on.,) 
atchigdde; atchigdso. 

Plague, kotagapinewin, mdnd- 
dapiwewin, kitchi indpinewin. 

Plague, kotagiaiwin, kotagite- 

Plague; I plague people, nin 
kotagiiwe, nind odjanimiiwe. 

Plain; it is plain, intelligible, 

Plainly, mijiaha. (Mosis). 

Plane, joanhotchigan, gdndini- 
gan, mdkodjigan. 

Plane ; I plane, nin joahkot- 
chiae ; I plane it, [in., an.) nin 
ioahkogaan ; ninjoahkogawa. 

Piank, kitchi nabagiaaag. 

Plank-road, nabdgissago-mika- 



-195 — 


Plant, mashkossiw. A hollow 
plant or herb, wimbashk. The 
plant is hollow, mmbashkad. 

Plant ; I plant, nin kitige, nin 
pagidinige. 1 plant it, (in., an.) 
nin kitigadan, nin pagidinan ; 
nin kitigana,nin pagidina. 

Planted ; it is planted, kitigd- 

Plaster, agobison, agobiaowin. 
I have a plaster on my wound, 
nind agoois. I tie a plaster on 
his wound, nind agobina. 

Plaster, wdbigan. 

Plaster ; I plaster, nin wdbiga- 
naige I plaster it, nin wabi- 
ganaan. I plaster with a tro- 
wel, smoothly, nin joshkwa- 

Plastering, wdbignnaigewin, 

Plat ; I plat, nind okadenige. I 
plat it, (tn., an.) nind okade- 
nan ; nind okadena. I plat it 
to him, nind okadenamawa. 

Plate, tessindgan. A plate full, 
ningo tessindgan. Twice, 
three times a plate full, nijo 
tessindgan, nisso tessindgan, 
etc. Earthen plate, wdbigan- 

Platted cord, okadeidb. 

Play, playing, odaminowin. 

Play ; I play, (like children,) 
nind oaamin. I play with 
noise, nin kiwanis. I play, ne- 

flecting my duty, nin kiwana- 
amigis. (Metaw 'w). 
Play ; Iplay, (game,; nind atdge. 
— We play together, (at cards, 
etc.) nind atddimin. I play it, 
I play for it, {in., an.) nind 
atagen ; nind aidgenan. ( As- 
Play ; I play the child, nind 

abinodjiika,s ; I play the In- 
dian, nind anishindbekas. 

Playing, (gaming,) atdgewin, 

Playing-ball or play-ball, pik- 

Playing-card, atddi-masinaigan. 

Playing-house, play-house, atd- 

Plaything, odaminowdgan. 

Please ; I please him, nin mino- 
nawea, nin wawiiia. (Atami- 
hew). As thou pfeasest, poich 
gaiekin. (Appokiya). As you 
please, poich gaie kinawd, or, 

Pleasing ; I am (it is) pleasing, 
agreeable, nin minwendagos, 

Pleasure, minwendamowin, ba- 
pinenimowin. I make him 
pleasure with my arrival, nin 

Plenty, debisiwin. I live in 
plenty, nin debis. 

Plenty of...., nibitva. (Mitchet, 

Plenty, plentiful, gwdshkawad. 

Plough, bigwakamigibidjigan, 
bigobidjigan, tashkikamijibid- 
jigan, bimibodjigan, bissaka- 
migibodjigan. I make a 
plough or ploughs, nin bigwor 

Plough; I plough, nin bigwa- 
kamigibidjige, nin biaobidjige, 
nin tashkikamigibiqjige, nin 
bimibodjige, nin bissakamigi- 
bodfjige. \ plough a field, nin 
bigwakamigaan kitigan. I 
plough (or break) the ground, 
nin bissakamigaan aki. I 
plough in a sandy ground, nin 


— 196 — 


Plover, (bird,) tchitchwishkiwS. 

Pluck out ; I pluck (or pull) it 
out, (in., an.) nin mamibUon, 
ninmamibina. I pluck it out, 
(herb, plant,) nin jishanash- 
kibidon, nin pashkobidon. — 
I pluck him an eye out, nin 
gidjabdwa. I pluck my eye 
out, nin gidjabaodis. 

Plum, pagessdn, pagessdnir 

Plume of feathers, nimashkai- 
gan, migwangena, paiakibin- 
toeon. I have a plume of fea- 
thers on my head, nin ni- 

Pocket, mashkimodegwadjigan. 

Point of land, projecting m the 
lake, nddshi. On the other 
side of a point, ajawew. I go 
around a point in a canoe or 
boat, nin giwidewa, nin giwi- 
taam, nind awassewaam, nike- 
waam. I cross (or traverse) a 
point on foot, nin kakiwe. The 
place where they traverse a 
point on foot, kakiweonan. I 
traverse a point partly in a 
canoe, nin kakimassaio. 

Poison, matchi mashkiki, pit'- 
chibowin. Deadly poison, ni- 
bowinipitchibowin . 

Poison ; I poison, matchi mash- 
kiJci nind ashange, nin pitchi- 
bojiwe, nin matchi inapinod- 
jige, nin matchiinopiaas. I 
poison myself, matchi mash- 
kiki nind odapinan, nin pit- 
chib, nin pitchibonidis. I poi- 
son him, matchi mashkiki 
nind ashama, nin pitchibona, 
nin matchiinapinana. 

Pole, boat-pole, to push a boat 
or canoe, gaddaktigant gan- 

dakiiganak. (Kwaskusowi- 

Pole ; I pole, (a canoe or boat,) 
nin gandakiige. (KwSrskusow). 

Polecat, jikdg. 

Pole, net-pole, to hang or spread 
a net on to dry, bassassabanak. 

Polish ; I polish, (give lustre,) 
nin lodssikwadjiae. I polish 
it, nin wdssikwaaon. 

Polish ; I polish, (make smooth), 
nin joshkotchige. I polish it, 
nin joshkogaan ; nin joshko' 
gawa. I pol. it, (metal, m., 
an.) nin joshkwdbikaan ; nin 

Pomade, namakwiwin. (Tomik- 
kwewin). I put pomade on 
his head, nin namdkona. 

Pond or pool, bitobig, wajibiia. 
Small pond, \bitobigon8y waji- 
biians. (Pittukahan). 

Poodle-dog, or a dog with long 
hair, pagwawed animosh, mis- 
sdbassim. (Tchimistawew, 

Poor, kitimdgakamig. I am (it 
is) poor, considered poor, nin 
kitimdgis, nin kitimagendor 
gos ; Htimagad, kitimagen- 
dagwad. I make him, (her, it) 
poor, nin kitimagia; nin kiti- 

Pope, Maiamawi-nigdnisid Kit- 

Poplar, poplar-tree, asddi. 
There are poplar-trees, asd- 
dika. (Mitus). 

Porcelain, migiss. 

Porcelain breastplate, migissii- 

Porcelain cup or saucer, migis- 

Porcelain plate or dish, migisH- 



— 197 — 


)Oor, mn 

Porcelain-strap, migias&pikan. 

Porch, tessitcnigan. TEere is a 
porch made, tessitchigdde. 

Porcupine, kdg. Young porcu- 
pine, kdgons. Male porcu- 
pine, nabeidg. Female por- 
cupine, n(>/^i^. Ihuntporcu- 
pines, nin nandawdgwe. (Edk- 

Porcupine Mountain. Kdgwad- 

Porcupine quill, kdgobiwe. 

Porcupine's skin, kdgwaidn. 

Pork, kokosh. 

Port, agomowin. (^apawin.) 

Portage, onigam. I carry s. th. 
over a portage, nind onige. 

Portage-strap, apikan. 

Portrait, masinwiigasowin, ma- 

Portrait; I portrait him, (her, 
it,) nin masinihiwa ; nin ma- 

Portraited ; I am (it is) portrait- 
ed, nin masinibii^as, nin ma- 
sinas ; masinibiigdde, masi- 

Position ; it is in a difficult po- 
sition, (in., an.) bdtdssin; bd- 

Possess ; I possess, I have pro- 
perty, nin dan, nind inadn, 
nin dibmdass. I possess him, 
(her, it,) nin dioenima; nin 

Possession, dibmdassowin, da- 

Poat-office ttnasinaiganiwigamig. 

Pot, minikvoddjigan. 

Pot, iron pot with legs, okddor 


Potato, (ypin. 

Potato-bud or germ, pakwekot- 

Potato-paring, opini-okonass. 

Potato-sprout, wdbidwi. 

Potentate, kitchi-ogima. 

Pot-herb, jigdgawanj meshkos- 

Pot-ladle, aniipan. 

Potter, wdhigan-onaganikewi' 

Pound, dibabishkodjigan. 

Pour ; I pour it in another ves- 
sel, mnd mawi-siainan. I 
pour him s. th. in the mouth, 
nin sigaandwa. — I pour water 
on s. th., nin sigaandage, nin 
sigeandjige. I pour it, nin si- 
gaandagen, nin sigaandjigen. 
I pour it on him, (ner, it,) nin 
sigaandawa; nin sigaandan. 

Pour out ; I pour out, nin sigi- 
nige. I pour it out, nin sigi- 
nan. I pour out for some- 
body, for people, nin sigina- 
mage. I poor it out for nim, 
nin siglnamawa. 

Pouring out, siginigewin. 

Pout; I pout, nin mindawS. I 
am in a habit of pouting, nin 
mindaunshk. I pout towards 
him, nin mindatoa, nin min- 
damawa. I pout because I 
have no liquor to drink, nin 
minddwebi. — ^I pout, (T hang 
out the lip,) ninjibidonen. 

Pouter, meadawed, mendawesh- 

Pouting, mindawewin. Bad ha- 
bit of pouting, mindaweshki' 
win. Pouting for want of li- 
quor, mindawekimn. 

Poverty, kitimdgisiwin. 

Powder, makate. (Easkit6). My 
powder is all gone, nin tcha- 

Powder, (hair-powder,) gingvoa- 
odiwin, wdboaanam&n. 

',, r' 


198 — 


Powder; I powder myself, nin 
pingmaodis. I powder him, 
pingwdwa, nin pingtoitrnma. — 
Powdering, pingwaodimin. 

Powder-horn, pindakatewan. 
(Pitchipikkwan). I fill my 
powder-horn, nin pindaka- 

Powder-house, makatewigamig. 

Power, gashkiewisiwin, niga- 
nisikandamowin. I have 
power, (authority,) nin gash- 
kiems. I have power (author- 
ity) over him, (her, it,) nin 
gashkiewisikawa, nin nigani- 
sikandawa ; nin gashkiewisi- 
kandan, nin niganisikandan. 
— I do all to my power, nin 

Pox, small pox, makakisiwin. I 
have the small pox, ning oma- 
makie. (Omikiw). 

Practice, ijitchigewin, ijitwd- 

Practise; I practise, nind ijit- 
chige. I practise it, nind ijilr 
chigen. I practise religion, 
nind ijitwa. 

Prairie, mashkode. There is a 
prairie, or there are prairies, 

Prairie, large open prairie, mi' 
shawashkodey mijiskdwash- 

Prairie-ox, (buffalo,) mashkode- 
pijiki. (Maskutewimustus). 

Prairie-wolf, p(jLshku}adashi\M.2ir- 

Praise, (flattering,) mamikwadi- 
toiiiy mamikwadamowin. Self- 
praise, mamikwasomn. 

Praise, (flatter;) I praise, nin 
mamikwddam. I praise my- 
self, nin mamikwas, nin nut- 
mikvoadis. We praise one 

another, nin mamikwaditoin.. 

Praise, (glorifying,) kUchitwa- 

winidimn, waioyinkiwin, mi- 

no-wawinidiwin. Self-praise, 

mino-wawinidisowin . 
Praise, (glorify ;) I praise him, 

(her, it,) nin kitchitwatoina, 

nin kitchUwawenima, nin wa- 

Prattle , I prattle, nind osdmi- 

don, nind osdminowe. 
Pray , I pray, nind anamia. I 

pray for him, nind anamiSta- 

wa, nind anamietamawa, nin 

gaganodamawa. (Ayamihdw). 
Prayer, anamiewin. (Ayamiha- 

Prayer-book, anamie-masinai- 

Preach ; I preach, nin gagikwe. 

I preach to him, (her, it,) nin 

gagikima ; nin gagikinddn. 

We preach to one another, nin 

Preaching, gagikwemin, anamie- 

Precede ; I precede him, (her, 

it,) nind aniwia, nind ani- 

wishhiwa; nind aniwiton,nind 

aniwishkan. (Nikanuttawew). 
Precedence, nigdnisiwin. 
Precept, gandsongewin. 
Preceptor, \kekinoamaged, kiki- 

Precious; I am precious, nin 

kitchi dpitendagos. 
Precipitate ; I precipitate some 

work, osdm nin wewibita. 
Precise ; I am pr., nin wdwinges. 
Precisely, wdwinge, gwaiak. 

Precision, wawingesitoin. I act 

with precision, nin wdwinget- 

chige, nin wdwinges. 


— 199 — 



n, anamie- 

Predecessor, naganishkad. 

Prediction, niganddjimowin. 

Pre-eminent, fnichi. 

Prefer; I prefer him, (her, it,) 
nin bcyiaenima, nawatch nin 
mintoenima ; nin hajidendan, 
nawatch nin minwendan. 

Pregnant, (with child;) I am 
pr., nind andjik, nin gagish- 
kage, ahinodji nind aiawa, 
ahmodji nin gigishkawa. 

Preparation, amtchiwin, ojiid- 
win, wdwejiiawin. 

Prepare, (get ready ;) I prepare. 

mnd ojita, nin wdwefita, nind 

dpiichita. I make him pre- 

pare,mnd ojitaa,nin wdwejitan. 

Preparing ; I am pr. to do s. 




th., nind dpitchi. I am 
for a voyage, nind ojita. 

Present, (gift,) migiwewin, 
nigovrin, minidiwin. 

Present, (give ;) I present, 
migiwe. I present it, (in., 
nin migiwen ; nin migiwenan. 
I present it to him, nin mina. 

Present, (bring or put before 
somebody ;) 1 present it, nind 
ininan. I present it to him, 
nind ininama, nind ininama- 
wa. — It is presented in a cer- 
tain manner, (in., an.,) inini- 
gdde, ininigdso. 

Press, sindaagan, sindakwai- 

Press ; I press strongly, (in my 
\i9,ndi,) nin mdgobinige. I press 
slightly, (in my hand,) nin 
magonige. I press it strongly, 
(in., an.) nin mdgobidon, nin 
mdgobina. I press it slightly, 
{in., an.) nin mdgonan; mn 

Press down ; I press down, nin 
gindjigadjige, nin gindjidaige, 

nin mdgoshkinac^ige, nind 
onadinige. I press it down, 
(an., in.) ningindjiddwa, nin 
gagindjidawa, mn gindjidor 
shima, nind onadina ; nin gin- 
djidaan, nin gagindjidaan,nin 
gindjidassidon, nind onadaan. 
— I press it down in a vessel, 
nind assdnashkinadon, nin 

Press in ; I press in through 
the crowd, nin gindjidawi. 

Press together, (compress ;) I 
press in, (in., an.) nin sinda- 
gaan ; nin singagwa. 

Pressed together; it is pressed 
together, (in., an.) sindaigdde ; 

Press upon ; I press upon him,, 
(her, it,) nin sinsikawa; nin 

Pretend ; I pretend to be this or 
that, nina awiidis. 

Pretty, gwandtch. 

Pretty, eniwek. (Eviwek). 

Prevail ; I prevail, nin gashki- 
to, nin gashkiiwis. I prevail 
upon him, nin gashkia. (Sha- 
kohew). I pr. upon myself^ 
nin gashkiidis. 1 cannot pr. 
upon him, nin bwama, nind 

Prevent; I prevent him, nin 

Prey-bird ; a kind of prey-bird, 

Price; I put a price on him, 
(her, it,) nind onagima ; nind 
onaaindan. I make a price 
for nim, nind onagindamawa. 

Pride, maminddisiwin, gokwd' 
denindisoicin, ishjt^nindiso' 
win, kitchiiwawenindisowin, 

Priest, mekatewikwanaie. I am 



— 200 — 


a priest, nin makatSwikwa- 
naiew. (Ayamihewiyiniw). 

Priesthood, mekatevnkwanaie- 

Prime ; I prime a gun, nin hi- 
wissidon pdshkisigan. 

Primogeniture, sastJcisiwin, ni- 

Principal, kitchi. The principal 
commandment, kitchi gana- 
songewin. I am the principal 
person here, nin niganenda- 
gos oma. It is the principal 
thing, niganendagwad. 

Principally, memindage, mim- 
dage. (Osam). 

Print; small print, (small type,) 
bissibiigan. Large print, man- 

Print ;I print, m'w masinaklsige. 
I print it, nin masinakisan. 

Printed; it is printed, masina- 
kisigade. It is printed in small 
type, bissibiigade. It is print- 
ed in large type, mdngibii- 
gdde, mamdngibUgdde . 

Printer, masinakisigewinini, 
mesinakisang masinaigan. 

Printing, printer's art, work or 
business, masinakisigewin. 

Printing-office, masinakisig^wi- 

Prisoner, gebdkwaigdsod. I am 
a prisoner, nin aibdkwaigas. 

Prisoner of war, slave, awakdn. 
I am a prisoner of war, (I am 
enslaved,) nind awakaniw. 

Prize, put at stake, aichige- 

Probity, gwaiako-bimddisiwin. 

Procession, anamie-bimossewin. 
We walk in procession, (reli- 
gious procession,) nind ana- 

Procure ; I procure, nind ondi- 

namage. I procure s. th. to 
him, nind ondinamawa. I 
proc. to myself, nind ondinor 
mas, nind ondinamadis. 

Prodigious, mamakddakamig. 

Produce ; it produces, ( a field,) 
nigin. It produces well, mi- 
nogin. Itjjproduces nothing, 
anawigin, anawewisimagad. It 
produces spontaneously, bini- 

Profess ; I profess religion, nind 
anamia, nind iiitwa. 

Profession of religion, arutmie- 
win, ijitwdwin. Profession of 
an art or trade, inanokiwin. 

Professor, (teacher,) Mkinoamd- 

Profit, gashkiichigewin, dbac^i- 

Profit ; I profit by it, nin pag- 
wishiton, nind dbac^iton. I 
profit by it in a certain man- 
ner, nind inabadjiton> — It pro- 
fits, it brings profit, gashkit- 
chigemagad. It does not pro- 
fit, it brmes no profit, anawe- 
wi3imagaa. The field yields 
no pront, anawigin kitigan. 

Profitable ; it is prof., minogi- 
wemagad, ondism. It is prof, 
to me, (in., an.) nind ondtsin; 
nind ondisinan. 

Promise, wdwindamagewin, wd- 
windamadiwin, nakddamotoin. 

Promise ; I promise, nin wd- 
windamage, nin nakodam. 
(Asctam, asotamawew). I 
promise him, nin wdmndor 
mawa, nin nakoma. 

Pronounce; I pronounce well, 
nin minowe. I pronounce 
badly, I have a defective pro- 
nunciation, nen mdnowe. 

Prop, asswdkwaidan, cuswakai- 


— 201 — 


ganak, sakaagan, nagaiak- 

Prop ; I prop, nind asswdkwaige, 
nvn sakaagadgige. I prop it, 
nind asswakwaan, nin scikad- 
gaddn, nin sagdiakwaan. 

Proper, properly , wendjita. 

Properly, as a property, tibina- 
we, teiibinawe. 

Property, inodewisiwin, iibina- 
weunsitoin, dibendassovrin, da- 
nitoin. My, thy, his property, 
{in.) an.) nind aiim, kid aiim, 
od aiim ; nind aiam, kid aior 
am, od aiaaman. — I have pro- 

rjrty, nin dan, nin dibenaass. 
have such a property, nin 

Prophecy, ningdnddjimowin. 

Prophesy ; I pro., nin nigdndd- 
jim, nigdn nin dibddjim ged- 
ijiwebak, (I tell beforehand 
what shall come to pass.) 

Prophet, niganddjimowinini, 
ga-nigani-dibadjimod, ga-ni- 

Prophetess, niganddjimokwe. 

Proprietor, debendang, debend- 
jiged, debendassod, tebinawe- 
wewisid. I am the proprietor, 
nin tibinawewis, nin dibend- 
jige, nin dibenda^s. I am the 
proprietor of him, (her, it,) 
nindibenima, nin tibinawesi- 
nan ; nin dibenddn, nin tibi- 
nawewisin. -- 1 make myself 
proprietor of s. th., nin iibi- 

Proprietor of a house, wewigi- 
wamid. I am proprietor oi a 
house, nind omgiwdm. 

Prosperity, jawendagosivoin. 

Prosperous j I am pro., nin jo- 

Prostitute, bishigwddjikwe. 

Proud ; I am proud, nin mami- 
nddis, nin aokwadenindis, 
nind ishpenindis,nindishpen- 
dan niiaw, nin saaegawendan 
niiaw. I think him proud, 
nin kiUnima. Proud thought, 
proud thinking, mamincMen- 
damowin. I have proud 
thoughts, nin maminaaendam. 

Proud per eon, meminadisid, esh- 
penindisod, ketchittcawenin- 

Provided, kishpin. 

Provisions, midjim. My provi- 
sions are all gone, nin tchagae. 
I procure prov., ninmidjimike. 

Provisions for a voyage, nawd- 
pon. (Nimawin). I take prov. 
for a voyage, nin nawdp. I 
take it with me on my voyage 
to eat it, (in., aw,) nin nawd- 

fon, (nimaw) nin nawdponan. 
give him prov. for his voy- 
age, nin nawapona. — Scrip or 
sack to put in in prov. for a 
voyage, nawapwaniwaj. 

Provision-store, mic^imiwiga- 

Provocation ; malicious provo- 
cation to anger, gagandjina- 

Provoke ; I provoke him to an- 
ger, nin mikindjla. (Mawineh- 
wew). We pro. each other 
to anger, nin mikindjlidimin. 
— I provoke him to anger ma- 
liciously, purposely, nin ga- 
gdndjia, nin gagandjinawea, 
nin gagdndjigidea. We prov. 
each other purposely to anger, 
nin gagdndjiiaimin. 

Prudence, nibwdkdmn, gctgitdr 



202 — 


Prudent ; I am pru., nin nib- 
wdka, nin gagitaw, nin gagi- 

Publican, mamandjitchigewini- 

Publication, windamdgowin. 

Publish ; I publish s. th., nin 
kikendamiiwe, nin kikenda- 
modjiwe, nin windamage. I 
publiflh it, nin kikendamiiwen, 
nin kikendamodjiwen, nin 

Pull ; I pull or haul liim (her, 
it) forth, nin mdkibina; nin 

Pull down ; I pull it down, (in., 
an.) nin nissibidon; nin nis- 

Pulled down; it is p. d., (in., 
an.) nissibidjigdde ; nissibid- 

P u 1 ley , ombdbiginigan . 

Pull out ; I pull out, nin mami- 
bldjige. I pull it out, (in., an.) 
nin mamibidon, nin bakwako- 
bidon ; nin mamibina, nin 

Pulse, oskweidb, miskweidb. 
(Pakkahan). I feel the pulse, 
nin godjinike. I feel his p., 
nin goajiskweiabigian. — The 
pulse 18 beating, panqaan 
miskweidb, or oshodab. (Pak- 
kahokuw). My p. is beating, 
nin pangaog, pangaan nind 
oskweidb. My p. beats quick, 
nin Mjipangaog. 

Pump, iskaibdn. 

Pump ; I pump, nind iskaibi. I 
pump it out, nind iskaibaddn, 
nind iskaan. 

Pumpkin, dgwissimdn. Large 
pumpkin, missabigon. The 
Dloom of a pumpkin, wdssa- 
kone, (wdssakwane.) 

Punished ; I am pun. deserved- 
ly, nin mdndbametois. 

Pupil, kikinoamdgan, kikinoa- 

Purgative, purge, jdbosigan. I 
take a purgative, I purge my- 
self, m'n^'doos. Igivenima 
purge, ninjdboswa. 

Purgatory, gassiiakisowin. The 
souls in purgatory, gassiiaki- 
sowining ebmjig. (Kassihama- 

Purify ; I purify him, (her, it,) 
nin binia ; nin biniton. I pu- 
rify him 8. th., nin binitawa, 
nin binitamawa. — I purify 
him (her, it) by fire, nin bana- 
kiswa ; nin bindkisan. I pur. 
him 8. th. by fire, nin bindkis- 
amawa. (Kassihew, kanatji- 

Purity of heart, binideewin. I 
have apure heart, nin bini- 
dee. (Kanatjitehew). 

Purpose ; I purpose, nind inen- 
dam. — S. Resolve. 

Purposely, dndiiia, awdndjish. 
Like purposely, naita. 

Purse, jonita-mashkimodens. 

Pursue; I pursue him, (run af- 
ter him,) nin biminajikawa, 
ninmddaana. (Pimitisahwew). 

Push ; I push, nin gdndaige, 
nin gdndiniqe, nin gagdndi- 
nige. I pusn him, (her, it,) 
nin gdndina, nin ganddwa; 
nin gdndinan, nin gandaan. 

Pusillanimous ; I am pus., nin 

Pusillanimity, Jdgodeemn. 

Puss, cat, gajagens, minons. 

Pustule, minins. My skin is 
full of small pustules, nin 
^kwcfjeahka, nin papihea- 
jeshka. / 


— 203 — 


Put ; I put, nind atdge. I put 
him, (her, \i,) nind asaa ; mnd 
aton. It is put, atchigdde. I 
put it in a certain manner, 
nind ijiaaiton. I put him s. 
th., nind atawa — I cannot 
put it, (in.i an.) nin nonddssi- 
ton ; nin nondishima. 

Put aside; I put aside with my 
hands, nin middgwenige. I 
put him (her, it) aside, or out 
of the way, nin middgwena ; 
nin middgweaan. I put jt 
aside for him, nin midagwe- 
namawa. I put it anide in 
thoughts, nin midd^wendan. 
I put myself aside, mn middg- 

Put away, (reject ;) I put him 
(her, it) away, nin bakewina ; 
nin bakewinan. I put it away, 
reject it, I refuse to take it, 
nin miwitan, nin miwiton. I 
put it away for him, nin mi- 
wHawa, nin miwitamawa. 

Put back ; I put it back again, 
(in., an.) nin na^sabissiton ; 
nin nassabishima. 

Put down ; I put him (her it) 
down, nin nissina; nin nissi- 
nan. I put him, (her, it) down 
from my back, ninpagidoma ; 
nin pagidondan. I put down 
a load, nin pagidjiwane, nin 

Put m ; I put it in^ (in., an.) nin 
pindjissiton ; nin pindjishima. 
I put it in a hole or vessel, 
mn boddkwe. I put 1t in a 

hole or vessel, (in., an.) nin 
boddkwen ; nin boddkwenan, 
I put in mv mouth s. th. to 
eat, nin jakdm . I put it in 
my mouth, (in., an.) ninjaka- 
mon ; nin jakamonan. — 1 put 
my things in a trunk, etc., 
nind onashkinadass. 

Put on; I put on, (clothing,) 
nin bisikdge I put ,it on, nin 
bisikdn. I put it on easily, 
nin debishkan, nin geshawi- 
kan. I put it on well, (it fits 
me well,) nin minokan. (Te- 
biskam). I put it on so.... 
(in., an.) nind inikan ; nind 
inikawa. I put on stockings, 
socks or nippes, and shoes or 
boots, nin babitchi. I put him 
socks and shoes on, nin ba- 

Put to ; I put it to the fire in a 
vessel to cook, (in., an.) nin 
gabdton; nin gabdshima. It 
IS put to the fire to cook, (in., 
an.) gabdichigdde ; gabatchi- 

Put together ; I put them toge- 
ther, (in., an.) nin mamatoissi- 
ionan; nin mamawassag. It 
is put together, mamawissit- 
ckigdde. 1 put two together, 
(thread,) nin nijwabiginan, 
nin nabwabiginan. 

Putty, wdssetchigani-pigiw. 

Putty; I putty, nin pigike. I 
putty a window, nin pigika- 
dan wdssetchigan. 

V 1? 

■ /■■ ii 




Quack-doctor, geginawishkid 

Quadruped, naogdded. It is a 
quadruped, niogdde. 

Quarrel, gikandiwin, gikange- 
win, gikamdamowin. 

Quarrel ; I quarrel, nin gikange, 
nin gikawldam. We quarrel 
with one another, nin gikan- 
dimin, nind aiajindendimin. 

Quarreler, netd-gikawidang. I 
am a quarreler, I am quar- 
relsome, nin niid - gikawi" 

Quarter ; first or last quarter of 
the moon, gisiss abitdwiai. 

Queen, ogimdktoe, kitchi-ogi- 
mdkwe. I am a queen, nind 
ogimdkweto. I make her a 
queen, nind ogimdkwewia. 

Quench ; I quench fire, idnd 
dUige. I quench it, nind dUan. 

Question, gagwedwewin,gagw6d- 

Quick ; I walk quick, nin kiji- 
kd. (Kisiskdttew). I walk as 
quick as I can, nind apisika. 

I am quick in working, etc., 
nin gwashkwes. 

Quicken ; I quicken my hands, 
nind ahakinindjiwas. I quic- 
ken my feet, nind abakistdis. 
It quickens, abisiwemagad. 

Quickly, kdjidin, kfkejidm, ke- 
kejidine, wdwib, ningim. (Ki- 
yipi or kiyipa). 

Quid of tobacco, agwanendjigan. 

Quiet ; I am quiet in my 
thoughts, in my mind, nin 
bissdnendam, nin nibwdka- 

Quietly, beka, naSgatch. (Peyat- 

Quietude, bisdnabiwin, nibwd- 

Quill, migwan. 

Quilt, mawanddgwasson, ma- 
wanddgwassowm . 

Quit ; I quit, give up, nind ani- 
jitam, nind anawe ndjige. 
(Nagatew). I quit a place 
entirely, mn(2 dpitchi mddja. 
I quit him, nin bakeshkawa^ 
I quit it, nin bakevndon. 

Quiver, pindanwan. 


isson, tna- 

Rabbit, wdbos. Young rabbit, 

Rabbit's berry, wdbdsomin. 
Rabbit-skin, todbdaotcaian. 
Rabbit-skin coat, wdboswikon. 

I make a coat of rabbit-skin, 

nin wdboswikonike. 
Race on foot, gagteSdjikanidiwin. 
Race in canoes or boats, gag- 

Race ; T run a race on foot, nin 

{fag I' ujikajltoe. I run with 
lim, nin gagwedjikana. We 
run a race together, nin gag- 
widjikanidimin. — I run a race 
in a canoe, nin gagwMjika- 
daoice. We run a race in ca- 
noes, nin gadwidjikadaomin. 

Rackoon, essikan. Young rac- 
koon, esslkans. 

Rackoon-ekin, essikaniwaian. 

Radish, okddakons. 

Raft, babindassagan. I make a 
raft, nin babindassaganike. 

Rafter, ab^iiak. 

Rage, violent anger, kitchi nish- 

Ragged ; I am ragged, nin nis- 

Rags, toiiagassiiman. (Matchi- 

Rail for a fence, mitchikandko- 
bi<j^'i[,andUg, mitchikandtig. 

Rail-rood, biwdbiko-mikana. 

Rail-road car, iahkoU-oddbdn, 

Rain, gimiwan. Rain cominz^ 
from the north, west, etc. sT 
North. West, etc. — I walk or 
travel in rain, in rainy wea- 
ther, nin gimiwaniahka, I 
embark or start in a canoe in 
rain, nin gimiwanibos. — I tra- 
vel in a canoe or boat in rain, 
nin gimiwanaam. 

Rain ; it rains, gimiwan. It be- 
gins to rain, mddjibissa, pa- 
pdnginibissa. It rains a little, 
awanibissa. It rains liard, 
kitchi gimiwan. The rain Jis 
heard, madwibissa. Showers 
of rain are passing l)y, baba- 
mibiasa It rains by intervals, 
tatdwibiasa. The rain is cold, 
takibiaaa. It rains no more, 

Rainbow, nagwiidb, odagwani- 
biaaan. (Pisimweyabiy). 

Raindeer, atik. Young raindeer,- 

Rain-water, gimiwandbo. 

Raise ; I raise him from the 
dead, nin abiichibaa. I raise 
myself from the dead, nin 
abitchibaidia. (Apisisimew). 

Raisin, ^'omt'n, bate-yomin, baid' 
teg jomin. 

Rake, binakwdn, binaiiwaiganj 

Rake ; I rake, mn pinakwaige.^ 
I rake hay together, nin ma- 

Bam, nabi-maniahtanish. 


— 206 — 


Barable, rambling, babamosse- 
ivin, babamadisiwin ; giwaa- 

Ramble ; I ramble, nin babd- 
mosse, nin babdmadis, nin 

Ramrod, jishibanagidjigan. 

Rancid ; it is rancid, (m., an.) 
satessin, sateshin. It looks r., 
{in., an.)satenagwad; satenor 
gosi. It tastes r., (in., an.) 
jsatepogwad ; satepogosi. (Sas- 

Rancor, bitchinawesiwin. I keep 
rancor, nin bitchinawes. (Ki- 

JJancor. Rancorous. — S. Anger. 

Random; at random, jjagrwawa. 

Rapid or rapids in a river, 6a- 
witig. There is a rapid, or 
there are rapids, kijidjiwan. 
(Kisiskatjiwan) The rapids 
are long, ginodjiwan. There 
is a strong rap. over rocks, 
kakabikedjiwan. In the mid- 
dle of a r., nawddjiwan. Along 
the rap. of a river, tchigddji- 

Rapids of St. Mary, (Sault de 
Ste-Marie,) Bawiting. 

Rasp, mitigo'sisibodjigan. 

Rasp; I rasp wood, mitig nin 
sissibodon. I rasp a board, 
nabagissag nin sissibona. 

Raspberry, miskwimin, misko- 
min. Flat raspberry, Jagfflw/i- 

Raspberry bush, miskunminaga- 

Rat, kHchi'wawabigonodji.(W&t- 

Rather, nindawa, nindawdich; 

Ratified; it is jat., songitchi- 

Ratify ; I ratify it, nin songiion. 

Rattle, Jishigwan. 

Rattle; it rattles, jinawemagad, 

jinawissemagad. I make it 

rattle, nin jinawiwebinan. 
Rattle-snake, jinawe, iishigwe. 

A kind of rattle-snate, miti- 

Rattling in the throat, madwe- 

aamisowin. A rattling is 

heard in my throat, nin mad- 

Raven, kagdgi. Raven's beak, 

Ravine ; there is a ravine, pas- 

sakamiga. (Pasatchaw). 
Raw; it is raw, (in., an.) ash- 
kin ; ashkini. I eat raw, nind 

ashkib . I eat it raw, (in., an.) 

nind ashkandan ; nind ash- 

Raw fish, (also, fresh fish, not 

salted,) ashkigigo. 
Raw meat, (also fresh meat, not 

salted,) ashkiwiiass. 
Razor, gashkibddjigan. 
Reach ; I reach him (her, it,) 

nin debina, nin d€bishkawa; 

nin debinan, nin debishkan. 

We reach one another, nin de- 

bishkodadimin. I cannot 

reach him, (her, it,) nin non- 

dena, nin ndwina, nin nandwi- 

Reach, (arrive ;) I reach him, 

(her, it,) nind odissa,nin odi- 

Reached ; I am reached by the 

water, ninmoshkaog. 
Reach forth ; I reach forth after 

him, (her, it) nin mavnnana; 

nin mawinadon. 
Read ; I read, nin wdbandan 

masinaigan. I can read, nin 
nisaitawinan masinaigan. I 


— 207 — 


\ songiton. 

make it 




it, madwe- 
ttling is 
, nin mad- 
en' B beak, 

ivine, pas- 

an.) ash- 
; raw, nind 
Ty (in., an.) 

nind ash- 

h fish, noi 

h meat, not 



(I (her, it,) 

^bishkawa ; 

her, nin de- 
can not 
\,) nin non- 

in nandwi- 

reach him, 
\sa, nin odi- 

|hed by the 

forth after 

tatoinana ; 


read, nin 

laigan. I 

read it aloud, niti ndbowadan. 
Reader, waidbandang masinai- 

Reap ; 1 reap, iiin mama. 

Reapi n g , tnamdioin . 

Reaping-hook , kishkashkijigan. 

Reason, nibwakdwin, inendamn- 

Reason, (cauf^o,) iw ivemlji-doda- 
vdng, loendji-ijiwebak With- 
out reason, anUlid, biuiaikd. 
(Pikonata, or, konata). For 
such a reasun, mi iveitdji-... 

Reasonable ; I aniroas., ninnib- 

Reai^onable man, nibicdkaicinini . 

Reasonable person, nthwdkad. 

Reborn ; I am reborn, /i//«cZ and- 

Rebound; I rebound, (it re- 
bounds,) falling, )iin gwash- 
kweshiii, nia gwanlikweidbiki- 
sse ; gicaskkwessin, gwash- 

Receive ; I receive him, (her, it,) 
nind oddpiiia ; nind oddpi nan. 
I receive a letter, nin bidjibia- 
mago, masinaigan nind odis- 

Recent, otihki-.... 

Recently, nomaia, anomaia. 
(Anotch ikke). 

Reciprocally, memeshkwat. 

Recogi'ize; I recognize people, 
nin nissitawinage. I rec. him, 
(her, it,) nin nvisiidwina, nin 
nissitdwenima ; nin nissitd- 
winan, nin niss^'idwenddn. 

Recoilect ; I trj to recollect 
him, (her, it,) nin nandamik- 
wenima; nin nankamikwen- 

Hecommend; I recommend, m'n 

gagikinge, nind aianqwamige, 

nind aiangwamitdgos. I rec. 

him to do s. th., nind ang- 

mamima, nind aiangwamima. 

I rec.hinj s. th., (in thoughts) 

nind triangwnmenima. I rec. 

it to myst'lf, nind aiangwame- 

nindis. (Akaminicw). 
Reconiinendation , aiangwamita- 

goxiwin, gagikingewin, gagi- 

Recompense ; 1 rec, nin dibaa- 

mdge. I rec. him, nin dibaa- 
mdwa, nin napanona. 
Reconcile; I rec. niyselt" with 
hijn, nin bonigidetaiva, nin 
bonendamaiva, nin niino gano- 
na. We get reconciled with 
each other, nin bonigideiadi-^ 
mill, nin iiiino ganonidiinin. — 
I reconcile him to somebody, 
nind innirendaa, nin mino 
Recover ; I recover my senses, 
(after fainting,) nind nbidwis, 
nind dbisishin, nind dbisiwen- 
dam. I recover from my fear,, 
nin borne. I rec. from my sick- 
ness, nin nodjim, nind dhisi- 
wddis. I make him rec, nin 
nodjimoa. (Apisisin). 
Recovering, recovery, (from 

sickness,) nodjimowin. 
Red ; I am (it is) red, nin miskos ; 
miskwa, miskwamagad. It is 
red, painted red, {in, an.) 
miskonigdde ; miskonigdso. It 
is red ; metal, in., miskwabi- 
kad ; metal, an., mtskwabi- 
kisi; stutF, in., miskwegad ; 
stuft', an., miskwegisi; wood, 
in., miskossaginigade ; wood, 
an., miskossaginigdso. 
Red-barked twig, miskwdhimij. 
Red bird, natchinamanessi. 



— 208 — 


Redbreast, (bird,) memiskendini- 

Red carp, (fish,) miakwanebin. 

Red cedar, miskwdwak. There 
are red cedar, miskwawakoka. 
In a place where there are red 
cedars, miskwuwakokang. 

Red clay, miskiodbigan. 

Red c]oi\\, miskwegin. 

Red flannel, miskwdhigin. ■ 

Red-head, (a person with red 
hair,) miskwdndlb, meskwdn- 
dibed. I have a red head, nin 
miskiodndibe, (miskomlibe.) 

Red-hot; (metal, in., an.)misk- 
wdbikide ; miskwdbikisi. I 
make it red-hot, {in., an.) nin 
mi.skwabikisan ; nin miskwor 

Red-hot coaln, akakanje, 
wakinje, { miskokinje.) 

Red Lake, Mi.skwdwdkokan. 

Red linuid, miskiodgami. 

Redoubt, wdkaigan. 

Red River, Mi.skicdgamiwi-.sibi. 

Red Sea, Miskwdgimiioi-kitchi- 

Red-stone, miskwassin. 

Red-stone, pipe or calumet, mis- 
kwa.'isin opwdgan. 

Reduce in boiling; I reduce, 
nind iskigamisige. ilkkaga- 
misam). I red. it, (diminish 
it,) by boiling, nind iskiga- 
misan. Place where they re- 
duce maple-sap, iskigamini- 
gan. Woman that reduces 
maple-sap, iskigamlsigekwe. 

Reduced by boiling ; it is red., 

Reducing by boiling, iskigami- 

Reed, obiwaiashkina ; wim- 
bashk; assdganashk. 

Reed for mats, apakwdshkwai, 

I cut reed for mats, nin ma~ 

Reel, abaodjigan, iitibaodjigan. 

Reflect ; I reflect, 7iin dibewa- 
gendam, nin minonendam, nin 
mitonendam, nin nanagatn- 
wendam, nin watveneudam. 

Reflection, nanaqatawendamo- 
win, dibbwagendamoioin 

Reflection upon one's self, nana- 

Reform ; I reform or alter it, 
{in., an.) nind andjitou ■ nind 

Refrain ; I ref , nin mindjimini- 
dis, nin nagdidis, nin nagd- 

Refrain ing, minidjimindisowin. 

Refuge, ininijimowin. I take re- 
fuge, nind ojim, nin bi-ojim. I 
take refuge to him, nin bi- 
nadjinijima, nin nddenima. I 
take ref. to some place, nind 
ininijim, nind nddjinijim, 
nind apdgis. We take ref. to 
some place, nind apdidiniin, 
nin nddjinijimomin. (Nata- 

Refuse ; I refuse to take him, 
(her, it,) nin miwia, nin miioi- 
na ; nin miwiton, nin miwinan. 

Regeneration , andjinigiwin. 

Regret, kashkendamowin, aiajei- 

Regret; I regret, nin ka^hken- 
dam, nin mindjinawes ; nind 
aiajeiendam. I regret to have 
lost him, (her, it,)nMi minda- 
denima ; nin mindadendan. 

Regretful, mindjtnaweiadaka- 
mig. (Eesinatakamik). 

Regulation, indkonigewin. 


— 209 — 


nin ma- 

Reign ; I reign, nind ogimaw, 
nind ogimdkandawe, ning ogi- 
makandanqe, nind ogimdkan- 
gamage. It reigns, ogimufcan- 
damdgemagad I reign over 
him, (her, it,) nind ogimdkan- 
dawa, nind agimdkandamawa; 
nind oqimdkandan. 

Reject; \ reject, nin wf'hinige, 
nin pagidinge. I reject him, 
(her, it, {nin webina, nin pagi- 
denima ; nin loebinan, nin j>a- 
gidendan. We reject each 
other, nin loebinidimin, nin 

Reject ; I am (it is) rejected, nin 
webinigas, nin naniuawenda- 
gos ; webininade, naninaicen- 
dagwad. (Assenikatew). 

Rejected person, abandoned, we- 
binigan, {an.) 

Rejected thing, webimgan, {in.) 

Rejoice ; I rejoice, niii bdpine- 
nim.. (Miyuwatam). I make 
him rejoice, nin bapinenimoa. 
I rejoice in tRoughts, nin ba- 
pinendam. I make him rej. 
inth., nin bapinendamoa. 

Rejoicing, bajtinenimowin, bapi- 
nendamoioin , waioijendamo- 
win. (Miyawatamowin). 

Rejoice witii ; 1 rej. witli him, 
nin widjonwatoma. 

Relapse, ajessewin. 

Relapse, ; I rel., nin aj^sse. I 
rel. in sickness, nind dndjine. 

Relation, relative, inawemagan, 
tnawen(Za^au. (Wakkomagan ) . 
He is a relation of mine, nind 
inaw6ma. (Wakkomew). We 
are relatione to each other, 
nind inawendimin. I make 
him a relative to somebody, 
nind inawendaa. 

Relationship, inawendiwin. 

Relax ; I relax, nind ajcsse. 

Relaxation, ajc.<iiieicin. 

Release ; I release him, (her, it,) 
nin pagidina, nin pagisikawa; 
nin pagidinan, ninpagisikan. 
It releases me, nin pagisika' 

Released ; I am rel., nin pagi- 
denddgos, nin pagidjaia . 

Religion, anamiewin ijitwdwin. 
Indian religion ani.<<hindbe- 
ijitwdicin. ( Ayamihawin i. 

Religious, (pious;) I am rel., nin 
songanamin. (Ayamihewati- 

Reluctance ; with rel., kitwen, 

Remain ; I remain somewhere^ 
nindishkwi. I remain, (I am 
left or spared,) nind i.fhkwas.'te. 
It remains, i.^hkwnsftemaqad. 
— I remain around him, (1ier, 
it,) nin wdkaikawd ; nin wd- 

Remain ; I remain, T refuse to 
go, nin gidjikaii (Kitisimow). 


Remaining ; I have some of it 
remaining, (in., an.) nind ish- 
kwas.nfnn ; nind i.^Tikwaahimn. 

Remark; I reniark him, (her, 
it,) nin kikinawadenima ; nin 
kikinawadendan. (Pisiskaba- 

Remarkable; it is rem., kikina- 
wadad. In a remarkable man- 
ner, kikinaioddj. (Kiskino- 

Remedy, mashkiki, nandndawi- 

Remember; I remember, nin 
mikwenda^s, nin mikwendamy 
jiin mikwendfjige. (Kiskisiw). 
I rem. him, (her, it,) nin mik- 
toenima, nin mikawinan, nin 


— 210 


miktvendan, nin mikawin, nin 
mindjiwendaii. I rem. biin 
(lier, it) well, ninhisiskenima; 
nin bisiskendan. (Kiskieoto- 
tawevv). I rem. hiin (her, it) 
strongly, nin mashkawinilnd- 
jimenima ; nin viashkuwi- 
mindjimendan. — I make him 
remember it, nin mikwenda- 
mia, nin mikawdmu. 
Rememherinji, mikivendamowin, 

Remind ; I reniiiul him of.s. th., 
nin mikaivauui. ^Mi'^'^awaso- 
Renuiantof aboard, inhkohod- 
jif/an. lienmaiit after cutting 
a' CO at, etc, is/ikoJi(jan. I 
leave a remnant, nitul i^shko- 
ji(je. Remnant after cutting, 
ishkdndjiyan. I leave a rem- 
nant, niiul islncdndjiije. 
Removal, ao.siwin. 
Remove ; I remove him, (her, 
h,) nind ikoiia ; niiid ikonan. 
I remove it for him, nind iko- 
nawa, nind ikonamawa. 
Removed; I am (it is) rem., ui/u? 

ikonigas ; ikonigude. 
Removed from office; I am rem., 
nin bigoshka, nind inhkwa- 
Rend ; it rendH, pdstiikamagad 
Render ; 1 render him a service, 
nin dodawa. I render him evil 
for evil, nind ajedibaamawa 
maianadak. (Abatjihew). 
Rendez-vous; I promise to come 
to a rendez-vous, nin kikinge. 
I promise him a rendez-vous, 
nin kikima. We promise each 
other a ren., nin kikindimin. 
Mutual promise of a ren., ki- 
kindiwin. Promise to come to a 
ren., Jcikingewin. (Kiskimow). 

Renounce ; I renounce him, (her, 
it, I nin pdgidenima ; nin pa- 
gidendan, (A^.^enew). 

Renown, wdioindaganesiwin, 
wdwindjigddewin. Good re- 
nown, inina icawindaaanesi- 
win, mino icawindjigudewin. 

Renowned ; 1 am ren., nin icd- 
icindaganes, nind aiadjimigo- 

Rent ; it is rent, kiahkika. 

Renunciation, pagidendamounn. 

Repair ; I repair, nanditchige, 
nin nanditmitchige. I repair 
it, {in., nit.) nin nanditon, nin 
niOKtis.sifoii ; nin nandina, 
nin nandi.s/tiina. 




repair it. 

{in., (in) nin nudjimolon; nin 
Repair, (.sewing ;) 1 repair, sew- 
ing, nin loawekwadass. I re- 
pair it, (/■;/., an.) nin todivek- 
icadan ; nin wdwekwana. 
Repairing, reparation, nandito- 

win, nandistiitowin. 
Repay ; I repay him, nind aje- 
dibaamawa, nind ajidawa. I 
repay it, nind ajedibaan. 
Repeat; I repeat, ndssab nind 
ikkit, ndsnab nin dibddjim. I 
repeat his wordji, nind anika- 
notawa, nind inotawa, nin na- 
binotawa. I repeat old say- 
ings, nind ajeiadjim. (Nanas- 
Repeatedly, naningim, sasdgwa- 

na, ndssab. Kakitwam). 
Repeated word, nassab-ikkito- 

Repeating of old sayings, ajeiad- 

Repent; I repent, nind dndwe- 
nindiSy nin mindjinawea. I 


— 211 — 


repent in thoughts, nind an- 
tceiendam, nin mindjinaicei- 
endam. (Kesinateyiniisuw). 

Repentance, repenting, anwenin- 
a i .s- n w i n , //j indjinawesiipin 

Repenting person, penitent, 

Replace ; I replace it, (in., an.) 
nin nabisfiito7i ; nin ndbishi- 
ma. (Attastaw). 

Report, dihddjimowin. Report 
brought, bidadjimnwin. I 
bring a rep , nin bitddjim 
Gooil report, minwMjimowin. 
1 tell agouti rep., ninminwdd- 
jitn. Bad report, mdnddji- 

Representation, awetchigan. I 
make a rep., nind awetchige. 

Reprimand ; I reprimand, nind 
anweninge, nind aiawiwe. I 
rep. him, nind anwenima,nind 
aidwa, 7iin nanibikima. — I r<ip 
him with hard words, nind 
animima. I reprimand myself, 
nind dnwenindis. (Kitotew). 

Reprimanding, aidioin, aiawidi- 
win, anwenindiwin. 

Reproach, (coid ;) I rep. for such 
a reason, nifid onsonge. I rep. 
him for a certain reason, nind 
onsoma I reproach or scold 
in regard to my children,wmd 
onsomdwass. — I reproach him 
in a certain manner, nindino- 
pinema. (Ataweyittamawew). 

Reproachable 5 my conduct or 
behavior is repr., nind dnwen- 
dagos. It is^repr., dnw&ndag- 
wad. (Ataweyittakwan). 

Reprove ; 1 reprove his conduct, 
nind anwemma. I reprove 
myself, nind anwenindis 

Repudiate ; I repudiate her, 

(him,) nin bakewina, nin ba- 

Repudiation, bak^voidiwin, ba- 

Reqiiest, pago.teendamowin, nan- 
do tdinoicin , ?j a nandomoicin , 
nando tarn agewin . 

Request , I request, nin nando- 
tam, nin nandoiamane, nin 
pagossendam. I request him', 
nin nanddoma, nin nandota- 

Require ; I require it, nin nan- 
dot dn. 


Re.^cmble ; I resemble him. 
nindinama. I resemble to..., 
nind inabaminagos. I make 
him, (her, it) resemble to..,, 
nind inabatninagwia, nind 
awetchigenan ; nind inabami- 
nagwiton, nind awetchigen. 

ReBembling ; lam (it is) resem- 
bling..., ndssab nind ijindgos... 
ndssab ijinaqwad. 

Reserve, s. ishkonigan. 

Reserve ; I reserve, nind ishko- 
nige. I reserve him, (her, it,) 
nind ishkona ; nind inhkonan. 
I res. it to him, nind ishkonor 
mama. I res. it to me, nind 

Resolve ; I resolve, nin gigen- 
dam, nin gljenindis. I resolve 
firmly, win songendam, nin 
mashkaw endam. I res. it firm- 
ly, nin songenddn. 

Resolved; I am firmly resolved, 
nin webendam, nind dpitchi 

Resolvedly, pdkaich. 

Resolution, gijendamowin. Firm 
resolution, songendamowinf 


— 212 — 


mashkawendamowin. I make 
or have a firm res., nin son- 

fendam, nin mashkawendam. 
make him take or have a 
firm res., nin songendamia, 
nin mashkawendaiHia, nin 
mashkawima, nin songideesh- 

Resound ; I make resound my 
voice, nin passweweshin. 1 re- 
sound, passwewe, passwewes- 
sin. I make it resound, nin 
passweweton (Matwewesin). 

Respect, dahandendamowin, kit- 
ckitwawenindiwin. (Kistey i- 

Respect; I respect him, (her, it,) 
nin manddjia, nin kitcki api- 
ienima, nin kitchitwawenima, 
nin dabandenima ; nin manad- 
jiton, nin kitclii apitenddn, 
nin kitchitwawendan, nin da- 
bandendan. We respect one 
another, nin kitchitwaioenin- 
dimin, nin manddjiidimin. 

Respectable ; I am (it is) resp., 
considered resp., niti dabddis, 
nin gokwadis, nin gokwaden- 
dagos, nin dabandendagos, 
', ill gikadendagos. 

Respiration, nessewin, pagidon 
namowin. I take respiration, 
nin nesse, nin pagidanavi. I 
have a quick resp., nin dadd- 
tabanam. (Yeyewin). I have 
a heavy oppressed resp., nin 

Resplendant ; I am resp., nin 

Rest, anwebiwin. Day of rest, 
onwebiwin i-gijigad. ( Ay ow e- 

Rest ; I rest myself, nin dnweb 
(Ayowebiw). I make him 
rest, nind anwebia. I rest or 

repose, lyinw down, nind an- 
weshim. — The bird rests on..,, 
agosi bineshi. 

Resting-place in a portage, pa- 

Resurrection, dbitchibdwin. Re- 
gijigad. (Apisisin). 

Return; I return, (go back 
again,) mn giwe, nind ajegiwe. 
I return the same day, nin 
biskuki. I return running, 
nin giwibato, nin biskabato. I 
think to return home, nin gi- 
weiendam. I return home, 
with s. th. to eat, nin giweia- 
bowe. I return to my native 
place or country, nin giweki. 

Return, (repay ;| nin dibaamage, 
nind ajemigiwe. I return it to 
him, nilid ajenamawa, nind 

Re-unite : we re-unite, neidb nin 
nasikodadimin . 

Reveal ; I revesiWt, nin mijisha- 
wissiton. It is revealed, imji- 

Revenge, ajidawaawin, ajidawi- 
win. In revenge, c^ida. 

Revenge ; I revenge myself, 
nind qjidawaiae. (Abeliuw). I 
revenge myself on him, {nin 
ajidawaa. I revenge myself 
on him in words, nind ajida- 
mawa. (NaskwAhwew). 

Revere; I rev. him, (her, it,) nin 
manddjia, win kitchitwaweni- 
ma ; nin manddjiton, nin kit- 

Revered ; I am (it is) revered, 
nin kitchitwdwenddgos ; kit- 

Revile ; I revile, nind inapinen- 
dam, nin bapijiwe. I revile 
him, (her, it,) nin bapijim^f 



— 213 — 


fiind inapinema ; nin hapiiin- 
dan, nind indpinendan. (Kop- 

Revive ; I revive, (after fainting,) 
nind dbisishin. It revives, 

Revolver of three, four, six bar- 
rels, pdshkisigans nessoshkak, 
naoshkak, nengolwassoskak. 

Rhubarb, wdbado. 

Rib, opigeganama. My, thy, his 
rib, nipigegan, kipigegan, opi- 

Ril)bon, riband, «cm6^. 

Rib of a canoe, etc., wdgina. 

Rice, wdbanomin. 

Rich ; I an> rich, nin dan, nin 
kiichi ddn, nin %cdnadis. I 
make him rich, nin dania, nin 
wdnadisia. (Weyotisiw). 

Riches, ddniwin, kitchi ddniwin, 

Rich, wealthy person, ketchi- 

Ride ; 1 ride in a carriage or 
sleigh, nind oddbanigo, nin 
babamibaign. I ride on horse- 
back, bebejigoganji nin bimo- 
niig. (Tettapiw). 

Rider, bemomigod bebejigogan- 
jin, bebamomigod bebejigogan- 

Ridge ; there is a narrow ridge 
of a mountain, oshedina. 

Ridiculed ; I make it ridiculed, 
{in., an.) nin bapiiammciniken; 
nid bapitamowinikenan. 

Ridiculer, neshibapinodang. 

Right, gwaiak, weiceni, kiichi, 
dpitchi, nissitd. It is right, 
considered right, [in., an.) 
gwaiakwendugwad, gwaiak- 
toenddgosi. I consider him, 
(her, it) right, just, nin qwai. 
>akwenima ; nin gwaiakwen. 

dan. I put it right, (horizon- 
tally,) nin gwaiakwissidon, 

Right, (not left,) kitchi; debani. 
— Right hand, foot, etc. S. 
Hand. Foot, etc. 

Righteous ; I am righteous, nin 
nibwdka. 1 am righteous 6e- 
fore him, nin nibirdkaban- 

Ring or bracelet round the wrist, 

Ring the bell ; I ring, nin mad- 
wessitchige. (Sisowepitchi- 
kew). I ring it, nin madwes- 
siton, nin tewessekaan. It 
ring!^, madwessin, madwcice. I 
ring or strike the bell only on 
one side, nin nabane-wewi'ssi- 
ton. The bell is struck only 
on one side, totakwewessin ki- 
toldgan. (Sisowepitaw sisowe- 

Riot, nishigiwanisiwin, ombd- 

Riot ; I riot, 7iin nishigiwanis, 
nind nmhdsovge. 

Rip; I rip it, (in.; an.) nindabi' 
jan, nin gakikxjan ; nind abi^- 
wa, nin gakikijwa, I rip 
him, nin bagwadjina. 

Ripe ; I am ripe, nin gijig. It is 
ripe, (in., an.) adite, wdhide. 
gijigin, gijimagad, gijis.nn; 
adisso, wdbiso, gijigi. It is 
very ripe, (in., an.) jigwande ; 

Ripe fruits, editegin. 

Ripped ; it is ripped, grafciHsAAra. 

Rise ; I rise from the dead, nind 

Rise boiling; it rises, ombigOr- 
mide. I make rise boiling, 
nind ombigamisige. I mak 
^ it rise up, nind ombigamisan. 


— 214 ^ 


Rise on high ; I rise, (it rises) on 
high, nind omhishka ; ombish- 
hamngad. I rise up briskly, 
nind onishkabaio. 

Rise up, sitting; 1 rise up, 
ni n p a s i g to i. I make 
him, (iK'r, it) rise up, nin pa- 
sigwia ; nin pasigwiton.l rise 
up quickly or briskly, iiinpa- 
sigwindjisse. I rise up with 
him, nin widjipasigwima. 

Rising ground ; tliere is a rising 
ground, anibckamiga. (Oppat- 

Risk ; I risk, nind iniweidii. 

River, nbi. Tlie ri ver is large 
or wide, mangitigweia sibi. 
The river is small or narrow, 
agdssiiigweia sibi. The river 
is so wide, iqigotigwda sibi. 

The river is d a r k-e o 1 o r e d, 
(black,) makatewagdmitig- 
wda sibi. Tlie river divides, 
bakeUgiceia sibi. The river 
splits out in two or more 
branches, ningiiaicitigweia 
sibi. Placp where a river 
splits, ningiiawitigweiag. The 
river turns round, giwitatig- 
weia sibi. The river lias an 
entrance, pindjidawamagad 
sibi. It is the end of the river, 
tcaiekwatigweia sibi. 

River-net, sibiwassdb. 

Rivet ; I rivet, nin biskadaiae. 
I rivet it, (in., an.) nin biska- 
daan ; nin biskadawa. 

Riveted ; it is riveted, (in., an.) 
biskadaigdde ; bishadaigdso. 

Rivet-hammer, biskadaigan. 

Rivulet, sibiwishe. 

Road, mikana, mikan. Public 
road, large road, kitchi mika- 
na. On or in the road, meg- 


The road is large 

wekana, maidwikana. On this 
side of the road, ondass inake- 
kana. On the other side of 
the road, icedi inakekana. — 
The road comes from..., 07i- 
damo mikana The road leads 
to..., inamo mikana — I make 
a road, nin mikanake. I make 
him a road, 7iin mikanakawa. 
I make him a road straight, 
nin gwaidkomotawa. I make 
him a road so..., nind inamo- 
tawa. I make a road even or 
level, nind onddamoton mika- 
na. I repair a road, nin na- 
ndadavioton mikana, nin wa- 
tvenadamoton mikana. — The 
road is crooked, wawashkamo 
mikana. The road is even or 
onakamigamo mikana. 
"or wide, 
mangademo mikana. The road 
is small or narrow, agassader 
mo mikana. — The road splits 
out, naningitawamo mikana. 

Roast ; I roast, nind abwe (Na- 
watjiw). I roast it, (in., an.) 
nindabwen; nind abwenan. I 
roast Indian corn, nind abwd- 
mine. I roast an ear of Indian 
corn, nind agwdtigwe. 

Roasted ear of Indian corn, ab- 

Rob; I rob, nin makandwe. 
(Maskattwew). I rob him, nin 
makamd. I rob it, take it by 
force, (in., an.) nin makana- 
wen ; ninmakandwenan. 

Robber, makandwiwinini. 

Robbery, robbing, makandwe- 

Rock, djibik. On the rock, ogi- 
ddbik, ogiddbikang. Under 
the rock, anamdjibik. There 
is a perpendicular rock, kish 


— 215 — 


nt7i na- 

twig, kihins, 

kabika. In a place where 
there is a perp. rock, kishh/i- 
biknna. Tnereis asteep rock, 
passahika. In a place where 
there is a fteep rock, passd- 
bikany. The rock is wet, ni- 
biwabikamdyad. — I make a 
hollow in a rock, niii loimbd- 
bikann ajibik. 

Rock ; I rock him, nin icMtchi- 
bakona. 1 rock myself, nirt, 

Rocking-chair, wewcbisoni-apft- 

Rock island, minissdbik. 

Rocky ; it iy rocky, ajibikoka. 

Rocky Mountains, Ansini-iPad- 
jiw. (Stone-mountain.) 

Rod ; little rod or 

Roe, ioak. Roe, eggs of fish, 
otig, otigway. 

Rogue, matchi aidwish. I am a 
rogue, nin matchi-aiaawishiw, 
nin mamandessandis. 

Roll, (on rollers ;) I roll, nin tl- 
tibakossatchiyc. I roll it, [in., 
an) nin iitibakossatwadan ; 
nin titibakdssatwana. — It rolls 
(a canoe, etc.) aidnibesse. 

Roll about; I roll about, lying, 
nin titibita, nin tiiibishimon, 
nin gwekwenibita. 

Roll away ; I roll away 8. th., 
nin titibinige. I roll him, (her, 
it) away, nin titibina ; nin ti- 
tibinan. I roll it away for 
him, nin iitibinamawa. 

Roll down ; I roll him (her, it) 
dovfn,niniitibibina; nin titi- 
bibinan. I make him (her, it) 
roll down, nin titibishkawa ; 
nin titibishkan. 

Roller, titibakossatchigan. 

Rolling ; it is rolling, (a canoe, 

boat, etc.) yakokwamagad. It 
is not rolling, it is sure, kitag- 
winde, sonyiyawishkamagad. 

Roof, npaknajiynn (Apakkwan). 

Roof; I root, (make a roof,) 
nind apakodjiye. I roof it, 
tiind apukodon. 

Room; tnereis room, idioissin, 
tdwishkdde, i n a i f. m a y a d. 
There is room enough in it, 
debixhkine. — There is room 
enough for us, nia debishki- 
nemin. Ihaveroom, (sitting,) 
nin dt'bab. I make room for 
him to sit down, nin tawabi- 
tawa. I make room in stop- 
ping aside, nin tatoiyabaw. I 
make roou) for him in stop- 
ping aside, nin tmoiyabawita- 

Room, (in a house,) ubiwin. It 
is all in one room, mishdivate. 
It is made all in one room, 
mishdwatchiydde. I make it 
all in one room, ninmishdwa- 

Roost, hen-roost, pakaakwewi- 

Root, otchibik. It is with the 
root, yiyitchibikayissin. A big 
root growing in the water, 

Root-house, opiniwigamig , aki- 

Root of fir or pine, to sew a ca- 
noe, watab. I fetch thin roots, 
to sew a canoe, nin manadabi. 

Rope, biminakwdn. Small rope, 
biminakwdnens. I m a k e 
ropes, nin biminakwdnike. 

Ropemaker, biminakwdnike ivi- 

Ropemaker's work, trade or bu- 
siness, biminakwdnikewin. 

Rosary', anamieminag. I say 



— 216 — 


the rosary, nind agimag ana- 

mieminag. I make a rosary, 

nind anamieininikc. 
Bopo, rope-flower, o«/«i, oginiwd- 

Rose-bush, rowe-tree, oginimina- 

Hose-colored ; it is rose-colored, 

iin., an) oginiwdhigoning 

in and e ; oginiwdbigoning 

Rotten ; I am (it is) rotten, nin 

pigishkanan ; piginhkanad. 
Rotten potato, pigishkani-opin. 
Rotten wood, pigidjissag. It is 

rotten, (wood, in., an.) pigid- 

jissagad ; pigidjinnagisi. 
Rou^e, osduaman. I put rouge 

on ni}' cheeks, nind osanama^ 

ni. (Wiyainan). 
Round ; I am (it is) round, nin 

wdwiies ; wdwiitia. I cut it 

round, {in., an.) nin icdwiie- 

kedan ; nin wdwiiekona. I 

make it round, nin lodwiietnn. 
Round, (globular ;) it is round, 

(i/t., an.) wawiieininagad, bi- 

kominagad, babikominagad ; 

VHiwiieminagisi, bikominagisi, 

Round, around, giwiiaii. Round 

in the country, giwitakamig. 
Route ; I take another route, 

nin bake, nin bakeum. I make 

a crooked route, nin wash- 

kosse, nin washkika. 
Rove ; I rove, nin baba-danis. 
Row ; we are all in a row or 

range, nin nibidd-aidmin. We 

sit in a row, nin nibid^bimin. 

We sleep in a row, nin nibi- 

Row ; I row, nin ajeboie. 
Rub ; I rub with s. tli., ninjijo- 


nin sinigwaige. I rub 

him, (her, it,) nin jijobiwa, 
ninsinigona, nin sinigonind- 
jama ; ninjijobian, mnninig- 
waan, nin sinigonindjnnqun . 

Rub against, it rubs, sinigw'is- 

Rudder, oddkan, adikweigan. 

Ruffle, nifkanagwetchigan. 

Ruin, banddi.siwin, banddjiiwe- 
win , nishiwanddjiiwewin. 

Ruin ; I ruin, nin banddjiiioe, 
nin nhH/iiicanddjiiwe. I ruin 
him, (her, it,) nin banddjia, 
nin niahiwanndjia ; nin '.ba- 
nadjiton, nin nishiwanadjiion. 

Rum, ishkotewdbo. 

Rumor, babamddjimotcin. 

Rump, miskwassab. I have a 
large rump, nin pikwako.< 

Rumple ; I rumple or crush it, 
(stuff',) (in., an.) ninmimiglbi- 
don ; nin viimigibina. 

Run; 1 run, nin bimibato, nind 
abato. I be^in to run, nin 
mddjibato. I run slowly, nin 
bedjibato. I run fust, nin ha- 
bdpijisse, nin kijikabato, nin 
kijibatn. It runs fast, kijika- 
niagad. It runs, (water, etc.) 
bimidjiwan. It runs thisway, 
(water, etc.) bidjidjiwan. It 
runs faiat, kijidjiwan. It run.'* 
on, madjidjiwan. It runs out, 
iskidjiwan ; ondjigamagad. 

Run about ; I run about, nin 
babdmibato. I am made to 
run about, nin babdmibaigo. 

Run after ; I run after him, nin 
biminajikawa. (P i m i t i s a h- 
wew). I make him run after 
me, nin babamibaa. I run 
after persons of the other sex, 
n i n nishibanikam. I run 



— 217 — 


breathless after it, nind onda- 
nam. We run or rush gree- 
dily after ». th., nin gandji^ 

Run around ; I run around 8. 
th., nin giwitabaio, nin biji- 

Run away ; I run away, nin 
gimi, mnd ojim. I run away 
for safety, nin gindjibaiwe, 
nind ojim. I run away to 
great haste, nin madjibaiwe. 

Run back ; I run back again, 
nin giicebato. 

Run backwards ; I run b., nind 

Run down ; I run down, nin 
nissandawebato. I run down 
the hill, nin nissdkiwebato, 
nin gakadjiw^bato. 

Run in ; I run in, nin pindigeba- 
to. I run in the water, nin 

Runner, bemibatod. Fast run- 
ner, kejikabatod. 

Running, bimibatowin. 

Run out ; I run out, nin sdgisi- 

Run over, I fill it so that it runs 
over, nin sagadash^inadon, 
nin sikashkinadon, mn sigiba- 
don. It is 80 full that it runs 

over, sigashkine. It runs over, 

Run together, we run together, 
nin mawandobaidimin. 

Run up; 1 run up stairs, nind 
akwiindawebato. I run upon a 
mountain, nind amfuijivebato. 

Rush for mats, anukanashk, 
apagweshkwai. I cut rush for 
mats, nin manashkossi ice. 

Rush ; I rush to some place, 
nind apdidis. We rush to 
some place, nind apdidimin. 
We rush or run together, nin 
mawandobaidimin. I rush 
upon somebody, nin mawi- 
najiwe. I rush upon him, 
(her, it,) nin mawinanadan. 
I rush upon him suddenly, 
nin mokiiawa. 

Rush. S. Run out. 

Rusty ; it is rusty , agwdgwissin. 
It IS rusty, (metal, in., an.) 
agwagwabiki.<isin, agwagwabi- 
kad ; affwdgwabikishin, ag- 

Rut; the animal is rutting, 
amanoso awessi. The dog is 
rutting, amandssimo animosh. 

Rutabaga, osawitchiss. 

Rye, misimin. (Wabanomin). 



■ •?: 



Sabbath or8abl>atb-(lay,rc8t-(lay, 
ampehiiriniffijv/ad, " anamie<ji- 

Sack, bag, mns/ikhnod. Sack 
made oi' Vnuk'n-hiivkfassif/nhn- 
nimoil. A sack of..., nimfofo- 
waii, vinijoioshkhi. — S. Bag. 

Sack(! lot h , man h/ci itiodeiocf/in. 

Sackcloth, (mournt'i-'H or poiii- 
teiit'H droH.M,) netayeoweyin. 

Sack Jndiun, Osar/i. 

Sack lungua<'e, osagimowin, I 
ppeak tlie back Ian , nind osa- 

Sack sq\ui\v, osagikwe. 

Sacrament, Salcremd. (Ayanii- 

Sacrifice, * (act of sacrificing,) 
pagidendamowm, patfidjige- 
win, pagidinigan. (Weuina- 
suwin, pakitinasuwin). 

Sacrifice, (g i ft,) pagidinigan, 

Sacrifice, (vow,) dibandowin. 

Sacrifice ; I sacrifice, ninpagid- 
Jige, nin pagidinige. I sacri- 
fice to somebody, nin pagidi- 
namage, nin pagidendamage. 
I sac. it to him, ninpagidina- 
mawa, nin nagidendamawa. I 
eacr. him, (her, it,) nin pagi- 
denima ; nin pagidand'a' . I 
sacr. myself, mnpayidemndis. 
I sacr. (or give) to 7i>ys',if, nin 

* Note. For the sacrifices of pagan 
Jadians, see Pagan sacrifice, etc. 

pagidinnmadis. T sacr. him 
(her, it) to inyf»olf, nin panidl- 
namndiHonan ; nin pagiainu- 

Sacrificer, pagidjigewiuini, pa- 

Sacrifici'ng-altar, pagidinigewi- 
nikan,]>(igidjig/'winikan. (Pa- 

Sacristy, endaji-binkwanoied 
m eka tew ikwa n aie . 

Sad, kashkendanwakamig. I am 
sad, nin kanhkcndam, nin was- 
sitawendarn, nin naninawen- 
dagos, nin nibongadis. (Ke- 

Saddle,' tessabiwin. I make 
8 a d d I e 8, nin iessabiwinike. 

Sadd ler, tessabiwinikeieinini. 

Sadness, kashkendamowin, was- 

Sadness of heart, kashkendami- 

Safety ; I flv to some place for 
safety, nind ininijim. I fly to 
him (her, it) for safetj^, nin 
ndjXnijima, nin nddjinijima. 

Sagacity of an animal, awessi- 

Said ; it is said, kiwS. (Yakki). 

Sail, ningdssimonon. 

Sail ; I sail, nin bimash. (Ya^ 
kastimow). I sail about, nin 
babdmash. I sail to the shore, 
I make for the shore, nind 
agwaia^h. I sail across a bay. 


— 219 — 


^wiuim, pa- 



etc., nindi'ijawdnh. I (-ail witli 
liiin, uin himiwiihishinia. I 
Huil in li certuiii iniiiitu'r, tihul 
iudxh. I Huil f'uHt, /j//t kijii<i.i/i. 
I Muil with a tiiir witi'l, /(//( 

Sftil-clotli, niiii/tfsximniinnit/in. 

Sail in;;, biinaxhhrin. 

Sailttr, iii'fhiliUuhiiih'iii. 

Sail-pulo, (niUHt,) uiiijassiDinno- 
n<i/i', uhif/usxiitiniititioliif. 

Suii-rof)*', iiiiiijossiiinntonriuh. 

Sai l-y an I , hiiniildkohitljiiinu . 

Saint, kitr/u'tii'ii. 

Saint in heaven, ht/r/iifiouicen- 
il(((/o.s'i(l ijijiijinKj chill. 

SahiMin-troiu, itKiJdnnujDsx, ada- 
Jairiitiie;/, itjaHmiiKij. TheiT 
aro sahnuii-truut, iinfjamn/os- 

i>ii\t, J iioift1</(ni , or xiwifdijun. 

Salt; I Halt, lu'n Jiivit<hjaii(ti;/e. 
I Halt for Hontt'hody, niii jiici- 

Salted ; it is salted, \in., an.) 
jiwtui,JiwUa(/antwan , jiwita- 
(janai(/ddc ;,Jiicitd<fani- 
wi, jitoitaijaiittiynxo. It tastes 
salted, (in., an.) jiivitaijani- 
poffwad ; jiwitaganipogoss. 

Salttifeh, suited lish, jiwildtjani- 


Saltiug, jiiDita<janai<jeioin. 

Saltmeat, salted xnea,{,Jiwitaga- 

S&ltwater, jiwitdgandbo. 

Salutation, greeting, anamikd- 
gewin, anamikdgowin. Mutual 
salutation, anamikodddiwin. 

Salute ; I salute or greet, nind 
anamikage. I am saluted, 
nind anamikdgo. I salute 
him, (her, it,) nind anamika- 
wa ; nind anamikan. 

Salute ; I salute, inclining the 

head, nin gdndikin fane. I sa- 
lute hint, nin gdndihuudnnni. 
Salve,, ///"'""/""» inti.'t/'ikiki. 
Same, lI'evaKwan), we are con- 
siilereil all the same person, 
nin htjitfn'cndiii/o.'iiniin. It is 
considered all tlu' same thingi 
lHJit/in-ii(/a<f Willi. Alway.' in 
the same place, or in the same 
manner, htjii/iriinon;;. At the 
same time, />'!Am/'. (KisiU). It 
is all the same, mi filn'.iliko. 
Sanctily; I sanctity him, niti 
kilrliifii'iiiiu'ndiign.siii, nin kil- 
I'lil/iruti'iiiii, nin kilri'ii/iniwe- 
niniii. I >aiictif'y it,, nin kit- 
i-liitwanuniin, nin kihuiltwa- 
Suml, ni'ijini\ niitmrun. On the 
sand, nn'lthrnni/. (lyekaw). 
There is sand, nn/uwikii, nti- 
titwamju. Fine white sand, 
jnngiri, nnjaw. 
Sand cherry, nn/awimin, a.ixis' 

Sand cherry 

Sand-hill ; tliere is a stec|) sand- 
hill, ki.shka Id wanga. 
Sand- stone, pingwdhik. 
Sandy heach; there is a sandy 
beach, mitdwanga. There is 
a lake with a sandy beach, 
mitdtcangdgama . 
Sandy Lake, Ga mitdwangdga- 

Sap, onsiban. (Mestan). I col- 
lect the sap of maple-trees, 
yiind awasioi. The sap be- 
gins to run, mddjiga. (Alesta- 
suw, mestanawiw). The sap 
runs fast, kijiga. It runs at 
night, or in the night, m&^</^. 
The sap is spoiled, wakwagu' 



axsi.s.ta wtnimaga- 




M " 

SAW — 220 — 

mi nibi. It runs no more, 

Sash, wdssetchigandtig. 
Satan, matchi manito, matcM 

aiadwish, mamarwirmsi. 
Satistied ; I am pat., nin min- 

wendam, nin debenim, nin de- 

bendam, nin debagenim. 
Satisfy ; I satisfy hnii, nin mi- 

nonawea, nin d^hia, nin debi- 

sia, nin minioendamia. I sa- 

tisty it, nin dtbiton. 


tdshkibotJnn ; nin kishkibona, 
nin tdshkibona. 

Saw-hill, (bird,) ansig. 

Saw-dust , biicibodjigan. 

Sawing, kishkibodj igcwin, tush- 

Sawniill, tdnhkibodjigan, tdsh- 
kigihodjigan. Steam 8awn)ill, 
is h ko Ic- ids h kibodjiga n . 

Sawn ; it is sawn, (in., an.) kish- 
kibode, td.s'hkibode ; idshkibn- 
.Ho, tdsltkiboso. 
Satisfying ; it is sat , minwen- \ Sawyer, ia ids/ikibodjiged, idsh- 

Saturate ; I saturate liini, nin 

d^bissinia. 1 saturate myself, 

nin debiasin. 
Saturated ; I am sat., nin debis- 

sin, nin gidrbi.ssin. 
Saturday, mariegijigad. It is 

Saturday, mariegijigad. On j 

Sat., mariegijigak, or, wdbaiig j 

Saturity, debi.s.siniwin. 
Saucer,' ondgans, anlbishdbo- ' 

ondgans. j 

Savatre. S. Indian. I 

Say ; I say, nind iklit. He says, 
iwa. It says, ikkitomagad. 
I .say it aloud, nin ndbotcadan. 
(Itwew). I say s. tli., of or to 
him, (her, it,) nind ina, (Itew), 
vind iddii. I say s. th. of 
myself, nind idi.<i. We say s. 
th. of each other, or to each 
other, nind idimin. I say what 
I ought not to say, nin wawii- 

Saying, ikkitowin, gigitowin. 

Scab, omigiwin. 
life, pagioanawisiwin, j Scabbard, (or cover,) pindano- 
pagvoanawanisiwin, a n i s h i- 1 nikadjigan, pindaodjigan . 
ndhe himddisiwin. I lead a-l Scabbious person, icemigid. I 


savage lite, nin pagwanawis, 

nin pagwanawddis. 
Save, Jeniia makak. 
Save ; save it, conserve it, [in., 

an.) nin mdwandjitnn ; nin 

Save, (in. 8. in.) S. Live. I make 

Savior, ga-nodgimoad ki tchit- 

chdaondni I. (Pematjihiwet). 
Saw, kishkilodjigan, idshkibod- 

Saw; I saw, nin kishkibodjige, 

nin tdshkibodjige. I saw it 

[in., an.), nm 1cishkibodon,nin 

am scabbious, nind omigi. 
Scabbv ; lam ncnhhy, nind omigl. 
Scaffold, agodjiwanan, agdaji- 

ic a n a n a k, tessakwaigan. I 

make a scaffold, nind agddji- 

Scald ; I scald him, (her, it,) 

nin bashkobisswa, nin bask- 

Scale, (balance,) dibdbishkodji- 

gan ; 4ibdbadjigan. 
Scale (of a fish,) wanagdai. 
Scale ; I scale, nin tchigaawe. 

I scale a fish, nin tchigaana 



221 — 


I., ail.) kish- 

Scalp, Siou-soalp, hanishiigwnn. 

Scalp; 1 scalp him, nin manij- 
wa ; nin pakivandibejwa, (pa- 

Scandal, mntchi kikinoicahami- 
gowin, matchi kikinowaban- 

Scandali/e ; I scand. him, nin 
maichi kikinrxwiawa, nin mat- 
chi kiki noioahomig . He pcan- 
dalizeH me, nin matchi kiki- 
noaniag, nin matchi kikino' 

Scar, odjishiwin. T have a scar, 
uind odjinhig. — I have a scar 
on the arm, hand, etc. 

Scarcely, agdtca. (Etataw). 

Scarcity, niune.siwin. There iti 
scarcity of wood for fuel, ma- 

Scare; I scare him, nin segia, 
nin segisia, nind oshdtca, 
nind oshdkawa. 

Scared ; I am scared, nin segis, 
nin segendam, nin nisaien- 

Scarification, for bleeding, pe- 

Scarifier, paicpeshowed. 

Scarify, for bleeding ; I scarify, 
nin pepeshowe. I scar, him, 
nind pepeshwa. I scar, my- 
self, nin pepcshodis. 

Scarlet, miskmgin, onandtwe- 
gin, pagakigin. 

Scatter ; I scatter, /r'.i fj?'''Thne- 
binige. I scatter it, (* . (ui.) 
ninbitoiwelinan, rin biniwe- 

Scatter about , I scaUer it about, 
(in., an.) nin scir^aan, nin 
saswe^hkan ; nin .:iswena, nin 

Scent; I search by scent, nin 

Scholar, kikinoamagan, kekino- 

School, kikinoamdding. I go 
to scliool, kikinoamdding nind 
if'a. I come from school, ki" 
kinoamdding nind ondjiba. I 
keep school, nin kikinoamdge. 

School-book, kikinuamddi-nia- 

School-house, kikinnnmddiwi- 


School-teacher, kekinoamagedj 
kekimoamtujewinini.. Female 
s c h o o 1-teaclier, kikinnama- 

Science, kikenddssowin, bisls- 
k e u dj i g eiv in. I possess 
science, 7iin bisiskendjige, nin 

Scissorn, mojwdgan, a.fsiponi' 
gan, tagokomdn. (Paskwaha- 

Scold ; 1 scold, nind aidwiioe, 
nin nanibikiice, ningikaici- 
dam. I scold him, nind aid- 
tea, nin nanibikima, nin na- 
nibikiganona, nin gikama. 

Scolding, aidwiwin, aidwidiwin, 
nanibikiwewin, nanibikindi- 

Scorn ; I scorn, nin bdpinodage, 
nin nishibapinodage. I scorn 
him, (her, it,) nin nishibdpi- 
nodawa ; nin nishibopinoddn. 

Scorn ing, nishibapinodamowiny 
bapinodagew in . 

Scoundrel , matchi-aidawish. 

Scourge, bashanjeifjan. (Pasas- 

Scourge ; I sec a.^"^, nin bashan- 
jeige. I scourge him, nin ba- 

Scourged ; I am scourged, nin 
basnanjeogo,nin bashanj^igas . 


-^222 — 


Scranch ; I scrancli it, (in., an ) 
nin ijapandan, nin yapweioen- 
dan; nin gdpima, nin yap- 

Scrape ; I scrape, nin (jaskas- 
kaiye. I scrape liim, (her, it,) 
nin yaskaskdwa ; nin yaakas- 
kaan. — 1 scrape a bark, nin 
yashkakmiiye. I scrape a fish, 
nin yashkameyicaiye. I scrape 
a skin, nin madaiye, nin nd- 
jiyaiye. I scrape it, (skin, 
in., an.) nin mddaan ; nin 
mdddwa. — Also, I scrape a 
skin or hide, nin tehisliak- 
icaiye. 1 scnvpe it, (skin, in., 
an.) nin fchinhakwaan, nin 

Scraper, mddaiyan, nnjiyaiyan, 

Scratch ; I scratch, nin pasa- 
yohijiice. I scratcli liini, (her, 
it,) nin pasayobina ; nin pa- 

Scratch shj^htly ; I scratch hin» 
si ,, nin t c it i t r h i y i b i n a. 1 
scratch myself, nin ickitchiyi, 
nin IcIiUchiyihinldiH. I scr. 
his liead, nin ickitckiyindibe- 
bina. I scr. my head, nin 

Screetchowl , kakdbishe. 

Screw, bamiskwaiyddeg sayai- 

Screw ; I screw, nin bimiskioaige. 

Screw-driver, bimiskwaiyan. 


Scribe, ojibiiyewinini. 

Sevthe, kishkashkijiyan, pash- 

Sea, kitchigami, jiwitdgani-kit- 
chigami, (ocean.) 

Sea ; very far out In the sea or 
lake, mijishdwagdm, mishd- 
wagdm. — The aea runs high, 

mamanydshka. The sea runs 

in a certain manner, indshka- 

Sea-bread, anakoiia. 
Sea-dog, jl anossim. 
Seal, ankik. The skin of a seal, 

Seal, ayokiwassitchiyan, ayaki- 

wa.'i.s i fc h iyan d bik , a.f h il 'jik i- 


matii"ifiiir.>{- fl- 

yan, masihikiwayciyandhik. 
Seal ; I seal, nt.ut a//okiiva.s.ny<;, 
nind <(</okiica.'isi 'chiye, nind 
ashidjikiinayaiye , nin masi- 
nikiwayaiye. \ stal it, [in., 



ayokuvrs.Han, nin 

masin'ikiwayaan ; ni:>d aynki- 
wii.s.sicit ; nin masinikiway'-uj 

Sealed ; I am (it isi seu'eu. niua 
ayokiira.s-i^iyns, nin mca. 'iki 
u-ayaiya.s ; ayokiwa'iiiqi'dt, 
ayokiica.'isitch iyade, musiniiii- 

Seal i ng-wax, ayokiwassiyan. 

Sen-mark, kikinnandawan. I 
put up seamarks, nin kiki- 
ndndawaiye. There are sea- 
marks, kikinandawade. 

Seamstress, yaskkiyiim)i.soike. 

Search by scent; I search by s., 

Sea-shell, waioiiemiyan, ess. 

Season ; I season, nind apdbowe. 
I season it, [in., an.) nind 
apaboicadan; nind apabowa- 
na. Any thing to season vic- 
tuals with, apaboiodn. 

Seasoned ; it is seasoned, apa- 

Seasoning victuals, apabowewin. 

Seat, apawiwin, namadabiwin. 
I change seats, nind dndab. 

Secret, gimodisiwin, kaiadjiga- 
deg. It is a secret, gimodad, 



— 223 — 


he sea runs 
r, indshka- 

[n of a seal, 

/an, agaki- 


i)\!hh'-'^k xi- 

hi lie, niiid 
niii nuiiii- 
al it, [in., 
f'Sfian, niii 
ni;'d atjrtki- 
likiwu;;-- '■ . 
se<Jeo- n\,(.i^ 
n tii!'.. ''ki 
iiwa'-< rifU'df , 
e, masiniki- 

idawan. I 
1. ni)i kiki- 

e are sea- 


arch by s., 
an, ess. 

d apdbowe. 

an.) nind 

I apabowa- 

eeasOD vic- 


oned, apa- 

nd dndab. 



Secretly, gimodj. ^ 

■Sedition, ombdsondiwin. 

Seduce ; I seduce him, nin ba- 
nddjia, nin wai^ima, nin wa- 
nishima, nin matchi kikinoa- 
mawa, nin matchi ijiwebisia, 
nin nishiwanddjia. I seduce 
liim (her) to impurity, nin ga- 
gibasoma, nin pisigwddisia. 
— I seduce (deceive) with my 
words, nin waiejitagos. 

See] wegwagi ! (Madjikutji). 

iife ; I see, nin wdb. I see well, 
nin minwdb. I see s. th., nin 
wdbandjige. I see him, (her, 
it,) m'w wdbama ; nin wdban- 
dan. I see myself, nin wd- 
bandis, nin wdbandamadis. I 
see so far or from so far, nind 
akwdb. I see from sucl\ a dis- 
tance, nin d^bab. I make 
him see, nin wdbia. I make 
him see it, nin wdbandaa. 1 
see s. th. relating to him, nin 
wdbandamawa. I see clearly, 

{)lainly, nin wasseidb. I make 
lim see clearly, nin wasseia- 
bia. I see him (her, it) well 
or plainly, nin missdbama ; 
nin wissdbandan. I make him 
see it plainly, nin missdban- 
daa. I cannot see him (her, 
't) well, nin bigisawinawa ; 
ma bigisdwinan. I see him 
her. it) so..., in a certain 
manner, nind ijinawa, nind 
mdbuma; nind ijanan, nind 
inc'andan. I arrive to the 
poir.l or moment of seeing 
him, (her, it,) nind odissdba- 
ma; nind ddissdbandan. I 
see him coming this way, nin 
Mddbama, nin bidisama. I 
aee it in going by, nin babi- 

, tanas- 

Seed, minikan. 

See from a distance; I see (or 
look) from a certain distance, 
nind onsdb. I see him (her, 
it) from a certain distance, 
nind onsdbama; nind onsd- 

Seek ; 1 8eek,ninnandawdbange, 
nin nandawdbandjige, nin 
nondonige, nin nandonHge, 
nin nanddaid. I seek him, 
(her, it,) nin nannawdbama, 
nin nandonetca ; nin nanda- 
wdbandan, nin nandonedn. 

Seeking, nandoneigewin. 

Seem ; it seems to me, nind 
inendam. It seems. 
sag... It seems like..., 
go... (Mana piko). 

Seen ; I am seen, nm wdbamigo, 
nin wdbandjigas. It is seen , 
wdbandjigade. lean (it can), 
be seen from..., nin debdba- 
minagos ; debdbaminagwad. 

See-sawing, tchatchdngekoshka- 
mddiwin. We play see-saw- 
ing, ni7i tchatchdngakoshka- 

See through ; I see through it, 
nin jabwdbandan . 

Seize, I seize, nin iakonige,nin 
takoniwe. I seize him, (her, 
\i,) nin takona ; nin takonan. 

Seldom, wika, wdwika. 

Select ; I select them {') nin 
sagiginag ; nin gagiginanan. 

Self, tibinawe, tetibinawe. 

Self-command, mindjiminidiso- 

Self-conceit, maminadisiwin, sa- 
segawenindisotoin . 

Self^onceited ; I am self-^on., 
nin maminadis, nin sasega- 
wSnddn niiaw, nin saaegawe- 





— 224 — 


Self-deceit, toaiejindiaowin. I de- 
ceive myself, nin waiijindis. 

Self-defence, nandkwiwin. I de- 
fend myself, nin nandkwi. 

S e I f-glorification, kiichitwawe- 
nindisowin, mamikwasowin. I 
glorify myself, nin kitchitwd- 
wenindis, nin mamikwddis. 

Self-tormenting, kotagiidisowin. 
I torment myself, make my- 
self suffer, nin kata^iidis. 

Self-willed ; I am selt-willed, nin 
bashigwadis, nin mashkawin- 

Sell ; I sell, nind atdwe. I sell 
hi' (her, it,» nind atdwenan; 
nil' atdwen. I sell him ts. th., 
nin '. I sell high, at 

high >. • «, nin sanagwe, nin 
sanaga^' . ' ss, nin mamisswe, 
nin mamissaginddss. I sell 
cheap, nin wendis, nin 

Send ; I send, nin ninddiwe. I 
send him s. th., nin nindaa. 
I send it, (in., an.) nin nindai- 
wen ; nin ninddiwenan. I 
send him somebody, nind ini- 
ncyaamawa, nind yinajaama- 
wa. I send s. th, to somebody, 
ninmadjidaiwe. (Itisahwew). 
I send it to somebody, (in., 
an.) nin madjidaiwen ; nin 
madjidaiwenan. — I send him 
before me, nin niganinijdwa. 
I send him somewhere, 7iind 
ininajdwa, nind ijinajawa 
I send him sor ewhere press- 
ingly, nin gandjinajawa. I 
send him awa^, nind ikonajor 
wa, nin mddjinc^awa. I send 
him down, nin nissdndawenor 
jawa. I send him out of 
doors, nin adgidjinajaioa. 
(Wiyawitisahwew). . 

Sense, good sense, nibwdkdwin ; 
nonsense, gagibddisiwiti . 

Senses; I have my senses, nin- 
mikaw, nin kikendam. (Kis- 
kisiw). I lose my senses 
(fa i n t i n g), nin wanimikaw. 
(Wani-kiskisiw). I lose my 
senses from time to time, niu 
babishkwendam. I recover my 
senses, niti bisiskddis. I 
have my senses again, nin 

Sent; I am sent away, ninmtid- 
jinajaigas, nind ikonajaigas. 

Sentence; I pronounce a sen- 
tence over him, nin gijakona. 

Sentinel, akandowinim. 

Separate; I separate from him, 
(her, it,) wm bakeshkawa, ni n 
bakewina; nin babeshkan, nin, 
bakewidon. The road separ- 
ates, bakemo mikana. 

Separately, bebakdn. (Papiskis). 

Separation of persons, webini- 
diwin, babes /ikodadiioin, ba- 
keidiwin. Separation of a 
lake, bakegama. 

September, manomini-gisiss, 
mznominike-gisiss. (Notjihi- 

Serene ; it is serene, (clear wea- 
ther,) mijakwad. (Wdses 

Serious ; I am serious, nin gi- 

Sermon, gagikwewin, anamie- 

Sermon book, gagikwe-masinai- 

Serpent, gin^big. Young ser- 
pent, ginibigons. Big borned 
serpent, mishigin4big. An- 
other kind of serpent, nadowe. 
The serpent moults, jigota 


— 225 



ginSbig. The skin of a ser- 
pent, ginehigojagaai, ginebi- 
gowaidn. — Serpent with legs, 

Servant, (male or female ser- 
vant,) anokitdgan, bamitdgan. 

Serve ; I serve, I am in service, 
nind anokitdge, nin bamitdge. 
I serve him, (her, it,) ninano- 
kitawa, nin bamitawa, nin 

Service, anoHtdgewin, bamiid- 
gewin, anokiwin. I am in 
service, nind anokitdge, nin 
bamitdge. — He (f^he, it) does 
me services, nind abadjia ; 
nind abadjiton He (she, it) 
does me services in such a 
manner, nind indbadjia ; nind 

Serviceable object, an. or in., 

Set, ningotw^wdn, ningotwewa- 
nagisimin. Two sets, three 
sets, etc., nijwiwdn, nissw^ 
wan, etc. So many sets, dass- 

Set apart; I set him (her, it) 
apart, nin kikassa; nin kika- 
ion — S. Choose. (Astwaw). 

Settle ; 1 settle, nind inakonige, 
nin nandiichige. I settle him, 
nin dibowana. — I settle my 
account, I pay, nin kijikan 
nin masinaigan. I settle with 
him, nin kyakawa.—! let it 
settle, (liquid,) nin wakamis- 

Seven, nijwdssi. We are seven, 
nin nijwdichimin. (Tepakup). 
There are seven in. objects, 

Seven, n\jwdsso..., in composi- 
tions, which see in the Se- 
cond Part. 

Seven every time, seven each or 
to each, nenihodaswi. 

Seven hundred every time, 700 
each or to each, nenijwdsswak. 

Seventh ; the seventh, eko-nij- 
wdfchtng. The seventh time, 

Seven thousand, nijwdtchimj 

Seven times, nijwdtching. 

Several, anoteh dnind, wiiagi. 

S e v e f a 1 things, anoteh gego, 
leaioiiag gego, wiiagiaii. 

Several times, nai ngotinong, 
€ dwek naningim. (Ayaskaw). 

Severe, (strict;) I am severe, nm 
sanagi.'i. I think he is severe, 
nin sanagenima ( Ay imisiw). 

Sew ; I sew, nin gashkigwdss. I 
begin to sew, nin mddjigwdas. 
I sew well, nin niiawigtodx.'i, 
I sew it, (in., an.) nin gashkig- 
wddan ; nin gashkigwdna. ' I 
sew it for him, nin gashkig- 
wadamawa. — I gather toge- 
ther sewing, nin mawandog- 
wdss. I sew several pieces to- 
gether, nin mawandogwada- 
nan. — I fix or repair sewing, 
nin wawekwass. I repair it, 
(in., an.) nin wawekwadan ; 
nin wawekwana. — I sew a ca- 
noe, nin gashkigon. 

Sewed slightly, (stitched ;) it is 
sewed slightly, (in , an.) tchi- 
tchibogwdde, mssagigwdde ; 
tchitchibogwdso, sassagigwds'o 

Sewing, gashkigwdssowin. 

Sewing-silk, senibawds.<tab. 

Sewing thread, gashkigwdsso- 
nHao, assabab, ndbtk'wagson. 

Shadow ; there is shadow, agar 
wdte. I make shadow with my 
body, nind agawateshkam, 

I J 

wr,s -.1 f 


n ** 








'" '-H ' 






— 226 


nind agawateahin. I cover 
him (her, it) vyith my shadow, 
nind agawateahkan. It covers 
me with his sh., nind agawa- 
teahkagon It makes shadow, 
Shake ; I sliake, (tremble,) nin 
niningiahka, nin niningihinig. 
(Nanamipayiw). I shake or 
tremble with fear, nin ninin^ 
giaegia. My heart shakes, 
nin niningiaee. I shake my- 
self sitting, m'n wmt/prwaft. I 
I shake him, (her, it,) nin 
mimigowebina, nin goahkwa- 
Shaken ; it is shaken by the 
v»ind, niningaaain, nininga- 
Shaking fever, niningdpinewin, 
iv<:'v.aishkawapinewin. I have 
the sh. f., nin niningdpine. 
Shake off; I shake liim (her, it) 
ofl, in ■uuiwcbina, nin ba- 
wiwebishJcawa ; nin bawiwe- 
binan, nin bawiwebishkan. I 
shake off" the dust from some 
stuft", (in., an.) nin bmoeginan; 
nin baw^gina. It is shaken off, 
biwinigdde. I shake off the 
dust or some other thing from 
my feet, nin bawiaidesnimon. 
I shake it off against him, niri 
Shallow; it is ashallovv,6ag'M?a. 
The river is shallow, bdgwa- 
tigweia aibi. There is a-shal- 
low vAace/pitawaahka. There 
is a long shallow place in the 
\&ke, jagaicamika. 
Shame ! ae ! (Sh<7 1) 
Shame, agdtchiwin, meniaaen- 
damowin. (Nepewisiw). I cause 
shame, nind agdtchiiwe. It 
causes shame, agatchiiwema- 

gad. I cause him shame, m'nd 
agatchid, nind agaaoma. (Ne- 
pewimew). I bring it to shame, 
nind agatchiton. 
Shameful; it is sh., it is con- 
sidered sh., agatendagwad. 
^\i2kvnQ{\x\\y ,agatendagwakamig y 
nandpaganj. (Nepewtkkatch). 
Shameless ; I am sh., kawin 
nind agatchiaai, kawin nin 
Shameless person, egaichiaaig, 

Shape, ijinagosiwin. 
Share ; I give him a large share, 
nin aongaona. I take to my- 
self a good large share, nin 
aongdouidia. I give him such 
a share, nind inaona. I t^ke 
to myself such a share, nind 
inaonidia. — I think he does 
not give me my full share, 
nind anawinama. (Otinama- 
Sharp; it is sharp, gindmagad, 

Sharpen ; I sharpen, nin aiaai- 
bodjige. I sharpen it, nin 
Shave ; I shave, nin gaahkibds. 
I shave him, (it,) nin gaahki- 
bdna; nin gaahkibddan. 
Shave-grass, kisibana^hk. 
Shaving, gaahkibdaowin. 
Shaving-horse, mokodjigan tek- 

wanajigemagak . 
Shaving-knife, razor, gashki- 

Shaving-man, barber, gaaJiki- 

Shaving-house, barber-shop, 

Shaving, wood-shaving, biweko- 

damagan, biwikodjigan. 
Shawl, kitchi-moahwe. 


— 227 — 


She, win. (Wiya). 

Shear ; I shear, mn mojowe, nin 
pashkowejongef {pctshkwawe- 
jonge.) I shear him, nin moj- 
wa. I shear him (her, it) 
thoroughly, nin pashkojwa, 
nin papashkojwa ; nin pash- 
kojan, nin papdshkojan. 

Shearer, pashkwawejongemnini. 

Shears, mojwdgan. (Paskwaha- 

Shed at the door, piiawigan. 
There is a. shed, pitaungdae. 

Sheep, manishianish. Young 
sheep, lamb, manishtanishens. 

Sheepfold, manishtanishiwiga- 

Sheep-skin , mdnishtanishiwai- 

Shell, es8. A kind of small 
shell, ojakawess. 

Shell of an egg, wdwan onagaa- 
wana. Shell of a tortoise or 
turtle, dashwa. 

Shell ; I shell it, (tn., an.) nin 
bishagibidon, nin bishagibid- 
jidon; nin bishagibina, nin 
bishagibidjina I shell a corn- 
ear, nin gdkina nisdkosi. 

Shelter, or shade, against the 
wind or the sun, tabindon. I 
make a sh., nin tabindige, nin 
tabindonike. There is a sh. 
made, iabindonik^e. I am 
under such a shelter or shade, 
nin tabindshimon. — I put my- 
self under a shelter m rainy 
weather, nind agawc^awas, 
nind agwanabawas. I am un- 
der a stielter in rain, aindag- 
wanabawe, nind atchigwana- 

Shepherd, manishidnishiwinini. 

Shield, pakdkwcuin ; dashwa. 

Shieft ; the wind shifted, gw6- 

Shilling, jdniians. 
Shin bone, okadiganama. My, 

thy, his shinbone, nikddigan, 

kikddigan, okddigan. 
Shine, wdsseiasiwin. 
Shine; I shine, ninwdsseias. I 

make it shine, (in., an.) nin 

wakeshkaan ; nin wakeshkd- 

loa.. It shines, wakeshkama- 

gad, wawakeshkamagad. 
Shiness, awdssdsiwin. 
Shiness, (bashfulness,) agat- 

chinhkiwin, agatchiwddisiwin. 
Shingle, apakodjigan, nabagis- 

Shingle ; I shingle a roof, nind 

apakodjige. I shingle it, nind 

Shmgle-nail, sagaigans. 
Ship, ndbikwdn. Ship of '.var, 

Sb\i ; I ship, nin bositdss. I 

snip him, (her, it,) nin bd-tia; 

nin bdsiton. 
Ship-captain, ndblkwdn-ogima. 
ShippfCd ; it is shipped, [in., an.) 

bdsitchigdde ; bosiichigdso. 
Shipping, bositdssowin. 
Shipwreck ; I shipwreck, nin 

bigoneshka, nin btgoneshin. 
Shirt, papagiwaidn. 
Shiver ; I shiver, (from cold,) 

nin niningadj. Shivering 

with cold, mningadjiwin. 
Shoals ; there are shoals, mind- 

Shoe, makiain.. Hard shoe, (not 

Indian shoe,) mitigwakisin. I 

make shoes, nin makisinike. 

I put on my shoes, etc., nin 
babitcM. I take off my shoes, 
etc., nin gagitchi. 1 put him 


— 228 — 


his shoes on, nin hahitcMa. I 
take him his shoes otf, nin 
gagitchia. I change shoes, 
nind andakiaine. I have 
shoes on, nin gigakisine. I 
have only one shoe on, niti 
nabanekisine. I have two pair 
of shoes on, nin bitokisine. 

Sh oe-brush , wdssikwadjigan, 

Shoe-buckle, sagdkisinebiaon. 

Shoemaker, mekisiniked, maki- 

Shoemaker's shop, makisinike- 

-Shoemaker's work, trade or bu- 
siness, makisinikewin. 

Shoe-string, or moccasin-string, 

Shoot, young shoot, oshkijin, 
weshJaging mitigons. It is a 
young shoot, osnkigin. 

Shoot, (with a gun ;) 1 shoot, nin 
pdshkisige. I shoot at him, 
(her, it,) nin pdshkiswa ; nin 
pdshkisan. I shoot in the air, 
nin nakwenage. I shoot him 
in the air, 
— I shoot at 

Shoot, (with bow and arrow) ; I 
shoot, nin bimodjige, nind 
inae. (Pimutakkwew.) I am 
shooting, nin babimodwake. 
I shoot at him, (her, 
it,) nin bimda; nin bi- 
mdddn. — I shoot at a mark, 
win bimwdtigwe, (bimotigwe.) 

Shooting, pdshkisigewin, pd- 
pdshkisigewin ) bimodjigewin. 

Shore ; on the shore, (on the 
beach,) agdming Near the 
Hhore, tckigibig, ichigagdm. 
Distant from the shore, nd- 
vyitch. I paddle my canoe to 

nin nakwenawa. 
a mark, nin go- 

the shore, nin nddagdmeam. 
On the opposite shore, agd- 
ming, djawagdm, awdssagam. 

Short ; I am short and thick, 
nin iakwdbewis, nin bitikwdr 

Short; I am (it is) short, nin 
takos ; takwdmagad. It is 
short : A building, takonde- 

Short, shortly, waiba, waieba. 

Shorten ; I shorten it, nin tak- 
waion I sh. it by cutting off; 
(in., an) nin takwakwaan ; 
nin takwakwdwa 

Short-legged; lam sh.-l., nin 
tatakogdde. It is short-legged, 
tabassigdbawi, (it stands low.) 

Short time ; a short time, aichi- 
na, wenibik. (Kanak). 

Short way, kakam. I take the 
short way, kakam nind ya, 
nin kakamishka. 

Shot, anwinSfjiahibanwi, jishi- 
banwins. My shot and balls 
are all gone, nin tchdganwis- 
sin. (Niskasiniy). 

Shot ; I am shot, nin mikoshkos. 

Shot-pouch, pindassindn, pin- 

8ho\x\der, odinimanganima. My, 
thy, his shoulaer, nindini- 
mangan, kidinimangan, odi' 
nimangan. Between the 
shoulclera, nassawidinigan. I 
lay him (her, it) on my shoul- 
ders and carr^ him, (her, it), 
nin pagidjidmimanganeona ; 
nin pagidjidinimanganeondn. 

Shoulder-blade ; my, thy, his 
shoulder-blade, nindmigan, 
kidinigan, odinigan. I break 
mv sh., ninpakisa^inebinidis. 
I oreak his sh., nin pakisagi- 


— 229 — 


Shoulder-part of an animal, o«a- 

Shout ; I Hhout, nin hih&g. I 
shout with joy, nin aasaakwe. 

Shouting, bibdgiwin. Shouting 
with joy, sassdkwewin. 

SV-ove ; I shove him (her, it) 
with my arm, nin bidjinika- 
wa ; nin bidjinikan, nin bid- 

Shovel, mangdnibadjigan. 

Sliovel ; I shovel, mn mangdni- 
badjige. I shovel it, {in , an.) 
nin mangdnibadan ; mn man- 
ganibana. I shovel snow, nin 

Show, (let see :) I show, mn wd- 
bandaiwe. I show it to him 
(her, it,) nin wdbandaa ; nin 
wabanddan. I show it to him 
plainly, nin missdbandan. I 
show him, (her, it,) nin wd- 
bandaiwenan ; nin wdbandai- 

Show, (with the finger ;) I show 
with the f., nind indige, nind 
ijindige. (Itwahamawew). I 
show him (her, it) with the f., 
nind inda, nind ijinoa ; nmd 
inoan, nind ijinQan. I show 
it to him with the finger, nind 
indamawa, nind ininama,nind 

Show, ahowingywdbandaitoewin, 

S h ow-bread , wdbandaiwS-pak- 
wejigan, wdbandaiwewini-pa- 

Shower; showers of rain are 
passing by, babamibissa. A 
shower of rain is coming, bu- 

Shown ; any object shown with 
the finger, indigan. 

nind atchinis. 
shy, awassdai 

I am shy or 

Shred, ishkojigan, onijigan, bi- 

Shrink ; the boards shrink drv- 
mgy jijibdssagiaowag nabagts- 

Shrub, kibinsan. 

Shudder ; I shiidder suddenly, 
nin masanika. 

Shutter, wassetchigandtig. 

Shut up ; I shut Turn (her, it) 
up, nin gibakwdwa ; nin gi- 
bdkwaan. I shut him up in a 
hole, nin gibawa. I shut it 
up against him, nin gibdkwact- 
mawa. I shut it up, nin gi- 

Shy ; I am shy, 
The animal is 

Shy, (bashful;) 

bashful, nind agaichishk,nind 
agatchiwis, nind agatcihima- 
ais. (Nepewisiw). 

Sick ; I am sick, nind dkos, nin 
nanipinis. It is sick, dkosi- 
maaad, nanipinisimagdd. I 
feel sick, nin simis, nin simd- 
dis. I fall sick suddenly, nin 
pangishkones I look sick, 
nind dkosindgos. I am sick 
in a certain manner, nine? ina- 
pine. I am very sick, nind 
osdmine, nin indgtoito, nin 
mamidawito. — It makes me 
sick, nin mdnikagon. 

Sickle, kishkashkyigan, pash- 

Sickly, often sick ; I am sickly, 
' nin nita-dkosy nind akosishkf 
nin migwanadis. I have a 
sickly appearance, nind dko- 

Sickness, dkosiwin, nanipinisi- 
win, indpinewin, jinaagan. 
Beginning of a sickness, m&- 



— 230 — 


dapinetein, mddjinemn. Very 

freat sickness, osdmlneudn. 
[ard painful sickness, aana- 
gapinewin , ko tagapinewin .— 
ickness caused by somebody, 
(according to Indian supersti- 
tions,) aniabindbewapmewin. 
Bad shameful sickness, mdnd- 
dapinewin. — I begin to feel a 
sicKness, nin mddji-dkos, nin 
mddjine, nin mddapine. I give 
him a certain sickness, nind 

Sick person, aidkosid, enapined. 

Side ; I fall on my side, nind 
apimosse. On tliis side of a 
canoe, vessel, etc., onddsso- 
nag. On the other side, awas- 
sdnag. — On this side of a ri- 
ver, etc., onddssagdm. On the 
other side, awassagdm, aja- 
wagdm, agdming. On one 
side only, nabanegdm. — On 
this side of a hill or moun- 
tain, onddssaki, onddssadjiw. 
On the other side, awdssaki, 

Sieve, jdboahkatchigan. 

Sifl; I sift, nin jdboshkatchige. 
I sift it, (an.f in.) nin jdbossan, 
nin jdboshkaasa; nin jabos- 
aaan, ninjaboahkaion. 

Sigh, pagidandmowin, ikwand- 

Sigh; I sigh, nin pagidanam, 
nin paaaakculem, nind anaa- 
nam. I sigh deeply, nind ik- 
wanam, nind manginanaanam 

Sight; I lose %i^t, nind angwd- 
oand^ige, ninoan&bandam. I 
lose sight of him, (her, it,) 
nind angwdbama, nin band- 
bitna ; nind angwabandan, 
nin pandbanddn. 

Sign, kikinawd^'itchigan, mcu 

mdkadjiichigan, mamakdaa- 

Sign, (subscribe) ; I sign, nind 

yinikdaomn nind aion, (I rut 

down my name;) migwan'nin 

iagina, (I touch the pen.) 
Silence, biadnabiwin, iahkwawe- 

win, (iahkowewin . ) 
Silence ; I silence him, nin bi- 

adnabia. I silence him, he 

cannot answer, nin wdwani- 

Silk, silk-stuft', aenibd, aeniba- 

Silk for aew'uiB, aenibawdaaabdb. 
Silk handkerchief, aeniba-moah- 

Silver, joniia. I work silver, 

Silver; I silver it, ninjoniidka- 

Silvered ; it is 8\\.,joniidkdde. 
Silver-money, joniiag, (silver- 

versmi tb , joniidkemnini. 

Silversmith's work, trade or bu- 
siness, joniidketoin. 

Sin, batddounn, batdaiwin, ma- 
tchi dodamowin, matchi ijiwe- 
biaiwin. — Small venial sin,, 
batddoioinena. (Past&huwin). 

Sin ; I sin, nin batd-djiwebia, 
nin bataidia, nin batdindind, 
nin bataa, nin matchi dodam, 
nin matchi yiwebia. — I sin in 
thoughts, nin batdainendam ; 
in words, nin baid-gijwe, nin 
batdwe ; in action, nin batd- 

Sinful ; it is sinful, manatad^ 

Sinfulness, batd-yiwebisiwin, 
matchi bimddiaitotn. 

Sing ; I sing, nin na^am. I pre- 
pare myself for singing, nin. 


— 231 — 


oin. ma- 

nandanam. I sing for a proof, 
nin godji-nagam. I mistake 
iu singing, nin wdncMm. I 
sing it high, nind ishpwiwe- 
ton. I sing it low, m'n tabass- 
wiweion. I sing to him, nin 

Sinjger, nagamdmnini. Female 
singer, nagam&Lkwe. 

Singing, the act of singing, na- 

Single ; I am single, (not mar- 
ried,) nind oahkinig, kawin 
nin wedigessi, nijike nind aia. 
(Mdnsdbew, nionsiskwew). 

Single state, oshkinigiwin. (Mar- 
ried state, widigendiwin.) 

Sing mocking; I sing to mock 
somebody or something, nin 
nandpagam. I sing him (her, 
it), mocking, nin nandpagamo- 
nan; nin ninandpagamon. 

Sink in ; I sink in the ground 
with m^ foot, bokakamigisse. 
I sink in mud, ningagwdnag- 
watchishkiwesse. I s i n k in 
the snow, nin ginddwaaonesse. 
I sink in snow or sano, walk- 
ing, nin ndwaam. I sink to 
the bottom, nin goadbi, nin 

Sink in ; it sinks in the ground, 

Sinner, haiatd-ijivoebisid. 

Sioux Indian, Bwdn, Nddowessi. 

Sioux language, bwdnimowin. I 
speak the Sioux Ian ., nin bwd- 

Sioux' scalp, bwdnishtigwdn, 
(Sioux head.) I bring a Sioux 
scalp, nin bUitoe. 

Sioux squaw, oirdm'Artoe. 

Sip ; I sip it, nind odonendany 
nind odonamonotan. 

Siren, memegwessi. 

Sister, awema. iiy, thy, hit* 
older sister, nimissS, kimisser 
omiss Si an. My, thy, his 
younger sister, nishim^, ki- 
shime, oshimeian. 

Sister-in-law ; fny, thy, his sis- 
ter-in-law, ( a male speaking 
to a male or in regard to a 
male,) nlnim, kinim, winimon; 
(aj^emale speaking to a female 
or in regard to a female,) nin- 
ddngwe, kiddngioe, oddngwei' 

Sit ; I sit, I sit down, I am sit- 
ting, nin ndmadab, nin wawS' 
nab, nin tessab. I make him 
sit down, nin ndmadabia, nin 
wawenabia. I sit upon, nind 
agwidab, nin apab. I sit on 
it, nind apabin. I sit well, 
comfortably, ?ww miniDab,nin 
naab. I sit behind, in the last 
place, nind ishkweb. I sit on 
the bare ground, nin mitab. I 
sit broadly, nin geshawab. I 
sit obli(}uely, nin bimidab. I 
sit straight up, nin maiawab. 
I sit by his side, nin namada- 
biiatoa. I sit with him, nin 
widabima. I sit a certain 
length of time, nin nomageb. 
I sit with down-hanging arms^ 
ninjinginikeb. I sit with cross' 
ed arms, nind ajidenikeb. I 
sit like a bird, ninbinessiwab. 
— We sit around, nin gitoitO' 

Sitting, the act of sitting, noma-- 

Sit up: I sit up at rierht, nin 
nibcU), nin nioinal '. sit up 
watching a corpse, ntu nibio. 

Six, ningoiwdssvn. We are six 


— 232 — 


of U8, nin ningotwatchimin. 

There are six in. objects, nin- 

fiix, ningoiwiisao. 
Six every time, six each or to 

each, nemngotwdsswi. 
Six hundred every time, 600 each 

or to each, neningotw&SHwdk. 
Sixth ; the sixth, eico-ningoitodt- 

ching. The sixth time, nin- 

Sixthly, eko-ningottodtching. 
Six tliousand, ningotwdtching 

Six times, ningotwdtching. 
:Six times every time, six times 

each or to each, neningotwdt- 

Sixty, ningotwdssimidana. We 

are sixty, nin ningotwdssimi- 

Skate, joshkwddaagan. 
Skate; I skate, nin joskwddae. 
Skein ; one skein, ningotonsi- 

Sketch ; I sketch it, nin tnasi- 

Skilful ; I am skilful, nin wd- 

winges. (Mamiyuw). 
Skill, skilfulness, wdwingesiwin. 

I act with skilfulness, nin wd- 

wingetchige . 
Skin ; my, thy, his skin, ninja- 

gadi, kijagadi, ojagadia ti. 

(Masakiiy). My skin is black, 

nin makatewaje. My skin is 

red, nin miskwaje. My skin 

is white, nin wdbishkaje. 
£kin of an aninml, awesaiwaidn. 

(Pijiskiweyan). Skin of a 

male quadruped, aiabdwaidn ; 

of the largest kind, aiabewe- 

gin. Skin of a female qua- 

aruped, nojiwaidn ; of the 

largest kind, nojewegin. — 

Green nkiu, aahkatai; of the 
largest kind, aahkiain. Dry 
skin, gaakatai; of ttie largest 
kind, gaakigin. Skin of a 
quadrujKjd without the hair, 

Skufl, wijigan. (M i s t i k wa- 
nigan). Mj', thy, his 
skull, ninindibegan, kinindi- 
began, winindibegr or, 
nisntigwdnigegan, h wd- 
nig eg an, oaktigwdntgegan . 
The skin of my, thy, his skull, 
ninikwai, kinikwai, winikwai. 
— There are skulls, wi^jigani- 
ka. Place where there are 
skulls, wijiganikan. 

Sky, gijig. The Mky is blue, 
ndjakwad. (Waseskwa n). 
Tne sky is red, miakwawad. 
Under the sky, (in the open 
air,) mijiahawakatnig . 

Sky-blue ; it is dyed sky-blue, 
{in ,an.) mijakwadong indnde ; 
mijakwadong inanao. 

Slab, jigobodjigan. 

Slaken ; I slaken it, nin \an- 
giginan, nin neahanga in. 

Slander, dajindiwin, matu..<. da- 

Slander 5 1 slander, nin dajinge, 
nin matchi dajinge 

Slanderer, dejinged, matchi- 
dajinged. Habitual slanderer, 

Slanderous, I am slanderous, 
nin dajingeahk. 

Slate ; ojibiigan-asain, ojibUga- 
niwaaain . 

Slaughter, niaaidiwin, dapina- 

Slave, awakdn. I am a slave, 
nind awakdniw. Male slave, 
abanini. Female slave, aba- 


— 233 — ' 


Slavery, awakdniwin, awa- 

Sleigh, oddban, oddbdnak. I 
make a n\e\ji]\,nind oddbdnike. 

Sleep, nibdwin. 

Sleep ; I wleep, nin nibd. I 
make him Hlccp, nin nibea. I 
Hleep in the daytime, nin giji- 
niba. I fall in a profuund 
sleep, nin gnwingwash. I 
sleep profondly, nin nissing- 
wdm, nin bonanawdm. I si. 
much, nin nibdsnky nin win- 
gogane. I sleep too much, nin 
osdmingwdm, nin bingeng- 
wdm. I wleep softly, sligntly, 
nin jibingwash. 

Sleepiness, gigibingwashiwin, 
wtngosky wingwai. 

Sleeping, nibdwin. Bad habit 
of sleeping too much, nibdsh- 
kiwin, wingoganewin. 

Sleeping-room, nibewin 

Sleepy ; I am sleepy, nin gigi- 
bingwash, nin passangwaoish- 
ka, nin wi-niba. I am very 
sleepy, nin menddtchingwash, 
nin simingwash. 

Sleeve, nagwai. 

Slice ; slice of dried venison, 
baniAdiodn. Slice of cedar in 
the bottom of a canoe, apissi- 

Slide ; I slide on the ice, nin bi- 
mibos. I slide fast, nin kyi- 
bis. I slide in a certain way, 
nind ijisse. It slides, bidji- 
nide. The bird slides through 
the bird, bidjibiso bineshi. It 
slides fast, kijibidemagad. It 
slides in a certain way, ijissi- 

Slide and fall ; I slide and fall, 
nind oJdshisKin. I slide and 

full on the ice, nind ojdshik- 
wishin ; on thc^now, nind 
ojanhagonixkin \ on a stone, 
nind oja.'ihdbikiithin. 

Slide back ; I slide back, nind 
qjt'tifie. It slides l>ack or back- 
wards, njenitemagad. 

Slide down : I slide (it slides) 
down, nin nissdkonsr, nin 
ndnji, nin ndnJiMse, nin nishi, 
nanjisHemagad, ni/himagad. 
I slide down the hill, nin 
joskkwddjiwe. I slide (it slides) 
in a hole, nin boddkwesse ; 
bodakwessemagad. I slide in 
M'ith my foot, nin pindjisi- 
desse ; with my leg, nin pin- 
digddesse. I slide (it slidcH) 
in the water, nin bakobisae ; 

Slightly, aibiakadji naegatch. 

Slim ; 1 am of a slim or slender 
size, nind agassakwaiawes, 
nin gigaiuwes 

SWng, passikwebodjigan. I am 
throwing with a sling, nin 

Slippery ; it is slippery, ojdsha- 
maaad, Jojdkwaa, joshkwama- 

Slow ; I am slow at work, nin 
babegikddis, nin babidjinawis, 
nin owaawis,nind andjinawea^ 
nin bedjiw. — I am slow in eat- 
ing, nin babi'gikddandjige, riin 
bedjissin. — I am slow in my 
thoughts and resolutions, nin 

Slowly, beka, naegatch, sibis- 
katch. I walk, navigate or 
travel slowly, nin beaika. (Pe- 



— 234 



Slownese at work, bab&jikadisi- 
vyin, begiiifin. Slow walking 
or traveling, bisikdmn. 

Sluggard, ketimishkid, taidia- 
gaaiaid, enokissig. I am a 
sluggard, nin kiiimisk, nin 

Sluggish. Sluggishnees. — S. 
Lazy. Laziness. 

Slumber; I slumber, nind 

Slut, wanisid ikwe. 

Sluttish ; I am si., nin winis. 

Sluttishness, winisiwiii. 

Small ; I am small, nind agd- 
shi, nin iakoa. I am very 
small, nin mdskig. I make 
myself small, nind agdshiidis. 
— It is small, agdasa„ agdssin, 
agdssinad. It is small : A glo- 
bular object, in., aadssimina- 
gad; globular object, an., 
agdssiminagisi ; a house or 
room, agdssate; metal, in., 
agdssdbikad ; metal, an., 
agasHdbikisi ; stuff,, in., agds- 
sigad ; stuff, an., agdssigisi. 
—-It is too small tor me, (in., 
an.) nin sinsikan ; nin sinai- 
kaioa. T make it small, or 
smaller, nind agdssaton, nind 
agdssitim. — We are small, nin 
babtwiiinimin. They are 
small, (in.) babiwawan. 

Svnall person, tekdsid. 

Small-pox, mamakistwin. I have 
the small-pox, nind <yinama~ 
kis. (Omilciw). 

Smart at work. S. Zealous. 

Smell, (odor,) ijimdqosivfin. I 
make a good smell by burning 
8. th., nm mindaslge. I burn 
it (in., an.) to make a good 
smell, nin minassan: nin mi- 
na»i>wa, I spread tne smell 

of 8. th., nin bidjimdssige. — T 
am (it is) of such a smell or 
odor, nind yimdgos; ijimdg- 
wad. I have (it has) the smell 
of ardent liquor, nind ishkote- 
wdboimdgos ; tshkotewaboi- 
magwad. I hate the smell of 
it, (in., an.) nin jingimdnddn; 
nin jingimdmd. I suffer from 
the sniell of it, {in., an.) nin 
kotagimanddn ; nin koiagi- 

Smell, (scent;) I smell s. th., 
nin minandjige. I smell him 
(her, it), nin nindma, nin mi- 
nandawa; nin mindnddn. I 
give him to smell s. th., nin 
minandaoma, nin mindssa- 

Smell, (emit odor;) I smell, nin 
mindgos; it smells, mindg- 
wad. I smell (it smells) well, 
nin minomdgos ; minomdg- 
wad. Semething smells well 
to me, nin minomandjige. He 
(she, it) smells well to me, nin 
minomdmd ; nin minomdnddn. 
It smells well when burnt, 
(in., an.) minomdie ; mino- 
mdaso. — I smell bad from 
perspiration, nin wishdgomd- 
gos. It smells the sweat, (li- 
quid,) wishagwagami. 

Smelled ; I am (it is) smelled^ 
nin bidjimdgos ; bidjintdgvoad. 

Smelt ; I smelt, nin ningiko- 

Sm^Iter, ningikoaigeurimni. 

Smelting-furnace, ningikosigemy 

Smeltin^house, (foundry,) win- 

Smile ; 1 smile, nin bdp. 

Smiling, bdpiwin. 1 have & 
smiling countenance, nin do-^ 



— 235 — 


bdpingioe, nin jomingwen. I 
show him a smiling counte- 
nance, ninjomingwetawa. 

iSmith, awishtoia. lama smith, 
nind awishioiaw 

Smithshop, awishioidwigamig . 

Smith's trade, awishtoidwiwin. 

Smoke ; there is smoke, pak- 
w^ne,paskkin€. I make smoke, 
nin pcLshMnawe. (Kaskabat- 
tew). I make smoke around 
him, nin gikanamoswa The 
e m o k e ascends, omhdhate ; 
comes from..., oiiddhave. — I 
can endure much smoke, nin 
jibanamos, nin wakewanamos. 
—It smokes, (in a h)dge or 
house,) g ikanamode. It 
smokes in my lodge or house, 

f ikanamode endaidn, nin gi- 

■Smoked meat, ondssigan. I 
smoke meat, nind ondssige. 

Smoker, segasswnd. Great 
smoker, net as agas swd d. 
(Opittwavv). Smolcerof mix- 
ed tobacco, epdkosiged. Smo- 
ker of pure tobacco, metdko- 

Smoke tobacco; I smoke, nin 
sagaaswa. (Pittwaw). I smoke 

Fure tobacco, ninmitdkosige ; 
mix my tobacco, nind apd- 
kosiae. I have nothing to 
smoKe, nin manepwa — We 
smoke together, (in a coun- 
cil,) nin aagassweidimin. 

Smoking, sagasswdwin, sagass- 
wdidiwin. ( Pittwawi u ) , 

Smooth ; I smooth v,ith an iron, 
nin joahkwaigaige I smooth 
it, iron it, [in. an.,) nin josh- 
kwegaan ; nin Joshkwegawa. 

Sraootli, (in. s. m.) S. Polish. 

Smoothed ; it is smoothed with 
a Hat iron, (in., an.) joshkwdi- 
gaigdde ; joshkwdigaigdso. 

Smoothing iron, joshkwdigai 

Smooth rock ; there is a flat 
smooth rock, joshkwdnabika. 

Snail, bimiskodissi. 

Snake, ginSbig. 

Snake Iridian, Ginebigonini., nag icdgan. I lay snares, 
nin nagwdnike. (Wanihigan, 
tapakwan). I lay him a snare 
to catch him, nin dagodawa. 
(TapakwewatewM. I lay him a 
Hnare or trap, niiul oniama- 
wa. I catch in a snare, nin 
nagwddjige. I catch him (her, 
it) in a snare, nin nagwdna ; 
nin nagwddan. 

Snare-string, nagwdgan4idb. 

Snitf; I snitt, nin nandomdnd- 


Snipe, paaashkaanji, manomi- 

Snivel; I snivel, nin .nkawid- 
jane, nin sikawiniskigome. 

Snore ; 1 snore, nin madweng- 
wdm, nin madwengwash. 

Snoring, madwmgwdmowin, 

Snot, niskignmdn. (Siniskigo- 
m an). M y, t hy, h i s 
snot, niniskigomdn, kiniski- 
gomd n, winiskigomdnan. I 
draw up my snot, nind iki- 
gome, nind odi^saa niskigo- 
mdn, nin singigawiskigome. 
The snot is running from my 
nose, nin aikatoiniiikigome ; by 
cold, nin sikawiniskigome- 

Snotty ; I am sn., nin ainiski- 

Snqut ; its snout, oahkinj. It 



— 236 


has a small snout, a^ 
kinji. It has a large snout, 

Snow, gdn, agdn. (Kona, k6ni- 
wiw). On the snow, mitdao' 
nag. There is snow, gonika. 
There is much snow, a deep 
snow, ishpagonaga, ishpaie. 
The snow is soft, jakagrmaga, 
nokdgonaga. The snow is 
settled, hard, assandgonaga, 
kijiwdgonaga. The snow 
lowers, melts down; magwd- 
goneshin. The snow is frozen, 
gawdgonaga. The snow is 
«rusly, hard, ondbanad. The 
snow is falling from the trees, 
missanwimagad, bindnokima- 
gad. I am (it is) covered with 
snow, nin ningwano ; ning- 
wanomagad. 1 melt snow for 
water, nin kijobike. I walk 
in the snow without snow- 
shoes, nin mamitaam. 

Snow ; it snows, sogipo. (Mis- 
pun). It begins to snow, md- 
dipo. It snows in small flakes, 
bissipo. It snows in large 
flakes, mdngadepo. The snow 
begins to cover the ground, 
biwipo. Soft watery snow is 
f&\\ing,jakipo. A snow-storm 
passes by, bimipo. It snows 
no more, ishkwapo. It snow- 
ed enough, gijipo. 

Snow-bird, wdbaningosi. 

Snow blind; I am snow-bl., nin 
sassakingwe. (Wayesabiw). 

Suow-b\indnesB, sassdkingwewin 

Snow-drift ; there is a snow- 
drift, bitoan. 

Snowshoe, agim. (As&m, asa- 
mikkew). I make snowshoes, 
nind agimike. I lace or fill a 

snowshoe, nind ashkima agim. 
I walk with snowshoes, nind 
agimosse, nind oddgim. (Ki- 
kasamew). I am coming on 
snowshoes or with snowshoes, 
nin biddgimosse The snuw 
sticks to my snowshoes, nin, 
minikwasikama . 

Snowshoe-filling or lacing, an.'i- 
kimdwin. * 

Snowshoe-making, agimikewin . 

8'«owshoe-ornament, nimaigau . 

onowshoe string, atiman. 

Snowshoe ',1 ; there is an even 
snowshi (.rail, onagwanaga. 

Snowshoe-walk r, netdwagimoa- 
sed. I am a good snowshof- 
walker, nin nitdw agimosse. 

Snowshoe viQ\k\ng,agimossewiu. 

Snow-storm ; a snow-storm is 
coming, bidipo. There is a 
snow-storm, or drift of snow , 
biwan. The snow-storm is 
driven away by the win<l, 
mddjipo. A snow-storm is 
passing by, bimipo. 

Snuff, ass^ma, pindakwewin. 1 
manufacture snuft, nind asse- 
make. [Assemakewin. Asse- 
makewinini. Aasemakewigu- 

Snuff ; I nuff, I take skuff, nin 
pindakwe, nin pindakodjane. 

Snufl'; I snuff the candle, nin 
kishkanjikodan wdssakwa- 

Snuflt-box, ass6ma makak. 

Snuffers, kishkdrmkodjigan. 

So, mi, mi sa, (Ekusi). 

Soak ; it soaks, {in., an.) ag- 
winde ; agwindjin. I put it 
in water to soak, [in., an.) 
nind agwindjiton ; nind ag- 


— 237 — 


Soap, kisibigaigan. Liquid soap, 
pingwi-kisihigaigan. I make 
soap, nin kisthigaiganike. 

Soap-Doiler, soap-manufacturer, 

Soap-boilery, soap-house, soap- 
manufactory, ki'sihigaiganike- 

Soap-making, kisibigaiganike- 

Soap-suds, soap-water, kisibi- 

Sod ; I sob, nin nashigide. 

Sobbing, nashigidewin. 

Sober ; I am sober, (not drunk 
now,) nind anissddis ; ninba- 
gakddis. I am sober again 
(after drunkenness,) nind 

Sober per a on, menikwessig. 

Sobriety, anissddisiwin, hagaka- 
disiwin, atebiwin. 

Sock, ajigan. 

Sodomy, poc^iidiiewin. I com- 
mit sodomy, nin podjidiia. 

Soft ; it is soft, {in., an.) noka- 
dad ; nokadisi. (Yoskaw, yos- 

Soften, I soften it, (in., an.) nin 
nokiton, nin nokibidon, nin 
nokigibidon; nin nokia,nin no- 
kibina, nin nokigibina. I sof- 
ten linden h&vk, nind assigobi. 

Softly, slightly, naegatch, bika. 

Soil, aki. 

Sojourn, apidanisimn. (Wiki- 

Sojourn ; I, sojourn, nind apida- 

Solace; I solace, nind absi- 
vaingt. I solace him, nind 

Soldier, jimdganish miniasino, 

Sole of the foot, onanagdkisidit' 
ma. My, thy, his sole, m'/m- 
nagdkisid, kinanagakisid. 

Solicit; I solicit him, nin wik- 
watchia, nin loikwdsoma. 

Solid ; it is solid, strong, {in-r 
an.) sdngan; songisi. 

Some, dnind, pangi, b^bejii/. 

Somebody, awiia, bemddisid. 

Something, gego, ningoi, ningo- 
tano. (Kekwiiy). 

Somewhere, ningotchi. (Nandoi. 

Son, ogwissima, wegmssimiiid. 
My, thy, his son, ningwiss, 
kigwiss, ogwissan ; or, niiitf- 
wissis.9, kigwissis.<i, dgwissis- 
san. I have a son, mnd og- 
wiss. I have him for a son,- 
he is my son, nind dgwisxi- 
nan, nind ogwissima. I am w 
son, nind ogwissimigo. 

Song, nagamon, nagamotoin. 
Religious song, (hymn,) ana- 
mie-nagamon, anamie-naga- 

Song-book , nagamO-masinaiga n . 

Songster, nagamdwinini. 

Songstress, nagamoikwe. 

Son-in-law ; my, thy, his son' 
i n-la w s niningwan , kiningwa n , 
oningwanan. (Onahakisima). 
The son-in-law of a family,. 
nadngish. I am son-in-law in 
a family, nin nadngabf nind 

Soon, waiba, wai6ba, pitchinag, 
wiwib. As soon as possible^ 
agawanapi. (Kiyipi). 

Soot, mnjtde. 

Sooty ; it is sooty, toinjidemu' 

Sorb-berry, makwimin. 

Sorb-tree, makwimy. 

Sorcerer, wabanowinini. I am a 


— 238 — 


sorcerer, nin wdbanow. (Ma- 

Sorcery, wdbanowiwin. 

Sorrel, jiwibag. 

Sorrow, kashkendamowin, gissa- 
dendamowin, wassitawenda- 
mowin, gibendamowin, kota- 
gendamowin. Sorrow of the 
heart, kashkendamideewin. I 
have much sorrow, nin giben- 
dam. I cause him much sor- 
row, nin gibendamia, nin gi- 
bendamishkawa. It c a u s e s 
me much sorrow, nin giben- 
damishkagon. I die of sorrow, 
nin rdbendam. 

Sorrowful; I am sorrowful, niri 
gissadendam, n i n mamida- 
wendam. I make him sor., 
nin gissadendamia. 

Sorry ; I am sorry, nin kash- 
kendam. (Mitatam). 

Sought; I am (it is) sought, nin 
uandawdbandjigas ; nandawd- 

Soul, otchitchdgoma. My, thy, 
his soul, nin tchitchdg, ki 
tchitchdg, o tchitchdgwan. I 
have a soul, nind otchiichdg. 

Sound; I let hear a certain 
sound, nind inwi. It gives a 
sound, inwcmagad. It gives 
a hollow sound, wimbw6wema- 

Sound ; it sounds, madwessin, 
madwewemagad. I make 
sound 8. th.< nin madwessit- 
chige, nin madtoeweichige. I 
maKe it soiind, nin maawissi- 
ion, nin madwitoeton. Any 
thing that sounds or gives a 
sound, tnadtoStcetchigan. It 
sounds loud, kijiwemagad. 

Soundly, kyija. 

Soup, nabob. (S. Indian corn- 
soup). Poor soup, (not sea- 
soned;) dnissdbo. I make 
poor soup, nind anissdboke. 

Sour ; it is sour, (in., an.)jiwan, 
Jiwamagad ; jiwisi. I make 
sour 8. th-i nin jiwiasiichige. 
I make it sour, (in., an.,) nin 
jiwiton, nin jiwissiion; nin 
jiwitawa, nin jiwishima, nin 

Source, (fountain, spring,) mo- 

Sour milk, meshkawikwissing 
totoshdbobo. The milk be- 
comes sour, jnashkawikwisnin 

South, JaMJan. In, to, or from 
the south, ^awa^ion^'. Towards 
the south, jdioanong inaka- 
keia. — The clouds come frou) 
the south, jdwanakwad. The 
rain comes from the south, 
jdwanibissa. It thunders in 
the south, jdwanaamog [ani- 

South-bird, (bird coming from 
the south, )jdwanibin€s hi. 

Southwind, jdwaninodin. The 
wind comes from the south, 

Sovereign, kiichi-ogima. 

Sovereign Pontiflf. S. Pope. 

Sow, kokosh. 

Sow ; I sow, nin kitige, nin pa- 
gidinige. I sow it, (in., an.) 
nin kitigddan, ninpagidinan ; 
nin kitigdna, nin pagidina. 

Sowed ; it is sowed, kitigdde, 

Span, (measurement) ; onespan, 
b^igwakwagan, ningotwak- 
woagan, ningotwahooagcm. 
Two spans, three spans, etc., 
nijwalciooagan, msswakwoa- 


— 239 — 


gan^ etc. — So many spans, 

Spare ; I spare it, (tn., an.) nin 
manddjiion ; nin manddjia I 
spare myself, nin manddjiidis. 

Spark ; sparks fly off, papa- 
kanje. (Papaskilew). 

Sparrow-hawk, kekek. Another 
kind, pipiwige. 

Spasms, oichipinigowin. I have 
spasms, nind otchipinig. (Ot- 

Spattle, gashkakokweigan. 

Spawn, wak. 

Spawn ; the fish is spawning, 
dmi gig6. 

.Speak ; I speak, nin gigit, nin 
gagigit, nin gijwe, nin inwe. 
(Pikiskwew, itwew). It speaks, 
gigitomagad, inwemagad. I 
make him speak, nin ^igitoa. 
— I speak after him, nin kiki- 
notawa, nind dnikanoiawa. I 
speak angry, nin nishkddji- 
giiwe, nin nishkddji-gigit, nin 
mshkdsitdgos, nin nan\shka- 
sitagos. I speak angry to him, 
nin nishkiganona, nin nish- 
kddjiganona, nin ni^hkdsoma. 
I sp. evil, nin matchi-gijwe, 
ninmatchi ikkit. I sp. fast, 
quickly, nin daddiaoanagi- 
don, nin daddtabowe. I sp. 
for somebody, nin gaganodce^ 
mage. I sp. for him, nin go- 
nodamawa, nin gaganodama- 
wa. I speak the language of 
the people with whom llive, 
nin niinawe. I speak like a 
drunken person, nin giwa^h- 
kw^hiwimtdgos, I speak low, 
not loud, nin gdskanas, nin 
bekadowe. I speak loud, nin 
kijitoe. ' I speak as loud as I 
•can J nind apitowe. I speak 

plainly, (to be easily under- 
stood,) nin pagakowe, nin 
pagakitdgos, ninpagakissidon 
nin gigitowin. I, speak rely- 
ing on him, (her, it,) nin 
nandpimonan ; nin nanapi- 

Speaker, neta-gigiiod, netatoed, 

Speaking, gigitowin, gagigito- 
win, gijwewin. (Pikiskwewin, 
itwewin). Angry speaking, 
nishkddji gijwewin, nuhkddji- 
gigitowin, nishkdsitdgosiwtn, 
nishkddjiganonidiwin. Fool- 
ish, frivolous or impure sp., 
gagibasitdgosiwin, gagibdqji- 
gijwewin, gagibddji-gigitowin. 
Hidden mysterious sp., ago- 
tdgositoin, gimdtowemn. Ill 
sp., matchi ikkitoioin, matchi, 
iaiwin. Impure indecent sp., 
winigijwewin, winitdgosiwin, 
bishigwddji-gijwewin. MxBt&ke 
in 8 p., wanowewin, wanigijwe- 
win. I mistake in speaking, 
nin wanowe, nin wanigijwe. 
Speaking of other people, da- 
jindiwin, dajingewm.— Speak- 
ing, of each other, or to each 
other, idiwin . 

Speaking-house, council-house, 

Spear, anit. Handle to a spear, 
anitiiak. (Mitchikiw). 

Spear ; I spear fish, nind akwa- 
wa, [akowa] I spear him, 
(her, it,) nin bashibdwa ; nin 
ba^thibaan. I spear fish at 
night, nin wdsswa. 

Speared; I am (it is) speared, 
nin bashibaigas ; bashibai- 

Spearing fich at night, wdsswe- 


iJl-t IW :.4S 


— 240 


Specie, (silver-money or gold- 
money,) mitdhik. 

Spectacles, oshkinjigokddjigan. 

Spectator, waiabanged. 

Spectre, tchibai. 

Speech, gigitowin, animitdgosi- 
win^ aianimitdgosiwin. 
I make a speech, nm gigit, 
nind animitdgos, nind aiani- 

Speed, dadatabiwin. 

Speedy ; 1 am speedy, nin da- 

Spend ; I spend all day in such 
a place, nin daiigijiganam. I 
spend all night in such a 
place, nin dajiiibikanam. 

Spend all, consume ; I spend 
all, nin tchdginige. (Mestini- 
kew). I spend all of it, (in., 
an.) nin ichdginan; nin tchd- 
gina. 1 am in the habit of 
spending all, nin tchdyini- 
geshk. Habit of spending all, 
tchdginigeshkiwin . 

Spendthritl, ichaiaginigeshkid, 
neshiwanddjiichiged, benddji- 
tod od aiiman. 

Sperm-oil, kitchi-gigd bimide. 

Spider, assabitceshi. Spider's 
web, cobweb, assabikesniwas- 

Spike, kitchi-sagaigan. 

Spill ; I spill, nin sigwebinige. 
I spill it, (in-, an.) nin sigwe- 
binan: nin sigwebina. I spill 
8. th. belonging to him, or for 
him, nm sigwebinamawa. 

Spilt; it is spilt, sigwebiniadde. 

Spin ; I spin, nind assabdbike, 
nin gaahkateige. It spins, 
bimat&igemagady gashkaUige- 

£pine, tatagdgvoan. 

Spinning, gaahkaUiqewin, hi- 
maUigewin, tssabdoikewin. 

Spinni ng-w heel, bimatiigan , 

Spirit, mamto. I am a spirit, 
nin manitow. I am consider- 
ed a spirit, nin manitowis. 
Quality or character of spirit, 
maniiowiwin. Unclean spirit, 
wdnisid manito. Evil spirit, 
matchi manito. 

Spit, abwdnak. 

Spit; I spit him, (her, it,) nind 
onakdkwawa ; nind onakdk- 

Spit; I spit, nin sik, nin sik- 
wadjige. I spit it, nin sikwti- 
ddn. I spit upon him, fin 
sikwana. I spit in his face. 
nin sikwaningwingwiwa. 

Spit-box, sikowini-makak, sik- 

Spite; in spite of...,ji*(li5'od^", kit- 
wen, awandjish. (AtjipiKO). 

Spit out ; I spit bin, (ner, ity 
out, 711 » sdgidjisikwana ; nin 

Spitter, sekwdd^iged. 

Spitting, sikowm,sikwadjigetcin. 

Spittle, sikowdgan. The spittle 
is running from my mouth, 
nin sikdwidon. 

Spit water ; I spit water, nin 
siswandjige. I spit water on 
him, nin siswama. I spit wa- 
ter in his face, nin siswaming- 

Spleen, wiss. 

Splendid ; it is splendid, aasiga, 

Splendid coat, sasega-babisikn- 

Splendid man, sasegorinini. 

Splendor, (brilliancy,) wdsseia- 
sitoin, wdssisitoin. 



— 241 - 


iiin, P2H 

Splinter, in the hand or foot, 
gigatigwan. I draw out a 
splinter, nin gigaligwe. 1 
draw him a splinter out, nin 

Split, in the skin, gipisitoin, 

Split ; I split wood, nin tiiskki- 
gaige. I split it, (in., an.) nin 
tdshkigan ; nin tdshkigawa. 
I split wood into fine small 
pieces, nin bissigaisse. I split 
it into small pieces, (wood, in., 
an.) nin bissi(faan ; nin hissi- 
gawa. I split it with the teeth, 
(iw., an.) nin tdshkanddn ; nin 

Split ; it splits, tdshkigiss e, 
tdshkikamagad. It splits, 
(rock, metal,) idshkafnkisse. 
It splits in boiling, dadode- 
magad. The road splits, di- 
vides, hakimo mikana. 

Split ; it is split, tdshkika, tdsh- 
kigishka. It is split, (rock, 
metal, in., an.) idshkabikad, 

Split in the middle ; I split it, 
[in., an.) nin idshkinan, nin 
tdshkaan; nin tdshkina, nin 
tdshkawa. I split it, cutting, 
{in., an.) nin tdshkijan; nin 
tdshkijwa. I split it, sawing, 
(in., an.) nin tdshkibodon ; 
nin tdshkibona. 

Split-saw, tdshkibodjigan. 
(Cross-saw, kishkibodjigan.) 

Splitting-wedge, tdshkigaigan. 

Split wwA for fuel, bissigaiasan. 

Spoil ; I spoil, nin banddjiiwe, 
nin banadjitchiae,nin mijiitoe, 
nin nishiwandajiiwe, mn ni- 
shiwanddjitchige. I spoil him, 
(her, it,) nin banddjia, nin 
tnijia, nin kopadjia, nin ni- 

sliiwanddjia ; nin banddjiton, 
nin mijiion, nin kopdajitou, 
nin nishiwanddjiton. 

Spoiled; I am (it is) spoiled, 
7iin banddjitchiga.'i, nin nishi- 
wdnidis ; banddjitchigade, ni- 

Spoken of; I am (it is) spoken 
of, nin wawindjigas, mn da- 
jindjigas ; xcawindjigade, da- 

Sponsor at baptism, babaikd- 
xcin, oiisikdwin ; mamaikdwin, 
ogikdwin. I am sponsor, nin 
takonatca.s.H. I am his spon- 
sor, nin takona Hgaandd.fod , 
or, nin gi-takona gi-sigaantla- 

Spontaneously, 6? n IS t A; a. It 
comes (produces) spontane- 
ously, binishimagad. 

Spoon, emikwdn. A spoonful, 

Spoon bill, (bhii) j^de. 

Sportsman, gaossed, neta-giot- 

Spot, kitagisiwin. 

Spot ; I spot him, (her, it,) nin 
kitagia ; nin kitagiion. 

Spotted ; I am (it is) spotted, nin 
kitagis; kitagisimagad, ba- 

Spread out ; I spread out, nin 
tessinige, nin dajioeginige. I 
sp. it out, (in., an.) nin tesai- 
nan, nin tessiginan, nin daj- 
weginan ; nin tessina, nin tes- 
sigina, nin dajwegina. 

Spread out, (strew ;) Ipreadoiit, 
nin jingadenige. I spread it 
out, (in., a7i.) ninjingadenan ; 
nin jingadena. I sp. it out, 
throwing, nin jin^adewabaaii. 

Spring, sigwan, mtndkami. In 
Jiprmg, sigwang. Last spring 


— 242 — 


sigwanong. Next spring, ^o- 
nima aigwang. The spring 
before last, awdss-sigwanong. 
— I spend the spring in a cer- 
tain place, nin sigwanish. I 
spend the spring with him, 
nin wijisigwanisKima. (Miyos- 

Spring (fountain,) mokidjiwani- 
big, takih. 

Spring-water, mokidjiwano-nibi, 

Sprinkle ; I sprinkle water, nin 
sasioebiganaai^e, nin saswebi- 
gandjige I sprinkle him, (her, 
It,) nin saswebigandawa ; nin 


Sprinking-pot and \>r\x»h,saswe- 
bigandjiyan, saswebigandai- 
gan, sigdndjigan. 

Sprout, onimik. 

Sprout; it sprouts, [in., an.) sd- 
ganwitnagad, tcabidwimag ; 
sdganwi, wabidwi. The pota- 
to sprouts, sdganwi opin. 

Syyruce, ininandag ; jingob. [C. 

Spruce- beer, jingobdbo. 

Spunge, iskaibdn. I dry water 
up with a spunge, nind iskai- 

Spur, patakimodjikadjigan. 

Spy. nendawdiod. 

Spyglass, jibaiabandjigan. I 

look through a spyglass, nin 

jibaiabandjige. I look at him 

(her, it) through a sp., nin 

jibaidbama ; nin jibaiaban- 


Spy out , I spy out, nin nanda- 

wdto, nin gimdb. I spy him 

out, nin gimdbama. I spy it 

out, nin gimdbandany nin nan- 


Squall ; there is a squall of 
wind, kitchi bidanimad, pa- 
kiteianimady gotdmigwad. 

Squall of wind, missibissidoasi ; 
pi. — wag. 

Square; it is aqu&re, j as hameia- 
magad, kakakamagad. It is 
8(|uare, (stuff, in., an.) kaka- 
kigad; kakakigisi. 

Square ; I square timber, nin 
ichigigaige. I square it, {in., 
an. ) nin tchigigaan ; nin tchi- 
gigawa. (Passahikew). 

Square tobacco, ejashawebagisid 

Squaring, tchigigaigewin. 

Squaring-axe, ichigigaigan. 

Squat ; I squat, mn nimissab. 

Squaw, anishindbekwe. I am a 
squaw, nind anishindbekwew. 

Squaw not belonging to the 
Grand Medicine, .fagimdkwe. 

Squaw's yX&y , passikawewin. I 
am playing the squaw's play, 
nin pass^' awe, nin papdssi- 
kofwe. 1 ae stick used at that 
play, passikawdn, passikawa- 

Squeeze ; I squeeze, nin bimibi- 
ginige. I squeeze it, (in., an.) 
nin bimibiginan ; nin bimibi- 

Squeamish ; I feel squeamish, 
nin mdnjidee. 

Squeamishness, mdnjideewin. 

Squint ; I squint, I am squint- 
eyed, nind awassdb, nin bi- 
madawdb, nind atchitchdb. 
Squinter, bemddawdbid, ewaaad- 

Squirrel, atchitamo, agvoingosa, 
asadnago. Black squirrel, 
miaaanig. Flying squirrel, 
jagaahkandawe. (Anikwat- 


— 243 — 


Stab ; I stab him, nin biyibawa, 
nind anogandma, nin jibcyi- 


I am St., nin bojibai- 

gas, nm noajigas. 

Stable, pijtHwigamig. 

Stafl^ for a barrel, etc , maka- 

Stag, mishewe, omashkos. 

Stagger ; I stagger, nin babi- 
nasse. I stagger in walking, 
nind aidjagonense, nin gosh- 
wesse, nin goshkoshkwesse. 

Stag's hide, omashkoswegin. 

Stag's horn, omashkosweshkan. 

Stag's tail, omashkoswano. 

Stairs, staircase, akwandawa- 
gan. I go up stairs, nind ak- 
wandawe, ishpiming nind ija, 
ishpimissagong nind ija. I 
run up stairs, nind akwanda- 
webato. (Ketsikusiwin). 

Stake ; I put at stake, nind at- 
chige, nind aidge. I put it at 
stake, (in., an ) nitid atdgen ; 
nind atdgenan. 

Stalk of Indian corn, manddmi- 
nashk. Stalks of Indian corn 
standing in the field, mandd- 

S t a 1 1 i o n, naM-bebejigoganji. 

Stammer ; I st., nin gagibanor 
ga^kwe, nin gagibanagaskwe- 

Stamp ; I stamp, nin botage. I 
stamp it, (in., an.) nin botdga- 
dan ; nin botagana. 1 stamp 
or crush Indian corn, nin iag- 
wdwaa manddminag. I stamp 
with tne foot, nin tangiahlAge. 

Stamper, stamps, botdgan. 

Stan^ ; I stanch it, ntn gibiton. 

Stand ; I stand, nin nibato, nin 
gdbaw. I stand here and there, 

nin nanibaw, nin babd-nibaw. 
I make liim, (her, it) stand, 
nin nibawia, nin gdbawia ; 
nin nibawiton, nin adbawiton. 
— We stand around him in a 
circle, nin qiwitagdbawitawd- 
nan, nin wakagdbawiiawdnan. 
We St. around him in a semi- 
circle, nin waganagdhawita- 
wdnan. We stand in one line, 
one after another, nin nibini- 
gdbawimin, or, nin nibidegd- 
oawimin. We stand round, nin stands high, 
(an animal,) ishpigdbawi. 

Standard, kikinoiodoandjigan. 

Standing, nibdwiwin. 

Stand up, (erected ;) it stands 
up, (in., an) patakidS, pata- 
ktssi7i; patakiso, patakiahin. 
I make it stand up in b. th. or 
on s. th , (in., an.) nin pataki- 
don; ninpatakina. 

Star, andm/. Small star, andn- 
gons. There are stars, anan- 
goka. The star is bright, 
shining, wdssenagoshka an- 
dng. (Atchakus). 

Starch, mashkawdtchigan. 

Starch ; I starch, nin mashkwd- 
tchige. I starch it, nin mash- 

Starling, (bird,) asaiginak, nad- 

Starry ; it is starry, andngoka. 

Star-shaped, andngong yinag- 

Star-shoot, andng pangishin. 

Start; I start, nin mddja. It 
starts, mddjamagad. (Sipwet- 
tew). I start in a canoe or 
boat, nin mddji, nin boa. I 
start first, nin niganishka. 

Start up ; I start up, (by sur- 
prise,) nin goshkosae. 


— 244 — 


Starve. Starvation.— S. Hunger. 

Starve ; I starve to have it, nind 

Starve to death ; I st. to d., nin 

ffawandndam. (Nipalulkka- 

luBow). Death from ntarva- 

tion, (j/awandndamowin. 
Statement, dibddjimowin, dibd- 

dodamowiiu True statement, 

gwaiakddjimotoin. I make a 

true statement, nin gwaiakdd- 

Stature, dkossiwin. 
Stay, dpidaniniwin. 
Stay; Istay, mW dpidanis. I 

stay in different places, nin 

babd-ainda, nin babd-danis. 
Steady ; it is steady, songan. 
Steal ; I steal, nin gimod. I steal 

him, (her, it,) nin gimodinan, 

nin gimodin. I steal it from 

him, nin gimodima. I steal 

all his things from him, nin 

Stealing, gimodiwin. Habit of 

stealing, aimddishkiwin. I 

am in a hah it of stealing, nin 

Steam-bath, madddi^son. I take 

a steam-bath, nin madodo. 

Steam-bath stone, madonewd- 

Steamboat, ishkotd-ndbikwdn, 

(fire- vessel.) 
Steam-sawmill, ishkote-tdshki- 

bodjigan, (fire-sawmill.) 
Steel, manitobiwdbik. I make 

or manufacture steel, nin ma- 

Steel-manufactoring, manitdbi- 

Steel-manufacturer, manitdbi- 


Steel-pen, biwdbiko-mlgwan, oji- 

Steeple. S. Church-steeple. 

Steer, nabe-pijiki. 

Steer ; I steer, nind oddke, nind 
ddikioeam, nind ddikwHge. I 
steer for a certain point, nind 
ind, nind inikweam. I steer 
it, nind oddken I steer it for 
a certain point, nind inikwean. 
I Iielp him in steering, nind 

Steering, oddkewin. 

Steering-paddle, oddk^abwi. 

Steersman, toeddked, oddkdwi- 

Step, takokiwin. I make short 
steps, bebesho nin takoki, or, 
besho nin iatakoki. I make 
long steps, wdwdssa nin tako- 
ki, or, wdssa nin iatakoki. 

Step ; I step, nin takoki. I step 
aside, nind ikogdbaw. I step 
aside, (out of the road,) nin 
bakegdbaw. I step aside to 
give liim room to pass by, nin 
bakegdbawitawa. I step back, 
nind (yegdbaw. I step back 
for him, nin ajegdbawitawa. 1 
step out of the trail in walking, 
nin goshkwetakoki, nin gosh- 

Step-daughter ; my, his step- 
da u g n t e r, nindojimikwetn, 

Step-father; my, thy, his step- 
father, nimishome, kimishome, 

Step-mother; my, thy, his step- 
mother, ninwishe, (ninoshe,) 
kinwishe, onwisheian. 

Step-son ; my, thy, his step-son, 
ninddjim, kidojim, od6jiman. 

Stench, maryimdgoaiwin. 


— 245 — 


■Stern, oddkan. 

Stew ; I stew it, {in., an.) nin 
gihdsan ; nin gihdswa. 

S^^teward, mijinawe. 1 am a 
stev/ard, nin mijinawew. 

^tcwardsWip, mijinatpewiwin 

Stewing oven, gibosigan, gibo- 

Stew-kettle, stew-pot, gibosigan- 

Stick, mitigons. Round stick, 
not split, mis&tig. I chop 
rounu stick, (not splitting 
them,) nin misdtigogainse. — 
Stirring stick, anei'gan. Walk- 
ing-stick, sakaon. 

Stick; I stick it to 8. th., (in., 
an.) nind agdkiwassan ; nind 
agdkiwassa. I stick (it stiks) 
to 8. th., nind agoke ; agdgin. 
It sticks to it by freezmg, 
agoakwadin. It sticks to the 

f round, agwakamigissin,(ago- 
amigiasin.) It sticks to some 

wooden object, agwakossin, 

Stick in ; I stick it in s. th., 

(in., an.) nin paiakissidon, 

nin pataJcidon. 
Sticky ; I have sticky hands, 

nin baasakonindjin. 
Stiff'; it is stiff", (stuff, in., an.) 

tchibatchigad ; ichibatchigiai. 
Stiff' arm, stiff" leg, etc. S. Arm. 

Leg, etc. 
Stifle ; I stifle him, nin gibwand- 

moahkawa. I stifle myself, 

nin gibwandm. 
Stifled ; I am stifled by smoke, 

nin gibwandmoa. (Kipwaba- 

Still, biadn, beka. I am still, 

nin Hadnab, nin biadnia, bi- 
adn nind aia, beka nind aia, 

nin hikddia. It is still, hiad- 

namagad. It ia still, (liquid,) 
biadndgami. It is still, (in a 
place,) biadnate. (Kiydm, 

Still, but Htlil, minoich, dnaun, 
potch. (Ata, maka). 

Still, mitigogad. I walk on 
stilts, nin miiigoqddekaa. 

Sting, (prick ;) I sting him, (her, 
it,) nin patakawa, nin pai- 
chiahkawa ; nin patakaan, 
nin patchiahkan. 

Stinging fly, pingoah. Very 
smalistinging Ay,pingoahena. 

Stink ; I at'ink, nin inanjimdgoa. 
It stinks, manjimdgwad. 
Something stinks to me, nin 
manjimandjige. He, (she, it) 
stinks to me, nin manjimama; 
nin manjimandan. It stinks 
when burnt, (in , an) manji- 
mate; manjimdaao. 

Stir, (riot) ombaaondiwin. — S. 
Stir up. 

Stir or mix ; I stir, nind anSige, 
nin niaaUge. I stir it, nind 
anSan, nin niaaean, nin toani- 
nawean, nind ombw6an. 

Stirrup, nagaaidebiaon, atchiai- 
debiaon bimibaigong, or, tea- 
aabing. (Tabiskuskatchigan). 

Stir up ; I stir up people, nind 
ombdaonge. I stir him up, 
nind ombaaoma, nind dahia. 
We stir up one another, nind 


Stocking, ajigan, miadtigomi- 
daaa, akokomidaaa. I make 
stockings, I knit, nin miaadti- 
gomidaaaike, nind akokomi' 

Stolen object, gimodiwin. 

Stomach, miaaad. (Maskigan). 
The flrst stomach of ruminat 


— 246 — 


ing animals, hebitoasi ; the 
Hecond Htoinach, o^idagimod. 
— A gargling noise ih heard in 
my stomach, nin madwega- 

Stone, assin. Small little Htone, 
assinins, bissdssinins. There 
are Htones, assinika. There 
are little stones, asainiimka, 
hissdsaininsika. On a stone, 
mitdsam, ogiddbik, miidasind- 
bik. There is stone upon stone, 
ogidabikiasin. It is made of 
stone, or paved with stone, 
aaainikdde. There is a foun- 
dation made of stone, aaaini- 
kande. — A flat stone, teaadbik. 
Net-stone, aaaindb. — It looks 
like stone, aaaining iiindgwad. 
— I am stone, (petrined,j nind 

Stone ; I stone, nin babimwda- 
ain. I stone somebody, nin 
bimwdaainaige, I stone him, 
nin bimwdaainaa. 


Stone-Sipu Indian, Aaainibwdn. 

Stone's throw far, eko-debiwebi- 
nind aaain. 

Stool, apabimn. 

Stoop ; I stoop, nin natoetay nin 
jagaahki. I make him stoop, 

Stooped; I am stooped down, 
nin jagaahkiahin. 

Stop! b^ka! (Tcheskwa). 

Stop, (close up ;) I stop it, (in., 
an.) nin gibaan, nin gibiion, 
nin gibakwaan, nin gibdwa, 
nin gibdkwdwa. I stop s. th. 
with my hands, nin gibinind- 
jin. I stop one of mv ears, 
nin ^fUntawdgeodis, mn gibi- 
ahebtnidia. I stop my ears, 
nin gagibitdwaffeodia, nin go- 

aibiahebinidia. I stop one of 
his ears, nin gibitawagewa, 
nin gibiahebina. I stop his 
ears, nin aagibitawdghBa, nin 

Stop, (dwell ;) I stop, nin da. 
Where I stop or dwell, endai- 
dn. Where he stops, enddd. 

Stop, (stand still ;) I stop, nin 
nogi, nin nogigCibaw, nin na- 
gaahka, nin nagata. I stop 
running, nin nogibato. It 
stops, ndgiafikamagad, na- 
aaahkamagad, nogiaae. I stop 
nim, (her, it,) ninnogina, nin 
nogixlikawa ; nin nogiton, nin 
nagiahkan. — I stop, nin biad- 
nao. It stops, biaanabimagad. 
(Nakiw, naltinew). 

Stopped ; I am stopped by a ri- 
ver, nindadagdmagiahin aibi. 
— One of my ears is stopped, 
nin gibitamagi. My ears are 
stopped, n\n gagibitawage. 

Stopper, gibaigan. I put a stop- 
'per in, nin gibaige. 


Store, atdwewigamig. 

Store-house, atdaadwigamig, 
m dwandfiitdaaowigamig . 

Storekeeper, storer, aidwiwi- 

Store up ; I sto re up, nin md- 
wanajitdaa, nind at da a. I 
store up for me, nind aid/maay. 
nind atdmadia. I store it up, 
(in., an.) nind atdaaon ; nind 
atdaaonan. I store it up for 
me, {in,, an.) nind atdmdaon, 
nind atdmddiaon ; nind aid— 
maaonan, nind atdmadiaonan. 

Story, in a house ; there is a 
story, iahpimiaaaqokdde. 

Story, narration dxh i^imowin,. 
babamdd^irt' idddjimo- 


— 247 ~ 


tffin. (Atjimowin). Impure 
indecent story, biahigwddd- 

Stout ; I am stout, nin songddia, 
nin aongis, nin m<»ahkawia. 

Stove, kyabikiaigan. (Piwdbis- 

Straight, gwaiak. 

Straighten; I st., nin gwaiako- 
tcMge. I St. myself, (stand 
up,) nin gtoaiakoia, nin iajwa- 
kota,nin amaiakogahaw, nin 
iaitoakogabaw. I straighten it, 
mn gwaiakoton, nin tajwabi- 

Strain ; I strain, nin jdbogawi- 
tchige. I strain it, nin Jdbo- 
gawiton, ninjabwajigatoiton. 

Strainer, jdbogawitchigan, jdb- 

Strait. S. Narrow. 

Straiten ; I straiten it, {in., an.) 
nind agdsaadeton, nin wibo- 
nan; nind agdaaadea, nin wi- 

Straitened ; it is str., [in., an.) 
unbwa; wibwamagad. 

Straits ; there are straits be- 
tween two lakes, wabigama, 

Strange ! gowengiah ! aahinang- 
toana ! (M&mask&tch !) 

Strange -, I make it in a strange 
manner, nin maidgiton. I put 
it in a strange manner, nin 
maidgiaaiion. I find strange 
what I hear, nin maidgitan. I 
find strange what he is saying, 
nin maiagitaioa. (M A m a s- 
k&tam) . 

Stranger, arriver, visitor,) 6t- 
vnde. (OmAnotew). 

Stranger, (foreigner,) meidgiaid. 
I am a stranger, maidgia, nin 
maiatawia. (Pitusisiw). 

Strangle ; I strangle you with 
my liands, nin gibinewena. 

Strap ; I strap it, nin kaakaski' 

Straw, pakw^jiganaahk. 

Straw-l>ed, straw-pallet, maah- 
koaaiwi-apiahimon, mashkoa' 

Strawberry, odiimin. 
, iitTAw-h&i,maahkoaai-ttnwaktcdn. 

Stream, aibi. 

Strength, maahkdwiaiwin, aaba- 
diatwin. Strength of mind, 
thought, resolution, maahka- 
wmdamowin. — Strength of 
heart, mashkawideewin, aon- 

Strengthen ; I strengthen him^ 
(her, it,) nin aongiaia, nin 
maahkawisia ; nin aongiton, 
nin maahkawiton. 

Stretch ; I stretch it, (in., an) 
ninpapaaadbiginan ; nin pa^ 

Stretch out; I stretch it outy 
(in., an.) nin dajwibikinan ; 
nin dajwebikina. I stretch it 
out in every direction, (in., 
an.) nin jiahibigibidon ; nin 

Strew; I strew, nin biwitoebi- 
nige. I strew it, (tn., an.) ni'n 
biwiwebinan ; nin biwiwebina. 

Strike ; I strike, nin pakiieige. 
I strike him, (her, it,) nin pa- 
kiUwa, (pakamahwew) (nin 
wewepotawa ;) nin pakiUan^ 
I strike myself, ninpakitSodia. 
I strike some object belonging 
to him, nin pakiUoma. — I 
strike him in the face, nin 
baaaingwiwa. I ftt him on the 
mouth, nin baaaidoniwa. 

Strike accidentally; I strike 
him, (her, it) by accident, mr»- 


248 — 


pitaganama. nin pitaganan- 
dan. (Pisttihwew). 

Ai^tring, sagihidjigan, himin&k- 
ivanens, takobidjiaan. Nar- 
row fitting of ieatner, bishd- 

Strip, undress ; I strip, nin gi- 
sikwanaie, nin gisikwanaie- 
binidis. — I strip him, nin gi- 
sikwanaiebina.. (Ketayonise- 

Stripping, gisikwanaiewiiu 

Strive; I strive, nin wikwatchi- 
io, nin oodjiew. (Kulchiw). 

Strong; i am strong, nin mash- 
kawis, nin songadis, nin sa- 
badis, nin scngis, nin kijija- 
wis. It is strong, songan, 
maslikawisimagad, mashka- 
wisnn, kijijawad, songin. 

Strongly, songan, enigok, dpi- 
tchi, Kijija, epitching, kagetin, 
onina, wanina. (Sokki). 

Struggle ; I struggle, nin mimi- 

Strumpet, gagibddjikwe, bishig- 

Stubborn ; I am St., nin mash- 
kawindibi, (my head is hard.) 
I have a stubborn heart, nin 

Stubbornly, awand^ish. (Atji- 

Stu bbornness, mashkawindibe- 
win, mashkawideewin. 

Stuff; one object of stuflf, byig- 
loeg. Two, three, four objects, 
etc., nijweg, nissweg, niweg, 
etc. So many objects of stuff, 
ddssweg. In the middle of 
some stuff, naweg. 

Stuff, I stuff, nin pindashkwe. 
I stuff it, (in., an.) nin phi- 
dashkwadan; nin pinaaah- 

Stumble : I stumble, nin hisosi- 

Stumbling, bi^asideshiwin. 


Stump, kishkanakad. Little 
stump, kishkanakadons. 

Stun ; I tun him, nin giwash- 

Stupid ; I am stupid, nin aagi- 
bddis, nin kopddis, nin kopa- 
denddgos. It is stupid, gagi- 
badaa, kopadad. I make 
him stupid, nin gagibadisia, 
n-n kopadisia, nin gagibaso- 
ma. I use him, (her, it) in a 
stupid and ill manner, nin 
kopddjia; nin kopddjiton. 

Stupidity, gagibddisiwm, kdpd- 

Sturgeon, namS. 

Styx-bridge, kokokajogan. 

Subdue; I subdue him, (her, 
it,) nin wdngawia ; nin wdn- 

Sublime; lam (it is) sublime, 
nin kitchitwdwis, nin kitchit- 
wdwendagos ; kitchitwdwen- 

Succeed; I succeed, (follow,) 
nin ndbishkage, nind anikesh- 
kage, nind oddkeshkam. I 
succeed him, nin nabishkawa, 
nind anikeshkawa, nind odd- 

Succession, ndbishkagewin , 
anikeshkagewin. — In quick 
succession, soon one after 
another, wawaiba, bebesho. 

Suck ; I suck (milk,) nin non, 
nin totoshike. 1 suck too much, 
nin nonishk. I give suck, 
nin nondwass. I give hin) 
suck, nin nona I cease to 


— 249 — 


give him suck, Tiind ishkwfl- 

Suck; I suck, I draw 8. th. in 
iiiv mouth, nin wikwan, nin 
wikwandjige. 1 suck him, 
(her, \\),nin wikwama ; nin 
wikwandan. (Ototamew). 

Suck, 'doctoriiiff ;) I suck, nin 
nibiki. I suck him, nin nibi- 
kana. (Nipiskew). 

Sucker, (Indian doctor,) nibiki- 

Sucker, (fish,) namebin. — 8. 

Sucking, nibikitoin. 

Sucking-horn, wikwandjigan. 

Suck out ; I suck out the sap, 
ninsiwakwe. I suck it out, 
(tn.; an.) nin siwnkwadan ; 
nin siwakwana. 

Sudden, (short, shortly,) kakdm. 

Sudden death, sesika-nibowin, 
kakaminewin, kaidkamisiwin. 

Suddenly, sesika, gesika, tchesi- 
ka ; atchitchikana. 

Suffer; I suflTer, nin kotagita, 
nind animis, nin kotagis, nin 
nanikadia.l suffer in thoughts, 
nin kotagendam, nind ani- 
mendam, nin nanSkadendam. 
I suffer a long time, nin si- 
biskendam. I have to suffer, 
nin kotagenddgos, nind ani- 
menddgos. — I make him, (her, 
it) suffer, nin koiagia, nin ko- 
tagima, nind animisia, nind 
animia, nin nanekadjia ; nin 
kotagiton, nind animiton, nin 
nanekddjiton. I make him 
sufier much by striking him, 
nin wissdgagandma. — fmake 
myself suffer, nin kotagiidis, 
nind animiidis. 

I make myself suffer by it or 
for it, nin nanekddji'ton — I 
suffer with him, 7ttn widjdni- 
misima. (Kwatakittaw). 

Suffer bitterly ; I suffer b., nin 
wissagendam. I make him 
(her, it) suffer b., nin wissa- 
gendamia ; nin wissagenda- 
miton. — I suffer burning, nin 
wissagines, nin wissagakis. I 
make hin» sufl^er by burning 
him, nin wissagakiswa. 

Suffering, kotagitotcin, nnimisi- 
win, kotagendamowiny kotagi- 
siwin, nan4kddisiwin Bitter 
suffering, wissngendamowin. 
Suffering from burning, toia- 
saginesiwin. Suffering receiv- 
ed from 8omebo(ly, kotagiigo- 
win. — Long suffering, sibis- 
kendamowln. — It. causes suf- 
fi^ring, kotagendogwad, kota- 

Siiffer, permit ; I suffer it, nin 

Suffice ; it suffices, debisse, df,- 

Sufficiency, debisiwin. 

Sufficient*; I am (it is) suf., nin 
debisse ; dehiss6magad. I am 
(it is) not suf., nin nonddsse, 
nin nondeshin ; nondesseina- 
gad, nondessin. We are in a 
sufficient number, nin de-du- 
shimin. It is suff., in a suff. 
number or quantity, de-das- 

Sugar, sisibdkwat. Brown sugar, 
sibwdgani sisibdhicai. I make 
sugar, nin sisibdhcatoke, nind 

Sugar-bush, sugar-camp, sisi- 
bdkwatokdn, tskigamisagan. 

Sugar-cane, sibwdgan. 



— 260 


Sugar*inaking, siaibdkwatoke- 
toiny isHgamisigewin. 

Sugar>making woman, iskiga- 

Sugar-water, (maple-sap,) sisi- 

Suicide, nessidisod, netodwiiaw. 

Sulky ; I am sulky, nin babi- 

Sulph ur, osdwi-makate. 

Summer, nibin. It is summer, 
nibin, nibinakamiga. In sum- 
mer, nibing ; ndbingin. The 
summer is far advanced, ish- 
pinibin. After the middle of 
the summer, giwenibin Last 
summer, nibinong. The sum- 
mer before last, awassnibi- 
nong. Next summer, pdnima 
nibing. It. is a cool summer, 
takinibin. II is a warm sum- 
mer, kydte. 

Summer ; I summer somewhere, 
nin nibinish. It summers, ni- 
binishimagad. I summer 
with him, I spend the suni- 
mer with him somewhere, nin 

Summering, (spending the sum- 
mer-season,) nibinishiwin. 

Summer-skin, summer-fur, ni- 

Summit, wanakowin. There is 
a summit, wanakowiwan. It 
is the summit of a mountain 
or hill, gakadina. I arrive 
at the summit of a mountain 
or hill, nin gyamddjiwe. 

8\in,gisisa. (Pisim). The sun 
rises, mogisse gisisa, mokaan 
gisiss. (SAkastew). The sun 
comes out of the clouds, «d- 
gassigegiHsa. The sun shines, 
wdsaeidange, or sdgate gisiga. 

The sun is brilliant, wdssesi 
aisiss. The sun is red, mis- 
kwassiae gisiss. The sun has 
a circle, winibassige gisiss. 
The sun is darkened, tibika- 
bamindgosi gisiss. The sun 
Beta, pangishimo gisiss. 

Sun-burnt ; I am s., nin maka- 

Sunday, anamUgijigad, anwe- 

Sun-dial, dibaigisisswdn. 

Sundry, andtch, wiiagi. 

Sunflower, bassitdgan, missiid- 

Super'^iCially, mamanj, ogidjina. 

Superior, nagdnisid, nigdnisim. 
I am a superior, nin nigdnis. 
I am considered superior, nin 
nigdnendagos. I make him 
a superior, nin nigdnisia. 

Superiority, nigdnisiwin, ogi- 

Supernatural warning or com- 
munication, windamdgosimn. 
I receive a sup. warn., nin 

Supernumerary ; I am sup., 
nind aniwisse. It is s u p. ,^ 

Superstitious person, andtch 
gego daidbwetang. 

Supper, ond^oshi-wissinimn. 

Supplant ; I supplant him» 
make him fall, nind oniwish- 
tawa, nin bosogewoy nin bid- 

Support, (care,) bamiiwewin, 
bamiidiwin. Support of one's 
self, kamiidisowin, bamiko^ 

Support, (care ;) I support, nin 
oamiiwe. I support nim, (her,, 
it,) nin bamia ; nin bamiton. 


251 — 


I support myself, nin bamii- 
dis, nin hamikodadis. 

8up_port, (hold up ;) I support 
nim, (her, it,) nin ashidakwa- 
wa, nind ashidakwaan. I sup- 
port him with my hands, nind 
asswana, nind asswawa. 

Suppose ; I suppose, nind inen- 
aam. I suppose to be him, 
nind awenima. 

Supposing, kishpin. 

Supposition, inendamowin. 

Suie, to be sure, aningwana, e 
nange ka, angwdmass. (Tchi- 

Sure ; I am sure, nin pakaken- 
dam. I am sure of it, nin 
pakakenddn. I make it sure, 
nin wawingeton. (Ketchina- 

Surely, abidekamig, gwaiak. 

Surf; the surf is beating on a 
shallow place in the lake, 
bagwashka. The surf beats 
against the shore and returns, 

Surface ; on the surface, ogid- 
jaii, ogidjina ; ogidakamig ; 
(under ground, andmakamig.) 

Surpass ; I surpass, nind ini- 
toiiwe ; nin pakinage, nind 
enimaowe. i surpass him, 
{beat him,) nin pakinawa, 
nind aniwia, nind aniwishka- 
toa, nind enimia. I surpass 
him in a canoe, nind enimd- 
wa. I surpass him running 
or walking, nind enimishkawa. 
I sur. it, nind aniwiton, nind 
aniicishkan. (Paskiyawew). 

Surprise ; I surprise him, tiin 
goshkoa. (Sisikutchihew). I 
surprise him by my coming, 

nin ichissikawa. iWiskawa' 

Surprised ; I am surprised, nin 
goshkoka, nin mamakaden- 
dam. I am sur. in thoughts, 
nin goskkwendam^nin goshko- 
nawes. (Sisikuteyittam). 

Surround ; we surround him 
sitting, nin giwiiabitawanan ; 
we surround him standing, 
nin giwitagabawitawanan. It 
surrounds me, nin giwitash- 

Surroundei ; I am (it is) sur., 
nin giwitagdbawiidgo ; giwi- 

Survey, dibaabiwin. 

Survey ; I survey, nin dibaaki. 

Surveyor, geometer, dibaakiwi- 

Survive ; I survive, nin ish- 
kwae, (ishkone.) I survive the 
night, nin wdbaa. I don't sur- 
vive the night, nin nond6ia- 
ban. I survive the winter, nin 
wdbanish. I don't survive Ihe 
winter, 7iin nondeiabanish. 

Suspect ; I suspect, nind ana- 
minge. I suspect him, (her, 
it,) in thoughts, nind andme- 
nima ; nind andmendan. I 
suspect him, (her,it) and ex- 
press it in wordsy andmima ; 
nind andminddn. 

Suspect, (mistrust ;) I suspect, 
nin monedam. I sus. him, 
(her, it,) nin monenima ; nin 
monendan. (Moyeyimew). 

Suspenders, used by men, da- 
Joiawebison ; used by squaws, 

Suspicion, andmingewin, ana- 
mindiwin. I have suspicion, 
nind anaminge. We have sus' 




— 252 -^ 


picion against each other, 

nind andmindimin. 
Swallow, (bird,) jaahdwanibissi. 

Swallow ; I swallow, nin gon- 

djige. I swallow him, (lier, 

it,) nin gond, nin nigwama; 

nin gonaan, nin n6gwandan. 

I swallow a little of it to taste 

it. {in.y an.) nin gdtandan ; 

nin gotama. 
Swallowed ; it is sw., (in., an.) 

gondjigade ; gondjigaso. 
Swamp, wdbanhkikiy mashkig. 

In the middle of a swamp, na- 

Swan, wdhisi. Young swan, 

wdbisins. A kind of small 

swan, mandbiM' 
Swanskin, (sort flannel,) wdbi- 

gin bebigwatagak. 
Swan's potato, wdbisipiii. 
Sward, KokosJiiwajagam. 
Swarthy ; I am swarthy, nin 

Swathe ; i swathe him, nin titi- 

Swathed ; I am sw., nin liiibi- 

Swear ; I swear, nin mashkawi- 

gijwe. I swear by his name, 

nin dagowina. I swear by it, 

nin dagowindan. ( K i t c h i- 

Swearing, oath, mashkawigij- 

Sweat, abwesowin. 
Sweat ; I sweat, nind dbwess. I 

sweat working, nind abweta. 

I sweat blooil, nin niiskwidb- 

wes. — My feet are sweating, 

nind dbwSside. My hands are 

sw., nin dbweninaji. 
Sweep; I sweep, nin tchiga- 

taige,nin ichiahataige. I 
sweep it, nin tchigataan, nin 

Sweet ; it is sweet, (in., an.) 
wishkobad ; m»AA:o6m (Wik- 
kitisiw, wikkasin). It is sweet, 
(liquid,) wishkobagami. It is 
sweet, (meat, in., an.) toishko- 
biwagad; wiahkobiwagisi, 

Sweetcake, washkobisid paktce- 
jigan toashkobidjigasod pak- 
wejigan, (weet bread, sweeten- 
ed bread.) 

Sweet corn, wiskobimin. 

Swell ; I swell up, nin ombaog. 

Swelling, bdgishiwin. The swell- 
ing ceat*eri or abates, niwaan. 
My swelling decreases, nin 

Swept ; it is i-wept, ichigatai- 
gade, tchishataigade. 

Swim ; T swim, nin bimddaga. 
(Ydyfti.. M). I can swim, 1 
swim well, nin nitdwadaga. I 
swim about, nin babdmadaga. 
I swim there, nind inddaga. I 
swim to the shore, nind ag- 
wdiadaf/a. I swim to t ll e 
other side of a river, etc., nind 

Swumnev, oemddagad. A good 
swimmer, netdwadaaad. 

Swine, kokosh, kokosnag. 

Swineherd, genawenimad koko- 

Swing, webison, webisovnn, we- 

Swing ; I swin^ myself, nin we- 
toebis. I swing him, nin we- 

Swinging, wew^bisowin. 

Swollen ; I am swollen, nm bd- 
gish, nin bodaahka. (Pukipa- 


— 253 — 


yiw). It is swollen, bdgissin. 

My belly is swollen, nin bo- 

Swoo!), wanimikamwin. 
Swoon ; I swoon, faint, nin wa- 

nimikaw, nin wanendama. S. 

Faint. Fainting. (Wanikiski- 

Sword, ajaweshk. Little sword 

or dagger, ajatoeshkons. (Shi- 

Synagogue, mawandiwigamig, 

Syringe, pindabdioadjigan, sigir 

namdmwin. Little syringe, 

bobogidjibigaigan . 
Syringe ; I syringe him, ninpin- 

dabdwana, nin siginamdwa. 


. ') 

■ 1 4 

' 1 1 

Ilk *'. 




Table, addpotoin. On the table, 
ogi^'adopowin. Under the 
table, anamadopowin. (Mitji- 

Table-cloth, adopowinigin. 

Tabled of the Covenant, nij ies- 
sal ikon. 

Talourer, tabrer, ieweigiwinini. 

Tack, saaaigans. 

Tack ; the vessel tacks about, 
ajawiiassin ndbikwdn. 

Tail, osow. — It has a long tail, 
ginwanowe. It has a short 
tail, takwanowe. It has a 
twisted or curled tail, titiha- 
nowe. It has a white tail, 

Tail of a bird, wanashkid. (Wa- 
taniy). Tail of a small bird, 
bines hi-toanishkid. Tail of a 
large bird, binessi-wanashkid. 

Tail of a cow or ox, pijikitoano. 

Tail of a fish, ojigwan. 

Tailor, gashkigwassowinini. 

Take ; 1 take, nin mamige. I 
take him, (her, it,) nin mamd; 
nin mamdn. I take it from 
him, nin mamawa. I take 
more than 1 ought, nin nan- 
dagenim. — I take before an- 
other does, nin makandoshkor 
mage. I take it before others 
do, nin makandoshkan. I take 
it before he does, nin makan- 
doshkawa, nin makandoshka- 
Take ; I take, nind oddpinige. 

take or accept him, (her, it,) 
nind oddpina; nindoddpinan. 
I take it for me, nind oddpina- 
mddis. I take it or accept it 
from hxrwynind oddpinamdwa. 

Take alon^ : I take him,(her, it) 
along with me, nind ani-gigi- 
sia ; nind ani-gigisin. 

Take away ; I take him, (her, it) 
away, nin mamd, nind mddji- 
na, nind ikona ; nin marnon, 
nin mddjidon, nind ikonan. 

Take care; I take care of him, 
(her, it,) nin bamia, nin gana- 
wenima; nin bamiton, ntn ga- 
nawenddn. I take care of 
myself, nin bamiidis, nin ga- 
natoenindis. — I take too much 
care of him, (I spoil him,) mn 
iessina, nin Ussindwa. I take 
too much care of myself, nin 

Take down; I take him, (her, 
it) down, nin nissendawaa, 
nin pinawa; nin nissadawa- 
tan, nin pinaan. — I take a 
sail down, nin bindkobidjige, 
nin bindkonige. I take the 
sail down, nin bindkonan nin- 

Take, drawing or hauling ; I 
take it, drawing it to me, (in., 
an.) nind oddpibinan, nind 
odapibidon ; nind oddpibina. 

Take from ; I take from tne fire, 
nind agwds hinge. I take from 
the fire what I have cooked. 


— 255 


nind agwdisekwe. I take it 
from tlie fire, {in., an.) nind 
Talte in ; I take him (her, it,) 
in, nin pindiqana ; nin pindi- 
gadon. I take h i in in my 
house, ninpindigana endaidn. 
Take off; I take it oft", [in., an.) 
nin aashkaan, nin gashkdwa. 
I taKe it off (or away) from 
him, nind angotamawa. I take 
off m V hat,mn gitchiwakwane. 
—Take off clothes. S. Strip. 
Takeout; I take him (her, it) 
out, nin sdgidina ; nin sdgisi- 
ton. — I take it out of a canoe, 
etc., {in., an.) nin agwdssiton ; 
nind agwdshima. I take s. th. 
out of nie hand, briskly, nin 
gidiskinindjibina. I take it, 
not briskly, nin gidinkinind- 
jina, nin gidfinindjina. I 
take out of a kettle or pot s. 
th. to eat, nind agwdp. 
Take up ; I take up on a thing, 
nin nabiddige. I take them 
up on a string, {in., an.) nin 
nabidoanan ; nin nabidoag. 
Needle used in taking upon a 
string 8. th., nabidoigan. — I 
take up with a hook, nind ad- 
jigwddjige. I take him (her, 
it) tip with a hook, nind' ad- 
jigwdna ; nind adjigwddaii. 
Take without permission;! 
take without p., nin wdweji- 
kama. I take him (her, it) 
without p., nin wdwijXkamor 
nan ; nin wdw&jikaman. 
Tale, adisdkan, dibddiimowin. 
Decent tale, bindqiimomn. 
Indecent tale, wind^imowin. 
Tale-teller, adiaokemnini. 
Tale-telling, adissokewin. 

Talk ; I talk, nin gigii, nin gd- 
gigit, nin dandnagidon, nin 
gywe. (Pikiskwew, itwew). 

Talkative ; I am talkative, nind 
osdmidon, nind osdminowe- 

Talkativenet^p, asdmidonowin, 

Talking, dandnagidonnwin, gi- 
giiowin, adgigitowin, gijwe- 
win. Talking in a certain 
manner, ijigiiwewin. 

Tall ; I am tall, nin ginds, (I 
am long.) I am so tall, of a 
certain height, nind akos. 

Tallow, masnkawadji-bimide. 

Tamarack, ma.<thkigwdtig . 

Tamborine, tabouret, tabret, 
tewiigan, mitigwakig. 

Tame ; I tame him, (her, it,) nin 
wangawia; nin wangawiton. 
I tame it, (an animal or bird,) 
nind awakana, nind awaki- 
nan. (Nakayahew). 

Tamed ; it is tamed, (in., an.) 
wangawitchigdde ; wangawit- 
chigdso. (Nakatchitchikasow). 

Tamed animal, waiangaicitchi- 
gdsod awessi, mindassiwagan, 
awakdn. I keep a tamed 
animal,mn wawekinaa awessi. 

Tamed bird, awakdn. 

Tan; I tan, I am tanning nind 
a^scke. I tan a skin, [in., an.) 
nind as s 6k ad an ; nind 
ass^kand. (Kesinikuw, kesi- 

Tan-house, assekfwiaamig. 
Tanned ; it is tanned, (in., an.) 

assekdde ; assekdso. 
Tanner, assekiwinini. 
Tanner's trade, tannery, asseke- 

Tantamount, tibishko. 
Tar, nabikwdni pigiw,—S. 






— 256 — 


Target of an archer, bimodjiyan. 

I am Hhootingat a target, nin 

Tarry ; I tarry, wika nin degtci- 

shin, ginwewj nind inind. 
Taste, ipogosiwin. Gootl taste, 

minopogosiwin. Bad taste, 

mangipogosiwin. — I fi n d a 

good taste, nin minopidjige. I 
nd a good taste in it, (in., an.) 
nin minopidan ; nin minopwa. 
It has a good laste, [in., an.) 
minopogwad ; minopogosi. — I 
find a bad taste, nin manji- 
pidjige. I know s. th. by tlie 
taste, nin nissitopidji'ge. I 
know it by the taste, (in., an.) 
nin nissitopidan ; nin nissi- 
topwa. It has an excellent 
taste, (in , an.) wingipogwad; 
wingipogosi. It has a sweet 
taste, [in., an.)wishkohipog- 
wad; wishkobipogosi. It has 
a bitter taste, (in., an) wissa- 
gipogwad ; wisagipogosi. 

Taste ; I taste, nin godgipid- 
jige. I taste it, try it by the 
taste, (in., an.) nin godjipidan; 
nin godjipwa. I taste or eat 
a little of it, (in., an.) nin tan- 
gandan, nin gotanaan ; nin 
tangama, nin gotama. 

Taste; it tastes, it tastes so..., 
(in., an) ipogwad ; ipogosi. 
It tastes salted, (in., an.)jiwi- 
idganipogwad ; jiwitd^anipo- 
gosi. It tac^es raw, (in , an.) 
ashkipogwad; ashkipogosi. I 
find it tastes raw, it tastes 
raw to me, (in., an ) nind ash- 
kipidan ; nind ashkipwa. 

Tatters, wiidgassiiman. 

Tattlers, toesdmidong, neshiwa- 
nddjigywed. I am a tattler. 

nind osdmidon, nin nishiwa- 

TA-vQrn, siginig^wigamig,aahanr 

Tavern-keeper, siginigewinini, 

Tax-gat ner^r ,mawandjitchigewi- 

Tea, (in leaves,) anibish ; tea, 
(ready to drink,) anibishdbo. 
(Nipiya, maskikiwabiiy). 

Teach ; I teach, nin kikinoa- 
mage. I teach him, nin kiki- 
noamawa. I teach myself, nin 
kikinoamadis . We teach each 
other, nin kikinoamadimin. 

Teacher. S. School-teacher. 

Teaching, kikinoamdgewin, ki- 
kinoamdgowin, kikinoamddi- 

Tea-kettle, tea-pot, anibishdbo- 
akikons, jishibakik, jishiba- 

Teal, (duck,) sagatdganishib, 
wewibingwange . 

Tea-spoon, emikwdnens, anibi- 
shabo-emikwd nens. 

Tear, sibingwai. With tears, 
gigisibingwai. (Otchikawd- 
biiiy) I shed a tear, nin pan- 
gigawisibigwe. I shed tears, 
nin maw. (M a t u w) . Tears 
come out of my eyes, nin set- 

Tear ; I tear, nin bigobidjige. I 
tear it, [in., an.) nin bigobi- 
don, nin Mshkibidon, nin bi- 
gashkan; nin biaobina, nin 
kishkibina, nin bigoshkawa. 
(Yayakipitam). I cannot tear 
it (m., an.) nin hvoambidon ; 
nin bwawibina. — I tear his 
eikin,ninbigw<ySina. — ^It tears, 
rends, kishkigisae. 


— 257 


Tear or break ; I tear or break 
it, (tn., an.) nin pakishkan, 
ninpakibidon ; ninpakishka- 
wa, nin pakibina. (Pikupi- 
tam). I tear a net, nin pafci- 
nassabi. It tears (breaks,) 
pakishkamagad, bigoshkama- 

Tear or break by rubbing ; I 
tear (break) it, (in., an.) nin 
pakibodon , nin pakibona. It 
tears by rubbing, (in an.) pa- 
kiboie; pakiboso. 

Tear to pieces ; I tear it to pieces, 
(in., an.) nin nigoshkan, nin 
nandnigoshkan ; nin nigash- 
kawa, nin nananigashkawa. 

Tear with the teeth ; I tear it 
with the teetl), {in., an.) nin 
bigwanddn, nin nandnigan- 
dan; nin bigwama, nin no- 
ndnidama. (rikwaniew). 

Tease ; I tease him, nin migosh- 

Tell ; I tell, nin dibddjim, nin 
tcindamage,nin dibddjimotage. 
I begin to tell, nin mddddjim, 
nin madjiiadjim. I tell him, 
nindina, nin dibadjimotawa, 
nin vnndamawa, nin dibddo- 
damawa. (I tew). We tell each 
other, nind idimin, nin win- 
damadimin. — 1 tell it, nin 
toindamagen nin dibadodan. 
I tell 8. th. in a certain man- 
ner, nind inddjim. I tell s. 
th., of him in a certain man- 
ner, nind inddjima. I tell s. 
th. of myself in a certain man- 
ner, nind inadjindis. I begin 
to tell 8. th. of him. nin mad- 
jiiadjima. I tell of him 
B. th., nin doQimay nin dtb&dr 
jima. I tell s. th. good of him, 
(her, it,) nin mimoAdQima ; nin 

minwddodan. I tell s. th. bad 
of him, (her, it,) nin matchi 
dajima, nin manddjima ; nin 
matchi dajindan. I tell bad 
things, bad reports, nin ma- 
nddjim. I tell bad reports 
about people, nin manadjimo- 
iage I am heard telling bad 
reports, I tell bad reports, nin 
manddjimotdgos. 1 tell de- 
cently, nin winddjim. I tell 
indecently, nin winddjim. I 
come to tell s. th. painful, 
difficult, nin sanagishka, lin 
bi-sanaghthka. I tell difficult 
painful things, niti sdnagitd- 
gos. I come to tell him pain- 
ful things, nin bi-sanagishka- 
wa. I tell .secretly, nin gi 
modddjim. I tell him s. th. 
secretly, nin gimodddjimota- 
wa. I tell the truth, nin 
debwe. I tell the truth of him, 
nin debima. I tell wonderful 
things, queer stories, nin mor- 
makdsitdgns, (I am heard 
with astonishment.) I tell 
tales, nind adisdke. I tell s. 
th. in different places, nin ba- 
bamddjim. I make a mistake 
in telhng s. th., nin wandd- 

Telescope. S. Spyglass. 

Temper. Temperament. S. Good 
temper. Ill temper. 

Temperance, minikwessiwin. 

Temperance-pledge, minikwesai' 

Temperant person, menikwessig. 

Temple, anamiewigamig. 

Temples; I have temples, nin 

Tempt; I tempt, nin aagwMi- 

beningty nin gagtoidtben^ige, 

. ninjobiige, 1 tempt him, nin 

t . ^- 




268 — 


gagwSdibenima, nin gagwid' 
jia^ ninjobittt nin aatchibia. 
1 tempt it, nin jooiton. It 
tempts me, nin jobiigon, nin 
aatchihiigon. (Kakwetchihew, 

aagwidiben^iaemn, gagwedi- 
oenindiwin, jooiigewin . 

Tempted ; I am tempted, nin 
gamoidibenimigoy nin gagwi- 

Tempting object, ^'oWt^otrin. 

Ten, mMldnsvoi ; ktoetch. We 
are ten of U8, nin midddatchi- 
min. There are ten in objects, 

Ten, middsso...., in c o m po a i- 
tions. (Mit&tat). 

Tenacious. S. VincouH. 

Tender, (not used to hardship ;) 
I am tender, nin nishangadis, 
nin ndkis. — The meat is ten- 
der, nokiwagad tciidss. 

Tender, (in. a. in.) 8. Weak, 

Tenderly ; I brin^ him up ten- 
derly, softly, nm nishantfigia. 

Ten each or to each, memiddsa- 
wi. (Mamit4tatK 

Ten every time, memiddtching. 

Tent, papdgiwaianegamig. 

Tenth ; the tenth, eko-middt- 
ching. The tenth time, middt- 

Tenthly, eko-middiching. " 

Ten thousand, middtching mi- 

Ten times, middtching. 

Ten times every time, memiddt- 

Tepid ; it is tepid, a little warm, 
(liquid,) abaahkobite. I make 
it tepid, nind abashkobissdn, 
nina abagamUdn. 

Teoid water, ebctshkobiteg nibi. 

Terror. S. Horror. 

Testimony to condemnation, 6<i- 
tangeurin. 1 give testimony to 
condemnation, nin bdtange. 

Thank ; I thank, nin miawSt' 
chiwiiwe, migweich nind ikkit, 
nin mamoidwe. I thank him, 
nin mamoidwama, nin mig- 
wetchiwia, migweich nind ina. 
1 thank in thoughts, nin 
migwetchiweninge. I thank 
liim in thoughts, inn miawet' 
chenima, mi^etch nina iiU- 
nima (Nanankumew, winak- 

Thankful ; I am thankf , I have 
thankful thoughts, nin ma- 
moiawendam, nin mdmoiawor 
aendam. I am thankful to 
nim, nin mdmoiawenima, nin 
mamoiawagenima. (Nanasku- 

Thankfulness, mamoiawenda- 
m&win, mamoiawagendamo- 

Thanks I 1 thank you i mig- 
netch ! ondjiia ! mndjitdl 

Thanksgiving, migwetchiwiiwe- 
win, mamoidwewin. 

That, aw, awi,ow,iw, iwi. (Eoko). 

That, tchi, tchi'jm. (Kitchi, or, 

Thaw ; it thaws, ningikide. 

Thaw-weather ; it is thaw-wea- 
ther, ningiskodem^igad, aba- 
wa. The thaw-weather comes 
during my voyage, nin nin- 
giskos. (Saskan). 

Thee, ki, kiiaw. 

Theft, gimodiwin. 

Them, these, igiw, inito. (Eoko^ 


— 269 — 


Then, iwapi. (Ekunpi). 

Thence, ima onc^ji, iwidi ondji. 

There, ima, wedi, iiuidi, iweai, 
iwedi nakakeia ; wadiy wadi- 
hi, njiwi. (Kkutei. 

Therefore, mi wendji. (Eokot- 

These here, mrimiV/, og6w ; ma- 
inin,on6w. (Oki). 

They, winawa. (Wiyawaw). 

Thick ; it in thick, {in., an.) 
kipagd; Hpagisi. It is thick: 
Clothing, in., kipngigad ; 
clothing, an., kipagigisi ; W- 
q ti id ,kipagdgami,bassagwdga- 
mi, or pasa^wdgami ; metal, 
in., kipagdhikad ; metal, an., 
kipagdhikisi ; stuff, in. , kipO' 

?abigad; stuff, an., kipagd- 
igisi ; thread, in., mitchahi- 
gad; thread, an., mitchdbi- 

Thick ; I make it thick : Liquid, 
nin kipagdgamiton, nin bas- 
sagwdgnmiton, or, non pasag- 
trdgamiion ; metal, in., nin 
kipagdbikiton ; metal, an, 
nin kipagdbikia. I make 
thick 8. th., (in., an.) nin ki- 
paaiion ; nin kipagia 

Thickly, (near togetJier,) bebe- 
sho. (Kakisiwdk). 

Thickness ; it is of a certain 
thickness or height, apitamor 
gad. The thickness of s. th., 

Thief, gemodinhkid, gimodiwi- 
nini. I am a thief, nin gimd- 
dishk; nin gaqamindji, nin 
wdginindji. A l»ode of thieves, 
gimodiwigamig . 

Thievish ; I am thievish, nin 

Thievish woman, gimodiwikwe. 

Thievishnese, gimodishkiwin. 

Thifijh, obwAma. Mv, thy, his 
thigh, nibwdm, kibwdm, ob- 
wdm. — A part of the thigh, 

Thi^h-(>one, tchingwanigan. 

T h 1 m b 1 e, ganaaiqwdssowin, 

Thin ; it is thin, {in., an.) biba- 
qa ; bibagini. It is thin : A 
lioard, bibaginsaaisi ; liquid, 
jigaagami; metal, in., biba- 
gabikad ; metal, an.,bibagd- 
bih'.'ti , stuff, in. babagigad ; 
stutt", aw., bibagigisi ; wood, 
in., bibagigad ; wood, an,, 
bibagigisi. The floor is thin, 

Thin ; I i^ake it thin, metal, 
in., nin bibagabikia. I make 
it thin by cutting it, {in., an.) 
nin bihagikodan ; nin bibagi- 

Thine, kin. It is thine, (in., an.) 
kin kid aiim; kin kid aiaa. 
(Kiya, kit ayan). 

Thin g, aii. or, keko. Great 
thing, kiichi ait. Little thing, 
aiins. Bad wicked thing, 
aiiwish. (Kekway). 

Think ; I think, nind inendam. 
I think he is (it is) in..., nin 
danenima, nind indanSnima ; 
nin danSndan, nind indandn- 
ddn. I think of him, (her, it,) 
nind in&nima; nind inendan. 
I think mjself..., nindinSnin- 
dis. I think little of him, 
(her, it,) nind agdssmima, nin 
bewenima; nind agdssMddn, 
nin bewendan. — I think it is 
f*o..., nin waweiendam. I think 
ri^ht, niti gwaiakwendam. I 
think wisefy, prudently, nin 
nibwdkadendam . 
Think on ; I think on him, (her, 






'n ; 




— 260 — 


it.) nin mikwSnima ; nin mik- 
wenddn. I think always on 
him, (her, it,) nin bijibenlma, 
nin takwenima, mojag nin 
mikwinima ; nin byibendan, 
nin kyibendan, nin takwen- 
dan, mmag nin mikwendan. I 
think nrnily or stronj^ly on 
him, (her, it,) also, I think he 
(she, it) is strong, nin sonye- 
nima, nin mashkawenima ; 
nin aongendan, nin mashka- 
wendan. I think firmly on 
myself, or, I think myself 
strong, nin mashkawenindin, 
nin aongenindia. I think fre- 
quently on him, (her, it,) nin 
mamikawinan, naningim nin 
mikwenima ; nin mamikawin, 
naningim nin mikwendan. I 
think only on him, (her, it,) 
nin hejigoenima, nin bejigwe- 
nima; nin bejigoendan, nin 
bejigwendan. I think alwayn 
on him (her, it) when abroad, 
nin wake-mamikwenima ; nin 
wake-mamikendan. I think 
always on home, nin wak^- 

Third ; the third, eko-nissing. 
The third time, niasing. 

Thirdly, eko-niaaing. 

Thirst, nibdgwewm, gaakana- 
bdawewin. Ardent thirst, ^isA- 
kaodgwewin. — I suffer thirst. 
S. Thirsty. 

Thirsty ; I am thirsty, I thirst, 
nin nibdgwe, nin gaskanabag- 
we. (Notteydbukwew). I am 
thirsty, dry, nin bengwanam. 
I thirst very much, I suffer 
thirst, nin pakabapoe, nin 
giahkabdgwe. I thirst after 
8. th., nin giahkabdgweweno- 

Thirteen, middaawi aahi niaawi. 
(Mit&tat nistosAb). 

Thirty, niaaimidana. We are 
thirty of us, nin niaaimidana- 
wemtn. There are thirty in. 
object?*, niaaimidanawewan. 

Thirty every time, thirty each 
or to each, neniaaimidana. 

Thirty hundred, (3000) niaaimi- 
dandk. We are 3000 of us, nin 
niaaimVlandkoaimin . There 
are 3000 in. objecta, niaaimida- 

This, this here, this one, aw, 
ow, mabam, waaw ; ow, man- 
dan. (Eoko, awah,oma). 

Thistle, miaaanaahk. 

This way, onddah'vme, onddss 
inakakeia. (Astanute itekke). 

Thorn, mineaaagawanj . (Oka- 

Thorn-fruit, minSaa. 

Thoroughly, wateinge. (Mflmiy- 

Those, those there, igiw, agiwi ; 
iniw, aniw, aniwi. 

Thou, kin, ki, kid, kiiaw. (Kiya), 

Though , miaaawa, miaaawa gaie, 
ano. (Atawiya, ata). 

'£\\o\xg\\i, inendamowin. — Angry 
thought, niahkddendamowin. 
I iiave angnth., nin niahkd- 
dendam. I have angry th. 
towards him, nin niahkenima. 
We have angry th. towards 
one another, tiin niahkddemin- 
dimin. Fair and good th., 
mino inendamowin, onijiahen- 
damowin. I have fair and 
good th., nind onijiakendam, 
nin mino nendam. Impure, 
unchaste th., biahigwddenda- 
mowin. I have impure th., 
nin biahigwddendam, nin bi- 


— 261 



ahiaw/Ulj-inmdam; nin (fiuji- 
bdaeiidam. Proud th., mami- 
nadendamoioin, kiUnintnwin . 
I have proud th., mamhutden- 
dam, nin kitchitiv/iwenindis, 
nin fciienindiM, nin kHhiini. 
Right and just th., tjwaiuk- 
wendamnmn. I have right 
and just thought, nin gwaiak- 
w^dam. Roguinh tli., ma- 
manden.mdendamotcin. I have 
roguish th , nin mamandetttta- 
dendam. Sinful evil th., bato- 
inendamowin, matcki inenda- 
mowin. \ have sinful Avicked 
th., nin batd-inendam, nin 
matcki inendam. Strong th 
or resolution, sonyeikdamowin, 
maskkawendamotpin. I have 
strong th., nin mashkawen- 
dam, nin songendam. I make 
him have strong th., nin 
mashkawendamia, nin sonyen- 
damia. Stut)id, foolish, ab- 
surd, imprucient th., gagiba- 
dendamowin , gagibadj-inenda- 
motpin. I have stupid iinnru- 
dent th., nin gagibadenaam, 
nin gagibadj-inmdam. Wise 
prudfent th., nibwdkadenda- 
mowin, (jagitawendamowin. I 
have wise th., nin nibwdka- 
dendam, nin nibwdka-inen- 
dam, nin aagitawendam. I 
make him nave wise prudent 
th., mn gagitawendamia. 

Thought ; I am (it is) thought, 
destined, nind inenddgos ; 
inendfigwad. I am (it is) 
thought to be in...., nindinda- 
nenadgos ; indanenddgwad. 

Thoughtless ; I am thoughtless, 
frivolous, nin bislnddis. 

Thpusand, middsswdk. We are 
a thousand in number, nin 

middHHwakosimin. There are 
a thousand in. objects, iniddns- 
irdkwadon A thousand each, 
memiddsHwdk. A thousand 
times, middnswdk dunning. 
(Kitchi mitAtatumitanoi. 

Th um I), m>(rhik'hinindj. 

Thunder; thunderltolt, animiki, 
a n im ikig . ( P i y es i w o k ) . 

Thunder ; it thuiidera, animiki- 
ka, unimikiwan. It thunders 
with great noise, adjanima- 
kwaamog {animiki g\ ; pash- 
kikwaamog (animikig). It 
thunders low, 
mog {nnihAkig). iPiyiesiwok 

Thunder-cloud, aniviikmrana- 

Thunder-storm ; theri' i.-< u th. 
kitchi animikiku. 

T h u rs( 1 ay , n iogijigad. 

Thy, ki, kid. 

Thyself, kin igo, kiiair. (Kiya- 

Trash ; I thrash, ni)id apagan- 
daige, nin gitchiminuqaige. I 
thrash it off with a stick, nin 

Trasher, apagandaigewinin i. 

Thrashing, apogandaigewin, 
gitchiminagaigewin . 

Thrashing-floor, apagandaige- 

Thrashing woman, apagandaU 

Thread, assabdb. Small thin 
thread, assabdbins. I make 
thread, nind assabdbike. 
Thread for sewing, nabikwdS' 

Thread ; I thread a needle, nin 
ndbidoan jabonigan . 

Threat, threatening, gagw4se- 




— 262 — 


Threaten ; I threaten, nin gay- 
wesegiwe. I th. him, ningag- 

Three, ninsiri. We are three, 
ni7i nissimin. There are three 
in. objects, nissinon. (Nisto). 

Three, nixso..., in corikpomtions, 
whicli see in the Second Part. 

Three ; he is tliree, three in one, 
nissi. (Niptiw, or, nintweya- 

Three davs ago, kitchi dwasso- 
nago. (iCitchi awassotakusik). 

Three every time, three each or 
to each, nenisuwi. 

Three hundred every time, 300 
each or to each, nenisswdk. 

Three thousand, nissing middss- 
wdk, nusimidandk. 

Three times, umtu^. (Nistwaw). 

Three times every time, three 
times each or to each, n^nis- 

Threshold, kanhkikauokan. 

Throat, gongdgan. '(Kuttagan). 
A big i\\roaX, pikwagondagan. 
— My throat is dry, nin henfj- 
wanam. My th. is large, mn 
mangigondagan. My th. is 
sore, nin gagidjigonewc. My 
th. is swollen, nin bdgigonda- 
gan. — I take him oy the 
throat, nin aagigondaganena, 
I cut his throat, nin ki>ihkig- 
wejwa. I cut my own throat, 
nin kishkigioeJoodis.Hy throat 
is cut, nin k i shkigw e. — It 
comes in my th., nin pindji- 
goneweshkagan . 

Throne, kitcni-ogima-apabiicin, 

Throng ; we throng, nin ninsiko- 

Through, Jibaii. (Sabo). 

Through, (through the means 

of...,) ondji. 
Throw ; I throw, nind apagi- 
tchige, nind apagijiwe. I th. 
him (her, it) somewhere, nind 
apagina, nind >.pagitan, nind 
apagiton. I th. myself some- 
where, nind apagis. I th. it to 
liim or for him, nind apagi- 
tawa, nind apagitamatoa. We 
throw s. th. to each other, 
nind apagitddimin. We throw 
ourselves together somewhere, 
nind apdidimin. I th. myself 
so Home place, nind apdiais. — 
i th. it to such a distance, (in., 
aw.) nin debinan ; nin debina. 
Throw about ; I throw about, 
nin naswiwebinige, nin bivoi- 
webinige. I th. it about, (in., 
an.) nin saswewebinan, nin 
biwiwebinan ; nin sasw6webi- 
na, nin biwiwebina. 
Throw aside ; I throw aside, 
nind ikowebinige, nin bakewe- 
binige. I th. him (her, it) 
aside, nind ikowebina, nind 
bakewebina ; nind ikowebinan, 
nin bakewebinan. 
Throw away ; I throw away, 
nin webinige. I th. him (her, 
It) SLWuy , nin webina ; nin we- 
binan. I throw away s. th. 
relating to him, nin webina- 
mawa. I th. him (her, it) 
away, pushing, nind gdnd- 
iwebina ; nin gdndjiwebinan. 
Throw down ; I throw down, 
nin nis.nv)ebinige, nindapaga- 
sikage. I throw him dowa, 
nin webishima, niu nissibewi- 
na, nind apagasikawa, nin 
pakiteoshima, nin pakitSako- 
shima.. I th. him down, bit- 



— 263 — 


inshiin, nin gawamd. I throw 
it down ; nin nisxiwebinan, nin 
pakiteossidon. — It throws me 
dowti, nin webinhimiyon, nind 
apagasikagon, nin pakiieo- 
snimigon. — The waves throw 
me down, nin gawiwehaog . 

Throw in ; I throw him (her, it) 
in, nin pindigewebina, nin 
pindjwebina ; nin pindi^etce- 
Oinan. I th. him (her, it) in 
the water, nin bakobn'^ebina ; 
nin bakobiwebinan. I throw 
myself in the water, nin takn- 
hiwebinidis. I th. him (her. 
it) in a canoe, etc., nin 16s- 
webina ; nin boswebinan. 

Throw oft'; he throws oft' nis 
horns, biniwine. 

Throw out ; I throw out, nin sd- 
gidjiwebinige. I th. him (her, 
it) out, nin mgidjiwebina, nin 

?itchiwebina ; nin sdgidjiwe- 
inan, nin giichiwebinan, nin 
sdgidjiwebishkan. I th. him 
(her, it) out of the canoe, 
ashore, nind agwdwebind ; 
nind agwdwebinan. I throw 
the water out of a canoe or 
boat, nin gwakwapige. A ves- 
sel to throw the water out, 
gwakwapigan. (Kwdpahigan). 

Throw stones ; I throw a stone, 
nin bimwdssin. I throw 
stoneft. ni: habimwdssin. — S. 
I stone 

ThriyW upon ; I throw it uiwn 
\u\,i, nind apagadjisaitawa, 
nind apagadUtinitamawa. 1 
throw myself upon him, nind 

Throwing away, loebinigewin. 

Thrown ; I am (it is) thrown 
somewhere, nind apagitchi- 
go-t ; apagitchigdde. 

Thrown about ; it is th. about, 
(in., an.) biwiwebinigdde, sas- 
wrbinigdde ; biwiwebinigdso, 

Thrown aside; I am (it is) 
thrown aside, nind ikowebmi- 
gas; ikowebinigdde. 

Thrown away. S. Rejected. 

Th row II down; I am (it i.s) 
thrown down, nin toebishimi- 
go, nin nissiwebinigas ; nissi- 

Thrown in; lam (it is) th. in., 
nin pindjwebinigas ; pindjwe- 
binigdde. I am (it is) thrown 
in a canoe, etc., nin boswebi- 
nig as ; boswebinigdde. 

Thrown out ; I am (it is) th. out, 
nin sdgidjiwebinigas ; sdgid- 

Thrush, (bird,) opitchi. 

Thrust away ; I tlirust him (her, 
it) away ; nind ikngandina, 
nin gonivdwa ; nind ikogan- 
dinan, nin gongtnaan. 

Thrust back ; I thrust him (her, 
it) i^ack, nind ajegandina ; 
nind ajegandinan. 

Thrust in ; I thrust it in, {in., 
an.) nin gdndinan, nin pinaan 
nin jegonan ; nin gandina., 
nin pindwa, nin jegona. I 
thrust it in for him or to him, 
nin pinaamawa, nin gandina- 
mawa. I thrust a splinter in 
my hand, nin jegonindjidjin ; 
in my toot, nin je.gosidedjin ; 
under my nail, nin jegoahkan- 
jidjin ; i n any part o f m y 
body, nin ^vgossagxeedjin. 

Thrust in (in", s. in.) S. Stick 
in. Put in. Press down. 

Thrast throu^'h ; I thrust it 
through, {in., an.) nin jabo- 
gandinan, ninjdbwakonsidon ; 




— 264 - 


nin jdbogandina, nin j/ibone- 

Tick or tike, esiga. 

Tickle ; I tickle, nin ginagini- 
we. f tickle him, ninginngi- 
na, ginagidjina. I tickle his 
eare, nin ginagitawagebina. 

Tickliijg, ginagisiwin, ginagini- 

Ticklish; I am t., ninginagis, 
nin ginagidji. 

Tide ; it is the flowing tide, 
moshkagami nibi. It ip the 
ebbing tide, odaskimagad nibi. 

Tidings. S. News. 

Tie, takobinigowin. 

Tie ; I tie, nin takobinige, nin 
takobidjige. I tie him, (her, 
it,) nin takoi/ina ; nin takobi- 
don. I tie it to him or for 
h'lm, nin takobidawn, nin ta- 
kobidamawn. I tie him (her, 
it) in a certain manner, nind 
inapina ; nind inapidon. I 
tie a bow, nin biskaodon, nin 
biswaodon ; nin biskaona, nin 
biswaona. I tie it with a knot, 
I tie it down, {in., an.) nin 
gashkaodon, nind apiiaodon ; 
nin gashkaona, nindapiiaona. 
I tie one string "to another, to 
lengthen it, nind anikobidon. 
I tie it in different places, [in., 
an.) nin sassagibidon ; nin 

Tie tight; I tie tight, strongly, 
nin mashkawapidjige. I tie 
him (her, it) tight, nin mash- 

■ kawapina; nin mashkawapi- 

Tie together : I tie them toge- 
ther, (an., in) nin mamdwa- 
finng ; nin mamdwapidonan. 
tie two, three, etc. together, 
(an., i',1.) nin nijobinag, nin 

nissdbinag; nin nijobidonan, 
nin nissdoidonan, etc. I tie so 
many together, (an., in.) das- 
Hobinag ; nin da^sobidonan. 

Tie np ; I tie it up in s. th. (in., 
an.) nin kanhkibidon ; nin 
kashkibina. I tie up my head, 
nin sinsokwebis. I tie up his 
head, nin ninsokwebina. 

Till, binish, naidnj, nandnj. 

Till; I till or cultivate the 
ground, nin kiiige. 

Tillage, kitigewin. 

Time ; a certain length of time, 
ndmag. All the tmie, apine, 
kaginig. At the time, iwapi. 
At the same time, baietoj, oe- 
kish. (Kisik). For a time, 
gomd niinik. From time to 
time, aidpi, ndningoiinong, 
7iiinassak. Some time, goma- 
pi. (Aekaw). 

Time ; I have no time, t'^>"l 
ondamita, nind ondamis. 

Time, lose time ; I loFe timt b_) 
drinking, nind ondamibi. I 
nuike {)eople lose time by 
talking to them, nind onda- 
mitdgos I make him lodC 
time by talking to him, nind 

Timid, (bashfnl ;) I am timid, 
nind agatchishk, nind agat- 
chiwadts, nind agatcJiitcis. 

Timid, (easily frightened ;) I am 
timid, nin gagtoeshis, nin go- 
shiweshk, nin gotdnis, nin go- 
tddjishk, nin idgodee. 

Timidity, bashfulness, agat- 
chishkiwin , agate hiwddisiwin, 
agate hiwisiwin. 

Timidity, fear, goshiweshkiwin, 
jdgo ieewin , gagtcis h isiwin . 


— 265 — 


Tin, wdbdbik. 

Tinder, sagatdgan. 

Tinele ; it tingles in my ears, 
mn bibdgishe. 

Tin-kettle, wdbdkik, wdbdbik- 

Tippler, menikweshkid. 

Tippling, minikweshkiwin. 

Tipj. I ing-house, minikwewigar 
mig^ siginigewigamig. 

Tij^^sy ; 1 am' tipsy, nin jowibi. 

Tipioc ; I stancl on tiptoe, nin 

Tire ; I tire myself, nin aiekoi- 
dis. I tire liim, nind aiiko- 
sia, nind aiikwia, nind akosh- 
kawa. I tire it, nind aiekosi- 
ion. It tires u\e, nind akosh- 
kdgon. — I tire myselftraveling 
about, nin babd-akoshka. 

Tired ; I am tired, nind aiekus, 
nind akoshkos. I feel tired in 
my arms, nind aiekonike ; in 
my legs, nind ai^kogdde. 1 ani 
tired of carrying, nindaiek- 
wiwi, nind ishkiwi; of lying 
down, »•>'• d ishkishin ; of sit- 
ting, nind ishkwab. I am tir- 
ed from working hard, nind 
akvoiwi, nin pikikiwe, ninpi- 
kiiciweia. I look tired, ntnd 

Tired, disgiisted ; I am tired of 
8, th., nin jigadendam. I am 
tired of him, (her, it,) nin ji- 
gadenima; nin jigadenddn. I 
am tired of telling the same 
thing so often, nin jigaddna- 

S'don. I am tired of waiting 
r him, ninjigadjibia. I am 
tired of walking, ninjigadosse. 
I am tired of writing, nin ji- 
Tiredness, aiikosiwin. Tired- 

ness, (disgust,) jigr,dendamO' 

Tithes, church-tithes, anamie- 
pagidinigan I pay my tithes 
to i"-.3 church and clergy ,nm(i 

Title of concfemnation, ondenin' 

To, tchi, tchiwh. 

Toad, omakaki, babignmakaki. 
A kind of very big toad, tende. 

Tobacco, assema. 7Tchiatema). 
I manufacture tobacco, nind 
assemdke. Roll of tobacco, 
wijinawassema. This tobacco 
is fresh , tipabagitti aw assema. 
I have no tobacco to sujoRe, 
nin manepwa. Want of to- 
bacco, manepwdwin. 

Tobacco-box, assema-makak. 

Tobacco-juice, apassagokidjdiu 

Tohacco-manufactory, assema- 

Tobacco-manufacturer, asseind- 

Tobacco-pouch , kishkibitdgan. 

To-day, nongom, nongom giji- 
gak. (Anotch). 

Toe, kinakwanisid. The big 
toe, kitchisiddn. I walk with 
my toes turned inside, ninwa- 
wdgaami. I walk with mv 
toes turned outside, nin nana- 
padaami, nin jajdshagaami. 

Together, mdmawi. 

Toil ; I toil, nin kotagiw. 

Tolerably, eniwek. 

Toll-gatherer, mawandjitchige- 

Tomahawk, lodgdkwadons. (Pa- 

To-morrow, wdbang. (Wabaki). 
To-morrow mornmg, lodbang 





. .'1 . 



266 — 


kigijeb. To-morrow nigh t, 
wabang ondgoshig. 

Tongs, takwandjigan. Small 
tongs, (pincer8,) takwandji- 

Tongue, odenaniwama, denaniw. 
My tongue is cut oS,nin kish- 
kidenaniw. (Miteyaniv^. I 
cut his tongue otf, nin kishki- 
denaniwejwa. My tongue is 
swollen, nin bdgidenaniw. I 
show my tongue, nin jibide- 
naniwen, nin sdgidenaniwen. 
I show him the tongue, nin 
sdgidenaniwetawa . 

Tool, anokasowin. 

Too late, babisine, osdm wika. 

Too much, osdm, osdm nibiwa. 
(Osam mistahi.) 

Tooth, wibidama. My, thy, his 
tooth, nibid, kibia, wibid. I 
begin to have teeth, my teeth 
begin to come forth, nin sagd- 
bide. I have teeth, nind owi~ 
bida. I lose my teeth, nin 
bindbide. I am getting other 
t^eth, niiid dnddbide. I pull 
him a tooth out, nin bakwa- 
bidebina. I draw it out with 
the teeth, 7Wh wikwandan. I 
try to draw it out for him 
with the teeth, nin wikwn- 
tchiwikwannamdwa. I draw 
it out for him with the teeth, 
nin wikwandamawa. — I have 
bad teeth, nin manddn- 
bide. I have good teeth, nin 
minwdbide. I have even fine 
teeth, nind ondbide. I have 
tine Hiiiall teeth, nin bissdbide. 

Tooth-ache, dewdbidewin. I 
have tooth-ache, nin dewdbide, 
nind dkosin nibid. 

Tooth-ache medicine, wibida- 

Tooth-pick , iooih-p\cker,nes8(>fj' 

Tooth-pincers, bakwdbidibid- 

Top, wanakowin. There is a 
top, wanakowiwan. The tup 
of a moccasin, agwidaqan. 
The top of the tree is broken, 
kishkanakisi mi tig. (Tak- 
kutch, or, waskitch). 

Top, (boy's play-thing,) town- 
gan. 1 play with a top, nin 

Torch, wdssewdgan. 

Torch-stick, wdsswdganak. 

Torment ; I torment, nin kota- 
aiiwe. I torment him, nin 
kotagia, nin kotagima. I tor- 
ment myself, nin kotagiidia. 
It torments, kotagiiwemagad . 
It torments me, nin kotagii- 

Torn; it is torn, iin., an.) hi- 
goshkamagad, bigobidiigdde, 
nigoshkamagad, kishkihidji- 
gade ; bigoshka, bigobidiiga- 
so, nigoshkawa„ kishkibidji- 
gaso. It is all torn topiecofi, 
nananigoskkamat/ad, diss i- 
b i dj igdd e. — I wear torn 
clothes, nin bigokwanaie. 

Tornado, missihtssidos.n. 

Tortoise, mishih'. Another 
kind, tetebikinak. — S. Turtle. 

Tortoise's shell or shield, mishi- 

Tossed ; I am tossed about in <a 
canoe or vessel, nin kotagiwe- 

Toucl'i ; I touch him, (her, it) 
nin tdngina; nin tdnginan. 
( Sam i new). I touch my sell, 
nin tdnginidis, nin tdtMina- 
madis. I don't daretouchliim, 
(her, it,) or touch indecently, 


— 267 — 


nin mandianginay nin mand- 
dina, nin manddjibina ; nin 
mandtanginan, nin manddi- 
nauy nin manddjihidon. I 
touch myself indecently, nin 
manddinidis. I touch him in 
a stealthy manner, nin gi- 
miwina, gimodj nin tdngina. 
I touch s. th. relating to him, 
nin tdnginamawa. We touch 
one another, nin tanginidimin. 
— I make it touch s. th., nin 
tdngissiton. — It touches the 
bottom, bdgwissia. 

Tough ; it is tough, (in., an.) 
jioan ; jibiai. It is tough or 
durable, iihissin. The wood 
is tough, mashkassissogad 

Towel, hisinincUagan. 

Town, odena. it is a town, or 
there is a town, odmdwan. A 
large town or city, kitchi ode- 
TM. A small town or village, 

Track, (footstep,) okdwimn, 
bimikawewin. There are 
tracks, bimikawade, okawi- 
uade. There are my tracks, 
win bimikawe. My tracks are 
visible on the road, nind okaw. 
The tracks of both my feet 
appear, nind ojisiaekawe. 
(Ayetiskiw, namettaw). There 
are tracks on the road or trail, 
okawamo mikana. I see the 
tracks on the road, nind oka- 
vyiton mikana. — I leave large 
tracks behind me walking, 
nin mangishkam, nin mamdn- 
gishkan\ I leave small tracks 
behind me, nin biwishkam, 
nin babiwishkam. I lose the 
track, nin toanaac^ige. — I ar- 

rive to his track, nin midjaa- 
na. (Matahew). I see his track, 
nind okawia. — The track of 
the pen is visible, it appears 
well, (that is, the ink is black,) 
okawissin ojibiigandbo. 

Trade, annkiwin, inanokiwin. 

Trade, (commerce,) atdwewin, 

Trrde; I trade, nind atdwe. I 
trade with^him, nind atdwa- 

Trader, atdwewimni. 

Tradesman, anokiwinini. 

Trading, (commerce,) atdwewin, 

Trading-house, store, atawewi- 

Trading-license, atdw^-masinai- 

Tradition , aidnike-dibddtimo- 
win, ajedibddjimomn. (Thris- 
tian Tradition, anamie-aid- 
nike-dibddjimowin. (Aianike, 
dnike, signities the same.) 

Trail, mikand, mikan. I make 
a trail, nin mikandke. I make 
a trail for him, nin mikandka- 
wa. The trail comes from...., 
ondamo mikana. The trail 
jroes to..., inamo mikana. The 
trail is narrow, aqaasddemo 
mikana. The trail is wide, 
mangademn mikana. — I lose 
the trail, nin wanaadon mika- 
na. — I can go everywhere 
without a tran, nin mitdwa- 

Tranquillity, bisdnimwin, bekd- 
disiwin, hisdnabiwin, binfinii- 
wewin, wanakiwin. (Kiyame- 

Tranquillity of heart, wanaki- 
wideewin. (Kiy Amitehe^vin i . 

' 1* 


— 268 — 


Transcribe ; I transcribe, nind 
andjibiige. I tr. it, nind and- 

Transcript, and^ihiigan. 

Transfiguration andjinagwiidi- 
sowin, andjindgosiwin. 

Transfiguration of Jesus Christ, 
Jesus od andjindgosiwin. 

Transfigure ; I transfigure my- 
self, nind andjindgwiidis, 
nind andjindgwi. 

Transform ; I transform myself, 
nind dwiidis. 

Tranfe-grens ; I tr. a command- 
ment, nin bigobidon gaaasou- 
gewin, (I break a command- 

Translate ; I translate, (writing,) 
nind anikanoiahiige. I trans- 
late it. (writing,) nind anika- 

Translation, (written,) anikano- 
tabiigan, anikanotabiiaewin. 

Transi ator, anikanotabiigewi- 

Transparent, (thin ;) it is trans- 
parent, iibawasae, jibdwassei- 
gdde, jibdte, jibawdsso. 

Tr&nai)&Tci\i Htuffjibdwdssdigin. 

Trap, dassonagan. (Wanihigan). 
I set a trap, nind ombaan das- 
sonagan. I set him a trap, 
nind oniamawa. I make traps 
in the woods, nind oniige. 
(Wanihikew). I open a trap, 
nin tawanobidon dassonagan. I 
go to my traps, nin nddasso- 
nagane. I miss him in my 
trap, nin banikona. I avoid 
or escape a trap or snare, nin 

Trap; I trap him, (I catch him 
in a trap,) nin dassona. 

Trapped ; l[ojx\ trapped, nin 


Travel, babdmddisiwin, mddd- 
disiwin. Travel by water, not 
saiVingybimishkdwin ; sailing, 

Travel ; I travel, nin bab&ma- 
dis, nin madddi^. I travel by 
water, not sailing, nin bimish- 
kd; sailing, nm Wm^sA. 

Traveler, bebdmddisid. 

Traveling axe, babamadisi-wd- 

Traverse, nimindgan. 

Traverse-Island, Nimindgami- 

Tread ; I tread, nin takoki. I 
tread into dirt, nin jijokam. 
I tread hard on the floor, nin 
iiigos.Hagishkan. I tread on 
lis toes, nin tagosideshkawa. 
I tread upon him, (her, it,) 
nin takokdnd ; nin takokdddn. 

Tread out ; I tread out s. th., 
nin mimigoshkan, nin gitchi- 
minagishkam. I tread it out. 
(in., an.) nin mimigoshkdn, 
nin gitchiminagishkan ; nin 
mimigoshkawa, nin gitchimi- 

Treasure, danitvin, kitchi dani- 
toin, dibendassowin. I lay up 
a treasure, nind atamddis,nin 
ndwandonamdsy nin \ndwan- 

Treat ; I treat him, nin dodawa. 
I treat (her, it) well, nin mine 
dodawa ; nin mino dodan. I 
treat him (her, it) ill, nin ma- 
tchi dodawa, nind dbindjia, 
nin nanSkadjia, nin nishkina- 
wa ; nin matchi dodan, nind 
abindjiton, nin nandkac^iton. 
I treat him too ill, nind osd- 

Tree, mitig. Tree with the roots, 
pakwdnj- The tree has roots, 


— 269 — 



oichihikawi mitig. At the top 
or head of a tree, wanakong. 
— The tree begins to bud, s&- 
ganimikwi mitig, or sdgini- 
mikwi. The tree if getting 
new leaves, sdgihagisi mitig. 

The tree has young shoots, sa- 
gibimagisi mitig. The tree is 
in h\oon\,wahigoni mitig. The 
tree has brandies, wadtkwani 
mitig, or sdgidikwanaaisi. 
The tree has many branches, 
babakedikwanagisi mitig. — 
The tree is blazed, wassak- 
waigaso mitig. The tree bends 
by the wind, jashawabaski 
mitig. The tree is broken by 
the wind, makdkosi mitig. 
There are trees blown down, 
wessean. The tree cracks or 
splits by cold, pdshkakwadji 
mitig. The tree is crooked, 
wdwashkakosi mitig. The 
liead oi top of the tree is 
crooked, lodganakisi mitig. 
The tree is dry, mishiwdtigo- 
wi mitig. The tree is hollow, 
wimbinikisi mitig. The tree 
is atr&ighi, I >ndkosi7nitig. The 
tree is whitish, wdbdkosi mi- 
tig. There is a number of 
trees standing together, bik- 
wdwa, mindkwa. 

Trial, godjiewisiwin. I make 
him suffer for a trial, nin god- 
ji-kotagia, nin gagwedji-kota- 

Tribunal, dibakoniwe-a^abiwin, 

Trifle wegotogwemsh. Trifles, 
tr' gassiiman. 

Trigger, nassaienigan. I pull 
the trigger, nin nassatenige. 

Trinity, Nesso-bejigod Kije-Ma- 

Trodden upon ; I am (it is) trod- 
den upon, nin takokadjigas ; 

Troop; the beasts are together 
by troops, bimawanidiwag 
aw4ssiiag. The birds are to- 
gether by troops, bimaamog 

Trouble, ka^hkendamowin, ko- 
tagisiwin, nishiwanadakami- 
giaiwin. Trouble of mi rid, /«- 
shiwanadendamowin , wanish- 
kweiendamowin. I a m i n 
trouble, nin kashkeudam, nin 
kotagis. 1 am in trouble of 
mind, nin nishiwanadendam. 
I cause him trouble, nin kash- 
kendamia, nin nisfiiwanaden- 
damia. I make or cause trou- 
ble, nin nifthiwanadakamigis, 
nin mshiwanadjiiwc. I cause 
trouble with my words, nin 

Trouble, noise; there is trouble 
and noine, odjanimakamigad. 
I cause trouble and noise, 
n i n d odjanimakamigis. I 
speak with much trouble and 
noise, nind odjanlmitagos, 
nind odjanimioewidam. I 
cause him flier, it) trouble, 
nind odjanimia. 

Trouble ; 1 trouble him, molest 
him, nin migoshkddjia. It 
troubles me, nin migoshkdd- 
jiigon, nin migoshkddji-aia- 
wigon. I trouble him asking 
him for s. ili., nind mdnjomo- 
tawa. I trouble or molest 
with my words, nin migosh- 
kdsitdgos. I trouble him with 
my words, nin migoslikdsoma, 
ninwanishkwea, nin wanish- 
kwema, nin wiiagiskima. 


. I-; -i 'j 

■i^ I 



-270 — 


Trouble of heart, kashkendami- 
deewin, migoshkddjideemn. 

TroubleHome ; I am tr., nin mi- 
goshkddis, nin waniahkwes, 
nind o^animiiwe, nin miyosh- 
kddenddgos, nin wiiagisken- 
ddgos, nin sanagis. 

TrouDlesonienesH, migoshkddi- 
siwin , vniagiskenaayosiwin , 

Trough, atoban, wifisiniwdgan. 
I make a trough, nind atoba- 

Trout, namegoss. There are 
trout, nameyossika. Place 
where there are trout, name- 

Trout-bone, namegossigan. 

Trowel, joshkwabiganaiyan. I 
planter with a trowel, nin 

True ; it is true, considered 
true, debwdenddgwad. I am 
considered true, (veracious,) 
nin debwdenddaos. I think 
it is true, nin deoweienddn. 

Truly, geget. (Tdpwe). 

Trumpet, bodddjigan, madwe- 

Trunk, makak, mitigo-makak. 

Trust, trusting, ap^nimowin. 

Trust; I trust in him, (her, it,) 
nind apenimonan ; nind ape- 
nimon. I trust in myself, 
nind apenindis. We trust in 
each other, nind apenindimin. 

Truth, debwewin It is the truth, 
debwewinagad, debwewinima- 
gad, debtoewiniwan. I tell the 
truth, nin dvbwe, nin debtee- 
tagos. I tell the truth of him, 
nin debima. I think he tells 
the truth, mn debwetaienima. 

Truth-paper, (deed, certificate, 
etc.) debwewini-masinaigan. 

Truth-teller, daiebwed, daieb- 

Truth-telling, debwetdgosiwin. 

Try ; I try, nin godjiew. I try 
without njuch effect, nind 
inwdn. I try him, (her, it,) 
nin godjia, nin godjiewinoda- 
wd ; nin godjiton, nin godjie- 
winodan. I try it, (a coat, 
boot, etc.) nin gonkan. I try 
it, (a gun,) nin gosikaion. 

Try, (examine ;) nin yagvoedjii- 
we. I tr^ him, (her, it,) nin 
gagwedji-kikenima ; nin gag- 
we<^i-kikenddn. I try him by 
suflferings, nin gagwedj-kotor 

Try to surpass ; I trv to sur- 
pass, nin gagwedjenvmiiwe. I 
try to surpass in speaking or 
debating, nin gagwejagosonge. 
He that surpasses others in 
speaking, gagw^jagosonpewi- 
nini. I try to surpass him in 
sp., nin gagw^jagosoma. We 
try to surpass each other in 
sp., nin gagwejagosondimin. 

Tub, makakossag. 

Tumble ; I tumble, fall, nin pa- 
kiteshin. I make him tumble, 
nin pakiteshima. — I tumble 
over head, niti abodjigwa- 
nisse, nin tchingidaabowe. — 
I tumble down, nind ondor 
godjin. It tumbles down, 

Tumbler, minikwddjigan. 

Turbid ; it is turbid, pakwebi- 


gad, pakwebigami. I 

it turbid, nin pakwebi 

Turkey, (bird,) misisse. Young 

turkey, misissens. 
Turn ; by turns, memeshkwat 

I in my turn, ninitam. - (Ni- 

r ■! 


271 — 


jaskutcb). Thou in thy turn, 
kinitam. Ho in hh turn, wi- 
titam. We in our turn, nini- 
iamiwind, kinitamiwind. You 
in your turn, kinitamiwa. 
They in their turn, loinita- 

Turn; I turn, (standing or sit- 
ting,) nin gwekita. I turn, 
(lying,) nin gwekuhin. I turn 
my head, nin bimiskokwen. I 
turn this way, standing, nin 
bi-gwekigabaw. I turn this 
way, sitting, nin bi-gwSkdb. — 
I turn him, (her, it,) nin gwe- 
kia; nin gwikiton. I turn my 
thoughts, (change my mind,) 
nin gwekendam. 

Turn out ; I turn him out, nin 
sagidjiveebina. I turn him out, 
beating him, nin sagidaga- 

Turn over ; I turn him (her, it) 
over, nin gwikina ; nin gicfi- 
kishima; nin gwekinan, nin 
gwSkissidon, I turn it over 
for him, nin gwekinamdwa. I 
turn it over : Metal, in., nin 
gtoekabikissidon ; na'tal, an., 
gwekdbikishima ; stutt", in., 
nin gwekiginan , stuff, an., 
nin gwekigina. — I turn it over, 
insidfe out, iin., an.) nind aba- 
dinan ; nind abodina. I turn 
it over, upside down, nind 
animikonan, nind animikwis- 
sidon, nind ajigidinan. 

Turn round ; I turrj round, nin 
kijibata, nin bimiskota. 1 turn 
round until I get giddy, nin 
giwashkwedinoKwe. I turn 
round until I fall down, nin 
kyibadinokwe. — I turn round, 
I turn myself, nin gwikita. I 
turn round, flying, nind aba- 

misse ; running, nind abami- 
bain ; standing, nind abami- 
aabaw, nin gwSkigabaw, nin 
biminkogabaw. I turn round 
briskly, nin gvoSkipagis. I 
turn round with a canoe, nin 
giwegom. I iMake him turn 
round, sitting, nin gwekabia. 
I make him turn round, stand- 
ing, nin gwekigabawia. — I 
turn him round on a cord,nin 
kijibid^eshkassa. I turn it 
round, twisting, {in., an.) nin 
bimiskoton, nm bimiskwiaai- 
don, nin bimiskonan ; nin bi' 
miskona. I turn it round 
briskly, (in., an.) nin kijibawe- 
binan, nin bimiskowebinan ; 
nin kijibawebina, nin bimisko- 

Turn to another side; I turn, 
nin gweki. I turn to an. s., 
sitting, nin gwekdb, nind dni- 
gwekab. I turn to an. «., 
standing, win gwekigahaiv, 
nind dni-gwikigabaw. 

Turn towards ; I turn towards 
(or from) him, (her, it,) nin 
gwekitawa ; nin gwekitdn. I 
turn towards him, (her, it,) 
standing, Jiin gwekigabawita- 

Turn ; it turns over, gwekissin. 
I turn (it turns) round, revol- 
ves, nin bimiskota , bimisko- 
tamagad. It turns a little, 
bimiskwamagad. — The river 
turns round, abamitigvoeia 
sibi. The water turnaround, 

Turn, (convert;) I turiied, I am 
converted, nind andjibimddis, 
nin anwenindia . 

Turnip, tchiss. Small turnip, 
ichissent. (Otisikkan). 




- 272 - 


Turni|)-peo<l, trhinsi-minikan. 

TurriHoI, missitayan. 

Turtle, jingadeniikwan , miskwa- 
dtniri, hoaikado ; makinftk, or, 
mikkinfik. The shell or nliield 
of u turtle, dushw/i. 

Turtle -dove, oniimi. Yotuig 
turtle-dove, omiminn. 

Twelve, middtiwi ; anhi nij. (Mi- 

Twenty, ny7ana. We are twen- 
ty of U8, nin nijianawemin. 

There are twenty in. olyectn, 
nijianawewan. The r e are 
twenty pair of..., nijianawe- 

Twenty every time, twenty each 
or to each, nenijtana. 

Twenty hundred, nl//a?j^A:. We 
are two thousand in number, 
nin nijtandkosimin . There are 
two tnounand in. objects, nij- 

Twice, nijing. (Nijwaw). 

Twice every time, twice each or 
to each, nenijing. 

Twilight ; it is twilight, tibika- 
buminaawad, nanitagabami- 
naawaa, nikiwiyad. It is twi- 
lignt in the morning, bi-wd- 
ban, wdban. 

Twin, nijodiK I am delivered of 
twins, nin niiudHke. 

Twine, ansabdb. 

Twine for nets, assabikeidb. 

Twist ; I twist with a stick, nin 
bimdkwaige I twist it with a 
stick, (m., OH.) nin bimdkwa- 
an ; nin biwdkwdwa. I twist 
him, (her, it,) nin bimina ; 
nin biminan. I twist threads 
together, nin jashabwabinige. 

\ twist tobacco, nin bimibagi- 
na afnifMa. I twist it uu,. 
ctirl it, nin titibdkwaan, nrn 
bafyiitigakwaan. I twist it 
around s. th , nin Hlibabin.Hi' 

Twisted; it is twisted, \in.,an.) 
fitibdode ; titibdono. The 
tree is twisteii, Inmakom mitig, 
or bimoxkogisi . 

Twisted line of several threjulf*, 
jashabwabiginigan. It is twist- 
ed of several threads, jamhab- 

Twisted tobacco, bimibdginignn. 

Twisted wotxl, bimdkwaa. Sweet 
twisted wootl, maniio-bimdk- 

Twisting-stick, bimdkwaigan . 

Two, nij. We are two, nin ni- 
jimin. There are two in. ob- 
jects, nijinon, nijinomagad. 

Two, nijo..., in compositions, 
which see in the Second Part. 

Two every time, two each or to 
e&c\i, nenij. 

Two families, three families,etc., 
nijode, nistiode, etc. We are 
two families, three families, 
etc., nin nijodewisimin, /*m 
nissodewisimin . 

Two hundred, nij wdk. We are 
200 of us, nin nijwdko-mnin. 
There are 200 in. objects, nij- 
wdkwadon. There are 200 
pair of...., nijwdkwewdn. 

Two huitdred every time, 200 
each or to each, nenywdk. 

Tying, takobinigewin, takobid- 

Tying-string, takobidjigan. 

■" 'Ik. 



'e are 

', nij- 
e 200 

le, 200 

rdder t)f u cow, tnfosh, pijiki- 
witotnshm . 

I'gl i ncHP , inanAdi»iwin. 

Tgly ; I am (it is) ugly, iiin ma- 
nndiH ; mauMad. 

Ulcer. 8. AI)ceH8 with matter 

Ultimately, gctjapi, ishkwdtch 

Umbrella, ayawuieon, atfuwa- 

Unable ; I am unable to walk, 
nindanawito. I am unable to 
do it, kawin nin yashkitoHsin. 

Unbend ; I unbend it, nin hi- 
nanmcahiginan, nin neshan- 

Unbelief, agonw^iendamowin. 

Unbeliever, daiebweianiting, 
aidgonweiendiwg, aidyonwe- 

Uitchaste. Uncbastity. — S. Im- 
pure. Impurity 

Uncle, (father's brother,) my, 
thy, his uncle, niminhotne, ki- 
miiihoine, oinishomeian. (N'ok- 

Uncle, (mother's brother;) my, 
thy, his uncle, niJiuM, kijishe, 
ojisheian. (Ni sish). 

Unclean. Unclean ness.—S. Dir- 
ty. Dirt. 

I'nclean eoirit, wanisid manito. 

Uncock ; I uncock a gun, nin 
minwdbikinan pdsnkisigan , 

nin niwatenan pdshkisigan 
Uncover; I uncover him, nin 
pakagwajena. 1 uncover my- 

.xelf, nin pakugirtuenidi.s. I 
uncover it, nin pnKitt.iiton. I 
uncover it to him, nin pakia- 
Uncovered; it is unc , pakimtit- 

Undecided ; I am und.. kawin 

nin gijenilanai . 
L'nder, andmaii, andmina, and- 
miny. It i.- under h. th., (in., 
an.) a.Hh6U'hisHin ; a»h6lchi- 
Underi)ruflh ; thick underbrush 
of the fi r-k i ml , akd w a u ). 
There is thick underbrush, 
Under-chiet, second chief, ani- 

Underfeuther of a bird, idown,)^ 

Underhair of an animal, tnis.ii- 

Underneath. S. Under. 
Understand ; I understand, nin 
ninsitdtam. I understantl so. , 
nind initam. I under, him, 
(her, it) nin ni.'<nitotawa . uin 
nis,sitdtdn. I und. him only a 
little, nind aiaweiaica. I und. 
him so, ., nind inltawu. I trv 
to under.stand, nin nandanis- 
sitotam. I try to und. him, 
(her, it) nin nandanissitowa ; 
nin nandanixHitotdn, \Ve un- 
derstand each other, nin ni.s- 
sitdtddimin.—l don't under- 
siand well what I hear, niit. 

i ^ 







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1^ IM 
m — 





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./, ^ A. 




274 — 


hamitam. I <lon't and. him 
I her, it) well, nm banUawa ; 
nin banitdn, 

Understand, (conceive;) I un- 
derstand it, nin nissitdwen- 

Understanding, nihwdkdwin. 

Understood ; I am (it is) easily 
under8toc»d, nin nissitotdgos ; 
nissitotdgwad. I am und. only 
a little, nind aiawetdgos. 

Underwood; there is much un- 
derwood, sasaga. 

Undoubtedly, geget e nange ka, 
aningwana, ahidekamig. 

Undress. Undressing. — S Strip. 

Undulated. S. Veined, 

Uneasiness, migoshkddjideewin. 

Uneasy ; I an) uneasy, nin mi- 
goshkddji-aid, nin migosh- 
fcddjidee. P makes me uneasy, 
nin migoshkddjiigon, nin nii- 

Unfit, matchi, ningot endbadas- 
sinog. It is unfit, manddad ; 
kawin ningot indbadassinon. 

Unfold; I unfold it, [in., an.) 

• nind abiginan, nin biniskum- 
biginan ; nind abigina, nin 
hinial. •labigina. 

Unfold, (in. s. in.) S. Spread 

U nforsee n , sesikd . 

Unfortunate. S. Unhappy. 

Unglue; it uug\ue8,pakioasika, 

Unhappiness, kitimdgisiwin, ko- 

Unhappy; lam unhappy, nin 
kitimdgis, nin kotagendam. I 
make him (her, it) unhappy, 
nin kitimagia ; nin kitimagi- 
ton. I make myself unh., nin 
kitimagiidis. I look unhappy, 

S. Put toge- 

nin kitimagindgos. It is un- 
happy, dnimaa. 
Unhappy, (in. s. in.) S. Injure.; I unharness him, 

nind dbawd. 
Unicorn, negoteshkanid. It has 

only one horn, ningoteshkani. 
Unite* I unite with him, nirui 

Unite, (in. s in. 

United States, 

Unleavened bread, wembisnit- 

chigasossig pakwejigan . 
Unload; I unload a canoe, etc., 

nind agwandss. 
Unloading, agwandssowin. 
Unlock ; I unlock it, nind aba- 

bikaan, I unlock it to him, 

7mid abdbikamawa . 
Unlocked; it is unlocked, abd- 

Unlucky ; 1 am unl., I have 

bad luck, nin massagwddis. I 

am (it is) unlucky, considered 

unlucky, nin massagwadenda- 

gos ; inasxagwadendagwad. 

Unpleasant; it is unp., mand- 
dad. — S. Disagreeable. 
Unprepared. S Undecided. 
Unprofitable; I am (it is) un- 

profital)le, nin nanawis, nin 

nanawddis; nanawad, nana- 

Unprofitably, nanawdj. 
U n provoked , biwisika . 
Unravel ; I unravel it, nin nas- 

Unrepenting person, aianw^nin- 

Unstitch ; I unstitch it, {in., 

an) nind abijan ; nind abij- 



275 — 


Unstitch. Un.stitche«l. — S. Rip. 

Unswadle ; I uiiswadle a child, 
nind dbawa abinodj. 

Untie ; I untie, nind (Ihiskohid- 
jige. T untie liim, (her, it,) 
nind dbawa, nind nbiskona, 
nind dbiskobina : nind dbaan, 
nind abiskonan , nind abisko- 
hinan. I untie it for liini, 
nind dbuamawa, nind dbisko- 
namawa. It unties, dbiskosse. 

Untied ; I am (it in) untied, 
nind dbaigas, nind dhiskobid- 
jiaas, nind abiskobis, nin g^- 
snawishka ; dbaigdde, abis- 
kobidjigdde, dbish>bide,gesha- 
wishmmagad. I get untied, 
nind dbiskofa. It gets untied, 

Until, naidnj , nandnj , binish. 

Untutored, uneducated ; I am 
unt., nin pagwandwis, nin 
pagwanawddis. Untutored 
wild state, pagtvanauiisiwin, 

Unwell ; I am unwell, nin mdn- 
jdia, pangi nind dkofi. 

Unwind ; I unwind from a reel, 
nind dbaodiige. I unwind it, 
nind dbaoaon. 

Up the stream; I go up the 
stream in a canoe, mw ni^aaw. 
I take him up the str. in a 
canoe, iiin nitdona. 

Up, upwards, (respecting rivers) 

oaiaddjiwan. (Natimilc). 
Uporaid. S. Reprimand. 

Upon. S. On 

Upper floor ; there is an up. fl., 

Upright, honest ; I am an up- 
ri^ntman, nin naininiwagts. 
Upright, straight, gwaiak. 

Uprightne.>'s, upright \\(^, gwai- 

Upset. S. Capsize. 

Up stairs, ishpimifig, ifihpimis- 

Up to..., bininh.... 

Upwards, inhpiniing inadakeia. 

Urge; I urge him, nin gagdn- 

Urge, (in. s. in.) S. Persist. 

\J rine, jigiwindbo. 

Urine ; I urine, nin jishig. I 
urine in the bed, nin jishing- 

Urine-bladder, //</aM'<7i. ' 

Us, kinawind, ninawind. 

Use, (habit,) nagadisiwin. 

Use, the use of s. th., aioirin, 
abadjitoicin, indbadjitowin. I 
make use of him, (her, it,) 
nindowa, nind anokana, nind 
abadjia ; nindaion, nindano- 
kadan, nind abadjiton. I 
make a good use of him, (her, 
it,) nin minoiabadjia ; nin mi- 

Use ; I use, nind aiodjige. I use 
him, (her, it,) nindawd ; nind 
aion. I use or employ him 
(her, it) in a certain way or 
nmnner, nind indbadjia, nind 
indnokana, nind inawemika- 
na ; nind inabadjiton, nind 
indnokadan, nind inawemika- 
dan. 1 use things profitably, 
(in., an.) nin bissdgonan ; nin 
bissdgona. I use it sparingly, 
savingly, (in., an.) nin mandd- 
jiton, nin manddandan, nin 
manegadandan, nin inanigad- 
jiton; nin manddjia, nin md- 
nadama, nin manigadama, 
nin man^gadjia. I use it spar- 
ingly, (clothing, in., an.) nin 
mamgasikan; nin mancgasika. 


— 276 — 


Uped ; it is used, (made use of,) 
{in., an.) aiodjigdde; aiodji- is used in such a man- 
ner, (in., an) indbadjitchi- 
gdde ; IndbadjitchiqaHo. Any 
thing uised, aiduun. Tlie things 
I use, nind aiowinan. 

Used, (in. S. Accustomed. 

Useful ; I am (it is) useful, nin 
minoidhadis, nin gwandichiw, 
nind onijish ; minoidhadad, 
gwandtchiwan, onijishin. I 
am lit is) useful in such a 
manner, mnd indhadis ; ind- 
badad. I am (it is) useful, 
considered useful, nind indba- 
denddgos ; indbadenddgwad. 
— He (she, it) is useful to me, 
nind dbadjia ; nind dbadji- 

ton. Useful object, dbadjii- 
chigan, indbadjitchigan. 

Uusefulnees, indbadisiwin, inu- 

Uselesis. S. Unprofitable. 

Useless person, ningot eudbadi-, aianaweicisid, nenawa- 

Useless thing, ningot endbadas- 

Use up. Used up. S. Spend all. 

Using, aiowin ; indbadjiiowin. 

Usurp; I usurp s. th., nin di- 
bendamonidis. I usurp it, {in , 
an.) nin dibendamonidison ; 
nin dibendamonidisonan. 

Utility. S. Usefuluess. 

Uvula, kagagi. 

Vaccinate. Vaccination. Vacci- 
nator — S. Inoculate. Inocnla- 
tion. Inoculator. 

Vagabond, gawaadisid. I am a 
vagabond, nm giwaadis. 

Vagrancy, giwaadmwin. 

Vain ; I work or endeavor in 
vain, I gain nothing, nind 
anawewis, nind agdwis, nind 
agdwishka, nind agdwita. 

Vain glory, self-glory, kitchit- 

Vainly, in x&m,anishd.{Kona.ta..) 

Valet, hamitagan, hamitdgewi- 
nini, anokitdgewinini. 

Valley ; there is a valley, pas- 
sadina, tawadina. 

Valley of sand ; there is a v. of 
sanci, passatawanga. 

Valuable ; I am (it is) valuable, 
nin kitchi apitenddgos ; kitchi 

Value ; I value him (her, it) so 
much...., iiind ap itagim a, 
nind inaqima ; nind apitagin- 
don, nind inagindan. 

Value, (esteem ;) I value, nind 
apiiendam. I value him, (her, 
it,) nind apitenima ; nind api- 

Valued ; I am (it is) valued at... 
tiind inagins, nind inagindji- 
gas ; inaginde, inagindjigade. 

Van, noshkdtchigan, noshkat- 

Van, I van, nin noshkdtchige. I 
van it, {in., an.) nin n^shka- 
ion ; nin noshkassa. 

Vanish, it vanishes, aHgro, ango 

Vanquish ; I vanquish him, nia 
gashkia. I vanquisli myself, 
nin ga.^hkiidis. (Sfikohew). 

Vanquish, (in. s. in.) S. Over- 

V^ariegated, of various colors ; 
it is var. (stuff, in. an.) kita- 
gigad ; kitagigisi. 

Variegated stuff, of different co 
lors, kitagigin. 

Vast ; it is vast, mitchdmagad. 

Veil, agwiagweon, agwingwebi- 

Vein, oskweidb, miskweidh. 

Veined, veiny ; it is veined, gfiti- 
jigahikad, (stone ;) gidjigissor 
gad, (wood.) 

Vein of the heart, gwashkwosh- 

Vel \et,ma.'ihawesid senibdwegin. 

Venerable ; I am (it is) venera- 
ble, considered venerable, nin 
kitchi'' wdwenddgos ; kitchlt- 

Veneration , minddenindiwin , 
kitchitwdicenindiwin ; kitchit- 
wdwendagosiwin. I hold him 
(her, it) in veneration, nin 
kitchitwdwenima ; nin kitchit- 

Veneral disease, manddapine, 
win. I have the ven. dis., nin 

Venison, wiidss. I fetch venison, 
(or fish,) nin ningwaniss. (Na- 

; : 







— 278 


Vengeance, ajidawawin, ajida- 

Venom. S. Poison. 
Veracious ; I am ver., nin deb- 

weiendagos. Veracious speak- 
ing, dehxcetdgosiwin . 
Veruy, geyet. (Tapwe). 
Vermi fnge, ogejagimi-inashkiki. 
Vermillion, onaman, osnnaman; 

also, red clay. 
Vermillion-Lake, Onamani-sd- 

Version, (written,; anikanoiabii- 

gan. S. Translation. 
Vertigo. S. Giddiness. 
Very, very much, dpitchi, kit- 

chi, osam, ondjita. 
Vespers, ondgoshi-anamiang. 
Vessel, ndbikwdn. Small vessel, 

Vessel, folded birch-bark vessel, 

Vessel to draw water with, gwd- 

Vest, gibideebison. 
Vestige, (footstep,) bimikawewin. 

There are vestiges, bimika- 

wdde. (Ayetiskiwin). 
Vestment, agwiwin. I wrap my 

vestment around me, nin titi- 

bishoweon nind agiinin. — S. 

Clothes. Clothing. 
Vestry. S. Sacristy. 
Vex; I vex him, nin migosh- 

kddjia, nin nishkia. It vexes 

me, nin migoshkddjiigon, nin 

Vexation. S. Troublesomeness. 
Vice, botadowin, matchi ijiwe- 

Vicious, matchi. 1 am (it is) vi- 
cious, nin matchi ijiwebis, 

nin batd-ijiwebis ; matchi iji- 

webady manddad. 
Victorious. S. Overcome. 

Victuals, midjim. I pro<luce or 
procure victuals, nin midji- 
mike. Lal»or in procuring vic- 
tuals, midjimikewin. 

Vial, omodens. 

V igor , kijijdwisiwin . 
Vigorous ; I am .'ig., nin kijijd- 

wis. I am vig. in my old age, 
nin jibigika. 

Vigorous, (in. s. in.) S. Strong. 

Village, o(/g»ta. Half or part of 
the village, bokodma. There 
is a village, od^.'ndwan. A 
small village, odendwens. We 
live together in a village, nind 

Villain, matchi aiaawish. 

Yine, jomindtig, Jomindgawanj. 


Vinegar-tree, bakivandtig, bak- 
icanimij. The fruit of it, bak- 

Vine-leaf, jominibag. 

V i n ey ard , jomini-kitigan . 
Vintner, vine-dres.<<er, Jomind- 


Violet, apissi. 

Violet color; it is of a v. c, 

Violin, najabiigan, kitotchigan, 
kitoweidpikoigan. I play on 
the violin, nin najabiige, nin 

Virgin, oshkinii/ikwe, (/igangy 
tessanakwe. t am a virgin,. 
nind oshkinikweic, nin gigan- 
gow, nin tessanakwew. I am, 
in a virginal state, (a male 
speaking,) nin tessanaw. Vir- 
gin presented to the Great 
Spirit, agondkwe. 

Virtue, mino ijiwebisiwin. 

Virtuous, nin minoijiwebis . 

Viscous ; it is vis., sibiskdn. 

Visibility, wdbamindgosiwin. 


279 — 


Visible; I am (it is) vinihle, nin 
wdbamindgos ; wdbamindg- 
wad. I make myself visible, 
nin wdhamindgwiidis, n i n 
ndgwiidift. I am (it is) visi- 
ble from a certain distance, 
nin d^babamindgos; debaba- 
mindgwad. It is plainly visi- 
ble, pagakissin. lam (it is) 
scarcely visible yet, nin nd- 
winagos ; nawinagwad. 

Visicatory, odii-mashkiki, ombi- 
si0an, ombioisigan. 

Vision, ndgwiidisowin, mamdn- 
sinamoicin, ijinamowin. I ap 
pear in a vision, nin nagwii- 
dis. I have or see a vision, 
nin mamdnsinam. I have stich 
a vision, nind ijinam. 

Visit, visitation, mawadishiwe- 
win, nibwdtchiwewin. Habit 
of making visits too often, 
mawadishiweshkiwin . 

Visit ; I visit, I pay a visit, nin 
mawadishiwe, nin n i b w d t- 
chiwe. I visit him, 7iin nia- 
wadissd, nin nibwdtchia. I 
visit too often, nin mawadi- 

Visitor, (arriver,) biivide. 

V i t r i o 1, wejawashkdasigirag 

Vivify ; I vivify or vivificate 
him, nin bimddjia. 


Voice , inwewin , bibdgiwin. 
(Itwewin, itittdkusiwin.) A 

voice comes from..., ondwewe. 
I have such a voice, (I am 
heard so...,) nind iniidgos. I 
have a big strong v., ninnidn- 
gigondagan, nin sugigonda- 
gan. I have a feeble little v., 
nind agdsxigondagan. I have 
a bad v., nin nidngigondagan. 
I have a fine clear v., nin mi- 
noioe, nind ojigondagan. I 
have a weak low voice, 'from 
hunger, fatigue, sickness,) 
nind dnawitdgos. I find his 
voice weak, nind dnawitawa. 
Vomit ; I vomit, nin jishiga- 
gowe. I feel an inclination to 
vomit, nin bijibidee. I make 
him vomit, nin jishigagowea, 
nin jishigagoweswa. The mat- 
ter vom ited Jishigagowan . ( Pd- 

Vomiting, vomition, jishigago- 

komosigan) . 

Voracious ; I am vor., nin nibd- 

Voracity, nibddisiwin. (Kaja- 

Vow, dibandowin, maahkaxoU'- 
windamagevrin. I make a vow, 
nin dibando, nin mashkawa- 
icindamage. ^ fulfil a vow, nin 
dibandon. (Asotamowin). 

Yoy&ge, babdmddisiwin. S. Tra- 
vel. Traveler. 
Vulture, winange. 


Watie ; I wade, nin hitn/ 
I wade through a river to the 
opposite shore, nind ajnwa- 

Wafer, agokiwassigan. 

Wag, bebdpinisidl hebdpinwed. 

Wager, atddiwin. 

Wagon, oddhdn, tiiibisse-odd- 
bdn, titibiddbdn. I make wa- 
gons, nind oddbdnike, nin ti- 

Wagon maker, oddbdnikewinini, 

Wail; 1 wail, nin gagidowe. 

Waistcoat S. Vest. 

Waistcoat for women, babisika- 

Wait; I he in wait for him, 
nind akdniawa. 

Wait ; I wait, nin bi. (Pehuw.) 
I wait for him, (her, it,) nin 
bia, nin biton. I wait for 
him, in thoughts, nin biewa 

Wait, (expect, look for ;) I wait, 
(look for,) nind akawdb. I 
wait or look out for him, (her, 
it,) nind dkawdbama ; nind 
akawdbendan. I wait for game 
in the night in a canoe, nin 

Waiter, anokiidqewinini, bami- 
tdgan, oshkdbewiss. Female 
waiter, anokitdgekwe, bamitdr 

Waiting for game on the water 
in the night, nibegomowin. 

Wake ; I wake him, nind amd- 
dina. I wake him Jip hy pull- 
ing or pushing, nind amadji- 
bina. — S. Awake. 

Walk, bimossetrin, babdmosse- 
win. I take a walk,7Mn6a6^ 

Walk ; I walk, nin bimosse, nin 
miiosse. I walk about, nin 
babdmosse- I walk aorainst the 
wind, nind ondjishkaosse. I 
walk arounc' s. th., nin giwi- 
idosse. I walk backwards, 
nind ajeosse. I w. badly, nin 
manosse. I w. well, nin mi- 
nosse, nin nitdosse. It walks 
well, goes vfe\],niijiosnemagad. 
J walk fast, nin kijika, nin 
kijiosse, nin babapijisu. I w. 
as fast or quick as 1 can, nind 
apisika, nind apitosse. I w. 
slowly, nin b4sika, nin h4- 
dosse I walk feeling my way, 
nin nandodjishkige. I w. fore- 
most, nin nigdni, nin nigd- 
nosse. I make him walk fore- 
most, nin nigdnia. I walk in 
the night, nin nibdam, nin 
nibdskka. I walk in the water, 
nin bimddagdsi. I w. about in 
the water, nin babamddagdsi. 
I walk on, nind ani bimosse, 
nin mddjd. I w. on the beach, 
nin jijoaewe, nin bimdjagame. 
1 w. on the ice, nin oimdda- 
gak. I walk on the lake- shore, 
coming, nin bimitajagame. I 


— 2«1 — 


w. on tlie strjii;j:litost roiul, 
nin gwniakoshkn. I w.on Hit' 
.snininit of a hill or mountain, 
nin bimitmndjiwe. I walk out 
talkinjj, nin sdgidwewidam. I 
w. over a Itridgc, niml njoifc. 
J w. over a lo;r, nin him/ii}- 
dawe. J walk round, nin hiji- 
bdosne. \ walk straight, nin 
gwaiakosse. I become unable 
to walk any further, nin non- 
deshin. He becomes unable 
to walk any further with ine, 
I leave hin» behind, nin non- 
deshima. I am unable to walk 
(by hunger, fatigue,etc.), nind 
dnawito. I walk with him, 
nin widossema. I walk with 
down-hanging arms, nin Jin- 
ginikeosse. I w. with my toes 
turned inside, nin loawdgaa- 
mi, nin jajnshagaami. We 
walk in one line, nin nihindon- 
semin We walk many toge- 
ther, nind indwanidimin. 

Walker, bemossed ; good walker, 
netd-bimossed, net dossed. 

Walking, bimosseioin. Fast 
walking, kijikdwin ; slow 
walking, bcHtkdxoin. There is 
walking, bimossewinagad. — 1 
remain about him in walking, 
nin wdgashkaioa. 

Walking-stick, sakaon. I use it 
as a walking-Ptick, nin sa- 

Wall, around a fortress, g\witai- 
abikinigan . 

Wallow. S. Roll about. 

^alnut. S. Nut. 

Walnut-tree, pagandkomij, mi- 

Wampum, migiss. 

Wampum-ornament, migissiies- 

Wampum -strap, inigissopikan. 

Wan. S. Pale. 

Want, manesiwin. 

Want; I want, (need,) nin wa- 
nt's I want it, \in., an.) nin 
mancsin ; nin nninrsinan. I 
want s. th. badly, nin loawn- 

Wanton. Wantonness. — S. Fool- 
ish noise. 

War. S. Fiirht. Fightin 

)les, fna- 

Warble; (he bird warl 
sitdgosi bineshi, wiiagwewefo. 

War-captain, war-chief, maiao.H- 
s^win ini, nigdnosseirinini. 

War-captive, awakdn. 1 try to 
make war-captives, or, I go 
on a war-excursion, 7iin nan- 

War-club, pagamdqan, waganor- 
kibitchigan. War-club with 
a knoh, pikwakwado^agamd- 

Ware. S. Merchandise. 

War-eagle, kiniw. 

Ware-house, atdssowin, atdsso- 

Warf, niminawekinigan. 1 make 
a warf, nin niminawekiniga- 
nike. There is a wharf made, 

Warfare, Indian warfare, nan- 
dobaniicin , nandobanikandi- 

Warm ; I begin to feel warm, 
nind abawas. I soon feel 
warm, nin wak^wakis. I am 
warm, nind ab :es, nin kijis. 
I am warm in a lodge or house, 
nin kijob. I am confortably 
warm, nin kijos. I lie warm, 
nin kijdshin. — It is warm, 
(the air,) kijdbaie. It is warm 
weather, kijdte, abawa. It i.s 
warm, (in a building,) kijide. 




282 — 


kijote, k-ijoiamat/ade. It is 
wuriii, {\\(tnU\,}kiJi7<j<uni(le. It 
in u little warm, (li(|ui(i,) 
abanhkohite, Jimishkohile.. It 
iHwariii, (iiii'tal, hi., au.) ki- 
jdbikide ; k ij a h i k i n /. — My 
ariiiH are warm, in'ii kijonike. 
My back in w., iiin kijipikxoa- 
nets. Mv leet are w., mn kijo- 
side. My hands are w., iiin 
kijonindji. My lej^s are w., 
nin kijogdde. 
Warm, make warm; I warm 
him, (her, it), nind abisiva, nin 
kijiswa ; nind abisan, nin ki- 
Jisan. J warm him with tny 
body, nin kijokawa. We warm 
each other, mn kijokodddimin. 
— I warm myself, nind akin, 
nind awiis, nin kijisoditt. I w. 
myfleJf by drinkinjj; s. th. 
warm, nin kijdaamidees. I w. 
myHelf by walKinfr, nin kiji- 
sosse. I warm my back, 7iind 
apikwanes. I w. my breast, 
nind abakiyanes, nin kijaki- 

fanes. I w. my feet, nind aba- 
isides, nind abi aides. I w. 
my hands, nind (dmkinindji- 
wa.'i, nind abinindjiHodis. — I 
make it warni, (liquid,) nin 
kijagaminan. lujake it w. a 
little, «//«/ abayamisan, nind 
abashkobiaan. — I make warm 
s. th., nin kijlsige. 

Warmer, kijisigan. 
Warn ; I warn, nin windamdge. 
T warn him, nin tvindamawa. 

We warn each other, nin winda- 

Warning, windamdgeivin, win- 
damdaiwin , windamdgmoisi- 

Warrior, jimdganishy minissino. 

I am a warrior, nin minisHl- 

Wart, tr/iitv/iigom. 

War- vessel, migadi-ndbikwdn. 

Wash ; I wash, nin ki.sibiginige, 
nin ki.v'bigaige. I wash lor 
him, nin ki.fibigaaniawa. I 
wash him, (her, it,) nin kisi- 
bigina ; n i n ki.nbiginan . I 
wash myself, nin kmbigi. — I 
wasl) mv hands, teet, etc. S. 
Hand, f'oot, etc. 

Wash clean ; I wash dean, nin 
gdsiiidbdwe. I wash him, (her, 
it) clean, nin gdnHdbdbawana, 
n i n gdssidbdwodawa ; n i n 
gdssidbdwen, nin gd-snidbdwa- 

Wash-dish, wash-plate, kisibigi- 

Wash ont ; I wash it out, [in., 
an.] nin kiniabawadati ; kisia- 

Waslied ; it is washed, kisibi- 
gaigdde, gdxsidbdioe. 

Washer, kinibigaigewinini. 

Washer-woman , kinibigaigewik- 

Wash-house, wash-room, kisi- 
bigaigewigamig . 

Wasning, kisibigaigewin, kisi- 

Wasn-tub, kiaibigaige-makak. 

Wasp, dmo. 

Waste, wasting, banddjitchige- 
win , nishiwanddjitchigewin, 
bapinodagewin, nishibapino- 

Waste ; I waste, nin banddjit- 
chige, nin nishiwanddjitchiae, 
nin bapinodage, nin nishiba- 
pinodage, nin ndwadinige, 
nin tchaginigeshk. I waste it, 
(in., an.) nin banddjiton, nin 
nishiwanddjiton, nin bapino- 


— 283 — 


fim fiamnsi- 

dan, nin nishihapinodan, nin 
ndwadinnn ; nin banddjia, 
nin ninhiwanddjia, nin bapi- 
nodawa, nin ninhibapinodawa, 
nin ndwadina. 1 waste it to 
him, nin nawadinamawa,nin 

Wasted ; it is wasted, iin., an.) 
niiihiwanagjiU'hiyddc. , bin dd- 
jitchigdde ; nishiwantidjifchi- 
ifdno, bnnMjitchignno . 

Watch, dibaigixismPfln. I make 
watches, nin dibaiyinisswd- 
nike. (Pisimokkjln). 

Watch ; I watch, nind akando. 
(Aswahuw.) I watch him, (her, 
it,) nin dadibabama ; nin da- 
dibabadan. (Asweyimew.) I 
watch over him, (her, it,) 
nin ganawenima ; nin gana- 

Watch, (sit up;) I watch, nin 
nodab, ninnibi'bitam. 1 watch 
him 'her, it) in the niirlit, nin 
nibebitawa ; nin nihebitdn. 

Watch, (ill. s. in.) S. Oliserve. 

Watch. S. Guardian. Guard. 

Watcli-houae, akandnwigamig. 

Watching, akandowin, nodabi- 
win, nibrbitamowin. 

Watchmal<er, dibaigisitmwdni- 
nikexcini in . 

Watchmaking, watch-manufac- 
tory , dibaigiHisswdn ikewin. 

Watchman, akandowinini . 

Water, nibi, nibisli. There is 
water, nibika. In the water, 
nibikang, nibing, newadjin- 
dim, andmibing, andminaim. 
On the water, ogidibig. I look 
for water, nin ndndobi. T 
fetch water, nin nibinad, nin 
ndsibi. I obtain my water 
from..., nind ondaibi. I can- 
not find water, nin gwinobi. I 

am (it is) in the water, nind 
ngwindjin : ngnunde. I am 
(it is) j)artly in the water, nin 
sdgibi ; mgibimagad. I am 
(it is) half in tlje' water, nin 
ndgagwindjin ; sdgagwinde. I 
put him (her, it) in tlie water, 
nind ngwindjivici ; nind ag- 
windjUnn. tdraw him (her, 
it) a little otit of the water, 
7iin U'hekibina ; nin trhekibi- 
don. I push it in the water, 
nin niminawewebinan. 1 put 
water in it, nin nibikadan. 
There is water in \i,nibikdde. 
— The water comes under me, 
nin dcnimiignn nibi. The w. 
conies out of a vessel, s&gi- 
w an nibi. It runsout entirely, 
tchdgidjiwan. The w. drops 
out of 8. th., tchisHigamagad 
nibi. The water goes through 
it, Jdbobi The w. moves, 
innddgarnishka nibi. Moved 
or agitated water, maddgami. 
The w. reaches me, ninmo.fh- 
kang. The water shuts tip, 

Water ; I water him, nin minaa 

Water, (in. s. in.) S. Sprinkle. 

Water-closet, misiwigamignn,^ . 

Waterfall. S. Cascade. 

Watering-cart, watering-pot. S. 

Water-pail, water-pot. S. Buc- 

Water-serpent, omi.ssandamo. 
The skin of that serpent, 
omissandamowaidn . 

Wave, tigow. The wawes run 
high, heavy sea, mumdngdsh- 
ka. The waves roar loud, 
kijiw^idshka. The roaring of 
the w. is heard, mamadwci- 


— 284 — 


dithliM. The wutcr rmiH in 
lieavv wavi'H, mnman(/uti(/o<l- 
jiywan. The wavoH break on 
a Hliallow placi', (xiffw/ifi/ikd. 
Till' w. In'at. a;;aiiiHt h. th., 
apayadds/ika. Tlie w. boat 
«j;aiiiHt my r.atioe and carry 
iiio away, itind apayadjiive- 
baoy. Tlio w. leap in my ca- 
noe, uin xiyuny. The \v. arc 
white, they flourish, tvansanh- 
kamayad, pashkikaway tiyo- 
way. The waves ceane to rise, 
bondshka. The w. are appeas- 
ed, anwaweweidshka. 

Wax, dmo-bimide. 

Wax-candle. S. Wax-taper. 

Wax-taper, dmu-bimide wassak- 
wanendjiyan. Thin wax-ta- 
per, dmobimide wassakwa- 

Way, mikana, mikan.— H. Road. 

Way-side ; by the way-side, 
tchiyikana, opimi'kana. On 
the way-side, oakt'kana. 

We, ki, kid, nin, nind, kinaivind, 

Weak ; I am weak, ninjdywiw, 
ninjdyos, nin jddwadis, nin 
bwanawito, nin ninamis, nin 
ninamadis, nind anawias. I 
am weak in my bones, nind 
anyoyane, ninjot>'yane. I feel 
weak, nin bimidee, nin bimi- 
deeshka. I feel weak in walk- 
ing, ninbimideeisse, nin Jote- 
yaneosse. I am (it is) weak, 
considered weak, nin noken- 
ddyos ; nokenddywad. It is 
weak, Jdywiwimayad, jdywa- 
dad, ninamad. — It is weak : 
Ice, ninamadin ; liquid, Jay- 
wayami ; m?tal, in. ninavia- 
kikad; metal, a«., ninamabi- 
kisi ; wood, in., mnamakwad, 

ninaniixxaynd ; wood, an., /(/- 
uanidko.s, niiKiinisnayini. — I 
think he (she, it) is weak, Jiin 
jdyuHniina, nin nii.ameninHi : 
iiinjdyicend'ifi, nin ninumen- 

Weak, 'easily torn, sluft';) it is 
weak, (///., on.) wakt'u'un ; tea- 
knrini. I am (it is) weak, not 
•lurable, nin nuiknri.s, nin tva- 
krwine ; wdkeivi.s.sine. 

Weaken; I weaken it, nin Jay- 

Weakness, hwandwUowin. 

Weak often; I am (it is) often 
weak, nin ntininamis ; mini- 
namad. 1 am (it is) weak, 
considered weak, in several 
ways, nin naninamendayoK, 
naninammdayivad. I think 
or find him iher, it) weak in 
several ways or respects, nin 
naninam^nima ; mn nanina- 

Weak, (soft ;) I am weak, nin 
noki.f. h is weak or soft, no- 
kan, nokamayad. It is weak : 
Metal, in.,nokdbikad ; metal, 
an., nokdbikiifi ; stuff, in., no- 
kabiyad, nokiyad ; stuff", an., 
nokabiyisi, nokiyisi. I make 
it weak or soft, (metal, in., 
an.) nin nokdbikisan ; nin 
nokabikiswa. It becomes 
weak or soft, nokiyissemagad. 

Wealth. S. Riches. 

Wealthy. S. Rich. 

Wean ; I wean a child, nind 
ishkicanona abinodji. I wean 
njyself of a bad habit or prac- 
tice, nin webinan, nin boniion. 

Weapon or armor of a warrior, 
as/nciwin. (Nimaskwewin). 

Wear ; I wear it, {in., an.,) nind 
aywin, nin yiyishkan, nin ma- 


— 2Hr) — 


dinddii : niinl ajfwitian, nin 
giginhkitwit, nin m.n<tiin/i. I 
wear Hotl clotlu'H, nin noqik- 
wanaie. I woar torn clotlicH, 
nin hitjnkwannie. — I wear it 
out, (//*., an.) nin mesikan, 
nin metakwidjidony nin met- 
vhiHHidon; nin meaikawa, nin 
metakwidjima. I woar it out 
entirely, (/«., an.i nin tr hat fin h- 
kan ; nin tihaginhkaira. 

Wear arotuul the iieek ; I wear 
it on or around my neck, [in , 
an.) nin ndbikan .- nin ndhi- 
kawa. I n»ake liiiu wear s. 
th. aroiiixi hin neck, nin nd- 
hikona. Any thin^ worn 
around the neck, ndbikuyan, 

Wearied. S. Tired. 

Weariness. H. Tiredness. Diw- 

Weary. 8. Tired. 

W easel , jingoas . 

Weather, it iy bad weather, a 
bad day, niskddad, maichi 
gijigad. It '\» good fair w., a 
fine day, mino gijigad. It is 
fine clear w., sunshine, mi- 
jakwad. It is liot weather, 
kij&te ; it is very hot, wissa- 
gdte. — I have a bad day, bad 
weather for traveling, etc., 
nin match ijijiganish. I travel 
in bad weatlier, nin niskaidka. 
I think it is too bad weather, 
nin niskddendam. I have a 
fine day, fair weather, for tra- 
veling, etc., nin minogijiga- 

Weave ; I weave, nin bimiddbi- 
giniganike. I weave with 
holes, nind aiuswetaginige. 

Weaver, bimiddbiginiganikewi- 

Wedding, widigtndiivin. Wikit- 

We(ldir)g-feaft, iridigi-ndiwini- 
wikongeirin, widigendiwini- 

Wedding-garnient, n'idigt'ndi- 
n'ini-(it/n'iivin, iridigfndiwini- 

Wedding-ring, widigendiwini- 

Wediiesday; it is \\e{i.,dbito,H«e: 
on Wednesday, dbHoaneg : on 
Wednesilays, itiabttntmegin. 

Weed, for sniokiny, apdkosi<fan. 
— Another kind of smoking 
weed, sag '' ■ minatfawanj.'llu' 
berry grow;' ' on this weed, 
sagdkomin. I mi.\ mv tobac- 
co with weed, <or barif nind 
apfiko '::ii. 

Weed, noxious lurli. maUki 

Weed; I wf 1, nin monanhkirt. 
I wee<l it fiel I or garden, nin 
vinnashkicadau kitignn, nin 
pashkouidon, or, ninpa,:lihtHi- 
kobidon ki(i(/an. 

Week; a week, ningo anamie- 
gijigad. Two, three, four 
weeks, etc., nijo anamiegiji- 
gad, etc. 

Weep ; I weep, nin maw-, nin 
katjhim. It vveeps, mawiina- 
gad. 1 weep too much, nin 
mawishk, ninkatchivio hk. I 
make weep, I cause weeping, 
nin moiive. I make him \v., 
nin moa. I w. waking up, or 
awaking, nind amadadem. I 
come on wee])ing, nin bidv- 
dem. I weep after him, Unol- 
est hint,) nin mokawana. 
iMawikkutew.) I w. bitter- 
ly, nin naninawadem. I w. 
horribly, nin gagwdniasaga- 


— 286 


4iem. I w. inuuh, nin gikim. 
I go to him weeping, nind 
inademotaw ^. I w. from cold, 
nin mokawadj. I w. from 
grief, nin naninawem. I w. 
trom hunger, nin hakadem, 
nin mokawanandam, nin mo- 
kawashkade. I w. through 

i'oy, nin mokawimodjigendam. 
. w. through pain or anger, 
nin mokawmes. I w. by dissi- 
mulation, nin mawikas. I w. 
in drunkenness, nin mdwibi. 
I w. for some reason, nind 
(mdadem. I w. in a certain 
manner, nind inadem, I w. in 
a certain place, nin danadem. 
I weep over him, (her, it,) nin 
mdwima ; nin mdwinddn. 
(Mawikkdtew.) I w. over my- 
self, nin mdwindis. I weep 
shedding large tears, nin min- 
dibigdb. I am tired of wee- 
ping, nin pingewewem. (Ma- 

Weeper, meicishkid, kaiatchi- 

Weeping, mdwiwin, katcMmO' 
win. Habit of weeping often 
or too much, muwimkiwin, 
kaichimoshkiwin. Weeping of 
s. th., or for s. th., mdwinda- 

Weigh; I weigh, (I am weigh- 
ing in a balance,) nin diba- 
bisfikndjige, nin tibabadjige. 
I weigh him, (her, it,) nin di- 
babishkona ; nin dibabishko- 
don. I weigh him (her, it) in 
my hand, nin gotina; nin go- 
tinan. — I weigh (it weighs) so 
much, nind apitinigos, apiti- 

Weight, kosigoskodjigan. 

Wen,onddibdn. (Monahipdn). 

Well, weweni, gwaiak, wawinge, 
mino, kitchi, nissita. I do it 
well, nin wawingeikan. I fix 
it well, nin wawingeton. (Ml- 

Well ! ambe ! ambissa ! ambes- 
sano ! ambessino ! haw ! iaga 
taqa ! o! (Ekwa ! Matte !) 

Well ! let it be so ! mano ! nab ! 
manonab! (Kiyam). 

Well. S. Rather. 

Welfare, mino aidwin. Eternal 
welfare, kdgige mino aidwin, 
kdgige minawanigosiwin. 

West, ningabian, epangishimog . 
In, to or from the west, nin- 
gabianong. Rain coming from 
the west, ningabianibissa. 

West-cloiid, ningabianakwad. 

Wesiwind, ningabiani-nodin. 

Wet ; I am (it is) vfet,ninnibiw, 
nin nibiwis ; nibitoan. I get 
(it gets) wet, nin nissdbawas, 
nin nissdbawe ; nissdbawe. I 
wet it, {in., an.) nin nissdba- 
wadon ; nin nissdbawana. 

Wliale, kitchi-gigo, kifchi-mana- 
meg, missameg. 

What? wa? 

What ? what is the matter? 
wegonen ? dnin ? iani f tanish ? 
(Kekwiiy ?) 

What is the reason ? anishwin ? 
wegonen wend^'i — . . .? (Taneki ?) 

What time is it? Anin epitch- 
gijigak? Anin epitaiibikak f 
Anin endasso-dibaiganeg ? 

Wheat, pakwejiganashk ; or ra- 
ther, pakwejiganimin. 

Wheel-barrow, gagdndini-oda- 
banens, gandinigani-titibida- 

Wheelsman, odakiwinini. 

Wheelwright. S. Cartwright. 


— 287 " 



I doit 

n. I fix 

ton. (Mi- 

or ra- 

When ? aniniwiwi / anapi 'f ta- 
napi ? inpi ? (Tuispi ? ) 

When,opi / megwa. (I8pi,eku«pi). 

Where ? aninai 'f aka f tanai f 
(Tande ? ) 

Whether, kinhpiv. 

Which? what? anin iw?['Vk\\\- 
rna ? ) 

While, meifwa, api. (Megwatch). 

Whip, bashanjeigan. (Paisastehi- 

Whip; I wliip, mw bashanjeige. 
I whip iiini, nin bashanjeica. 
\ am whipjied, nin bcmhanjei- 
gas. I whip myself, nin ha- 
shanjeodis. ( Pasasteh wew) . 

Whipping, bashanjeigewin. 

W h i p-saw, ta.<th kihodjigan. 

Whirl ; I whirl round, nin kiji- 

Whirlpool, akikodjituan. There 
is a wh., wandtan. 

W li i r 1 w i n d , minsibi«sidossi. 
There is a wh. driving the 
snow round, kijibabiwan. 

Whiskers; I have whiskers, ui/t 

Whiskey, ishkot^wdbo, (tire- 

Whisper ; I whisper, nin gdska- 
nas. I wh. to him, nin gdska- 
nasotawa. — We whisper to 
each other, nin gdshkanaso- 
tadimin. The wind whispers 
in the \efivc», madwebagassin. 

Whistle, whistling, kwishkwi- 

Whistle ; I whistle, nin kwish- 
kwish. I whistle to call him, 
nin ktoi^hkwishima. I wh. a 
tune, a melody, nin kwi^hkwi- 
shinagam. I wh. to call a dog, 
nin ^cwishkwishkwasnmwe. 

Wh) e ; lam (it is) white, nin, 
1 dMshkif! ; wdbishkamagad, 

wdbishkiitigwamugad. \ make 
it wh., {in., an ) nin wdbish- 
kaan, nin wdhi.shkiton; nin 
ujdbishkmca, nin wdbishkia. 
I 1 lake it wh., (cord, string,) 
nin wdhishkabigibidon. T 
make it wh. (.'»tuft', in.., an.) 
nin wdhishkigiton , nin wd- 

White, "painted white ; it is 
white or whitened, {in., an.) 
wdbiginigdde ; wdbiginigdso. 
It is painted white, (wood*, in., 
an.) wdbiasaginigdde , wdbiM- 

White clay, wdbdbigan. (Wuba- 

White cottou, or linen, wdbish- 
kigin, wdbijihki-papagiwaidn. 

White crane, wdbadjidjak. 

White dog, wdbas.nm. (Wahas- 

White duck, wdbansig, wdbini- 

White teather, wdbigwan. 

Whitefish, a tikameg. 

White goose, wdbwewe. 

White object, or whitened ob- 
ject, wdbissoginigan. 

White of the egg, wdhdtcan, tra- 
bishkag wdwan. 

White of the eye, 

White paper, (not written,) wai- 
dbishkag masinaigan, wejibit- 
gadessinog moMnaigan. 

White person, a white, waid- 
biskkiwed. I am a white per- 
son, nin indbishkiwf. The 
whites, wliite people, waid- 
bithkiwedjig . 

White stone, wdbassin. 

White turnip, wdbishkitchisa. 

Whitewash ; I wh., nin wdbabi- 



— 288 — 


Whitewashing-brush, wCihish- 

Whitish ; it is whitish, {in., an.) 
panyi wdbishkamagad ; pan- 
gi wahishkisi. It becomes 
whitish, it fades, wdhitckiia. 
It becomes whitisli in wash- 
ing, wdbitchiidbdwe ; by the 
sun, wdbiU'hiiate. 

Whitish liquid, wdbi.shkdgami. 

Whitlow, jingibiss. I have a 
whitlow, nind ojingibiss. 

Whit-Sunday, Pantkot, Pantkot- 

Wliiz ; it whizzes through the 

Who? awenen '* weni ? wenish ? 
( Awena ?) 

Whoever, awegwen. 

Whole ; the whole, kakina. The 
whole of it, (in. an.) eudaa- 
sing ; endashid. (Kakiyaw, 

Whole, (entire ;> it is whole, 
(in., an.) missiweiamai^ad ; 
misiwesi. It is whole : Metal, 
in., misiweidbikad ; metal, 
an., misiweidbikisi ; stuff, in., 
misiwcgad ; stufJ', an., misi- 
wegisi ; wood, in , niisiweid- 
kwad ; wood, an, misiweid- 
kosi. (Misiwesiwj. 

Whore, biskigwddjikwe, gagi- 

Whore-tuoQger, bisfiigwddjinini, 

Whortleberry, min. Dn' whor- 
tleberry, batemin. I gather 
whortleberries, nin minike. 

Why? wegonen wendji...'i dni- 
shwin. (rdncki?) 

Why I anish ' 

Wick , icassa kwanendjigaileidb. 

Wicked, matchi. I am wicked, 
nin matchi ijiwebis, nin mail' 

jininiwagis, nin batd-ijiwebi.s\ 
It is wicked, sinful, batd-iji- 
webad; matchi ijiwebad, ma- 
««(Za</.(MaviUjitehew). I make 
liim wickeJ, nin matchi ijiwe- 
bisia, nin nishiwanddjia. I 
think lie (she, it) is wicked, 
nin manadenima ; nin mand- 

Wicked nesn, baid-ijiwehisiicin, 
matchi ijiwebisiwin, manjini- 
niwagisiwin, misindnisiwin. 

Wickedness of heart, matchi- 
deeivin. I have a wicked heart, 
nin matchidee. 

Wicked person, matchi aiad- 
winh, misimdnisiioinish. I am 
a wicked person, nin matchi 
aiaawishiw, nin 

Wicked thing, matchi aiiwitth. 
It is a wicked thing, matchi 

Wide ; it is wide, mangadeama- 
gad. I make it wiae, large, 
[in., an.) nin mangadeton ; 
nin mangadea. 

Wide, (in. s. in.) S. High. 

Widen ; I widen it, {in., an.) 
nawatch nin mangadeton ; na- 
watch nin mangadea. 

Widow, Ji^a, jakawid, jagawid 
ikwe. I am a widow, nin ji- 

W'ldower, jiga, Jagawig, jaga- 
wid inini. 1 am a widower. 
nin jigaw. 

Widowhood, jigdwiwin. 

Width, the width of it, (in., an.) 
enigokwadessing ; enigokioa- 

Wife, wadiged ikwe, wiwimay 


Jiwdgan. I have a wife, nin 

ividige, nin wiw. My, thy, his 

, hatd-iji- 
ebad, ma- 
itchi ijiive- 
mddjia- I 
is wicketi, 
nin inand- 

I, maujini- 
•t, matclii- 
icked heart, 

ate In ahid- 

jinish. I a"\ 

nin matchi 




.cm anicit 

wide, large, 
nangad^toit ; 


it, (t»-. «"•) 
[yadeton; na- 

idea. . 

ntZ, jagawyi 
Idow, '"■" J*' 

\i a widower, 

)fit, (in., «»•' 

itoe, wiwmar 
■eawife, ""' 
My, thy, his 




wife, /ti» widiffemnyan, ki wi- 
digemagan, o widigemayanan; 
or, nin mindimoiemish , ki 
mindimoiemish, o mindimoie 
mishaa ; or, niwish, kiwis h, 
tciwishan or wiwan. I have 
two, three, four wives, nin 
nijohcew, nin nisHokioew , nin 
niokwew. — I give him a wife, 
nin iciicikawa. We give a wife 
to one another, nin umvikoda- 
dimin. I give a wife to my- 
self, nin wiwikodddin. 

Wig, bisikwandjiyan. 

Wild; 1 am twild, nin loanifi/i- 

Wild animal, paywddj-aiiaa, 
payxoadja ivessi. 

Wild hoar, paywddji-kokosh. 

Wild cat, essihan. Skin of the 
wild cat, essibaniwaidn. Coat 
made of wild cat's nkint", essi- 

Wild cherry, bairaimindn, tiis- 

Wild cherry shrub, sissmce- 
minayawandj, bawaiminana- 

Wild cherry-tree, winisik. 

Wild dog, paywddassim. 

Wilderness, paywddakamiy, 
paywddj. There is a wilder- 
ness, paywddakakamiyewan. 

Wild goat, jyagwddji-maniiihtd- 

Wild goose, nika. Another 

kind, <>b ijiiff h kisui . 
Wild horse, pagivddji-bebyiyo- 

Wild nmn, 2)agwddj-inini. 
Wild rice, mdnomin. I gatlier 

wild rice, nin nidnominike. 

The gathering of wild rice, 

mdnominikeioin. The month 

of tlie gathering of wild rice, 

Wild rice hag, mdnominiwnj. 

Wild small snail, paywddji-bi- 

Wild thing, paywddj-aii. 

Wild tree, paywddji-mifiy. 

Wild turkey, payipddj i-7nisisfte. 

Wild woiu&n , paywddj-i kive. 

Will, inendiimowin, inendjit/e- 
win. 1 give him a Hrm will, 
nin Honyideexh kmreninm . 

Will, firm will. ^S. Resolution, 
firm resolution. 

Will; I will, nind inendam, 
nind inendjiye. ilteyittam). 

Willing; 1 am willing, nin min- 

Willow-tree, osisniyobimij . (Ni- 

Win ; I win him, (her, it,) nin 
yaskkiu ; nin gashkiton. 

Wind, nodin. (Votin). The wind 

- begins to blow, niddanimad. 
The wind is coming, bidani- 
mad. A strong wind comes on, 
payavidnimad — I have wind, 
nin nodininh, nin nodinoshka. 
I come (it comes) with the w., 
nin biddsk ; biddsain. I go 
'it goes) away with the w , nin 
mddjiiash ; mddjiiassin. I ant 
(it 18) carried away by the 
wind, nin webdsh; icebassin. 
The wind is fair, mimvdnimad, 
ndmauniywad. (Namiwanaw) . 
I have a fair wind, nin md. 
maam. I am (it is) driven or 
carried by a fair w., nin tnin- 
wdsh ; minwdssin. There is 
a good fast w., kijiiduimad. 
There is a light smooth 
w., tetissdnimad. There is 
a cold w., takanimad. ft 
is cold bv the wind, takds- 



— 290 — 



I i 


^ifi, — The wind blows in a cer- 
tain direction, apagatanimad. 
The wind flies round, abamoi- 
dnimad. The w. strikes s. th., 
pakitSidssin. The wind ceases 
DJowing, bondnimad. (Ayo- 
wa8tin).~From the four winds, 
niwing inakakeia wenddni- 

Wind-bound ; I am w., nin gi- 

Windlass, ombobiginigan. 

Window, wdssetcfdgan. 

Window-frame, wdssetchigand- 

Window-glass, pane, wdssitchi- 

Windpipe, gondashkwei. 
Wind up ; 1 wind up, nin titi- 
baodjige, n i n Utibinige. I 
wind ii up, [in.) an.) nin titi- 
baodon, nin titibiginan, nind 
ikwabian ; nin titibaona, nin i 
titibigina, nind ikicabiwa . ' 
Windy ; it is windy, the wind 
blows, nodin. It'is very win- 
dy, it blows continually, nitd- 
yN'\ng,mngwigan. I have wings, 
nind ontngwigana. (Mitattak- 
Vf\ne,jomindbo. I make or pro- 
duce wine, nin jomindboke. 
Place where thev make wine, 
jomindbokan. Producer of 
wine, wine \ii'esBer, jamindbo- 
kewinini. Production of wine, 
jomindbokewin . 
Vv i n k ,watikwaigeuiin,ninigewin . 
Wink ; I wink, nind aininige, 
nin waiihwaige. 1 wink him, 
nind aininamaioa, nin watik- 
Wink with the eyes, tchibing- 
wenowin . 

Wink with the eyes ; I wink 
with the eyes, nin tchibing- 
wen. I wink him with the 
eyes, nin tchibingwetawa. 

Winter, bibdn. In winter, bi- 
bong, bebongin. The winter 
begins, mddjibibon. The win- 
ter is far advanced, ishpibi- 
bon. After the middle of the 
w., giwebibon. Last winter, 
bibonong. The winter before 
last, awass-bibdnong. Next 
winter, D^mma bibong. 

Winter; I winter, nin bibdnish. 
It winters, bibonishimagad. I 
winter with him, nin widjibi- 
bonishima. I survive tlie win- 
ter, nin wdbanish. 

Wintering, bibonishiwin. 
Winter-path, bibon-mikana. . 
Winter-quarter, place of winter- 
ing, bibdnishiwin. 

Winter-skin, winter-fur, bibdni- 

Wipe; I wipe him, (her, it) nin 
gdssiwa, nin kisiwa, nin gds- 
sian, nin kisian. I wipe a 
child, nin kisiawass. — I wipe 
dishes, nin gdssindgane. I 
wipe his face, nin gdssingwe- 
tea, nin kisingwewa. I wipe 
my face, nin gdssingweodtti , 
nin kisingweodi.i. I wipe hi.n 
tears, nin gasainsibingwewa. 
I wipe my tears, nin qdsHnsi- 
bingwe, nin gassinsibingweo- 
dls. I wipe his feet, nin gd^- 
niiddewa. I wipe my feet, nin 

fdssiside, nin gdssisideodis. — 
wipe the dust off, nin bina- 
wean. — Any thing to wipe the 
feet on, bawisideshimowin. 
Wipe off, (in. s. in.) Blot out. 
Wire, biwdbikons. 


— 291 


I wink 
rith the 

oter, bi- 
e winter 
The win- 
, ishpibi- 
le of tl»e 
t winter, 
er before 
ig. Next 

'"^;^ • ; 
, bibdmsn. 

imagad- t 
In widjibi- 
e the win- 
pi jj. 

likana. . 
e of winter- 
fur, bibdni- 

her, it) nin 
a, nin g^^' 
I wipe a 
,, —I wipe 
idgane. f 
\wa. I wipe 
I wipe hiH 
in gdsdnsi- 
eet, nin gd^- 
.V feet, mn 
sisideodis. — 
Iff, nin bina- 
to wipe the 
I) Blot out. 

Wisconsin, Whhkons. In, to or 
from Wisconsin, Winhkonsing. 

Wisconsin River, Wishkonsi- 

W i sdom , nib wdkdwin. 

Wise ; I am wise, nin nihwdkd, 
nin gagitaw, nin gagitawis. I 
make iun» wise, nin nibwa- 
kaa, gagiiawia. I think my- 
self wise, nin nihodkdienin- 
dis, nin nibwdkdienim, nin 
nibwdkawenim. I am wise 
hefore liim, nin nibwnkdkan- 

Wise, (in. s. in.) S. Prudent. 

Wise man, nibwdkdicinini . 

Wish for. Wished for.— S. De- 
sire. Desired. 

Witchcraft. S. Magic. 

With, in compositions, g^gi. — 
(Asitji). — With the soul, <//<//- 
tehitchag. With the body, 

Withdraw; f w. from him, nind 
djetawa, nin baktwina. I \v. 
from it, nin hakewinan. 

Wither ; it withers, nibwashkis- 

Withhold ; T w. it from him, m'» 
■mindjimi namawa. I w. it from 
myself, nind mindjiminidift. 

Within, pindig, pindjaii, pin d- 

Without, out of doors, dgwai- 
ching, agwatchdii. 

Without interruption, apine, 
bejigwanong . 

Withstand ; I withstand him, 
nind ajidena. 

Wolf, maingan. There are 
wolves, mainganika Place 
where there are wolves, main- 

Wolverene, swingipaage. (Kik- 

Woman, ikw*', nkwe. T am a 
woman, nind ikwetP, nin ak- 
wew. A wonmn that has no 
more a \\\\»hMn\, pijigokwe. I 
an) a wonum that has no more 
a husband, nin pijigokwew. 

Wonmn's breast, tofosft. Mv 
breast, nin toinshim. On l>otli 
sides, nin totoshimog. 

Wonder; I wonder, nin mama- 
kddendani. I wonder at him, 
(her, it,) nin mamakddenima ; 
ninmamakddendan. I make 
him wonder, nin mmnakaden- 

Wonderful. S. Admirably. As- 

Wonderful floing, mamandddo- 
duninirin, niamandawanoki- 

Wonderful thing, mawakddjid- 
gan, mamakdsdbandjigan. I 
can do wonderful things, nin 

Wondrous. S. Curious. 

Wo(xl, mifig. 1 am (it isi wood, 
nin mitigoir ; niitigowav. One 
object of wood, hejigwdtig. 
Two, three, four obj of wood, 
nijwdiig, nissuuiHg, niwdtig, 
etc. Sonmnv objects of w(X)d, 
dasswdtig. There it* plenty of 
wood, mitigoka, wanadjissa- 
ga. — Dry woo<l, mishiwdiig, 
niishiwdtigossag. I chop dry 
wood, nin mishiwatigoke. 
Green wood, ashkdtig. I chop 
green w., nind ashkdtigoke. 
There is green standing wood, 
ashkdkwa.—l cut and split 
wood for a canoe, nin pasad- 
ige ; for a sled , nin passaidd- 
bdne ; for snow8hoes,m'w7>o«- 
sadgime.~A fragment of wood, 
boktrdfig. A large piece of 


— 292 — 



^ 1 

Of^-houHc,) mi- 
(druin,) mitiy- 

I feign 

wood, mani/hssagad. A Hat 

Biece of wood, nnbayaihj. 
ear a piece of \v., Ichigdtitj. 
— Rotten wood Hhiiies, wassi- 

Woodcock , padjiinhkaaaji. 

Wooden box, miihjd-makak, mi- 

Wooden canoe, (boat ur log- 
canoe,) mitiffd-lrhmidn. 

Wooden hammer, mititjo-paki. 

Wooden liouse, ( 

Wooden kettle, 

Wooden leg, luitiyotfdd 

to have wocxlen legs, nin mi- 

WocMJen pin. S. Peg 

Wooden plate or dish, miiig- 

Wooden shoe, mitigo-makisin. 

Wooden spoon, 'tidtig-emikwdn. 

Wood file, (rasp,) mitigo-sisxi- 

Wood for fuel, missaii. A piece 
of wood for fuel, mishi. I put 
wood in the fire, nin pagidi- 
nisse. (Ponan)). The quantity 
of wood that is put in the fire at 
oviQ {hue, pagidinissan. Apiece 
ofw. wlnstles in the fire, si- 
nakode mishi. — I fetch wooil 
in a canoe, niit nddaisse. 

Wood-louse, huidtinogdded. 

Wood-pecker, meme ; pakw^a- 
mo ; papdsse; higwakokweo- 
weshi. White wood-pecker, 

Woods, (forest,) mitigwaki. (Sa- 
ka w) . In the woods, in a forest, 

.miiig waking, ndpiming. I go 
into the woods, nin gopi ; I 
come from the woods, mn ma- 

ddbi. I come out of the woods, 
of the forest, nin sagadkwaam, 
nin papakwaam. 

Wool , man ishtdninhiwibiwai. 

Word, ikkitowin. One word, 
nhigofodon. Word said to 
some persoji, itfowin. I send 
word, nin madjiiddjimniwe. 

World, a/i/. In tlie whole world, 
en igo kw ago ki, en igogwaga m.i- 
gag, ienig.tkogamigug). It is 
the end of'the world, waiekwa- 
akiwan, ishkwd-akitoan. At 
the end of the world, loaiekwa- 
akiwang. — The world, (peo- 
ple,) bemddisidjig. 

Work, working, anokiwin, ina- 
nokiwin. (Atuskewin). There 
is work, am ) kiwi nag ad. I com- 
mence some work, nin mdd- 
jila, nin loddakamigi.s. 

Work; I work, /i/u(i annki. It 
works, anokimagad. I come 
to work, ninbi-anoki, nin bid- 
janoki. I am able to w., nin 
gashkinawi. I work in a cer- 
tain iwsi.\\\\ev,nind inanoki. I 
make him work, nind anokia. 
I w. with him, nin widjanaki- 
ma. I work in vain, nind 
dnawewis, nind agdwinhka. 

Work -bench, mogodji^an. 
Work-bench for the drawing- 
knife, mokodjigan tekioandji- 

Working-day, workday, anoki- 

Working-house, anokiwigamig. 
Workman, enokid, anokiwinini. 

Work with a knife, etc , nin 
mdkoddss. I work it, {in., an) 
nin makodan, nin v^okonan ; 
nin makona. I work it for 


— 293 — 


; woods, 


c word , 
said to 
I send 
,\v world, 

9)- ."V ^" 

van. At 


•Id, (peo- 

iwin, ina- 
n). There 
ad. I com- 
iiin mdd- 

anoki. It 
:. I come 
ki, nin bid- 
|to w., nin 
•ir in a cer- 
niinoki. I 
nd anokia. 
vaiii, nind 


te drawing- 






etc , nin 

It, (in., an) 

v<,okonan ; 

loxk it for 

him, nhi mnkndawa, nin mo- 

AVorni, (in the V)ody,) ngejuj/im. 
I have worms, nind ogejaciim. 
Worm (in the wood,) masse. 
Worm, (on or in tiie ground, i 
jigindwiss. Worm, ^coniing 
out of a fly's egg,) okwe. 

Worm-eaten ; it is worm-eaten, 
iglol'.ilar oi)ject, in., an.) mos- 
.sihm II a gad, mossiminagisi, 
vios.<ieundji. It is Avorm-eaten, 
(wooden obj., in., an.) mosses- 
sagad ; mossrssagisi. 

Worm - medicine, vermifuge, 
ogejagami-mashkiki . 

Worn out ; it is worn out, mt't- 
rhissin, metchiiehigdde. It is 
worn out by grinding, (in., 
an.) metchibode ; mefchibosn. 
It is worn out, (clotliing,) me- 
takwidin. It is worn out, (me- 
tal, in., an.) mitahikis.Hin ; me- 

Worse ; I anj getting worse, 
nind dnavisse. 

Worth ; I am (it is) worth, api- 
tendagos ; apitendagwad. I 
am (it is) worth little, nin be- 
wendagos ; beivendagioad. 

Worth notliing; I am (it is) 
worth nothinir, nin nagikawis; 
nagikawad. 1 am (itis) wortli 
nothing, considered worth n., 
nin nagikawendagos ; nagika- 

Worth pity. S. Poor. 

Worthy. S. Respactable. 

Wound, mdkiewin, birmcdganii- 
gowin. My wound heals, nin 
gige. I put s. th. in his wound, 
nin pindjidikibina,. I heal his 
wound, nin gigea. 

Wound. S. Dress a wound. 

Wound ; I wound, nin bimwdga- 

niige. I wound liim,)i/n md- 
kia, nin mdkinana, nin mdki- 
qanama, nin mamdkiganama. 
I wound liim in a certain man- 
ner, nindinagandma. I wound 
liim sliootin^, nind anonawa, 
nin mijwa. I w. him cutting, 
nin kijdwa. I wound myself 
cutting, I cut myself, 7iin 

Woinided ; I am w., nin bimwd- 
ganes. — I am wounded in the 
arm, foot, etc. S. Arm. Foot, 

Wounded person, bim^rdgan, 
mijwdgan. I am a wounded 
person, nin bimiodganiw, nin 

Wound-lierb, wound-root, miji- 

Wounding, inflicting wounds, 

Woven ; it is woven; (in., an.) 
bimidabiginiganikdde ; bimi- 
dabiginiganigdso . 

Woven work, bimidabiginigani- 

Wrangle. Wrangling.— S. Quar- 
rel. Quarreling. 

Wrangler, neta-gikawidang. I 
am a wrangler, nin nita-giga- 

Wrap up; I wrap up, nin wiwS- 
ginige, nin kashkiweginige. I 
wrap him (her, it) up in s. th. 
nin tciwegina, nin icashkiwe- 
gina; nin iciweginan, nin 
kashkitpeginan. — Any object 
to wrap 8. th. in, kashkiwegi- 

Wrapped up ; I am (it is) wrap- 
ped up, nin wiiveginigas, mn 
kashkiweginiqas ; wiwegini- 
gd de , kas h ki m' egin igdge . — It 


'294 — 


r ' 

is wrapped together, (in., an.) 
okwegtssin ; okwegishin. 

Wrath. Wratliful.— S. Anger. 

Wratn-5ay, day of wratli, nish- 

Wren, nonokasne. Another kind, 

Wrestle ; I wrestle with him, 
taking him round the l)ody, 
nind andenu. I wrestle with 
him, (her, it,) nin gagwedji- 
wanodawa ; nin gagwedjiwa- 
nodan . 

Wretle, (in.K. in.) S. Fight. 

Wrinkled ; I am (it is) wrinkled, 
nin hahiskishin ; babiskissin. 

Wrist ; I have a strong wrist, 
nin mas h kaivimagonige. 

Write; I write, nindojibiige. I 
write in a certain manner, 
nind ijibiige. I add writing, 
nin gikibiiqe. I wr. otherwise, 
nind andjibiige. I write it 
otherwise, nind andjibian. I 
write to him or of him, nind 
ojibiamawa. I write to him 
or of him in a certain manner, 
nind ijibiamaiva. I wr. a letter, 
nin mddjibiige. I wr. him a 
letter, nin mddjibiamawa. He 
writes me a letter, (I receive 
a letter of him',) nin bidjibia- 
mag. I write it, or I write on 
it, (in., an.) nind ojibian ; nind 
ojibiwa. I wr. it or on it, in a 
certain manner, [in., an.) nind 
ijibian ; nind ijibiwa. I write 
and correct, mn nandibiige. 

Writer, wejibiiged, tyibiigewini- 
ni, (writing man). 

Writing, writ, ojibiigan, ojibii- 
gewin. Writing in large let- 
ters, mamangibitgan. Writing 
in small letters, bissibiigan. 
Changed or altered writing, 
andjioiigan. Corrected writ- 
ing, nandibiigan, (corrected 

Writing-house, office, ojibiige- 

Written ; I am (it is) written or 
described, (or painted,) nind 
ojibiigas ; ojibiigdde. In a 
certain manner, nind ijibii- 
gas ; ijibiigade. 

Wrong ; I wrong or do wrong, 
nin baia-dodam. I wrong peo- 
ple, nin bata - dodage. It 
wrongs, it does evil, bata- 
dodagemagad. I wrong him, 
nin bata-dodawa. I wrong 
myself, nin bataidis, nin wa- 
waiiadis. It is wrong, bata- 

Wrong, (in. s. in.) S. Do evil. 

Wrongly, in a wrong manner, 
napdich. I put it wrongly, 
nin napdtchiton. 

Wrong way ; I put it on in the 
wrong way, {in., an.) nind 
dbosikan; nind dboshima. I 
put a coat or blanket over me 
m the wrong ways nind dbo- 

Wrought iron, wenadaigddeg 


,n, ojibii- 
large let- 
. Writing 
\ writing, 
cted writ- 

;, ojibnye- 

written or 
Ued,^ nind 
ade. In a 
lind ijibii- 

do wrong, 
wrong peo- 
dodage. It 
evil, bata- 
wrong Uin», 
1 wrong 
din, nin wo- 
vrong, baUi- 

Si Do evil. 

»ug manner, 


on in the 
an.) nind 
dboshima. 1 
ket over uje 
. nind abo- 




Yankee. S. American. 

Yarn, assabdb. 

Yawl-boat, ndbikwdnenn. 

Yawn ; I yawn, nhi nibaidwe, 
nin nanibaidwe. 

Yawning, nibaidwewin, nani- 

Year, bibon, bibonagad ; kiki- 

Yearly, endasso-bibongak. 

Yellow ; 1 anj (it is) yellow, 
nind osdwis ; osdwa. 

Yellow by Hinoke ; I make s. 
th. yellow by smoke, nind 
osdmegisige. I make it y. by 
HHioke, {in., an.) nind osdwe- 
gisan ; nind osaxoegiswa. 

Yellow cloth, lor other yellow 
stuff,) osdwegin. 

Yellow metal, brass, osdwdbik. 

Yellow, painted yellow ; it is 
painted y., (in., an.) osdwini- 
gdde ; osdwinigdso. It is 
painted y., (wood, in., an.) 
osdwissaginigdde , osdwissa- 

Yellow serpent, osdwi-ginebig . 

Yelp. Yelpmg.-S. Bark. Bark- 

Yes, e. Enh-enh. 

Yest. S. Leaven. 

Yesierd&y, pitchindgo. (Otdku- 
sik). The day be lore yesterday, 

Yet, keidbi; minotch, potch. 

Yield ; it yields fruit, (an., in.) 

miniwi mikwiai ; miniwan, 

mikwigin, miicwitomagad. 1 

make it yield fruit, mn mik- 

wigiton. — It yields no fruit, 

no profit, aneicewisimagad. 

The field yields no fruit, ana- 

wigin kitigan. 
Yoke, ndbikdwdgan, ndbikdgan. 

So many yoke of..., dasHw6- 

Yolk of an e^g, viiskwdtoan, 

miskwatcandjigan; osdwagwa- 

wan, osdwdtoan. 
Yonder, iwidi, awass, ivSdi. 
You, your, ki, kid, kin ; kina- 

Young, oshki. Young child, 

oshkiabinodji. I am young, 

nind o.thkibimddis, nind onh- 

Young animal or bird, oshki- 

Young folkf, weshkinigidjig, 

we.ih kibimddisidjig . 
Young man, oshkinaice, wesh- 

kinigid. I am a young man, 

nind oshkinawew. 
Young shoot, oshkigin, weshki- 

ging mitigons. 
Young woman, oshkinigikwe, 

weshkinigid. I an) a young 

woman, nind oshkinigikwew. 
Yours, kin, kinawa. 
Youth, oshkinigiwin, oshki-bi- 

Youth. S. Young man. 


Zeal ut work, ktvas/ikwrsiwin, 

Zealous; lam zcalotiH at work, 

niii (juiashkwrs, innmrmcewin. 

I am A. for him, in liis service. 

nin mimvrwfsjkandawa, nind 
auf/wamikawa. I am zealous 
for it, vin minwewisikandnn , 
nind anf/traimkan. (Akame- 


wa, nind 
n zealous 


of a few Indian 'lainoH hy wliich arc dcsi^^naled certain trilx's and 
li)(;alitit'H, Imt .vliosc true |»r(>nuiiciatiiin and <»rth(»;;ra|»l»y have 
l)een di8li<?ured by the Whiteti who did not undurj^tand these 

Wt' liere put thi' word as it is written and incorrectly pronoun- 
ced in the country, and afterwards, its true ortho^rraphy with the 
etymoh>gy given l»y nianv persons competent in this matter. It 
should he kept in mind tfuvt all iheso name.s, wliich, at the pre- 
sent tinu', designate towns, rivers, lakes, etc., have heen thus 
disfigured hy voyageurs, who pronouncuvl them according to the 
hest of their knowleilge, without givinga thought that therehv they 
were destroying words and rendering tiiem in(!omprehensible, in 
spite of the reclamations of Indianologists who were an.xious to 
preserve the true prominciation ; hut usage has prevailed, as is 
still tlie case in our days. 

ABftNAKKS, (Otchipwe), means, " land of the East." It must 
come from wdhan, it is dav-hreak, and, aki, or, better, akki, 
earth, whence, wdbanakiyak, the people from where the sun 

ABITIBI, (Cree), means, intermediate water, from tl»e root, ahif, 
middle, half, and nipn/, water, which makes ini, in composi- 
tion, \s\\Qr\cG abiiipi, water at half distance. Tne nanu> of this 
lake comes from its position at the level of the land, between 
Hudson's bay and the St. Lawrence. 

ASAWABTMOSWAn, (Cree), where hunters watch for the Elk. 

ASSINIBOINES, or, ASSINIBOANES, (Otchipwe), means pro- 
bably : Sioux of the Stones, froui : Assin, and hwdn, Sioux ; 
or jierhaps better, Assinibwdn, means : people who roast some- 
thing on stones, because it appears that those Indians used to 
cook their meat on red-ljot stones. 

ACHIGAN, (Cree), from Manashigan, tish of this specict, that 
the Whites have named from the word achigan, or ratlier 
ajigan, socks or wrappings for the feet. 

AYABASKA, or, ATABASKA, (Cree), means : place where 
there is an amount of high grass here and there. 

ATTIKAMEGUES, (Cree), from Attikamek, white fi.sli. 


— 29H — 

BABICHK, (Crcc), means, rnw-leatlu*r lino, tVoin i)rol)al>ly : 
Asuahnhtnh, which in t\u' d'lUiUuU'we of assuh/ih, thread. 

BATISCAN, ((>«'<'), I'roni : TahateHkau, nplit horn, or, hnn^in^ 
liorn, or, perhupH from : iuihohskan, one horn, ajrnin, fabases- 
katc, low ffraHH. 

CACOIINA, ifircf), meunn : a place where tliere are porcupine, 
from kdkwa, a porcupine, in the Oee lanjruage, which makeH 
kfikiiHinitk, in tne midst of porcnpinen, whence the Whites pr<v 
hahly tbund Cacniina. 

CANADA, (Iroquois), a villajjje of tents or huts. Some pretend 
that it is derived from kamVa, or, ktindfan, '('reel, some thinj; 
whicli is very neat and clean. 

CHAWlNKiAN, (Cree), from : S/iahonh/an, instrument for 
boring, piercer, or, neetile ; or, perhaos from : sdwan, or, 
.shdwau, south, and, oniijan, |K)rtaire. wlience, the soutli |)or- 

CllAWANONS, fnjm sMwan, or, sdwan, fi»e south. Chdwanona 
is at the diminutive form. Tlie inhabitants of the southern hank 
of the St. Lawrence, were, in the indian age, calletl hv that 

CHICACiO, (Creei, from chiciUt, or .sikih/, a skunk, a kind of wild 
cat, word, which at the local term, makes: riticihjok. 

CHICOCTIMJ, (Cree), for, iskotimhc, till such a place, the water 
is deep ; in fact, the Saguenay is deep and profoutid only to 
that place. 

ESQUIMAUX, (Cree), comes fro)n : aski, raw, and, mowew, to 
eat some l»ody, whence : oskhnowew, he eates him raw, or, 
better, askimow, he eates raw. 

ESCOUMINS, (Cree), from Mowm, from isko, till there, and, 
min, berry, that is, there are berries till 8U(di a place. 

KTCHEMIN, (Otdiipwe), from iyekomin, from, iyeko, sand, and, 
mill, berry, or, sand-lterries, so the Otchipwe iniUans call rasp- 

lYAMACHICHE, (Cree), from, iydmajisk, ildmajisk, from, iydm, 
or, itdm, at the bottom, and, ajisk, [ajiskiy), mud, that is : 
place in the water, where there is mud at the bottom. 

lYAMASKA, (Cree), from, itdmaskaw, or, iydmaskaw, there is 
grass at the i>ottom of the water. 

ILLINOIS, (Algonq.i, for, iliniwok, men. The Otchipwes say : 
ininiicok, the Crees, iyiniwok. 

MOURASKA, (C-ree), tor, akdmnakaw, (or, akdmaruskaw, as 


rol»al>ly : 

,, tabiiKeH- 

ich inaket^ 
V'hites pro- 
ne prelenti 
.-ome thing 

rmnent for 

Miivan, or, 

.. south por- 

.uthcrn haiiK 
allod hv that 

I kind of wild 


.ee, the water 

blind only to 

nd, mowen\ to 
hin» raw, or, 

11 tiiere, and, 


,fco, sand, and, 

fianB call raf»p- 

Lud, that iH -. 
\skaw, there is 

Jtchipwes eay : 

imaraskaw, as 

pronuurice the Crees t'roin the wuimIh), iIkti- in jrrHr.j*, or, hay, 
on the other side of the wutvr, \'rou\, akdin,[ahdmik), on the 
other wide oftlie water, and, ankaw, meaning : j?ra?)t», hay. 

KANKAKEFj, (Creei, from, kdkdkiw, a crow. 

KfeN^BEC, (Cree), for, kiiiekik, a nnake, nerpent. 

KFNOGAMI, (Cree), there is ii lon;r space of water, from, kino, 
long, and, {futniir, or, <fam»H\ lak»'. 

KINOOAMISHISll, (Cn-f), narrow long lake. 

KIWATIN, (Cree and Otchipwe), pronounof, kitn'tin, the north 
wind, the wind jroing hack. 

MADAWASKA, (Otchipwe), for, matawatika, the nuxith of a 
riv?r, where tliere is grass and hay. 

MANIKWAdiAN, (Cree), for, minikkwdyari, a vessel, a vase to 

MACHICHK, (Creei, front, i/dmnjisk, mud on the sliore. 

MATAPftDIAC, from, matdbiskawy rock advancing towards the 

MAKIN.., (Otchip. I, from, mikkina, a ttirtle. 

MANITOBA, (Otchip.), from, iW«H//o?oa6//, the. "trait of the spirit, 
from, jWam7o,spirit,ilivine, extraordinary, and, waba, or, wapa, 
a strait. That lake is so called, in account of the strange things 
(teoM and heard, in the strait which joins this lake with another 
one. in the old limes. 

MASKINONGfi, (Otchip.), the ugly tish (Jackfi-sh), from, mask, 
disfigured, ugly, and, kinotuje, fish ; or, it nmy he a kind oi' 
Jackfish, who has a peculiar luimp on the hack. 

MASCOUCHE, (Cree), froni, Mmkus, a small hear. 
MATAWAN, (Cree), it opens, (a river), it arrives in a lake. 

MATABITCHOTAN , pronounce, mnfdbifjiuutn . a stream 
coming in. 

MASKEtJONS, from Manketfownk, fwople from the swamps. 

MASHKOUTENS, (Otchp), a small prairio. Mr. J. (1. Shea 
makes a mistake, when he says that that word means : the 
nation of the fire, because if it were so, we ought to say, fskvie- 
mniniwok, whence, iskHtens, a small fire. 

MALACHITES, from, mayiHit. or, malisit, the disfigured mgly) 

M^KATINA, (Cree), for : mekwdtindk, among the hiils. 

MANITOLINE, from: Manitnwin, the spiritism, or better, Mani- 
to Hie, half french and indian. The Otchipwes call that island : 
:\fanitominiUik, the Lnland of the spirit. 

viun i ._niL.i.iji.jinij..u.iuuj..iajm-«. i .. i 


:u)0 — 


MIKWAN, iCree), from emikkicdn, a t^poon. 

MILWAUKEE, (Ot<3hip.), from, MUo, or, niinn, good, and aki,0Y, 
akki, earth, land, the line land. 

MICHIGAN, (Cree), from, mishi</(iin, or, minhiyamaio, the big 

MICHIMAKINA, (Otchip.), IVom : misi-inikkiudk, big turtle. 
Some pronounce : Michil mikkindk, whence the " Mic/tel- 
makina " of tlie Canadian voyageurs. 

MIRAMICHI, (Cree), for, mayamisk, ugly beaver. 

MINGAN, (Cree), from, inahing<ui, a wolf. 

MISSISQUOI, ;Cree), it must be : viiHi-iskwew, the big woman ;. 
from : misi, big, and, iakioew, woman. 

MISSISSIPI, lOichip.), pronounce : misi, or, niiskinpi, the big, 
great, river. 

MfiGANTIC, from, misdttik, the big stick, or, me</dttik, battle- 
MOCCASIN, (Otchip.), from : makkisiu, shoe. 
MISTASSINF, the big stone. 

NATASCOUAN, pronounce : ndtankewdn, going to fetch mouse^ 
or better, from : ndtaskwdn, going to bring the bear (his flesh, 
when killed). 

NIPISSING, (Otchip.), in a little water, or, niphsiriff, in the 
leaves . 

ORAGAN, or, OYAGAN, (Cree), plate, vase ; (Otchip.), ondganr 

OTTAWA, an abbreviation of : «</«m'oAv/>/, his ear, or, otatcmk, 
and, wataioask, bull-rushes, because along the river there are a 
great many of those I>ull-ru8he8. It appears that the Indians 
of that countrv had to call themselves : wataivaiciiiiniwok, the 
men of the bull-rushes. 

OUIATCHOUAN, (Cree), from, wdioii/dtjiwun, a, whirlpool, or, 
wayawitjiwan, current coming out. 

PICHOUX, (Cree), from, Pisiw, lynx. 

PEMBINA, (Cree), from, nipimiiia, watery berries, nipiy, water, 
and, mina, berries, for : high bush cranberries. 

QUEBEC, from kepek, or, kepdk, being shut ; kipaw, it is shut. 
The indians of the (iulf St. Jjawrenceyet call it Kepek. In fact 
in that place the river looks shut up by Diamand Cape, when 
going up, ami l)y the Orleans island, when coming down. 

lilSTIGOUCHE, from, iitistikns, kom), a .-^mall stick, tree. 


■ f 


uki, or, 

the big 


womaii V 
, the big, 
k, battU*- 

cU mouse,. 
(liiB fles\i, 


in the 

,here are a 
.le indians 
\niwok, tlve 





it is sliut. 
(/c. In tact 
jape, wbeu 


(•) RIMOUSKI, (Otchip.), from, animouski, the dogs home. 
SAGUENAY, water going out, from, sdki, coming fronu and, 

nipi, water, sdkinipi. 
SAGAMITft, (Cree), froni, kisdgamitew, it is a hot liquid. Kisd- 

gamitekwew, he drinks a liot liquid. 

SASKATCHEWAN, (Cree), from, kisifikdfjiwan, the rapid 

SATIGAN, (Cree), from, astatjigan, and, astatchikun (koun), a 

liiding place. 
SISIQUOI, (Cree), from, sisikicun, ati Indian whistle, a kind of 

wind-pipe, used by the conjurors. 

SQUAW, (Cree), from, iskwew, a woman. 
STADACONfi, from, tatakwanak, wings. 

TADOUSSAC, (Cree)^ from, toiosak, plural of tdtdn, woman's 

breast, pap. 
TfiMISCOUATA, it i.M deep everywhere, from, iimiw, it in deep 

in the water, and, iskwatdm, without end. 

TOTEM, from, ni totem, my parent, my relation. Souje indians 
use that word to mean a coat of arm. Some families got for 
their Totem {ototemlwa) , v. g. a tish, or, a l>ear, etc. The wolf 
is my Totem, will say some one, mahingan ni Totem, or, nind 

TIMISKAMING, (Otchip.), in the deep water, from, timiw, it is 
deep, and, garni, water, (in comjwsition) ug final, is for, in, (the 

TOMAHAWK, from, otdmahiik [houk], strike them, or, otdmali- 
waw, he is striken. 

WABISHTONIS, fronj, wdbistdnis, a small marten. 

WASISAGAIGAN, ;lear water lake. 

WIGWAM, a dwelling, a tent, a lodge. 

WINNIPEK, pionounce : Winiveg, swamps, or, better, salt 
water, unclean wixU^r, toindgann. The indians call lake Winipeg, 
the great water, the great sea, and use the same e.xpression 
to speak o! the salt water of the sea. 

WIQ UI, from, ivikkun'g, a bladder. 

(*) It is to be remembered that some bands of the.Crees, inhabiting the forest, pro- 
nounce ra, re, ri, ro, instead of na, ne, ni, no, or, ya, ye, yi, yo. 






■w— pw>'<»"*i iiiii i i i jv iwmmwimmmimmm i 



^v^«lKtfil'> ' 

fy'r^f; f * 


concerning the second part of the Otchipwe Dictwnary^ 
that is, the " Otchipwe- English.^^ 

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winter, and send it to the subscribers.— In the mean- 
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mar and English-Otchipwe Dictionary." 

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